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Develop Your Story / The Kaimon Tales: WIP chapters
« on: May 15, 2018, 11:58:23 AM »
Just felt that I'll need feedback on upcoming tales.

Here's chapter 2...coming in soon!

Discussions / The Kaimon Tales-Discussion Thread.
« on: May 05, 2018, 05:44:51 PM »
Made for the soft reboot of my older works!

Manga Creations / The Kaimon Tales!
« on: May 04, 2018, 11:44:59 PM »
Back from a long hiatus and starting a new story, a soft reboot of my older stuff!


The Kaimon Tales!

Story #1: Another morning!

It begins another usual morning in Japan. As the streets of Tokyo is blustering with life of the mundane, life is as normal as it can be.

Then there's the very unusual town of Kaimon...Actual location, sort of a question not many in Japan is willing to answer. Some say a tad bit close at the left of Tokyo or was it Osaka?

Wait, Kyoto maybe? ...Let's just move on.

Founded by a pirate of the Tokugawa shogunate, the town only got weirder from then on throughout its history. For most of the country, the less said about Kaimon, the better.

But of course, we're treated to a usual morning in such a place!

The Onimada household and family medical clinic...

"Uggghhhh…." A young man with short spiked hair with brown eyes groans as he pulls himself up from his pillow, revealing a scar that goes across the bridge of his nose. He turns to see his alarm clock blaring at early morning. With a fist, he slams it down to snooze and retreats back to his futon bed. "Ten minutes...Just ten extra minutes…" He mutters as he closed his eyes. Maybe his next dream would be on a trip to a sunny beach. Yeah, those ten minutes will be worth it...

Only for him to be jarred awake as his bedroom door is suddenly kicked off its hinges, a larger figure having just kicked it down!

"Rise and shine, Maxtaro!" Kenshin Onimada shouts with a grin entering the room as an annoyed Maxtaro only gave a glare in return.

"...You do know that's the fifth door you kicked down this week?" Maxtaro said bluntly as he forces himself to rise to his feet. He looked at the sorry state of his bedroom door. "Damn, you know Dad's gonna kill you.

"Oh come on, little brother." Kenshin said with that smile still on his face, his eyes beaming with enthusiasm. "You know I can't help it when we got a new job to do!"

"Right right, you and Dad found a new building to fix up." Maxtaro replies as he stretched his limbs. "But still, don't kick down the freaking door! Now get out so I can change for school!" He shouts as he walks past Kenshin to head to the bathroom. "Goddamn every freaking day now." He mutters followed by grumbling as Kenshin gave a chuckle.

"Man, I love doing that." He said with a smile.

After a routine of cleaning up and changing into his school uniform; a black gakuran outfit with a vertical blue stripe on the center of the jacket with two horizontal stripes near the sleeve cuffs. Maxtaro as always never bothered to button the jacket up, showing an untucked t-shirt underneath. He soon enters the kitchen of his house, eying at his his parents sitting at the table. "Dad, he did it again." Maxtaro said rather bluntly.

"Oh jeez, Kenshin kicked the door down again?" Maxtaro's father Hiro said as Maxtaro only nods with an additional rolling of his eyes in response. "Don't worry, I'll get him to fix it by the time you get home today."

"Yeah, and please use the stronger hinges this time." Maxtaro respond with a sigh. "I think Kenshin got even stronger...Somehow." He then grabs a piece of toast as he heads to the door. "Alright, gotta go. See ya guys later."

"Ah, Maxtaro." His mother Miki said with a slightly raised hand. "Before you go, I want you to have this." She then pulls out a smartphone, much to Maxtaro's surprise. "Hiro and I are thinking that you really need a cell phone-"

"Holy crap-Thanks Mom!" Maxtaro said excitedly as he takes the phone from her hands to her annoyance. "I never thought I've-Wait, what?" He mutters as he notices the scuff marks on the phone, numerous old text notifications, and the random medical related apps on the screen. "...Are you seriously giving me your old phone?"

"H-Hey! What's wrong with it?" Miki ask with a very defensive tone. "It's not a bad phone!" She adds to her protest, all while holding a new phone to boot. "As a clinic doctor, I need to use better equipment...Though I haven't gotten all my contacts in yet...And I haven't installed my apps at all…"

"Miki, I told ya to do it when I bought the damn thing." Hiro said with a concerned look.

"I-I was going to eventually!" Miki said with a rather embarrassed look. "...Maxtaro, can I ask for a favor?"

Maxtaro only gives a nonchalant wave as he checks out his sorta new phone. "Yeah, I guess. Just hold on, got some apps to delete. I don't think I need this rectal thermometer for dummies app-"

"W-Wait a minute!" Miki cried out. "Don't do anything just yet! I need that phone!"


Meanwhile, at another part in town, the Hino residence and it's rather barely repaired dojo stood ready for another day. A young woman and heir to the dojo itself has just finished putting on her school uniform!

"We really need a new uniform." Kyoko Hino said quietly as she adjust the black ribbon on the front of her seifuku uniform; white shirt with the Kaimon colors of black and blue adorned on the collar and cuffs with a blue skirt. It's a fine uniform...But a tad old fashioned these days. "Seriously, what kind of budget are we running to not get blazers?" She said with a sigh as she pulled up black socks that ends just below the knee.

"Kyoko, breakfast is ready!" Her mother called from below.

"Yeah, I'll be there in a second!' Kyoko shouted as she ties her long black hair to a low messy ponytail, held by a long tightly wrapped red ribbon. "Well, time to start another day." She said quietly before cracking a smile. She heads down the stairs upon leaving her room, noticing her father Yuu standing at the main hallway. "Oh, what's going on, Dad?"

"Oh, Kyoko." Yuu said with a rather depressed look, holding several slips of papers. "Well, these are the new recruitment slips that came in."

Kyoko couldn't help but give a confused look. "Really? Then why the gloom?" She asked with a raised eyebrow. "Isn't that a good thing?" She then notice her little sister Miyu walking out of the bathroom.

"You know Dad." Miyu said. "He wants new students, but he's getting rather annoyed they're mostly street punks." Kyoko confusion then suddenly changes.

"Oh! That's true!" She said with a light smacking of her palm.

Yuu then gives a scowl at this reveal "Miyu!" He cried out. "You actually want me to accept these?! You do realize we're getting a pretty shady reputation in our dojo, right?!" Miyu could only cringe as her father only grew more distraught by mere seconds.

"Hey, I'm just saying." She said, with a shrug and sigh. "I mean, either take them in or watch the dojo be empty like the last few months…" The three altogether could only grimace at the past memories of a very very empty dojo. It wasn't long for Kyoko to speak up.

"Dad, I hate to say this, but you probably need to accept those applications." She said with a gloomy tone. "It's getting kind of sad we're not getting new students if you're too picky…" Yuu simply gave a long winded sigh.

"You...You are right." He said quietly...Before returning to a pleading tone. "Which is why, I'm entrusting this to you, Kyoko!"

"That's the spirit-Wait, what?!" Kyoko shouted. Her mother then shouts from the kitchen once more.

"I really hope you guys like breakfast, because I burnt the rice again!"


Elsewhere, at the Mori Household and metalworks, Baku Mori prepares his day. Preparing his day while not wearing a shirt of all things.

"...Baku, you are going to school wearing a shirt, right?"

Baku could only give his little sister a bewildered look as he packs his school bag. "Kana, I'm not an idiot. You know the air conditioner is broken." He only gave a frown as he notices her looking away as if she's trying to choose the right words. "Y-You're scaring me…" It wasn't long for her to finally say something.

"I know, but I've been noticing something...Have you been shirtless the last few days at home, just to send selfies to your girlfriend?"

"Kana!" Baku blurts out in shock.

"I-I'm sorry! Kana said with an embarrassed look. "It's just that Maxtaro said-"

Baku only gave an irritated growl. "Why am I not surprised? Look, just because Maxtaro said that doesn't mean he's serious."

Then a shout from outside is heard. "Hey Baku! Stop taking selfies and put a damn shirt on! We leaving or what?" Baku could only give a small pause.

"...Kana, do me a favor while I get dressed. Get me a hammer...And look away the moment I head outside." He mutters before leaving the kitchen. It took Kana several second to register that.

"...W-What?!" She said with shock.

Moving on, Maxtaro stares at his new sorta phone! Still his mother's mind you! He notices Baku, hastily buttoning a dress shirt as his uniform jacket is loosely hanging on his shoulders, heading out to meet him. "Hey, why the long face?"

"Yeah, give me a reason why I shouldn't knee you right in the jewels." Baku said bluntly as he puts on his jacket.

Maxtaro only gave a smile. "Cause you love me like a brother." He notice Baku giving a dry chuckle.

"Hoho, you're just really testing how far that excuse works." He said as the two give a bumping of fists. "Seriously though, give my sister ideas, I will kill you."

"Whatever man, can we just go already?" Maxtaro ask as he points to the scrapyard entrance. "Your mom is beating the crap out of your uncle for selling food around here again."

They heard a crash followed by high pitched wails. The two then hear the voice of a woman clearly in an unforgiving mood. "What did I tell you bout selling crap at my place?! I oughta shove those durian shells up your-" Followed by even more crashing noise much to the cringing reaction from Maxtaro and Baku.

"...I seriously don't know how your old man can sleep through all that noise." Maxtaro mutters.

"It's a thing of his." Baku replies bluntly. "Let's go." The two then quickly walk away. Not long after, the two walked in the mostly empty streets. "Say, I noticed you got a phone." Baku said with a chuckle. "Bout time."

Maxtaro gave a frown. "Yeah...Too bad I'm keeping this phone for today until my Mom gets all her junk outta her old phone."

"Wait, your Mom is making you take her old phone?" Baku ask with much confusion. "Ain't that kind of awkward? I can get if she bought ya an older phone, but this?"

Maxtaro didn't paid attention as he begins to ready his temporary phone for a selfie. "Right, so going to take a selfie for a wallpaper on my actual phone for tomorrow." Baku then grabs Maxtaro by the arm.

"Whoa Maxtaro. I know you can be a lot of things, but narcissist ain't one of them." He said, right to the point. "Come on, a selfie of yourself as the wallpaper? That's sad, man."

"What, I'm getting this from the guy who sends topless selfies to the pervy girl?!" Maxtaro responds incredulous.

Baku could only stammer at...That rather harsh truth. "Can you get off my back about that-agh!" He growls before calming himself down. "Look, single person selfies as a wallpaper is...Just too depressing in my opinion." He replies with a growing calmness. "This is more like a group thing with that kind of stuff."

