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Here's something I might legitimately come back to if I have the chance/motivation. This was actually the only story my friends pushed really hard for me to write, and it would be loosely based around us living together as university students in downtown Toronto (which will probably never happen, but we decided we liked the concept anyway). This was the last scene I wrote for the idea though. Maybe I'll come back to it.

“Okay, we’re downtown. Can we go home now?”

“No!” Luna chirped, even as Will rolled his eyes. “We’re here now, and you’re in a funk you need pulling out of!” She grabbed her friend’s hand, pulling him out of Union Station. “Come on! Let’s go eat somewhere at least! We have a couple hours here!”

Will’s eyes rolled, but he let her take him along. “The hell are we going?”

“I dunno,” Luna shrugged, smiling. It had been a long time since she and Will had done something together, especially with the messy relationship with Harmony. “For food! It’s the last few days of freedom!”

Though Will made another unimpressed noise, he followed her, a hint of a little smile on his face as they walked down the bustling streets.

Rather than eat out somewhere fancy, they’d ended up eating at a pizza place (A very nice one, splitting the pizza for Will’s meat lover’s side and her own hawaiian side-not like that stopped Luna from taking a slice of his side, ignoring the side eye she got from him as she took the last slice after a good thirty or forty minutes of chatting and eating. “See? That wasn’t so bad!”

“Not until you ate my pizza, of course.”

“You’re so goddamn pessimistic!” Luna complained with a childish pout, pushing thick black curls out of her face, thanking the waiter who came by as he placed the bill on the table without looking up. “I ate one slice of your five slices of pizza!”

“Maybe I was saving the best for last.”

The mixed girl huffed, placing a few bills in the folder for the payment. “You weren’t, and I was hungry!”

“Whatever,” Will huffed, though his eyes sparkled with amusement. “Are we done trying to make me feel better now?”

Luna sighed, shaking her head. “Nope. We’re going to get dessert.”

“Dessert?” Will raised an eyebrow at her as she stood, grabbing her purse as she did. He followed her as she began her way out. “Luna…”

“You need the endorphins!” She exclaimed-though she wasn’t usually such an outspoken person, their relationship had been that way for years, her trying to pry reactions from him and him denying any positive emotion evicted from their time together. It was why they called each other brother and sister after all.

With a skip in her step, Luna led the way down the street again, Will in tow. Though she really didn’t like summer, it wasn’t too hot or humid that day (enough so she could pull off knee socks with her blue skirt and dark blue tank top), and she did like to eat out with Will.

“The hell are we going?”

“Dessert,” She replied simply, watching her old friend’s eyes roll in amusement. “Didn’t you hear me?”

“You’re an ass sometimes, you know.”

“Please, look in a mirror,” She teased right back, stopping and turning on her heel to stop in front of a familiar little shop. “We’re here.”

Will gave her a look. “This is a cupcake shop.”

“Indeed it is,” She smiled at him, walking into the store, knowing the programmer would follow her into the warm, sweet-smelling shop. “That’s exactly it.”

The cupcake shop was a good little place, and though she’d goaded Will into buying a single, caramel cupcake, she’d bought two, eating a mocha-flavoured one in the shop and a holding a honey lemon one as they exited the shop. Though he still looked somewhat unamused, Will was smiling a little as they did. “See? Endorphins.”

“Fine,” Will replied. “It wasn’t that bad.”

“And now,” She poked his chest with a little smile. “You can pay for the train ride home, because I paid for food.”

Though he rolled his eyes, his hand immediately drifted to his pocket for his wallet, when he paused. Luna cocked her head at him. “What?”

“Crap, I forgot my wallet,” He turned back to the cupcake shop, which they’d walked a little ways from. “Hey, wait. I’ll be back in two seconds.” Before she could protest, Will was jogging back to the shop, leaving her on the streets. Though she was surprised for a moment, she turned to step out of the way of pedestrian traffic-only to be knocked violently off her feet with a yelp.

Though she’d been bracing for impact, it took Luna a moment to realize that she wasn’t falling anymore-rather, someone had grabbed her-her hips, to be precise. She blinked, looking around, only to realize her saviour was standing behind her.

“Hey, are you okay?”

