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Develop Your Story / Re: Superhuman Ability-Type Manga Idea
« on: March 19, 2019, 11:11:29 PM »
You do realize you are making wild accusations based on your previous history of what you have seen, don't you?  When I wrote this, I wrote it entirely from my head.  All of those movies or whatever you mentioned I've never even heard of and yet you have the gall to call me a plagiarist?  How am "I" supposed to know that what I write has already been made?  I could care less about that.  I want to create something that sounds cool and when I wrote this it sounded cool and something I haven't seen yet so I'd want to see it created.  If I spend time watching anime's and reading manga's back to back I am much more likely to accidentally plagiarize based on what I have seen because it will then be all I can think about.  So, I stick to using my own imagination and this is what I came up with.

Oh boy, tough crowd. I guess neither of these ideas are quite what anyone is looking for LOL I guess I'll keep at it.
No, I'm the tough crowd.

Seven college individuals, all with entirely different personalities and nothing in common, become friends
You are stealing from Hollywood's septic tank. What you are plagiarizing is not human behavior. People like people who are like themselves and dislike people who are different. That was the idea behind The Breakfast Club and all the other garbage that copied it.
after receiving a suspicious note offering them a chance at a new life full of power and riches.
We have all Seen Enter the Dragon and everything that stole from it.
Each deals with the offer in their own way and they all eventually accept the proposal until one of them vanishes.  One after the next, they start to disappear from existence.
Dead horse, stop beating it.
When they awaken, they are inside some sort of stasis chamber filled with water (not sure what they are called ;P).  The room is empty and dark as they all come to.  One of them manages to break free of the chamber and releases the others.
we have only seen this 2-3,000x. Stop plagiarizing.

However, they begin to feel a dark presence surrounding them; watching them.  What they do not realize is that their lost friend is still very much alive and very angry.  They later discover that he was not killed but rather placed back into his chamber so that these scientists could continue their project of making controllable superhumans.  The lost friend is no longer responsive and his abilities have been heightened.
Larry sacrifices himself to save his friends and then hates his friends for it? When you steal please try to understand what you are stealing.
Larry sacrificed himself because he it was worth it to him to save his friends. HE DOESN'T HATE THEM LATER FOR IT. That is another bit that is stolen from "friend left behind"

Hey look scientists trying to give enemies super human powers rather than give them to themselves/cronies!..
Seen that a billion times and it is STUPID every time I see it re-plagiarized.

We can go through your work line by line and point out other plagiarists you stole from. If you want to impress bring us something new and not things we have seen other people steal before.
This is of course if you want to make something good.
If you just want to make something successful, go to TV Tropes, look up Shonen anime, and use it as a template. Steal steal steal, and remember you can have any amount of stupid as long is it milks the emotions.

As it is none of this piece is yours. All of it is other people's Legos. In Hollywood/anime it is all about copying. In the real world it is about creating.

And now you know what the tough crowd really is.

Anime Talk / Re: Which Anime series you are watching ?
« on: January 22, 2019, 09:15:30 PM »
I am watching food wars. I hate to cook myself, but after watching I feel like I should go and cook. The plot is a bit usual but has good interpretation. Imagine fighting tournament, where people use not weapon, but dishes. Yes, that's it.

Foooood fiiiiiiight!

Manga Art Gallery / Re: Walter's Gallery
« on: January 22, 2019, 09:14:44 PM »
Why does it feel like he always successfully evades? Lol

Manga Art Gallery / Re: Rusinstein's Illustrations
« on: January 22, 2019, 09:13:39 PM »
That softball drawing is amazing! The realism mixed with anime design is incredible.

