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Develop Your Story / *NEW* Rough Concept: Magical children (Gifts)
« on: May 30, 2018, 10:33:39 PM »
In a day, children were given abilities, powers that could shape their reality to their whims, this gift was only bound by their Imagination and sealed to their "Gift": an item imbued with their very being.

I want to write a story about magical kids, as cliche as it is; i want to look at what adults would do knowing their kids were, to some extent, gods. Imagine a task designed to stop kids with unholy powers who go on a rampage. Powers bound to an item of significance to each child relating to their power (I.e.
A child with the ability to create things by literally writing them into existence has his "Gift" in the form of his journal, a journal given to him by his father before he dies; which caused the child to reseed into his own world within the pages of his journal

The job of the task force would be to either neutralize the threat or killing the threat by destroying their "gift"

the main theme i want to go for is "what IS reality" and that it is, what you make of it, and yes: that means there will be awful things that happen. Things we all would re-write, but if we did we would never learn from them. These children given these "gifts" are used for profit and power. Some are even worshipped as gods, others feared by their families for their "gifts".

just a rough concept though, tell me what you think!

Develop Your Story / DeCap. (Concept) [TRIGGER WARNING]
« on: February 27, 2018, 01:32:14 PM »
Hey, yea i realize i have like... 8 or so concepts out right now that im "working on" but im sort of a sporadic thinker so here's another to throw on the list.

Its more of a darker take on the "Body-swapping" concept. Our main character is the semi-typical highschool student with some... less than desirable tendencies. Often joking about offing himself and putting himself in dangerous situations, like picking fights with street thugs, all the while claiming hed rather drop dead...

until he did... sorta.

After an accident, our main character awakes to find not a scratch on his body... however the same cant be said for his head, having been severed completely.

Strangely enough, not even this will kill him, as a reaper, a young girl name [redacted] comes to greet him into the afterlife.

She seems genuinely confused about our main characters fate, as it seems hes been given a pass from someone upstairs "a divine comedy" she says, before explaining the rules of this "comedy"

1. You will die if your head does not relocate to a new body within 30 seconds of decapitation.
2. new bodys will reject you, depending on who it was, it could take up to a week.
3. if, at any time, you die. you will be sent to hell.
Thus our young reaper and our main character become tangled in this divine comedy.

While all of this is happening. The police are investigating a rash of murders, seems like a serial killer is roaming the streets, decapitating seemingly random victims and at the center of it all... is our main character.

Here is what ive sort of came up with for the first chapter
this is your trigger warning.
She looks around the room quickly before peeking out the window "I got it!" she exclaims before jumping through the window to the ally below, where a stray dog is scrounging for a meal. With one swift motion, it falls lifeless on the floor, not another moment passes before she climbs back through the window, throwing the newly slain corpse on the floor in front of me
"whats that..." he asks, hesitant for her answer, "your new body" she replys gleefully, "you're not putting me on a dogs body" he retorts defiantly. "either that, or you die..." before he could reply, she spoke "you have about 15 seconds to decide... 14... 13..." "FINE" he crys. her gleeful expression turns to a sinister grin as she takes a long thin length of string from a spool on her belt, holding the needle between her fingertips.
"All done" she exclaims, looking down at her creation, our main characters head sewn to the body of the mutt. Our main character flustered and unamused. "Now what?" he barks, "now..." she replies calmly "we get rid of this!" she discards our main characters headless body out the window into the ally below...

MR Pub / Re: HAppy Birthday LEGO !!!
« on: January 27, 2018, 12:16:43 AM »
Happy (Belated) Birthday~ Better late then never

Develop Your Story / Re: Free Story Plots
« on: January 18, 2018, 05:01:43 AM »
A world of color:
Imagine a world of color; a place where a human's auras radiate.

Auras are used in many ways, as a form of magic; Those who use these auras are called Channelers.

through channeling this aura; your sense will be heightened past a normal humans capabilities.
For most; this increase is limited to a single sense. However, their weakness lies in deception.

Powerful but unstable; Channeling this aura will give you a burst of energy. However, if the channeler cannot keep this aura in check, it could have dangerous consequences.

Channelers of this aura are known to become great healers. However, their weakness lies in their compassion, often risking themselves for others.

Channelers of this aura can shape the world around them, through will and creativity they can form great spires, however, this ability also gives way to destruction if not properly utilized.