Maxtaro gave a pause but soon nods. "Huh, never thought of it that way. Come on, let's do one together. Best buds count, right?"

"Right." Baku said with a returning nod. The two then set the phone pointing at them, only to hesitate. "...This is too awkward with just us."

"Y-Yeah…" Maxtaro said back as the two chuckle nervously as they place the cell phone away. "I think we need more people. How bout Kyoko and Nagase?" Baku then pulls out his phone.

"Good thinking, I'll call Nagase and see-" Suddenly, a thrown rock hits him square in the hand. "Agh! Son of a-" He gasps as his dropped phone hits the ground hard. "Oh crap!"

Maxtaro looked at the direction the rock is thrown. "Who did that-Oh." He grew baffled at the sight of street punks...An army of them in fact, all led by some multi-colored mohawk wearing weirdo holding more rocks. "Well, never thought I start my morning like this. What the hell do you guys want?"

"Aw hell, my phone…" Baku mumbles as he looks at his dropped phone. The mohawk thug then raises his voice.

"Onimada and Mori! I, Mohawk Jim, declare war because of your-" He never finished as Baku in a fit of annoyance, hurls a trash can that smacks Mohawk Jim right in the head, knocking him out cold. How very anti-climatic! "Boss!" The small army of punks cried out as they tend to their wounded leader. "Mori, what the hell?! He wasn't even done talking!"

"Shut up! You assholes better pay up for this phone!" Baku cried out only to be confused. "Wait, who the hell is Mohawk Jim?"

Maxtaro shrugs. "I'm just as lost as you are. Didn't we ran into someone of that name recently? I'm hitting blanks here."

Baku nearly open his mouth only to pause. "Yeah, I'm getting nothing too…Really, you'd think this would be obvious." Maxtaro nods as the two ponder, ignoring the roaring of the punks close by as they scream various things.

"Boss, get up! Oh god, he's frothing at the mouth! You two are dead, you hear?! Stop ignoring us dammit!"

Baku then snap his fingers. "Got it, we made fun of his mohawk a few nights ago!"

"Yeah, that's right! It just look so stupid, we-Ohhhhh." Maxtaro mutters as he soon looked at the bloodthirsty group. "So Baku, should we fight or should we run?"

"Get those bastards!" The group roars out as they charge towards our heroes!

"Yeah." Baku said before suddenly running off to the other direction. "Totally run!"

"Damn right!" Maxtaro shouts as he follows suit.

"Kill em!"


Not too far off…

"Who the heck is Mohawk Jim?" Kyoko ask herself as she sorts out one of the many applications she's been checking since leaving her house, walking the way to school. "Who names themselves after a hairstyle?" She sighed as she moves on to the next application. "This is ridiculous. Five applications already rejected." Kyoko couldn't help but feel dejected at such pickiness on her part. "This suuuuccckkks." She bemoaned herself as she buried her face with these slips of paper. "No wonder why Dad couldn't decide, these guys so far are lame." She let loose a long sigh. "I'm going to need some help sorting this out...Well, Nagase's is just by the corner, maybe she can-"

"Aghhh! Go down already!"

Kyoko, shocked and confused, rushes to the voice. "Eh?! Was that Nagase?! What's going on-" She nearly trips out of seeing that Nagase is in no real trouble, the bespectacled brunette merely arm wrestling against her older brother on a worn out tree stump in their yard.

But it's an epic arm wrestling match mind you!"

"Gaaaahhh!" Nagase cries out as she puts all her strength only to see her brother Akira barely moved an inch. "Why won't you go down?!"

Akira rolled his eyes. "Just give up already!" He said with a lot of irritation in his tone. "Are you seriously going to do this for a donut?!" He then spots Kyoko, too baffled to make a response. "Oh, hey Kyoko."

"Kyoko!" Nagase shouts with excitement followed by more straining. "Good timing! Help me win this!"

Kyoko only stood in silence. "...Uh, how exactly?" She notice Nagase pointing towards her with her free hand.

"Like, hit him with that fold up chair next to ya!" Nagase replies.

Kyoko only raised an eyebrow. "...In an arm wrestling match?"

Nagase quickly gave an exasperated look. "Can't you see I wanna win this?!" She screams out in frustration before her phone close by gave a sudden vibration. "What-" She is then rocked by a sudden jerk as Akira suddenly slams her hand down, winning the match.

"Akira wins!" Their father Renji shouts in booming joy. "Sorry Nagase, rules are rules!"

"N-No fair!" She cried out. "I was distracted I tell ya!"

"Jeez, take your loss like a real adult, Nagase." Akira mutters as he snatches the last donut from the box on the table before walking to his moped. "Nobody likes a sore loser!"

"Hey!" Nagase shouted with a growl. She then stares at Kyoko with teary puppy like eyes beneath her glasses. "Why is life unfair?"

Kyoko gave a sigh. "...If it makes you feel better, I bought a pastry for you-"

"Bye Dad, love ya!" Nagase said, back to sudden joy in her tone as she walks up to Kyoko to the latter's surprise. "C'mon, gimme some of that sweetness!" She followed up with a wave of her hand like a dog begging for a treat.

"Please, stop that." Kyoko said, growing red in the face. "This is getting awkward…

The two then walked back to the streets of Kaimon, as Kyoko took a look of envy at Nagase. The taller girl wearing the Kaimon uniform but her legs were of focus. Long slender legs that wears long dark colored socks that reached just mid thigh and red sneakers.

"...How in the world did you get that height?" Kyoko mutters.

Nagase gives a grin, pastry between her teeth. "I probably got some neat genes."

"Whatever, just help me out with these." Kyoko mutters as she hands Nagase a few applications. "Bet you don't have being too picky as a gene."

Nagase then finishes her treat with a big bite as she looks at the applications. Her usually expressive green eyes suddenly gave a rather baffling look. "...Please tell me you didn't pick Mohawk Jim."

Kyoko instantly shook her head. "Nope, didn't even consider it once." She then gave a surprised expression. "Wait, you know him?"

"Well, not really." Nagase said. "I heard he came by the wrestling gym and asked my Dad to train him...He got mad when Akira laughed at his hair and stormed off."

"Ugh, that's your brother alright." Kyoko said with a frown. "He can't hide brutal honesty the way you can't really control your strength." She then gave an intriguing look upon recollection. "Say, what happened back there? It looks like you got distracted." Nagase couldn't help but giggle as she pulled out her phone.

"Turns out Baku just sent me a picture!" She said with a smile. "Shirtless during the morning, how bold! Totally forgiven even though that made me lose!"

"...You can't be serious." Kyoko said bluntly. "I thought Maxtaro was kidding when he mentioned about that selfie game you two are playing last night."

"Hey, it doesn't hurt to try new things in our relationship." Nagase retorts. "Besides...I send him pictures of my legs in return. I'm in the lead too!"

Kyoko only shook her head in disbelief. "Why am I listening to this?! Just be quiet and sort these applications out!"

Nagase then gives a smirk. "...And at times, I send pictures of my midriff." She snickers upon seeing Kyoko's cringing reaction. "Haha, you really need to loosen up a bit!"

"While I say you should rein in it once in a while." Kyoko replies with a sigh. "I guess I'll have to wing it and get...Whoever seems the least crazy in these slips."

Nagase gave a shrug. "We can always try drawing out names in a hat." She then bit her lip. "...I'm sorry, that really sounds stupid, even for me."

"No...To be honest, I was thinking about that myself." Kyoko said with a tone of shame. "Why is this so hard-"

"Those two are around here somewhere! Let's find em and kill em!"

The two girls pause as they notice not too far are several thugs looking around the area, paying no mind to them. Well, more like too busy focusing their bloodlust on a certain pair but whatever!

Kyoko then finally began to speak up. "...They better not be talking about-"

"Onimada and Mori are dead for messing with the Mohawk Jim Gang!"

"Ugh...Unreal." Kyoko quickly mutters.

"Say wha?" Nagase said with disbelief. "He actually calls his gang that? He's terrible at names!"

"Who said that?!" The two then froze stiff as it wasn't long for the man himself to show up. Bandages covering his face...Yet that mohawk still stands out. "Wow, I should have known you of all people would mock me after that embarrassing rejection." He mutters before pointing an accusing finger at Nagase, much to her confusion. "What, your brother laughing at my hair ain't enough, Omiko?!"

"Hey!" Nagase said with a frown. "Don't lump me with my idiot brother!"

"Shut it!" Mohawk Jim cried out. "For all I know, your stupid boyfriend is probably in cahoots with you, wrecking my face with that trash can!"

"Baku did that?!" Kyoko and Nagase said with shock. Nagase then ponders, a hand on her chin. "You'd think Maxtaro would have done that to be honest."

"Whatever! You two are coming with us!" Mohawk Jim said with authority. "So you can watch us beat down Onimada and Mori by force!"

Kyoko simply pause before nonchalantly ripping up Mohawk Jim's application. "Well, you just made my job easier."

"W-Wait Hino! M-Maybe I was a little too hasty!" Mohawk Jim said with a nervous chuckle. "I totally forgot about applying to your pop's dojo! Forget what I just said there!"

Kyoko gave a very frustrating sigh. "Okay, you already manage to be one of the most annoying person today, but I'm going to be blunt." She took a deep breath. "My Dad and I are pretty sure we're not teaching some violent jackass in a rainbow mohawk! Get a damn haircut, you're embarrassing to look at!"

There was a full minute of shocked hesitations upon those words leaving her mouth. Even Kyoko herself is in a state of awe and horror.

"...Pretty please?" She sheepishly said.


Few minutes later…

"Get those two!"

Kyoko and Nagase could do nothing but flee in terror as the Mohawk Jim Gang gave chase. Never knew a man with a mohawk would be so grudging!

"Geez, couldn't you say that when he doesn't have an army?!" Nagase shouted.

"I didn't think he'd be growing that big of a grudge!" Kyoko snapped back as the two took a sharp turn into an alley. "Besides, how in the world did he get like forty guys?!"

"I'd rather run away than find out!" Nagase responds as they bemoan their very lousy start of a morning! "Do we even know where we're going?!"

"Of course!" Kyoko cried out only to bite her lip. "...Sorta?!" She shook her head. "Just trust me-gahh!"

A pair of hands suddenly took hold of the two, as they are dragged to a small open corner. Both then react quickly, as Kyoko slams her elbow right at her assailant's side while Nagase smashes hers at the wall.

