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Manga Writer workshop / Re: MR PROJECT 3: Prelude Stories & Sign Up Info
« on: February 02, 2019, 12:23:34 AM »
I will make an effort to continue the story and see it through to its conclusion.

Manga Writer workshop / Re: MR PROJECT 3: Prelude Stories & Sign Up Info
« on: January 18, 2019, 11:34:11 PM »
I'm pretty sure i'm never going to get around to finishing this. But perhaps posting this will get me going in the right direction. I'm going to have to dig through a ton of messages, and reread Arc 1 and 2 to get myself back to where I left off... lets see what happens.

1.7.4: The First City Pt. 5
Eclipse closed her eyes. "This is the moment." She said to herself. "They will witness the fall of one of their own -and dread will adorn their faces as they realize just how hopeless they are." Eclipse placed the tip of her pen on the notebook. "Protect me." She said, opening her eyes so she could meet Krun's.

In an instant, Krun sprang forward. "What, what is this?" He thought to himself as his arms extended forward. The shards, inches from hitting their target, stopped mid-flight. "H-how is she doing this?" Krun groaned as he struggled to regain control of his body. His pupils darted around frantically, Krun let out an angry growl but only heard it internally - his mouth remaining unopened, his face stoic.

Eclipse took a deep breath. She was unable to prevent herself from grinning due to the overwhelming sensation consuming her."Thank you." She said, stepping away from the dangerous cascade of shards hovering around her. "Now, if you'll be so kind, Krun... conclude your story for me."

Krun placed his hands on the ground.

"Oh," Eclipse interrupted. "Please make sure you look at them as they do their job."

Krun looked at the shards which had begun turning in his direction. "No." Krun growled. "I have to stop this!"

The shards sprang to life once more - a hum resonating from them as they closed hastely.

"I can't..."

Everyone looked on in silence - the heroes of the six Realities and their enemies alike - as Krun was impaled repeatedly by the shards.

"This is bad." Shio thought to himself, bowing his head to mourn his fallen ally. Everyone else watching from Haven looked on as Eclipse stood over Krun's lifeless body, dancing around gleefully at the performance she'd just put on.

Members Manga / Re: We'll call this... yearly update...
« on: January 28, 2018, 12:58:48 AM »
Page 21.....

Alright! So... again... the pages lack sound effects, some graphics are missing, and some of the dialogue is outdated - however, I figured i'd share with the MR Community before I go on hiatus once again. I don't ever forget where I came from, which was this very site. MR is where Society X gained its footing, and since then it has become my most passionate project. Hope you all enjoy.

Members Manga / Re: We'll call this... yearly update...
« on: January 28, 2018, 12:56:35 AM »
Pages 17-20

Members Manga / Re: We'll call this... yearly update...
« on: January 28, 2018, 12:54:37 AM »
Pages 13-16

Members Manga / Re: We'll call this... yearly update...
« on: January 28, 2018, 12:51:55 AM »
pages 9-12

Members Manga / Re: We'll call this... yearly update...
« on: January 28, 2018, 12:49:37 AM »

Members Manga / Re: We'll call this... yearly update...
« on: January 28, 2018, 12:47:22 AM »
Phew... it's been so long since I've done this. I tried to make it in to a shareable link, but pages 6 through 12 weren't loading. So... had to go with the tedious route. Anywho... yes, for the 900th time - the opening chapter of Society X... STILL WITH EDITS TO BE MADE AND SOME EXTRA SHADING AND SFX AND ETC. TO BE ADDED! This is, however, pretty much as close to official as It can be to official look. This is up to page 21 - there's obviously more to go....

-Three Years Later...

1.7.3: The First City Pt. 4

“This is it.” Krun thought to himself. He clenched his fists, “I need to be quick, overwhelm her before she adjusts to my technique.”

“Well then…” Eclipse stepped forward, twirling a pen through her fingers as she strolled casually toward Krun.

“Hmm…” Krun took a defensive stance. His body felt light, he was as relaxed as he’d ever been before a battle – and yet – something felt off. “She’s approaching carelessly… she has no intention of countering a frontal assault… which means…” Krun turned his head, just in time to see Eclipse driving her pen toward his shoulder. The Neytoc Lord summoned thick ice around his arm, narrowly defending against the attack. Krun distanced himself, he landed a few feet away and laid his iced hand on the ground. “Let’s see how she reacts to this!”

