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Heyo. I'm a person who does art things, and I can't be satisfied illustrating somebody else's story. After so many years of collaborating with writers, I've never felt any of their stories become my own. [insert sad, manly tear]
So I've decided to focus upon my own stories. But there's one very obvious problem: I'm not an experienced writer. That's why I'm asking y'all writers to consider collaborating on this story with me. I'm asking for somebody who is strong in the areas where I am weak. Brainstorming, world-building, scripting, all that good stuff that a graphic story can't live without, no matter how pretty the art is!

Having experienced numerous "don't got money now, but we'll split 50/50 once we do make a profit!" and "do it for the recognition" scenarios, I understand the frustration of not being fairly compensated for your hard work. Yeah, sure they might be tight on money, but so is the next person! I've saved up a bit and have a small budget of $50. If that does not cover it, I am happy to compensate you in art or anything else in my power (listening to your own story, listening to you vent, sending you memes n whatnot). In short, I can pay! Woo! But seriously, don't take up this job if money and art are all you're after.

Now, let's get down to the story. I intend for this to be a one shot type of thing. A short story that can stand on its own and can be expanded upon and extended based on how well we work together. This is the story of Rome. Rome is bubbly, vapid, and very, very pink. Kama, a healer making a living in the grey area of the law, is charged by a particularly eccentric patron with the job of providing refuge for Rome, who, according to the patron, is a highly wanted criminal. What could this bratty, but harmless looking kid have done to get a bounty on their head? Kama has too many problems of his own and is too tired to spend much time wondering.

This story is just a tiny fragment of the whole picture, which can be summarized as: Three gods get into a fiery love triangle that results in a baby and a big ol' fight over who gets custody. Most gods avoid risking their own lives, so instead they handpick mortals to be their "champions" to represent and carry out their will. Last champ standing gets the kid. Think suburban hunger games. Some of these champs are about as skilled at fighting as I am at writing.

Here's some Rome (If you want additional examples of my art or additional info on the story, please ask!):

So, I'm hoping that both the story and the art interest you! Perhaps the story is so bad that you feel like putting in your mighty hand and fixing it up? Hahah! I do hope we'll become good friends! It's no fun working with somebody you feel no mutual friendliness with.

Comment or message me! I've got a monetary budget for only one writer, but I've got a limitless wealth in my heart for new peeps to be chummy with.

Thanks for reading!

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