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Members Workshops / Re: The Day Of 1,000 Styles
« on: May 29, 2020, 10:55:42 AM »
Nice to see you back in action Fro! Writers block sucks something fierce, but it doesn't appear to have hurt your skills! Glad to see it! And he'll yeah do you've got War Arc to help finish! Take responsibility for our child!  :read: :tongue:

Also, for the both of you: This one ain't actually my fault! As y'all will recall, the remote got stolen by a shadowy figure. And who wrote that in? *Checks notes* None other than Fro himself!

In conclusion: It's Fro's fault.

General Manga writer discussions / Re: Writer Discussion Table
« on: May 27, 2020, 01:42:58 PM »
Oh I had the motivation, which is what makes it so annoying. I just couldn't think straight.

The worst downside or aging is the day long hangovers I tell you. They say they'll grow to two days in your 30s as well. What fun. Can't wait to lose whole weekends and not just Sunday.

Manga Art Gallery / Re: Legomaestro's Art Box
« on: May 26, 2020, 07:16:14 PM »
You can't fool me Lego! That's 100% just Johnny Ramone.

General Manga writer discussions / Re: Writer Discussion Table
« on: May 26, 2020, 07:10:25 PM »
Yeah, I was getting back into the groove these last few weeks, but I failed to write over the holiday weekend (I was, simply put, way too God damned hungover)

You can send it to me. If you want to you can copy Manimal as well.

Manga Writer workshop / Re: Protagonist Litmus Test
« on: May 22, 2020, 02:23:36 PM »
At this rate we're just going to have to create a master topic for all of these various litmus tests.

Let's get a handle on Coryn Sken then (the character from Coryn's Saga, not me or my MR Canon representation. I apologize to anyone new to this, but I only had one good name when I started here and I used it for everything).

1. Adventurer and righter of wrongs, which is basically his life already so props there.

2. Ah man, if it's half way through book 1? Probably a sandwich, or like, a fully stocked buffet or something. If it's halfway through the whole thing (so like, halfway through book 2), then probably a radar to track down the immortal he and the other protagonists are trying to hunt down.

.... Things were a lot simpler in book 1.

3. Probably some sort of weapon? Maybe a sword paired with a nice bottle of whiskey. It's that kind of universe.

4. He would definitely watch sports. I can see him being into everything, but something fast paced like soccer or hockey would probably appeal.

5. He's a fun dude to hang out with, has a strong sense of respect for other people, and a lot of love for his friends. He's also got a huge zest for life, which by my rules are a forgone requirement for being immortal (the depressive ones find ways to off themselves).

6. If you're not like him (super powered or immortal), he has a rough time finding empathy for them. He struggles to find his own humanity sometime, even though he strives for it. At some point as an immortal, you just find it hard to be around people who aren't. It's not a hatred or anything, you're lives are just so different. I liken it to how movie stars can only hang out with other movie stars, because non-movie stars' lives are so alien to them.

He's also arrogant, and forgets that while he is mostly indestructible, most people aren't. Devil may care, you might say.

7. Enjoy a castaway fantasy until they get bored, then teleport on out of there.

8. Ah, that would be *redacted due to mysterious backstory spoiler reasons*. But honestly probably just some kid having puppy love for another. I don't go so far back that we would actually get to see that moment.

9. Over an immortal lifetime you get pretty good at a lot of things that don't come up in every day life, but he has definitely learned to sing a lot of pop songs in various alien languages. How many times could you listen to the Spice Girls before you start translating it into Martian on a lark?

10. Kinda like above, eventually you just learn to love it all. Why carry hate for a music genre forever when you can just learn to like it instead?

I mean sure man. We're doing sorta whatever right now, so just PM us your skype information or drop it in the Happy Hour topic and we'll try to rope you in. We usually go around 6:30-7pm eastern time, although days vary depending on schedules. The interlude show is pretty loosey goosey, so we just ask that people show up in a mood to have a good time and a fun chat.

Oh, and we also ask that you have a half decent connection and a microphone we can understand you over. We want to encourage people to come on, but if all we can hear from your end is glitching and gravel we can't make a recording happen.

I may officially be at the end of my quarantine rope. After 7(?) weeks of straight quarantine I've gone back to the habits I had my freshman year of college when I was a real recluse in my dorm room (leaving tiny home town for the first time was real culture shock for me). So yeah, it's not super great. I'm also developing insomnia, which I heard was a possibility from all this staying at home but only now is it kicking in.

Thankfully or not, I'm going to be back in the office starting next week. We're phasing people back in slowly, and we're all concerned about something happening, but we're be going to be taking a lot of precautions, so hopefully nothing bad comes from it. At the very least we all have our own desks, and are for the most part about six feet from each other seated. My company is also pretty small (under 30 people), so it should be pretty easy to keep track of everyone.

Wishing everyone luck out there. Stay as safe as you can. I'm definitely not going to be throwing parties any time soon, but it will be nice to see other humans at least.

Welcome Center / Re: New Writer!
« on: May 21, 2020, 05:34:55 PM »
Welcome to MangaRaiders Nick!

