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Develop Your Story / The Takeshi Trials
« on: July 29, 2015, 09:01:29 PM »
Synopsis: Takeshi Shiitake is a high school Junior known to be an enigma at Shutingusuta Academy. He is a man of many talents but he never shows a deep interest in one talent or another or a specific passion for anything in general, or at least that's how he makes it seem to others  but truthfully Takeshi is just extremely lazy. But that all changes however when Takeshi is sucked into his own mind one day to face a council of his most fearsome ancestors and discovers he comes from a long line of supernatural Mercenaries and that on the 16th birthday of every heir to the family line is called before their predecessors literally clothed in their accomplishments and talents. When Takeshi not only appears nearly naked before his ancestors and learns he had his coronation postponed to give him a chance to accomplish something (Takeshi is 18) his ancestors nearly disown him. But when the first having been reminded of himself in Takeshi steps in to save him he ends up giving Takeshi Seven Talents that can be called upon and used in plenty of different ways. That along with his natural gift that the First awakens, Magic, which no one but the first himself had ever had as their natural gift. The First then told him he was to go and make huge accomplishments with these gift and by his Graduation if he hadn't done enough to impress the ancestors he'd die. With that Takesi was released and sent back to find a way to turn his Junior Year around big time. Along with a quickly captured best friend named Gai Shogo and the family's magical talking dog Naop he begins his comedic and sometimes dramatic journey to please his annoyed ancestors.  :tongue:

Possible Genres: Romance, Comedey, Supernatural, Slice of Life, Bara/Muscle (clean), Yaoi

Chapter 1

First Panel opens to a single student in his desk staring out of the window at the fiery orange afternoon sky with a seemingly Pensive look on his face.

Takeshi's Narration: My name is Takeshi Shiitake. High School Junior Second Seat, Class A.

Takeshi turns back toward the teacher still not really paying attention.


Takeshi's Narration: And by my Graduation from High School I'm destined to die.

Same picture as previous panel.


Narration Box: 3 Day's Earlier walking through the School Halls

Takeshi's Narration: It started out like any other day. Nothing much going on.

Takeshi hunched his shoulders as he heard the murmurs and whispers floating around.


Voice 1: "I heard he's never spoken a word out loud!"

Voice 2: "I heard he made a kid run crying just by looking at him."

Voice 3: "I heard he could lift a truck with his bare hands!"

Voice 1: "I heard that if you look him in the eye he'll steal your soul!"


Takeshi turns to where most of the murmurs were coming from with a frown and the hall immediately quieted.

Takeshi: The're obviously not really trying to whisper. At this point why even pretend like they are.


Takeshi's Narration: Then everything changed....Again....

Suddenly there was a crash. Turning to see the commotion Takeshi spotted a delinquent in a leather jacket with an arrogant sneer. He was holding the front of another students shirt in his fist, and the scrawny clearly weaker student shook in his grasp.


Takeshi: This idiot.

Takeshi starts to walk toward the ruckus.

Takeshi: He's gonna break my locker.


Delinquent: "Hey mouse! You just bumped into me! I think you owe me an apology..."

Delinquent get really close into his victims face.

Student: "B-but...I-I, I already s-said s-s-sorry!"


Takeshi: Now how do I move them without getting involved. What a bother.

Takeshi made his way toward the exchange. People gasped and cleared the way for him but the Delinquent remained oblivious and the student only freaked out more.


Delinquent: "That's not enough. I still feel insulted....I know! Why don't you kiss my boots as an apology"

The Delinquent would point to his black combat boots as Takeshi got closer with him still unaware.


Takeshi: *sighs*  That's taking it a bit far huh? Wonder what his deal is?

Takeshi: Well that's not really my problem. I guess I could just ask them politely to move away from my locker.

Takeshi pauses behind the bully casting his shadow over the bully and his victim causing the victim to pale even more but the bull engrossed in his torture doesn't notice.