Channelers of this aura can only give: feeding others aura with their own. though impulsive and impatient in doing so. channelers of this aura must be careful else risk their own lives.

through channeling this aura, one can alter the feelings of others around them, others can even change the weather slightly simply through there emotions.

Rare: Only a few cases of blue aura channelers, the rare few were able to channel traits of multiple other auras; in a small range. These channelers, however, are unable to accept amplification through other channelers abilities.

Channelers of this ability are able to manipulate others views of themselves this could mean they see them as a radiant beautiful figure, or simply as someone they trust, however; it is found that channelers of this aura will always have a flaw in the projection they cast on others, it only becomes less apparent as the aura is honed. This flaw is their weakness.

This aura is... strange; Its able channel another single aura at a much smaller scale. The weakness of this aura is that on its own, grey aura holds no real trait.

Remember that Aura, like people, changes over time. Many people born with a strong connection to one aura often change to a new aura in different stages of life and only a few remain the same throughout life.

Also remember that Aura channeling can be dangerous, which is why channelers are required to go through intensive study before becoming a state recognized channeler.

lastly. remember that your aura is an extension of your core being. Channeling it means using your very soul as a weapon. wield it wisely.

If any of the 6 Chakra points are damaged, your aura will be unable to manifest at its full strength, remember to protect those points.

Develop Your Story / Re: AVAs: need help with this concept.
« on: January 08, 2018, 07:22:41 PM »
Update: Yea, I'm still working on chapter 1 for this, I've sort of hit a mental block thou... so here is some more filler!

Quote from the AVA Operation Manual: "...Your personal Ava has been designed to be the perfect companion to all ages, its memories are configured to its assigned task and feel no pain, or regret while in service to its operator. It obeys, not out of programmed loyalty or obligation, we found that programming artificial relationships don't last. Rather, AVAs will obey because they trust and respect their operator.

Programmers note:
"[Redacted] seems to be rejecting the imprinting process, what should we do?"
"Get rid of it, we don't need another mistake on our hands."

Develop Your Story / Romeo & Juliet & Zombies (concept)
« on: January 08, 2018, 07:10:19 PM »
Cause Pride & prejudice did it, why cant i?

also, yes im aware that the concept of Romeo and Juliet with zombies has been done before, the graphic novel Romeo and Juliet Vs. Zombies and the movie "warm bodies" which is supposedly an adaptation.

the main inspiration for this concept was this animatic: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hQodPItRH_g

Basically, what i want to with this concept is sort of... dissect the source material for many of its core elements and use them to build my story (yea, i just defined what an "adaption" is)

i feel like there could be more from the Romeo and Juliet story when put into a new environment, for example, getting to see what happens after the somber ending...

see you there, Zombie Cowboys.
(Zombie Cowboys coming to a forum near you summer 2018)

Develop Your Story / Re: AVAs: need help with this concept.
« on: December 18, 2017, 12:31:05 AM »
UPDATE: Was considering changing the theme of the story a bit. the main concept of AVAs being extensions of a persons internet personality. However, i was considering making it more of a series of short stories connected to an overarching story about the origins of AVA's and what they really are.

im working on the first chapter but i dont want to give an ETA because i dont want to post it until im happy with it

Develop Your Story / Re: AVAs: need help with this concept.
« on: December 18, 2017, 12:28:11 AM »
Quote from the AVA Operation Manual's Introduction letter:
"...Our Scientists have found a way to convert Data into projections, which, similar to light particles, will bind together to give your AVA a physical presence. because of this, your AVA will be able to interact with its environment. Allowing it to better assist with your living needs."

Develop Your Story / Re: AVAs: need help with this concept.
« on: December 13, 2017, 04:37:00 PM »
I think this concept and all the drama about net neutrality could go hand and hand, or maybe the AVAs being treated as lesser, second class citizens since they're simply extensions of the people who made them

MR Pub / Re: Comeback/holidays/departure notice.
« on: December 13, 2017, 04:34:17 PM »
Sounds interesting ill be sure to check it out

MR Pub / Re: Comeback/holidays/departure notice.
« on: December 13, 2017, 07:43:45 AM »
Tiring, moved outta the oc. Doing my own thing outta state. How's the gang around here?

Develop Your Story / AVAs: need help with this concept.
« on: December 13, 2017, 07:41:58 AM »
Sorta something wracking around in my head during studies; something ive noticed no one is quite themselves over a screen... something about animosity changes a person.

