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Develop Your Story / Project Fields
« on: December 02, 2016, 05:01:57 AM »
I've been working on making a video game with a friend of mine that is supposed to be kind of a 2d-brawler (ala old TalesOfGames or Double Dragon) with local-coop and dating sim/visual novel aspects. So far we've been getting everything we can done while trying to find a willing and decently skilled programmer to put together a prototype demo with us.

So this thread is to go over plot and world-building stuff important to the game and get some feedback for it as I hammer it out

General History of the World
In present day earth a large mysterious object crashed into a major populated area, the mysterious alien object was like a giant silver flower embedded in the planet with its roots and when it came in contact with the touch of a single curious human, the world was changed forever. The flower bloomed from that touch and humanity became more, from its alien origins flowed a power that swept the world in a fortnight and gifted mankind with a power the alien race appeared to have gifted us with. Wounds that would of in the past been fatal closed rapidly, with the power of thought.
 Fires could be flared to life from nothing, or as easily quenched, metal and earth shifted and moved with a thought, waters bent and flowed in whatever direction one so desired. With proper understanding tools, electronics and constructions sprung flawlessly to life

In the coming months the truth of the source of these powers was revealed, inside every human lay a new organ or nest, comprising of the millions of nano-machines that rested inside and controlled by the will and thought of the individual. In this time humanity almost tore itself apart with its brand new barely understood power.

Many years later after the events know as the seed-fall mankind had begun to spread among our solar system, new flawless spaceships and the orbital elevators were constructed using advanced sciences only possible because of the nano-machines. Humanity wished to explore the stars and discover who had given us this gift and try to express our thanks and  eternal gratitude, but were shocked to discover upon trying to send probes and ships beyond our solar system the nano-machine constructed ships fell apart as soon as they got too far away from the alien artifact on earth.

As they continued to study this phenomenon and began designs to build ships capable of long term travel "They" arrived. In a horrible mass of oddly built and non-uniform shaped ships they came to wage a siege on humanity, there appeared to at least be many dozens of different species on board the ships and they threw themselves with no warning at the outer planetary settlements and colonies of humanity.
Even with the amazing powers humans possessed the shear numbers began to overwhelm humanity as the horde of aliens pushed there way to earth. Humanity soon learned from advanced scanners and interrogation that this was just the beginning of the alien invasion force and the true fleet still hasn't arrived. Running out time humanity designed and build the continent sized generation colony ship, this ark contained as much of humanity, plants and animals in the giant eco-system existing within it. Even more of humanity was frozen in stasis and contained within the dark confines of the ship.
 With the last battle of earth and the fall of the last orbital elevator earths last defenses shattered and the ship fled the solar system containing inside it the alien artifact as the last vestiges of the human fleet continued to fight the alien menace buying as much time as possible for the plan to succeed, the only hope to survive was to escape the encroaching alien horde in the vastness of space.

The main plot and characters to follow, but for now I gotta get ready for work  :sure:
This took longer than I thought it would to write out

(At this moment in time no money is being made with this project and it's a free collaboration.)

Looking for somebody to help with a ongoing project I've been working on to practice my artistic skills, it's a  free (usually) weekly webcomic I called Running From Dragons. It's gotten enough attention and I've enjoyed working on it enough I wanted to improve it's overall quality by bringing one somebody more skilled than I for writing

That's where you come in, Mostly I need somebody to help me write characters, scenes and conversations as well as bounce ideas off of and help with world building. At the moment I'm unsure if I'm going to ask to continue the story from where it currently is drawn up to, rewrite or redraw the entire thing and start from scratch.

On the terms of the story its about a fantasy world loosely based off of Roman and Medieval era times about a young women who lives in a small northern in the middle of nowhere village.  When the village is passed by a dragon and it's army, blighting the town with a terrible curse that will turn the denizens into more of the dragons minions. The Empire in it's attempt to deny the Dragons army more monsters starts to hunt down all the villages residents. Now our main character has to try to find a cure to the curse before it becomes too late while the corrupt magic-wielding knights of the Empire hunt her down. Along the way she meets and makes friends with a strange group of characters including a sarcastic pretty boy Knight-Paladin, a full of himself adventure and glory seeking bird-humanoid and a rather physically imposing strong-armed wizard.

Manga Anime FanArts / Tzefa Rare Fanart
« on: October 20, 2015, 03:25:34 AM »
I almost never do fanart.. but since I did this one for the tiny tiny convention that was in my town I just feel compelled to do the full cast of Rwby now since just doing Yang feels silly. So eventually I'll add to this...
Yay season 3 is almost out~


Members Manga / Running From Dragons
« on: October 03, 2015, 07:09:35 PM »
A little project I've started on my own in my spare time just to diverse what I'm drawing a little bit. Stories based somewhat on a failed Pathfinder campaign my friend ran

The link in my sig is much farther ahead page wise, but I only consider the colored pages finished at this moment, and not sure if I could post them here at this time
I really love working on RFD but man. Writer I am not, so goofiness ahead, sometimes intentional. Sometimes just awful writing.

