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Manga Art Gallery / Re: Walter's Gallery
« on: July 21, 2018, 07:27:53 PM »
These collages are great Walter, keep it up!

That really sucks that the pound is charging so much. Our local pound only charges $100 max for ANY pet. That being said, if you can find a cheap price, remember that older dogs aren't bad companions either. They may not be long for this world and that's hard for some people to get over, but there's real companionship that can happen. Remember that even the older dogs need a home and friend too, I regularly adopt older cats because it really breaks my heart how often I see them at the shelter. It's definitely nothing like raising a kitten or puppy but I've found my own enjoyment from spending time with them and the very least making their last few years happy and relaxed ones. I've often been surprised by how long some of them hang around too.

There's the added benefit that older animals are often already trained very well, super chill and relaxed! Good luck finding a pet Bobby!

I don't think what you say is bad at all suuper, you have a unique take and perspective on art and I'll be perfectly honest, I think whatever you're doing definitely works for you. I don't think I've seen anyone else work as hard as you have with how consistent you are at putting out your sketches and basically just working really hard.

That being said, I think for the most part we agree and I figured it was less about you wording it poorly and more about me just being dumb. But that's alright, it's ok to be stupid at worst someone will laugh at you but as long as you accept that you have more to learn, you won't stay stupid and that's the most important part!

To cap off this discussion (for myself at least) this is definitely something I missed in your first statement but I think is important enough to highlight again.

I think what I meant was that I think a lot of beginners have the belief that a how-to book is ALL they need, and the books often give that feel, like "all you need to make your own exciting characters!" kinda of feel. So it can lead to disregarding other information, or struggling to apply a technique that doesn't suit you, and blaming "art". I think a lot of beginners don't realize the amount of hard work that's required to reach an insanely good level, and often search for how-to books in the belief that they are somehow cheat sheets for awesomeness. I know I believed that for a while when I was younger.

The part about struggling to apply a technique that doesn't suit you and in turn blaming art for your failures is an EXTREMELY common problem. This basically sums up the dangers of using books, and I wholeheartedly agree it is a pitfall every beginner artist must be aware of.

Remember, there's no trick or magical technique that will instantly make you good just as Suuper said, art is a long journey. Remember to fail earlier and learn from your mistakes, remember that every step forward is one step closer. Don't look for shortcuts, learn to walk efficiently instead!

If you want good exposure and to get your work out there, a unique username certainly helps. I don't think it's the be all end all but it doesn't hurt. As for your own username, I don't know the band and I think everyone on the internet is at least a little bit spicy so I don't think your username is bad at all. If you want to work professionaly though, a more professional sounding username helps a lot.

Take a look at some of the major artists out there, they either use pen names (which are more or less cooler sounding real names) or their usernames are simple. Kawacy, Krenz Cushart, Wlop, RossDraws, etc etc. Very straightforward names, and in the case of RossDraws there is no doubt what he does right?

That being said, you should try to use the same username across all platforms where you post your media (unless you want to distinguish your work, like say you draw hentai and you don't want that attached to your concept art).

All in all, I think your username works just fine but you could go for something a bit more professional sounding if you want to improve it more. My go-to username is very generic so I can't use that (couldn't even use it for this forum), instead my "art" pseudonym is Manaburst which is a skill name from the Fate series lmao.

While I generally agree with what you're saying, I'm not sure I totally understand everything you're saying so I want to clarify some of my confusion.

(tl;dr Build your visual library by being selective about what advice you take and what you discard, try your best not to be sucked into semantics when it comes to "how to learn" art stuff and if you're feeling down about your art, remember your goals and work towards small victories.)

I stopped believing in other peoples how-to draw advice a long time ago (sorry for being hypocritical as I keep offering my own advice to others), because I could see a great amount of conflict in talented peoples ideas of how to learn, and I figured to myself "if there is more than one correct way, then I can make my own way".

I can see how you might be disillusioned with how much conflicting advice can come from good sources but at the same time, I always thought it was less about WHO gave the advice and more about whether or not that advice actually works. What I mean by this is, generally speaking learning art to me is all about building your visual library. The more stuff you understand, the more you can work with, trying to understand too much at once means you'll have little time to test and apply what you learn, but disregarding the advice of other's because it conflicts also sells short the value of conflicting advice. If two sources compete with opposing advice, it's up to you, the individual to test and decide for yourself what advice you want to keep.

