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Oh dear. Alright. Thanks for the heads up. I'm still trying to figure out where things go around here.

Lol. Actually, you've got it right. It's not a name. I just wanted to pick a neat quote for the topic title.

Thanks so much. I'll work on adding more detail.

This is one scene from my story. Unfortunatly it's not drawn yet so just use your imaginations for now please.

Flashback. Kent and Lote. Setting: Eris, Nyst, Eathea.

Parts marked with < > are meant to be silly and exaggerated on purpose for fun.

A small medieval town in a temperate forest heavy country. It's nighttime. The sky is clear and a waxing moon is in the sky. Light pours out the windows of a tavern. Sounds of laughing, shouting and singing come from within.

A figure sits on a roof across the street from the tavern. A woman wearing a wide brim hat and a scarf which obscures her face and hides her hair. Her green eyes only show through for a moment from the glow of the light. 

Woman: Looks like a party.

Cut to the inside of the tavern where the merriment continues. The door opens and the woman enters. She walks casually up to the bar and sits down.

Woman: Barkeep.

Barkeep: *Grunts, distracted*

Woman: A tankard of your best mead.

The Barkeep walks over and examines the woman thoroughly.

Barkeep: Haven't seen you round here 'fore. Where you from?

Woman: You don't have to worry about that. I'm just passing through.

Barkeep: Do you have money?

The woman glares at him for a moment < and then breaks into a goofy grin. She whips out a gigantic sack of coins and plops them on the table heartily.

Woman: Man, I'm loaded!

The Barkeep looks greedily at the money and then glides away joyfully.

Barkeep: L'have your drink in a moment.

The woman stands on her stool and strikes a pose.

Woman: Yes! Bring it on! Tonight I'm gonna drink myself into a coma!

She laughs over dramatically.>

Cut to a while later.  <The woman has joined into a song. > The door opens and she only pays attention when she recognizes a few local soldiers. One of them is Kent, the only one to ever match her in a fight. Kent has black hair which hangs unkempt just past his ears. His eyes are dark blue. He wears the heavy armor of the knights even though his comrades only have citizen clothing on. The woman stops singing. The knights order drinks and sit at a table in the corner. The woman moves to a table where she can eavesdrop without being noticed. Kent's two companions chug down their drinks but Kent only takes a few gulps before placing his back on the table.

Knight 1: And I really think her father is warming up to me, what with me being top guard and all. Of course Melina is head over heals for me. She's a sweat girl.

Knight 2: You'd be set if she accepted a proposal. You might even be able to get out of this run down village with her dowry.

Knight 1: Don't say such horrible things. I'm in love with Mellie. I don't want her money.

Knight 2: Is that so….

Knight 1: *Overdramatically* Tiber! We've known each other for so long and yet you doubt my moral character.

Knight 2 (Tiber): That's exactly why I doubt it.

Knight 1: < *Mock depression* How cruel. >

Tiber: *Taking another long swig from his drink* Oy Kent, loosen up a bit for once, will ya. We're having a celebration after all.

Kent: There's nothing to celebrate.

Tiber: C'mon! Finish your ale and Beni will buy you another. *He laughs*

Knight 1 (Beni): Huh? Why me?

Kent: I'm fine.

Beni: < *Examining Kent closely* You know, Tib, you won't believe it but I think he's grumpier then normal.

Kent: *Hits Beni to get him out of his personal space.*

Tiber: I'll believe you now. *Laughs again.* Like I said, just relax.

Beni: *Getting up holding a bloody nose* Yeah, Dia is finally off our backs. >

Tiber: She's been gone for over two weeks now.

Kent: We just let her slip through our fingers.

Tiber: Kent, you know that not even the imperial soldiers have been able to catch her. You shouldn't get stressed over it.

Kent: Not one piece. Not one item. Not one coin was saved from her. She had her own free reign over this whole town.

Tiber: And now it's over. That's all we can say.

Kent: NO! *He bangs his fist on the table causing a few heads to turn. A swift glance around makes the heads look away once more. When he continues his voice has more passion then before.* You don't get it! She had everything! She could have done anything to this town when an entire division of us are here to make sure that never happens.

Beni: Kent.

Kent: *Becomes more intense and angry as he speaks.* Our duty. It's our duty to protect this town. And yet we could do nothing. Nothing. Any drink with the purpose of celebration should taste bitter in your mouth. We lost without even a struggle. How could we let that happen and then just laugh it off?

A shot of the woman.

Tiber: Kent, calm…

Kent: WHAT ARE WE?! *Heads turn again but this time he doesn’t pay attention.* This…this is not….

Kent becomes silent and leaves abruptly. After a moment of absolute silence the tavern breaks back into its loud roar. The woman rises and leaves as well.

Cut to Kent walking down the dark street. He's no longer passionate like he was when he marched out of the tavern. Instead he's back to his cold, stern manner.

He walks past a shadow leaning against a wall.

He relizes who the shadow is.

Shadow: Long time no…

Kent whips out his sword in the blink of an eye and swings it around where it crashes against the wall where the shadow stood only a moment before. The shadow now stands behind him and it is clear that it is the woman from before exept she no longer wears the hat and scarf.