Three massive serpents - a mixture of hardened and liquid ice – erupted from the surrounding buildings. Eclipses’ demeanor remained passive, casually eyeing the beasts as they closed in. Krun took advantage of her lax attitude, phasing feet from his enemy with his arm cocked back. He swung his arm forward and landed a stiff blow, causing a shockwave as he sent Eclipse crashing down the street. The serpents redirected, zeroing in on their target once more as Krun disappeared.

“His defense is a nuisance.” Eclipse was lost in her thoughts, placing a finger on the ground to instantly stop her momentum as she considered her options. Straightening her stance, the 7th Reality’s First General opened her notebook. “I think…” Before she could finish, the first of the serpents closed in. She gazed at it, unimpressed. The beast faded away inches from her, revealing Krun, who had another fist cocked. He brought it forward and connected, another shockwave erupting from the impact.

“What?!” Krun had a shocked look on his face. His arm was shaking, stopped in its tracks by Eclipse, who was doing so with just her pen – the tip of it on Krun’s iced knuckle. “What kind of nonsense is this?” Krun barked, taking a few steps back.

Eclipse smiled, twirling her pen once again. “Every movement, every tactic… is to me, like words written in a book. Once I’ve read them, they’re memorized – never to be forgotten.” Her expression shifted, her eyes matching the seriousness in her tone. “You’ve been nothing but generic, a predictable story I’ve read thousands of times. If your determination to win can only summon this lackadaisical tale – then I’ll just skip to the end of your story and see how you end.”

Krun listened to Eclipses’ words, his attention half-focused on the crumbling ice around his arm. “She didn’t attack. But her counter… what did she do to my armor?” He looked down at his arm as she finished speaking. The ice-armor had crumbled to the ground, leaving him exposed. “I hope the others are watching this. This tool she uses… there’s an extraordinary power hidden within – and I need to be the one to expose it – so that they can figure how to counter it.” Krun took a deep breath, “My story is far more compelling than this pointless scrap with you.” He began, cracking his knuckles. “But, rest assured – there will be plenty more for you to endure!” In that instant, the remaining serpents broke through the ground, wrapping around Eclipse and then exploding – the blast releasing thousands of shards of ice that went in no other direction than Eclipses’. 

1.7.2: The First City Pt. 3

“Who’s that?” Was the question most of the 7th Reality fighters asked themselves – as they stared at the near seven foot tall Krun.

“I know you.” Eclipse said with a half-hearted smile – her expression turning to a scowl. “Do you understand what you’ve done to my moment?”

“I don’t care about your moment.” Krun answered defiantly.

“He – looks different.” Zamizuchi noted. “Is it his hair?”

“It’s more than that.” Shio replied, examining Krun. “White hair, a mask over his mouth, purple eyes… his arm… I don’t think it’s made of ice anymore. It’s – unique, almost as if it has its own aura.” Shio perked his eyebrow as he took notice of something else. “His suit… he’s no longer wearing the Neytoc gear. What has he done to himself?”

“Shio.” Krun glanced at the young warrior, “Leave this place. Return to Haven – all of you.”

Shio grew wide-eyed, “What? You can’t be serious… we can help you.”

Krun clenched his fists, the ground trembling beneath his feet. “None of you can help me.” He growled. “Leave now, and live to fight in the war to come…” The Neytoc Lord allowed himself a moment of silence before looking back and Shio. “Let me finish this feeling out process.” He smirked.

Shio looked at both his enemies and allies, running every outcome in his mind before finally conceding. “Fine.” He said, turning to walk away.

“None of you will be leaving!” Eclipse rose her voice, barely keeping it below full-on yelling. “I knew you were arrogant,” she began, directing her statement at Krun, “I’d no idea you were delusional.”

Krun shook his head, “No delusions here… I’m going to break you.”


“What the hell is going on… who is this guy?” Aurora was lost in her thoughts, unsure whether to let her guard down or land a cheap-shot on the Otter that’d been frustrating her up until this moment. “Hey!” She half-shouted, half-whispered to her foe. DJ Treble turned to her, his expression as unsure as hers. “Umm… are we gonna keep fighting?”

“Dunno.” Treble answered with a shrug. “I think our show was just an opening act – according to your rock-star friend over there. It would seem the main act is to begin soon.”

“Krun has a volatile side to him…” Nanik appeared between Aurora and Treble, crossing his feet as he sat down on the concrete. “I’d much rather stay here and grab front row seats. It’ll be better than watching on those damn orbs back at Haven.”