Remember that advice is free to give, but you don't have to accept any of it. At the very least, even bad advice can offer a new perspective and way of thinking that can open up even more possibilities for you (you just have to be absolutely aware that it IS bad advice). The point I'm trying to make though is that one shouldn't accept ALL advice, but should at least hear and test it if you think it may be of value. You decide what goes into your visual library, not talented people or anyone else for that matter. Don't close out potential information just because two sources conflict, cross reference and decide for yourself what works better! In a way I think that's basically learning your own way, but it's not a unique method of learning either so that's where my confusion is, I'm not really sure what you're trying to suggest.

In its simplest sense, art is a projection of a mental image,form,video,idea etc to a form that can be perceived by others. This includes music too. Thanks to the absurd quantity of art, we can tag it with genres and stuff, and know what art we like, and want to draw. We either draw from life or we draw from our imagination, and often we have an idea of whose art we want it to look like, or the type of art (manga/realism/cartoon/art deco whatever) that we want to create.

I have no idea what you mean by art is a projection, but let me clear, I also think that trying to define art in a simple sense is a fruitless and frankly pretty pointless task. If what you mean to say is that art is a thing that people make for others to see/interpret/feel things, then I can understand that but at the same time I think that's kind of a vague definition and what does it really do for one that is trying to make art and going through a tough period of self doubt? I think something more helpful that defining what art is, is defining what you want your art to be. Having a clear goal/idea in your mind of what you want to achieve makes the journey to that goal much more bearable.

In my opinion, IT'S TOO COMPRESSED Imagine if you compressed a 100mb image to a 25kb one. You will still be able to see what it is and understand it, but a lot of the data is gone, so you can't build up the original file, you start to fill it with guesswork. often each book will only cover one type of thing, such as shadows, or perspective, and you study it and forget the last book you read, along with the skill you learnt.

I may be speaking for myself on this one but I don't see a lot of the books and tutorials I use to learn art as gospel. In fact, I know of very few people that read a how-to and stop there without doing further research/testing. What I mean by this is, it seems you are implying that once you start relying on a book which I agree often compresses information, that is ALL that you can draw from.

From what I understand, most people don't or shouldn't use books that way. Instead, they often treat "compressed" knowledge as an entryway or introduction to a theory, idea or concept and then work from there to understand it better by supplementing missing "data" with either more books or their own observations. Why would you fill in what you don't understand with guesswork when the whole reason you presumably read a book in the first place was to not have to guess?

The point I'm trying to make here is that books on how things work have much more value than just introducing a half baked idea, they're often there as guidelines to get you started on a path of thinking/experimentation that will open new possibilities for you. This ties into my earlier statement as well as you can basically interpret books as "advice from talented people". The same idea applies here, pick and choose what you think works best and achieves what you want out of your art, use it and then see if it actually helps.

Learning from reading shouldn't stop at "I finished the book, time to move on to the next". Analysis, questioning and application should all come with that if you're serious about learning. In fact, what you say about observation most certainly applies to how-to books as well, observe what works and then see if it's a technique that can help you achieve the "feeling" you're aiming for in your own art. In your own diary excerpt, I see you already doing that.

I think art is more of a memory problem than anything else. Even if you read that (for example) "a shadow will have lighter parts because of reflections", you understand it, and even copy studies and "get it", there is a strong risk of forgetting as you move on. Probably the best way to avoid this and thus benefit from how-to-draw books, is to study small parts regularly, keep your own log of information, and go back and re-learn from your own log, not the other books. this way you are rediscovering your own memories and experience that you may have forgotten.

This is good advice and something I think everyone should do but at the same time as I think I've already stated above, I think there is value in turning to books/databases for information. Once again, the learning doesn't stop after you read something, it stops after you FULLY understand something (and lets be real, that never happens for ANYONE) and that means using ANY method at your disposal to test and learn before you discard and move on.

