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Very good work, I especially like what you've done with Fortis's nurse  :ninja: Looks like you are a short step away from opening up to commissions. Practice always makes perfect though.

I'll post here as a reminder to myself to submit a request later in the week, if you're still open  :thumbsup:

Roger  :ninja: I've also posted up my dissenting factions

Nice, that's a very flexible timeline  :thumbsup: The right mix of gunpowder and melee. What kind of army sizes would be appropriate though?  :hmm: They were just a touch below 100,000 right? Or is it more of a debate thing?

Just a question, what time period are other players aiming for with their civilisations? I'm going for a 1450-1650 style with mine  :hmm:

Manga Writer workshop / Re: 1 for all, all for 1
« on: August 07, 2018, 12:08:53 AM »
Treat it as a fun exercise rather than a serious project. You'll get less starter stress for sure  :ninja:

The League of Ortan-Taig


The League of Ortan-Taig is a Constitutional Monarchy dependent on the co-operation of a privileged Aristocracy and exploitation of non-human races. It’s situated in a hilly yet fertile patch of land surrounded by mountains, coast and swamps. It depends on a plantation-based economy to supply vast quantities of consumables as well as raw materials for the massive production centers centralized within the 9 key city-states known as ‘Kals’.

Kal’Ortan is the capital city and the Taig dynasty rules under the vigorous yet impulsive King Marik II alongside the High-Council and it’s 60 most prominent dynasties. There is a strong belief in blood and place in society; a farmer can’t be a merchant, a merchant can’t be a dentist, and a dentist most certainly can’t be a King or slave. Social mobility is looked down upon and there is a strong belief of traits being inherited through bloodlines.

Upon the sacred mountain of Widow’s Peak lies the tomb of the first monarch, or as they were called ‘Senrad’. The myths around her seem to be real as the entire area is imbued with unnatural magic. It’s common for pilgrims to travel the carved steps into the now dangerous mountain path, but what is astonishing is that individuals can take part in the Ordeal of One. By entering the tomb, an individual is subject to the trials of the near-omnipotent Guardian which vary from person to person but will always include a sacrifice of sorts at the end. Survival rates are 47% and success rates are extremely low, with about one successful person emerging every three years on average. They are imbued with magic unique to their character, granted by the Guardian as a sign of being worthy. They are known as ‘Umagon’ and only around a dozen exist at any given time. They notably have no allegiance to anyone apart from themselves.

Government System
Simple Terms: An aristocratic-dominant Monarchy with a human-specific hegemony over nearby border states.
Full Terms: Evolving from a group of ancient yet powerful city-states known as Kal’s, The League was a loose confederation of humans who organized themselves along a caste-based system. As they encountered hostile civilizations in the form of different races however, this confederation appointed a ‘Senrad’ who was invested with full military authority. Overtime, this ‘Senrad’ centralized power within their office and eventually became the modern title of King.

Developing alongside this were the 9 strongest city-states who established themselves as administrative areas ruled by privileged noble families who collectivized their voices on the High-Council in the form of 60 leading dynasties.

Additionally, The League changed from eradicating non-human species to enslaving them and incorporating them within a caste system that is becoming somewhat more liberal in recent decades. This is only within the 9 core city-states however, as each of the three subject races have a ‘puppet-state’ in which the League has near total domination in economic and diplomatic matters.

The Taig dynasty has ruled the League for near a century after overthrowing the previous one. Currently King Marik II has ruled for 50 years and is the 4th ruler from his dynasty. The King has full power over military matters in accordance with the title’s ancient role but can still be subject the High-Council. There are two separate constitutions that the King has no legal power to change on his own, ‘The Rights of the Few’, and ‘The Organs of The League’.

The Rights of the Few: An ancient and rarely revised code pertaining to the privileges that the nobility are entitled to within The League including tax breaks and rights to private property.
The Organs of The League: A more recent and modern document which sets out the role of each race within the society of The League. It’s revised constantly depending on the current status/crisis of each race within The League.

To change the two constitutions, the King needs a 2/3rds majority from the council through a vote, but the noble families are stubbornly protective of their rights in the first constitution. In other cases outside the two constitutions such as diplomacy and economics, the King has to send proposals through the council first for scrutiny and they retain a 6-month veto on matters. Each minor race has representatives for the council but they have little authority on any matters and mostly observe proceedings.



Key Actors
King Marik Taig II: Like most Taig’s, Marik is short-tempered and hot-blooded. If he can’t resolve issues with his imposing presence, then he’ll conclude them with his fists! He is naturally a war-time leader and thus has made the majority of his rule a war-time endeavor.

From a young age Marik display quick wit and was a talented speaker who found himself loving adventure, gambling and women. He is near illiterate however and displays little interests in academic topics. At the age of 24 he was described by his retired tutor as curly haired with piercing eyes and full red lips, along with an average height of 5’11 and an addiction to smoking tobacco.

However, when he was 26, Marik took part in the Ordeal of the Sacred Mountain, though it’s unknown what he sacrificed. He successfully completed the trials and the Guardian granted him power that would draw from his natural vigor. This has enhanced his character over the years to becoming King of The League, developing into a dominating frontline commander and maintain a robust figure into his 70’s.

In his old age Marik has become more impulsive and violent, which many suspect to be a part of the magic that the Guardian granted him. He is now 7 feet tall and is openly cruel in public, with rumors that he is sustaining his life by keeping The League on a continuous war footing to maintain the energy needed for his magic. There is also a rumor going around that Marik is suffering from lung cancer.

