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Develop Your Story / An idea pitch for possible game
« on: June 28, 2018, 03:18:33 AM »
Well basically the story is set in different parts, the first is about the first beings each blessed with their own gifts. They all have jobs to do and they see that they had help build the universe. And among the marbles  (planets life was being born beings not like them but family young and weak some are powerful but can't harm them they are the beginning and the end). Among the first were the semi mortals and among them the first were the twins the elves and dwarfs then the orcs and wizards, then came the mortals man, granetes  (rock like people as they age their skin hardens more later) and others.

 But the first story takes place before the creation of the universe and ends at the crowning of the first king. The second story is about the now godless lands raging war (this one well stretch in book or manga time a span of generations and different hero's)

The Idea came to me while playing civilization that I wish they had a game like this with some fantasy. Anyway I came up with names and backgrounds for soldiers and thus the beginning of me drafting ideas. So here's the game idea it's a rpg, rts, sim. The rpg part would be like Sao mixed with more brutal violence. The rts will be commanding your armies ore tribes. The SIM part would be managing your followers and diplomacy.

If you mad it this far thanks for reading but if you would like me to post some of the drafts I will. But I was wandering would the subject matter and content interest you. (Sweating profusely and ease back in shadows😬

Develop Your Story / A letter to death
« on: June 12, 2018, 12:53:21 AM »
So this is my next well current project her is the short version as to not bloat the post and I can't do the spoiler tabs.

A boy finds a love letter describing how much the writer was in love and how he hid copies of his letters through out the house in hopes that someone besides himself to know of his love. Out of curiosity he searches for the letters but they are nowhere to be found then something strange happens he gets an unsigned letter in the mail starting that he must find the man's lover or else he dies and to return the letters. There is also a catch if he does not write to the man who died then a person close to him will be struck with tradagey.

I have a few pages that I'm planning to upload later.
But to answer some questions the story is a romantic slice of life maybe a comedy I really haven't decided yet if comedy do you raiders think the serious stuff that I failed to mention has a chance to be taken seriously without hurting the flow.

break Room / They came
« on: May 25, 2018, 02:15:02 PM »
So today my drawing tablet came along with markers and prisima pencils

break Room / Where do you get your supplies
« on: May 06, 2018, 11:45:14 AM »
I know it's impolite to ask things about money but I need to know. Ok I want to know where do everyone get their art supplies from and how much they cost I'm looking to take my art to a new level and put something out.

break Room / binge watching
« on: January 04, 2018, 01:36:39 PM »
What are your go to binge watching shows. For me its the walking dead, scryed and darker than black. I have started watching dragon ball all the way to super also

break Room / has anyone ordered anything from wish
« on: January 03, 2018, 11:56:12 AM »
I was wandering because i have.  I was suppose to get some copic markers and like 200 gel pens i also ordered a naruto necklace and head phones which are both fine but the pen and copic markers were just tubes no caseing just a bag of gel pen capsules i guess one might call them.  And the markers aren't even copic the pens i only had to pay for s/h but the markers were 65 dollars which were a deal since i was suppose to get 20. Has this happen to anyone else

Manga Writers wanted / (Free)coolab on a fallout story
« on: January 02, 2018, 05:22:22 PM »
Ok i love the fallout games and i have alot of diffrent stories based on ot not finished but they are pretty easy to continue. Anyway ihave trouble writing i dont know hoe to start a story to well anyway im looking for someone to help with it so anyone who wants to join me let me know ill be the artist and if you want to write a novel based on our story its fine i just need someone to bpunce ideas off and to contribute to the stories.  Man my post always sound like rants

Develop Your Story / a simple story that needs insight
« on: December 25, 2017, 12:39:40 AM »
Ok the story is called if i were god.  Its about a young boy who lives with his grandmother who is very ill and the boy fears she will die soon hr has already lost his parents and his grandfather so he slowly begins to hate the gods when a stranger appears and asks him what he would do if he were god.  He grants the boy gods powers for a year  and along with it his responsibility.  Confused at first as to what to do he begins his job as god while trying not to be corrupt.  Its a bit of slice of life and humor mixed in with its dark tone.