Front Cover

First Chapter:  Unfound


Manga Art Gallery / Tzefa Drawin
« on: September 24, 2015, 11:47:01 PM »
Warning Light gore, blood and sexual themes in some pictures

Most recent work, not quite finished just yet, still working on the background  and some extra details with the picture, but I ended up being overly excited to get it out because I was enjoying working on it so much and had to put it aside to work on some other projects for the time being.


Welcome Center / Hello Hello
« on: September 24, 2015, 07:12:39 AM »
Hello! I'm Tzefa
I used to post on here quite a few years ago
I don't reckon anybody will recognize me from back then, so it's like being brand new again!

I'm a artist from Canada, been working lot's of jobs outside of the field of art currently but spend most of my spare time working on trying to get commissions and working on my Web Manga/Comic project,
Running From Dragons

I love playing games, drawing, watching things, chatting about all of those things and never sleeping

I'm not the best at getting myself out there and making new friends but that's what learning and experience is for

Comics and other Gallery / Tzefa's Other Work
« on: October 24, 2011, 06:07:45 PM »
Making a new thread for diffrent artwork, background work and concept art

The first thing I'll fit in here was a practice for skintones, finer details and such that I was working on

Video / PC Games / Dwarf Fortress
« on: January 18, 2011, 02:29:32 AM »
Just thought i would make a thread about the Dwarf fortress here since its the game stealing alot of time from my life, for those that don't know its a ASCII game under development for the past god knows how long with roots based in insanity and creativity, part rouge-like, part RTS and part nightmare its the game with a learning curve so steep its fun is measured in how badly you lose, The game that has coined the term losing is fun
If theres any interest ill either start up a succession fort or post my ongoing events
I can also help anyone interested in getting started

Oh and for a idea of the games insanity one of my dwarfs just bit a giant amber giant from the depths before the giant got shot with a arrow and cut in half where right before i had to release a elephant into the mayors room to remove him because he demanded something I didnt have the materials to make and he was going to punish my legendary weaponsmith

Manga Creations / Prey
« on: May 04, 2010, 08:19:39 PM »
This is Litt's Story Prey drawn by me Tzefa, I'm not sure what i should say here and I'm on a tight schedule so..... Yeah. the first umm page.

Edit: This is where all the pages will be collected  for easier chronological order for now

Manga Talk / Deltora Quest
« on: March 09, 2010, 07:58:06 PM »
When i was growing up i read all of the Deltora series, they were by far some of favorite books when i was younger, i must of read them like 50 times... along with every other book i owned but i still loved the series, and i just learned that there is indeed a Deltora Quest anime, and i haven't even watched the first episode yet but my god is it bringing back lots of childhood memories, has anyone else seen the anime or read the books?  :D

Video / PC Games / Gamers unite
« on: November 28, 2009, 08:28:36 PM »
Since there are a few of us that do play games lets see if we can get some group gaming in, even if none of us have any similar games to play online or if you lack the computing power for some of them we could always go for free games  :sick: like exteel. guns. battlefield heroes ect.

and do any of you guys have steam?

Develop Your Story / The Mindscape
« on: November 18, 2009, 08:44:10 PM »
Well a about a year ago i read a story, i forget the name but it was about a guy who ran into this circus performer who moved from town to town, he said it was because of the tattoos he got from a witch and that at night he cant wear a shirt and he feels them moving about and he cant remove them no matter how hard he trys, they also appear to tell the future when they do this and at the very end of it all will give the watchers future. The narrator decides to stay and when the man falls asleep he sees all these seperate short storys that would be the future and at the end he sees his own death by the man with the tattos and so he runs away before dawn comes...

Well i thought this was a rather interesting idea and ever since i wanted to do something similar and my idea was to have the main character either die or in a coma and enter these dream like worlds that would be all short story's, each punctuated by the same characters that have the same roles and have them actually develop between worlds as well as the main character who retains all his memory's in each story. I was hoping to expand on the one page manga i drew up and turn it into this, what do you guys think?  :hmm:

oh yeah i also decided upon the name, it shall be known as: The Mindscape

Develop Your Story / Tzefa's Guns and ballistics, a learning experience
« on: November 15, 2009, 01:47:01 AM »
Since im partially a gun fanatic and im going airsofting tomorrow with my full metal and wood AK-74  :D i thought i would talk about stuff like bullet types, terminology, and picking out guns for characters. that sorta thing. So that people who are writing storys can get a realistic look at weaponry in there novels. Ill just be adding things to this whenever i realy feel like it, feel free to converse or add information of your own (and hopefully i wont say anything that is incorrect  :secret:)