Student: "P-Please.... -whimpers and shakes more- (p13)

Takeshi: "Oi, do you mind..." (p13)

Delinquent: "Begging won't.....(p13)Hey get your hands off me!" (p14)

Takeshi reaches the Delinquent and places a hand on his shoulder, preparing to asks the delinquent to move the scene from his locker, (p13) and having had his back to him the Delinquent shoves him before turning to the hulking frame of Takeshi looming over him. The Delinquent pales visibly. (p14)

Delinquent: "Oh...ummm  it's you...uh...buddy -gulps- He he he"

Delinquent gets a sweat mark on his forehead and an Uh Oh expression.


Takeshi's gets a tic mark over his forehead and his face darkens dramatically.

Delinquent edges away while the student takes the chance and runs off.


Delinquent: "I hadn't seen you there you know and-"

Delinquent continues to edge away shaking visibly.


Takeshi's Narration: Admitingly it was a stupid thing for me to do.

Takeshi brings his fist down on top of the Delinquents head once with a hard THUMP and the Delinquent immediately falls unconscious.

For a second there was complete silence (p19) and then everyone screamed and yelled like idiots rushing to different classes and hiding spaces. (p20)

Takeshi's Narration: *sigh* I just never Learn do I . This is the seventh time. I've already been kicked from three Schools because of this.

Takeshi looks comically depressed with an exasperated sweat mark at the back of his head.

Takeshi: Oh boy it happened again...


Then a student almost as tall as Takeshi but not as big wearing a Kendo Kimono with a Student Council Badge on it appears looking around practically sniffing Takeshi out.

Takeshi: Oh Crap!


Frantically looking for his own hiding space Takeshi runs in the opposite direction of the Kimono wearing guy and hides in a storage closet not already occupied by another student hiding from him. (p23)

Takeshi's Narration: That guy in the Kimono..... He's the Kendo Club Captain and Student Council President.

Takeshi's Narration: His name is Gai Shogo. Guy is an honor code valiant type that thinks he can save stray delinquents....namely myself.

Takeshi sighs rubbing his hands together and shivering a bit having realized it was cold in the storage closet.


Takeshi's Narration: Like everyone else at this school he heard about  my track record. Probably not anything to clear since personal records were off limits to students, but....You never know....

Takeshi: *sighs* "Isn't this just grand! *cough* It's been a while since I heard myself speak."

Takeshi stands and puts a hand onto the wall hanging his head continuing to talk to himself.


Takeshi: "That's right for some reason people are intimidated by my voice."

Side Note (meaning a note on outside edge of panel): Has a Deep and seemingly threatening voice.
Takeshi turns against the wall then slumps down.

Takeshi: "Why does this always happen? How can I ever relax and be lazy if I'm continuously surrounded by idiots that can't help but annoy me."


Takeshi looks to the side Tsking at himself

Takeshi: "And now that Council boy will never let me be! Just my luck!"


Takeshi crosses his arms and shivers comically.

Takeshi: "That guy scares me..."


Takeshi: "I really need to control myself better ...but that guy pushing me like that....Hmph. If he'd just run away like the others.....Do I have anger management issues?"(p29)

Takeshi closes his eyes.(p29) Suddenly there's a flash of bright light and when he opens his eye's he's  in a very familiar daydream. It's a solid blank room  and inside there is not a single decoration besides two reclining chairs the type of which you'd see in a Therapists office. Sitting on one of said chairs was the carbon copy of himself that looked only slightly older and more mature than him. As if he'd finally grown into his own body and was now comfortable in his skin where Takeshi was still mostly obtuse bulk slapped together in a sufficiently symmetrical way. His name was Pops. (p30)

Pops: "Shiitake! So nice to see you again....so what have you accomplished so far?"

Takeshi Narration: This same dream again. It always happened like this. This more matured version of myself would sit in this room that reminded me of an insane asylum and nag me about accomplishing things in my life! As if I was determined to be so lazy I wouldn't even put in the effort to die!