Luna squeaked as whoever had caught her breathed a question, gently letting her stand up straight and turn to face him. He was significantly taller than her, with light brown skin, lighter than her own mixed tone-was he mediterranean, perhaps?-and loose, curly dark brown hair. His green eyes were wide as he looked at her curiously, and his face was youthful-he couldn’t be much older than her.

“Y-yeah, I-I think I’m okay,” She replied, catching her breath and smoothing down her skirt. “Thanks. You saved my ass.”

“No problem,” He replied with a smile, glancing down. “Though I couldn’t save everything. Sorry.” He motioned to the cupcake, which she’d dropped in surprise and was upside-down on the pavement. Luna simply let out a sigh, looking back to him with a little bit of a smile. “No, it’s okay. You got me at least.”

“Well, I mean, I can make it up to you if you give me a chance,” He held out a hand, motioning for her to hold out hers too, which she did. A blush crept over her face as he grabbed it, writing on the back in pen, before smiling at her and shifting the bag that was on his shoulders and turning to continue down the street. “If you ever want a free cupcake, give me a call.”

“Y-yeah,” Luna stammered, somewhat shocked as she glanced to the back of her hand, where a name and phone number were scrawled. After Cole, she hadn’t had a guy give her a number in a long time “Thanks.”

He smiled over his shoulder as he disappeared into the bustle of the city, and Luna turned away, feeling her face heat up more. What just happened?


As if on cue, Will jogged up to her, his head cocked. “Did you finish the cupcake already? Man… You’re gonna get heart disease.”

“Not… Exactly,” Luna replied after a moment, falling into step with him. Will raised an eyebrow at her. “What happened in the two minutes I was gone? It looks like you’ve seen a freaking ghost.”

“A, um… A guy gave me his number,” She mused, looking to the number on the back of her hand. ‘Matthew K.’, the name below it read, in a cute, messy print. Will grabbed her hand as they stopped at the stoplight, reading the messy writing. “Matthew, huh. I think there’s a Matthew K. in robotics club. Or there was one, last year.”

“What did he look like?”

“Brown hair, tall,” Will shrugged as they crossed the street. “Green eyes, I think. A junior scrub.”

Luna smiled in amusement. “So a junior scrub just gave me his number in passing. Good to know.”

Will nudged her with a smile himself. “Shut up. I still have to pay for the ride home, remember.”

Luna could only roll her eyes as their conversation devolved into their usual playful banter. She was sure she’d call the number at some point. And not just for a free cupcake.

Things that don't fit into any of my stories, or are so old or poorly written I have nothing to do but bank them. Most of these are things I really want to come back to one day, but feel free to snatch them up before I get to them.

Something I wrote at 3 in the morning on a whim
“So are you gonna go say goodbye to him?”

“I said goodbye last time I saw him,” Stelios grumbled, his eyes not leaving the pages of his book for a second as he lazed across the sofa of the living room. “I don’t need to do it again. No need to scream ‘I’m gay for you’ at him.”

Vera snorted in amusement from across the room. “Ha. You still haven’t told him. It’s been like ten years, Stell.”


“Still!” The auburn-haired boy rolled his eyes as his little sister tossed something at him, something that narrowly missed his head. “Dude, it’s been eight years of you wanting him! You two are going to different ends of the world in a few days! Just tell him already! He isn’t a homophobe, his sister is gay!”

“Jesus Christ, would you leave it, Vera?” Stelios snapped, and though it would have surprised anyone else into shutting up, his sister was a different beast entirely. She giggled from the other side of the room, and it pissed the young Greek man off even more to see the screen of her computer reflected in her eyes rather than her gaze set on him. “No need to get all pissy. You know you’re gonna regret it if you go off to Cali and you don’t tell him.”

“He has a girlfriend. Of nearly two years.”

“Who the hell cares?” Vera threw up her hands, but she didn’t look up from the computer screen-he always wondered what she did on her trusty laptop. She was talented with it, but was very private with what she actually did on the device. The only thing he knew was that his little sister was practically rolling in dough for a fifteen-year-old without a job. Stelios didn’t even want to think about what black market she was running with the high school students, or what would happen if she was caught.