Anyway, sorry if I came off as inflammatory in anyway, I wanted to highlight this particular advice because I think it's a good example of how different individual learning methods can be. I used to be in the camp of, art fundamentals suck the fun out of art (and I still believe this). But at the same, having my own hubris taken down a notch by people who have been at this much longer than I have, I've come to realize that precisely BECAUSE there are a million ways to learn, you really don't have to subscribe to any one way. There's no impetus for you to "come up with your own way" either, I think it's much healthier to do things that give YOU a tangible sense of progression rather than following advice to a T. Motivation, like time is a resource, temper your expectations and give yourself more room to grow by creating realistic goals for you to achieve. By the time you achieve 10000 goals you'll be drawing like your favorite artist before you know it.

Manga Art Gallery / Re: Devola's Stuff
« on: July 18, 2018, 11:57:47 PM »
Did some more sketches today, figured I should draw more men once in a while.

Iskandar from Fate/Zero from memory:


After looking at a reference:


Manga Art Gallery / Re: Robin's Sketchbook and Other Art
« on: July 18, 2018, 09:53:23 PM »
The design is pretty cute! Do you just come up with these designs on a whim or do you draw inspiration from places? I'm trying to get into designing creatures/beasts of my own but I use features from realistic photographs of animals and sometimes it makes them look a little TOO real and not stylized enough.

Tips and Tutorials / Re: What are proportions? (tip/rant)
« on: July 18, 2018, 09:50:18 PM »
Great advice, it just goes to show even if you've been drawing for a while and have slipped into a comfortable pattern, there is always more to learn. I screwed up pretty bad on that exercise as well so don't worry @lego haha.

Manga Art Gallery / Re: Devola's Stuff
« on: July 18, 2018, 09:46:16 PM »
Hey thanks guys!

I like both but for different reasons, the super long stuff is a real slog to get through but I feel a greater sense of satisfaction and accomplishment with those pieces.

I like the sketches too, since they feel low commitment and I don't stress as hard over them. Sometimes they turn out even better than the long stuff because of that.

As for which one I like better, I'm not sure, I think I'll stick with my original statement and just say that I like both equally but for different reasons!

Yes, grays first then color!

A quick update aside from the game stuff I've been working on, I've been trying to paint big pieces as well. Here is a WIP of something that I've let sit for a long time now due to working on other stuff but I'll eventually get around to finishing this one!


Comics and other Gallery / Devola's Game Project
« on: July 18, 2018, 09:41:33 PM »
Heyo! Long time no update, figured now would be a good time to pop back in with a little update on whats going on with me!

Long story short, a friend and I have decided to start a little project where we're developing a 2D action RPG. Currently we only have plans to produce a prototype and we're mostly only doing this for fun but we've gotten a lot of support from some unexpected areas and have moved on full steam ahead with developing the prototype. I've signed on as an artist and writer for the project and he's primarily handling programming for the time being. I can't disclose too many details about the project just yet (I should get his permission first) but I can share what I've personally done so far.

The game's project title is Ramen Heroes, it's a cooking themed 2D action RPG. Inspired heavily by Shokugeki no Soma and Battle Chef Brigade, we've set out to create a game that embodies the two things we absolutely love. Fighting Games and Cooking! The opening song from Baccano sums up the basic tone/feel of our game and story, so have a listen to it while you're reading through this!


Here are some of the details I can share as well concept art for characters so far:


Setting: The story takes place in a fantasy world modeled after the 1920's/1930's with light art deco influences. The entire story is set in the city of Alta Nua, a huge megalopolis where all the world's finest chefs and gourmands congregate to cook and dine.


Story: The main narrative follows a young girl in her early 20's named Lydie Laurent. Against her family's wishes, Lydie left home to pursue her dream of becoming the best chef in Alta Nua at the most prestigious academy in the city. After several years in the academy, Lydie returned home on a whim during a holiday to visit her family, only to discover that her neighborhood has become deserted and her family's diner has been abandoned. Lydie's father has gone missing and not a soul remains on her home street.

Overcome with the memories of her family diner and the experiences she shared with the people growing up, Lydie drops out of school and resolves instead to restore her family's diner. She hopes that one day by making the family restaurant famous once more, she will bring back the people that she once shared plates with and perhaps her dad will hear of the restaurant and return home as well.