As of now, Marik hasn’t decided who his successor will be and uses power/violence to maintain control of the League. Some worry that the Taig dynasty will be overthrown when he dies, whilst others will hope for a new age of reform and harmony.

Mark: A Neko who was one of four daughters to servant of one of the most powerful Council Dynasties. Unlike most minor races, this allowed her to learn how to read, write and take up a specific trade in which she became an assistant to a well-known surgeon.

Mark had a natural love for books and she was always curious about the different places and cultures that she studied. The constitutions banned her from leaving her master’s service however and she was naturally frail. When she read up on the Ordeal of the Sacred Mountain however, she saw a way out. Nobody expected her to survive or even succeed the trial, but through her intelligence she managed. She sacrificed her name, meaning she forgot and will never be able to learn what her birth and family name was. Although she is unable to locate her family, she also found herself legally no longer obliged to serve her master due to this. This and that the Guardian granted her magic that drew from her natural curiosity, Mark set about travelling the world.

Neko’s naturally have short lifespan, so even with magic she is nearing her twilight years after 50 years of life. Because of this, she rarely uses her magic as it has a unique deteriorating effect on her age. She has an ability to interact with wood and paper which can be used in unique and witty ways.

Dissenting Factions

-The 60 Dynasties: The major aristocratic families which make up the High-Council and receive unique privileges as stated within their constitution. Most of them are centered in or near the 9 key city states of the League and thus control major aspects of the economy and production. Each major dynasty has several minor noble families sworn to them under the guise of a ‘tithe’. This tithe is an old contract stating that each minor noble family and their plantation/manor must provide a certain amount of raw materials or food. In turn this gives each dynasty a generous amount of free resources to fuel their chosen line of production.

Of course, the 60 Dynasties are highly protective of their rights and privileges even if it’s a detriment to everyone else around them. They will do anything to challenge anyone who appears to be anti-establishment. Some will conspire to push their agenda even further and ensure their dominance as the ultimate authority within the league. And there are those few ambitious dynasties who want to place themselves on the royal throne…

-Muttonheads: Muttonheads are a self-given name to an organized group of minor nobility who are trying to resist the current tithe and serf/slave-based plantation system. It can be expensive to find the manpower (if one doesn’t contemplate slavery), pay them to farm, mine or chop the materials needed and transport them to their overlords. Rather, the muttonheads are instead more interested in converting their lands into sheep farms. The wool trade is booming at the moment and textiles are in high demand in towns. Not only do sheep farms produce wool, but also meat and milk alongside needing much less manpower to maintain. There is greater chance for profit and it requires less policing over slaves. Of course, the 60 Dynasties don’t want to give away their free labor and so are passing several laws to curb the practice (Such as how much land may be used for grazing, how many sheep are allowed to be kept, etc.). The minor nobility can’t organize professional troops the way the 60 Dynasties can, but they do have some levies and border horse guards at their disposal for anyone who would lighten their load…

-Slavery Resisters: The three minor races of the League; Nekos, Squats,

-Rogue Umagon’s: Umagon’s are very unique individuals. Not only that they had the ability to survive the Ordeal of One but the unique magic powers they were granted with it. As such, some are employed under the League, some are involved in less noble pursuits such as piracy, slavery, mercenary work, and then there are those who are doing their own thing. If a leader had the opportunity to hire any of the currently alive Umagons, it would be a great supplement to their forces.

-The Crawford Isles: The Crawford family is one of the 60 Dynasties and they own the entirety of the Crawford Isles. Once a backwater chain of islands, recent discoveries a hundred years ago and a wave of migrations from the civil war which placed the Taig dynasty on the throne resulted in discoveries of silver, gems and spices. Although some of these islands are over a thousand miles from the continent, the resources they contain are rare and valuable. Thus the population feel different from the others within the League and have assimilated with the natives. The Crawford family are constantly funding new expeditions and settlements of these islands, keeping most of the wealth thanks to generous contract they negotiated with the first Taig king. Although not exactly strong by themselves, they could possibly assert their independence with foreign backing.

General Manga writer discussions / Re: Weird Writing Habits?
« on: July 17, 2018, 02:28:24 AM »
I prefer writing in a notebook than typing on the computer. Something about my bad handwriting makes the ideas feel more 'me' than any font on microsoft word. I suppose that gives me more confidence or something...

...That and I don't have a computer anymore  :tongue:

I think I might be interested...   :ninja:

Anime Talk / Re: Legend of Galactic Heroes
« on: June 02, 2018, 11:30:05 PM »
Ahhh, I watched the first 5 episodes of this anime but couldn't find others dubbed in English. It was definitely something that stands out from the mainstream. Wish I could continue watching it though, which site/service did you use?

Manga Writer workshop / Re: Describe an every day object
« on: May 03, 2018, 06:16:33 AM »
Just warming you guys up...  :sure:

MR Pub / Re: You raff you ruse. (warning: may contain ecchi)
« on: May 02, 2018, 10:21:37 PM »

Manga Writer workshop / Re: Describe an every day object
« on: May 02, 2018, 10:20:04 PM »
A simple carbohydrate known for its many applications; from professional culinary pursuits to the gruelling grind of siege craft. It can be as small as sand, snow or seeds yet also be one of their colours. They are a craze for some and a bore to others. It rhymes with price yet its value is low, thrice in that it's a common meal, spice because the two go well together, and nice since who doesn't like the small versatile grain known as...


Manga Writer workshop / Re: Write A Story in 6 Words
« on: May 02, 2018, 10:12:53 PM »
"I dreamt that I was old."

« on: April 05, 2018, 08:48:27 AM »
Happy birthday  :ninja: Another year of good quality content

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