“Stelios, Yulia ain’t going to Switzerland with him.” Fingers tapped away as Vera spoke and Stelios turned back to his book-not that he was reading it. “Go and tell him. He’s bound to be at the airport, his flight leaves in a couple hours.”

“I’m not doing anything at the airport.”

The younger of the two siblings sighed loudly and intentionally. “Ah, I can get into his phone, you know…” The rust-haired boy shot daggers at his sister, who was grinning as she tapped away at the keyboard. “And yours too, for that matter…”

“Are you threatening me with blackmail?”

Vera shrugged casually. “I’m just reminding you that until he leaves the country I do have a lot of power over your relationship with him. Not that I would ruin it to any extreme. I care about him too. Now.” For the first time that morning, his little sister looked up at him. “Go to the airport and tell Gabriel you love him more than anyone else. Before I do it for you.”

Obediently, Stelios tossed his book down on the sofa, glaring at his little sister as he put on his shoes. “Tell mom I have the car when she wakes up. I’ll be back before one.”

The youngest of the family let out a little laugh as he made his way out of the house. “Don’t you chicken out!”

Stelios rolled his eyes, deciding against making some promise to do his best. Chickening out felt like a great idea, and he had no idea why he was taking Vera’s advice as he locked the door behind him.

Stelios had wondered how he’d know where to go, and of course Vera had been two steps ahead as always. She’d sent him a text with with Gabe’s location (he could only hope that she’d simply asked him instead of the alternative), and as he walked through the airport, the young Greek man wondered what he was doing. He’d been completely in love with his best friend for nearly a decade, and as long as he’d kept his mouth shut it had been fine. Why was he messing with perfection?

Because you’re in love with him, for *censored*’s sake.

It sounded like something Vera would say, and didn’t make him feel much better as he stopped in front of the coffee shop his sister had mentioned. Gabe was indeed seated inside, his headphones pulled over his ears and a crossword puzzle in front of him as usual. He was as stunning as usual, a sleeveless navy hoodie showing off his biceps and his pierced bottom lip caught between his teeth as he tapped his pen on the table and scanned the puzzle. Despite the fact he was typically close with his family, he was alone… Perhaps because his sister was heading out at nearly the same time? Stelios couldn’t say he minded-confessing in front of family could have been a problem.

Confessing in general could have been a problem.

He should have turned around, he should have forgotten about it entirely and gotten on the next bus back to their local station, but Stelios could feel his legs carrying him into the coffee shop and to the seat on the other side of his friend’s table, which was somehow empty on the busy morning. He cleared his throat and tapped his finger on the book of crossword puzzles. “Is this seat taken?”

“Hmm?” Gabriel seemed startled as his ice-blue eyes left the page and he pulled his headphones down around his neck. Stelios was greeted with a warm smile soon after. “Hey. I didn’t expect to see you here.”

“Where’s your family?”

Gabe shrugged, taking a sip from the cup in front of him and rolling up the book of crosswords to put it in his bag. “Went to see off my sister. It’s a big day. I’ll be flying to Switzerland in a few hours. Isn’t that crazy?”

“Yeah…” Stelios sighed. His own departure was in a few days, but he was far more preoccupied with his old friend’s at that point. “It is…”

“Aww, you gonna miss me. Stell?” Gabe teased, resting his chin in his hand, and Stelios blushed as his friend poked fun at him. “You’re not gonna have anyone to hold your hand through those big firsts anymore. Think you’re ready to grow up?”

“I’ll be fine,” Stelios replied as they rose from the table, even if he wasn’t exactly sure he would. The blue-eyed boy motioned for him to follow as they walked into the main airport, and Stelios couldn’t help but ask, “Aren’t you worried? You’re going to Switzerland…”

“I have family there,” He simply shrugged, halting in front of a gate and leaning against a pillar. “They might be a few hours away, but I’ll be fine. What about you? Cali’s pretty intimidating, especially for a worrywart like you.”

“The only thing I won’t survive is the heat,” Stelios jokingly replied, the conversation easing his nerves a little. “And I guess the prices of everything.”

“Well, I expect an autograph or two to be sent to me,” Gabe smiled at him, and Stelios felt his heart jump. He cleared any sort of anxiety from his throat before replying, “Only if you send over some chocolates.”

