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Welcome Center / Yo~!
« on: March 13, 2008, 05:33:09 PM »
Hey guys!!! Obviously since I'm starting this thread in the Welcome center.....used to welcome member. I can't draw to save my life, so I make up for it by writing (ionno if I'm any good :-\), making AMVs (>3 WHICH I KNOW I'M GOOD AT!!), sleeping count?

Ironically, I have commitment issues...which is totally made obvious from me starting to watch an anime, then stopping. So I mostly read manga (cuz it's usually better than the anime :P)

Manga I've read (** Have actually finished the series)
Air Gear
Azumanga Daioh
Beauty Pop
Black Cat (I actually finished that anime  :D)
Category: Freaks (DO NOT READ IF YOU ARE YOUNG AND INNOCENT...seriously...)
Crimson Hero
Deathnote (L-sama ^////^)
The Demon Ororon**
Dragon Drive
Fruit Basket
Full Metal Alchemist
Immortal Rain
Lucky Star
The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi
Monster Soul
Naruto (I refuse to read it anymore =___=)
One Piece
Pitchi Pitchi Pitch
Prince of Tennis (if you count reading the last couple chapters and some early ones...)
Shakugan no Shana
Shugo Chara

Looking forward to meeting you guys!!!! :D

Manga Talk / BLACK CAT
« on: March 11, 2008, 07:06:31 PM »
I LOVE this manga!!! Yabuki really knows how to make a great manga. The characters are so distinct (specially Creed XD), and he's got a great sense of humor, not to mention an obvious talent for drawing.


The school bell rings from outside as the Tennis Coach’s office door opens and a middle-aged woman steps out. She looks over to the girl sitting in one of the seats and smiles warmly over to her.

Ryuzaki: “So you’re Okada Tamaki, eh? *glances out the window* Are you spying out on the Tennis team?”

Tamaki: *looks away from window and scoffs* “Am not!”

Ryuzaki: *chuckles* “So what are you here for?”

Tamaki: *gets up & points down the hall* “The principal told me to come to you first thing today.”

Ryuzaki: “I see,” *moves to the side* “Why don’t you come in.”

Meanwhile outside on Seigaku’s Tennis Courts…..

Horio: “Echizen!”

Ryoma, Kachiro, and Katsuo turn their heads towards the boisterous boy as he runs towards them.

Kachiro: “What is it Horio?”

Horio: “You won’t believe it! The author of ‘Zero Gunso’s daughter is coming to Seigaku!” *stars in eyes* “I can’t wait!!!!!”

Kachiro: “Really?!”

Katsuo: “No way, what do you think of that Ryoma?!”

*Ryoma’s gone*

Katsuo: “Ryoma?”

Kachiro: “He’s always running off somewhere isn’t he?”

Horio: *not bothering to listen/participate in the conversation* “I can’t wait!! Manga, Manga, Manga!! Maybe I can get a free volume or even meet the author *goes on more than the writer can actually deal with him*“

Kachiro to Katsuo: “Horio’s really annoying.”

Katsuo: *nods* “Yeah.”
Back in the office….

Ryuzaki walks over to the window as Tamaki sits down in a chair.

Tamaki: “You know I don’t play anymore.”

Ryuzaki: “Of course.”

Tamaki: “Then why ask me?”

Ryuzaki: *looks away from the window and stares intently* “Were you really okay with it?”

Tamaki smirks, crosses her legs, and folds her hands on top of them. She had been asked this kind of question 100s of times and has always replied the same way, but always more politely on Television.

Tamaki: *smirks* “Of course I am, I’m sick of playing with mediocre players.”

Ryuzaki: “Be serious.”

Tamaki: *stops smirking and looks up* “I am,” *gets up* “This is going nowhere, ja ne.” *waves and walks out the door*

Ryuzaki: “…” *looks out the window overlooking the courts*

Chapter 2

Horio: *looks around the room in a ninja like fashion* “She must be in here!”

Kachiro: “There are 3 other classrooms you know…”


Ryoma: “But Okada Isamu never put a picture of himself in his manga.”

Horio: “YOU READ IT TOO?!?!”

