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Music / The Manimal's Halloween Rock Down
« on: October 24, 2017, 05:08:21 PM »
Time to do another gimmicky and silly Manimal thing! The Halloween week rock down 7 on 7, whatever name you wanna call it. I post 7 cool songs by a cool band that fit the season for the next 7 days. You don't really care, but I do it anyway for fun. Because we gotta get seasonal somehow, if it's Halloween then it's time to rock. But death no, good stuff by Manimal's estimation.

Let's begin...

Day 1

My Last Words
  • By my estimation the most bad ass thrash song of all time is here. A full speed finale to Peace Sells, "My Last Words" does not let up once it gets started. Beginning with a very cool figure on the intro, things quickly get wild. Fast paced, hard rocking, the verses led by the bassline. Dave sings off a desperate game of Russian Roulette, a shot away from death. One to crank.

Train Of Consequences
  • My favorite Megadeth song, Youthanasia is a great record with lots of catchy melodies and riffs. This chuggy song has a great groove and...well if you never warmed up to Dave's vocals his "loaf pitching" style on the chorus won't change your mind now, but this song is rad regardless! Listen to Marty's smooth solo! Megadeth where easily able to fit into the alt scene of the 90's, a lot better then Metallica would. It was in the 90's when Dave finally out did his old bandmates.

The Skull Beneath The Skin
  • Megadeth's debut sounds pretty poor but man do the songs rip. With a fierce technical style of riffing and an angry snarl, Dave was out for revenge. This song tells the bloody tale of Megadeth's mascot character Vic Rattlehead. Good stuff.

The Conjuring
  • Dave is scared of this song. Lyrically a tale of black magic, which is something Dave takes very seriously. The track is riff heavy, with plenty of change-ups. The tap harmonics in the beginning are my favorite part, a great song for the season. Along with Good Mourning/Black Friday, this is one track you will never hear Megadeth play again.

  • The chorus of this song was my ringtone from 2014 to a few months ago when I changed it to the chorus of "Dirty Boots". By far the most catchy of Megadeth's songs, it rides a solid chugging rhythm with some cool leads all around. But it's all about that chorus...

Ashes In Your Mouth
  • Picking just one song to showcase from Countdown To Extinction is no easy game. But the all out finale, Ashes In Your Mouth stands as one remarkable jam. Another song with multiple sections of juicy riffs, and a brilliant harmony solo! Dave and Marty trade off until it suddenly breaks into this video game sounding lead out of nowhere, it's really the most stunning moment on the record. Awesome stuff.

Tornado Of Souls
  • If you ask me what the best metal solo of all time is...I would say Crazy Train...but next up would be Marty's stunning lead on Tornado Of Souls! The smoothness, the mastery, and the scale jumping combined with melodic brilliance. The rest of the song is one of the better put together on Rust In Peace, lots of great riffs and an overall cool structure that takes it easily to 5 minutes. But it's all build up to 3:09!

break Room / Where Do You Want To Visit?
« on: October 18, 2017, 08:45:39 AM »
I've never cared about the world too much until a few months ago, and now I care a lot more and wish I could go places. But I've only ever been to 1 other province and 2 states, sort of. Don't really count Wisconsin, I've not been in the heart of it. Never even been on a plane...So I like to think now. Where would ya'll like to visit?

For me #1 above anywhere else in the world is Finland. I want to see the towns where my grandparents where born and see as much as possible in a country that is perhaps not too exciting but I wish to feel more connected to. I only recently learned how truly great the country and it's history is. Finland is also the only place besides Canada where I have relatives. I would have to cross into Russia to see my grandma's homeland, since they stole Karelia. My grandpa was born in this cool beach town. Finland in Christmas time would be amazing, Joulupukki! One of the only Finn words I know.

Then Italy for the other half of my family origins. I'm sure there is a lot more to see and eat there. But Italy is you know, Italy. Finland is more appealing to me, but if I see one I gotta see the other. I'm very curious about Russia, I'd like to see Volgograd with that monster statue the Motherland Calls. I never hear about anyone going to looks like a hard place to visit but a nice land. Poland would be next on my list, see Warsaw. Poland and Polish people are cool. New Zealand would be nice, looks like a wonderful place and a lot nicer then the land beside it. I mean we all love Australians but the country...

You know the weeb in me kicks in, but I'd be too embarrassed in Japan. You know The Manimal would blow all his money on Love Live stuff, but it'd be nice to be invisible and see some major cities. I feel it'd be unenjoyable to be a tourist there. Mongolia would be alright. Add Cuba, one to spite Americans since they can't go, and two for more curiosity. I want to see the Castro monuments, as well as the cow statue, weird John Lennon park, the Bay of Pigs and so on. Screw the beaches, I don't care about beaches. I want to see the heart of all these lands.