Gabriel laughed lightly. “I’ll see what I can do. So you really came all the way out here on a Wednesday morning just to say goodbye? I’m flattered.”

“Uh…” The rust-haired man began to wring his hands together, a bad habit he’d developed back in middle school. “Actually, I… I just wanted to say something to you before you left…”

“Huh?” Suddenly, the blue-eyed boy seemed more interested. “What is it? Are you gonna tell me I won the lottery or something?”

Stelios laughed nervously. “I really wish I was. No, I, um…” Gabriel waited patiently as he collected his thoughts-he always had, since they’d met as children. Gabe was patient and lighthearted, and he was brash and serious. It balanced out pleasantly, and their good chemistry was the result.

It was what had gotten him into the situation in the first place, their good chemistry. It was too good, that was the problem. Stelios took a deep breath, before he began to speak, trying his best to pull logical words from his emotions. “Gabe, I… God, I love hanging out with you. You’re really fun, and I don’t have a ton of fun.”

Gabriel chuckled, his light, natural smile seemingly stuck to his face. “Getting all sappy on my now? Didn’t know you had it in you, Stell.”

Stelios couldn’t help but smile back despite how nervous he was and how much he felt like puking-his friend’s grin was contagious. “But Gabe… I’m…” The auburn-haired man took a deep, shuddering breath, before blurting out, “I’m in love with you. I’ve been in love with you for years, and I…” He couldn’t deny it felt so much better with the massive weight off his chest, and he let out an uncharacteristic laugh through his nerves. “I’m sorry. I just needed to get it off my chest before you left. It’s been so long, I…”

He paused for a long moment, waiting for his friend to speak, and was surprised when there was silence between them. Gabriel was never quiet, he had a reply for everything, no matter what the situation.

Why isn’t he saying anything?

“I just…” He was speaking through his nerves at that point, babbling and stumbling over his words. “Gabe, I think you’re amazing, and you’ve always been amazing. I know that you’ve got Yulia and I’m not asking for you to reciprocate but I-”

Stelios was cut off, but it took him a couple seconds to realize it wasn’t by Gabriel’s words, but by his lips, pressed hard and messy to his own. Their teeth clashed, and the ring on the blue-eyed boy’s bottom lip pressed awkwardly into his mouth, but he couldn’t be bothered to care. Gabe pulled away breathlessly after a moment. “I… I broke it off with Yulia last week…”

“Wait, what?” For a moment, the Greek man was too surprised to worry about the kiss. “Why? You two were happy.”

“The distance…” Gabe breathed, still close enough Stelios could feel it on his lips. “And she didn’t feel right… We grew apart, and me moving to Switzerland… .”

“Oh, I… I’m sorry…” He replied, before realizing what situation he was in. Stelios blinked in surprise, stumbling back out of his best friend’s arms. “Wait, what the *censored*? You kissed me! Why did you…”

Gabe shrugged, scratching his ear as if it was an everyday conversation. He gave a cheeky little laugh. “You always looked so kissable, with that worried look all over your face. I’ve always wanted to try it. I just didn’t know if you swung that way.”

“Well, I obviously do!”

He laughed, short and musical, and it sent Stelios’ heart fluttering. “That’s good to know. Stelios, I think you’re pretty damn fine, but I’m going to Switzerland in two hours and you’re going to California. This isn’t the time to sort out a relationship, especially right after Yulia.”

It was bittersweet, but the truth. Stelios nodded. “Yeah… I guess so. I’m sorry if this complicated things.”

Gabe shrugged again, glancing over at his returning parents rounding a corner. “It would’ve gotten complicated anyway. We can have this conversation after we graduate, okay? Promise.”

“What… How would that even work?”

“Well… Let’s just say if I still want to know what kissing you would be like in four years, and you’re still madly in love with me,” Gabriel gently pecked his cheek, and a blush spread across his face. “Then we can try and figure something out. Until then.” He gave Stelios a little, playful salute. “Adios, amigos.”

Though he wasn’t exactly sure how to feel about his situation, Stelios had something to look forward to, even if it just mean graduating would be that much sweeter, and he smiled just a little as he turned to leave the airport. “Four years.”

