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i have a story I have already started working on if you want to draw that, I have a post about it in the "Develop your story" section, or you can email me and I can share the story with you if you are interested

Develop Your Story / Re: The Genie's Lamp (current name)
« on: June 14, 2016, 04:18:11 AM »
let me know what you all think of the story so far, it's nice to have some outside oppinions

Welcome Center / Re: just another random guy
« on: June 12, 2016, 11:31:45 PM »
there's a develop your story category in the writers section if that's what you mean, and on the artist section you can post pictures you have made, or you could try and find someone to share emails with who would be willing to look over your work and give you constructive criticism

Welcome Center / Re: Hi everyone!
« on: June 12, 2016, 06:23:17 AM »
welcome to the forum! and if you want it to stop logging you out you can check the little box when logging in, or raise the automatic log out time to something higher than a single hour, heck you could make it a couple hour  :D

Welcome Center / Re: just another random guy
« on: June 12, 2016, 06:19:58 AM »
welcome to Manga Raider, i'm new my self but there are some pretty cool people on here who would be willing to help you with stuff if you need it

Music / Re: What are you listening to
« on: June 11, 2016, 04:45:49 PM »
I have been listening to Dividing by Zero/Slim Pickens did the right thing and rode the bomb to Hell by the Offspring
and a lot of Electric jazz/swing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w6J8x4oAyLk

Develop Your Story / Re: The Genie's Lamp (current name)
« on: June 11, 2016, 04:36:11 PM »
(a strange light fills the room seemingly emanating from Chi) huh? Eh!? (back to Aria and Melia) it’s just that… Aria-sama...did you actually check? To see if this person was a girl before you dumped them on me? (Aria) why would i need to check? She was clearly a girl (a scream sounds from the infirmary) (Aria and Melia) what was that?! ( they rush towards the infirmary) (back to Chi who is sitting in the bathtub) What the f*** Arun! Is this what you meant you damn genie!? (Chi stares at his new breasts, and the place where he source of manliness once was, Chi’s hand tremble as he moves it over his breast) {squeeze} t-this can’t be real (Aria and Melia arrive in the infirmary and Melia stares dumbfoundedly at Chi) see Melia? I told you she was a girl (Melia faints on the spot) eh? Melia? (a few hours later a now clothed Chi is sitting in front of Melia, Aria, and Liel) (Liel) well, I haven't ever heard of something like this happening (a dazed Chi can only hear one thing in his head “remember, wish’s never turn out the way you expect.” followed by Arun’s laughter) (Aria) I still don’t buy it, how can you prove she was ever a guy? She looked pretty feminine to me (Liel) It certainly seems unlikely (Melia) then ask him!... her… (Aria and Liel)... (Chi) ugh… (Liel) hey, new girl what’s your name (Chi) it’s… Chi, Chi Terada. (Liel) I don’t know if what Melia said is true or not, but I do know that before when you were at that school I couldn’t sense any magic power coming from you, while now I can sense an immense untapped reservoir of mana, i’m guessing since it just appeared… that you have no idea how to even access that mana, so your first job is to learn how to use magic, until then you are nothing but a nuisance (Liel get’s up and leaves and Aria turns to Chi) don’t worry, it’s not really that hard, i’m sure Melia or some of the other guild members could help you out, I have to catch up to Liel, don’t want her getting into trouble on our mission without me!

this is going to be all I post for now unless people want to know more

Develop Your Story / Re: The Genie's Lamp (current name)
« on: June 11, 2016, 04:33:27 PM »
 ( he sprints out of the classroom as fast as he can, when he emerges into the courtyard everyone looks at him, and some of the students laugh) it’s that loser Chi! (several of the students are laughing now and Chi keeps walking through the crowd looking at the various guild stands when a student trips Chi and starts laughing at him) please, you? Joining a guild? What nonsense, a loser like you could never join a guild (Aria and Liel are watching this event having just just arrived themselves) (Aria) poor girl… how cruel, what do you think Liel, should we help her? (Liel) {sigh} do as you wish Aria, but if she ends up not being helpful then the blame is fully on you (Aria) yeah yeah, lay off me (she jumps into the midst of the students, her arms covered in flames) (students) t-thats Aria Tempest! From Sky Captors! (Aria punches the ground sending a shockwave through the earthing knocking the students to the ground and picks up Chi) This will be our recruit this year [meanwhile Chi is unconscious because most of the students ganged up on him] (Aria carried Chi back to the Sky Captors guild hall and left him in the infirmary where the nurse is taking care of him, she starts a bath with healing tonics and herbs infused into the water and proceeds to take off Chis clothes, but stops when she’s almost finished and walks out of the room to Aria) Aria-sama… (Aria) huh? What is it Melia? (Melia) you said this student was female… correct? (aria looks confused) yeah, why what’s wrong? (meanwhile in the infirmary Chi wakes up) huh? This is… this is the Sky Captors guild hall? This is one of the best guilds in Esnon… did I really… get into such an amazing guild? From getting beaten up?! (he notices the bath and walks over to it immersing himself in the water) that guy… maybe Arun was actually a genie, this certainly would make it so i don’t have to rely on my parents anymore… the kids at school are still picking on me though, infact it will  probably just get worse now, since i’m in a guild they could just challenge me to duels! Ugh… how is that wish going to come true?