Anime Talk / Re: Which Anime series you are watching ?
« on: January 10, 2019, 12:57:54 PM »
If there is nothing supernatural or kickass about it I pass on them XD

Develop Your Story / Spirit War - Manga Comic Series Project
« on: January 08, 2019, 02:55:11 AM »
Hey guys,  this summary below is a personal project of mine.  Right now I could use as much input and ideas to add as possible but soon I am looking to turn this into a Manga Comic Series and will need the help of anyone and everyone willing and interested enough to step up and envision a great Manga from this idea.  Writers and artists will be welcomed.  However, everything will be without payment, at least, until I can afford to pay anyone so I do not care how well you write as long as you give me great ideas and I don't care how well you draw as long as it is visibly recognizable by the community and they can really get a kick out of the artwork and not turn their eyes to something else because they are looking at something that looks like a toddler drew. XD  Anyways, I look forward to working alongside anyone who comes to me, interested in this project.  See ya around! (If you have a discord, let me know your username)

Spirit War

A bloody, century-long war took place between two colonies, the Devarii and the El'gora.  Both sides fought a brutal battle led by a Spirit Warrior who was able to use their own life force to release mythical creatures from the spirit world to fight alongside them.  These two spirit warriors had perfected the art of spirit communication called Realm Binding and unlocked the ability to release spirit entities of unknown origin both of good and evil.

Both warriors fought long and hard even after the soldiers from both sides retreated. The ground began to shift and the earth’s surface began to crack. The longer the spirits fought the more exhausted the warriors became.  This exhaustion caused their bodies to age drastically and it would have, eventually, led to their souls being bound and locked away in the Spirit Realm for eternity.  The Spirit Realm is not only a place where spirits can live and grow but also a prison for dangerous souls who sought to control what can not be controlled.

The warrior of light drew back before this could happen because he knew that the power was not his to wield.  However, the dark warrior did not feel the same way and wanted more; but before he could land his finishing strike his soul was immediately ripped from his chest and his body turned to dust.  The beastly spirit that had been corrupted by the dark energy of its spirit host was also cast away never to be seen or heard from again.

Good had triumphed over evil and the people of the Earth lived in peace for 12 years. Unfortunately, peace is not something that lasts forever. An apprentice of the dark spirit warrior continued, in secret, to study, train, and pass on the lessons he learned from his Master.  This young man found a way to consume others spirit creatures to strengthen his own stripping any spirit warriors of their abilities and, as was done to his Master, ripping out their souls and making his abilities stronger.

After that fateful day, many dark apprentices of this man had begun to devour the world and conquer it with their abilities.  The spirit warrior who defeated the evil long ago trained 7 individuals in all he knew before he passed away of old age. They called themselves The Knights of the Spirit Realm but they failed to find a way to counteract this new dark ability and one after the next, each great Spirit Knight fell to the hands of this dark warrior. 

Luckily, they had found a way to separate their souls from their bodies and did so moments before he could take them.  These souls held the very essence of their Master and were the only way this evil warrior could reach superiority to cause a ripple in space opening a pathway into the Spirit Realm where he would consume every last one of the spirit creatures and become the most powerful being in the universe.  When he realized that the bodies were emptied of their souls he was enraged and, in his anger, he levelled the entire city where the Knights of the Spirit Realm had lived killing every last one of the Spirit warriors ever trained; or so he thought.

He returned to his own city and declared an all-out war on the entire planet. Domination was his goal and destruction was his pleasure. Seeing these disasters unfold and knowing how strong this one enemy was, the rest of the world came together to fend off the rising evil and succeeded for years.  However, they were all running out of soldiers and resources and started to cause emotional and highly destructive civil warfare within the boundaries of the alliance. The relationship between all nations of the Earth was about to crumble until a young man approached the frontlines and revealed himself as the last living Spirit Warrior.  Though, still having much to learn, he manages to shake the enemy and cause them to retreat.

However, he also noticed, after the battle, that there were no dark spirit warriors connected to these spirit creatures.  They had been created and then sent out without a warrior to control them. They were more reckless and most of them would fight to the death.  They were being controlled, somehow, by someone strong enough to separate themselves from the creatures causing them to rampage.

The battle may have been over but the war had yet to begin for as soon as the dark warrior discovered of this warrior of light that had survived the onslaught he was not going to let this boy interrupt his plans.  He begins by sending his apprentices, one at a time, to destroy this young man and, eventually, he finds a way to defeat them all. By the time he has to step up and take care of this young man who threatens his plans, he has learned that he has been gifted with all of the souls of the Knights of the Spirit Realm which, in turn, allows him to become stronger every time he defeats a corrupt host.

