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Welcome Center / Visiting
« on: January 16, 2012, 06:12:14 PM »
Hey there. I suddenly remember this site and how I was pretty addicted to it at one point. I wasn't actually going to leave a message at first, but then I noticed that a lot of the members I used to talk to are still pretty active on this site. xD

Lemme know if you remember me. Aaaaaaaand... if you want to talk my aim is eatinice. It'd definitely be cool to reconnect with some of you.

I should've put a pun in that title. You know.. "write" instead of "right". Yeah, I'm clever.

Anyways, I found this site.. Ok, I didn't. A friend actually sent it to me just an hour ago and I'm already highly addicted to it. I've read lots of the other pages on it, and they're all amazing.

Just out of curiosity, you guys should all take this "test".
It's one of the better quizzes I've seen. I kind of took it (by "kind of" I mean that I did not keep a score) and I seemed to be going for all the right reasons, though my experience (basically 0) made it difficult to take it. After the quiz she explains the questions and your scores. It's really interesting. Even if you're not a writer, take it but apply what you enjoy doing to the quiz. Is what you do what you really want to do? Or are you doing it for the "wrong reasons", and ultimately, will not become successful?

Have fun with this.. or not. :]

Develop Your Story / A "story" without a story
« on: August 26, 2010, 04:13:31 PM »
There seems-- I mean ARE a lot of writer-types here. As for me, I wouldn't include myself with them. My skill level with writing stories is probably way beneath the rest of yours that write on here. The last time I have written a story was in grade 6, for school. However, I used to write a lot of stories in my spare time. Mostly in first person. But what I desire to do now (from a sudden hit of inspiration that suddenly came to me yesterday while reading an interview with one of my new favourite authors: Scott Lynch) is to write something in third person and something lengthy that I will hopefully continue with many chapters. But not too many.. unless it gets really good, of course.

Right now I'm in the position of barely knowing what I want to do at all. Right now, all I have is a theme. The theme is "cyberpunk" and the setting is "dystopia". Of course, don't think on those too deeply. I don't want to focus on the government or deep plot so much. I want to write about characters. Characters living in the world they live in and interacting with it. Also, I don't know much about the genre I'm wishing to persue. I don't exactly want robots or advanced technology even though the meaning of "cyberpunk" and "dystopia" both involve those. I think I want that more in the background. See..? I'm really indecisive. Perhaps you should just ignore everything I've just said if you're willing to help me out on this.

So yes, what I need from you guys. (Hopefully you've read everything I've written so far to even get to this point. Hopefully I haven't been too tl;dr.) A plot, a plot, a plot. A premis, anything. I need something to work with. You can give me a summary of a story you've never used, a beginning, a genre, a plot, a character or characters, anything really. I need inspiration and I need it fast. I'd really love to write something (just to see if I can, but mostly because I'm feeling pretty passionate about it for some reason right now :P) and maybe that'll develop into my own, personal webcomic. Of course the writing comes first, and if I want to illustrate it afterwards.. yeah.. that comes later. But anyways.. I have nothing left to say. Feel free to ask some more questions if you still don't understand what I want.

Quick Edit: Writing tips, tips on how to start a story and even websites that help you to write a story or sort out a story are appreciated to.

Thanks for the help pre-ahead! I look forward to your responses. :P

Manga Artists Battle Ground / AnimeDoodler Vs. Iceh
« on: August 18, 2010, 01:30:07 PM »
Pictures and comments are the only thing that should be going here.
No off-topic talking.
If you're an audience member, just post once per each drawing. Talking can go in the general art battle topic if you want to reply to what someone said here.

(Haha, not to be strict or anything.. but spamming can get really carried away. :P)

Thank you all~
And let the battle begin! >D

Collaboration (Art Exchange) / Iceh's Art Requests
« on: August 16, 2010, 11:18:53 AM »
Which also happen to be free. :P

Anyways, if you've been to my art thread recently, you should know what this is all about.
I'm taking free art requests right now, and they can be absolutely anything (well, just not animals or hentai).

So yes, feel free to abuse me and ask for anything your little heart desires.
(Even if it's just a "curious" request; you wanting to just see something in my style. Themes, ideas, your OCs, fanart, anything goes.)

Note to mods/admins: If this is in the wrong section, by all means, move it.