Develop Your Story / Re: The Genie's Lamp (current name)
« on: June 11, 2016, 04:32:50 PM »
(he heads to the bathroom brushes his teeth, showers, changes and then goes to bed) (the next few days pass by without much excitement, Chi goes to look for the bar a few more times but can’t seem to find it, on the fifth day in Zegris Chi’s parents show up and tell him it’s time to head back. As they are walking through the streets Chi says farewell to the various stand keepers and people he has met over the week until they arrive at the Zegris airship station, Chi feels sick for the majority of the 2 day flight back to their home in Esnon, Chi rests for the rest of the night in the hope he will feel better for his classes tomorrow, while secretly hoping that he is still sick so he won’t have to deal with his classmates) (The morning arrives and Chi still feels sick, but his parents have disappeared again and he knows he needs to go anyway, so he gets ready for his day) (change panel to a short haired blonde girl with a guitar strapped to her back and a girl with long red hair in a long white jacket coming down to her knees covered in silver embroidery) (Blonde haired girl) Aria, do you really think there will be anyone worth our time at this school? (Aria) don’t worry about it Liel, if there isn’t then who cares? It’s not like we are under any pressure to recruit. And if we do find someone interesting then the guild master will be happy and we will have a new member. (Liel) hmph very well, let’s get it over with (frame goes back to Chi) well, I guess this is as ready as i’ll ever be. (he stands up revealing his kimono styled school uniform that somehow makes him look more feminine and he heads out the front door, running to school, before he gets to the school gate he climbs the wall into the archery clubs targeting range and sneaks his way through the hallways to his homeroom… which is empty) huh? Where is everyone? (Chi hears shouts and cheers coming from the school’s main field where meetings and sometimes training took place, Chi looks out the window and sees stands and the entire school out wandering around talking to people at the stands…) Crap! It’s the guild recruitment day! I can’t miss it, it’s my chance of finally being interesting maybe if i get into a good guild I won’t get picked on!

Develop Your Story / Re: The Genie's Lamp (current name)
« on: June 11, 2016, 04:29:56 PM »
(Chi looks at the money Arun gave him) woah! A thousand Shells!? This is way more than I need… what was that guy thinking? (Chi’s face is like T_T) maybe he was counting on me spending it all in his bar… well, either way I can save it for when I finally return home. (he continues walking for some time thinking about all the things he can waste his money on when he passes a food stall the smell of which causes his stomach to growl) ah… yeah, I haven't eaten all day, all i’ve had was that Honey Cider. (Chi steps into line waiting his turn to get some food until it’s his turn to order) uh, excuse me i’d like 6 of those kebabs please (Chi exchanges 20 Shells for the 6 kebabs and immediately starts devouring one before turning around and continuing to the inn he’s staying at, when he finally gets there he opens the door with a sigh and flops down in his bed) I’m so tired… I couldn’t take another step, my body feels like it’s made out of cement… (he grumbles some more before falling asleep… the next morning the sun rises and Chi get’s up with a yawn) maybe Arun was right,I should at least look for a note, I doubt there is one but… either way, it can’t hurt to look. (Chi looks around the apartment for a short while before finding a note left on a small table) t-there’s no way I missed this yesterday! It’s in the most obvious place it could possibly be other than on the door… (he opens it up and reads it) [Hi sweetie! By the time you are reading this we will already be gone, we know we said we were going to have a vacation just the three of us but this excavation is so much more exciting! I’m sure you will find a way to manage as always, we should be back in just a couple of days. Take care darling XOXOXO Takako Terada~ (his face after reading it -_-) yeah, I should have expected as much. {sigh} what do i do for the rest of the week? I have all this money… (he looks down at the Shells Arun gave him) ah! I know, I can go back to that place it seems to take up a lot of time after all (he opens the front door and heads out into the bright desert sun) I wonder what I should have for breakfast today (he looks around the bustling streets on his way back to The Genie’s Lamp when he sees a stand selling some kind of bread roll filled with sauce and a variety of meats and vegetables he has never seen before) (the stand owner looks at him) hey there young lady, have you never had kataif before? (Chi) no, I havn’t (Stand owner) well here, you can have this one then, just be careful, they can be pretty spicy if you aren’t used to them. (Chi turns around ready to take a bite) thank you sir! (stand owner) you’re welcome kid! (chi takes a bite of the kataif and his face goes red from the heat) it’s too hot! How do people eat these things! (Chi is walking through the streets again) I swear it was around here… did I take a wrong turn somewhere? I couldn’t have… this is the place, i’m sure of it, but the bar isn’t here.... (Chi looks some more but gives up after about two hours of looking and heads home) I must have forgotten where it was… I guess there’s not really anything to do but stay at home then

