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Members Workshops / Re: The Day Of 1,000 Styles
« on: October 11, 2018, 11:45:10 PM »
Literally just finished this piece tonight. Waaaaaaaaay different than I what I had originally intended, but screw it we rolling with it. Had a lot of fun writing this and I'm pretty sure it will show. BTW, this is a two parter, but I'm too lazy to write the second part at the moment and plus I got work in the morning. Gonna try and finish the second part by tomorrow. If not done by then or at least within a few days, you guys can go ahead and run wild with this if you want. 

Style 53 - It's one of those arcs...

Now usually when dealing with the remote, a press of a button could land the user and those surrounding in some whacky mess of a dimension. However, much to Lego’s and Fro’s surprise, they somehow ended up back in the city. Now this may sound normal to some, but of course, this is the remote we’re talking about here. And not only that, things are never normal in MR to begin with, regardless if there’s a dimension altering remote involved or not.

“So uhh, we’re back already, furball? Fro asked Lego as he scratched his head. The two had been standing in front of the central administration building. As to why they were standing there to begin with, neither had a clue.

Lego, who was still skeptical about the whole ordeal, folded his arms and had a rather furrowed look on his face. “I really doubt it, man. We’re in the city, alright, but something fishy is in the air.” As Lego said that, his nose twitched. “And it doesn’t smell like the good kind either.”

“What kind of fish do you like, Lego?”

“I always favored a good salmon. You?”

“I like Mackerel a whole lot, and you can’t really beat a good tuna.” Just as he said that, Fro looked around and seem concerned all of a sudden. “Wait a minute, where the hell is Coryn? I wanna know his favorite fish!”

Lego shrugged. “Hell if I know. Probably got separated during the scene shift.”

“But wouldn’t it make more sense for the remote to keep all of us in close proximity? I mean the three of us did get transported at the same time.”

“Well Fro, did it make sense that all of a sudden that you and I were suddenly an overnight hip-hop sensation with music already recorded and had a fanbase filled with chicks in skimpy school clothes!?”

Fro stared off into space for a second as he pondered on the thought. “Naw, but I was kinda feeling it, though.”

“That’s the point I’m getting at Fro! None of this makes sense. The rap concert didn’t make sense. The schoolgirls didn’t make sense. Me participating in a freaking dating simulator didn’t make sense--”

“Wait that happened?”

Lego shook his head. “It’s was pretty awkward to say the least. You wouldn’t want to know the details. Trust me.” Lego paced around for a second. With so much going on so suddenly, he was doing his best not to lose his mind. “I just don’t understand why all of this is happening again. I could’ve swore Coryn locked that remote up for good. And dammit, who was that girl who had it in her freaking hands!? How did she steal it anyways?” Lego began pulling on his hair. “ARGH! This is all so frustrating!”         

“Aye, punkasses! What the hell are you clowns doing in front of the General’s central tower, huh!?”

The aggressive, deep voice yelling at them from behind startled Lego and Fro. “Punkasses?” The two thought together at the same time. As they turned to meet the strange voice, they were greeted by the sight of a strange looking, yet menacing looking specimen. He was rather tall and quite bulky looking, and had a skin complexion exactly like Fro’s. Funny enough, adding on to the Fro comparison, he had brown eyes like Fro, and had a afro like his to boot, but it was shorter and much spikier. On the man’s shoulders was an elaborate looking military jacket that he wore like a cape, and the collar shirt, slacks and boots he was dressed in definitely gave off the military vibe. He had a mean look about him and the scar running across his face could definitely land him in a couple of different bad guy trope categories.

The strange looking man mean mugged Fro and Lego. His arms were folded and his stance was firm. “Yall deaf or what? I said what the hell are you two clowns doing in front of that building?”

Fro, not a big fan of being called a clown by a stranger, spoke up first. “Watch that clown word, homie. I don’t think the pot should be calling the kettle black, if you ask me.”

The man raised a questioning brow. “Homie? First of all, I ain’t ya damn homie, and second of all, who the hell do you think you’re talking to with that tone, boy?”

Fro countered with a raised brow of his own. “Boy? Dawg, do I look twelve years old to you!? I’m a grown ass man, and if you keep talking to me like that, I’m gonna smack yo ass like one!”

“You said you’re gonna do what now? Smack me? I’d like to see you try that with my foot in your ass!”