“Four years!” Gabe called after him, cheerful and excited despite the situation. “In four years we can make it work, Stell!”

And a couple of characters I wanted to develop maybe eight or nine months ago and forgot about completely. The scene isn't finished, but I don't have any plans to finish it anytime soon.
“If I am gothic lolita, then you are a criminal, and you should be killed by an army of little girls…”

Reese nearly jumped at the soft, unmistakable voice, glancing over to the next roof over to see none other than Lachlan, seated on his own roof, earbuds predictably in, looking up at the starry night sky. She felt her otherwise cold heart flutter at the sound of his impressive soprano-he’d proven to have a huge vocal range, no matter how shy he was with it.


Reese did jump at her name, caught up in sudden eye contact with Lock, who must’ve seen her out of the corner of his eye. He’d popped an earbud out, and had a surprised look and a feeble blush on his face. She blinked. “Uh… Why are you out so late? It’s past midnight.”

Lock smiled with a little laugh, the one Reese was utterly in love with, and she swallowed nervously. “I could say the same to you. Why are you out here so late, anyway?”

“I-I asked first,” She stuttered, internally facepalming-she was usually much smoother than how she was currently fairing. Perhaps summer had thrown her off practice.

Lock didn’t seem to mind or care (maybe both) as he leaned back against the bit of roof that rose a little above the rest with a sigh. “Insomnia. You?”

“Oh, I…” Her reason seemed petty and stupid compared to his, and quietly, she replied, “I just fought with my brother over something stupid, and I thought I’d cool off…”

“Oh.” The brunette boy cocked his head at her. “Aren’t you and your brother close, though?”

“Yeah, which is why it sucks so much.”

For a moment, there was silence between them, and Reese could feel tears pricking her eyes, despite her stubborn straight face. She really did hate fighting with Adrian, especially when it came to her own decisions, and that night had been no exception, with the topic being where she was going with her education and her life.

“Hey, I…” Lachlan seemed to be carefully considering his words, as usual, and Reese took the moment to wipe away the single tear that had attempted to escape. “Lock, you don’t have to-”

“Come here.”


“I… Please don’t make me repeat myself.” The green-eyed girl blinked at her neighbour again, whose face was gaining colour rapidly. “I-I mean, you don’t have to, o-of course…”

“No, I…” Reese made her way to where the two roofs were closest, lightly hopping over the little gap between them. “You just surprised me for a sec.”

Lock gave her a bit of an amused smile, motioning for her to sit beside him, which she did, snuggling into his warmth in the surprisingly chilly summer night. He chuckled softly, as musically as all his other little laughs though, and despite her determination not to fall for the boy with the beautiful voice next door, Reese was sure she was failing as he slid an arm around her silently, letting her snuggle into his side.

It was comfortable, nevertheless, and despite her previous anger, Reese could feel her exhaustion catching up to her. She hadn’t slept much for the past little while, whether it be for her music or for her own enjoyment. With a stifled yawn, she asked, “What are you listening to?”

“Emilie Autumn,” Lock replied in a quiet murmur, his voice as beautiful as ever. “Do you want to hear?”

Hesitantly, Reese nodded, gently taking the earbud he’d offered her, unsure what to feel about the gothic sounding music. It was unlike her own usual rock, or his usual mix of well, everything, though it wasn’t to say she didn’t like it.

“Can you sing it?”

She’d asked without thinking, and wasn’t sure to regret it or not as Lachlan’s cheeks immediately gained a noticeable pink hue. She knew very well he was shy already, after all.

“Ah, I don’t…” He bit his lip, taking a breath, before laughing nervously, “You have faith in my pitch, Reese’s Pieces.”

“C’mon, I know you have a great voice.” She nudged him playfully, a hopeful little grin working its way across her lips. “And it’s the middle of the night. No one’s up to hear you but me.”

