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Tips and Tutorials / Use your anonymity to your advantage
« on: April 26, 2019, 06:47:48 PM »
The interwebs is a mysterious place, full of dark dark dangers and magnificent memes. It can be a scary place, yes. It is a scary place if you're not careful, but it can also be amazing, especially if say you want to be a mangaka, an animator, a game developer, a musician. Heck, a professional mime, or if you want to a professional tea-taster.

I'll argue this in context of MR to make the choice small, but really when you come here we're not going to 'judge' you for anything other than what you post and how you interact with us.

You can avatar the heck out of yourself and be the craziest personality and try out all the projects you're scared of or not confident of because heck it's the internet and you really are free.

You should appreciate this: You can connect with minds across the world, get access to cool and friendly people and practical knowledge to stuff that'll fuel your dreams, all without having to deal with people judging you for your facial expression or how you look or what you're wearing (nothing against cleaning your room and taking out the trash, though. That stuff is more important than you'd think)

Honestly, you can get all the wins without any losses. It's like a grand roleplaying game where you can define yourself and put a healthy barrier between your goals and your self. Even though it's never easy, you can get the critique you need without needing to feel as bad as you could about it if it was say face to face. And best of all, you can have fun with it.


To prove my point. I'll just give you some shameless plugs of my personal experience first

1. Roleplaying with a random group on Deviantart for some months when I was personally 'irl' rock bottom as an awesome magician. I made so much RP related art that year that I not only got to have a nice escape and feel good times and make at least two long lasting relationships with friends I still email now, I got to practice art and animation on the side because I dived into some niche groupe somewhere.

2. The MR Canon. I've had at least 5 moments in my life where I'm completely engrossed in my writing experience while listening to music and thinking up scenarious and planning, drawing and writing stuff all because I came up with a weird internet persona and met other people willing to play with that sort of thing. This is sort of like the above example, I guess, but no, both experiences were uniquely diverse and different enough that I could mention them separately.

3. Drawing a 5 minute one punch man fanart on reddit, I got 54 likes (yeah yeah, puny number in comparision to the greats but i liked it, OK?) and felt like a boss. On mspaint. When I was feeling lazy.
If you're on the internet trust me you can find enough people who are interested in the stuff that you like that you can comfortably screw around, have fun and have some fun experiences.

Actually I've only mentioned the super rosy and happy experiences that I've had. I actually value the frustrating annoying moments and critiques that I took personally more because they have definitely opened my eyes to my life as a pseudo artist, writer and green alien cat in general. Definitely don't like it in the moment, but later down the line I realize how lucky I've been. 


This is where I sound like a wiki article and give you tips/suggestions  on how to bank on internet anonymity

1. Why not join a not-so-popular webcomic site and start your crazy webcomic idea? It can literally be one panel that says 'I want to be a mangaka! But I don't know how! So I'll just start a random webcomic and see how that works out!'  Literally nothing is stopping you from this.

2. Have you ever tried to critique a random comic/story that NOBODY knows about online? Looked for the latest post in a forum/ on a comic site and tried to really dive into a story made by a fellow human who is just starting out, and tried to seriously write out a review about it? Trust me, the thing that'll bring you further on the large waves of the interwebs is realizing that even though there are billions and billions of posts and opinions, behind every single one is a human being and if you sacrifice your time to give careful though and feed excitement to someone's project you'll only get better as a person. Trust me, it's worth the random meeting.

3. Why not try making a gif/meme out of a scene out of your favourite tv show? Trust me. 5 googles later (and some downloads maybe) you'll be able to make a gif for a TV show and post it on the interwebs and trust me memes are immortal therefore you are immortal.

4. You can literally start a podcast/youtube channel right now documenting how you are progressing with your art/writing life. (I'll elaborate on this later because this ties into the concept of nobody gives a damn/ not giving a damn and how that can work for you, but yeah)

5. Ask questions. Nothing beats asking questions. There's a different between Googling information and asking for knowledge on something. Because otherwise what's the point of conversation?