Entering into the result of the battle, they finally reach a stalemate until the young man is gifted with one more ability.  To call forth all creatures from the Spirit Realm. However, what the young man doesn’t realize is that he just saved his enemy the trouble of consuming his soul in order to reach the realm and take the power of all of the creatures.  He erupts in fire and as his skin melts off of his bones he is reborn as a Spirit Demon. He begins devouring every spirit being around him as the young man tries to counter it but with no such luck.

It then comes down to his personal spirit entity and this demon lord.  The young boy pushes hard to fight off the demon and the harder he fights the weaker he gets.  He begins to age fast and falls onto his hands and knees as his only spirit entity is consumed. The demon laughs menacingly and says some things to the young man. However, when the demon tries to take his soul he is shocked heavily and shot back a ways. Coming back with an angry roar the demon is about to put everything into one last strike on the boy but then the 7 Knights appear and surround the young man.

A light shoots out from his body and connects with the body of the demon.  The spirit creatures are ripped out of the demon and returned to the young man.  Afterwards, the demon becomes wild as it begins to grow in size. The evil warrior who became the demon was no longer inside.  His soul was destroyed and now all that is left is a rampaging beast with even more power. The young boy, with the help of the 7 knights, bring every last spirit creature together to form a giant spirit entity of unknown origin. 

The last battle begins and the young boy is victorious.  Yet, again, peace only came for a time because after a few decades a creature landed on the planet.  One, whose aim was to travel to the Spirit Realm and destroy it leaving only the Demon Realm that would corrupt all life and cause chaos that would wipe the universe from existence.

break Room / Re: The Status Of Our Fellow Raiders
« on: January 07, 2019, 01:58:53 PM »
Im gonna add here that I noticed that there are 111 pages of members on this website yet i hardly ever see any activity.  Im curious as to why this is.  I have posted up some things and would be nice to be able to get some feedback on them whatever feedback it may be just so I know that this forum isnt dead.  Maybe something that i can do to get more people on here to see my topic and be like "this is interesting enough to post a response on".

break Room / Re: The Status Of Our Fellow Raiders
« on: January 07, 2019, 10:21:14 AM »
I guess that goes for my manga ideas to? Huh? better step up my game LOL

Wow seems alot of things have changed with us and this little forum we call home^^
Plans delayed
Dreams escalated
Still happy many of you are kicking around
As for our little team Animation still has 2 years in the marine's before he is finally free  so hopefully his drive returns
And I?
About the same, actully I think I hit burnout
So I been lurking in the shadows of forums reading storys here and there, looking for new anime or manga to get that drive back.

Sadly not much has peaked my intrest, so its been rather boring haha

Got a new job/career as a semi truck driver so at least thereis that

Manga Art Gallery / Re: Walter's Gallery
« on: January 06, 2019, 04:07:09 PM »
Props XD That was actually funny XD

New Year Party:

Happy New Year Mangaraiders!

Develop Your Story / Re: My Manga Ideas - Free To Take
« on: January 06, 2019, 03:47:29 PM »
New Ideas Added.

Develop Your Story / Re: Sorcery-Type Manga Idea
« on: January 05, 2019, 06:29:54 PM »
This can be deleted.

Develop Your Story / Re: Superhuman Ability-Type Manga Idea
« on: January 05, 2019, 06:29:16 PM »
This can be deleted.

Develop Your Story / My Manga Ideas - Free To Take
« on: January 05, 2019, 06:28:52 PM »
Hey guys, this is a list of ideas I have come up with that are free to take over if you feel you could make a great Manga out of it.  All I ask is that you let me know if you would like to take the idea for your own and IF POSSIBLE allow me to assist in the making of the Manga.  I will continue to post new ideas at least once a day since I am always thinking up new things for a Manga. :D  Also, feel free to give your input and let me know if it sounds fresh or overused. :) I want my ideas to create Manga's that will bring a whole new style and plot to the readers.