Only then did they notice that they notice Maxtaro and Baku, the former holding his side while the latter rubs his sore head.

"Agghhh…" Maxtaro groans in pain. "Jeez Kyoko, didn't even bother to check?"

Baku simply gave a frown. "Ow."

"Oh my god, I'm so sorry!" Nagase exclaims quietly.

"Maxtaro, what did you do with that guy?!" Kyoko ask, with an accusing look. "He was already looking like he was going tear your head off! Now he's after me and Nagase!"

"Excuse me?!" Maxtaro said incredulously. "How was I supposed to know mohawk idiot there has a short fuse?! Besides, I bet you said something to tick him off too!"

"...Okay, you got me there." Kyoko finally admit, biting her lip. "Seriously, he's that thinned skin…We seriously aren't going to wait this out right?" The four then stood in silence as it slowly dawns upon them that no, Mohawk Jim isn't going to stop hunting them down.

"...Never thought this would happen." Baku mutters. Maxtaro only gives a glare.

"You didn't need to throw a trash can at him, ya know!"


Some time has passed, as our main four could only be at their dark corner, weary as they heard the distant of shouting thugs.

"Ughhhh, this is insane…" Maxtaro said as he decided to lay on the concrete floor in exhaustion.

"I know Maxtaro…" Kyoko mutters as she lean her back against the wall. "Can't take much more…"

"Ugggghhhh." Nagase moans as she kneels on the ground, head looking up at the skies. "How long has it been since being trapped here?"

Baku simply looks at his watch in annoyance. "It's been three minutes." All four could only fume in sheer utter silence upon knowing this fact. Maxtaro then sits up.

"Alright, enough of this! We gotta get out of here!" He shouted. "I don't know bout you guys, but I'm not going to be late because of this idiot!"

"You're right, Maxtaro!" Kyoko replies with similar fervor. "I mean, we've gone through worse as a team!"

"Huh, I never realize how many times we've gotten ourselves in trouble." Baku said with a pondering expression.

"Yeah!" Nagase said with a nod before looking at Maxtaro and Kyoko. "So, fearless leaders, what shall we do?!"

Instantly, both Maxtaro and Kyoko gave shrugs. "No clue." They both said bluntly, their fiery edge suddenly shimmer down to near coldness. Kyoko then snaps her fingers.

"Wait Maxtaro, we can call your brother!" She said quickly. "I mean, he was a delinquent warlord before he graduated!"

"Yeah, right!" Maxtaro pulls out his phone only to pause. "...I rather not call him." He then gives a nervous chuckle. "If I told him, I'm gonna say this section of town is going to be a wreck by the time he's done."

The four couldn't help but gave a audible gulp, already visualizing the aftermath of destruction only Kenshin Onimada can create. It is something words alone can't describe."

"Please, don't call him." Nagase pleads. "I get night terrors just thinking about what he did last year!" She then notices Maxtaro's phone. "Wait, you finally got a smartphone?"

"It's his mom's." Baku said bluntly.

Nagase frowns. "Really?"

"Wait a minute." Maxtaro then positions his phone for a picture. "May as well do it here. Everyone pose." The four then smile and make peace signs, until Kyoko shook it off in shock.

"Wait, why are we taking selfies?! We need to get out of here!" She cried out. "I mean, we're not seriously thinking about just fleeing, right?!" The others then look at her with a blank stare. "...Right?"


"I can't believe we're resorting to this."

Kyoko continues her grumbling as our main four sneaked their way back to the streets, using a rather large cardboard box as a cover. "This is ridiculous, Maxtaro. Why the cardboard box?"

"Don't rag on the box." Maxtaro sharply replies. "I've seen this work in a video game...And several military operations."

"He ain't kidding." Baku added. "There's a documentary about it on TV."

"...The more I learn." Kyoko mutters to herself. "Can't even ask for a normal morning-Nagase, can you please stop fiddling around with your phone and move?! I know you're taking selfies behind me!"

"Sorry, but since Baku's phone is broken, I'm so taking this advantage!" Nagase said with a grin. "No offense, Baku."

"Looks like I'll be paying for lunch next time." Baku said quietly. "...Screw it, can we just beat up this asshole-"

"No!" Everyone said sharply.

"Dude, it's a cracked screen." Maxtaro said with annoyance in his tone. "Let it go!"

"It's my phone, Maxtaro!" Baku sharply replies. "Because of that, I'm like five images behind Nagase!"

"Six actually!" Nagase added, much to Kyoko's grunt of displeasure.

"Baku, keep your cool cause this cardboard box is keeping us from getting wrecked out there unless you won't-"

"Hey Boss, did that moving box just talked?"

The gang stood still, blood freezing over. An awkward sight sight arose as various class skipping punks now swarm around the gang in hiding, civilians looking in confusion. How in the world did these punks didn't notice the box till now is a mystery!

"Wait, maybe they'll think it's nothing!" Kyoko whispered.

"Wait, wasn't there a documentary about the qualities of boxes in military stuff?" The voice of Mohawk Jim ask in confusion. "...Should we check it out?"

Maxtaro gave a frustrating sigh. "Damn. Looks like we'll do plan B! Nagase, flip something!"

"Got it!" Nagase shouts as she busts out of the box, shocking the group of punks. "Gaaahhhh!" She roars as she heads to the closest car and with a burst of sheer strength, flips it onto its side with a loud crash. The crowd is stunned at the sight. "Alright, what's next-Hey!" She cried out as she chases her friends, having used the distraction to flee. "Wait up!"

The thugs simply gave a glassy stare until Mohawk Jim shakes his head. "What the hell, get em!" It wasn't long for the Mohawk Jim Gang to suddenly give chase as the four made a mad dash through town!

"Oh man, they're gaining on us!" Kyoko shouts with a look of worry on her face.

Nagase gave a groan. "I know...there was that food truck nearby! I should've flipped that!"

"Cut the chatter, there's a bus!" Maxtaro cries out as he points to a moving bus nearby. "Hey, stop the bus!" He could only fume as he is ignored. "Baku, get his attention!" Baku nods as he took a sudden sprint...To bash his fist against the window."

"Hey driver!" Baku shouts. "Stop or I'm gonna break something, pronto!" The bus then takes a screeching halt much to the surprise of Kyoko and Nagase.

"That actually worked?!" They cried out only to get on the bus in a huff. "Driver, step on it!" Kyoko roars.

"Eh?" The driver ask. "B-But don't you know-"

"Please!" Nagase pleads as she notice the large mob heading towards the bus. "Just do it!" The driver gave a frown but proceeds to push the gas. "Oh thank you, thank you, thank you!"

"Haha!" Maxtaro laughs with an air of arrogance as he stares at the window, looking as the gap between the bus and the mob is getting bigger. "Good luck chasing us, you mohawk wearing prick!"

"Yeah!" Kyoko says with a evil grin as she proceeds to rip up what remains of Mohawk Jim's application. "Reap what you sow, chasing us with that bad temper-"

Suddenly, with barely a minute having been passed, the bus takes a stop. "Alright, last stop for the morning commute, everyone!" The bus driver calls out. He then notices the shocked looks of our four heroes. "...I-I'm just d-doing my job…" The four then turn to see Mohawk Jim slowly catching up, then turn back to the confused driver with glares. "S-Sorry?"


Five minutes later...At another part of town.

"...Why did I even bother going to school today?" Ryo Hondo mumbles to himself, his group of friends looking at him with surprise.

"Why it's obvious!" His best friend, Gen Saito said with a optimistic smile. "Cause school is part of that spice we call youth!" With that, it wasn't long for an annoyed Ryo to put Gen in a full nelson hold. "Gah! I'm just saying!"

"Stop smiling bout it then!" Ryo snaps back as he keeps his hold. "This is stupid, I should just skip class. At least I won't look like an idiot there." His childhood friend, Tae Yamanashi, gave him a sad look.

"Don't say that, Ryo." She said, before giving a small smile. "Besides, there's more to school than just classes...Like me."

Zoey, Ryo's sister simply raise an eyebrow. "Uhhh, it's not like you can help him study, since you got similar test scores." With that, it wasn't long for an annoyed Tae to put Zoey in a sleeper hold. "W-Wait, what did I say?!"

"Shut it!" Tae shouts as she gave irritated growls. "Talking bout my grades like that, I oughta!" But what truly fuels Tae's anger is far more than her lousy test scores. It's the fact no one in town will ever realize she's dating Ryo, no matter the obvious clues.

It's kinda sad really.

"Wait, what do you mean anyway?" Ryo ask in confusion as he kept his hold on Gen. "Tae, that's stupid reason to keep going to school-"

"Gah, idiots!" Tae shouts in response to Ryo's lack of foresight. "You Hondos are idiots!"

Gen gives a chuckle. "Idiots gotta stick together-Ow, that hurts."

"Please just shut up." Ryo mutters before hearing a loud crash. "The heck-" He could finish as Maxtaro suddenly zooms right past him. "Onimada-" He is cut off again as Kyoko suddenly zips past him. "Okay, what's-" A crash is heard as Ryo and pals turn to see both Baku and Nagase suddenly throwing various items lying about, from trash can to sign fixtures, onto the open street before rushing past the other group.

"Wait!" Nagase shouts as she heads back...To grab the nearest largest sign only to hurl it right into the junk barricade before running back to Baku. "Let's go!" The two then leave in a full rush, as Ryo and gang grew baffled at those events.

"...That can't be good." Tae mutters as she release her hold on Zoey. "What's with them?"

"Tch, typical for Onimada." Ryo said bluntly as he lets go of Gen. "Probably did something stupid again-" Then the pile of junk suddenly explodes as the Mohawk Jim Gang bursts through the masses.

"Gaaaahhh!" Ryo and crew scream in horror and confusion as they fell victim to the stampede. As the dust clears, the four are seen lying on the ground twitching.

"...Again, why bother going to school again?!" Ryo roars out as he lies face down on the street floor.


"Oh god yes, I can see the gate!" Maxtaro shouts in joy. He is right to be as he saw the school gate not too far off. With that said, the gang finally took a massive breather. After all, they did nothing but run all morning! "I didn't think we make it!"

"Damn straight!" Baku said between gasping for air. "I think we threw enough junk to block them off-Nagase, we don't need to keep doing that! Leave the car alone!"

Nagase gave a pout. "W-We don't know that!"

Kyoko gave an exasperated sigh. "Nagase, just calm down and-Ahhh!" She cried out in shock as she is suddenly grabbed from behind from Mohawk Jim. "Son of a-"

"Aha!" He cried out in glee. "Thought you four can escape from me?!"