General Discussion / NitroX Cover Spread Project
« on: July 09, 2010, 02:05:30 PM »
Holy *censored*.. today my day is.. jam-packed with.. NOTHING!
Last night after reading some incredibly inspiring manga (two absolutely sexy volumes of Eyeshield 21).
I decided that it's time for me to take a short break from fanart (not that I've been doing so much of it anyways) and work on my own projects.

Today I'm PLANNING on doing a teaser cover spread for NitroX. (If you don't know what NitroX is click the linkage in my sig) But the thing is.. my creativity juices run pretty low. I want to do something a bit unique though that doesn't entirely match the theme of NitroX. What I mean is.. I want a theme for the cover spread. Oh, which reminds me, I don't actually know if it'll be a single page one yet or a double page. Whatever happens I guess.

So what I want YOU guys to do is take the teeny bit of effort to come up with a theme (ie. beach, human world, swords, etc.) It can practically be anything. Even more helpful.. you could come up with a full idea. With details of what would be going on and/or the layouts. Feel free to specify specific characters if you know them as well.

Just pretend this is like.. a request. It would be kind of exciting to see your exact idea drawn out, no? Even if you don't know the characters you can say *censored* like "A guy would be.."

Well.. and that's all! Go and say whatever now. Hopefully I wasn't too tl;dr and you have read everything I wrote. XD

If not, or if so.. feel free to ask any questions as well!

Suggestions And Feedback / Gifts Zone?
« on: May 24, 2010, 10:00:43 AM »
I finally decided to snoop around it a bit... Noticed that only two gifts had been made.
What I'm wondering is... the "gift" was a website? You bought them a website? O.O That's cool.
But.. neither of the links worked.. Or I tried, did it wrong, and failed.

But anyways, to my main point... Think we could open up the usage of it a bit? It hasn't been used in a long time.. and I think it would be cool if members could give other members gifts. If there already is a section for that.. my bad...
But yeah, saw lots of other forums doing that.. so I think that would be a cool addition/change.

And what I mean by giving gifts from members to other members is... gifts like.. a drawing, writing, gfxing (a sig, ava, etc.), an amv.. or basically whatever...

So yush, that's my idea. I'm gonna feel real stupid if there is already a section for this. "OTL

Develop Your Story / NitroX
« on: May 15, 2010, 07:58:17 PM »

Summary/Basic Plot

NitroX is a comedy about soul gatherers. Sound familiar? Yes, it could very well be the basic plot of all other manga out there (ie. Soul Eater, BLEACH, etc.). But NitroX has it's own differences and uniqueness. For one thing, "soul gatherers" (they actually don't have a name yet.. I just made that up on the spot right now because that's the best way to describe them..) are all people that died in their lives because of an "accident". This accident could be anything from being shot (on accident), being hit by a car (on accident), or being chopped up into tiny little pieces (on accident). Once they die and become part of this new surreal world (which is still on earth, it just cannot be seen by normal people) where they work under their boss, Death.

The Characters

Klitch. The main character.

Canba. Another lead.

Acanthus. Another lead.

Zxiom. Another lead.
(Doodle on the middle, left.)

Answer. Minor character.

