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General Manga writer discussions / Creating Manga !!!Help?!!!
« on: April 07, 2018, 05:22:17 PM »
ok its been a long time since ive been on. been way to busy with work haha. but I'm finally back in action. so I'm creating a manga... buut I need help haha, one of my firsts (creating a manga that is). first getting past not being motivated to write the darn thing (ima have to do that myself, cant really ask for help on that one), second ima gonna need an artist because I do plan on publishing, third I keep having new ideas for other mangas even tho I haven't even finished my first one (have like 6 different mangas currently rolling through my head lol), and lastly I want to put up a contest for my manga. what I mean is I have several ideas for contests that will help me in the long run for my manga and yes there are prizes but I don't have the slightest clue where I should post the contests in the forums or how ima gonna be able to receive the photos for the contests. going back to my worries tho, I just want to make sure that my manga is like... you know... good. I was always told to create a story or wat ev for myself and if other ppl like then great. I but I so worried weather or not the manga I have yet to create would be good enough for others to enjoy. I also have the fear of success alone... which means I'm afraid to be successful by myself... I know its stupid but its true. I honestly don't know wat else to say lol. soo uh... ya I need help.

break Room / Jr. Member
« on: June 01, 2015, 12:35:23 AM »
When did I become a Jr. Member and how did I get this?

ok I think this is in the right channel, but I just wanted to see what kind of sketches my main character could look like for my manga. well here is the info for him there's multiple descriptions but you can pick which ever you feel interested in.

Andrew’s Description
Casual Andrew:
Andrew has a medium fade military haircut. He likes short hair and the color is dirty blonde.  He mainly wears polo shirts but sometimes wears t-shirts. He has blue eyes and has a medium build to him, mostly muscle. He not macho but not skinny as a toothpick. His favorite color is red, and he likes black colored shoes. He tends to wear this that allows him to be relaxed.
School Andrew:
   The clothing for his school is the men wear dark blue or sky blue. Andrew goes with sky blue, but goes with dark blue tie. The under shirt and his shoes are white.
Battle Andrew:
   The clothing for this one is a lot diff. the clothing looks like its shiny leather that is skin tight and is black with blue lines (which I will tell u were they are) all over. When he is wearing his helmet it has the visor which is a blue line across the face horizontally on his eyes. There’s a blue v from each corner of visor and they connect in between his upper lip and nose. There’s blue line that starts from the back of both palms and shoots up to his shoulder blades. Then go down his back and legs and stops at ankles. On chest he has blue strips that don’t connect to anywhere but has identical on left and right side of chest with a total of 6 strips on both sides.

Just have fun with it.

Anime Talk / Help need new anime to watch
« on: May 30, 2015, 01:47:48 AM »
So I've watched a lot of anime cause I don't have a life (probably a bad thing), but I don't know what to watch anymore. im starting to watch anime I've alrdy seen. I would have to say my fav genre is romance, comedy and action all in one. my favorite type of anime deals with space or mecha, I love space and mecha anime. anyways plz help me find new anime. I would give you a list but that list would be longer in words than what I just wrote here lol.

Anime Talk / Strange?
« on: May 29, 2015, 12:58:01 PM »
Is it strange that almost all the anime I watch has to do with relationships? When I think about it, since I've never been in a relationship that I yearn for what they express in anime and manga. although I hardly read manga I just watch anime. So would you all think that this is weird or is it just me?

I don't know about you all but when I listen to trance techno and Chameleon Circuit ( for those whovians out there) I seriously get pump up to write manga. Shoot It seems as if I scant stop typing hahaha. post here to share what music gets you pumped up to write/draw manga.

General Discussion / New Manga Writer/ need info for artists
« on: May 29, 2015, 12:21:19 AM »
Ok im new to writing manga, and since im not a good drawler. So im looking  for one. But I was wondering if I pay $20 per page for a color manga, would you all say that's too much or too low (I use paypal if this helps)? also because I work and that im in college and transferring from a novel to manga its going to be a slow process. I just want to make sure I get the info I need so I don't fall flat on my face down the road. any advise would defiantly be appreciated.

