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okay before you read the story if ive formatted this incorectly or i havent tagged this correcly im sorry. Secondly im posting this here for good AND bad reviews i wanna get better and honest reviews are the only way to do this ( but please dont rip me to shreds it is my first time writing anything like this) anyway dont let me put you off carry on reading.

‘Come on please I need that it’s my sisters’ the boy pleaded wiping the blood from his nose ‘Its not worth anythin anyway. Seriously please just gi—‘The boy slid down the trunk of the tree clutching his stomach trying to draw all the air that had been knocked out of him. ‘Shut up’ hissed the first man greedily eying the pendant ‘anyway if it aint valuable why you ssso desperate to keep it, huh? DON’T LIE TO SLIPTER BOY’ the sudden change in tone surprised the boy and at once the biggest but dumbest looking of the three men pounced upon the surprised look ‘Look slipter the weaklings being a liar let me smack him please slipter let me smack the son of a bitch’ at once the man called slipter turned and glared at the large man. The big man in turn recoiled in fear covering his face as if shielding his eys from the venom of a cobra. At once slipter began to cackle. A cough from the tree interrupted the small man’s laugh.  I’m not lying its*cough* not valuable I swear*cough* just please can I—‘‘SHUT UP, WHY YOU WANT IT THEN ? STOP LYING TO SLIPTER’ with this slipter struck the boy across the face again. From behind the three men came a rustle. ‘I’LL KILL YOU BOY STOP LYING’. The big man turned and let out a sound of surprise ‘Huh?’ . Slipter so consumed with his rage at the boys apparent lying didn’t notice the sound  at first but eventually he slowly turned his head and glared at the big man with such anger in his eyes that the big man physically flinched. ‘ Jean? you done with that girl already?’ Slipters eyes shone with the thought of the naked young girl lying just out of sight battered and bruised’ If you’ve broken her im gonna cut you jean, I still want my go with her’. There was a rustling in the bushes. When no reply came slipter eyed the bush suspiciously but before he could say anything there was a louder rustle and the body of the man that was Jean slowly rolled through the leaves and stopped at the bottom of the small incline where slipter stood. The big man raised his club trying to appear threating and slipter looked from one corner of his eye to the other surveying the small opening in which they stood. The boy was so occupied with catching his breath  and his eyes so full of blood he did not realise the situation confronting his tormentors and once again pleaded for the return of his pendant ‘ it aint worth nothing *wheeze*it’s my sister’s that’s all’ Slipter , who only understood greed, was so frustrated by the boys answer that he forgot his situation and turned on the boy gripping his dagger so tightly his knuckles went white ‘ STOP LYING WHY YOU WANT IT IF IT WORTH NOTHING?!’Everything was still. Both the boy and Slipter were confused as to why neither had felt the dagger sink into the boy. Then with eyes open wide in fear and surprise Slipter slowly looked down at the pale hand that held his arm perfectly still inches away from the boys face. Slipter slowly followed the muscled arms and up the broad shoulders until he was staring at a pair of light red eyes so close that he could feel breath upon his face. The man spoke calmly and deliberately ‘ he told you he why wants it , like he said it belonged to our sister’ and with those words the man sprung back sliding across the leaves as he landed, there was a thud where the large mans club connected with the ground, Slipter wailed as he shouted at the large man to kill the intruder and the forest exploded into action.

Anyway that was just a intro of sorts i just put together not too much planning went it so pleas eput a review (if you could one good thing and one bad thing would be good please thanks guys)

Well youve probaly heard of the attack on titan tribute game by feng if you havent i seriously suggest you go and give it a go
Even if u dont like AOT its a great game and really unique its  all about killing titans using the 3d manoeuvre gear in different maps and its not terrible and 2d GUESS WHAT ITS 3d lots of little features like guilds diff character stats salutes flares all make for a great game go try it out.
i was hoping any body with any other good anime games (pref PC and free but dont have to be) would post em and tell me or any1 else about em thanks guy

break Room / Anyone else read or have read Ares vagrant soldier?
« on: June 18, 2014, 03:27:07 PM »
It feels more and more like i cant find anyone who reads this and theres suprisingly little about it on the interweb so i was wondering if any of you Raiders were reading it
p.s if you have (which i expect you wont) dont spoil it for me im only about halfway through ( im in the middle of the war with ISRIS)
If you havent read it by the way and ure reading this spend ur time better and go read the first chapter you wont regret it honestly.

Starter Gallery / Bad drawigns little hepl please
« on: June 18, 2014, 03:17:55 PM »
Okay dont laugh u evil little hopgoblins (jokin im sure you guys get plenty of sunlight(jking again)) im only posting this so that i can get a little help and can reference just how bad my drawings are. Like i said i dont call myself an artist anyway here they are. okay so i had some difficulty uplaoding them but just Copy and paste the links and yes i did look at the tutorila but my little hopgoblin brain couldnt figure it out sorry for all the effort im makin u put in guys.

tht was me just drawin and practising like 2nd day i think?

some ideas i put to drawing i definetely wanna turn this idea into a manga so any budding artists please feel free to pm me

This 1 wasnt meant to be so zoomed but ive scanned it now sooo..... just a lil drawing i did tryna draw some sort of cape

If u did look at them thank u so much ill make a sacrifice to heranzig to hopgoblin god for u thanks. Bad and overused jokes aside serioulsy thanks for taking anytime to look at these and comment. Cheers guys.

Welcome Center / Uhhh guess i should say hi first?hi.
« on: June 17, 2014, 05:08:17 PM »

Well im gonna stick to the list set cause i dont wanna annoy that guy so here it goes
My names Callum im 15 in 11 days i mean you  could probably guess im a guy from my name im a fan of manga and anime (is that appropriate here i dont know?) i found out about the site because i was looking for an artist but i decided to make an account because i like the look of this place (i guess) im from London my favourite anime is probaly ares vagrant solider but ive read and watched bleach read highschool of the dead and watched highschool DxD. I also watched both SAO and Log horizon recently which i liked quite a lot. uhh i really just want to look for new manga to read and find a good partner to help me draw a manga of my own (Im more of a writer but im a very very average drawer aswell). please reply and say hi so i can get to know you.

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