A young boy is given visions and dreams of a war that took place but is unsure what it means.  The visions and dreams do not become frequent until he becomes a young adult.  After spending long hours researching what he believes is a past life he comes up empty but starts to notice things in his visions coming to fruition in his everyday life.  He soon realizes that these visions are of the future and as he becomes more aware of the danger that is approaching the more brutal the visions.

It becomes too much for him to handle and he tries to avoid it all and instead attempts to focus on his schoolwork at his university.  However, there is something not quite right with the timeline as it progresses and the young man starts to notice a strange reverse in modern day technology.  During this confusion,  he sees wandering eyes all around him peering in his direction.  People who approach him begin to say strange things as well and the shadows of random people begin to disappear.

A strange dramatic increase in deaths catch the young mans attention and he recognizes some of the people as those without shadows.  Though, the days, months, and years seem to move forward; People’s way of life seem to revert back in history.  The world is ‘downgraded’ until even electricity is no longer existent.  The young man seems to be the only one aware of what is happening.  The Earth’s past and its future have been turned around in a way that is also affecting the minds of everyone, excluding himself, and he realizes that if it continues they will soon be nothing more than a world of mindless cave dwellers.

Believing that he has been left to suffer the agony of seeing the rest of the world revert back to its primitive state he takes off but is stopped by a stranger who asks him for a ride.  Surprisingly, this man reveals to him that the world is in danger by a sorcerer and adds that the young man is descendent of an equally powerful sorcerer making him the chosen one to save the Earth.  After the stranger leaves the young man notices something in the back seat.  It is a revolver.  He attempts to return the weapon but when he steps out of his vehicle the man is gone.

Just then, the weapon erupts in a powerful energy burst that shocks the young man and brings about visions of a great medieval warlock that protected the Earth from evil but who died in the end.  However, his spirit was transferred into the crystal atop his staff and was, later on, removed and fitted on to the revolver waiting for the day that the spirit would need reawakening but only reawakening to the touch of a descendant of that same Warlock.  After the flashes are over, the young man is suddenly given the appearance of an outlaw with his gun in its holster.  However, that young man is not aware of these changes for his body is now controlled by the Warlock.

The young man regains control of his body when the Warlock decides to rest but until he learns to become one with his ancestor they will not be able to coexist.  This causes many struggles including situations in which the warlock is needed but is unknown to the young man on how to awaken him.  The battle for the Earth’s future is at hand and if this young man can not awaken what is truly inside of him and connect with his ancestor the world will cease to exist.

Seven college individuals, all with entirely different personalities and nothing in common, become friends after receiving a suspicious note offering them a chance at a new life full of power and riches.  Each deals with the offer in their own way and they all eventually accept the proposal until one of them vanishes.  One after the next, they start to disappear from existence.  When they awaken, they are inside some sort of stasis chamber filled with water (not sure what they are called ;P).  The room is empty and dark as they all come to.  One of them manages to break free of the chamber and releases the others.

As they attempt to escape this prison-like area in which they were brought, they come in contact with resistance.  As adrenaline runs through each one them they begin to experience shocking abilities which they unknowingly use against the soldiers.  Before they can escape they come across the man in charge who calmly tries to reason with them but they will not accept what has happened.  The man then orders their execution which the friends are able to defend against and manage to finally escape...all except for one who stays behind to give them time to run away.

As days pass the friends become closer and try to understand and learn to control their newfound abilities.  However, they begin to feel a dark presence surrounding them; watching them.  What they do not realize is that their lost friend is still very much alive and very angry.  They later discover that he was not killed but rather placed back into his chamber so that these scientists could continue their project of making controllable superhumans.  The lost friend is no longer responsive and his abilities have been heightened.

He uses his powers to change reality and shake things up for his former friends.  They attempt to stop him but are not strong enough to do so.  The world becomes worse as the government is brought under total control of the man who gave them their powers.  They come to a breaking point from which they believe there is no surviving the impending doom.  However, one of the friends notices something odd about the world they are in.  Something very similar to what happened when their former friend used his abilities for the first time.