"Oh good grief!" Maxtaro shouts in annoyance. "How the hell did you catch up to us, you freaking dropout cockroach?!"

"Simple, I called a cab!" Mohawk Jim replies with a haughty laugh. "Bet you didn't see that coming!" The four are shockingly caught off guard of something so ridiculously simple.

"Seeing how that's mundane...Yeah, we didn't see that coming." Baku admits with a blunt tone. "How did we not see that at all?"

"Well, it's too late! I got your girl, Onimada, and unless you give yourself-"

Mohawk Jim was quickly silenced as Kyoko slams the back of her head at his bandaged face, followed by a elbow to the chest. As he lets go, she turns and knocks him flat on his ass with a spinning back kick. She ain't assistant instructor and heiress of the dojo for nothing!

"Whoa, remind me not to make you mad." Nagase said with a surprised expression.

"Geez, he's a total wimp!" Kyoko cried out while feeling the need to shudder. "Still gives me the creeps touching me like that!"

"Owww!" Mohawk Jim shouts in pain as he slowly got up. "You bitch-" Again he is knocked down his ass as Maxtaro simply came up and landed a punch right at his chin.

"Please, just shut up." Maxtaro mutters. "Such a cockroach. You okay, Kyoko?"

"Y-Yeah…" She answers with a frown. "He's still twitching…"

Baku then smashes a trash can right at Mohawk Jim's twitching form. "Not anymore he's not."

"Baku!" Everyone cried out.

"What?!" Baku protests. "He totally deserve that-" A crash is heard as the Mohawk Jim Gang destroys the various junk barricades.

"There they are! Get em!" They roar out as they rushes towards our heroes!

"...I should've flipped more cars." Nagase bemoans as Baku grabs her by the arm as the gang ran to the school gates. Upon closer inspection, they spotted the teacher in charge, their own homeroom teacher, standing close by smoking a cigarette.

"Tao!" Maxtaro shouts out. "For the love of god, help us!"

Jin Tao only gave a sigh while other students nearby grew more baffled at the sight. "Son of a bitch, this again?" He then presses a switch as the gate begins to close. "You kids get your butts over here pronto before this closes!"

"...Leave it to Tao-sensei." Kyoko said dryly before her school bag suddenly bursts open as her various application forms flew right out to her horror. "Oh no! My applications!" She could only watch and cringe as the sea of papers are soon trampled by the bloodthirsty gang...So bloodthirsty in fact they just unwittingly trampled their boss!

"Oh god!" Mohawk Jim cries out being drowned out by the footsteps of the mob.

"Ugh! I'll never get those back again…" Kyoko bemoans.

"Forget about it, Kyoko!" Maxtaro shouts as they continue their rush. "It's not worth it!" Then he heard a clatter as his phone, still his mother's, suddenly fell out of his pocket to his absolute shock. "Oh hell! My mom's phone!"

"Maxtaro, no!" The gang cried out in horror as the moment they slip past the gates, they finally notice Maxtaro turning right back to get his sorta phone back. "You idiot!" It wasn't long for Maxtaro realize upon picking up his phone that yes, he's in between a rock and a hard place.

...For someone who isn't too bad of a student, he is dumb at times.

"I regret everything!" Maxtaro cries out as he narrowly avoids attack after attack, phone in hand.

"Die Onimada!" A random thug in the background screams out.

"Hell no!" He reply back as he continues to dodge everything thrown at him. "I need some freaking miracle here-"

As if he cast a spell, the rear of the mob suddenly explodes as bodies flew in the air.

"Yeah, that's right!" Ryo roars out as he and his merry group of angry friends have long succumb to pure vengeful spite, attacking every member of the Mohawk Jim Gang like a shark on a pack of fish. "See how you like being trampled on!"

Maxtaro simply gave no words. "Uhhh, I guess I should thank him later…" He mutters in disbelief as it appears the sudden distraction has gotten the thugs off his back!

"Maxtaro, come on!" Kyoko shouts out, as she climbs to the school gate, extending a hand out. "Grab my hand!"

Maxtaro then runs and makes a leap. Upon grabbing Kyoko's hand, a large explosion rocks the background to the shock of many.

"What was that?!" Nagase shouts with bafflement.

"Hondo family fireworks." Baku mutters. "Enough to make an action flick."

"Oh." Nagase said bluntly. "How could I forget-"

"Can you please help us?!" Maxtaro and Kyoko scream out in annoyance. After pulling Maxtaro in, the four collapse and stare at the smoke in front of them.

"You know...I think we're in the clear." Maxtaro said with awe at the sight. Then as if life wants to defy such a simple sentence, the battered mob of the Mohawk Jim Gang crashes against the gate.

"Aaahhhh!" The four cry out as they back pedal away from the gate.

"Oh come on already!" Kyoko cries out in exasperation. "What does it take to get rid of them?!" Then Tao walked up to the closed gate.

"Alright, you all aren't supposed to be here!" Tao said sternly. "Go home and wait till your suspensions are done! And leave those kids alone, this is pathetic!"

"Oh yeah, so what?!" One of the thugs cries out. "What can you do anyway?!"

Tao gave a sigh. "Well...I can call the cops, for starters." As if magic has been cast, the gang suddenly disperse, everyone having dropped their grudges!

"Sorry bout that Onimada! We're just playing! Please don't tell your bro about this!" Various voices of all kind were nothing but this kind of spiel. It appears even in Kaimon, nobody wants to mess with the cops!

"That was anticlimactic." Maxtaro admits with the others slowly nodding.

"So?" Tao said before turning away. "Get your asses in class already. We're gonna start in ten minutes." With that said, life resumes as always. That's Kaimon alright!

"Thank god." Kyoko said with relief. "But this is going to be hard to tell my dad the news…"

"I wonder if Mohawk Jim is going to drop this." Nagase said with a pondering expression.

"Who cares?" Baku said bluntly. "I'm just glad we kicked his sorry ass."

"Right…" Maxtaro said feeling annoyed. "He better not show up."


Outside the school grounds…

"Wait...Don't leave me…" Mohawk Jim groans, still prone, as his gang walked away, some limping or carrying the injured. One of them then approaches him, giving a nervous chuckle.

"Yeah boss...We all kinda had this thought and we all decided to go our separate ways. Having a gang named after a hairstyle is...Kinda lame."

Mohawk Jim gave a shocked expression. "W-Wait, we can talk this out-"

"Oh sorry man!" The ex-member quickly said, looking at his exposed wrist. "I'm late...For stuff! Talk to ya later!" He then leaves.

"...Son of a bitch." Mohawk Jim mutters until he notice the feet of Ryo and his pals right in front of him. He looks up, seeing a very pissed off Ryo. "Uh, no hard feelings, Hondo?"

"Tae," Ryo said bluntly. "Got a knife?" She then pulls one out.

"Always." She reply to the point.

"Well then, looks like you need a haircut." Ryo then said with an evil smile as he takes the knife in hand.

"Noooooo!" Mohawk Jim cries out that can be heard many blocks away...Yikes.


In Kaimon High School, class numbered 12-K…

"Yes!" Maxtaro said as he slumps onto his seat. "Finally, we can get this morning behind us!"

"You said it, Maxtaro." Kyoko said as she laid her head down the desk. "Anything to forget those last hours."

"Aw man, the camera is busted!" Baku mutters as he fiddles with his broken phone. "Guess I gotta pay ya lunch."

"Yeah!" Nagase said with a burst of joy. "Best news, ever!"

"Hang on." Maxtaro said as he grabs his phone. "Get together guys, we're going to do this right." The four then gather and gave smiles as he takes another group selfie. Having genuine selfies not fueled by peril is actually refreshing! "Now, just need to send that to my actual phone and-"

"Hey!" Tao shouts as he walks to Maxtaro and yanks the phone from his hand. "No phones when class is starting!" He then puts it into his pocket. "I'm holding onto this till the end of the day!" Maxtaro and gang look on with bafflement as Tao walks back to the front.

"...God damn, this morning blows." Maxtaro mutters.

"Yeah…" The gang mutters in sadness.

And we end another morning in the town of Kaimon, hate to see how the full day goes!

To be continued!

Develop Your Story / Sword Saint (Working Title)
« on: March 04, 2016, 10:58:14 PM »
Yeah, came up with this after mixing a few unused plans of mine and watching Ikki Tousen...An unholy combo. Still developing a lot of things so names and what not are still in the brainstorming process.

Plot thus far developed:

The premise is that a schoolgirl talented in sword fighting finds herself in the big pond filled with expert sword fighters trying to be the next holder of the title Sword Saint. At first, she doesn't care and has a rep of being infamous for not just using all sorts of dirty tricks in her fights but for dismantling various sword dojos prior to the main story just for kicks....then she gets wrecked by the town's Sword Saint because she thought it was an easy win and clearly didn't realize this wasn't an run of the mill swordsman. Due to that fiasco, she is counted as a contender hounded by others (though most of the time, they see her as a disgrace regarding swordsmanship and that attacking the local Sword Saint is the straw that broke the camel's back). Though she does grow a desire to be the next local Sword Saint and grows a little more selfless at times goes on though retains some fight happy issues.


The concept of the sword saints is that there are more than one, but are limited to one a major location (example: the sword saint of Tokyo/Kyoko/Osaka/etc). Each sword saint has different fighting styles involving the weapons of their choice but they all have in common in that they are absolute monsters in combat thanks to many years of training and/or combat experience.

One other concept is sword aura, a type of ability that any swordsman worth his/her salt can achieve after years of honing their skills/experience in battle, with masters and sword saints being the most dangerous with it. Sword aura works in the sense it gives the user the power to emit an aura that turns any object in their hands into improvised weapons as sharp as swords themselves. A prime example is turning a wooden practice sword's bluntness into something akin to a katana straight out of the forge, with an actual blade being absurdly sharp under Sword Aura. Some like sword saints can learn this skill to a huge extent that their body can radiate this aura if they focus hard enough, turning their body into a weapon (from knife like karate chops to turning fingertips as sharp as mini razors). Some masters can even manipulate other blades in the area to use as weapons. With the right amount of aura, focus, and skill one can easily slice through solid rock or metal with even a small stick. Sword aura is not an ability only limited to the east, as even western countries and their swordsmen can find themselves understanding sword aura.

And...That's all I got so far.