Upon hearing Krun’s proclamation, Treble turned to the others, “Not to say I’m not a fan of fantasy – but the reality is, we’re enemies today.” With a smirk and a thumb up, he began backing away from them. “Perhaps we’ll collaborate tomorrow, or we’ll remain rivals. Either way – I’m going to head over to my side of the field.”

“I was hoping he’d reveal something about this girl Krun’s about to face.” Nanik mumbled, waving goodbye to the otter. He extended his hand to Aurora, “Could you help me up? All these get-togethers with other peoples’ enemies has my knees a bit sore.”

Aurora obliged, “Looks like the girl’s angry at what the blue guy sa-“


“…at what Krun said.”

Nanik and Aurora were approached by Cazo and Shio. “Looks like our parents gave us permission slips to return home.” The former joked.

“He’s going to lose.” Shio said angrily, ignoring Cazo’s jest.

“More than that.” Cazo began, his tone serious. “None of you are aware of this, but Krun, for as cruel and evil he is internally… is loyal to those he considers his kin. He’d give everything in his power to ensure their survival. Right now, he’s not fighting for himself - he’s fighting for us. He’s not going to lose… he’s gonna die – and he’s accepted that.”

With that, the group glanced at Krun one final time before setting off for Haven.


“I’ve let your friends leave… it took me a moment to understand, to realize, you didn’t want them here to see you embarrassed by your inability to support your claim. From the ashes of one moment, rises the other, like a phoenix. Rather than using this city as a means of proving a point… we’ll use you.”

Krun stared at Eclipse, unblinkingly. “They’re not my friends.” He stated bluntly. “Tell yours to stay out of this.”

“If they involve themselves…” Eclipse reached in to a pocket on her left pant leg and pulled out a notebook. “Then they’ll remain here – lying dead, beside you.”

Krun shot a keen eye at the book, “What’s that for – you gonna take notes while we fight?”

“Something like that.” Eclipse answered with a smile.

1.9.1: Minutes to Midnight pt. 2
“Teddy…” The White Queen smiled, “I want you to listen to what I’m about to tell you. Listen carefully, and don’t stray from the demands I make. – Understand?” She asked.

Teddy nodded, “Yes.”

“Good.” The White Queen pointed at Allens, “She’s to come with me.” The Queen’s claim didn’t surprise anyone, much to her surprise.

“What for?” Allens asked, visibly agitated.

“The Seventh Gods gained new worship not too long before our arrival. Alessa is her name, I believe.”

Allens’ posture straightened, “Take me to her!”

“In a moment.” The Queen replied, motioning Allens to her side. “Teddy, one last thing… I want you to come to the 7th Reality. Come experience a world without you… allow me to erase the last trace of your existence.”

Teddy stared at the Queen, his eyes never blinking, his gaze never wandering from hers. “And if I refuse?”

“You won’t.” The Queen answered, as she turned toward a portal that formed behind her. She and Allens stepped through, leaving Teddy and the others alone.


Grand Marshal Oukura crashed to the ground, back first, rolling a few yards before forcing himself to a stop. “Why… why am I having such a hard time against you all!” He roared.

Xiana admired her gauntlet, rubbing the drops of blood from the Marshal’s face on her coat. “I don’t think you ever had an advantage, to be honest.”

“You’re a bird!” Oukura scoffed, wiping his bloodied mouth with his sleeve. “This is a war. Having an individual advantage means nothing. By the end of this – I’ll be plucking your feathers; before stuffing you in an oversized oven.” Internally, the Marshal understood the weight of his words – fully expecting Xiana to react to them – but, a voice in his head distracted him. “No… none of them here fit that description.” He answered out loud.

Xiana fist was engulfed in a golden aura, all her frustrations from the past events boiling over to a punch that would’ve erased the Marshal from existence. But, just as she was about to land the devastating blow – Oukura vanished – no portal, no beam, just… poof.

“What?!” Xiana dug her claws in the ground to stop her momentum. “Where is he?” She asked, turning to Rex and the others.

“I dunno.” Rex answered, as he and the others looked around.

“I’m going to pay him back!” Xiana swore. “Data – I’m ready to head back.”


Dark Shio stood atop the highest skyscraper of First City, looking at the colossal waves of ice around him. “Impressive.” He thought to himself, looking down at Shio. “But, how did he do it?”

“Why did this happen?”

Dark Shio turned to Eclipse, who’d been behind him the entire time. “It looks like their Shio learned to freeze water.”