Chapter 1

Klitch unhitched the earpiece off and gripped it in his hand as he ran. Even though the tiny microphone was in the palm of his hand, he could still hear Canba and Renato bitching at him to come back so they could figure out a plan.
*censored* that, Klitch smiled. He had his own plan. Just chase the stupid soul down and stab it until it dies -- it works all the time. The soul wasn’t particularly strong either. It was fairly weak and was barely able to keep its pace in front of Klitch. But the little bastard had wings.
It came to a cliff, surely it would stop. It didn’t. It jumped high into the air, a dust cloud forming where he jumped, and flapped his tiny wings until it landed on the cliff above and across the giant drop.
Klitch didn’t stop either as he leapt from the cliff, reaching his arm out to grab the cliff edge. His fingertips just barely skimmed the rock before beginning to fall.
“Aw, *censored*.” He whispered, pulling his scythe out from its holder on his back, swinging it above his head and planting it into the rock, stopping the fall.
Then he just hung there.
He could hear Canba mocking him from in the microphone, “You fell, didn’t you?” Klitch threw the earpiece over his shoulder, watching it drop into the bottomless pit.
You’ve been in worse situations than this, Klitch told himself, then looked down at the black abyss below him. …Okay not much worse than this but you can manage! He looked up at the ledge then planted his leg against the side of the cliff. I’ll just jump… that’ll work.
No, it won’t. The scythe wiggled a little in the hole, threatening to fall out at any moment. Klitch frowned when a shadow passed overhead, he heard the soul he’d been chasing start screeching, then silence. Footsteps, then a familiar dark-green haired man stuck his head over the side of the cliff.
“Having fun?” He smiled down mockingly at Klitch, sticking his tongue out a little, teasing him. If Klitch’s hand were free, he would’ve flipped him off.
“A blast.” Klitch replied sarcastically. “Help me up, jacka--” Klitch saw the glare from the man above. Best not to insult the man who could easily let you fall to your death. “Acanthus.”
“Sure.” Acanthus swung his arm over the edge of the cliff. Klitch’s eye twitched. Acanthus smiled down at him, “What? Just grab one of the fangs.” Facing Klitch was a oversized Venus Flytrap, it’s fangs baring out at him, it’s tongue lashing out. Klitch wondered how Acanthus could stand sticking his hand in the back and wearing them like goddamn gloves.
“Or you could just grab the blade.” Acanthus was laying down now, his head resting on his propped up hand as he stared down amusingly at Klitch.
“You’re funny.”
“Or you could just fly up here-- Oh, that’s right.” Acanthus grinned.
“Or I could remove your vocal cords through your ass.” Klitch snapped back, regretting it when he saw Acanthus laugh and pull his snapping death-trap back up. He disappeared overhead. Surely he wouldn’t just leave Klitch there to die?
Klitch mentally sighed in relief when he saw Acanthus come back, the Venus Flytrap detached from his arm. He reached down, grabbing the top of Klitch’s scythe, wiggling it a little. Klitch screamed in response, wrapping his legs around the staff of the scythe.
“’The *censored* are you doing?!”
“Pulling you up.” He removed the scythe from the rock and, in one swing pull, pulled Klitch up and over the ledge of the cliff.
Klitch remained clinging onto his scythe as he flew into the nearest wall. His scythe landing a few feet away from him as he fell, he looked up at Acanthus who was re-attaching his Venus Flytraps to his arms.
“I knew you had a heart.” Klitch teased as he stood up, brushing the dust off his clothes. Acanthus scoffed.
“I would’ve gotten in trouble if I had let you died, asshole.” He turned away from Klitch, “Your fault for running away anyway.”
“You ran away before me!”
“I wasn’t running away, asshole. I was tracking the goddamn soul -- Something YOU should have been doing!”
“You were obviously doing a piss-poor job of it since I found it first!” Klitch picked up his scythe just in time to deflect the snapping fangs that had attacked his head. Acanthus pulled back his arm and swung again at Klitch.
“Who was it who killed it again!?” He yelled as Klitch ducked just in time to dodge the blade attached to the Flytrap.
“I could’ve killed it!” Klitch shouted, bringing his scythe down toward Acanthus’s head. Acanthus brought both arms up, stopping the scythe above him. They were practically nose-to-nose now.
“With what? Your limp-wing and a stick?” Acanthus shouted back.
“You would know a lot about limp things wouldn’t you?” Klitch grinned. Apparently Acanthus was now uncomfortable with Klitch being so close to him as he pushed up Klitch’s scythe and spun around, kicking Klitch in the stomach and sending him into the wall.
Acanthus grinned and clicked the earpiece on, looking at Klitch.
“I’ll *censored*in’ show yah what limp is if you keep mouthing off to me like that-- good luck walking back to Death’s office.”
“…What the hell are you guys talking about?” Renato’s voice came through the microphone, “What did you guys…?”
Acanthus looked taken aback, “I didn’t know you picked up so fast.” He shook his head, “And NOTHING. Why?”
“It’s just, that sounded really…”
“Shut up and put on Canba.”
“You’re all assholes -- why am I stuck with this team again?”
Klitch stood up and walked over to Acanthus, “Because none of the other team captains wanted to put up with your menstrual cycle once a month.”
“Klitch, is that you?! Where the hell have you bee-- WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY?”
“Mood swing. Told yah.” Klitch grinned and walked over to the little bloody Soul that was crumpled next to the wall of the cave. He tapped on it’s head lightly as he ignored Acanthus and Canba’s bickering behind him. The Soul didn’t move, Klitch shrugged and tapped on it’s head again.
“Helloooo? Acanthus, did you kill it?”
