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Develop Your Story / The Final Story
« on: February 18, 2014, 02:33:09 PM »
Well new here, you all can probably tell by my botched introduction and low post count... :push:

Anyhow... After much deliberating, I've decided to quit writing light novels to focus on other things in life. However to mark my completion in this activity I believe I should write one more story! :D ... I know, kinda backwards logic if their was one.

Okay, so on to why many of you possibly clicked on this topic in the first place; the summary...

Hotaka kagesaki is finally entering High school. After tough exams and a tramuatic middle school experience things are finally looking up. He's made a small circle of friends; found a not overly impossible romantic interest in his class who just might go out with him. To top it off his parents have finally remarried, so Hotoka now has two more hands to help around the house. His businesswomen mother, and younger sister Chihaya.
One afternoon of his first week as a first year, Hotoka hears a loud noise from his sister's room. After investigating the room he discovers a small notebook half open. Inside where notes, like one would find in any ordinary diary except that, they weren't. Details and dates months in advance predicted to the letter how their parents would meet, redate, and even marry, The housing district the would live, even the exact house and rooms they would sleep,  the school Hotoka choose, everything is dated months in advance...
Did she plan and organize this to happen? Could she?
As Hotoka searches for answers he ends up, near the end of the book where two lines  are dated,  on Hotoka's predicted High school graduation date.
"Hotaka proposes to me, I accept."
"Happy ending..."

Having read a few imouto love stories I just felt like writing my own with a huge influence from such stories like Death Note...of course mixed in with a heavy dash of rampart passion... of the Yandere kind....

So genres for anyone would want to know is: Romance, Psychological, thats all I can think of for now. X_X

Welcome Center / Um...Hi
« on: February 14, 2014, 09:12:23 AM »
So um... Hi
I'm not good with introductions. Just a guy who likes anime and writing stories in m free time. I came to this site, because of my love for light novels and to possibly find a community of writers who also like anime.

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