I'd like to see way more of Canada (just not Quebec). I feel like Ontario is a beautiful looking dump & Manitoba is flat and boring, so perhaps over at Newfoundland, PEI, Alberta, BC and stuff, maybe it's nicer. Yellowknife see those northern lights, Iqaluit for the Canadian experience that the rest of the world thinks we all live in. Yukon to see if they're alive over there. and you know. Unlike everything else here, this is actually possible one day. No ridiculous airfare, just long ass drives. Life goal : try Tims in every province!

Add Greece for Anthens. The Netherlands! Dutch are cool, good chips those Old Dutch, and the windmills and wooden shoes. Denmark for true Lego land. Norway is also cool, I'd go there. I would say Spain but haha. No. Not in today's state. I might say the UK but haha. No. Not in today's state. Well maybe Scotland would be okay. That's my over long post, I listed a lot, Finland is the only real life goal, everything else is nice bout ya'll.

(Less reading version. Finland, Italy, Russia, Poland, New Zealand, Japan, Mongolia, Cuba, Greece, The Netherlands, Denmark, & Norway)

MR Pub / The Manimal's Unbelievable Gameplay Commentary
« on: October 06, 2017, 07:20:10 PM »
Time for a new era of The Manimal.

Using the highest quality of technology I have begun a new YouTube channel on and made a hip video for kids on the new FPS shooter game.

The adventure begins...

Episode 1

Episode 2

Anime Talk / Fall Season 2017 : First Impression Reviews & Discussion
« on: September 26, 2017, 07:31:53 PM »

Fall comes, and with it's orange glow will The Manimal's hope in a lackluster year of anime be restored?
With the return of his savior Love Live Sunshine and the second season he never needed, Unmaru-Chan 2, the Fall promises to be...atleast a little bit. But, will the other shows be good or bad? Will The Manimal even care? Well who cares about that, this thread is for all who watch things this anime season of Fall in the year of 2017. You know how it goes by now gang.

MR Pub / Happy Birthday Paipis
« on: August 10, 2017, 02:08:20 PM »
Happy birthday to the Piped, Pickled, Platinum, Peppered, Pale, Paltry, Panicky, Panoramic, Papery, Parallel, Paramount, Paranoid, Paranormal, Parasitic, Parched, Parsimonious, Partial, Particular, Passionate, Passive, Past, Pastel, Pastoral, Pasty, Patchy, Pathetic, Patient, Patriotic, Paunchy, Peaceful, Peachy, Peculiar, Pedestrian, Pellucid, Pendulous, Penitent, Penniless, Pensive, Penultimate, Penurious, Perennial, Perfect, Perfidious, Perfunctory, Perilous, Periodic, Permissible, Permissive, Perpendicular, Perpetual, Perplexing, Persistent, Persnickety, Personable, Personal, Perspicacious, Perspicuous, Pertinacious, Perverse, Pesky, Pessimistic, Pestilent, Petite, Petrified, Petty, Petulant, Phenomenal, Philanthropic, Phobic, Phony, Photogenic, Physical, Picayune, Picky, Pink, Pious, Piquant, Placid, Plaid, Plain, Plant, Plastic, Plausible, Playful, Pleasant, Plodding, Plucky, Plump, Plush, Pneumatic, Poetic, Poetically, Poignant, Poised, Poky, Polite, Political, Pollyanna, Pompous, Ponderous, Poor, Popular, Porky, Portly, Portuguese, Positive, Possessive, Possible, Potent, Powdery, Powerful, Powerless, Practical, Pragmatic, Prayerful, Precarious, Precipitous, Precise, Precocious, Predictable, Preeminent, Preferable, Pregnant, Premium, Preoccupied, Present, Presumptuous, Pretentious, Pretty, Previous, Priceless, Pricey, Prickly, Prissy, Pristine, Private, Probable, Prodigious, Productive, Proficient, Profuse, Progressive, Prominent, Promiscuous, Proper, Prophetic, Propitious, Prosperous, Protective, Protuberant, Proud, Proverbial, Provocative, Prudent, Prudish, Prurient, Psychedelic, Psychic, Psychotic, Public, Puerile, Puffy, Pugilistic, Pugnacious, Pulpy, Pumped, Punchy, Punctilious, Punctual, Pungent, Puny, Pure, Purple, Purposefully, Purring, Pushy, Pusillanimous, Puzzled, Puzzling, Platypus Paipis!