Lego watched in confusion as Fro and the strange man shouted threats back and forth at one another. He was a little concerned honestly, and for many good reasons. For starters, he’s never seen Fro engage in such deadly verbal warfare with someone before. Sure, he’s heard rumors of Fro sometimes losing his cool and saying some really nasty things, but hearing it first hand was a bit scary. That aside, however, Lego’s real concern was the undeniable similarities between Fro and the strange man. Similar skin color, similar facial features, similar afros and manner of speech. Everything matched up too well to be just a coincidence. Then, a realization finally hit him.

“Hey Fro, you don’t think that guy is-”

“HUH!?” Fro yelled as he turned towards Lego for a second. “A CLOWN!? OF COURSE I THINK HE”S A CLOWN! LOOK AT HIM!”

“Dammit Fro, that’s not what I was gonna say…”

Fro ignored Lego and continued his verbal assault. “Listen homeboy, I don’t know who you are, but you better leave MR before I make you leave!”

The strange man suddenly seemed perturbed by Fro’s comment. “MR?” he repeated, sounding confused for a second. After the brief pause, he began bursting into laughter, which really confused Fro and Lego.

“Ayo, what was funny about what I said?”

“The MR part you clown!”

Lego stepped forward. “And why is that part so funny to you?”

The strange man shot Lego an evil smirk. “Cause that name, and everybody and everything  associated with that name has been dead for years now. Man I gotta admit kid, I never thought I would hear that name again. You may be a clown, but you’re a funny one. I’ll give you that much.”


Fro and Lego looked at one another for some sort of reassurance that they had heard the man correctly. MR, dead? A possibility like that could only happen in some alternate timeline. Were they in the future, perhaps? There were so many different scenarios circulating through their brains, but one thing's for certain: Regardless of the scenario, their current predicament was a huge problem, and would certainly cause more headache than needed.

And as if he was reading their minds to confirm their worst possible fears, the man walked forward to get more up close and personal with the two raiders, speaking as he did so. “I don’t know what rock you two crawled out of, but in case you haven’t noticed, this is 4kids territory you’re standing in, and as far as I’m concerned, you two clowns are trespassers.”

Lego’s eyes shot wide. “4kids!?”

Fro had a similar expression on his face. “Dawg you can’t be serious!” Since when MR has been 4kids turf?”

“Since General Bethuw’el came and stomped the raiders into the ground, you idiot.” With that said, the menacing looking man was now standing directly in front of Lego and Fro, and he looked a lot more scary up close. He stabbed his thumb into his chest. “And in case you two don’t know who I am, let me inform you: My name is Fro, Captain of the 4kids specialized assault unit, and it looks like you two just earned yourselves an ass whooping for the ages.”

Manga Creations / Re: Life At Sea: Fortune's Chance
« on: October 02, 2018, 08:58:10 PM »
Ah, good ol exposition and plot development. Great job with both on this chapter!

Be careful with that 4th wall though man. Damn thing is hard to rebuild once it's been broken so many times. I don't think you abused it too much though, and I felt it works given the lightheartedness of the story in general.

Also, Lego running a ship sounds like nothing but trouble, but I'll hold off on my judgements for now. Who knows, he could lead The Charity to greatness. Seriously doubt it though.  :thumbsdown:

Great work overall. Looking forward to the next chapter!   

MR Pub / Re: Chit Chat 2018
« on: October 02, 2018, 08:47:08 PM »
Mahlua has been dealing with life problems since moving into her new place and has been busy with school, work and whatnot. She's still somewhat active in discord though, so you can catch up with her on there if you like.

As for myself, no real reason. Just been lurking. I do that sometimes with no real rhyme or reason to it, and I don't know why. A lurker's nature I guess.

Members Workshops / Re: Inktober 2018
« on: October 02, 2018, 07:55:10 PM »
Man all of these look mad good! I'm jealous. I gotta get back to arting again. I've put it off for so long now... :(

MR Pub / Re: Chit Chat 2018
« on: October 02, 2018, 07:52:55 PM »
Looks like Leg- I mean, eldritchmaestro has returned and saturated the forum with his catch-up posts.

Got me to thinking: I wonder who unofficially holds the record for the most posts made after returning from a hiatus?

Got fed up with putting this off for so long, so I finally buckled down and got these bios finished. These are rough drafts, of course, so as always Coryn, feel free to make any necessary edits.

Character Bios
Fortis Scriptor

Fortis is a three hundred year old knowledge seeker who’s soul is attached to a skeletal body with blue flames for eyes. Due to his yearning for knowing everything there is to the world, his curiosity led him to the path of learning  to become immortal, which landed him in his current form. Now spending his days as MR’s resident recluse, he often prefers stowing himself away in a dark corner somewhere reading a book or typing away on his personal laptop.