Manga Writer workshop / How do you write your romance?
« on: January 25, 2016, 12:56:34 AM »
Well, seeing how Valentine's looming closer and closer, decided to discuss how we write the romance with our characters (I mean...If you have any couples in your story after all XD)

To start, I guess I should talk about my main couple, Maxtaro Onimada and Kyoko Hino to break the ice XD


Story wise, they are childhood friends since they were both 4 and it's been that way for them since. Kyoko used to defend Maxtaro from bullies when they were children until he left for a year with his aunt (who taught him a lot of things...While turning him to a jerk due to the trauma). Despite his new attitude, Kyoko still sees him as the boy she used to hang out with. Course, that doesn't mean she'll take his crap and will call him out on his jackass behavior.

Things went to a head when during a storm, Kyoko almost drowned in a river and Maxtaro tried to save her...And almost died in the process (which resulted the scar on his face). It's pretty much the point both realize their feelings for one another. However, both didn't really act upon it until high school. It was also when both decided to watch each other backs...A really strange way to declare their feelings but it got the point across.

Currently, they are finally actually dating during their second year of high school but are too awkward and unsure if they're going to mess it up, which is why they still act like very close friends than an actual couple. But when loves comes through...It's pretty sweet (unless my writing says otherwise XD).


...In case anyone wonders, she's a martial arts prodigy while he's a part-time carpenter with some pretty broad set of skills XD

Many years ago, decided to draw just how many layers my good go-to gal Kyoko wears. And after drawing her in the same pose four more times, here's what I came up.

Number 2 is her default and one more tidbit...she wears shorts under that skirt lol

But yeah, anyone interested in drawing this hot tempered girl and her layers in their own style for fun? :)

Develop Your Story / School Warriors: Frontline Gaiden
« on: November 13, 2015, 10:31:44 AM »
Yeah, this is a slightly old work that I'm going back on soon, as well as its main series known as School Warriors, as this is a long planning gaiden story.

Unlike the Kaimon related stories, School Warriors is supposed to be it's own universe of sorts but as of currently, many of the events in School Warriors are applied in Kaimon-verse in a very broad strokes manner.

For example, while there is a group called the Kaimon Frontline led by Kenshin Onimada in Class 12-K's backstory as well as their contributions, this Frontline fights in a town called Masuda (which is basically Kaimon under another name...If you can understand what I mean by that XD) in Kaimon All-Boys High School...The last bit is a big clue that I initially did not connect this to Class 12-K.

Oh in the short version to explain, it's like switching Tobey Spider-Man to Garfield Spider-Man....Again, I hope that explains things.

Enjoy the first chapter!

Prologue: The Boy Who Wants To Be Strong

(Our tale begins many years ago, as a young ten year old boy and his father sit on the front steps of their house, as the latter attempts a lecture to the former)

Father: (sighs) Kenshin, I heard from the parents of those teenagers. (his face then gives a rather skeptical look) ...Did you really beat the heck out of them, to the point I have to pay their medical bills? (sweat drop)

Kenshin: (his face covered in band-aids, defensive over his actions) But Dad! They said things behind your back, that you're a terrible carpenter! I can't just let them get away with that!

Father: (annoyed) Well, that's reassuring you're doing this for your old man but beating the stuffing out of them doesn't help much, did it? (mumbles) One of them has a fractured arm I think...

Kenshin: Uh! (he then looks down in shame) ...I guess. (sighs) I'm sorry.

Father: (waves off the apology) Aw, no worries about it. A part of me is impressed with that strength you got from me, but the other part is kind of worried about you. Son, I've been noticing this pattern, beating up kids larger than you, and coming up with really awful excuses for doing so. (rolling his eyes) Really, cause one of them stubbed your toe that last time? Kids don't beat up teenagers for those reasons you know.

Kenshin: Yeah... (looks away) Need to come up with better lies...

Father: (growls) This isn't a lesson about becoming a better liar. (sweat drop and sighs) Look Kenshin, I want you to grow up, get a nice girl, and well...Be a good kid, no matter what. Sure, you're still young and bound to be a bit of Hell raiser but I know you'll do me proud in the very end. (smiles) Promise me that?

Kenshin: ...Alright Dad, I promise.

Father: ...You're still grounded and I expect ya to apologize tomorrow.

Kenshin: (groans) Ugh...Figures. (sighs) Fine.

Father: Good! (than stands up as he walks towards the door to the house) Just wondering, why are you mainly going after delinquents?

Kenshin: Easy! (with a large grin) So I can be the strongest one in town, so no one will mess with me! (his father could only give him a rather impressed look on his face)

Father: ... (chuckles) Wow, and I thought kids these days are simple...

Kenshin: (annoyed) What the-You'll see Dad, I'll be the toughest guy you'll ever see!

Father: (waves off the boasting without looking) Yeah yeah, I bet you'll be.

Kenshin: Yeah, you'll totally bet on that! (and so, a young boy would eventually find himself closer to this small dream of his, six years later in the den of beasts known as Kaimon...)


School Warriors: Frontline Gaiden

Chapter 1: A Wolf meets a Shisa, a red haired Bitch along the way.

(Our story truly begins a year ago before the eventual war for unification of the eastern side of Masuda, a town where it's delinquent population undergoes a constant war for supremacy among three major powers, in the school yard of Kaimon High School for boys. The events currently taking place being the last day of the school's unofficial tradition of the 1st year war, where new students fight among each other to show who the strongest is among their peers...And for Kenshin Onimada, this is the first stepping stone to be the strongest man of the East...)

Kenshin: (battered, but this doesn't lessen his fiery mood) Well Tatsu, running out of steam now? (his final opponent is ironically one of his closest friends, the head strong member of the powerful Blue Fins, Tatsu Shibata)

Tatsu: (also in a battered state, panting) Geez Kenshin...What the Hell are ya, some kind of monster? (then is shocked as Kenshin rushes in, going a little too fast for Tatsu's liking) D-Damn!

Kenshin: (smiles) Sorry Tatsu, but I'm gonna win this! (he then begins a heavy barrage of punches that despite being blocked by Tatsu, the impact can be heard from all directions, the massive crowd overseeing this could be shocked in awe over this.)

Student: Un-Unbelievable, it's been over an hour since those two exchanged blows... (Mosuke Murakami, also close friends with the two combatant, could only chuckle at the sight)

Mosuke: Damn Tatsu...Better think of something fast, cause there's no stopping Kenshin now... (then shouts from the Blue Fins, with leader Yosuke Kurama watching alongside his bodyguard and friend Date Suragi, cries out for Tatsu as the fight is nearing its ending point)

Blue Fin Member: Don't give up Shibata! Boss and Suragi couldn't win their first year wars...But you got a chance! (Tatsu then lashes out with a front kick, hitting Kenshin in the chest)

Tatsu: (in gritted teeth) Heh! Gotcha, you bastard!

crowd: (surprised) H-He did it! (Kenshin stumbles...Only to quickly charge forward and lands a vicious roundhouse kick right to the side of Tatsu's head) Oh!

Tatsu: (groans) ...Kenshin, you stupid likeable bastard... (begins to lose his footing as he nears unconsciousness...However, he cracks a small smile) Heh, be the strongest son of a bitch in this school for me then... (he then passes out face first on the ground, ending the final battle of the 1st year war)

Kenshin: (smiles) Yeah, gotcha. (then cries out to the crowd) Well? Watch me guys, cause I'll be the toughest bastard this school will ever see! Bet on it! (the crowd then begins to head back to class, weary over this bold statement)


(However, one student didn't watch the final battle from afar, a man considered by many to be the greatest warrior of his generation. His good friend Chiaki Mikamura noticing him reading a book)

Chiaki: (chuckles) Well, that Onimada guy won. Aren't you excited Masu? (grins) ...He could be the one to finally give you a good fight. (Masu Inoue then then sits up, giving a disgruntled sound)

Masu: (frowns) Not really Chiaki, he could just be another waste of time like the others. (growls as he tosses the book back to Chiaki) Seriously man, how can you read this crap?

Chiaki: Hey now. That crap is called a textbook...You'll get something out of school reading that kind of stuff. You know this is our final year in high school...You might not even graduate if you keep this up. (in a singing taunting tone no less)

Masu: (annoyed) Yeah, whatever, I'm off. If you want to mess around with the new guy, be my guest.

Chiaki: Whatever you say, strongest fighter of the East. (hears Masu grumbling as he walks away) ...Class's that way!

Masu: (shouts back) Not going back, why bother?

Chiaki: (chuckles) Should of seen that coming. Why my sister loves this guy still remains a mystery to me.


(Hours then passed since the school day ended, as Kenshin and Mosuke now roam the streets to celebrate their victory)

Kenshin: Well, that was a nice victory party! Too bad Tatsu couldn't come.

Mosuke: (annoyed) Of course he didn't show up, you beat the crap out of him today. He's probably sulking about it now. (sighs) But don't worry, he called and said he'll give you something when he gets better soon.

Kenshin: He better, I worked my ass off to be the strongest 1st year this year...It won't be long till I face him... (Mosuke couldn't help but notice his childhood friend looking at the skies with a smile)

Mosuke: (sighs) ...You know, when you said you were going to go through with this, being the toughest guy in town when we were kids...I thought you were an idiot. (then ponders) Actually, No, I still think you're an idiot.

Kenshin: (glancing at Mosuke with a bunt look on his face) ...Honest much? (sweat drop)

Mosuke: But you know what? So am I...Cause I think you can do it. But tell me this, what the Hell are you going to do once you get to that point?

Kenshin: Easy Mosuke...Get on with life at the fullest, find a nice girl, and...Well, be a good guy the best I can be. (notices Mosuke with a blank stare) H-Hey! That's an answer you know...I think! I mean, I'm still working on it.

Mosuke: (sighs once again) Alright, we'll go by that I guess.

Kenshin: ...Why didn't you join the war with us? I mean, you're no slouch in a fight.

Mosuke: (chuckles) Are you kidding me, you and Tatsu blow me out of the water with your fists. I'm more of a defensive guy in hand to hand while you two monsters just wreck everything in sight. (Kenshin then stops as he grabs Mosuke by the shoulder)

Kenshin: (his tone changing to a serious one) ...What I meant was your skills in Kendo...You make the guys using those bokkens in the war look like chumps when it comes to that... (at this point, Mosuke could only frown)

Mosuke: ...That was the old me, Kenshin. Bad things happened back then and I'm not going back to it. My kendo skills belong in my family dojo, not the streets, and you know it... (the gloominess surrounding them didn't help matters to boot)

Kenshin: (a tad annoyed) Alright, I get the point. (grumbles) You can be such a killjoy.