MR Pub / Happy Canada 150
« on: July 01, 2017, 05:09:06 AM »
My people, Canada, it wasn't Canada 151 years ago but it was 150.

You know it's Canada 150 when you are violently awaken at 1:20 by someone shooting ridiculous amounts of fireworks off.

Reasons Canada Is Better Then America #5309 - We can go to Cuba. and chill with Pitbull.

The music of our people  ;)

Top 5 Items At Tims
1. Ice Cap
2. Double Double
3. Sausage Breakfast Sandwich
4. Frosted Cinnamon Roll
5. Frozen Lemonade

Ya, Canada. It exists and...I don't know. It exists. Cool.


Summer's here and the time is right for racing, fighting and dancing in the streets once more. We got the sum anime coming in like, something. I don't know maybe nothing. We'll see once more it's the same old thing in the same ol' place. This is the thread to talk about the shows, if there is anything to discuss, who knows not me.

Manga Creations / MR & ManimalVerse : The Midnight Harmonica
« on: June 27, 2017, 04:41:48 PM »
Okay this is a silly story I'm making which puts my songs universe (especially this albums Magnus Bridge & Black Hair Like Blood) into the MRVerse. It will use the themes from my songs and the canon in some kind of alt universe tale or a meeting of the two.

Midnight Stella is rescued by the MR Brigade and brought along on their mutual hunt for the long lost Barry Goldman. The man who holds the golden harmonica, a key which the evil 4Kids armies and the Diametric Twin Tailed Goddess seek to complete their evil silly sci-fi schemes.

I will write in first person from Stella's perspective. It's a silly story but I just want to write something and I figured this would be amusing. It's like Halo, Star Wars, G1 and other stuff. Don't think too hard eh.

Chapter 1 : Stella's Takeoff
Theme Song : Star Light Zone Act IV
“Hey, are you awake?”

Exploding through a stream of a dream that seemed to never end, all at once my senses popped as I instantly perked up. *SMASH* I fell back down, looking to see a stone floor covered in fresh blood. I felt my nose dripping, looking up I saw a head which reflected me back.

“Ow!” the figure in front of me cried out as he fell to his bottom, hands rubbing his head. His completely bald head. So shiny it glowed in the dull light of wherever I was. Quickly the figures behind him moved. “Are you okay?” a girl’s voice asked me as she brought a handkerchief to my nose.

“I’m fine I c-why can’t I mov...AH!” I felt a hand grace my buttocks, I jolted back to see another figure laying on the floor behind me. It was holding some kind of lock pick. I quickly connected the dots and found my arms cuffed behind my back. “What is going on here!??!” I screamed, backing myself into the corner of...a JAIL CELL? The figure on the floor was...CHUCK E CHEESE! "SOMEONE HELP ME! I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO. CALL THE...cops? HELP ME!"

“It’s okay we’re here to rescue you!” the short figure knelled down. It’s now I realized she was wearing a KFC buckets with eyeholes. A black cape was over her body. “Who the sh*t are you people?” I called out disgusted, wiggling to get free. “Real sorry there, I was just trying to get those cuffs off you”, the figure on the ground said as he removed the gross pizza stained mouse face.

Behind the mask hid the face of a British man with a butchered fringe, like a 60’s reject Lennon wannabe. I looked down at his greasy and dirty costume, the scary and deformed helmet eyed me from the prison floor. The man spoke like a voice straight from the radio. 'I really didn't mean that, I was just trying these tools and...oops!" “Sure, okay I don't care I guess...but um, don’t touch my butt again please”. “Sorry I won’t touch the bop bop, just let me help okay, also your nose is gushing blood, it's gross, and let Mahlua help you”.

“Eh?” I looked up as the girl behind the KFC helmet unmasked herself, with long ginger hair and odd nearly diving goggles over her eyes. She put the goggles up as the third figure yelled, “Hurry up! We have to get her out of here now!”

“Hey wait, I don’t even know who you ar-ah!” Mahlua pitched my nose with a Toy Story 2 themed handkerchief, the British man crawled over. “Let me see them wrists”. “For the love of everything ever, why is this happening, WHY AM I HERE!” I smashed my head against the wall as the two helped me.

“The Spam Ninjas will be here any second, hurry up you two. We have to get her out of here!” “You’re the one who wanted to rescue the prisoner!” Mahlua yelled up to the shining bald man, a cardboard sheet was over his face, the image of Darth Vader drawn on with a permanent marker to hide his face. Wait, Darth who? He had a long lab coat on with a weird alien blaster in his hands. I recognize that blaster…

”The Diametric Twin Tailed Goddess!” I shouted, suddenly the ground shook. Everyone braced themselves as the entire structure was rocked. “We’re aboard one of her ships aren’t we?”

