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Manga Writers wanted / need writer for a game project .( unpay)
« on: May 31, 2014, 11:46:10 AM »
now i am in a mmorpg game project. and we need people to write story for quest and other thing. if there is writer that is interesting  it can find me on skype as kinre/kinrean.

to those who are interesting ,  this is a un pay project , for now at last.
there is only a little about the story we have writes.  so i find there is no point to give it.
the game setting is on  fantasy midden age  .

we have people on coding and model but we really have very little writer, so you may have more space to do what you like. although i can't say for sure since i am not the boss.

and last thing i am just a middlemen  .

as the topic say, what is your favorite drawing and artist?
 the aim of this topic  is to show other people or new member  good drawing in manga raiders in 1 place / topic, 
cause some of  the artist will be forgotten ( busy with other thing and didn't update their drawing) and it will be hard to find their drawing.
so here is to post what drawing you like, and help showing the artist work that you like to other.

p.s hope that able to change the name of the topic after got a lot of people post.

this is by han ki-tae

Collaboration (Art Exchange) / art design to kinre story !!!
« on: August 05, 2012, 07:28:36 AM »
well... how should i start.... now i am making a story , and is a fantasy world , with monster and robot and monster robot , lol so in another word i will need alot of design , and so.... i am asking for help, to any1 want to give his/her design to me.

well what i need..... i almost need every thing, human design ,clothing , town, city, flying machine, robot , monster , logo.

although not all design will/can use but i will try to edit as much as i can to use it.

and if you want to ask what is my story about.... well.... i don't really know how to say lol. i only know how to draw . hahahahahahahah

so if you like my drawing  pls help me!! lol

and i hope i didn't post in wrong place lol.
and last thing my english suck pls don't mind me.

Members Manga / kinre short story : a house and 2 ghost
« on: July 28, 2012, 08:55:01 AM »

any comment is welcome

hi every 1 who reading this, i not even sure if i post in the right topic , but well, i now am trying to draw a manga base from a novel  .hack//cell , just for fun and to test my skill. but here come a problem, the  novel i read is in Chinese , so i need some 1 who have the english ver of the novel and send it to me so i able to write it down.
but well i don't really trust my self that i able to draw all of the novel, so for now i hope some 1 with the novel (english) can just send me page 10 and 11( first 2 page).

and thx first.
and if this topic is in the wrong place just move it.

Manga Anime FanArts / fan art by kinre
« on: October 04, 2011, 04:16:11 PM »

long time haven 't do a fan art drawing
this char is aisaka taiga from torador although i didn't do a good job of it too long haven't do a fan art lol.
and my color skill not that good too, draw too many black and white drawing.

Anthology Gallery / [ISSUE 3] kinre story
« on: April 05, 2010, 11:44:28 AM »

here first page for my story. well i didn't want to post anything until is done but seen  Hasith say update our story and so here got only 1 pic. just to say this pic is not done and i will need to change alot thing, and that why i will post this pic. :devil:

i have 8 page now so still got 12 page to draw so i think i can done it in time. and i don't think i will update anything .

Manga Writers wanted / kinre looking for writer to make manga.
« on: March 17, 2010, 04:33:34 AM »
well is there any writer want to work with me? :confused:
i am ok with any type story (although my skill may not up to it). :D
welcome any writer to ask me more info about this.
hmmmmm and last thing writer who are working with me have do ready to work more then just writing a story :devil:

Welcome Center / hi new here by kinre
« on: March 15, 2010, 03:49:00 PM »
well hi all for start, a little lazy to introduce my self was asked by Hasith  :D and so here i am talking about my self :devil:
I from singapore, male,22, want to draw manga with story in my head. well also  help/join any team/writer that need a drawer, that all for now.  :JC_cheesy:

Manga Art Gallery / kinre artwork
« on: March 14, 2010, 11:43:03 AM »

hi i am new here, so  i though i will post some drawing. i draw wrong some thing  but lazy to change it  so i just post it  :D well if u didn't look closely u will not find it. this drawing is for testing my skill on makeing a manga but i think i have fail and i choose wrong i shouldn't draw the pic so big that i can't draw well and testing the program as u can see the wall got 2 thing, the big 1 is for date and the small 1 is for time but my program can't do it well and i lazy to do it the hard way so i just didn't anything.

and i am looking for any group or writer to make a manga if any 1 is interested do let me know then we will talk more.

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