“That isn’t what the reports said.” Eclipse growled under her breath, “Someone has ruined the moment.” The General approached the ledge of the building and stepped off, falling to the ground with an eerie grace – landing with no impact. Dark Shio followed suit, calling forth the water-formed Zamizuchi to aid him. All the fighting stopped, no one could take their eyes away from the gorgeous display that surrounded them. Waves, intended to kill, now teasing – the unknown too much to ignore. Eclipse had no such trouble. She stormed forward, taking notice of Misty, Ruby, and the citizens of First City as they escaped via teleportation. “Who did it?” She asked, clenching her fists as she scanned the area for the culprit.

“It wasn’t me.” Cazo answered quickly, taking a quick step back.

“That couldn’t have been you.” The 6th Reality version of Zamizuchi asked her 6th reality counterpart. “No.” He replied. “Use your sensory, Zamizuchi. You’ll recognize the life force.”

At that moment, a solitary figured emerged from the shadows of an alleyway – stepping between Eclipse and the others.

Zamizuchi sensed the life force, and confirmed her identification with Shio. “Krun…”

1.9:Minutes to Midnight

(All of the following moments are occurring at roughly the same time)

“If you don’t tell me who this woman is, I’ll have you suffer a thousand deaths!” Hildr stepped to Teddy, slamming her fist in to his chest. “Do you hear me?” She asked angrily.


“She clearly knows you!” Hildr barked, turning her attention to the woman. “You, bitch woman – I’m going to beat the answers I seek out of you.”

“No need to curse your hammer with her blood.” Gryl stated, breaking forward in to a light jog. “Allow me the honor!” His body became a blur as he made a mad dash toward the woman. He cocked his arm back, coating his fist with flames as he let out a vicious growl. “Feel my fury!”

The Queen’s movements were effortless. With one swift action, she side-stepped Gryl’s attack, clutching his arm and freezing it as he stumbled past. With her next action, she took her free hand and jabbed at his neck, conjuring a jagged, sharp, shard of ice in her open palm – impaling him.

Gryl dropped to his knees, his eyes were wide with shock as he clutched his neck, the blood soaking his body a dark coat of red. “Gryl!” Rage boiled inside her. Hildr reacted instinctively, clutching her hammer as she took a step toward the Queen. Her momentum was stopped by Teddy, who clutched her shoulder so hard, she nearly buckled from the unexpected force.

“You need to get out of here.” Teddy glanced at Hildr, in his eyes, she could see an unrecognizable level of concern. “Grab Gryl, take Allens… leave me and Udharulven to deal with her.”

“Who is she?” Hildr asked once more.

“I think we have a right to know.” Allens added.

Teddy looked around at his team, glancing momentarily at the Queen, who motioned toward Gryl. “You should save your ally.” She teased.

“She is known as the White Queen.” Teddy answered, moving past Hildr. “You have your answer – now go!”

“Here – I was told not to kill any of you during this go around, so do me the favor and save your friend.” Freezing the ground beneath Gryl, the White Queen manipulated the element, sending her victim back to his allies via a block of ice that slid its way to them.


“Barrier art – 7-sphere barrier!” Seven small orbs of light, forming a diamond shape, connected – forming a shield of energy around Grand Marshal Oukura. “There!” The Grand Marshal laughed, “With this barrier, neither you or your team will be able to lay a hand on me.”

Rex shook his head, “You’re one of Shio’s goons.” He took one of his hooks and sent it directly at the Grand Marshal. “You’re new to this, so I won’t hold your lack of knowledge against you…” The hook closed in, poised to collide with the barrier.

“A wasted attack.” Oukura explained. “Any matter, or energy, will be repelled instantly by my—“ Grand Marshal couldn’t finish his statement. He was interrupted by Rexs’ hook, which entered a portal that popped up in front of the barrier, and re-emerged from a portal inside the barrier, clutching the Grand Marshall by his collar and pulling him in. “How!?” Oukura questioned internally, as he flew through the darkness – quickly re-uniting with Rex.

Clutching the chain-links with both hands, Rex brought it over his shoulder, slashing down to the ground. The hook-and-chain reacted accordingly, lifting the Grand Marshal high in the air, before bringing him down with force, causing him to crash in to the unforgiving terrain.

“Dammit…” Oukura picked himself up from the ground. He dusted his uniform as he turned to Rex, “I don’t know how you did that—“ He began, pausing a moment when he saw the rest of Rexs’ team arrive by his side. “But, if you think that you and this group of ingrates is gonna show out on me… then you better correct yourselves, quick!”