Develop Your Story / N.E.C the Awakening
« on: May 14, 2015, 11:04:34 PM »
Ok this is new to me I couldn't figure out how to post my word file for this so ima just copy and past. I want people to critique this and tell me your thoughts/ opinions/ advice. I had a novelist look at this and said it was good. im not looking for grammar, im trying to paint the picture to help out the artist when I finally can get one to work with me. (THERE IS CURRENTLY NO TITLE (mainly because I cant think of one yet)). Im really excited about what I have so far.
Page 1:
?   Panel 1:
?   Stage: background consists of a burning town, an overview look (looking down on character). Main character (Andrew) is floating above town.
?   Andrew: “This dream again? It’s the 5th time these past 9 day’s”.
Page 2:
?   Panel 1:
?   Stage: background is still a burning town but now Andrew is closer to the ground, can see if front of him as if you are looking into the distance. Now can see dead bodies and some blood stains and screaming bodies. Closer view on Andrew.
?   Andrew: “Oh my god!… there’s dead people this time”.
?   Panel 2:
?   Stage: Close up on Andrew’s face (Andrew’s has wide eyes as terror strikes him).
?   Andrew: “Wait that’s my family’s house… oh my god… It’s nearly destroyed”.
Page 3:
?   Panel 1:
?   Stage: Andrew only a foot or two horizontally above ground, moving fast over the street.  Background (side shot of Andrew’s body) consists of two buildings burning. Road and side walk has 2 citizens (whatever age and gender) running and screaming. Another crawling around a car reaching an arm out and crying for help (missing left leg, and blood trail from one of the houses to car (whatever age and gender)). One male police officer sitting along a vehicle dead with 3 holes in chest (holes from lasers, bleeding from holes, sitting in puddle of blood).
?   Panel 2:
?   Stage: Looking over Andrew towards his head (you see his back). Background consists of Andrew’s house with a brick wall. Door to house on floor in splinters, iron gate to brick wall bent inwards and almost off hinges. Damage to brick wall all over, house on fire as well.
?   Andrew: “Noo… they have to be ok”.
?   Panel 3:
?   Stage: Looking at Andrew’s back and viewing in front of him. Now inside house, door to left and right, stairs going up directly in front on right wall. A room to left just passed the stairs, and another at the other end of hall (facing Andrew as he enters).
?   Panel 4:
?   Stage: Andrew now in between both rooms in front of stairs looking to right door (side shot of Andrew looking at his right side). Around the middle of stairs, ceiling debris falls blocking 2nd floor.
?   Andrew: “Aaagh…”
Page 4:
?   Panel 1:
?   Stage: Looking inside right room, roof caved in. Debris all over, under a burning 2X4 near door there is a cracked picture frame of family. Andrew staring down upon it.
?   Andrew: “(whispers) where are they?”.
?   Panel 2:
?   Stage: Close up on Andrew. Andrew turning around to look into left room.
?   Panel 3:
?   Stage: Close up on Andrew’s Face. Tear’s start building in eyes, left hand to mouth.
?   Andrew: (chokes up whole time while speaking) “This can’t…. be…. Happening.”
?   Panel 4:
?   Stage: Andrew bending forward, right hand on door (using for support (looking at Andrew’s back again)). Andrew’s head is now drooped (left hand still on mouth). In middle of room lays his dead mother, father and little sister in a large pool of blood. Mother and father in posture of protecting daughter from someone.
?   Andrew: “Why is this…. Happening?”
Page 5:
?   Panel 1:
?   Stage: Close u on Andrew, Tears rolling down face. Drops fall off hand and chin, and land on knees and floor. Right hand now firmly grasps own hair.
?   Andrew: “No no no no…. Noo noo…. No…. No…. No…. (sniffles and whispers) why?”
?   Panel 2:
?   Stage: Background consists of a high school building inside a classroom. Windows as left wall, normal wall for the right with double doors in front and back of room. 6 rows of 7 tables in room, can see room is on 3rd floor. Andrew is lying on floor with head on Ashley’s lap (friend of Andrew’s (she is a nerd)). Camera view looking towards front of classroom. Entire class currently surrounding Andrew, teacher kneeling beside Andrew checking his pulse. Clair (has a hyper personality) at front door looking out of room (friend of Andrew). Malcom (very smart he is good with tactics) and Zed (mysteries) standing at left side of crowd by Andrews feet (also friends).
?   Malcom: “How is he doing Mrs. Bronstan?”
?   Mrs.Bronstan: “His pulse is good, but is cold again.”
?   Panel 3:
?   Stage: Camera close up on Andrew, Ashley and Mrs. Bronstan. Looking at left side of Andrew, Ashley has a worried look, Mrs. Bronstan is holding Andrew’s right hand. Ashley is stroking Andrews’s hair with left hand. Andrews’s eyes starting to open.
?   Ashley: “Andrew, you’ve been past out now for almost 20 minutes. Please wake up.”
?   Andrew: “Wha… What is going on?”
?   Ashley: “Oh thank god… your awake!”
Page 6:
?   Panel 1:
?   Stage: Overview back to as Panel 2 on Page 5. Clair no longer looking out door, but head turned to look into room while still half leaned out door. Everyone in room looks relieved.
?   Class: Murmurs of relief (many diff phrases).
?   Malcom: “Hey hey man… your finally awake. How do you feel?”
?   Andrew:  “I had that dream again. The one with so much chaos and death -”
?   Clair: “Everyone… Keith is back with the nurse.”
?   Panel 2:
?   Stage: Same Overview, Now Keith (brave personality (also a friend of Andrews)) and the nurse (Mrs. Larean) have entered the room. Keith is walking next to Clair towards crowd. Andrew starts to sit up.
?   Ashley: “Andrew, you shouldn’t push yourself.”   
?   Andrew: “It’s ok… I’ll be fine; I just want to stand up.”
?   Zed: (almost a whisper) “You were out for 20 minutes.”
?   Panel 3:
?   Stage: Close up on Andrew, using right hand on desk to support himself up. Ashley still sitting with her hands on Andrews back as support. Mrs. Bronstan holding Andrew by his left shoulder to assist him up. Mrs. Larean just arrives next to Andrew; background consists of some classmates and window behind them.
?   Mrs. Larean: “So you had the dream again Andrew?”
?   Andrew: “Yes, but this time I feel fine. This is the fifth time in a row now, I don’t understand.”
?   Ashley: “You cried more than usual this time.”
?   Andrew: “Probably because this time I saw the death of my family. I didn’t see that while sleeping last night.”

