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Hi there, my name is Pete :)

First of all, here are my past manga work:

I also do anime style artwork here are some:

So yeah, if you're looking for an artist for your manga, or if you want an anime style artwork to be done, i'm available :) although preferably only short time work since i have a side job too hehe.

Prices depends on what kind of artwork. Usual prices:
B/W manga page - starts from 30usd
Colored manga page - starts from 50usd
Anime style artwork - starts from 50usd
All prices are still negotiable :)

If youre interested feel free to message me! Thank you for reading this :)

Hi there, Pete here, an amateur mangaka. I'm looking for a story that is comedic in theme. or any genre actually as long as it doesnt rely on heavy or grand illustrations. The one that is okay for the art to be loose and relaxed. Not Berserk-like, but Dr. Slump-like, if you know what I mean. To be honest, I have laziness problems. and its most likely because I push myself too hard on a style I'm not that happy with. So I think a loose and relaxed project might be perfect for me.

I know that, to be successful, you have to work hard. But I believe that happiness with what you're doing is more important than that. So yeah, If you want to work with me just PM me! :) BTW, this is UNPAID collaboration.

OH, and yeah I accept PAID job for illustrations/sketches/concept art too. Message me if you're interested!

Here are some of my past works:

Manga Writers wanted / Looking for a PAID work :)
« on: March 29, 2016, 08:01:05 AM »
Hi my name is Pete. I'm an amateur mangaka :) Well, lately i've been low on cash so I decided to look for someone who likes to pay to see his/her manga be inked.

Here are some of my past mangas/sketches/collaborations:

Here are some pages of my recently made pages:

I'm not picky with stories, just as long as it's interesting, we'll work on it :D
So yeah, If you are interested you can message me anytime. I'm a very approachable person hehe :biggrin:

Manga Writers wanted / Artist here available :) [PAID]
« on: December 11, 2015, 03:52:56 AM »
Hi my name is Pete. I'm an amateur mangaka :) I've been here a lot of times searching for a writer. I've found one for an unpaid oneshot a few months ago, by the name of Keira Shiratori(shoutout to you Keira, Hi :)). And it was a wonderful experience working with such a kind and thoughtful person hehe. We finished a one chapter project of his light novel, Clashing Feelings :D

Now that I'm available again, I wanted to do a project with a new writer/story but at the same time, have some income. So this time, I'm looking for a writer who is  willing to spend some for his/her story to be inked. I'm not of the richest of families, so yeah.

Here are some samples from my mangas made and sketches:

And here are some pages from my recent collaboration with Keira Shiratori(If you'd like to check it out, you can go to Tapastic and just search for "Pete"):

I'm not picky with stories, just as long as it's interesting, we'll work on it :D
So yeah, If you are interested you can message me anytime. I'm a very approachable person hehe :biggrin:

Manga Writers wanted / Looking for a writer for ONESHOTS[UNPAID]
« on: August 28, 2015, 11:33:56 PM »
Hi my name is Pete :) I'm a manga artist. I'm currently looking for a writer who wants his/her story to be inked.
These are some of my drawings, from my oneshots/sketches:

You can check out my manga on Tapastic(I can't post a link, just search for "Pete").

The reason why I'm looking for a writer is because, I suck at writing. I mean, I have great ideas, but I can't put words on dialogues. I could've done so many oneshots but whenever I write the dialogues, i become disappointed. because it sucks. haha. and I end up not finishing it.

I figured it will be best for now if I had a partner(writer). with him/her writing and me inking. That's all.

I am not hoping to post or publish it online. Although if the writer wants, we will.

I'm not a pro mangaka, I'm just beginning, too. So I'm hoping this will be a stepping stone for the both me and the writer. :D

I'm not picky with stories. As long as I think its interesting we'll work on it.
I'm a very approachable person, so feel free to talk to me if you're interested :D :D :D
Again, this will be an UNPAID commission :)

Manga Art Gallery / My Shonen Manga Art!
« on: January 20, 2015, 12:48:10 PM »
Hi there! My name is Pete. I'm an amateur Mangaka. I've been drawing ever since I've learned how to use a pencil haha. But I've been on the Manga scene only recently. Hmmm... I haven't found my personal style yet. So, as you will see, the resemblance to a famous Manga, One Piece, is uncanny :) But I've added my own touch to it. Hopefully i'll found my own style along the way. hehe. Btw, here's some of my art(from my manga series, Mighty):

I don't know if you're allowed to post links to other sites here, but, if you want to read my manga, it's up on Tapastic :)

Anyway, I stumbled upon this forums because I was searching for a Manga Writer.
I want to make a One-Shot/Short Manga. It's not serious work though, its for experience. I feel like I have to work on some areas of my skills so, yeah. If you're a Writer looking to improve on your skills just like I do, don't hesitate to talk to me! hihi :dance:

Welcome Center / Hi Manga Raiders!!! My name is Pete!
« on: January 20, 2015, 01:12:02 AM »
Hi there MR! My name is Pete. i'm an 18yr old amateur mangaka!~ :dance: yey! I was looking for a writer and then i ended up on this site hehehe. and i'm happy i found this forums, this seems a good community! :biggrin:

Well, now to the serious part, i would like to find a good writer to collab with me for a One-shot manga project :) I would like to enhance my skills more, and if youre looking for experience too, then lets collab! haha.
I actually have a series online called Mighty. My main character is the girl on my profile pic :) its doing pretty well, with plenty followers, but i think i have to improve on some things, so yeah.

I hope i can find some good writers here. And find some good friends too! :dance:

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