Takeshi: "If I've told you once I've told you a million times, Pops ,  I have not now or never will I accomplish anything in life! Except maybe becoming the worlds most lazy delinquent...

Takeshi crosses his arms stubbornly with a yawn that undermines that stubbornness.


Pops: *sighs* Why do you have to be a delinquent of all things...tell me again, for I can never understand....

Pops gives an exasperated expression much like a father whose kid just told him he's a no good delinquent and he's dropping out of school.


Takeshi: It's not like I TRY to be a delinquent. It just happens and I go with it.

Takeshi sits down in the other chair across from Pops.


Pops: So in other words you're just to lazy to actively attempt to explain yourself or find some other way to solve your problems?

An expression of sarcasm overrun's Pops's face as Takeshi lays back and closes his eyes in the chair.


Takeshi: "Yeah that pretty much sums it up!"

Takeshi stays laid back and chill but his his face adopts a bright almost impish smile as he responds.


Pops put his face in the palm of his right hand and let's out a loud grievous sigh.(p36)  Looking back up at the stubborn youth his face goes dark and a tic mark appears on his forehead in a near perfect imitation of Takeshi's earlier expression.(p37) And  on the next panel a bright red bump atop Takeshi's head shows that their expression wasn't their only similarity. (p38)

Takeshi rubs his bump gingerly with an annoyed expression on his face.

Takeshi: "I swear every time we do this it feels like you hit harder you old doppelganger! H-hey whats the mater..."


Takeshi looks at the older version of himself to see a look of worry with a hint of sadness.

Takeshi's Narration: This type of dream has been happening over and over since my 13th birthday. Every time it's almost the same with a little variation in the conversation here and there, but never had the mature look-alike of myself ever made a face like that and what happened after that is the events that started everything.


The next panel is pitch black as if someone had turned off all the lights suddenly.(p41) Then in the next panel a spotlight of light illuminates Takeshi leaving everything else black(p42), next Pops is illuminated (p43) and the next panel Pops begins to speak with the same background as previous panel. (p44)

Pops: "I'm afraid I can not shield you any longer nor give you any more time. You must face the council now for better or worse....AS YOU ARE.


As if by the force of his words in the next panel his clothes disappear and are replaced with what looks only to be a loincloth and bandages that cover nearly his entire body including his stomach, back, chest, arms, legs and neck.

Pops: "It is time we began this family reunion now. First up would be my brother your far too many greats to say Grand Uncle: Takeshi General!

Pops: That's not a joke either! Our parents really named him that! Well surprisingly he lived up to his name.


Beside Pops appeared another person that looked a lot like him but older. This one looked ancient though with grey hair streaked with white and hard lines on his face that screamed how battle-worn the man was and if possible a broader, much more sturdy, and HUGER frame than even him.

Takeshi's Narration: I couldn't believe or even understand what was going on and it was about to get a whole lot worse!


Narration Box: Meanwhile

In a typical looking principal office that is maybe a little....ok....a LOT more messy than the average principal office Captain Gai and the school principal hold a serious conversation but there is an absent minded look on the principal and Gai shows a scrutinizing look at the room around him.


Gai: Yessir Mr. Principal I'll find him. I don't think he was trying to escape the scene of the crime. Instead he probably just got spooked when I showed up.

Same picture as p47


Principal: A kid like that afraid of such a pure and honorable student like yourself? *begins to stack a few papers up on the desk only to have them fall back down in the next panel*


Gai: "He's not as bad s he seems. He's actually really smart and in very good shape. If he'd just apply himself and reel back on just following his base impulses he'd be a star student! I just know it! *Gai's eye's shine like two flashy stars as the stack of paper from the previous file falls to the floor and the principal looks down at it as it falls with a dull expression on his face.



MR Writers Anthology / A Family Matter: Gathering Bonds
« on: July 29, 2015, 01:38:23 AM »

Pup sighed as he leaned against the wall of the Pub's restroom. He impatiently glanced at his watch as he waited.

Pup: "C'mon out Cubs!"