?   Panel 4:
?   Stage: Same view, Andrew now standing up. Mrs. Bronstan and Ashley no longer touching Andrew. Mrs. Larean has her right hand on Andrew’s right shoulder.
?   Mrs. Larean: “Well if you think you are fine, then I’ll leave you here. If you feel like clasping again, make sure you come to my office.”
?   Andrew: Very well, thank you Mrs. Larean.”
?   Mrs. Larean: “I don’t let students get hurt while I am on watch.”
?   Mrs. Bronstan: “Ok students; let’s get back to your desks.”
Page 7
?   Panel 1:
?   Stage: Overview looking towards back, students start heading back to desks, Nurse no longer in room. Mrs. Bronstan almost to teacher desk. Row of tables closest to window is row 1, and row next to wall is row 6. Malcom in row 1 seat 3, Zed in row 2 seat 3 and seat 7 is empty. Andrew in row 3 seat 5 and seat 7 is empty. Row 4 seat 2 is empty, Keith in row 5 seat 6. Ashley in Row 6 seat 1 and Clair in Row 6 seat 6.
?   Panel 2:
?   Stage: Overview is back to looking towards front of classroom. All students are back in their seats and Mrs. Bronstan is behind her desk. Door to room at front opens and a arm comes through.
?   Mrs. Bronstan: “Now that one commotion has ended, it’s time to start another. Today we have a transfer student… come on in.
?   Class: “Murmurs”
?   Clair: “A transfer student? Why now when school only 7 weeks left until summer break?”
?   Panel 3:
?   Stage: Overview is looking towards back of room, a girl starts walking into classroom. All the students have astonished looks on their faces.
?   Panel 4:
?   Stage: Overview towards front of class. Female now facing the class. Still astonished some of the students start to look at each other and whisper.
?   Mrs. Bronstan: “Please introduce yourself.”
?   Stranger: “Good Morning Everyone, my name is Felicia. Looked like you all had an exciting day already, but thank you for having me here.”
?   Keith: “What made you want to transfer to our school?”
?   Felicia: “Personal reasons (smiles).”