“Well, I…” Lock gnawed his bottom lip, scanning her face-perhaps for a reason to say no? Either way, he sighed, glancing up to the sky again. “God, you’re so cute…”

The short caramel blonde blushed at the compliment-am I really cute to him? I mean, I think he’s pretty cute… “Ah… Okay, this next part I know pretty well, so…” Reese watched quietly as he cleared his throat, before beginning in his alluring, somehow masculine yet perfectly pitched voice, “I’m gothic lolita, and you are a criminal, I’m not even legal, I’m just a dead little girl. But ruffles and laces and candy sweet faces directed your furtive hand… I perfectly understand…” The taller boy trailed off, his words hanging in the night. For a moment, Reese was silent, her body alight and tingling with the sound of her neighbour’s voice and his perfect singing, and though she opened her mouth to speak, it took a long few seconds for her to actually speak-”That was beautiful.”

Lock laughed, rubbing his neck. “I’ll… never be as good as the real thing…”

“Your voice is the best thing I’ve ever heard, come on,” She argued back, and he nudged her, smiling a little playfully. “You don’t count. You have a weird voice fetish.”

“It’s not weird!” Reese nudged him back, a little giggled bubbling up as he hugged her closer, muffling her in his arm. Laughing, she pushed him off. “Lock!”

Lock simply let out a laugh of his own, sending shivers down her spine again, and it didn’t make it better when he chuckled under his breath, “You’re so adorable…”

“You know,” Reese cleared her throat through her stutter, despite her flaming cheeks and the chills she got from her neighbour’s voice. “If I’m really that cute, it’s a wonder I’m single, huh?”

A ghost of a smirk slid over Lachlan’s lips, one that was immediately gone, and though she could feel her heart fluttering, there was a hot flash of indignation as he replied in his usual quiet tone, “A real wonder. A shame, huh.”

“A shame,” She echoed with her own little hum, leaning against him again with a little yawn. “It is indeed.”

There were another few moments of silence in the comfortable night, the only sounds the nighttime bugs. It was a nice lull, and between the warmth Lock had enveloped her in and how much her argument with Adrian had already exhausted her, Reese couldn’t help but yawn again, stubbornly keeping her eyes open.

“Hey, Reese’s Pieces, if you’re that tired, you should hop back over.”

“Hmm?” Reese blinked up at Lock, stifling a yawn as she smiled. “I’m cute enough to strangle with a hug, but not cute enough to use your shoulder as a pillow. I see.”

“No, no, I…” There was a pause as again, the taller boy thought over his words with a little lyrical hum. “Sleeping on rooftops generally isn’t a good idea…”

I'm on a bit of a spree of digging up my older writing lately. Most of it's hideous D:

Develop Your Story / Re: The Will
« on: May 22, 2018, 07:49:13 PM »
The brief description of the friends, plus a slightly updated version of the letter to all of them in the first post. Most of them aren't all that great because of how long ago I wrote them, but I can't be bothered to write much with the nasty virus going around and exams coming up.

Ven (Haven): Cody’s elder brother by a couple years, and a senior in her high school. Though they argue like any other siblings, they’re closer than most due to their mother serving as a military doctor and Cody’s constant issues with her mental health. They don’t speak much unless an issue has occurred, and he isn’t particularly friendly with any of her friends outside of Elliot and Penn.

Elliot: Cody’s childhood friend and somewhat of an older brother to her. They’ve known each other since 3rd grade, and though have their spats, have been friends since. He deals with her death with dark humour, and prefers to laugh through the tears. He’s probably the last of her geeky kind of friends, and they complimented each other well.

Lock (Lachlan): What people have teased is a male version of Cody. They are very much alike, other than the fact Lock swings to the more popular side and Cody the opposite. They would spend much time together in their free moments, and he taught her how to dance, despite the fact she resented it. They’ve known each other since sixth and seventh grade, when his middle school came to do a presentation at her elementary school. He’s slightly broken after her death, though becomes unexpectedly close with Micah as a result. He’s Sabian’s younger twin brother by sixteen days.

Sabian: Lachlan’s elder brother by about two weeks, though is much shyer and bookish. He’s been friends with Cody for years, about since they were in sixth and seventh grade, and has had a massive crush on her since high school. He’s quiet and shy, and often hides in the shadow of his brother. He becomes incredibly apathetic after her death, and it takes lots of time for him to recover, which he does through rekindling his friendship with his brother, and leaning on Maggie.

Maggie (Magnolia): A friend from middle school. Maggie’s quiet and sheltered from a lot of the world from her parents, and Cody would more often than not pull her out of her comfort zone. She’s never had to deal with death before, and is at a bit of a total loss. She and Sabian are good friends through Cody, and lean heavily on each other after her death.