I want to know what you guys and gals would do if you could make anything happen without any backlash to you and you alone.

Video / PC Games / what was your game of choice in 2017
« on: December 25, 2017, 12:26:54 AM »
So first if anyone is on playstation 4 let me know your id and ill friend you im planning on getting destiny 2 but i know it wasnt new in 2017 but i love fallout 4 all fallouts for that matter.  But the new lord of the rings game from what i read will be good to.  Also im a fan of the dark souls games and demon souls.

Develop Your Story / contact
« on: July 03, 2017, 03:52:39 PM »
The world is run by four types of power the people,  the police , the government  the final one hidden from all  except for the highest level of government they are the holders.  Holders  are a secret organization that  goes after the  people the government wont touch out of fear or the lack of Justice they higher and train special people ro become assassins they even experiment on them.  These people in turn are bound to follow their strict code of solitude never get close because you may give away secrets.

Chapter 0

A young child standing beaten and bloody over a corpse of a man in the corner of rhe room a woman beaten looks in horror at the young boy "what have you done you monster" the woman screams at the child but the boy only looks relieved at the dead body.  Thw police sirens can be heard outside and a door shutting "look a t this mess what the hell happened here,  Vaga go call for a ambulance and the hearse we have a body and two injured people " a sturdy man yells to the man acting as his shadow "yes sir". Later in a room with blinds hanging over the office window two men are talking "the mother says that she don't won't the boy she calls him a monster , but she states that the husband had been out with a friend and when he came back he had attacked them thats when the boy killed him" a man in a suit to another "yea but what got me is the fact we were taken of the case so fast, i mean why in the hell did he just start attacking his family, the wife said that he didnt drink and no sign of this happening before and who was that that took the boy"2nd suited cop "their are just to many questions "

In another office clad in white made of the hardest looking bricks man could conjure a young boy sits coverd in a white outfit "what in this world do you want child" a voice over a intercom. The boy just sits quietly looking at his bruised knuckles hearing his mother scream monster talking about him who helped her he who took all of the beatens for her he who loved her and his anger filled father a Monster where will he go bow what will he do he was only 12 why did they have him chained in this cold scary room.  His thoughts are interrupted by the voice on the intercom "no answer we will give you time to think but till you come up with an answer you will stay there" the lights flashes off.

5 years later "you look good for someone who just came from a battlefield ha ha" a voice coming from a heavily tinted car window "always the quiet one i see is he dead" voice.  "Yea " a young man says with his hood covering his face "good heres your next assignment,  we expect this to be done quickly this tyrant is in the way"voice, the car drives iff leaving the cloaked figure looking at the folder covered in pictures of two presidents and their families labled targets.  Chapter 0 ends

This is a story about a boy trained to kill and feel nothing who wants to feel something to fund a place fir him but is trapped by the government in a job he can't quit.  His cover gets blown and now he his being chased by the ones he worked for and those he hurt now all he has is kill or be killed. Realizing this he makes a new contract with a strange woman who claimes to be the end of the world calling herself Ragnarok a being that exists on all worlds and is giving him the chance for true freedom to live the way he wants but he doesn't know till then he continues to fight for himself and to keep Ragnarok away from her goal to destroy all life on earth.

break Room / awkward situations (18+) contains adult situations
« on: June 17, 2017, 04:12:42 PM »
I started this because two days ago i was tinkering with hooking up a lawnmower moter to a bike but i had loned my neighbor my welding torch when i went to get it (i called first ) she had the door open so i go in to speak to her and her wife but the wife was gone when i open the door she was nude and in the midst of pleasuring herself im an adult 27 years old but i t took me by surprise i mean i just got off the phone telling you i was coming over i know everyone does it but still you don't want people to see and i know she don't want me in that we she is into women but it is still awkward because i just stood there shocked i wasn't doing anything like just looking at her i didn't think to just turn around and leave i just stood there looking at her look at me and whst seemed like hourd was only about three minutes and i said cracking voice and all "im getting the torch and left. Now when evet im around her and het wife i feel weird but i don't want to bring it up at all but her wife is so nice and sweet she is to but seeing that it just ruined our usual fun joking bond we still talk seeing as she lives next door. But aghhhhhhhh why. Anyway i just wanted to share this as i find it funny and well awkward and would like to know if anyone else been through something like this.