First thing when talking about ammunition, know the difference between a clip and a magazine as it is a common mistake in writing for authors to use the improper term clip for a magazine, saying things like:
"i loaded a new clip into my ak-47" is wrong since, well the ak-47 doesn't use clips, it uses magazines
This is a clip

This is a magazine

Next i guess ill add is ammunition types, the three rather basic ones are here
standard: Its a bullet what needs to be said? it hurts it can kill you and is fired from a gun
armor piercing: have a special front and are hardened to pierce through armor, highly likely to cut clean through people causing a lot less damage than a standard bullet (these bullets are used by the us army, and there are storys of terrorists taking about 15 shots before finnaly dropping because of how the bullets cause less trauma) but it'll go through bullet-proof vests
Hollow point: These bullets have a hollow on the front so that when they come in contact with a person they will bloom outwards (think flower blooming) causing massive damage, these kind of bullets are outlawed due to the damage they cause (considered inhumane) but are commonly used by police since the bullet is less likely to exit the target and cause damage to civilians

GFX Section / Tzefa's Sig and any future Sigs
« on: November 09, 2009, 08:51:06 PM »
I just have a feeling ill be going through like 5 sigs a day  :D, this is just in case people are for some reason interested in my sig which is unlikely

my first sig that i whipped up in like 10 minutes 'cause i wanted one  :D

Manga Creations / Heathen Darkness
« on: November 05, 2009, 08:39:03 PM »

Chapter 1

Three panting forms could be made out, they were inside a a wooden building inside a circle of there peers, garbed in simple flax shirts and pants and watched over by similarly garbed adults they waited... and as if some unannounced call rang out through the air the forms began to move.

The training blade sliced through the moist air striking where he was only seconds ago, Haven spun backwards defecting his second opponents quick thrust and assumed a defensive stance.  Both his opponents assumed a position as well. Haven knew he had to end it soon as his breathing was becoming heavier and his mind was slowing down. Then his opponents lurched forward and both there blades sliced diagonally downwards. Haven rolled directly in-between them twisting with both of his swords he slashed his opponents in the sides. They fell to the ground in a heap. Panting heavily he stood up putting both his wooden training blades back into there sheaths, turning he grasped one of his classmates hand dragging him to his feet. Turning to the other classmate he found him to be already standing and holding out his hand. “damm didn’t see that one coming there Haven” he said as they shook hands.  “you did well, that will be enough for today you can go home” came a voice behind him, turning Haven found his uncle standing before him With a boyish grin on his face. Haven nodded back with a grin slowly spreading across his own face. He waved to his classmates and his uncle and packed up to leave. When he walked out the back door  he  lifted up his hand to block out the dieing light of the sun. The sun was starting to set and he figured he might as well watch it over by the river

Sarah found him sitting on the bank by a old oak. She wore a simple Dress and had deep blue eyes and had long brown hair pulled into a ponytail that fell to her waist. She was right behind him before he finally turned. In those few seconds she found herself looking at a different person, Haven was smiling when he turned but his eyes had a hard look in them. But then it was gone replaced by such cheeriness that she found it hard to tell if she really saw it in the first place, she looked at the teenager she had known most of her life, his black messy  hair, his bright blue eyes and lean figure he was only 18 but he looked older. Haven didn’t have any parents instead living with his uncle who ran the a kind of training center for the town guard, oddly Haven looked exactly like his cousin Ashley but neither looked like there uncle with his spiky blond hair and brown eyes with boyish features. Haven looked at her strange and she realized she had been staring at him, she sat down beside him looking at the sunset blushing.

They walked home together  talking about  whatever they found interesting. Haven turned off to head to his place waving at Sarah and his thoughts turned to the past.  14 years ago the land had been prospering before a rash of crimes came downwards from the north organized crime had then broke out across the land and finally, a assassination was attempted on the king and queen of the land.  With no heir to the throne and the lands capitals set ablaze different crime lords and bandits struck for sections of the land while other villages banded together to enforce security. And thus the land was torn apart and all trade and communication halted. Haven finally reached his home which lay near the far side the village next to the forest. The village itself stood with a valley only assessable from the mouth of the valley and a few forgotten paths through the woods. Haven look at the old house which was constructed of think wooden logs although the insides were richly furnished, including his uncles prized marble wash basin. Haven sighed and stepped inside just as his cousin Ashley was busy setting the table, she was garbed similarly to Sarah but also wore a apron and wore a small silver chain across her neck with a miniature sword hanging from it, like Sarah her black hair was also pulled back into a ponytail although shorter. Oddly enough Ashley did the cooking in the house because neither Haven or his uncle could cook, last time Haven and his uncle cooked the house was almost burned down.  Haven Finished dinner and laid down in his bed, stuffed with food he slipped away into sleep . Haven dreamed as he slept. In his dream he kept hearing something murmur in his ear but every time haven tried to turn his head to look at who it was the voice faded away and there was nobody behind him.

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