“Duh.” Acanthus replied, walking over and hanging the receiver up on Canba, “Why?”
“Well, usually when we kill one a little light comes out of the top of it’s head and it’s all sparkly and magical… but this one’s just… dead.” He tapped its head again.
“I’m pretty sure I killed it.”
“Maybe he’s just knocked out-- HOLY*censored**censored*.” The little Soul sprang toward Klitch’s face, clinging on in a frantic, panicky, matter. Klitch flailed and fell backwards, rolling on the ground and trying to pry the Soul off his face.
“Hold still! I’ll stab it again!”
“…Hold still! I’ll stab it again!”
“*censored* you!” Klitch screamed. His fingers wrapped around the Soul and roughly pulled it away from his face, it left long red scratches across his cheeks from trying to hold on. Klitch stared at the little white creature in his hands. It stared up at him with big eyes. Klitch flinched.
“We can’t just-” Acanthus was cut off by Klitch shoving his palm in his face, pushing him out of his way as he walked past. Acanthus scowled and started after him. “We can’t take a Soul back! Death will just tell you to kill it, anyway.”
Klitch glanced back at him, the little white Soul was perched on his shoulder. And if it could smile, it was. Acanthus tried not to look directly at it, there was something oddly charming about the little creature.
Turning away, Klitch put a hand on the little Soul’s head, it snuggled and rubbed his head into Klitch’s palm.
“It’ll be fine.” Klitch said as he continued walking, his scythe jiggling with every step. “Death can be a good guy sometimes, you know?”
“Yes--well, no-- but I know he won’t let you keep that thing as a pet.” Acanthus shot back, glaring at the back of Klitch’s head. Klitch snapped his head around but didn’t stop.
“’That thing’?” Klitch furrowed his brow and scoffed, turning his head back, “He has a name.”
“Oh, now it’s a he, is it?” Acanthus raised an eyebrow but Klitch just nodded. “Right, and since when do Souls have genders?”
“Ever since I decided it’s a guy. His name’s… Caverockpuddle.” Klitch’s eyes darted around the cave as he named off the things he saw. He patted the little Soul on his shoulder again, “No, just Puddle, actually.”
“Good to know my kick didn’t do any damage to your naming skills.” Acanthus rolled his eyes and crossed his arms as he walked. “Have you even considered what Death will do to that thing when he see’s it?”
Klitch paused. That was Acanthus’s answer.
“He’ll kill it in front of you then take the spirit away as punishment for being stupid and trying to take it in as a pet.”
“It’ll be fine.”
“He’ll make YOU kill it.”
“He’ll let me keep it.”
“Kill it.”
Death sat in front of Klitch and his team. Acanthus smiled smugly as Canba and Zxiom stood off to the side. Death’s desk looked like any normal work desk. It has messy papers flown around randomly on his desk and had a normal looking intercom attached to the side. He leaned back in his oversized chair and looked down at the little Soul staring up at him from his desk.
Klitch stepped forward, “Why-- It’s not like he’s dangerous!”
“He?” Death raised an eyebrow, then snapped his eyes down to the desk. It looked liked he was looking at the Soul, but then he reached for his coffee cup. “Answer, more coffee.”
Like any boss known in the universe, Death had a secretary. The young man perked his head up from his desk on the far side of the room. His long sleeves dangling after him as he quickly rushed over to Death’s desk, picked up the mug, and left the room without a word. Death watched him go but then looked at Klitch.
“Yes, he.” Klitch picked up the Soul off the desk and put it on his shoulder. The Soul buried it’s head near the back of Klitch’s neck, as if scared. “His name’s Paddle-”
“Puddle.” Acanthus sighed.
“-Puddle and he doesn’t even have any powers. Just claws but I can teach him to--”
Death put up his hand and frowned. “I’m bored. Everyone leave the room.” Klitch deflated and started to move along with everyone else, but stopped and Death cleared his throat, “Not you, Klitch.”
His team looked back, wondering but not asking as they left. Klitch stood alone in front of Death’s desk.
“You can keep it.” Death said, and before Klitch could respond with his beaming face, Death held up a hand, “Of course, if you do something for me.”
“What?” Klitch asked, looking a little weary of Death, he knew deals with Death were always bad…
“There’s this soul on the far regions of Cambrian, I want you to go take care of it.”
This was probably a trick. Klitch frowned and backed up a little, “Just me?”
“Yes. I think you’ll be able to handle it.” Death flicked the file across the desk and it slid to the edge. Klitch picked it up. “It’s a Soul that eats other Souls. The council has been on my case about it for a few days now, and I figured since you don’t seem to be busy…?”
“It eats… how strong is it?”
“I didn’t think that would be an issue for you.” Death smiled. He leaned back in his chair, “Unless you want Amaranth or Canba to accompany you?”
Klitch’s eyebrow visibly twitched as he gripped the file harder, wrinkling it beyond repair.
“Tch, no. Why would I need their help-- they slow me down.” He replied, turning away from Death. Death smirked and sighed.
“Well then, You’d better get going.”
Klitch turned on his heel and headed for the door, just as he passed through it, he passed Answer, startling him into almost dropping the tray of coffee. Shakily he walked up to Death’s desk, placing the tray neatly on the corner. He nervously met Death’s eyes.
“I-Is Klitch going on another mission?” He asked slowly.
“Yes.” Death answered, grabbing his coffee mug and the pot off the tray. “Though… just in case, call the funeral service and have them prepare for his return.”
Answer visibly deflated and Death caught it. Answer let out a little, “Oh.” and walked over to his desk, sitting down sadly and starting on the letter to the funeral service team. Death sighed and leaned back in his chair again. He regretted ever letting them become friends.