They all soon realize that it is all an illusion and they are trapped inside his mind.  They use this as an advantage that, ultimately, allows them to supercharge their abilities.  They finally manage to escape the trance they are in but when they awake they are back in the chambers with the lead scientist and their former friend, who appears more robot than human, standing on the other side of the glass.

A 33-year-old man finds a preteen child wandering around the city without a home and stepping in to save her from roaming paedophiles brings her back to his estate until he can settle things with an adoption agency.  The child has no memory of who she is or was and she seems to be a healthy 12-year-old girl.  That is, until one morning, while still living with the man who saved her, her body begins to illuminate a bright red and causes a controlled earthquake that awakens the man who rushes to the little girls' room.

After the light dissipates and the shaking stops the 12-year-old girl appears to the man as a 35-year-old woman fully awake and aware of the staring man at the door.  Her 12-year-old clothes have ripped off of her body as she stands to her feet with just the sheet partially covering her body (nothing entirely visible).  The woman is calm and confident as she introduces herself and then jumps out of the third story window and vanishes.

The man tries to find the woman but she ends up finding him when he ends up in a near-death situation.  She fills him in on her affiliation with an organization known as the “Eva”lution Project (Name Change Possible).  She escaped from a facility who is trying to create the perfect child by combining only the purest genes of multiple hosts and, as a result, giving birth to a new generation of humans able to push the world into the future. 

However, they could not possibly predict the long-term effects it would have on the host's’ body and after accidentally exposing her to a deadly amount of radiation she evolved into an adult with dramatic boosts in agility, strength, speed, and intelligence.  Since the breakout, she had been running ever since until one day her body reverted to child state and she was no longer aware of her surroundings.

She states that her radiation levels depleted as she used her abilities and summarized that, as a child, her DNA housed a radiated gene that seemed to build in intensity the longer she remained a child and was released only when her small body could no longer control it transforming her into an adult who can sustain its catastrophic effects.

The man does all he can do to protect her and in return, she provides him with protection from the growing threats revealing themselves and doing all they can to retrieve their subject.  Unfortunately, the woman is captured when she is injected with an anti-radiation substance which forces her back to her child state and is taken.  The man manages to get inside the facility and almost dies while successfully returning the radiation to the little girl's body. 

However, after they escape, something's not quite right.  She again returns to her child state but her radiation levels are still too high and they keep building.  This results in her having to separate herself from the man and after a long time of bonding, she finds it nearly impossible to have to leave him even though he is dying because of the amount of radiation she lets out around her.

Not able to sustain the radiation building inside of her she runs back to the facility to find a way to stop what will lead to an explosion equalling 3 hydrogen bombs.  In constant agonizing pain and no way to stop the explosion, she uses the built-up radiation to lunge herself into space.  The man, who took care of her, sees the jump and the last thing he sees afterwards is a giant explosion that seems very small from where he stands.

The world appears safe but at the cost of a very close friend of the man's.  That is, until a few years later when there is news of an outbreak that is rapidly spreading where humans and animals bodies alike are mutating causing their insides to become their outsides with many other monstrous changes.  Meanwhile, floating around in space light years away is a floating figure who turns out to be the 12-year-old girl.  Her eyes open suddenly and turn a bright red as her entire body is consumed by that same red radiation transforming her back into the 35-year-old woman.

The world has taken on the properties of metamorphosis as the land all around begins to change.  Plants grow and some become aggressive, all animals become dangerously anorexic and turn black which also increases their strength and speed.  However, their behaviour seems to be unchanged.  Technology forces itself into the DNA of whomever or whatever it comes in contact with, and those not affected by technology are transformed into a new alien breed named the Betaru.

During this evolution of the planet, there were hundreds of travellers flying through space on a galactic vacation on the, first ever, fully functional spaceship that had also begun the colonization of Aerox, a planet twice the size of Earth and exactly the same in every other way.  More vessels were being produced at the space station named Gerara that orbited the Earth.  Receiving a distress signal, during the 10 year anniversary of the exploration vessel, frightened everyone and the government was forced to shut down production and cut off transportation to and from Earth. 