Join Lydie as she faces off against Alta Nua's eccentric cast of restaurant owners, chefs and gourmands as she cooks for the number one spot in the restaurant world. Experience the culture of Alta Nua such as the Spring Spirit's Festival, a celebration where chefs cook a meal for their deceased ancestors or the Beast Master's Legacy where chefs battle against monsters for the rarest ingredients known to mortals! Most importantly, develop and cook the best meal of your life in this jazzy story about family, food and determination!


(All character designs are currently still WIPs)

Lydie Laurent

Skilled with the knife, Lydie possesses the ability to precisely slice any food or monster with ease! Though she doesn't specialize in any particular flavor yet, she is determined to figure out what her specialty is through the trials of running a successful restaurant!


Ryoma Sakurai

Lydie's underclassmen while they were at school, Ryoma is a hot blooded fire mage that specializes in heat and open fire cooking! He favors spicy and savory foods loaded with umami. Having made a pact to graduate together, Ryoma felt betrayed from Lydie's sudden disappearance and has left school to convince her to return. He runs a food cart with his sister Tsukihi when not attending classes. In battle he uses gauntlets that amplify his fire magic. He see's Lydie as his greatest rival.


Gerard Marais

Lydie's uncle and the one that trained Lydie to cook when she was a child. Gerard is a personal friend of Lydie's father and he was given ownership of the Laurent family diner after his father left. Gerard doesn't know why Lydie's father disappeared by he has since abandoned any hope of him returning. Gerard runs his own restaurant on South Street, and after Lydie's return has agreed to help her restore the Laurent Diner.

Donovan Tlax'atl

A Coldblood chef that worked in the Laurent Diner when Lydie's father was still around. Donovan was employed by a particularly fussy chef in a different restaurant after the Laurent Diner closed down. He has now returned to work for Lydie and acts as Lydie's first sous chef. He is a vegetarian and works as an aspiring politician in his spare time.



The magnanimous chef Saffron is a Celestian witch that appeared in Alta Nua before it became the beacon of culinary adventures that it is today. Saffron runs a restaurant named after herself, Golden Saffron. It is currently the most popular restaurant in Alta Nua. Saffron specializes in spices and herbs, utilizing a combination of alchemy and advanced witchcraft, her meals are known to bewitch customers with their alluring aromas. Saffron prefers savory and salty flavors. She runs a side business selling potions and rare herbs. She has been arrested on occasion for riding her broom past the speed limit.



Almost constantly drunk, Ume is the enigmatic owner of a posh restaurant named Venom. Ume's family has lived in Alta Nua for generations, as one of the first Oni immigrants to the city. Venom, despite it's name is rated the best restaurant currently in Alta Nua. Ume specializes in using a variety of alcohols and poisons in her cooking. The exotic nature of her food has attracted many daring gourmands and to this day, not one person has left Venom without giving it a 5star review. Ume is often at odds with Saffron, but despite this they are often seen dining together. Ume was in a particularly saucy relationship with Lydie's father at one point.



The imposing Krunk is the leader of a crime family seated in the underbelly of Alta Nua. Known only as the "Sugar King", Krunk controls the flow of all sweets in and out of Alta Nua. Despite his status as a criminal overlord, the Sugar Mafia commits very little actual crime. Instead it's more known for buying up and employing promising startup bakeries and patisseries. Krunk himself is known to be a particularly delicate baker and specializes in cakes. As a Golem, he loves sweets and though he doesn't have to ingest food to survive, it has become his favorite pass time. He is quite popular with kids.


And that does it! Thank you so much for taking the time to read all this. Please let me know what you think so far, I know I've been rather vague with details on what the actual game is about but I will be regularly updating this thread with more content as it gets produced! Remember that most of this is still a WIP but I wanted to share at least a little bit of this passion project. Once again, thanks for taking the time to read about my haphazard ideas and look at my awkward character designs!

Manga Art Gallery / Re: BobbyJoex's Gallery(unorginized)
« on: July 11, 2018, 06:11:18 PM »
Welcome back Bobby, good to see your art again. Looking forward to seeing that WIP finished!

break Room / Re: Happy Birthday Coryn!
« on: July 11, 2018, 06:10:06 PM »
Happy Birthday Coryn!