Penn (Penrose): Cody’s boyfriend and presumed ‘soulmate’. Penn confessed his love to her on her second day of seventh grade, claiming that he’d fallen in love at first sight, and though it took awhile, they have been together since the middle of his last year of middle school. Penn deals with her death about just as badly as Micah and Riley, feeling as if he could have saved her from herself. Most of her music is given to him.

Micah: A boy Cody befriended in the second month of ninth grade, after he practically collapsed photographing her. He’s seriously narcoleptic, and although his cataplexy is not as severe (he tends to just drift off, and his cataplectic episodes only result in his voluntary movements stunted), it does tend to get worse with Cody’s death, especially since he’s been off his meds after the death of his sister (which was caused by overdose of the same meds) it has gotten worse. Though he reacts very poorly to her death, it eventually forces him to face his fears and his grief.

Adelia: A girl Cody met in ninth grade, who she has a bit of a love-hate relationship with. They act more like sisters than anything else, and though her hard, confident exterior doesn’t show it, she’s broken my Cody’s death, considering she was in denial about how sick she was, or how sick she had the potential to become. She typically distanced herself from people, but lets herself lean on Penn a little and him lean on her. She was briefly nicknamed Cody’s saving grace for ensuring her wellbeing after a harsh backstabbing.

I'd really love to write this story eventually D:

MR Pub / Re: Chit Chat 2018
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That sucks ass, but unfortunately, I'm not surprised :/ the law has a tendency not to act unless someone's, well, been physically hurt, which is BS. Look out for yourself. And try and keep your parents updated, even if nothing happens, because if they're anything like mine they'll be as on edge as you are for awhile.

Welcome Center / Re: Hey nice to meet you all!
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Welcome! Self-publishing something like that must be so satisfying!

Develop Your Story / Re: criticism wanted
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This could just be a personal preference, but there's a lot of exposition, in my opinion. Which is fine, but too much can be a little bit clunky. An example would be the statement about living in a dorm. The reader could perhaps infer they were living in a dorm as the story continued, or it could be brought up casually in dialogue at some point. That last line of the first paragraph is also a little bit redundant, considering the next paragraph explains that they're living in a dorm.

That turned into a bit of a ramble, so hopefully it's understandable and not too all over the map. Hopefully I can come back to this when I'm in the right mindspace and give some feedback that might be a little more helpful.

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Yeah, I'm not sure what the tense it's going to be in, especially in the letters. It makes a little more sense in the context of the actual story, considering it's read out (or I think it'll be). My timeline is pretty wonky right now, haha. Whatever middle school me was thinking while trying to plot this was incorrect, to say the least.

I totally agree with the character thing, though. It's probably one of my pet peeves when we're supposed to care about characters that we know nothing about. Everything makes a little more sense in the actual story, I think. I really want to flesh out the friends, because they're great characters on their own. Hopefully I can get around to posting a decent first chapter before summer hits, or even a second or third letter.

That was longer than it needed to be. Uh, thanks, is what I wanted to say  ;D

Develop Your Story / The Will
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Maybe one of these days I'll become a regular and do what I came here to do - give and get criticism - but today is not that day. Here's something I started a long time ago and maybe I'll start back up if I can get around to it. Maybe it'll convince me to get back to writing.

The Will

Dear everyone,

I suppose if you’ve finally opened this, things have taken an unfortunate turn. Nevertheless, please read this. Don’t skim; I won’t be happy if you do, dead or not.

So I’m… Gone, at this point, for a lack of better words. I know all of you wanted me to stay… Maybe I should have. Maybe things would have gotten better somehow, but I just couldn’t. I’m sorry, not for me, but for you guys. I’m sorry you befriended someone as destructive as myself, and that you had to go through this. No one should have to deal with the death of someone they know well… But no one should have to endure the pain I had to either. I’m sorry, though. Please don’t hate me for it. Things weren’t getting better for me. There was nothing for me to look forward to, and though I love you guys, I hate the idea I might be hurting you through my own failure. There was nothing for me. Everything I looked at was poisoned by my awful anxiety, my relationships with you guys included. Maybe you didn’t deserve to deal with my death… But you also didn’t deserve to deal with me. And I couldn’t deal with the world.