Pup laughed. He was always amazed at how much his baby brother's bladder could actually hold.

Cub: "Alright Big Bro I'm out!"

 From one of the stalls a short kid around 10 to 11 dawdled out. Like his 18 year old brother he had sky blue hair and a Ethnic appearance do to their Latino blood. Unlike his brother his eye's were hazel instead of pink and he hadn't yet grown a goatee and mustache yet.

Cub: "Big Bro Where are we going again"

Cub rushed to the sink to wash his hands. Pup picked him up by the hips so that he could reach the sink.

Pup: "I'm taking you to visit cousin Biggs while I go to look for Writer-Tan Sensei."

After quickly scrubbing his hands and washing them Cub squirmed from Pup's grasp.

Cub: "Aww but Big Bro I want to go with you!"

Cub pouts childishly and stands stubbornly far away from the bathroom exit.

Pup: "Cub, you can't-"

Cub starts to sob very loudly and exasperated Pup looks around frantically as if an answer will fall from the sky. Finally hanging his head with an animated tear drop at the back of his head Pup resigned.

Pup: "Fine, fine just don't get in the way okay?"

With a celebratory cheer Cub jumps onto Pup's back as they make their way out of the restroom. Grabbing a quick apple juice box for Cub and a bottle of Sake for himself for later they head out of the Pub and started toward the section of the City Writer-Tan was supposed to be in charge of. He understood that finding her wouldn't be easy but he wasn't the type to give up. The city was a buzz as usual but as they crossed toward the writers section they could see that this part of the city was just a little bit more lax.

Pup: Alright Cub I'm going to stop for a bit to check my equipment, Get down for a sec.

Pup stopped and waited as Cub climbed down then he went over his equipment. Pup wore a blue vest with gold embroidered Japanese characters scattered across it and baggy khaki cargo shorts with a strange utility belt. In this belt were an assortment of magical writing utensil's and on his right hip hung a scroll as long as his leg. The paper of the scroll itself was gold but the edges and casing was sky blue with golden characters embroidered all over it. There were different random characters from Japanese, Egyptian, Hebrew, English Spanish, and French to name Most of them.

Pup: "Everything's Here."

Pup kneel led down quickly fixing Cub's sky blue kimono and refastening a loose sandal and hauled him back onto his back.

Cub: "How much longer must we search!"

Pup: "As long as it takes! This is why I wanted you to stay with Cousin Biggs!"

Cub: "Well it's fine since I get to spend the entire day with Big Bro instead of waiting with the maids while Bid Bro trains!"

Cub spit the last word out with a little venom tightening his hold on Pup's neck.

Pup: "Cub that's..."

Suddenly Pup heard  near silent whooshes in the air and jumped back at the last moment as a flurry of pencils shot just past his right one managing to even graze his arm. Not being given a rest just yet Pup jumps again as another wave comes and another. The waves of pencils seeming to come from nowhere. Until Pup jumped far out of range he had measured the projectiles capable of reaching. Then after a familiar smell Pup grabbed the stapler from the left side of his belt midair and extending the magical grappling hook he swung onto a streetlamp neck swinging over the pile of slippery ink landing on the other side. Just as Pup thought he might finally get some rest however he caught whiff of a deadly scent.

Pup: Is She trying to kill me!

Quickly but gently throwing Cub to the side out the way snatched a knife pen from his right side of the belt, pushing the button that usually slid out the knife a long sword blade slid out and slicing quickly in the air using both his advanced sight and hearing Pup sliced up the soaring erasers careful not to let even a fleck touch him less part of his being gets erased. After Pup strained to sense any more dangers coming at him from any angle and once he was sure the cost was clear he lowered the blade with a sigh and the second before he let out the breath the blade of another's pen sword pressed against his neck just hard enough to draw a thin line of blood. Careful not to even gulp he wondered at how she had managed to sneak up on him since he hadn't even dropped his senses yet.

Mysterious Voice: "You still let down your guard to easy!"