Develop Your Story / harus grand adventure to find a wife
« on: June 16, 2017, 11:26:08 PM »
This is a old story that i had posted but cant find so here we are.

Synopsis : Haru the son of the chief of his people has always been stronger and faster than the rest but he has one problem he is to naive for his own good.  His father sees this and wishes to teach his son about the world but harus mother want see her young son leave the village. So his father covers up his true intent by using the excuse that he needs a wife that fits the role of the chiefs wife.  She must be smart strong and can lead them in harus absents. So starts harus adventure to find a bride and mature enough to lead his people.

On his quest he meets plenty of girls to marry but he leaves before they can answer his proposal due to his need for adventure  and his naive personality. The girls fall in love with him and when they finds out that he is gone they start to stalk him.

This is a action/comedy story.

Develop Your Story / story development
« on: March 31, 2016, 12:46:52 AM »
I'm back guys and to lazy for a title I have been away working on my art and writing stories trying to make some magic but I don't have a wand (boooo get of the stage) well anyway I have a fun story I'm working on so here goes. In a remote village lives a tribe of warriors among these warriors only the strongest is named the king and its time for a new king and its Hiru a young boy oblivious to the world but has unimaginable powers so to teach him the ways of the world his parents sends him on a quest to find a wife suitable to help lead the tribe. They give him a few conditions that the wifi must have so hiru begins his quest to find a bride. this is just the overview its meant to be an action comedy. some of the gags are the princess that he meets don't get the chance to say yes or no to his proposal before he embarks on his next quest so they begin to stalk him. I have a little wrote I think 4 chapters but was wondering if anyone would read I have a lot of stories floating about but I want to focus on one and its this one (Hirus bride) temp title.

Develop Your Story / the search for oblivion
« on: November 11, 2015, 05:50:00 PM »
Hey guys me again lol here's a lbit of an old story I have been writing.

In the beginning of time there were no separate planets and beast and humans lived to gather. Men lived in tribes and worshipped the laws of nature. In such a  tribes lived a young boy he was the bastard child of a warrior clan but he was care free which made the inhabitants question his being the children even teased him his father beat him while his mother watch that still didn't stop his natural attitude till one daa drunken warrior challenged the you boy and tried to kill him stabbing the boy in his heart
The onlookers could only look ins total fear as the young boy began to move but to there shock the carefree boy they knew was no more what stood before them was the first god the god of war.

The story's about a young boy searching for what he is and to bring the world to peace for the weak and a place for the strong. (Thus creating heaven and hell) can he do it. (Hell if I know haven't finished it yet lol gotta work out the whole nature gods profiles) feel free to leave any ideas.

Develop Your Story / working title (doorman) criticism wanted
« on: October 26, 2015, 09:52:59 PM »
Hi all been awhile here's a story I'm brewing wanted to see if its worth it. The story starts with a man waking up in a burnt village and can't remember what happened he can only remember his family but can't find them anywhere he decideds to search for clues among the rubble and finds a letter from a woman claiming there new house is finished in greenwood(name just place holder) but.as he starts his journey a black door opens at the edge of the burnt village and a being cloacked in darkness emerges from the black door atop of hoarse on fire. Before seeing what it wanted he starts to flee he begins being chased by the being seeing the lights from a near town he thinks he found safety the beast gains in before it grabs his collar he blacks out. He wakes up in a church. The priest informs him of a demon chasing him and it may have took his family he decideds to find out and save his family but who saved him and where is his family. He now travels in search of his family with a young priest and a strange man in bandages. The doorman will be explaine if asked don't wanna give away to much

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