6. Post your top 10 most listened to music/ your top 10 anime / your top 10 writing instruments.

7. Write a lightnovel using only cliches

8. Post a story idea with a beginning and end and let people talk about it.

9. Make a playlist for your favourite manga/anime


In general, I just think people get too hyperfocused on the more statistical side of the internet (likes, dislikes, tweets, retweets, reposts) that they forget that it is a free market world where you can do a lot of stuff and enjoy a lot of things according to your own interests and likes no matter what skill level you are or how your objective day to day life is doing. Of course people will miss you if you are gone for months at a time and there is no avoiding having your own opinion on things no matter how much you 'fake' your online persona. But in the end you really do have a grand chance to be detached enough to tackle problems and approach situations in a way you never really would irl.

Depending on how comforatble you feel you can remove more of your anonymity over time, but otherwise you can use it to your fullest.

This is most definitely incoherent bull. But it is my 2 cents of incoherent bull.

General Discussion / Interesting Revelations by getting a job offer
« on: February 18, 2019, 05:23:00 PM »
Gotta be a bit careful with this one because I'm still gathering my thoughts about it and building up upon it, but it's interesting and relevant enough to share. At least I hope.

TL:DR Waited centuries for acknowledgement that was already being freely given, but was too hung up on it and didn't want to move forward. Moving forward now.

Ever had such an out of experience happy moment that you get pissed off about things in the past as a result? No? Just me? Well exactly that has happened. Pissed off isn't even the word just a sort of deep dissapointment and something akin to disgust? At my past self and hang ups.

I was urban sketching as people with too much time tend to do and having a horriblefun time of it, alternatively zoning and cursing my drawing - proportion-sama why are you so cruel - and just doing what I've done a bunch of times with no big expectations. This was one of those great sunny winter days where the air is fresh and the sun is bright (but as effective as a light bulb) and the colours are so much richer, somehow. If I had colours with me I'd paint something.

Anyhow I was almost done and this crew of 3 unassuming arabic dudes - sneakers jackets 30-40s types walk past me. One of them walks back and says 'Yo dude that's sick. You drew that? Nice!'

I appreciated it quite a bit. Said as much. But that wasn't the end of the conversation. "You want to draw my restaurant? Can you do interiors?"

I'm like "Well yes I'm *censored* but I can draw interiors. I like drawing. I know the place."

Hand wave. "Come."

And we go. Smalltalk along the way and I'm pretty bemused by the whole thing. He's super friendly. I set myself outside and start drawing the restaurant. I'm just having fun and this dude offers me tea on the house and even gets me a free meal. Somewhere along the line I find out this guy is a legit shop owner and stuff, and the drawing will be for sentimental reasons, but he also offers me instagram followers and a book commission, even at the very least the chance to sketch a fancy cocktail bar where at least one free drink will be on the table. I'm bemused as all hell and getting excited even.

Meeting ends and I'm in the present, reeling from all of this. I have one last exam to write before I truly chew over this but I'm thinking, more than the phenomenal validation of some amount of marketablility of my work, that I've wasted a hell of a lot of time seeking approval when I could've just been going along getting stuff done.

This is literally a self-made problem. It's the same cheese I hit myself with when it came to writing. I had no idea I had it in me to write paid commissions until I did it and got cash for it. And now this. I thought my realistic perceptions of my level of art were on point, but they were a bit too pessimistic, and I should've done a lot more to push myself and do what I wanted to do and risk what I wanted to risk without waiting for approval. I can see about 8 or more wasted years of wasted farting about at a minimum because of all this foot dragging.

I'm not saying my ish smells like rosy flowers of the field, I'm just saying I should've focused on my stuff while ignoring the noise. And while I'm happy as heck to be free of that rut (never getting hung up again) I'm so, so bitter about it all. This is not a lesson I'm having fun learning about, but it's important all the same.

To close off this particular revelation: I am my own watcher. Seen dudes do one drawing a day minimum as a regimen on their IG that led to some great results. I'm doing something like that. My writing needs love. 1,000 words a day may be crazy/not crazy enough. I'll need to see, but I'm definitely making a self commitment to myself on that.

I'm still on the improvement circuit, but there are some stories and comics I need to wrap up and slam dunk. They're going to be worth something to at least one person out there, and I'm going to finish them as a commitment to myself and on the off chance I'll reach one person I will miss if I don't get to work on that.

God I'm pissed as all hell. I'm hoping when I get to terms with it I'll be able to look at this all positively, but now I just want to sucker punch my past self. Or make him deaf.