Develop Your Story / Re: The Genie's Lamp (current name)
« on: June 11, 2016, 04:27:38 PM »
The Genie’s Lamp

(a person covered in a hooded garment to protect from the harsh desert sun walks through a narrow street) {mumble mumble} I can’t believe this! This isn’t my idea of a vacation… you’re supposed to relax on a vacation… i suppose, on the bright side I won’t have to deal with them, not for a week anyway… (the person looks up at the sound of music) huh? (the person walks towards the sound (the source of the music is what seems to be a pub named The Genie's Lamp) well it’s a place to get out of the sun (the hooded figure takes off their hood, revealing soft blue hair and feminine features) wow this place is packed, I guess this is where everyone is. (some of the bar’s patrons look at the blue haired figure) ooooh what a cutie, hey little missy how bout you keep me company? Hey there’s a seat over here! (the blue haired figure looks irritated) tch, damn perverts (a handsome blonde man walks over) welcome to the Genie’s Lamp madam, would you like anything to drink? It’s quite hot today (blue haired figure) I’m not really old enough to drink… (blonde haired man laughs) don’t worry about that, hey get bring us two honey ciders! ( a girl behind the bar replies) coming right up Arun (Arun Leads the blue haired figure to a couple stools at the bar) so, what led a young girl like you to find my fine establishment? (Blue haired figure irritated) first off, let’s clear something up, I’m not a girl! Jeez what’s with all of you (Arun) huh? You aren’t?! (blue haired figure) of course not, what about me seems like a gi-! (Arun has his hands on the Blue haired figures chest) hmm {squeeze} it seems you’re right… {squeeze} {smack!} (Arun has a bruise on his face) so… how did you come here? (the blue haired figure sighs) my good for nothing parents told me we were going to go on vacation, next thing I know, we arrived here and they ran off to go on some excavation and told me to take care of myself, they didn’t even give me any money… (he stares into his drink and takes a sip) (Arun stares thoughtfully at the blue haired figure) hmmm, what is your name? (blue haired figure) Chi, Chi Terada (Arun) so, chi… if you could wish 3 things at this moment what would they be? (Chi Terada) that’s easy, I would wish I knew where my parents were and how long they are going to be there, then, I would wish I didn’t have to rely on them… they are always vanishing on trips and leaving me without a way to get by, and thirdly, I wish… I wish the people back home wouldn’t pick on me anymore… (Arun laughs) well, that’s pretty easy, but remember, wish’s never turn out the way you expect. (Chi Terada) huh? What are you talking about? (Arun get’s up) don’t worry about it kid, who knows, maybe they left a letter for you wherever you are staying, as for the other two, i’m sure things will turn out fine (Arun laughs and starts walking away before turning back to Chi and tossing him something) here, that should be enough to get you by for the rest of your time in Zegris. You make sure to enjoy yourself now kiddo, and feel free to come by and order some drinks! (Chi stares dumbfoundedly at the money and smiles when he looks back at Arun) Thanks! I’ll make sure to come back when I have the chance! (Chi waves farewell to Arun and leaves the bar) (Arun smirks and leans against the bar) I’m sure i’ll meet you again sometime kiddo, and I bet you’ll have some pretty interesting stories to tell, things’ll turn around for you kiddo… don’t worry (Arun laughs again and chugs down another Honey cider) (Chi is walking through the streets again heading towards the inn his family was staying in) it sure is getting late {yawn} I didn’t realize how long I was at that bar, ah, i can’t wait to get back to my room, but I guess first I oughta get some food huh?

Develop Your Story / Re: The Genie's Lamp (current name)
« on: June 10, 2016, 04:16:46 AM »
alright I shared it with you

Develop Your Story / Re: The Genie's Lamp (current name)
« on: June 10, 2016, 03:38:14 AM »
If you would like I could share it with you through gmail (if you use it) and you could read it as it goes along

Develop Your Story / Re: The Genie's Lamp (current name)
« on: June 10, 2016, 03:07:30 AM »
I kind of have two branching ideas for where to take the story at the moment, the first is that Chi makes it through the vacation noticing the effects of one of his wishes having been granted, (though at this point he doesn't really know that it's explicitly because of his wishes he thinks it's random chance) then he has a series of events happen completing his other 2 wishes and result in him ending up working at a guild of some kind (I havn't decided how it will function yet)


 through some circumstances  basedaround the excavation his family will stay in Zegris and will revolve around him working at the bar or joining a guild there (basically same as first plot but simply in desert setting)

either way Chi will return to Zegris at some point, i'm leaning toward the first idea a bit more though

Welcome Center / Re: Hello, i'm new
« on: June 10, 2016, 02:34:52 AM »
I posted it in the Writers "develop your story" section so i hope that's the right place

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