I guess… This isn’t your typical suicide note. I don’t know what you were expecting, really, though - I wasn’t ever one to do the typical thing, was I? I just felt like you guys needed more than a few lines scribbled on a scrap piece of paper. You deserve more than that, honestly. So here you are. My ‘will’, I guess. Me making sure all of my books and games and music aren’t locked in a basement for all eternity. Me trying to help you from beyond the grave, because we all know that none of you are near perfect.

My death doesn’t have to be a bad thing. This entire package is about that. We go to funerals to celebrate the lives of people we care about not mourn and fall into depression, so take my life and do something with it. Something I couldn’t do. Don’t let this permanently slow you down. I’ll come back and haunt you ‘till the day you die if you do.

I really want all of you to be happy, even if it isn’t immediate, and you have to understand that can happen without me. I promise it can. So smile. Force it. Respect my wishes as a dead person. And take every one of your letters to heart. I meant every one of my last words to you.


My laptop had an aneurysm the first time I posted, so hopefully it works out this time.

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Nah, all of that is completely right. It's all stuff I should be improving upon, but am too busy writing to worry about haha. It's good to hear it rehashed, though, because if I decide to make this more than a few pieces then I gotta do it right. Thanks for that : D  Right now lines are giving me absolute hell because of my shaky hands, so that's probably first on the list to get right-whenever I next take a break from the endless task that is my writing, at least...

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What you need to do is do some research on already existing languages and dialects. There's a massive amount of dialects and languages you could use. I'd do some digging around on language in general, especially if you're planning to use them as a big part of a character. Slang from certain parts of the world would have the same effect.

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Coryn is absolutely right. Any sort of speech pattern, whether it be an accent or an impediment is irritating when it's brought up over and over again. In the case of an accent, make sure that the reader knows the character has an accent, and reinforce it here and there, but you don't need to write things as they sound. Just make sure the reader knows that they have an accent, and they can imagine it themselves. Gotta have faith in the reader's imagination. You can, however, put in little changes in dialect, like an Australian person saying 'mate' or a Canadian saying 'eh', just don't overdo it.

As for impediments, which you didn't ask about but I'm going to bring up anyway because it's just as irritating when done wrong, it's pretty much the same. You see stutters and lisps in writing all the time, and you absolutely do not want to write every word the character says in broken or lisped English (or whatever language you're writing in). Not only is it hell to read, but it looks unprofessional, in my opinion.

TLDR speech patterns are a great way to give a character more of an identity or depth, but you've gotta make sure you don't make it annoying or difficult to read, or you could have the opposite effect you want on the reader. Just my two cents.

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That sounds really interesting, even moreso if it's a oneshot. And you've obviously got storytelling without words down.

General Manga writer discussions / What are you writing?
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What are you writing? And if you aren't writing, why aren't you writing?

I'm trying to finish up with my YA novel and get back into writing about my crew of space mercenaries, but it's pretty difficult. I also really should get back into the world of my castle romance/fantasy/adventure before summer starts.

What're you writing about?

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Haven't drawn in awhile, but I decided to photograph every stage of my most recent one.

The sketch:

The sketch #2:

The letters:

Letters with outline:

Coloured image:

And the finished product:

This was mostly to get me back into drawing, especially so I don't forget how to do certain things. Lemme know what you honestly think!

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Hmm... What I'm getting right now is that most people are drinking coffee for the buzz and then tea for relaxation or enjoyment. Interesting.

@TEA I wonder  :hmm:

@Manimal The Burger King sellout lost my parents as customers, but I'm in the same boat as you with this one. Even though I don't like coffee, if I'm going for a sweet coffee my shop to turn to will usually be Tims, despite everything. They really do market to Canadians in a way, and welp, I'm a Canadian. You don't see a ton of Robins down near Toronto and its surrounding cities, though; the closest one to me was an hour away and closed sometime ago, and I've got an awful allergy so I probably wouldn't be visiting for the donuts anyway. I'll take your word for it though. It sounds yummy!

@Krurisuchristina At least it isn't Starbucks, their stuff is highway robbery lol

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