Second part of the revelation is: Marketing is a completely other thing than Creativity. It's a circuit that needs to be practiced and cultivated somehow, and I'll look into it tentatively. Really, I don't want (and can't. I know myself) to be an entrepreneur. Heck, I don't even want fame. But I can at least make a front that isn't cowering under a blanket under a carpet in a basement under an Igloo in the North Pole. I can be ninja, but I don't need to deny my existence. That's going too far.

Did I mention proportions are frustrating to learn? K.

Members Workshops / Streetview Workshop
« on: December 29, 2018, 11:17:44 AM »
Use Google Streetview to find the most 'away' place you can think of and use the image as reference to create your own.

You can be creative and use singular elements and mix them as you wish (heck, if you can swing it change the perspective, even) and you may add your own characters in the scene.

Tips and Tutorials / Request A Tutorial
« on: December 29, 2018, 11:15:10 AM »
Request a tutorial that you'd be interested in. Posting tutorials you found useful is also fine, but perhaps a Raider will be able to make one (or has already made one) and will be willing to share some knowledge.

General Discussion / What Background Props relate to a Scene?
« on: December 19, 2018, 06:55:59 AM »
While trying to improve my backgrounds with drawing thumbnails, I've found myself running out of ideas quicker than I'd like when building the scene. For my workflow, it's important that I can keep on feeling out the scene as long as possible without the need for reference so that I can focus on the story - before going back and checking on those.

So take this as a game of sorts and keep on adding as you think up of new ones. You can be as specific or vague as you want.


City : Hydrants, Drains, Side-walks, Coffee-Shops, Street Lamps, Traffic lights, White-collar workers, Construction workers, Street musician

Cabin : Oil lamp, wooden tables and chair, fireplace, rug

Bathroom : Tub, curtains, sink, shelf with mirror, window, toilet

For those writing about a country they're not familiar with, here is a place to ask a Native about specific stuff they may know about that'll make your story avoid any accuracy pitfalls. For example, how the heck do electrical sockets look like in Canada?

Of course, good research and Google are your friend but I thought this'd be useful. It also doesn't only need to be setting relevant.

break Room / Xmas Raider MR
« on: December 09, 2018, 07:13:18 PM »

December XX.XX.2018

Subject: Sansuits

From: Fashion District

To: All Capable Raiders


I can't say much but you've got to believe me. Sorry about photobucket and all the kidnapping (and shipping fanfics) and all of that but this is some serious cheese: Winter is coming.

Winter is coming and you have no idea. None of you are prepared for The Snowball Ball that is going down this year.   The tans are pissed and I do not know why. It's definitely not because of the panty raid attempts. Or all the off-topic posts. Or any shenanigans in general. None of that. For sure.

We need to be ready. If not, then the only bright colours and red we'll be seeing this festive season is from the explosions and blood that'll flash before our eyes.

Save yourselves: Give me the design of your Raider Battle-Ready-Xmas-Suit   so that you'll be ready for The Snowball Ball. So that you'll survive.

P.S: If you do not give any then I'll have to send you a Gesuto-uniform, which, i'm sorry to say, is red. As in red-shirt. As in dead-shirt. Just sayin.

In the context of comics, manga and anime, how do you write characters who are almost supernaturally smart?

I've been catching up to all shows from the CW Arrowverse and am on the latest season of Supergirl. Supergirl, to be honest, is a show that I had very negative opinions of at the start. But it's grown on me over time.

Lex Luthor is always referenced, and the Tech-Guy of the season is also someone with super intelligence - He has all the tics and stuff of a 'smart' person, but how do you show someone's intelligence in manga and anime convincingly? How do you have them speak in a way that convinces a smart reader that you know what you're talking about? Do you just throw big numbers around or is there something else you do?

Members Workshops / Character Vs. Food
« on: December 04, 2018, 02:46:59 PM »
Have a character try out a food they have never tried before and react to it.

1. Think of a dish/food

2. Draw your character eating it

3. Be creative! You want to draw someone eating a hamburger? Then ask yourself why your character has never tried a hamburger before in their life: Are they a caveman from the past? A mech pilot in an age where burgers are banned? Have a good excuse for any kind of food you choose! (It can also be a super negative emotion so don't forget that.)

4. The reaction to the food is as important as the eating.

I have problems with expressions and making my characters life-like enough to do normal human things like eating food or taking a walk in the park, so I thought I'd make a workshop along those lines.