In order to prevent others of knowing his real appearance, Fortis covers himself in many layers of dark clothing. His typical outfit consists of a black suit and a hooded cloak, along with black, full length leather gloves, a black scarf that covers the majority of his face, and pair of sunglasses to hide his flaming irises. While this may sound extremely uncomfortable to many, for Fortis, his attire is necessary to exist peacefully in general society.

Fortis’ voice is akin to that of a ghost, and often speaks politely at all times. He often feels depressed because of his inability as a skeleton to experience things only a human could (Like getting a girlfriend for one). His depression is partially why he prefers to stay to himself, however he is pretty friendly and nice to those he interacts with and will eventually open up once he feels better acquainted with them.

As far as abilities are concerned, Fortis is an experienced weapons master who plays host to numerous guns and swords at his disposal. His current arsenal includes a Gladius (He keeps this under his suit), a Scutum shield, a Katana, a glock 17 suppressed pistol , and a M4A1 carbine. Since it’s impossible to carry all of these weapons all at one time, his choice of weaponry is dependent on the situation.


Greentrap is a raider with a frog-like appearance and traits. Having a rather ambiguous gender  that’s a little hard to pinpoint, many raiders debate whether Greentrap is actually male or female, and will often address her/him with whatever they feel comfortable with, since Greentrap doesn’t seem to mind it too much. (Author’s Note: Greentrap pretty much said that his/her character can be either or, which is why I’m leaving it open. However, for the sake of some consistency, I’ll be referring to Greentrap as a she for the rest of this bio)

Greentrap pretty much mirrors Asui Tsuyu from Boku no Hero, all the while still having her own distinct differences of course. For starters, she is built much like a male, but still has a rather feminine looking face. She doesn’t have a set outfit she likes to wear on the regular, and will pretty much wear whatever she’s feeling at the moment.

Being a frog, Greentrap regularly has a hard time understanding humans, which pretty much lands her on the more awkward side of the social spectrum. She doesn’t have a thinking voice, and will pretty much say everything on her mind with little to no filter. On top of her aloofness, she is a very observant frog who prefers to watch others interact rather than actively engage. She enjoys relaxing at public parks and ponds, and has an obsession with cookies.

While she is not much of a powerhouse when it comes to combat, Greentrap true talents shine in her ability to remain extremely agile and evasive on the field of battle. Her slippery movements makes it nearly impossible to keep up with her, making her much more suitable in the role of a scout.


Eukocar is an itallian raider with a big heart and a cheery disposition that never seems to change regardless of the situation. He is a very nice guy who often spends his time socializing in the MR Pub. Eukocar has ginger colored hair and is often seen dressed in his unique blue and white striped sailor uniform, with his trusted rapier strapped on the side of his waist. While he’s not well versed in combat, Eukocar is extremely intelligent and uses his wit to outsmart his opponents and capitalize on their mistakes, which makes him more of a strategist than a fighter.


Filia is a npc character with a very mysterious air about her to say the least. She is a young girl (Presumably around the age of ten) with long silver hair and gray colored eyes. She likes to wear dresses, (usually white ones) and usually walks around barefoot, adding onto the list of things that makes her weird and mysterious. She is very formal and polite, and will often address people as “Mister” or “Miss” when speaking to them. Not much is known about Filia outside of what’s been stated above. However, Hasith and Corycaly seem to know some interesting bits about her that they are unwilling to share for some reason. Hasith in particular seems to be extremely wary of Filia, and prefers to keep her under close watch. This strange behavior of Hasith’s has been noticed by a few select raiders, particularly Fro, who Hasith assigned to watch over her in his stead. Fro is generally both confused and concerned by Hasith’s decisions and possible motives behind them, and personally feels that Filia is nothing more than an innocent young girl.

Despite being only a young girl, Filia, upon joining The Fighter’s Division, has demonstrated that she can be a quick study when it comes to understanding the basics of combat. She was able to mimic  every technique Coach Fro has taught her to near perfection, and can very well hold her own in a good sparring bout. While this would make her a prodigy of some sort, being able to adapt so quickly to the flow of combat despite having no previous combat experience is still rather strange for a girl of her age, and a good case could be made that this also adds on to the list of things that makes her so mysterious.