Video / PC Games / Re: If you were a Persona User...
« on: July 11, 2018, 01:05:03 AM »

Being a gigantic Persona fan boy, like Mahlua I've already drawn my starter Persona before though it's actually changed a few times. This is the latest version and it might be cheating a bit since I'm borrowing a character design from a different franchise haha.

In terms of personality there isn't that a whole lot in the Persona series that would fit me. The closest fit for me would probably be Sho Minazuki (the Persona version of him not the Persona-less version) as he embodies that rebellious spirit that I admire. For those that don't know, Minazuki is from the Persona 4 Arena fighting games.

Tarot: Tower. This ones a given, I don't know how many times I've fallen apart due to my own hubris or lack of understanding but one things for sure, it's a real pain in the ass having to rebuild that tower every time it falls apart. That sums up what I admire the most about the Tower Arcana and it's characters, no matter how far you've fallen, if you have the will you can always challenge the heavens once more.

Persona: This is where I'm cheating a bit, but basically Mordred from the Fate series. She's literally my spirit animal, I love everything about her and I admire her. I like all rebels that try to challenge their fates but she especially embodies what I love about that rebel archetype. Unwilling to compromise, stubborn almost to a fault and unflinchingly loyal to her own beliefs, Mordred in a lot of ways has an awful personality but she owns it so hard that I can't help but also share in her confidence.

In terms of design, I wanted to capture Mordred at her lowest point. As a Persona, and at the end of her life she was known as the Knight of Treachery for having betrayed King Arthur. As a result, most people saw her a beast undeserving of her sword Clarent which she stole from Arthur. I wanted to capture that bestial nature in her design. She was killed by Arthur after being stabbed through her chest with Rhongomyniad at the end of her story. The dragon pauldrons are meant to reflect her Draconic heritage whom she shares with her father King Arthur Pendragon.

This is her original Fate version:

Persona Stuff:
Statwise, she would have high strength and magic, moderate endurance but very low agility and almost no luck.

Skill wise, she'd have:
Agi - Agilao - Agidyne
Rakukaja - Marakukaja
Cleave - Arm Chopper - Tempest Slash - Brave Blade
Rampage - Deathbound - Bloodbath

Passive skills:
Auto-Rakukaja - Auto-Marakukaja
Arms Master
Fire Boost - Fire Amp

She'd learn mostly single target fire spells and single target physical spells. Her unique skill would be Clarent Blood Arthur, an AOE heavy curse skill that deals bonus damage to Emperor Arcana shadows/personas.

Resistance wise she would be weak to lightning and bless but resistant to curse and fire.

Ultimate Persona:

Her ultimate form would be King Arthur herself. Or in other words, Saber from Fate/Stay Night. All Mordred ever wanted to be was someone that could succeed King Arthur. She both admired and hated her father, but ultimately she wanted to be Arthur so it only makes sense that once she's come to terms with herself, she would take on the mantle of the King of Knights.

break Room / Re: Discord
« on: June 27, 2018, 10:48:01 PM »
Added both of you! My discord tag is Jello#2739

Manga Art Gallery / Re: Devola's Stuff
« on: June 27, 2018, 05:08:24 AM »
Oh geez taking some fire here. I legitimately tried to be fast with this picture, I wanted to get back in the saddle ASAP so I rushed it quite a bit. Normally pictures like that one take me at least 2 days to do (not total time but roughly around 10+ hours) but this time it took only about a day and roughly 6 hours. There is a lot I want to fix but I wanted to settle the picture and move on ASAP.

Anyway, on top of all the other stuff I'm working on I've started a big project to push myself as well! In the mean time here are some old doodles and sketches I never posted!

Random drawings, third one is from monster hunter!

Morioka Moriko from Recovery of an MMO Junkie, sketched this while I was watching an episode! I absolutely love her, she's so adorable

Teresa Wagner from Tada-kun Koi wo Shinai, a rom com that I gave a shot this season. I don't normally watch these types of shows but I've recently warmed up to them and enjoyed this one quite a bit!

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