Manga Writer workshop / Write a short-story by hand
« on: December 01, 2018, 02:36:13 PM »
Write a short story by hand

-1,000 words and beyond
-Share details of what tools you used and how easy/hard it was to write


 I really need to improve my preposterous handwriting, and I haven't committed enough to getting out of digitally writing stuff. I will have to join the rest of the modern world anyways when I have assignments and when I make the final versions of my works, but I want to dedicate a significant amount of time to writing by hand to at least win something back from the endless advent of the interwebs and technology (which isn't a bad thing. I mean, even paper, pencils and ballpoints are technological advances in comparision to feathers and ink so yeah)


break Room / Things happen because people do stuff
« on: November 23, 2018, 11:45:14 AM »
Random thought is random. But what better way than to procrastinate from an important homework assignment than to post layman philosophy on the interwebs?

So after a knock on the door I was surprised by a bunch of kids with one holding a microphone led by a guy I know from church. A sort of Trick or Treat it was, where I had to give something in return of relatively similar value. I almost, at the taunting of a nearby roomate gave away my guitar (I'm weirded out to say it wouldve hurt but I would've been okay with it) but I remembered too late that I broke my mic jack in my PC and nevermind it didn't work in the end.

I said my  goodbyes and the left. And I was just speechless for a moment there. My whole day normally consists of me doing my own thing in my room waiting for the next obligatory class to roll in, but this guy is going around doing this thing that costs him 0 bucks, makes something fun for the kids to do I imagine and even interferes with my legendary hermit bubble.

It made me think: There's off the top of my head about a thousand things I could do for fun that wouldn't change the world per-se, but they'd make things happen.

I'm a very lessez-faire deterministic person. I'm fighting against that tooth-and-nail but that vague cloud of pessimistic "Everything happens to you - you never happen to it." That's the mode I'm always in, really. But seeing this little initiative has made me think, "That can't be quite right."  I mean, my brain knows it isn't right. The forum itself exists because people came together with a small idea and it got bigger. The computer I'm writing on, the table, the pens and pencils, the wine. People did stuff. They didn't have the burden of the entire process of what they'd construct - they just acted and did stuff with what they had on hand and it changes something in reality. You can do things and reality responds.

Sorry if none of this makes sense. Mostly writing for myself? Damn I need a proper place to post this kind of stuff. Facebook seems odd. I'll start a blog or something.

Just my two tambala

Guh. Back to homework.

Members Workshops / Redline Me! (Art Critque Workshop)
« on: November 18, 2018, 08:09:01 AM »
Some raiders take it upon themselves to give in depth pointers on a piece of work by redlining the artwork and showing where what could be fixed, but I thought it could be nifty to actively ask for some pointers on something that you've drawn/done.

Of course, be merciful, and most of all helpful if you can.

I'll start with myself.

This was done for my inktober. Thoughts?

Collaboration (Art Exchange) / Secret Santa 2018
« on: November 04, 2018, 03:46:25 PM »
Okay Raiders!

It's definitely early, but that time of the year is around the corner. Don't decorate your christmas trees just yet, but send me a PM with the topic "Secret Santa" or something similar and I'll have a list drawn up. Every participant will then recieve a request from an anonymous raider to draw for.

Remember, it's the spirit that matters, not the skill! I'll be posting the final images around Christmas.

break Room / Raider. What Halloween Monster Are You?
« on: October 02, 2018, 10:03:24 PM »
Title. If you were/are/have been     bitten/cursed/created/fated to be /born/ forced to be/ wanted to be/are in secret and are responding to this in a half-admission of what you are/would like to be if you were in a horror world

what monster would you be?

P.S I'm going to draw your raider after this. Elaboration on your choice appreciated, but you're allowed to answer short and sweet i.e with just one word.

Legomaestro would be...
A Poltergeist. A kidnapping poltergeist ghost that likes writing.

Manga Creations / Otoko no Red Shirt - Short Story
« on: October 02, 2018, 10:14:45 AM »
Otoko no Redshirt

Today, I am going to die.

Don't take it the wrong way. It's not like I intend to die. And no, I am not suffering from an incureable disease. It's something worse than that.

The espers are fighting again.

A car flies through the air and crashes through a building. The explosion shatters nearby windows, and the sound of screaming and sirens fills the air.

The flying human in the air dressed in showy white leather clothing shouts something sarcastic at his opponent.  It seems to be a standard strength based villain. He is trying to get away with diamonds he just stole from a bank. I wish he could've stolen them succesfully so that something like this didn't happen.