Suggestions And Feedback / New themes/skins
« on: May 14, 2010, 08:11:09 AM »
Referring to, like, the colors and *censored* of the way this skin is now for the forums...
I think it would be cool if you added some themes/skins that people could choose from. I think a light version and a dark version would be nice. I love the look of dark colored forums. (ie. all black w/ white text) I find that I can stare at them longer and my eyes don't hurt as much. <:
Just a suggestion though..

Think something like that would be possible for you guys to do?

General Discussion / Favourite Things to Draw
« on: April 29, 2010, 08:54:08 AM »
Anime/manga fandoms - realistic protraits...Or even go more specific than that. (ie. To which characters and which body parts)
So what do you guys like to draw? :)

(Hope that this topic hasn't been done before... xD)

Manga Writers wanted / Yaoi Doujin
« on: April 26, 2010, 10:00:21 PM »
Long story short:
My writing friend is being a busy whore and doesn't have time for me and my silly antics. ):
I joke. Well, kinda. :)

Just wondering- writers OR even artists.. if anyone is interested in possibly coming up with an idea for a short yaoi one-shot doujin type deal? It would be around 15-40 (manga) pages. If anyone has an idea, feel free to post below with your idea. The littlest thing can help- I have no creativity and need any ideas. xD
But, if anyone is actually interested in writing a short original yaoi story.. I'd be glad to work with you as well. Or even a script. :) Whatever suits you best. (I prefer it in a story version though, as I get more into it, and imagine it better)

But yeah, all you have to do is write, I'll do everything else. Drawing, layouts, etc.

Lemme know if any of you are interested.
(Also. This is not a yaoi YAOI. If you know what I mean. xD It's going to be shonen-ai with a yaoi vibe. As in, no dicks will be shown. But groping and fondling of each other's penises, may occur, if you choose to write so. Maybe a little fingering too. xD But it's up to you.)

Tips and Tutorials / Manga Panel Lessons
« on: December 29, 2009, 12:55:04 PM »

You read manga almost everyday... but do you ever, actually look at the panel layouts & the effects? Sometimes, it's even harder for a mangaka to come up the layouts than it is for them to draw the pictures after they know what to do.

Take a look at this chart.

This shows the weekly schedule of a weekly manga artist. All of the blue stuff is time that they spend making the thumbnails and manuscript. Also, take into account that this shows all 24 hours in a day. So, that means that they spend around 2 FULL days in hours working on what they call "nemu".

What is Nemu?
Nemu is basically their word for the rough thumbnails.. and some of you may know them as "name". That's just a basic translation though. Since, in Japan you'd pronounce nemu, nay (like ray) moo (the sound a cow makes) And since the japanese tend to add "U"s on the end of most english words (particularly one's that end with "E") the pronounciation without the "U" would be "name". So, it wouldn't sound much different if an english person was saying it, or a japanese person was saying it. "Nemu-"-"Namu"-"Name".

Intro Cont'd..
All the pink stuff on it is the time that their assistants are helping. Which means, the time that they spend working on drawing the comic, inking it, etc. Weekly mangaka don't get that much free time. 3 hours on Saterday, and that's all.

But not all mangaka are weekly... so this schedule does not apply to every mangaka in Japan. The point I was just trying to prove there is that mangaka spend a lot of time on nemu.