The Observer

The Observer is an old man that resides alone in some unknown area of The Dark Net. His exact age is unknown, but given his extremely frail frame, it would be of no surprise if he was hundreds of years old. The old man has a hermit look going on about him, wearing a dark green robe with an outline of gold on the edges and a gold ouroboros sewn on the back of it, and brown trousers that are cut off at the ankles. He his bald for the most part, with the only remnant of hair being the gray hair on the sides of his head that flow down to the back of his neck. His eyes are always closed, however, whether it be due to a disability or just a habit, he is perfectly able to get a sense of his surroundings despite them being shut, leading to the possibility of The Observer having some otherworldly sensory perception.

Not much known is about The Observer other than the fact that he has close ties with Fronomenal, and that he operates a rather shady mercenary business in the Dark Net. From what little has been revealed since his introduction into the canon, he appears to have a vast knowledge of not only the Dark Net, but the regular Net as well. However, this is all speculation, for this possibility has not been directly stated or confirmed in actual canon.

Coach Fro (Formerly known as Fronomenal)

Fro is MR’s resident drifter and Kool-aid aficionado. Known for his afro and the “afro magic that accompanies it, Fro has been regarded by many of his peers as one unique and strange raider. He is the owner and head coach of the MR Fighters Division, and has been labeled “The Gravedigger” by other raiders due to his reputation to find and dig up the forgotten parts of MR city. Spending the majority of his time outside of MR and in the endless expanse that is the Net, Fro is rarely seen around MR on a consistent basis. But when he is, one will no doubt either find him in the pub having a glass of Pub tan’s signature orange Kool-aid or atop on one of the skyscrapers in the city, gazing about at the sky in deep thought.

Much like his rival Lego, Fro has a rather large afro, and a hair pick is usually seen sticking out at it’s peak. Unlike Lego, however, he has a much lighter skin complexion with brown eyes to match. Having long disposed of his patterned black and white leather jacket, Fro now wears a black, silk bomber jacket and  occasionally sports a black scarf around his neck. As for pants, Fro has yet to abandon his love for wearing khakis, black ones in particular. However, his trend for wearing only sneakers has seemingly gone out of style, for he is now more often seen wearing black combat boots. Around his waist is a purple katana with a golden guard and black hilt, concealed in a standard black scabbard. However, for whatever strange reason, Fro is rather reluctant to idea of actually utilizing the sword in actual combat, and has yet to have been seen wielding it so.

Fro is somewhat of a loner and a introvert, and as such is seen more often than not alone. This is mostly due to a tragic past that involves betrayal, backstabbing and the whole nine, but even still, when approached, Fro displays a very friendly and comedic personality to those he interacts with. He’s extremely laid back, sometimes outright nonchalant, and is very understanding and supportive to those he cares about.  However, hidden beneath this demeanor is a more violent and extremely aggressive side of Fro that he tries his best to keep under wrap. Luckily for his peers, pissed off Fro has yet to reveal himself, and Fro prefers to keep it that way.

It can be argued that Fro is unrivaled in many areas of head to head combat. His afro magic allows him manipulate the physical properties of his hair in many unique and quirky ways. For starters, his strands can transform into any physical object he desires, with the amount of hair strands used in the creation determining the object’s size and durability. Possibilities include but are not limited to: Weapons, clones, hair armies filled with different looking creatures, an entire city and much much more. On top of this, Fro can convert  his hair into energy and use more energy based attacks, however, he doesn’t seem to fall back on this ability too much. Additionally, his afro can be used as a storage space where he can physical store a seemingly infinite amount of objects in. And let’s not  forget that he can summon hair tendrils from not only his afro, but from anywhere there is hair on his body. While all of this may sound like a lot, Fro’s real power is not actually his afro magic. The real meat and potatoes of his abilities lies in his “power of imitation” ability, in which he can steal the powers and abilities of another person via stealing a strand of their hair. Of course, there are many obvious upsides to possessing an ability like this, but surprisingly there are drawbacks, two of them to be precise. Firstly, Fro is limited to copying one power at a time, and secondly, Fro cannot use his afro magic while copying another person’s powers. Needless to say at this point, Fro is pretty damn OP, and even he himself has admitted it on occasion.

FanFics / Re: Bleach MR: Memories Unto The Dawn
« on: August 28, 2018, 06:45:27 PM »
Nice twist towards the middle there. Though I'm a little confused with the sibling arancars approach' to asking for help, considering that they attacked captains initially. I mean sure, even though a pair of arancars waltzing into the soul society and casually asking Captain level shinigami to eliminate some rouge Espada probably isn't the greatest of ideas, but causing tension via sneak attack and then requesting a favor later doesn't sit well either. Then again, now that I'm thinking about it more, obviously it's clear their intentions were to bait the captains by luring them into Los Noches first, and then force the group to accept their request by putting them into a uncomfortable position. Ah, I feel like I'm way too much thought into this lol.