?   Panel 5:
?   Stage: Close up on Felicia and Mrs. Bronstan. Felicia is still smiling, and Mrs. Bronstan has her hand extended as if guiding her to the desks.
?   Mrs. Bronstan: “There are three empty seats please choose one.”
?   Felicia: “Thank you Mrs. Bronstan. (Whispers) can you point to me who Andrew is?”
?   Mrs. Bronstan: “Andrew? He would be the one right there.”
Page 8
?   Panel 1
?   Stage:

General Manga writer discussions / My Manga Needs Reviewed
« on: May 14, 2015, 10:28:41 PM »
Ok so I have been working on my manga, for my version since I cant draw, I have written my manga out with words. I would like to know if I can post my work on this channel, but I want your approval first. Also since I have been using Microsoft word, will it be possible to post it here with word? I want people to review it for me to see how it seems. I have a friend who is a successful novel writer, and she reviewed what I do have and said it was good. Now im looking for fellow manga readers/ writers opinions. Please get back to me when you read this thank you.

break Room / Question, May be a stupid one too.
« on: December 31, 2014, 08:56:31 PM »
How do i look at Artist's work to see what kind of pictures they draw (hopefully what i said is not rude not sure how phrase that).

Develop Your Story / My Manga Idea
« on: December 31, 2014, 07:06:15 PM »
OK so this idea i have is completed in my head. So there is a boy named Andrew who lives in a small town with 3000 people inside (dont have name for town). He is a senior in highschool (school goes from kindergarden to 12th grade) and has a sister who is in 7th grade. everyday he goes to school with his friends. as days go by he start passing out and dreams of his town up in flames and people slain all over (hope thats not to graffic). after three days of haveing these dreams , his class gets a transfer student (who is and alien sent to protect him). she never says anything to anyone but andrew and asks that she be sitted next to andrew. the next day his town becomes a war zone between 2 alien factions and he is the key to saving his planet (the new student tells him this). Blah that was alot of typeing.

So what do you think?

Develop Your Story / Unsure What to do
« on: December 31, 2014, 06:04:49 PM »
So i was refered here to Develope your story section. Im no Writer (im horrible i tried lol) or an Artist (i can draw stick figures if that counts) but i am good with ideas. the main one i have is like literally pretty cool, i just dont have the talent to make it. its about a boy with other primary charecters and secondary characters who have to save the world. I tried turning it into a book but sounded like a manga so i tried makeing it in a manga but utterly failed at that too. My last hope is to find someone who is good and can help.

Welcome Center / Reintroducing Myself
« on: December 31, 2014, 05:45:13 PM »
Hello everyone I'm new to this site. Im not a Writer or an Artist, but i do have an extraordinary mind. I have several ideas for a manga but dont have the ability or money to make one. If people are interested in helping me please say so.

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