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Develop Your Story / A group project
« on: September 13, 2019, 10:23:32 PM »
Here is an idea i been thinking of and its free for us all to work to gather on. The beginning takes place at a preschool with a carefree youn boy. His life has been difficult due to his fathers drive to make him the best leading to him always under achieving instead of being cruel like his father he is very caring to all. On his way home from school he sees a homeless woman being attacked and because of his nature he tries to help leading to him being beaten to death.

When his eyes open he is still in the world of the living along with him a beautiful woman who tells him he is an idiot and his death was his on fault not hers or the men who attacked her. She goes on to say he can never rest in peace do to his kindnessher exact words are "humans were never ment to help everyone such foolishness its ment for higher beings.

This leads to the young boy becoming something he is not a tormentor. A being who exist to punish humans no matter if the are good or evil. And to make matters worse his first person is his father although he is cruel to him he still loves him.

That is a rough idea of the story but to make it a group project we all find strange ways to torment people. The rules are the torment cant be directly linked to the victims death thats it. (I know its a dark concept) but its like a story of balance we will see if he succumb to his dark job or reach a state of peace.

If your intrested post an idea and lets get this thing going if no one is intrested I'll try on my own i just thought this would show each other our range. And if you think its a good idea. Last thing the torment doesnt have to be violent it can be physiologic.

break Room / Toxic gaming
« on: September 09, 2019, 11:19:36 PM »
So i know why people rage and yell but why make it personal. I asked this because earlier i was playing gta and it was 3 v1 me being one and on a new character rp 40 they were like 113 and up i say this because they were killing me until i split them up and i was coming out on top and i was talking the usual trash like your trash. Then they invite me into party chat i came in with friendly intention like you guys are trash but in the way you talk to a friend and immediately the racial slurs and for you guys that dont know my mom passed in april when one said they hope she dies i told them and they kept going the whole 6 to 10 mins i was there i didnt throw one insult so why do people do things like this like i said i understand raging but things like that i dont understand. So if you know a guy i know his psn is lordrobert10 a mexican guy avoid him and his group they are toxic.

Video / PC Games / Gaming
« on: July 12, 2019, 05:04:31 PM »
So whats everybody playing and psn gamertags xbox to but i dont haveone yet been thinking about it but not a xbox guy brought like 7 360s all broke. Anyway i play alot of pubg fortnite not good at it the building is just to fast for me. I play nba 2k19 dayz when its done downloading i still play battlefield when invited. My psn us shaudx5 send a request.

I also want to ask what do you think console gameing is missing. Ne sandbox games and cross play i know fortnite does it. I wanna play rust and ark but im stuck playing on mobile if anyone wants to know rust mobile is called last day rules its not in the states yet but 3rd party app stores has it. Im doing this because im trying to be more social im real close to being a hikikomori lol anti social is what my mom called me but anyway let me know and i will join you. I also play MONSTER HUNTER WORLD one of my favorite but it gets weirf talking to myself while fighting a huge flying dinosaur and laughing at a lame joke. Last thing if anyone here is a streamer let me know.

Develop Your Story / Help kinda
« on: July 09, 2019, 12:53:36 AM »
I have had a bad 2019 and been away again to gather myself. I lost my mother and it hurts of all days april 1st. I say this because its the reason for a story i want to do but i want you guys help with the characters mainly the protagonist.

The story is set in the end of the world (you said you were getting away crom the saddness) but its a comedy based on a delivery boy who survived the whole thing only to be stuck with a new job he hates a babysitter. He discovers a small group of kids alone with no one to care for them and with the stupid zombies roaming around his only option is to take care of them. But while looking for a safe place he finds more children.

Basically its a comedy that turns a little serious based on a young man i want him to be old enough to take care of kids but still be inexperienced learning what life is and what true love is (no pedo stuff he is in search of a woman to help but instead of looking for a couple, remember he is young). My thing i need help with is his development should he be goofy which in all honesty most mangas make the MC a little goffy example luffy goku toriko Asta. Anyway is it possible to do this with him being somewhat serious but clumsy. Or should i just make him humorous.

Ps the story is a comedy slice of life story with serious tones but i dont think they will overshadow the story. Any advice opinions are welcomed and thanks for reading i might post a rough draft soon if intrested. Sorry for length.

MR Pub / Where i been
« on: March 29, 2019, 12:35:09 AM »
Well i been away on and off do let me explain. Im currently and have been dealing with my mother who is fighting cancer for the second time and the doctors today said that she is loseing and it hurts so i have been kind off numb. So im trying hard to keep myself together by trying to get immersed into something which the closes thing that makes me forget is pubg which is weird but that only helps till i stop playing and drawing and writing makes me think about it to much but hopefully ill be back soon with new stuff and maybe a story or two. I love being a raider and you guys and thats where i been

break Room / Does anyone play
« on: February 12, 2019, 07:54:32 PM »
Does anyone play pubg, free fire, or hopless land

Develop Your Story / Fun group project
« on: January 22, 2019, 12:10:44 AM »
I thought up a horror story and would like a partner to bounce ideas off of and to contribute to the story (before this is moved its not just requesting a partner or patners but my thoughts on the ideas as i am currently working on my combat story. Ps to this part i will do the art or both parties can also contriibute in the art department if your not comfortable with you skills then storyboard d will help to but any way her goes the stories breakdown.