The blade disappears from his neck and Pup lets out a relieved breath.

Mysterious Voice: "But you have improved greatly nonetheless! Your training has certainly served you well."

Pup: "Thank you Writer-Tan Sensei!"

Re-sheathing his Pen and  pulling the stapler from the lamppost and re-sheathing that as well Pup turned to see the section of the city that now looked like a disaster area covered in holes and pencils and pencil fragments with a huge ink puddle, a bent lamppost neck and eraser pieces and eraser dust scattered everywhere. Then he turned to see cub had been put to sleep without his notice Probably by Sensei so that he couldn't warn his brother. Pup sighed.

Pup: "You sure don't hold back do you Sensei?"

Writer-Tan: "Why should I? Besides YOU asked ME to train you remember?"

Writer-Tan walked over to cub her sharp features softening into a smile as she fixed her glasses and gently woke cub.

Writer-Tan: "I'm pleased you have advanced this far."

Cub wakes sleepily looking from Writer-Tan to Pup confused for a second before pouting.

Cub: "No fair Wri-chan! Putting me to sleep like that."

Pup walked over kneeling away from Cub so that he could climb back onto his back. After retaking his place Cub held on tighter so as not to lose his place again.

Pup: "Don't whine so much Cubby! Writer-Sensei was only keeping you safe."

Writer-Tan: "I'm sorry my little Cub but I had to make sure your brother was ready for the next step! But come on you two we can continue this discussion in the Pub let's go! I need some Sake!"

Pup: "I have a bottle of Sake Sensei we don't have to go all the way back to the Pub."

Writer-Tan waved away Pup's response.

Writer-Tan: "Nah, Don't think I've forgotten how you get with Sake! I'll go get my own bottle thank you very much!"

Without further argument Writer-Tan walked off briskly leaving the still tired Pup to struugle to keep up with her.

Soon enough the three made it back to the Pub and wandered into one of the more empty rooms taking a seat on one of the comfy green futons. Pup had gotten a whole jug of Apple Juice for Cub to drink and had pulled out the bottle of Sake he'd saved and began to quickly drain it.

Pup: "So will I be able to resume my training with you Sensei?"

Writer-Tan: "I already taught you all I can teach you for now. The rest you must learn on your own."

Writer tan pours Sake into a plate cup (can't remember what they're called) and begins to sip brushing her long blonde hair from her eye's.

Pup: "But you told me after the Training with the elder monks at that Oasis to come back to you so I could begin my final phase of training!"

Writer-Tan poured another plate cup and continued.

Writer-Tan: "And so you shall, but that training has nothing to do with me..."

Writer-Tan takes another long sip putting up a finger to silence Pup.

Writer-Tan: "The final phase of your training is simple.....Go make friends......"

Writer tan abandons the cup plate and starts drinking Sake straight from the bottle.

Pup: "How does that have anything to do with training!"

Pup finishes off the rest of his more than half-full bottle and mutters to himself childishly. Writer-Tan smacks Pup with a ruler that seemed to have come from nowhere.

Writer-Tan: "When you figure that out you will become a Master in your own right. Now if you ever want to take back your position in your Family and Punish that person you'd better get started!"

Pup who had been grudgingly rubbing his head sobered instantly a Solemn look taking over his features as he glanced over to Cub to ensure he hadn't hear the remark.

Writer-Tan: "Your assignment is to start off by befriending some of the newer writers maybe a few specter's and eventually I want you to befriend at least one 1st Generation Mod understood?"

Pup: "I understand."

Pup put away the empty Sake bottle  and stood up.

Pup: "It's been real Sensei. I'll see you again."

Walking toward Cub who had only just finished the jug of apple juice Pup pulled him onto his back and made his way out into MR City ready to begin his exploration of the city and his search for new acquaintances and new bonds to forge.

To Be Continued....

Develop Your Story / Love, War, and Secrets: A Journey of Adventurers
« on: July 28, 2015, 08:40:03 AM »
First a bit of background on the world, setting, etc.