Mosuke: Hey, you brought it up. (sweat drop) Anyway, I heard from your Dad about you getting a solo job from the family business.

Kenshin: (grins) Hell yeah, you know the local shrine around my area? The priest living next to it wants us to fix the place and be a regular customer so Pops figured I should be responsible for keeping the place fixed and stuff! It's a good stepping stone to my career!

Mosuke: Huh, so Mr. Mikamura finally decided to spruce up the place and hired carpenters? (chuckles) Lucky you, I heard he has two daughters.

Kenshin: You know it! In fact, I should get over there right now! (rushes off) Kind of late but no worries! See ya at school!

Mosuke: (shocked) Wait, he was supposed to be there all along? (he walks back to his own path home) Idiot...


(moments later, at a shrine, Kenshin has finally begin in his new job as resident carpenter for the Mikamura, introducing himself to the head of the family, Heiji Mikamura)

Kenshin: (bows in apology) Sorry bout being late...For two hours... (Looks away in shame) I uh...Stubbed my toe on the way here you see.

Heiji: (despite his gruff looking face, he pulls a small smile) No worries, your father and I are old friends so I can let this slide for once. Heh, I'll even make some excuse to your old man about those band-aids on your face! (laughs)

Kenshin: ...Kind of odd Pops barely mentioned you till now. (an awkward silence kicks in)

Heiji: (with a blank stare) ...I need to make a phone call after what you just said. (grumbles) Obviously that jackass didn't mention me-Look, today is your first day so feel free to observe the shrine, get a feel of the place. By the way, my daughter should be home soon so... (points two fingers at his eyes and directs them at Kenshin, with the glares like a hawk...If hawks could glare of course)

Kenshin: (unimpressed) Wow, already I can sense the lack of trust. (sweat drop. Moments later) So this is the shrine... (notices...The many worn out and damaged parts of the place itself and frowns) Can't believe it took Mikamura this long to finally call Pops. (then notices a young schoolgirl his age, with long red hair and sporting glasses, walking up the shrine steps) Huh? (he finds himself entranced by the redhead as she continues to walk up the steps) ...W-Wow...Is she one of Mikamura's daughters? Mosuke didn't mention her being a redhead... (then waves) Yo!

Schoolgirl: (notices Kenshin with some confusion) Eh? Don't you know the shrine's closed at this hour? If you got an exam coming up and need good luck, well that's your problem, not ours.

Kenshin: (impressed at the response) Wow, sharp tongue too. (chuckles) Oh no, I'm the carpenter your Dad hired! (smiles) I take it you're one of Mikamura's daughters, right?

Schoolgirl: Oh, that's right...Dad did mention that this morning... (then has a look of surprise upon realizing a small fact left out by her father) H-He's that young?

Kenshin: Heh, don't worry bout my age, I can handle this, no problems! (then extends a hand) I'm Kenshin Onimada!

Schoolgirl: Oh, my name's Akari. (she then extends her hand, the sleeve of her uniform jacket slipping out to reveal a strange mark on her forearm)

Kenshin: Hey, is that a tattoo? It looks kind of cool- (Akari, in a panic upon realization, quickly covers her arm, and quickly walks past him)

Akari: I-I'm sorry, but I have things to do tonight! (then walks into the front door of her house located just next to the shrine) Please forgive me, and I hope you'll like the job! (Kenshin could only stare blankly at this sudden event as she slams the door shut)

Kenshin: ...Awkward... (sweat drop...And then a smile appears on his face) This year might be even more exciting than I expected.


(meanwhile, inside the Mikamura residence, Akari sits on the floor against the door, looking at her arm, revealing a tattoo of the face of a Green Shisa, the mark of the Eastern gang known as the Shonan Shisas)

Akari: He almost saw it... (then notices her older brother, who happens to be Chiaki, heading down the stairs) Did you see the guy who'll be fixing the shrine Chiaki?

Chiaki: (yawns) Huh? Nah, I was napping when I got home today. Thought Dad could handle it without me.

Akari: (frowns) Figures. His name is Kenshin Onimada if you want to know.

Chiaki: Eh? Onimada? (groans) Crap, I wanted to meet him. He's the toughest 1st year in Kaimon you know. (then grumbles) Wanted to introduce myself...

Akari: (shocked) He's from Kaimon? I mean he had band-aids and all but really?

Chiaki: (a bit annoyed) What are you so shocked about? Masu and I go to Kaimon too, so not all the guys there are crazy violent weirdos. Hell, you met Masu thanks to Kei and you said he wasn't too bad.

Akari: Sorry Chiaki, it's just I've been thinking a lot after archery club...Motoharu came by to see me. (Chiaki's blood froze as he stood in silence, a frown on his face)

Chiaki: (his tone now stern) ...What the Hell does he want? I told him before I'm done with him.

Akari: No, He told me he doesn't care whether you're helping him anymore. (then shows the mark on her arm) But he told me if I still hold this mark, I'm still a member...And that Motoharu and I are not over...At least for now.

Chiaki: (growls) That bastard, I'm going out and find that little-

Akari: N-No Chiaki, don't! ...You know how I still feel about him...Please trust me on this.

Chiaki: (groans but relents) Fine Akari, since you're my little sister, but if he does something to you...

Akari: I wouldn't worry about that. Motoharu may be overprotective but if I know him as well as I should...He would never harm a hair on my head. (then a sad look on her face is seen) But..No matter how much I feel for him, I don't think we can ever get back the days before he became something else... (Chiaki then hears sniffling from his sister)

Chiaki: Akari...

Akari:(quickly stands and walks away) I'm sorry Chiaki, but I'm feeling tired right now...I'm going to bed. (as she walks past him on the staircase, Chiaki frowns)

Chiaki: Well, you did it Chiaki...You made your sister cry. (sighs) Kei is gonna be pissed at me when she gets back.

Heiji: (pops his head out from a door next to Chiaki) Wow, left your old man out of the equation? (grumbles) You're such an ungrateful brat of a son.

Chiaki: (annoyed) Whoa, watch your words old man!


(Later that night, Kenshin then heads home on the streets of East Masuda, enjoying the atmosphere around him)

Kenshin: (chuckles) Nothing beats the feel of home alright. Whoever said the East is filled with chaotic assholes deserves a punch to the face! Probably those stuffy rich dicks from the North! (he then walks towards a group of men around his age) Hmm? (notices the one leading the group, a young man with spiky blonde hair with rather noticeable dark eyebrows. As soon as the two met eye contact, everyone then stops) ...Yo, heading somewhere? (the blonde then speaks up)

Blonde: Yeah, but is it any of your business?

Kenshin: (chuckles) Yeah, you got a point...You look pretty tough compare to those guys behind ya. (the various men then frown and gave death glares at Kenshin)

Blonde: (waves a hand to silence the comments and smiles) ...Same to you. You look like you can handle a brawl, wanna hang with us?

Kenshin: Eh? (waves off the offer) No way, I'm just a high school student heading my way home. (chuckles) Go find someone else.

Blonde: Heh, gave that a shot. (then the two went past the other to their separate ways) Name's Motoharu Kusunoki, yours?

Kenshin: (without looking back) Kenshin Onimada.

Motoharu: Kenshin eh? Like the God of War during the Sengoku era...I like that! (laughs as he keeps on walking) Hope to see you around, Onimada!

Kenshin: Whatever. Same thing and what not! (as the two continue to walk away, Kenshin then sighs in relief and continues his trek home) Man, I didn't expect to see another tough guy again. But I got to say...He's something else...Hope I don't have to fight him just yet. (as Kenshin Onimada became the strongest 1st year of Kaimon at day, Motoharu Kusunoki, leader of the Shonan Shisas and the 2nd best fighter of the East, have finally vanquished the last of his enemies of the North East section of Masuda at night. Little did they know those two would cross paths again this year, a red haired girl in the middle of it all...)

To Be Continued

Develop Your Story / The Four Greats of Kaimon (backstory concept)
« on: October 06, 2015, 11:42:40 AM »
Well, not exactly a story per say (though I do think I've done a lot of backstory planning that it may count as one lol) but something I've been developing for a long time due to my love for delinquent type mangas and wrestling stables. XD

Concept of the Four Greats.

The Four Greats of Kaimon: A title that is passed down generation to generation, it is the official title of the four strongest and charismatic men in the infamous delinquent underground of the town of Kaimon. Each Great are leaders from the four directions of Kaimon:

North: Composed of various schools in an alliance with the leader holding the title of Council President. Main school: Seikon Academy

West: Known for a large amount of athletes in its youth population with the leader holding the title of Tiger Warlord. Main school: Tora Rokku

East: The most recent power filled with hot blooded gangs under one flag with the leader holding the title of Chairman. Main school: Kaimon High

South: Considered the most violent part of town filled with nothing but delinquents with the leader holding the title of Southern Emperor. Main school: Sutogi Commerce

The creation of the Four Greats system is what keeps the power balance of the delinquent underground stable, as the first generation sought to rein in their respective sides to move past the chaotic civil wars. It was fairly successful, as the conflict became small skirmishes compared to the attention getting fist fights from the masses. However, small peace with old blood stirring bout is better than no peace. It also provides solid leaders who can broker possible alliances or truces in theory. Despite the fairly recent creation, the Four Greats is now considered to be part of Kaimon’s growing history.

Though the Kaimon-verse as of now (which focuses on Class 12-K, posted in this forum) isn't as big on focus to the delinquency world (if ever), this is something I felt like touching upon in regard to certain characters (*cough* Kenshin Onimada *cough*) and their high school lives.

Though there are 3 generations (Class 12-K's timeline is during the 3rd Gen), There is much focus on the 2nd Gen, as they are considered to be the Strongest Generation....That and they had an alliance to defend the town from a hostile gang takeover from another alliance in Tokyo called the Tokyo Orochi Alliance.

Basically, it'd be a little more action packed than most of my stuff with a few comedic moments but otherwise not as silly (though as of now...The 2nd Gen are pretty much retired badass/monsters now free to be as silly as they want in Class 12-K)

Manga Creations / The Gangster War For Cake, Brothers Unite!
« on: October 03, 2015, 09:47:03 PM »
Well, decided to post another recent story of mine I've been working on since December 2013 and is still ongoing! Will be posting chapters a day, so much luck for me haring this to you all! This is a pretty much an action comedy of sorts so this will be handled a little differently compared to my short stories in the Kaimon Verse.