Well what if those personalities were more then just that? That persona taking its own shape...

These are AVAs they are the people we pretend to be.

MR Pub / Re: Comeback/holidays/departure notice.
« on: December 13, 2017, 07:31:38 AM »
So...wow, its been 3 years huh? How is everyone? I see lego has been busy (as ussual) coryn is being coryn and i can assume the same of the misses?

Anyway, just wanted to make some big dramatic return, im half tempted to strike some dramatic pose ontop a mountain top, but nows not the time for that, nows the time to put pen to paper. Hello MR, your most joyous of movs has returned.

Title:Riches thicker than Blood (Side Quest Concept)

This quest is a 2 part quest that can be played from two different points of view.

Blood thicker then riches follows the story of a Old, wealthy and greedy merchant, his daughter and her lover. this quest is mainly focused in deceit and secrecy.

In (A): you work as a hired hand for the lover of the Merchant's' daughter. The merchant will not allow him to marry the his daughter, the love of his life. He plans for them to run off together, and live happily ever after with his one true love. However, there he needs the money to support himself and his future bride. He plans to destroy his Father-in-laws last will and testament in order to inherit a fraction of his massive wealth, enough to live happily with his bride. However he lacks the skills, so he hires you to steal the the will and final testament so he may burn it, offering you a piece of his inheritance as a reward. After returning with the will, the man destroys the will, then tells you that simply destroying the last will and testament will not be enough to insure his inheritance. He asks you to finish the job, and kill his future brides father. that way, his massive wealth and estate would be equally distributed to all of his family, and his inheritance will be assured.

Difficulty: Easy/Mid-easy

Skills required: none (however lock picking and sneaking would be helpful)

 for stealing will -without killing either the bodyguard or the old merchant- 100 coin(s) and a gold amulet worth 50 coin(s)
 for stealing will -killing either or both the bodyguard or the old merchant- 50 coin(s)
 for killing the old merchant after retrieving the will -500 gold coin(s) plus family sword worth 150 coin(s)

In (B): you work as a bodyguard to the elderly and very wealthy merchant. He tells you that he knows that his daughters lover is going and steal his money. So he hires you to protect not only him but his wealth. That night you are to stand guard at his estate and you catch a thief breaking in, and after either buying or threatening him, he tells you he was hired to steal the will of the old merchant. afterwards, you tell him to leave town. You tell the elderly merchant that his daughters lover would likely try again to steal his final will and testament. After hearing this, the merchant makes a fake second will and hides his original will away in his lock box and you are once again assigned to watch over the estate. When a second thief steals the fake will, you follow him to the bar where the merchants' daughters lover is located and you overhear their scheme to kill the elderly merchant after destroying the will. You tell the merchant of their plans, the merchant then offers you a large sum of money to kill his daughter's lover before he does the same to him. But, in order to spare his daughters feelings and her life, you have to make it seem as if he killed himself and even prepare a fake suicide note to be drafted and plant after you kill the daughters lover.

Difficulty: Mid-easy/Medium 

Skills required: none (however lock picking and sneaking would be helpful)

for protecting the estate and catching the thief -without killing thief- 200 coins plus ruby amulet worth 75 coin(s)

for protecting the estate and catching the thief -killing the thief- 50 coin(s)

for killing his daughters lover inconspicuously after planting the fake will -stage suicide and spare daughters feelings- 700 coins and family sword worth 150 coin(s)

for killing his daughters lover after planting the fake will -in public, without staging suicide, without leaving note, arrested- 500 coins plus family sword worth 150 coins

Develop Your Story / My First Game (title pending) Quest Scripts
« on: June 06, 2014, 08:17:26 PM »
so, didnt know where this belongs really. i've been hitting dead ends at every turn with my current open projects and taking breaks and coming back to them later is a slow and tedious process. While all my projects are in writer's purgatory, i decided to pick up a project to help me get into the college of my dreams. So im working on a First person Action adventure/Fantasy game. I have the already designed a world (world mesh really), a map, a mythology, a basic plot, drawn some action sequences and have started animating cut scenes. Right now, im working on some quests for the game. maily some side quests, to keep a gamer interested in playing for a longer series of time. so, long explanation / rant short ill be posting some quest scripts i've written. Give me your feedback, comments, criticism, plot holes, ect. 

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