“Cazo – can you buy me at least a minute?”

“Not if it costs my life, Shio!”

“I need one minute!”

“…What are you going to do?!”

“Give the others time to finish the evacuation…”

“One minute, Shio. One.Damn.Minute.”

Misty hovered over a crowd of scared citizens. “How much can he buy us with one minute?” She asked herself, surveying the scene around her. “He must know that we can’t save everyone… there’s just too many. But, if we have at least five minutes… that’ll allow us to save at least forty percent… we have to try and live with that.” Moving at a hurried pace, Misty managed to guide one last crowd of people toward the evacuation zone. “I think that’s all we can do.” She told herself, as she landed near a side-street. “The tide just breached my sensory barrier. It’s slowing… minimal… Shio managed to give us one more minute… I should’ve helped.”

“Misty, it’s time for us to go!”

Misty looked at Ruby, who had created a massive barrier around everyone they gathered. Along side her were Hikaru and Roun, both of whom looked displeased in having to return to Haven as opposed to aiding Shio. “Are you sure you’ll be able to teleport all of them from here?”

“Not if you don’t hurry!” Ruby answered anxiously.

“Two minutes to impact.” Misty whispered, closing her eyes in defeat. She spread her wings, as she began to lift herself up, she felt a familiar energy behind her. “It’s…you.” She said, as she turned to meet the person’s gaze. “I thought you died.”

“Soon.” The person replied. “Take them.” They demanded, motioning over their shoulder – where two individuals stood encased in ice. “I can sense some energy in them… they may be useful.” The person extended their hand, revealing a ball of glowing energy. “And this… I need you to find him.”

“Find who?”

The person looked at Misty and smiled. “If Quissis exists in their world… then he must to. I want you to go to their world and find him, and if you do… hand this to him, the rest will take care of itself.”

From the corner of her eye, Misty could see a towering mountain of ice overhead. “Did you freeze all the water?” She asked, looking back at the person.

“A world’s worth.” They answered, placing the energy near Misty’s chest. “If he exists, you’ll be able to summon this energy from within you, so that you can pass it on. If not, then it’s yours.” The person looked at Misty and gave a reluctant smile, “Now, go. I have a date with death.”

1.8: Corrupted

Meynaur sat, shackled, watching helplessly via Jahki-like orbs as his allies struggled with the opening assault of the Seventh Reality. “He needs help.” He commented, as Shio, in a final effort to spare the First City and its citizens from destruction, attempted to close in on his doppelganger, only to be met by the “dark” version of Cazo – who exchanged lore techniques with the hero. Despite the former’s vast knowledge of his world’s technique base, Cazo managed to prove himself an equal.

From one world to the next, it appeared as if the experiences of the heroes did nothing to prepare them for the unique approach of the Seventh Reality.  Chris, and Thomas searched hopelessly for Jasper, as Kalvin aided John in getting out of the sinkhole Kalvin had caused. After searching a few moments more, the team conceded – transporting back to Haven. For Teddy and his team, time had seemingly come to a halt as everyone looked at the conflicted ogre - who couldn’t remove his gaze from the appalling woman in front of him. “We have no strategy.” Meynaur thought, “Allens, Data… they should just call for a full retreat and regroup.”

Off to the side, sat the alluring one – her eyes fixated on Meynaur.


“I want to thank you for agreeing to spar with me. With everything I’ve learned these last few days, I’ve needed a distraction.”

“Heh, truthfully speaking – if I’d passed up the opportunity to fight with a hawk, I’d have never forgiven myself.”

“I assume you don’t have any hawks in your world?” Hiro asked, stretching himself in the process.

“Oh, we do. They just don’t talk, or fight.” Roun replied, an eager smirk on his face. “So, how should we judge this? First one to give up, or first to pass out?”

Hiro entered his fighting stance, “The first to pass out.” He replied.

The arena, where Xodara’s tournament had been held, the training ground for the heroes of the war with the Corruptions – would now host a sparring match between two first-timers.


“I-I don’t understand… I thought we killed them?” Xiana’s concern was shared by no one else but Rex, as the rest of them were meeting the Corruptions for the first time.

“Aside from them having the coup, I don’t really see much of a problem here. Most them don’t look too intimidating.”

Xiana looked over at Mary in disbelief. “Seriously?”

“Eh.” Mary answered, shrugging off the toucan.