We do definitely try to be a welcoming place. I hope to see you posting some work around the forum then (and giving feedback to others)! Since it sounds like you've got some good experience under your belt already I'm sure you can be beneficial to others.

General Manga writer discussions / Re: Writer Discussion Table
« on: May 20, 2020, 10:25:48 AM »
wHELP, I've officially gone full freshman year of college levels of stir crazy from the isolation. How do I know this? Why am I posting this here? Because last night I started plotting out huge rewrites to CS because I had a good idea trying to fall asleep last night. So huge that I had to open my document of changes to detail out said new idea, and even added a note to the current last page of Arc 3 in order to remind myself of it when I'm finally free enough of War Arc to start working on CS again.

Long story short: I apologize to long time readers when you see the next CS chapter, only for me to make a reference to something that has never come up before, but will have once I get around to writing the second draft of all these books.

God I miss bars....

haha. Well no problem man! It's not like you're the first person to get put off by the shear volume of material we've collectively generated over the years. You're just the only one who has kept reiterating their desire!

I've linked the post to the opening post of the topic as well, so hopefully it will help people in the future as well. Granted, after War Arc eventually gets wrapped up I'll probably have to add to the short list, so right now is as good as it's going to get!

However you feel about either list though, I suggest hitting stories 1 and 2 of List 1, then jumping into List 2. I say this only because MR Advertisement and MR Origins will take you like 15 minutes to get through, so you might as well hit them first. Like I said, while they are super important to the canon's development, they aren't actual 'canon', so I couldn't justify putting them on the second list.

Members Workshops / Re: SKETCH SURVIVAL!!!!!!!!
« on: May 19, 2020, 09:12:39 AM »
I would think you should also be able to sort through files on your computer by date? How many items could be possibly saved to the day in question?

Well Suuper, ask and ye shall receive. For anyone watching this topic for it, I give you the bare essentials guide to MR Canon:,4437.msg305001.html#msg305001

Well guys, thanks to some input by Suuper, I have been giving some serious thought to what you might call the "plot" of MR Canon. Here is what I've come up with.

To be frank, this was a somewhat difficult task. Thanks to the very nature of MR Canon (a bunch of independent creators all telling the stories they want to tell in a shared universe), there really isn't what you might consider a traditional 'main plot line'. Nobody ever sat down, gathered everyone together and said: "MR Canon is going to be about this thing. It will start here and end there.", because of course no one did. That was never the intention. MR Canon is basically a mass of parallel character stories all coming together to make a somewhat contiguous whole.

That being said, I think I have identified what we might be able to call 'the plot'.

This will probably not come as a surprise to anyone who is already invested in the canon, but the overriding conflict of MR Canon could be said to be Person vs Person. Our protagonists (the raiders of MR) are dreamers and idealists who believe in creative freedom and self determination. They are storytellers and creators who want to bring a unique voice to the world. On the other side of that we have our antagonists (the corporation 4Kids and their ilk), who want to turn media into something bland, consumable, and inoffensive to those in power. While no longer a major player in our real world (bankruptcy will do that to a company), they still serve as a stand in to represent the Disneys and prime time network televisions of the world. The corporations who value the revenue brought in from pumping out an endless parade of sameness, instead of elevating original and interesting voices and ideas.

It's the modern underdog fight of the independent versus the corporate. The mom & pop coffee shop being displaced by Starbucks. Your small company that pays its workers well getting swallowed by some giant corporate conglomerate no one has ever heard of, only to have all the managers fired and replaced by some guy in New York who knows the new owner's son.

With that in mind, I started separating out the stories which contributed to that story, and those that did not.

Now, while many stories will mention the 'plot', they aren't necessarily important for understanding the 'plot'. Those will be cut from this first list. However well written or enjoyable they may be, they can be considered side stories adjacent to the main one.

For now I am also leaving in stories which won't deal with the 'plot' directly, but contain major world building events or are pivotal 'Ur texts' which contributed significantly to our understanding of what MR Canon is (themes, tone, etc.). Don't worry, this list will get paired down later. So sit tight for now if you're still looking for something more concise.

List 1: Ur Texts, World Building, and 'The Plot':

1. MR Advertisement- By Animedoodler. This is the OG, proto MR Canon document. It's a short manga for the original anthology project. Take note of a specific panel showing a physical representation of MangaRaiders that basically started it all.,2218.0.html

2. Manga Raiders: Origins - By Animedoodler. Unfinished (therefore not official canon), but is the first time a real story was being told. Helped the rest of us conceptualize the idea.,2505.0.html

3. MR Sentai Go! - By Litt. Again unfinished and not canon, but this is the story that set the standard for what MR Canon would be. It not only introduces 4Kids, but names them as our antagonists. Per canonical rules, a story must be finished to be canon, but this one has been referenced back to so many times that not only should it be considered canon, but you can actually envision how the story might have ended by reading later works and seeing the things attributed to it.,3173.0.html