Woman: See.

Kent doesn't lose his cool for a moment and lunges for her with his sword. She avoids him once more.

Woman: Your friend was right….

She dodges another swing.

Woman: You're grumpier then…

She dodges yet another swing.

Woman: Usual.

Kent ignores this blatent admittance to her eavesdropping.

Kent: So, you're still here afterall. Dia.

Once again he swings and this time he manages to leave a cut on the bridge of her nose. She wipes away the blood carelessly.

Woman (Dia): Knight of Eris I'm not here to steal.

She dodges once more.


She kicks him hard in the stomach making him fall back onto the ground.

Dia: I want to talk.

He gets up and swings at her once more, this time he leaves a gash in her left arm.

Dia: Look…*She grabs him* I admire your determination but *She struggles with him* give it a rest. *She strikes out at his sword sending it flying about twenty yards*

They stand still for a moment staring each other down.

Kent: I am the sworn enemy of every person, of any person who defies the law and defies justice.

Dia: Is that so. I see, you must be pretty pure yourself then.

Kent remains silent.

Dia: Are you a saint? Or perhaps an angel. That's it. You’re the angel of god sent to Eathea to purge this land of all evil.

Kent: I honor my duty. That is all. I am entrusted to guard Eris.

Dia: And then a lowlife comes along and shatters your perfect existence. Or…were you always this unsettled by your duty.

Kent is silent once more.

Dia: When I first arrived I knew that there was something in you. A flame. I thought it was a flame of strength. But…..perhaps it is one of insanity.

Kent lunges at her but she catches his arms.

Dia: I find it interesting. Tell me knight. If I am a demon and you're an angel, tell me why it is that I live in heaven and you live in hell.

Kent finally becomes outraged and knocks Dia down. He dashes for his sword. He grabs it and when he has turned back he finds Dia right behind him. She's finally drawn her sword as well. He attacks and she retaliates. They fight and with Kent's new vigor they are now on even ground in skill. The blood from Dia's arm soaks everything. Finally she knocks his sword away just long enough to get close to him.

She brings her face to his and places a brief kiss on his lips.

Then she leaps away. She looks back only for a moment before running off into the night and out of sight.

Kent lets out a frustrated yell and chucks his sword in the direction she left.

Develop Your Story / Well here's my baby....
« on: January 07, 2009, 03:03:27 AM »
Guess I might as well get to it then. As I said in my intro thread I did attempt to start my manga a couple of years ago...but was unable to keep up with it. I think my problem was I began to put it up on the web too early. I put it up 1. Before my drawing style was ....well...presentable..and 2. Before my story was solid.

So...anyway. I shall present to you what I did draw and you all can tear it apart.  :JC_cheesy:

I'm going to put the link to the part I put up on the internet. There are a couple of pages that I'd like to show you as well but are in a notebook at school so I can't get to them till saturday.

Well without further ado, here's the link:

Obviously you can't really get a good idea about what the story is and who the characters are from just these few pages so this is more a critique about presentation/layout/style(or lack of)/etc.

Thanks everyone!

Welcome Center / Pickled Pigs Feet
« on: January 06, 2009, 07:59:43 PM »
Hey there person reading this wondering why I used that title for my thread! Introduction topics are always so boring. Especially the titles which are always "Hi!!!1" or "I'm new here!" so I decided to jazz my title up a bit.

Anyway...I see there's a handy form for me intoduce myself with so I'll go ahead and use it:

01. Your real Name
My real name is Justine. There's an "e" on the end peeps so don't go calling me Justin. You can call me Justine, Adalyde, Ada, you there, newbie, or friend!  :D

02. Gender
I'm a girl.

03. How did you find the forum ( Google, FaceBook, Hi5, Other Forum etc )
I just stumbled on this place while browsing Google. It looked pretty cool so I thought I'd sign up and get to know some people.

04. You are an artist, writer , just Manga/Anime Fan or Webmaster
Well, I'm most definatly a Manga/Anime/Japanese culture fan. I have some skills in art and writing...nothing spectacular though. I do have a graphic story idea that I'd like to write/draw someday. I tried an attempt of it once but only got a few pages done. But perhaps you all can help me get it going again.  :)

05. Your Age
Gosh, it's hard to admit my age. I'm 20 which feels way too old. Ah well.

06. Where are you from ( Country, City )
I'm from Northeastern USA. I grew up in upstate NY and I'm currently going to college in Massachusetts.

07. Your Favorite Manga and Anime
Fruits Basket
Fullmetal Alchemist
Ouran High School Host Club
Buso Renkin
Yu Yu Hakusho
Naruto and Bleach (Though I'm way behind on both)
And tons of others!

08. Your others interests / Hobbies
I'm interested in theatre. I act, sing as well as do back stage work. I also enjoy reading fantasy books like Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter though I've slacked on my reading lately.

09. what you like to do in forum .. ( Post your drawings, Stories, Talk about Manga/Anime etc )
I guess I'd like to learn more about manga/anime and hopefully get help on my own ideas and critique on my work.

Thanks for your time everyone! I hope to get to know you!

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