Setting: Planet Nexia (A planet very similar to earth in most regards) Time would be a mix of modern, advanced, and Mid-Evil. Further explanation Technology will be super advanced but everything is still in a Mid-evil scheme as the world is kept in balance with nature and value of humility so there are technologically advanced carriages but no cars and everything advanced by technology will have a mid-evil or modern theme.

(Spoiler) World Backstory: In this world the mortals lived happily in harmony with the gods who were kind and loving to them. In return for the plentiful blessings and aid the humans praised them and had faith in them which gave the gods strength that served to empower and feed them. The humans prayers kept them strong, and the gods (most of them), unlike most humans were kind, giving, fair, and always just. The humans often under appreciated the gods and all they did for them and even began taken them for granted but before long they realized their error upon the arrival of the Dragons, and Demons. In this universe there are three all powerful entities. They were the Gods, Dragons, and Demons. This were their proper names of their existence. The Gods were the first to get tired of their aimless wonder through space and settled on Nexia and created the humans and animals, then flooding the world with plentiful blessing, food, beauty, and all manner of gifts for their creations. The Demons had thought them a fool for tying themselves down and the dragons just continued their wandering undisturbed by the other two. However curiosity gaining the better of them the Demons tried to recreate the Gods world o their own just to see what the appeal may be. They ending up making humans with more demonly attributes and named them chimera. The Dragons who had been interested in this but not enough to tie down to a single planet carved a palace from a meteorite and created humans with characteristics of the animals of the Gods planet. These they named the beastmen. However the Demons failed to support their planet and people properly and the  dragons had not given their people a stable enough home and the Dragons and Demons Creations began to dying. Having each grown fond of their people at least the Dragons and Demons evacuated their created homes and fled to Nexia. There they discovered the empowering strength caused by a humans sincere and extreme emotion. Enjoying this power the the intruding deities went about carving places for themselves and their people in the world. This caused a problem not only between the three deities but also the three different human races that now inhabited Nexia. Soon Enough a war broke out unleashing horror unimaginable upon Nexia. Soaking her soil in blood, sorrow, and sad bleeding hearts. But in between this very long war grew small points of understanding, hope, and even love. Soon enough a certain family was born from the product of the now entangled planet and it's war. This colorful family that somehow survived all the hatred and violence was a general mix of all the different human races and the heirs of that family were three brothers. They were triplets but one was Human, one Chimera, and one Beastman. These three brothers who had seen heaven and hell throughout their life single handedly stopped the war. The Beastman went to the Gods to beg them for peace he was a truly wise man and this is why he went to the Gods who loved wisdom, the Chimera went to the Dragons who valued strength and honor he was a strong and virtuous man and he demanded peace from the dragons, and the regular human who was clever but mischevious challenged the Demons to a game of riddles with peace as his prize should he win. Each brother won over their respective deities but was all toldthe war had gone too far for even them to stop. But they were told with each deities divine protection they would gather enough followers to make a difference and they'd be given a power to bring peace and balance to this world. This is how the three brothers each leading their own groups not only ended the war but founded the powers that now balanced Nexia and gave the humans strength where they had none before. These were Nexia's first and founding guilds. These powers were the power given by the Gods who embody creation and wisdom the power of Magic given to Magisters of the Mage's guilds, the power given by the Dragons who embody Destruction and Noble Strength the power of Might given to Guardians of the Warriors Guilds, and the power given by the Demons who embody Chaos, Mischief, and Clever Wills the power of Murk given to Rangers of the Rogue Guilds. Each of the Three Brother's were given a direct blessing by the leaders of the deities along wit the Promise that a true heir of each of the three would always be given a contract with their respective deity and to sow their promise the leaders each made the very first contract themselves with the brothers. In the entire history of Nexia however this is the only time a leader of a deity has ever directly contracted with an heir.