“Go find out for yourself then.” Xiana muttered as she shook her head. “Idiotic humans no matter what Reality we go to…”

Data’s voice cracked to life in the teams’ ears. “Listen to me. If they’re not moving, they’re not real. You have to ignore your eyes, it’s just an illusion!”

“I thought the sea of cloaked figures was the illusion.” Rex replied, squinting his eyes with the hope that the line of Corruptions would disappear.

“They were.” Data answered. She began flipping through her notes chaotically, tossing aside sheet after sheet. “Where, where did I…” Her eyes lit up as she found the paper she’d been searching for, “Okay! Samadaya, I’m reading the file I made for you, and per it; you can summon some sort of fire snake… could you please do that?”

“She made files?” Xiana mouthed silently to Rex, who gave a confirming nod.

“It’s sort of her thing.” He whispered.

“What would you like for me to do with the serpent?” Samadaya asked, unsheathing her blade. The action brought the Corruptions to life, each of them beginning to take a few steps forward.

“They’re moving!” Rex informed Data, urgency in his tone.

“Do an area attack!” Data commanded. “It needs to be in position to hit each of them at once.” Shifting her gaze to the monitor displaying the situation she was guiding – Data watched as Samadaya brought her blade over her head; and then down to the ground – where a fiery serpent broke through the desert-beaten terrain. She watched as it charged forward, lunging in right before its body burst in to a wide-angled barrage of flames that littered the still-approaching Corruptions. “There!” She shouted, pointing her finger at the monitor. “Rex, look at Gia! Her body has flames on it, her body has flames!” Data struggled to contain the excitement from her discovery, offering the slightest of leaps in the air.

Rex and Xiana looked on intently. The Corruptions had entered a full-sprint, quickly closing the distance between them and the heroes. “I don’t understand!” Rex replied to Data, as he clutched his hooks in preparation for the approaching conflict.

“Her defense!” Data screamed desperately. “Gia’s body would’ve reacted immediately to the flames! It’s an illusion – whoever’s the cause of it wasn’t aware of Gia’s ability – now, see past it!”

Rex perked up, “That’s right!” He looked at the Corruption line, trying to weed out the source behind the illusion as they inched closer and closer. “Who’s doing this?” He asked himself. His moment of focus was broken by Mary, whose statement rung an alarm with each team member.

“If they’re illusions,” She began, aiming her axe behind the line of Corruptions. “Then why are the flames from Samadaya’s attack not fading?”

Rex reacted to her question by tossing one of his hooks to his side, opening a portal for him to travel through. “I need to get rid of all the sounds around me. Ten seconds…” Rex let the momentum of his hook take him. He entered the void of the portal and shot his second hook in to the darkness. “Eight.” The hook open another portal, this one leading back to the mysterious illusions caused by their opponent. As Rex traveled, he set his eyes on the battlefield, “Six.” The silence of the void granted him what he sought – an uncompromised view of his teams’ target – a man with unruly black hair, dressed in a white military uniform adorned with gold and silver accents, a blue cape draped over his shoulders. “Five.” Keeping Mary’s question in mind, Rex looked toward his team. His eyes widened as he saw the massive wall of fire closing in on them – the devastating attack clearly being masked by the illusion of the Corruptions. “Four.” Rex tugged hard on his chain, increasing his movement speed substantially. “Three.” Rex emerged from his portal, back on to the battlefield. “Xiana, put up a wall!” Rex landed on the ground, and immediately shot his hooks at the man, who narrowly avoided them by rolling away. “Two.”

“Right!” Xiana charged her fist, and slammed it on the ground – erecting a mountainous portion of land that shielded her teammates.


“Hmph.” Samadaya rolled her eyes as the flames slammed in to Xiana’s barrier. Though they were safe, the heat from the attack could still be felt on their side. “Lower your wall.” She commanded, pulling out her war fan.

“We have to wait a bit more.” Xiana argued.

“No, we don’t.” Samadaya took her weapon and swung it with tremendous force, simultaneously shattering Xiana’s barrier and blowing the remaining flames away. “Next time, listen to me.” She walked off, leaving Mary and Xiana behind.

“This one’s worse than Aura.” Xiana said to herself, her fists clinched tightly.


“Who are you?” Rex asked, his focus on containing the man long enough for the others to arrive; rather than fighting him alone.