Ryoma: “No.”     

Teacher: *over-enthusiastic* “OKAY!!!!! LET’S TAKE ATTENDANCE!!!”

Horio scoots up in his seat with each name called; he grips his desk so tight that his knuckles go white.

Teacher: *looks at the next name, surprised look, then grin* “Lucky! We have a celebrity with us! Okada Tamaki are you here?”

Horio: “YES!!!! YOU OWE ME 500 YEN KATSUO!!!!!”



Kachiro: *whisper to Katsuo* “Is his manga really popular or something?”

Katsuo: *whisper* “I don’t know, but I don’t think we’re going to learn <i>anything</i> this year….”

Principal: “Alright Okada-san…your homeroom should be right here.” *opens door* “Ohayo Kinako-san, we have a straggler here.”

Kinako: *eyes light up* “REALLY?!?!?!” *spins around and grins evilly at Horio

Kinako’s thoughts: ‘With the principal here he can’t interfere. *evil chuckle*’

Principal: “Okada-san you may come in.”

Everyone sits on the edge of their seats as they wait for the infamous daughter to enter. You couldn’t cut the tension with a knife, you would need a chainsaw.

Tamaki: ‘I must redeem myself! I must be totally smooth!’
Tamaki walks in and achieves the impossible.

She trips on air.

And falls flat on her face.

Kinako and Horio: *run over* “ARE YOU OKAY OKADA-CHAN?!?!?!”

Kachiro & Katsuo: “Well that was unexpected.”

Ryoma: *doesn’t even know what’s going on* “Huh?”

Tamaki: “I okay, the only thing that’s bruised is my pride……and my nose.”

<i>At Lunch</i>

Tamaki: *sighs* “Ah, what a hectic day….”

Tamaki walks out of the main building, with her eyes focused on the pavement, and holding her bag in front of her as she usually did.

???:“Oi! Tamaki-chan!”

Tamaki: *turns around* “Oh, hey Momo-sempai.”

Momoshiro: *stops in front of her, quizzical look* “What’s up, you don’t seem so good?”

Tamaki: “It’s nothing I just had a rough day.”

Momoshiro: “Yeah I never like the first day back myself.” *rubs the back of his neck* “Oh! I was supposed to tell you something…” *mumbles* “What was it…”

???: “Oi, Momo-sempai, your match is about to start.”

Tamaki looks past Momoshiro’s big torso to see the green-haired kid from class.

Momoshiro: *spins around, surprised* “WHAT?!?! SORRY TAMAKI-CHAN LATER!!!”

Tamaki: “That was weird…” *mumbles to self* “Now, why does it feel like I have to do something….”

???: “Tezuka-sempai’s looking for you.”

Tamaki: *snaps* “That’s it! Thank you *doesn’t know his name* er….uh…” *gestures for him to help her out*

???: “Echizen Ryoma.”

Tamaki: “Ah! Ryoma that’s right!” *famous look, takes both his hands and shakes them* “Nice to meet ya!”

Ryoma gives cocks an eyebrow, and turns his head towards the courts to see Tezuka barking orders for all the freshmen to get off the court.

Ryoma: “We should hurry up; Tezuka-sempai will notice we’re not there.”

Tamaki: *lets go of hands* “We?”

Ryoma: “I’m trying out.”

Tamaki: “But you’re a freshman!”

Ryoma: “So?”

Tamaki: *-___-, mumbles* “You must be really good then…” *looks up to find Ryoma walking towards the courts* “Hey wait up!” *runs to Ryoma* “You couldn’t wait?!”

Ryoma: “I would’ve been late.”

Tamaki: *-___-* “Oh of course…” *sees Tezuka* “Sempai, I’m here…” *mumbles* “Against my will…”

Tamaki overhears Ryoma ‘hmph’, probably the closest he could get to laughing, and smirks.

Tezuka: *walks over* “Since you can’t make up your laps, you’ll just have to referee on this court for the time being.”

Tamaki: *salutes* “Yes sir!”

~Trailer over~

Want the rest? Go to and search under USERS Silver.Raccoon thank you! Hope you liked it!!!

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