The flying esper sends a blast of air through his hand. The villain withstands it, and cars behind him are sent flying and crashing into windows. More people scatter and scream.

I call them espers, but actually they are called heroes and villains.

I'm only human and naive, so I think it's foolish that they use their powers without caring for collateral damage, but if I were to be realistic, I would have to admit there is no choice.  No matter what ideal people have about how super powers should be used, the villains will always use underhanded tactics. There are simply too many people with powers, and too many people who ignore the rules for regulation to be possible.

The result is attrition. To be honest, this is a more peaceful fight than usual.

The thief launches more cars, and the flying esper deflects them, taunting him all the more. It may look like he's trying to get good views on WeTube, but the truth is one miscalculation could mean death. It was not rare for villains to have more than one power, or to use some sort of anti-power gadget against others. I understand.

But please end it quickly. I've already died twice.

Two people have been crushed under falling street lamps. An old woman, and a salary man. I experienced every moment.

Right now, 'Me' is about 150 people running and screaming for their lives. I am a highschool boy with a cellphone recording everything. I am a rough thug ushering timid people along with harsh words. I am a terrified girl cowering in a corner somewhere, I am a police officer rashly going closer to the villain to see if I can aim a shot at him, I am an office worker with shrapnel in my back because I stood in front of an exploding window. I am scared, I am excited, I am angry, I am dying.

[False Us]  is my ability. It seems to be something like a ninja's kage bunshin but not exactly that. I can multiply myself and displace other people with my own persona, sending them miles away in random areas.

Sometimes I replace civilians, but sometimes I just appear in the vicinity. The condition for activation seems to be 'I should not be seen or noticed.' So I don't have a choice on what clones I create. If I activated this ability in a military base I'd make hundreds of soldiers. If I made it in a hospital I'd be the hospital staff and the patients combined, and if I made it in hell I'd probably be demons.

By the way, the abilities are very realistic, and at this point in time I can only think of actively controlling five of them and relating to them. It's like being the manager of an army in a strategy game like Age of Kingdoms. I can leave some on autopilot, but concentrate on one.

In this state, the original Me does not exist until I deactivate the ability.

'I', the police man finally take a shot at the thief.

The thief reacts to the bullet striking him, but it simply falls off him like a dead fly. He seems to be bullet proof. The thief still feels it though. He turns around immediately and holds out a hand. A blast of fire flies out of his hand and incenerates the police man, turning him into a burning screaming skeleton. The other police men back off and take cover.

Perfect. I have made him reveal his trump card.

The hero, angered by the death of an innocent and finally seeing what he was truly dealing with swoops in and slams the thief into the ground. He holds up his left hand and gathers air, and places a dome of this air over the thiefs head.

He struggles, trying to send out fire to the hero, but in seconds his eyes roll into his head and he falls unconscious. The dome of air suffocated him in seconds, and prevented him from using any of his strength or fire.

The situation is solved. This was one of the easier ones. The incident with the assassins had been more difficult.

Sighing, I slowly deactivate my ability. The many victims and civilians slowly filter out of existence without anyone noticing. In some odd cases when people take an unnatural interest in one of my clones they hang around for days until they finally dissapear. As I said, the condition for activation and deactivation of my ability is 'Nobody should notice'.

Satisfied, I become Myself, that is, Rex Dice.

I am indeed a highschool student. I was drinking coffee when I noticed the danger of another esper fight.

I am no hero, but I thank the heavens  - or the devils - that gave me this ability. It is perfect for my trauma as someone who has been caught up in too many situations where I could only run and watch as the city was destroyed around me. Things are still chaotic now, but they have become better. And now that I can use this ability I can reduce the amount of casualties by having stand-ins.

In science-fiction tv series or horror series, there are always monsters that go on rampage and kill innocent civilians and defeat the military to make them seem dangerous. Such side characters may have one or two lines, but will quickly be killed off before the hero comes in to save the day. They are called red shirts.

This also provides the motivation for heroes to act quickly to save the day, and even though the evil thinks it is winning, they too are too preoccupied with making a lot of casualties to focus on the true threats - the heroes.

Distracting the villains, motivating the heroes and saving people - this is the service I provide by sacrificing the many Me's in the middle of these skirmishes. 

I guess you could call me the perfect red shirt.

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