Anyways, solid chapter. I'm looking forward to what kind of  Espada you got cooking up to reveal later. Reading this makes me wanna waste my time on watching old Bleach episodes again. You know, the episodes when Bleach was actually fun to watch...   

General Manga writer discussions / Re: Writer Discussion Table
« on: August 26, 2018, 09:10:15 PM »
Well damn :ohmy

This is pretty much what I figured. Truthfully though, if the smell of alcohol didn't make head hurt I would give drinking an honest shot. Same thing with things like weed. If I don't like the smell of it, I probably won't mess with it.

And my coworkers were joking about the whole starting with four locos thing. Although I'm positive if I ever went to a bar with them (Which I won't ever do), they will probably try to talk me into doing it for the laughs.

Real talk though, If I could get drunk from drinking Kool-aid-- Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnn! I would drop a new chapter for a story everyday on here if it had an actual effect on my writing. 

Tips and Tutorials / Re: For those who wonder "Will I ever get good?"
« on: August 26, 2018, 08:53:51 PM »
Truly inspiring stuff for sure. I gotta say though, some of those "before I got good" sketches still looked pretty damn good.

Thanks for sharing this Suuper! It's always reassuring to see things like this.

Manga Creations / Re: Quest!: A MangaRaiders Story
« on: August 26, 2018, 08:50:29 PM »
You really know how to amp up the action in a story don't you, Coryn? I'll admit, I'm jealous. I wish my action scenes were this good.

And man the music selection was spot on. That song you linked for the bank fight scene couldn't had fit the mood more perfectly.

And looks like we're seeing an interesting group of Npcs taking part in this whole fiasco. Dai-Yu definitely feels like she's gonna spicing things up later on, which is gonna be a lot of fun to see. I'm curious as to how you're gonna connect all this madness together eventually.

Nice work man! Looking forward to the next update! 

The locations section looks a lot cleaner for sure. The guide in general reads a lot smoother which I can appreciate.

Nice work again, Coryn! I need to get back to work myself. Just find gotta my Loremaster robes first. Pretty sure I left them at the cleaners.


Manga Writer workshop / Re: Origin Stories!
« on: August 26, 2018, 08:28:03 PM »
Yeah I had a feeling I may have been gave a bit too much backstory in that log. I wrote it as if the speaker was writing in a diary, and I'm positive that my own style of writing an average diary bled too much into this. Generally, when I write a personal journal, I talk as if I'm actually speaking to someone, which is why this turned out like this. I gotta take myself out of this to make this work, and look at some examples of scientific journal writing while I'm at it. As you say, short and concise. Short and concise.

I was thinking of adding a dates to the logs to give a sense of time. The thing is though, I'm unsure of how early i'm even thinking here. And there's the concept of time with the Net in general that has to be taken into consideration. Oh well, all can be solved with more planning. I really gotta start plotting things out more on paper before I jump into actual writing.

And and yeah, a race full of Fros definitely wouldn't look alike lol. That would just look absolutely insane. Too much for me to handle visually.   

Next Logs should be accompanied with an actual chapter. Also, I have a feeling i'm gonna be on and off with this, since I know this is gonna be an extremely long one. So don't expect updates on the regular.

General Manga writer discussions / Re: Writer Discussion Table
« on: August 24, 2018, 09:49:42 PM »
Well Coryn, mind if I ask a question of my own relating to the subject?

How the hell do you even write while intoxicated to begin with!?? :hmm:

As a man who neither smokes or drinks, and have no interest in either whatsoever, I will never the know the experience. Surely it's only useful in pushing through a writing hurdle, right? Could you even feasibly produce Shakespeare level content after a shot of gin or whatever you guys fancy nowadays, let alone edit it? (Side Note: My coworkers keep telling me my first drink should be the Four Locos, which sounds absolutely nuts for a starter alcoholic beverage)

Serious question though man. I would love to get insight on this.   

Ah, these updates give me life. Good work as always, Loremaster!

Manga Writer workshop / Re: WRITING SURVIAL!!!
« on: August 24, 2018, 09:33:13 PM »
Yeah, it's certainly no joke to keep up the momentum with writing exercises like these. But hey, you did a damn good job of staying fairly consistent during your run. Mad pros, homie! 

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