A strange phenomenon causes people to go blind and theae people claim to hear and feel strange things. Ome day they get their sight back only to watch as the sun dissapear. Riots and chaos ensues, the darkness slowly drives them mad. The only ones immune to the effects are those who had went blind. As the maddness starts to subside strange things begin to lurk in the shadows filling the still nigjt with the ominous screams of victims and unkown creatures. Thats all i got that i think is permanent i will post more or maybe write a mock chapter soon. Thanks and stay tuned😁

Develop Your Story / Dead chains
« on: January 02, 2019, 12:08:25 AM »
My short one shot im currently working on. The stories short breakdown is as follows il post long one later.

A strange house at the edge of an old western town holds a dark secret, and this secret will take the world if it isn't fixed. In this house it harbors a man long ago dead but every three yrars he and his chains walks the streets and if they snare you in their grasp well no one knows exactly but they do know they will never see you again. In present day he stll roams the nearly deserted town and the reports are he is waking up alot faster and is getting more active. All that walks his path die all that speak or whisper s his name will call him to their door step. Who is mr chains what happened to him?

The story is about my mythical mr chains and a backstory for him if you guys and gals like it (the finished product) i might do a tales from the crypt like series.

break Room / Is anyone else on amino
« on: January 01, 2019, 11:52:51 PM »
I just decided to join a week ago and its pretty interesting. Deviant art is good and all but it makes me feel lazy. True the people have maybe been at it longer or are just better than me. Thats not what bothers me but the fact that almost everyone i see on there are at a pros level and amino i see alot of people at mine or slightly above mine and it gives me something to strive for. So if anyone has one let me know and we can do battles. Let me explain i am the type that enjoys finding my faults any anything in high school i had a couple of friends that i did battles with and my art skills were (what i feel) atleast twice as good. The idea is if say you have a character but cant quite get them right well we both draw them or story and go back and fourth.

Manga Writer workshop / A group challenge
« on: November 30, 2018, 06:37:25 PM »
Ok i dont know where to put this but here goes. The month of December is a busy one but we all write a chapter the first person (we will decide the order if anyone else joins) will decide the theme and the second continue and so on so on. Till we have a manga raiders story.

I come here everyday but dont post everyday, but i think it will help those who struggle with writing and structure this could also include a drawing workshop like challenge where the artist draw it out. This way we all can be in on it and get some practice i think it will also show artists their flaws or help them find their own style and define it.

It will start once we see if anyone is interested. Thank you for reading and i hope we have fun.

break Room / Jailbreaking
« on: November 29, 2018, 12:02:40 AM »
Does anyone have a jailbroken ps4 because i want to know should i buy another and do it. The reason is i want to mod gta 5 and dark souls3 and of course fallout 4. Speaking of fallout has anyone played the online one is so i know to get it i use the Internet from my phone which does good for cod bo3 i plan on decking out my pc and gaming set up at tax time meaning more online play. Last thing lego if your watching what is that game you stream on youtube it reminds me of dark souls it looks good but i keep forgetting the name.

break Room / Drawing doll
« on: November 26, 2018, 07:17:39 PM »
I need a drawing doll for my pc does anyone know of any i searched and was sent to windows website but they never let me download anything always an error. I have a few on my old phone but then you have to keep looking down at the phone and unlocking it to much hassle when your feeling it

Tips and Tutorials / Tablet tip
« on: November 26, 2018, 04:29:43 PM »
If your like me heavy handed and worry about scratching your tablet well this is for you (did i put this in the right place) anyway just put a sheet of paper on top of drawing surdace and it makes it alot easier atleast for me and it gives me more control over my lines. Be careful though sometimes it long presses i use thick paper.

Develop Your Story / A mortal kombat like story
« on: November 18, 2018, 04:16:14 PM »
There are more realms than heaven hell and our realm. The gods looked over all worlds and loved the mortal beings finding them interesting and the king of gods loved the mortal realm (our realm) and showed them favor which angered one such god to state that he has neglected his own children and people so he fought with the king and lost and banished to the void where nothing but fire and pain resides along with the kings brother who may never leave. The son soons stake out a kingdom of his soul promising to take all worlds.

The gods seeing this wished to keep all realms safe from his hands but made a oath to never interfere with mortal affairs directly so they decided to train them to protect themselves by giving each tribe one blessed with the gods blood and created a tournament between realms granting the winner a wish of their own nut it also holds a curse the winner would have immortality until they lose the title of champions. These people were the gaurdians of their realms.

Thats the back story of the world and the main character is the son of the usurper and the kings daughter who was kidnapped after the 40th tournament at first as a bargain chip but he fell in love with her and she got pregnant. Seeing  her husband for what he was she tasked her loyal servent to hide her unborn child from him so the servent traveled to our realm and cast the child into a human woman to hide him from the king. Our hero or anti hero must first find where he belongs and fight for his twin brother who was corrupted by him in the womb and is under the control of the dark lord leading him to the tournament.

General Discussion / Tablet issue
« on: November 10, 2018, 12:32:36 PM »
My tablet has dead space right in the middle it came out of nowhere. When i went to draw the Middle of it starts to jump up and down. I seen on youtube and they say cleaning the circuit s would help before i take it apart does anyone else know of a fix

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