Enjoy! :)

The heroes (...They're not really heroic but we follow them, so it counts...I think!) we will be following in this absurd tale...The Onimada Bros!


Maxtaro (left): 17 years old, if you read the really short stories...You can kinda get what kind of a dude he is! XD

Kenshin (right): 19 years old and an absurdly strong happy go lucky death machine who made quite a bit of enemies in his delinquent past!

The love interests,

Kyoko Hino


And Akari Mikamura!


Chapter 1

Hey there, DevilPogoStick here and here's another working Class 12-K Special! It'll involve cake, yakuza, girlfriends, and all sorts of absurdity towards the heroes of this tale in the town of Kaimon! (actually, wouldn't this hardly be a Class 12-K story if school is out for them? ...Oh well!) If you're expecting some sort of brotherly bonding...Uh, it's there...Somewhere!

As always, look up the "Really Short Stories" for a minor character list but will provide bonus profiles per chapter!


Class 12-K: The Gangster War For Cake, Brothers Unite!

Chapter 1: Are We Seriously Fighting For Cake?

(Our tale begins in a chilly day in the town of Kaimon, as the sun sets to evening, and the lights in town shine brightly with streets filled with people walking about. However, inside the confines of the Onimada household and medical clinic, two brothers would begin their very strange quest...For a cake...Yes, you heard that last one alright)

News Reporter on TV: Tonight's news, a local Kaimon resident has been recently arrested for icing the roads in town with a stolen experimental ray gun. More at- (the TV then flips channels on a whim, as Maxtaro Onimada...Is bored out of his skull)

Maxtaro: (yawns as he watches TV, resting on the couch as he flips through channels) This is boring, never knew the house is kind of dead without Mom and Dad around. (then stares at his Aunt Ami, passed out drunk on the floor, a glass of finished eggnog in her hand) ...How much rum did she put in that glass now? (sweat drop. Suddenly, his older brother Kenshin enters the room)

Kenshin: (waves a hand) Yo yo. Scoot over, you're hogging the couch.

Maxtaro: (with a look of surprise as he moves his legs to a proper sitting position) Huh, no plans for you today too?

Kenshin: Well duh. (sits down, a small frown on his face) You know, I think we should have went with Mom and Dad to that medical awards Mom got invited to.

Maxtaro: (now gives a frown himself) Kenshin, we can't go there anyway. Remember last year?

Kenshin: Yeah, we all raised a little Hell, wrecked the damn place, and almost got Mom's medical license revoked.

Maxtaro: ...And you still want to consider going? (sweat drop)

Kenshin: (growls) Because at least it was fun! This is boring as Hell, watching Aunt Ami get drunk for like the hundredth time!

Ami: (weakly moans, if only to lift a hand) two hundred to be exact… (before going back to her stupor)

Kenshin: Exactly! (groans) Are we really gonna spend this day like this? Be cooped up in this house when we can be doing something exciting?!

Maxtaro: ...We got a TV? (an awkward silence arose)

Kenshin: ...Oh yeah, we do. (smiles) What's on?

Maxtaro: (taken aback a bit at Kenshin's sudden mood change) Mood whiplash much? (sighs and flips the channels, while reading a TV guide) Well, we got a Gamera Holiday Special on.

Kenshin: (his mood suddenly taking a better turn) Gamera? Then what are we waiting for, flip that sucker on-

Maxtaro: (scowls) Hell no, we're gonna watch this special on Sekigahara. I'm damn sure Tao is gonna put that in that obvious pop quiz I'll be taking when school starts again-

Kenshin: (in a much more aggressive stance) Screw education! Gamera is the friend of all children so we better freaking watch his special! He died for our sins you know!

Maxtaro: (shocked at Kenshin's outburst...And that rather stupid fact about Gamera) The Hell?! No wonder why you barely graduated high school, you keep watching those stupid turtle movies!

Kenshin; (growls) We're watching Gamera or I'll piledrive ya!

Maxtaro: (growls in response) I'll piledrive you first! (both growl and nearly butting heads...until a thought came up for the two) Wait, we can't fight...Not in the house at least…

Kenshin: ...And it's freaking cold outside...Arm wrestling?

Maxtaro: (nods) Hell yes. (moments later, the two have set up the coffee table, both locking their dominant hands together) Winner gets to choose what to watch, got it?

Kenshin: (grins) Hell yes. Confident, are we now?

Maxtaro: (chuckles) Been practicing just for you… (then roars as an aura of flames seems to have surround him) I am ready for you this time around! That scar on my nose can tell this is my time!

Kenshin: Heh, like you can ever beat me in strength! (roars) Let's do this!

Maxtaro: Gladly! (as the two jerk their arms forward...The table suddenly explodes in a shower of splinters, the two brothers suddenly pulled down by gravity as the supports are destroyed with ease by their combined brute strength) ...Oh crap…

Kenshin: (shocked) I know...We haven't moved a damn inch yet! A first! Did you take steroids for this?!

Maxtaro: (growls) Not that, you moron! (moments later, the two now look at the pile of shattered wood, caused by their own absurd strength) Oh my god...Mom loved this table…

Kenshin: (frowning) Yeah...She's gonna kill you.

Maxtaro: (growls) Don't pin this on me, it's on you too!

Kenshin: Relax, we can explain this to Mom and Dad…Right? (the two could only imagine the wrath of their parents, their mother especially, causing the two to shudder) Okay, we're really screwed. (sweat drop)

Maxtaro: Well, what the Hell can we do now? (groans) this is why we need another TV…

Kenshin: Little brother...I got a solution. We need to buy Mom...A cake. (another awkward silence kicks in, the snoring of their sleeping Aunt the only thing heard)

Maxtaro: (utterly baffled at the solution given at hand) ...The Hell?

Kenshin: Think about it, remember that one time I kicked you in the face when we were kids, and Mom totally let me off the hook when I offered her that candy cane?

Maxtaro: (not really recalling said incident) ...Noooo...Wait a damn minute, she let you off the hook?! (shocked at this reveal) Seriously?!

Kenshin: (shrugs) Sweets can do that. (hands Maxtaro a can of soda) Like I can tell ya right now I sold half half your Shonen Jump collection while you're drinking that soda.

Maxtaro: (already popping the tab and drinking it like crazy) What now?

Kenshin: (nods) Exactly. Come with me, we're going on a cake run.

Maxtaro: Hang on, we can't just leave the house for a cake run! You know Mom is going home soon once she figures she's not gonna win anything in that stupid awards thingy!

Kenshin: (ponders) Crap, that's right...Unless…


(suddenly, just outside their house, Ami Onimada stumbles outside, barely sober yet miraculous able to function)

Ami: (grumbles) Why the Hell did I agree to this?

Maxtaro: Oh shut up Aunt Ami, you're our only hope for this plan to work after all!

Ami: (growls) Can't you two retarded dumbasses just get in trouble when they get back?!

Kenshin: (scoffs) You do know this means you're gonna get part of the blame too, since you're supposed to watch us.

Ami: (stunned) Uh! (grumbles even more) This sucks. And how am I supposed to get there anyway?!

Maxtaro: I don't know, hitchhiking?! Just go there and distract Mom and Dad from ever getting home! I bet there's booze at the place so get going!

Ami: Booze huh? (ponders) Tempting...Fine, but you two owe me for this!

Kenshin: Good luck! (the brothers could only hear Ami's grumbling as she walks away) Alright, let's do this!

Maxtaro: Wait, how the Hell are we going to pull this off? Walking is gonna take forever.

Kenshin: Not so, little brother! (pulls out keys for a truck) Got the keys from Dad's pickup!

Maxtaro: (surprised) Where did you get that?

Kenshin: (with a low smile) ….Yeah, I swiped it from his pocket before he left in that crappy sedan he rented. (Maxtaro frowns at this answer) Well, no use crying over that now, right? (he walks over to the parked truck, opening the door to the driver's side) Come on, time's a wastin!

Maxtaro: (grumbles as he follows suit, opening the passenger's door as he goes to the seat) Dad is going to kill you when he finds out you're using his truck.

Kenshin: (grinning as he presses the key into the ignition) Oh relax Maxtaro, he never checks the gas.

Maxtaro: (annoyed) Well, he'll check for the obvious dents for sure! You suck at driving!

Kenshin: (offended) Whoa, I'll have you know I've been practicing!

Maxtaro: ...Yeah, like playing several hours at the arcade counts as practice. (rolls his eyes as he fastens the seat belt)

Kenshin: (annoyed) Hey, Virtual Drivers Education for arcade counts as practice and I didn't run over anyone in it, so there! (he then sets the shift...and Reverses right into the car parked close to them) ...Shut up. (sweat drop)

Maxtaro: (moans) Oh god helps us all, at least Dad isn't here…


(meanwhile, at the edge of town…The boys father, Hiro Onimada has his own night to frown upon)

Hiro: (having just parked that ugly puke colored sedan he rented just for this occasion, adjusting his tie) ...I still think we could have used the truck, Miki. (Miki Onimada, the mother of the boys, straightens her suit jacket, opting to wearing a business suit she rarely wore for the night)

Miki: Hiro, just suck it up and support me...Cause I'm going to win this year! (she then readies herself to step out of the car)

Hiro: (realizing something amiss) Uh, when was the last time you wore high heels- (Miki quickly stumbles and trips face first on the floor) I knew it… (sweat drop)

Miki: (raising a hand while still lying down) I'm okay!

Hiro: (sighs) The boys better be doing something more interesting than this…


(back to our heroes, riding into town…)

Kenshin: (at the wheel) I spy with my little eye...Something that's yellow!

Maxtaro: (rolling his eyes) It's the seventh cab that cut us off, isn't it?

Kenshin: (rather annoyed) Hell yeah! (growls) Gonna tip one over these days…

Maxtaro: Hey, focus on the task here. (sweat drop) So, you said there's a store that sells really good cakes?

Kenshin: Oh yeah, there is. I heard it from a guy I know who knows a guy who happens to know a guy...Who's related to a guy who works there. (Maxtaro couldn't really tell if he is impressed by this...or just plain baffled at this information)

Maxtaro: ...Oh-Kay then. (sighs) Well, he better be right, because any cake that doesn't cut it, expect Mom to have us clean toilets for months.

Kenshin: (chuckles) Relax, we'll get this done in one piece-

Maxtaro: (frantic as Kenshin is speeding towards a stop sign) Watch it! (Kenshin quickly turns at the last second, the side mirror taking a nasty graze as a result) Are you even watching the road?!

