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Manga Writers wanted / Anyone NEED a writer here? (Paid)
« on: September 30, 2015, 10:38:17 AM »
i am a writer i need a partner that who can trust here partner to i dont need a big payment all i need is your trust  i can give a sample of my finished articles if you want i will prove to you than i am a good writer i promies to you i will never let you down  promies then lets make a deal who will make a first MASSAGE in my account i will help you in one month on your manga i will be your writer no need for paying me this is for free i will prove to you that i am a GREAT WRITER --> PROMIES <-- then if we trust each other our bond become stronger and stronger and our goal is to make are manga to become viral and all the people read our manga will love it enjoy it they give as smile see a smile of every person who reads with our manga They fill our hearts with there smile right thats what i fell and that the reason i want to write a manga

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