Main Story: Story starts off with just two Guardians of the Warriors Guild: Kosame Yasashi namida and Gekisen Hageshi sakebi. They are the best of friends and know eachother better than anyone else...or so they thought. One day however Gekisen learns Kosame was not originally a Guardian and they will each soon find out they both have dark and troubled past's. This discoveries start upon the capture or a Ranger (each of the three classes has various subclasses that specializes in a certain aspect of that class btw) who had been contracted to capture Kosame by a mysterious contracter. Kosame fearing it's survivors from his family starts to worry eventually causing him to reveal abit of his dark family past to Gekisen and starting the two on a journey to ensure Kosame's safety. Having tagged along thouroughly defeated and unable to return to his guild after failing his contract the rogue Sairentokaramiti Sairento shidare (Sairen for short) accompanies the two quickly becoming a friend of the two she eventually begins to reveal her own troubled past. The two continue to meet new and interesting companions and acquaintances usually with a story to tell and eventually uncover a secret that will change everything. Soon it'll be in the hands of the three friends along with *spoiler* Kosame's little brother to try and prevent a war or in worse case scenario lead a fight against a new unknown force. (Another Spoiler) This force is the Celestials a newly born Deity group with huge ambitions and surprising power.(End Spoilers) Throughout the story Kosame and Gekisen nurture a quirky and refreshing romance that his it's funny moments, serious moments, clueless moments, sad moments, and every other moment you can imagne. Through out the story the Kosame who knows from the beginning he loves Gekisen haves eye's for no other which sometimes gets him labled as cold and aloof which somehow only winds up getting him even more admirers. He is too afraid to tell Gekisen how he feels afraid of losing Geki's precious friendship or even urting him. Also relunctant to get too close to anyone and already being as close as he is to Gekisen sometimes is cold or pushes him away believeing all that he loves is doomed if he let's himself get to close to that love. However he still gets jealous of the girls constantly surrounging Gekisen. Gekisen is a bit more clueless. He is an adorable airhead whose child-lke care-free playful nature attracts many girls that adore his impish behavior. He adores all the attention especially fromm pretty girls but adores attention from Kosame most of all. Gekisen gets jealous whenever anyone else takes Kosame's attention and often childishly interrupts or pulls stunts and pranks to keep Kosame's attention. He can't stand to see Kosame take even a remote interest in anyone else. Kosame truly loves Kosame but is not even aware of it himself thus he has no reason to confess a love he knows nothing about. In his ind Kosame is simply his and he thinks nothing more past that not bothering or rather not thinkiing to go more in detail than that simple thought.


Gods: Zodiacs+Constellations (More detail later once developed)

Dragons: Greek Gods (More detail later...)

Demons: Egyptian Gods (MDL...)

Celestials: (Wanna use the Japaneese Gods but wouldn't even know where to start there plus needs a set number of main gods with 12 or under in there and Japaneese have so many don't even know which are the main ones. )

Note: Though I'll be using the names and maybe even some of the power and personalities of these certain gods does not necessarily mean they'll be the traditional versions you're used to and there is only one Deity that are actually Gods and what seperates what makes a Deity what is their embodyment: Gods;Creation, Dragons;Destruction, Demons;Chaos, Celestials;Elements/Order

Kosame: Cool level-headed guy with a mysterious past. In his youth he had joined the Warriors guild to escape his past thinking to fade into the crowd but soon adopted by the spirited Guardian Gekisen who is the only one responsible from pulling Kosame out of his deepest darkness ends up becoming one of the Warrior Guilds two strongest Rookie Ace's and is thought to surpass not only the current S-Class Guardians but possibly even the guildmaster himself along with Gekisen. Kosame can be very kind and gentle when noone seems to see although Gekisen notices even though Kosame isn't aware of that. For the most part most see him as Gekisen's cool and unapproachable partner (which of course means everyone tries to approach him) and has an amazing reputation of being always calm and being the guild's best strategist.