The man smirked, “I suppose an introduction is the respectful thing to do.” Straightening himself, the man adjusted his collar before speaking. “I am Grand Marshal of Academy, Vincent Oukura! You should be bowing at the very least.” Oukura allowed a moment to pass, when he saw the lack of reaction from Rex, his expression turned smug. “I guess my rank, and the accomplishments that come with, do nothing to impress you. That’s fine…” Shaking off his disdain for his enemy, momentarily at least, Oukura pointed at Rex and made a booming declaration. “The Seventh Gods have asked a service of me, and I intend to fulfill my duty!”

1.7.1: The First City Pt. 2
Aurora and Nanik against Keith and Treble. The four combatants exchanging blows with one another – Aurora using her robotic arm to grip Keith’s tail; tossing the dragon in to an abandoned bicycle repair shop tucked between two skyscrapers – Treble spending most of his time conjuring barriers to absorb Nanik’s onslaught of physical and celestial attacks.

A fiery explosion leveled the bicycle shop. Keith emerged from the flames with his tail wrapped around a bike – he swung it fiercely, sending the projectile screaming toward Aurora – who narrowly rolled out the way.

Seeing a momentary opening, Treble quickly sent a pulse of energy in Aurora’s direction – successfully defending Nanik’s assault at the same time. The energy wave hit its mark, staggering Aurora just long enough for Keith to follow up with a shoulder charge that floored the young woman. Keith wasted no time keeping his pace, he wrapped his tail around her neck and began dragging her through the streets, slamming her against every object he could; while simultaneously tightening his grip, preventing her from breathing.

Gritting his teeth, Nanik shouted for Keith to let go of Aurora. He conjured a light-based dagger and flung it toward the dragon, well aware that he’d left himself open for Treble. The otter took immediate advantage of the opportunity, using his “Breakbeats” technique to attack Nanik, the young hero crumpling to the ground in pain as his own senses betrayed him.

Nanik’s sacrifice spared Aurora an agonizing death. She quickly got to her feet and continued her fight with Keith – wary of Treble, who lied in wait for his opportunity to tilt the odds in favor of his team.

“I need to move… I need to help.”


Misty looked over her shoulder - hearing her name snapped her out of the ill-timed trance she’d been in.

“I need you to help me!” Ruby pleaded, as she continued to guide the First City citizens away from the battles around them. “Data’s sending Hikaru and Roun to make this process faster, but until then, I need you to fly around the city and tell everyone you can that they need to gather at the town center north of here!”

“H-how long do we have?” Misty asked, slowly lifting herself off the ground.

“A few minutes at most.” Ruby replied somberly.


Shio couldn’t take his eyes off the physical form of Zamizuchi, his disbelief had numbed the pain from his wound, but his body jerked instinctively as he attempted to react to the oncoming attack from his doppelgangers conjuration.

Shio watched the water-based blade come at him, his fate inevitable – until the weapon was knocked from Zamizuchi’s hand – by a book, no less. “No, no, no – can’t have you killing Shio this early – he’s a main character.” The gold-eyed foe looked to her left, where Cazo stood, tossing a book in his hand. “I don’t think I can do that cool ability-gaining thing dark Cazo can do, but I’ve got about twenty books on me that I’ve already read, and I’m not afraid to keep throwing them at you.”

“Shio, get away from her!” It took the young warrior a moment to register that the voice in his head was the Zamizuchi who allied herself with him, but once he did, he stumbled to his feet and gained as much distance as he could. “Man, this hurts.” He groaned, summoning water to his wound so he could create a veil of restorative bandaging from it. He looked up at his doppelganger, who remained in the same pose Shio had come to dread. “We’ve got less than three minutes.” He told himself, looking down at his wound, which was slow to heal. “I have to come up with something.”



“Yes, Data?”

“The ones in the cloaks – they’re not real – they’re an illusion meant to mask the actual individual in front of you.”

“I know.”

“Oh… did the individual reveal themselves?”


“…Is everything okay?”

“The Corruptions.”

“What – what about them?”

“They're all standing in front of us…”

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1.5.1: Echoes Part II

“This is frustrating!” Teddy clenched his fist, his grip so tight that streams of blood escaped the side of his hand. “We’ve been waiting such a long time for action… I’m getting bored with the lack of death happening around us.”

“Calm the anxiety.” Allens commanded in a soft-spoken tone. Her eyes surveyed the area feverishly. “Data hasn’t communicated with us in a few minutes, which means something must be going on. And if that’s the case, then I think we’ll find what these people have in store for us real soon.”

Teddy shifted his gaze to Allens, his jaw tight from the anger swelling inside due to her request. “Wa-“

“The troll never changes.”