Kenshin: (laughs) See? If we're together, we can get this done in one piece!

Maxtaro: (baring fangs) One piece my ass! And slow down! They said on the news some dick froze most of the roads! (it wasn't long for the two to park close to the cake shop, both walking their way to the door) You know, I wonder why we only got the jackets for work to wear. (as he adjusted his dark grey jacket)

Kenshin: Hey, don't rag on the jackets. They represent our family carpenter's business. (he then plants a closed fist on the horned smiley patched onto the right breast of his dark blue jacket) Take pride in our work Maxtaro, that's all I'm saying. Besides, they look kickass, so quit your bitching.

Maxtaro: Well, I know that, but we do have other casual jackets, right? (the two enter and notice a single girl, working at the counter)

Girl: Welcome to Sweet Forgiveness! How may we be of service?

Kenshin: Yeah, we're hoping to order one of your best cakes here.

Maxtaro: Enough to have a really angry mother to forgive stupid sons like us?

Kenshin: And make it snappy too...We kind of screwed up big time.

Girl: (ponders) Hmmm, I would suggest the Strawberry Festival Delight, which brings the best in forgiveness over the rest of our cakes! Only five thousand yen! (the two brothers are shocked at such a hefty price)

Kenshin: (still baffled) Whoa, that's kind of pricey.

Maxtaro: Yeah...We only got three thousand with us…

Girl: Oh, it's okay! After all, I bet you carpenters have some more cash in that truck of yours! (both brothers frown, realizing this girl figure out their part time jobs) My co-worker said his cousin knows a guy who knows a carpenter who wears that jacket and I know you guys have enough cash! (winks) One cake, coming up!

Maxtaro: (grumbles) Told ya we should have wore other jackets...We stand out too much. (scoffs) Wearing this with pride my ass.

Kenshin: (growls) Shut it. I guess we better pull out that emergency fund in the truck. (then suddenly, a large number of sweater wearing men, led by a man in a white sweater with the entire group looking like rejects for the Cosby show, flooded into the store)

White Sweater Man: Hey! You got a Strawberry Festival Delight in store?!

Girl: Eh? (holding the boxed cake) Sorry, this is the last one-

WS-Man: We'll triple the offer! No change necessary!

Girl: (shocked) Eh?! (the Onimada brothers however, found this to be a tad unfair)

Kenshin: Whoa, hang on a damn minute! (growls) We were here fair and square! (points at the girl) I had to resort using my Dad's emergency funds just to get that cake, so back off!

Maxtaro: Hell yeah! Why the Hell do you need that cake?!

WS-Man: Shut up! You hand us that cake then!

Kenshin: Oh yeah? Make us! (Maxtaro frowns as it appears the sweater clad men are rolling their sleeves, revealing tattoos of various natures. What's worse is that they appear to pulling out small blunt objects out of their pockets, ranging from pipes to brass knuckles)

Maxtaro: ...I was worried that they would react to that. (sweat drop)

Kenshin: ...Hey girl. (the suddenly scared girl then pokes her head out from the counter, having cowered in fear)

Girl: Y-Yeah?

Kenshin: We'll work on fixing this store for ya tomorrow...After we wreck the Hell out of these jackasses! (as he says this, he grabs a wooden chair and slams it right on the head of the White Sweater Man, who falls on his back as the chair is ripped apart into pieces)

Maxtaro: (taken aback) Holy crap!

Sweater Men: Get em!

Kenshin: (roars, holding the chair legs as weapons) Come get some you asshats!

Maxtaro: (sighs) No choice then! (he avoids a swung pipe and throws a punch to an attacker's cheek, who flies across the store and crashes against a glass counter. However, Maxtaro gets hit from the back from another thug with brass knuckles) Ah! Son of a- (Kenshin, with beastly speed, swings one of his makeshift weapons at his brother's attacker with monstrous strength, the thug slamming hard on the tile floor, cracks being seen)

Kenshin: (only staring a deathly glare at the remaining attackers) Come on Maxtaro. (hands Maxtaro a chair leg) You better not slack off on me.

Maxtaro: (groans in annoyance) Don't tell me the obvious. (gives similar glares to their attackers) Don't know why they give a damn about this cake...But frankly, they need an asskicking.

Sweater Thug: Let's do this! Teach those punks a lesson! (loud cries of agreement are heard as they slowly walk up to the Onimada brothers)

Kenshin and Maxtaro: Just try it!

Girl: (still cowering behind the counter) D-Don't wreck the place too much.. (sweat drop. Both sides roar as the fight heads into a destructive fury, as objects were shattered and glasses scattered all about as bodies collided into the various counters, walls, and tables. Minutes later...)

Kenshin: (headbutting one of the remaining thugs standing until the man finally crumbles, letting the man fall down in a heap) Bitch!

Maxtaro: (having just wrecked the last thug, punching the man's face in a ground and pound position before getting up, breathing heavily. Both brothers looked at the wreck store, battered and bruised) Damn...Remind me never to bring you along for a cake run ever again.

Kenshin: Oh shut up. For once, I don't even know why those Bill Cosby wannabes wanted to kick our asses for a freaking cake. (Maxtaro took a careful look at the tattoos of the thugs)

Maxtaro: ...Dude, those are Yakuzas round your age...Are you sure this isn't something you did to piss them off?

Kenshin: (growls) Hell no! (grumbles as he walks up to the counter) Sorry for the damages.

Girl: Uh, n-no problem...Just please fix this before my Boss gets back from his vacation...I'm sooo screwed. (sweat drop) Just take the cake as payment.

Kenshin: (smirks as he grabs the box) No problem. Pleasure doing business with you. (the two stumble out of the wrecked store) Man, that was interesting.

Maxtaro: I guess, but seriously Kenshin...I really think we really pissed off someone now and this night ain't over yet.

Kenshin: (chuckles) Oh come on Maxtaro, whose dumb enough to mess with us? (as soon as he said this...A large van struck Kenshin as he bounced off the windshield, tumbling onto the hard concrete floor as he drops the box of cake)

Maxtaro: (shocked) Kenshin! (suddenly, an airborne figure drops from the sky and lashes out at his chest with both feet, drop kicking him through the glass window of the store. The teenage male, the attacker, shouting at the van's driver)

Teenage Boy: Damn Freddy! You didn't need to kill the guy with the van! (Freddy, a large man, emerges out of the van with annoyance)

Freddy: Hey, it's not like I did it on purpose, Nobita! They did say some jackass froze most of the roads on the news! (then a slender dark haired female pops out of the back) M-Mistress Sachiko! you shouldn't out in the cold!

Sachiko: (with a rather powerful voice) Nonsense Fred, I am simply the heiress of the Ryuusei Clan, not a Goddess. And I came to pick up what's mine myself. (takes a careful look at the wrecked store) It's too bad the men you send out here couldn't do the job. (she walks towards the box and picks it up) Good...It's still safe- (Kenshin, lying on the ground, moans to catch her attention) Hmmm?

Kenshin: (groans in pain) No offense...But we got that fair and square…

Sachiko: Wait, that horned smile symbol on the jacket. (her eyes then widen) Kenshin Onimada…

Kenshin: ...Do I know you? (Sachiko simply walks over to him...And stomps a heel on his chest) Ow! What the Hell?!

Sachiko: Now I know why the men I sent out failed...But don't think this is over. (she then drops a cell phone next to his hand) Expect a call from me, because this night is not over officially, you bastard. (then shouts out) Fred! Nobita! We're leaving!

Nobita: (surprised) We're not gonna handle those losers Sachi?

Sachiko: (grins) No worries, I have something in store for them! Fred, keep the cake at your place for now! Until those two are destroyed...I refuse to bring it back home!

Fred: Uh! Y-Yes Mistress! (it wasn't long for Sachiko Ryuusei, the young heiress of the Ryuusei Yakuza Clan, to leave as the Onimada brothers...Are in pain and massive annoyance, leading to one obvious question)

Kenshin: ...The Hell did I do to that bitch? (sweat drop)

Maxtaro: (groaning from afar) My spleen..

To be continued!


Bonus: The Major Players Of This Tale! Pt 1!

Maxtaro Onimada: Our hero for this tale, a 17 year old jerky class president with a heart of gold along with a scar on his nose! He's kind of a mental mess at times but thank his Aunt Ami's lack of parenting for that issue! A strong fighter but is he really going to risk his butt for a cake?

Kenshin Onimada: Our second hero! 19 year old recent high school graduate, he's the upcoming successor to his father's carpenting business and a damn strong fighter in the streets of Kaimon. Loves to tease his brother but is also protective of him...Usually. It's his love for the Kaiju Gamera that got the brothers into this mess!

Sachiko Ryuusei: 18 year old Heiress to the Ryuusei Clan, she is a growing powerful young woman with a ruthless streak. From the prestigious Seikon High School, what is her major deal with Kenshin Onimada and that strawberry cake?

More to come!

Till Next Time!

Discussions / Class 12-K Discussion
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Yeah, I think I'll make all discussions regarding stories and characters in the Class 12-K Verse (aka Kaimon Verse) here.

Hope you guys enjoy the stories so far!

Manga Creations / Class 12-K: The Really Short Stories!
« on: September 23, 2015, 12:54:54 PM »
Class 12-K: The Really Short Stories

Left to right: Baku Mori, Nagase Omiko, Kyoko Hino, and Maxtaro Onimada...Have fun following those 4 XD

Art by Tamakichi

Hello, decided to share one of my current works, a series of mine called Class 12-K.

It stars 4 close friends and their classmates (should I ever give them a spotlight at times) and their lives in the town called Kaimon, a very very strange town. It's comedic and emotional (but mostly comedic) and I write these for a good chuckle or two. Mileage may vary. XD

I admit, lousy with details so here are some pics of the Main Four!

Maxtaro Onimada (left) and Baku Mori (right)


Kyoko Hino


Nagase Omiko


Apologies if the pic sizes surprises ya...I am not good with sizing images. QAQ

...Let's move on, shall we? XD

It's an ongoing series but there are finished short stories a chapter...So if I'm posting this at the wrong place, I apologize. lol I need to be careful at reading rules if that's the case.


Welcome Center / Hello there. ^_^
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Hi, my name is Dustin but you can call me Devil or Pogo.

26 years old but been writing stories since 2009. I mostly write for fun and I enjoy anime and manga, mostly High School related comedies and action.

I heard bout this site during a search and I'm kinda interested to try out a new community to visit. :)

Hope to make a decent addition for this place! Have a great day!

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