In these next lessons (that I'll be updating, hopefully atleast once a week) I will be going over all sorts of different panel techniques, layouts, and effects. Comparing, bad to good. And hopefully it'll make it easier to do panel layouts for your own manga or webcomic someday. And, if not, it'll make you a smarter person that'll understand just that much more. (You'll be able to understand why you didn't like a certain manga, or why it was hard to read.)

Lesson 1
Panel Layouts: The Different "Types"

In my opinion there are only three types of manga layouts.
and.. bad.
Not saying that shonen and shojo are automatically seperate categories from bad though. It can be bad-shonen. Or, bad-shojo.

So, let's take a look at the differences between each of these types.


Shonen layouts tend to have less panels, and bigger ones at that. For effects, they use more action effects, then anything. Such as, speedline effects, shown here. (Panels 2,3 & 4)


Shojo layouts usually have more "chaotic" layouts. More panels, lots of effects used around the boarders, effects to show the mood, little heads in speech bubbles, showing their expression as they say something (if their face would otherwise not be showing from a certain angle), and outside bubble text.


In this example, this person used too many panels to show one action. If they had a good editor, they would have told the mangaka to scrap it, and condense it to one or two (small) panels, with different angles, to make it more exciting. By doing what that mangaka did in that example, they're ruining the flow. The reader will read that page way too fast, practically skipping over it. The mangaka wanted to show that they were running alot, and running fast. But by dedicating a whole page to it, with three identical panels, and three almost identical pictures, it almost seems like he ran for a short amount of time.

And that's all for the three types. :)

Sneak Preview for next Lesson:
Lesson 2: Condensing text and Pictures

break Room / phpBB3 Problem on Forumotion
« on: December 27, 2009, 01:12:58 PM »
Hey guys, as .. none of you will know, I have a private forum with my friend just for the organizing of our webcomic. We had trouble keeping our emails sorted.. so yeah.. a whole forum for it! Haha. Anyways...

First of all.. before I even ask my question..
Is anyone familiar with forumotion?

Music / "Rare" music
« on: December 27, 2009, 01:05:55 PM »
Hey! Skimmed through some of the other music topics and well...
Hmm.. everyone listens to music while they're drawing!
Me, personally... of course I do. XD I just have this problem where I can only concentrate on one thing. So if I listen to music through my headphones I'll either draw really badly (because I'm listening to the music) or totally forget the music is even on, and draw. (Thus, wasting the mp3, and then I won't be able to listen to my podcasts later ;_;)
ANYWAYS enough about me. XDD

I've been getting REAL bored of music I've been listening to lately. The same thing, over and over again...And as artists, we go through alot of music.
So let's be kind to each other and share our special "rare" bands and "weird" music that no one has ever heard about.
So.. let's try to stray away from Linken Park, Micheal Jackson, and ACDC. XD (Not grouping them together or anything, all very good artist. :P)

So yeah.. here is some music I would like to share with you guys (that you've probably never heard before..)

For people that like pop/rock music: (Ok, I know some of these are obvious.. but.. have you honestly listened to more than one song by any of these artists? :))
Motion City Soundtrack
Bowling For Soup 
Beat Crusaders   
Plain White T's
Jimmy Eat World
Billy Reid      

For people that like pop/"rap" music:

For people that like upbeat/happy music:
Super Junior
Nick Pitera
Jenny Rom

For people that like.. undescribable music:
Paprika Soundtrack
Susumu Hirasawa
Plastic Tree
Takagi Masakatsu
Shugo Tokumaru

For people that like electronic music:
Infected Mushroom

For people that like hardcore techno:
DJ Cotts
Future Trance
(Song) Jump With Me
DJ NitroX
(Song) Code Red 18
DJ Blue  

And a song for everyone:

XDD Enjoy guys! (Oh man, we seriously need spoiler tags.)

Manga Artists Battle Ground / CF SignUps
« on: December 24, 2009, 01:25:04 PM »
Hmm.. perhaps I shall let the professionals take it away.
But this will be the thread to post you character designs along with the information that is needed to be included.

Here is what you need to include in their character profile:
(Please quote, then take out the quote code to keep the easy-to-use bold format)


Combat Style:
Main weapon/s:
General attacks:

Brief Bio:

Here is the example of that:

Also, just a note:
Mind if we discuss some changes to the required information to be included with the design of your character? I think I would like to change the format a bit. I'll make some suggestions later..

If you are interested in joining the first CF, just say "sign me up" or something. I'll put you in this list:
(Note: We are only starting this battle after the example battle is done, but we are starting to plan here)

Signup list:
-Burning Kite
-Anime Doodler

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