Since then, three lifetimes have passed spent studying the changes of Earth and sending down probes and machines to collect samples for data.  The government has seen it fit to issue a worldwide quarantine check of what used to be Earth and is now called Evali 3.  They are aware that there is still human-like life on the planet but are unsure what kind and if they are a threat.  81 teams of 5 are sent down to Evali 3 and the live feed search begins.

However, a problem arises faster than they had hoped.  Teams all around the world begin to drop off the map, completely, until only 3 teams remain.  Surprisingly, the three teams are in close proximity of each other able to eventually meet up.  After they come together they are discovered by the Betaru who prove to be almost exactly like humans.  Finding out later that they are humans with altered DNA they begin to discover, through conversation, that there was a cause to this catastrophic transformation.

Stories of confidential information found and recovered placed the government at the head of a dangerous operation meant to cure all diseases but turning out to be highly unstable.  When discovered by a reporter, he stole the unstable liquid formula and raced away to tell the world.  Unfortunately, the government caught up to him and he was forced into a corner inside a nuclear plant.

Not knowing what effects the serum would have, he dropped it and crushed it beneath his feet.  Not seconds later the fumes of the chemical were attracted to the nuclear reactor which caused it to overheat.  As everyone ran it exploded spreading the toxins all over the area in which then spread at an alarming rate all around the world until the entire planet was consumed.

Not sure whether to believe these new beings or not, the team reports back to their superiors with everything they saw and heard.  Only a day later, when attempting to retrieve a briefing for a new mission, communications are severed.  Having a device that linked them to Gerara, they are shocked when they see that it is gone.  The entire team have mixed feelings about why it is gone and what caused it so they split up to find answers.

Fights erupt between the Betaru and humans and even between the humans themselves.  The humans soon discover that the Betaru are not the only “humans” on Evali 3.  Two other types of beings roam the grounds of the planet.  The Apparatus, which are a race of intelligent cyborgs, and the Microns, who seemed to blend with the planet around them.  These three races knew nothing of each other until the landing of the human soldiers.

As a result, this has awakened a beastly need for violence in all races who plans to dominate in any way possible.  The 3 teams communications are cut off when The Apparatus detects their whereabouts.  All 3 teams are attacked by vicious mechanical creations in which only 1 team survives.  They are forced to travel to a ground factory that was used to build the first space travelling shuttlecraft.  On their way there they come in contact with the Microns that drag 2 of the 5 members underground before they can escape.

They manage to send a message out and it is received and they are rescued by a resistance group called “The Purge”.  The three of them soon discover the truth behind the infection of the planet and that the rumours were only partially true.  They are in for what may become the first galactic war.

The undead have come to life and seek to bring total destruction upon the Earth.  However, one hero stands before them all ready to lay down his life in order to protect the planet.  Everywhere the undead goes and everything the undead touches turns to dust or becomes a spawn of the undead.  The hero is a young boy gifted or maybe cursed with the hunger of undead flesh.  He has much evil inside of him but tries to contain it for the betterment of mankind.

For every undead creature, he devours his energy to fight replenishes.  However, there is some undead that when consumed give him a new dark ability.  He must find his way to the Grave of Souls to close the portal that continues to awaken the dead.  Unfortunately, there is only one ability that will allow him to do that and he has yet to encounter the undead creature that possesses this ability. 

In addition, this ability is rumoured to fully awaken the demon inside its host, whether there is one or not.  The demonic entity, if not contained, can wreak havoc beyond comprehension to which there is no end.  The young boy must learn to harness the power of the demon inside before he can accept the ability or risk losing himself to the underworld.  ? Spoiler Alert: He loses.

Develop Your Story / Re: Superhuman Ability-Type Manga Idea
« on: January 05, 2019, 03:54:03 PM »
Oh boy, tough crowd. I guess neither of these ideas are quite what anyone is looking for LOL I guess I'll keep at it.

Develop Your Story / Re: Superhuman Ability-Type Manga Idea
« on: January 05, 2019, 03:26:28 AM »
I definitely do. I hate watching TV series or movies or whatever in which I can guess what is going to happen. I want to be able to create something that keeps everyone guessing what is going to happen next instead of knowing what is going to happen.

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