Gekisen: Spirited and Impish Guardian who inspires awe and plain good natured childishness in others. He can be overly childish and playful but always means well. He is one of the Warrior's Guild Rookie Ace's said to be the closest to surpassing the guildmaster when he becomes an S Class Guardian. Out ot the two Rookies Gekisen is considered the stronger and sometimes the more popular. He attracts many pretty girls who enjoy adoring him like a little brother and he adores the attention although he never really considers anything serious with any girl. He has a devotionto his best friend Kosame and an unending thisrst for Kosaame's atention. Gekisen on rare occasion can get serious and when he does theres never a more frightening or sobering sight and even rarer he can get sad. When that happens Kosame is the only one who can comfort him.

Sairen: She was a Rookie Ace from the Ranger's Guild. Before she had been contracted to capture Kosame she had never once failed to perfectly complete a contract. She had the bad luck of her first failed assignment being a major contract and when a ranger fails a major contract they are very rarely forgiven or given another chance. They are usually cast out of the guild and shunned and blacklisted. Most of them like Sairen don't even bother to return understanding their unacceptable failure. Sairen although torn by the loss of her life's work rarely shows sign of that or any other emotion. She's silent and a bit depressing most times but has a bad habit of like most girls not being able to resist lavishing Gekisen with attention and affection in a manner very uncharacteristic of her. As she grows closer to the two main characters she opens up more and is more woodsy and fun. She sings the birds and animals from the trees and is a forest style tom boy. She fiercely protects the two with her life once she finally does become friends with them as that is just the way she is.

More characters later...

Character Appearances:


Human Type: Nexian (regular)

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Hair Type/Color: Medium Dreadlocks/ Green

Facial Hair: Yes: Connected Goatee and mustache combo

Skin Type: Latino

Body Type: Tall, Bara Muscular, slightly hairy arms, chest, and legs

Eye Color: Emerald Green

Usual Attire: Gold and Green Light Armor from top to Waist with a golden robe underneath slit on the right for easy Maneuverability, Gold and Emerald Scabbard on right hip that holds one sword, White Warriors Gyild Crest on light armor 


Human Type: Beastman: Dogman

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Hair Type/Color: Short close cropped cut w/ Naturally Wild n' Messy look/ Fiery Red with Orange streak

Facial Hair: Fiery Red Goatee with Orange tinge at the bottom

Skin Type: Caucasian

Body Type: Short, Bara Muscle, slightly hairy chest, Dog Ears, Tail, and hairy dog hands and feet. As well as a cute Fang that stays poked out on his Impish Smile.

Eye Color: Fiery Orange

Usual Attire: Tan shirt w/ Brown Leather Vest, brown Leather Pants, Red Scabbard embroidered with Gold designs that's strapped across his chest holding his swords (He has Two), golden Warrior Guild crest on vest


Human Type: Chimera: Succubus 

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Hair Type/Color: Long and Flowing/ Midnight Blue

Facial Hair:  >:( ........None

Skin Type: Sky Blue

Body Type: D Cup, tall and slender w/ slight hourglass figure, small bat like wings on back, flawless skin

Eye Color: Saphire

Usual Attire: Midnight Blue cloak almost as dark as night, Scabard Belt with holsters on each Side for  one dagger for each side and five throwing knives, cloak has many hidden crevices and hiding places for weapons, black boots with knives hidden at hilts, archery gloves, black bow, black quiver full of silver arrows, silver Rogue Guild crest on cloak

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Hey I think I'm relatively new in more ways than one. To be honest I've never done anything like a manga, but I am a writer and I'm in the middle of quite a few novels but I have always wanted to try making a manga but just gave it up as impossible since I am horrible at drawing and I don't personally know any good artists. I'd like to get to know the awesome people here to give me a bit courage and maybe one day I'll find an artist once I have more confidence. Oh, something you should know I prefer Bara manga but I would most likely make a cleaner version of it. My main characters would still fit the Bara mold though.  ;)  :tongue:  :clapping:  :sure:

Also my actual name is Anthony but you can call me NavyPup!

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