Teddy stopped himself, the unfamiliar voice drawing his and the team’s attention. They watched as one of the cloaked figures stepped forward, pushing back the hood on their head, revealing the face of a young girl with shoulder-length black hair, teal highlights on the tips. “I never imagined I’d come face to face with the strong-willed version of you ever again. Considering how long it took me to break you in my existence – I’m embarrassed to admit how excited I feel.” The young girl slowly continued forward, a deceptive innocence in her smile as she did.

“Who is this child, Teddy?” Hildr asked.

“I don’t know.” Teddy answered. “I’ve never seen this girl, she’s speaking lies.”

The young girl laughed, stopping to admire her cloak. “Of course,” she began, running her hand along her jawline. “You’re all under Loeil’s trance. You can’t see who I truly am… but I’d prefer that you do.” She looked up to the sky, “Loeil, free their minds, allow them to see…” Instantly, the visual began to change for Teddy and his team – the area acting as a desert mirage. Within seconds, the rows of cloaked individuals were gone, and in the place of the young girl was a platinum-haired woman, her full figure betrayed by the scars that riddled her face. “…the Queen.” She finished, a self-satisfied smile on her face as she saw the immediate recognition from Teddy.



“Ugh…” Kalvin groaned, forcing himself to a knee as he shook the dust off his head. “Is everyone okay?” His voice echoed around him. He opened his eyes and looked around, unable to see more than a few feet forward due to the thick clouds of dust.

“I think so.” Jasper coughed. Opting to remain seated amongst the debris.

“I think I broke my leg.” John answered – the pain clear in his voice.

“I’ll come get you!” Kalvin replied, struggling to his feet. “Just keep yelling Marco Polo or something like that, so that I can follow your voice.”

“Don’t bother, I’m already near him.”

“Who’s that?” Kalvin asked.

“None of your business.”

That’s Chris!” Jasper shouted. “Stop being so mean, Chris.” Jasper realized that all but one of the team answered, and that concerned her. “Thomas? -Can anyone see Thomas?” She asked.

Ssskkkk…. Hello…. Ca…me….

John looked to his side, where his earpiece lied littered with dust; but still intact. “I think that’s Data.” He said, attempting to reach for it.

Chris stepped over John, “I got it.” He said, grabbing the item and placing it in his ear. “If you can hear me, we’re fine. I don’t know if we’re in the clear, but I recommend you send someone to come get John so that he doesn’t get in the way if we have to fight again.”

“Never mind my feelings.” John mumbled under his breath.

As Chris continued his attempt to communicate with Data, Jasper got to her feet, stepping carefully over the debris as she looked for Thomas. “Why are you guys ignoring me?” She asked angrily.

“Maybe Chris, but I’m not.” Kalvin placed his hand on Jasper’s shoulder, directing her to look up as he stepped past. “I did quite a number, eh?”

Jasper obliged, looking up at the rim of the sinkhole Kalvin created. “A reckless one.” She said, shaking her head.

“I didn’t have time to make a perfectly laid out hole. Your friend sounded desperate when he told me to slam down on the ground – so I did it with as much power as I could muster – I didn’t have time to worry about finesse.” Kalvin took a few more steps forward, taking note of Jasper’s silence to his response. “Y’know – I think his quick-thinking may have saved us from being overwhelmed. Though, I’m a little confused as to why we’re not stepping over a bunch of bodies.”

Jasper smiled subtly at Kalvin’s praise of Thomas’ heroics. “I think Thomas was trying to warn us – tell us that the cloaks were illusions.” Her foot grazed something soft, Jasper knelt for a closer look, hoping to see Thomas’ paw – but found a torn piece of a feathered coat. “Nothing.” She sighed, standing up. “If they were an illusion, then I wonder where the real enemies were.”

From the shadows behind Jasper, the sadistic girl emerged. “…Here.” She said, placing her hand over Jasper’s mouth before disappearing with the young girl in tow.


“Illusions? I guess that would explain why they wouldn’t drop.” Through squinted eyes, Kalvin could make out the silhouette of a four-legged animal. “Oh – I think I found him!” He shouted, tripping over debris as he ran forward. “Thomas!” Kalvin knelt by the half-wolf’s side, smacking his snout gently. “Hey, wake up, bro.” Kalvin’s eyes lit up as he saw Thomas’ open slowly. “Jasper, I found him – he’s okay!”

After a few seconds of silence, Kalvin turned his attention to where he’d come from – his visibility returning as the dust settled. “Jasper?...”

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