4. Darling be Home Soon - By Coryn (hi). This is the first story to delve into the idea of the tans of MR (which before had existed only as artwork on the forum). It also is the first to dig into the inner workings of 4Kids.,4709.0.html

5. Origin Stories - Various authors. Is actually a collection of, you guessed it, origin stories from various forum members for their MR Canon personas. Written at various times, most only contribute to individual character stories, but others get into some real deal world building. I'll narrow down which are which later, but all are important for establishing the main players of MR Canon (as you can imagine, those of us who took time to write one of these were those of us already writing MR Canon.,5074.0.html

6. Dystopic Blades 2 - By Lego. As the name implies, there was a Dystopic Blades 1, but the second story in the series is the only one that matters to MR Canon. A short summary of Dystopic Blades 1 would be: All the raiders fight each other in a big battle royal in a universe completely unrelated to anything we've seen so far. It's a fun time, but the sequel has a quick round-up of the original at its beginning, so don't worry about it too much unless you're looking to be a completionist.,6308.0.html

7. Ascend to Modhood - By Coryn. Here we get the introduction of non-founder moderators and a little bit about how they work.,6419.0.html

8. Lego Gets A Job - By Lego. This one is notable for expanding the world somewhat, but mostly for bringing more tans into the picture. Also culminates with Lego becoming a moderator.,6925.0.html

9. Welcome to Manga Raiders - By Coryn. Another character is introduced, some world building. Notable for being the first audio only story.,8792.msg157720.html#msg157720

10. The Daily Lives of Tans - By Coryn. A tie in story to a contest to create a new tan. World builds, and introduces the last of the tan line-up.,17862.0.html

11. MRverse: The Return of The Drifter - By Fro. Notable for world building and the introduction of a new division of raiders.,18918.0.html

12. MR: War Arc: Invasion - By Coryn, Fro, Lego, and Mahlua. This is the big mac daddy of MR Canon so far. It's the first thing you could call an active attempt at a real plot arc. This is the story that kicks off War Arc. It's designed so you don't have to read the previous canon stories to get the idea of what's happening, but know that this one builds on all the ones that came before.,19407.0.html

13. MR: War Arc (continued) - By various authors. These are just the various side stories and bits and bobs of the War Arc story, so I won't be making a new line item for each. All will ultimately be important to telling the self enclosed story of MR: War Arc. For now I am assuming that if you've gotten this far into MR Canon, then you're going to be keeping track of all of this, even if you've only read the 12 stories listed previous.,19535.0.html,19663.0.html,19783.0.html,19680.0.html,19789.0.html,19784.0.html

So those are stories that are the 'plot', for lack of a better term. Obviously there are things in canon that are not covered by this list. Every story contributed in some way to the whole. But that is why we have the guide and loremasters for those of you who really want to get down into the weeds. Hopefully though, the list above is sufficiently pared down for someone who is looking to get the most story and understanding out of MR Canon as they can in the least amount of time possible.

That being said, even though the above only represents about a quarter of all MR Canon content, I recognize that it's still a pretty daunting task to read the roughly two dozen stories I listed out. What's the modern raider on the go to do? Well lucky for you, I have the list of "MUST READS" below. The following is the absolute bare minimum for what you must read in order to understand exactly what the hell MR Canon's 'plot' is all about, and where it currently stands.

List 2: 'The Plot' Only Reading List of MR Canon:

1. MR Sentai Go! - By Litt,3173.0.html

2. Darling Be Home Soon - By Coryn,4709.0.html

3. MR: War Arc: Invasion - By Coryn, Fro, Lego, and Mahlua,19407.0.html

And that's it. Those are the three stories that must be read if you want to get the absolute bare bones cliff notes  version of the MR Canon 'main plot' (Told you there wasn't much of one). As detailed above, there are plenty of other stories that fall under what could be considered the 'main plot'. And outside of that 'plot' there are pages and pages of gold medal story telling to fill the world with flavor. But if you decide that you want to get into MR Canon, these three stories are the essentials of the 4Kids story line. MR Sentai Go! introduces us to our world, and sets the tone for stories to come. Darling Be Home Soon raises the stakes of the conflict and shows us what 4Kids is capable of. MR: War Arc: Invasion is the culmination of all the stories told before, and sets up the the first truly thought through plot arc in MR Canon's history. I can't make it any simpler. Obviously some stories in the first list which involved 4Kids were cut, but this second list is for taking away everything that isn't absolutely essential. Will you still have questions at the end if you only read these three? Yes, almost certainly. But you'll get the gist, and that first list will always be there, beckoning you forth if you still yearn for more.

Read these stories, get pumped. There's more where that came from.

On a final note, I of course apologize to anyone who wrote a story they would consider essential, but didn't make it to the final list (or the first list). We all love our babies. You know that I love you and what you do, and nothing will change that.  :heart:

Members Workshops / Re: SKETCH SURVIVAL!!!!!!!!
« on: May 18, 2020, 11:16:49 AM »
Sounds like a conspiracy! No definitely Lego, I believe you didn't miss a day  :sure:

Jk jk

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