“I’m not sure who that is but...sure” Bald Vader spoke as I got to my feet. I rubbed my nose against my arm. No blood, “Alright I’m good”. “That was kind of…gross there young lass” the British man noted. Mahlua shrugged and threw the Toy Story 2 rag down as we exited the block. “It’s this jackasses fault I got a bloody nose anyway!” I smacked lab coated one as I scanned the scene. It was a purple ship with stone cell blocks, made no sense. There were 3 other cells in the small space, all empty.

“Wow almost like we didn’t just save you or something” he laughed. “Whatever, come on let’s go or something” I spoke running my hands through my long black hair. I was dressed in unfamiliar yet comforting clothes. A long grey sweater that went way over my hands, and skinny black jeans. Where was my space dress?

“Vacant check the hallway” the British man nodded and quietly opened the prison door. The pink light busted into the room, I shielded my eyes. It reflected off the nameless one’s head. He looked to me, throwing a blaster in my hands. “The name’s Coryn” he spoke, lifting his mask to reveal a face of eternal wisdom. “Hi...I guess you know me? Stella?" I shrugged. "No but I did pick up two mighty signals from Earth."

"Earth" I thought deeply, what was Earth? "Earth. We where tracing the signals when we found you being carrying into this ship. We managed to find our way in, figuring whatever the signals came from, it had to be in here. and if my sense are correction, from you." I stood stunned, "From me?" “No time to talk guys, we gotta speed”! Everyone put their masks back on. “What, don’t I get one?” Coryn threw me a piece of cardboard on a string. I flipped it over, “Megatron ha ha...wait how do I know th-” “INCOMING!”

Coryn grabbed me by the wrist as we ran out the prison. We exploded down the weird purple hallways, pink lights shining on the top. The side panels looked alive, like creatures blood was running through it. Vacant stood by the door firing from his blaster. I looked back to see a swarm of black clad ninjas. They fell back and exploded as the hot plasma smacked them.

“No time to look back, he’ll be fine!” Coryn shouted as we ran. I let him carry me along, my legs felt weak. Like a sudden weariness overcame my body. Why did I know that face on the mask? “LEFT SIDE!” Mahlua jumped over, down the left turn came a swarm just as we ran past. Electro swords seemed to come out of nowhere as bursts of lightning so hot I felt it on my skin exploded.

“We need to help her! The Brit to!” I cried out to Coryn, my blaster ready. “Look at them”, “But you told me not to look ba-” Suddenly pink exploded in my vision. Bits of the ninjas splattered against the wall. Mahlua shouted a stream of sick, disgusting words and laughed insanely, calling out bizarre names as the light flashed from down the hall.

“NEVERMIND!” the high voice of Vacant exploded, as he ran in reverse he shouted into a giant microphone, the amps coming from the Chuck E Cheese ears. He began to talk about...some kind of game as the ninjas ears all blew up. “They good” I noted, “They very good” Coryn spoke “We’re here”.

We reached the end of the winding, hilly hallway. Coryn smashed at a white door, pounding into the keypad. “Come on!” he shouted. I looked deep into his head, suddenly I felt like I was surrounded by the white light of science. I lost control of my body as I looked to my thousand yard eyes in the reflection of his strained temple. I felt like I was spinning, numbers blew by, I saw some kind of science guy, a chalk board…

“5309!” I shouted as I came out of the forehead haze. “The code is 5309!” “Um, sure” I looked as Vacant and Mahlua got closer, fighting off the herd with easy as they walked like Michael Jackson on th...wait who’s Michael Jackson? “Got it!” Coryn threw his arms up in celebration as the escape pod opened. It was like a pink limo, with fluffy seats and a pair of dice on the ceiling.

I ran in with him as Mahlua barrel rolled inside and Vacant dolphin dived. Coryn pounded the controls. “Take off damnit, take off!” The doors closed, I felt the pod start to disengage. I jolted up as the spam ninjas pounded at the door. “Damn Ninjas! They’re strong today!” Vacant noted as he removed the head in a pizza haze. “Did you see what I did back there! I finally got my move down!” Mahlua shook with happiness.

Coryn pulled a lever and I felt us drop, “We have...take off!” I shook around as the pod blasted off, There were no windows to look back, just a green sort of map that laid out space before us. “Finally” I eased back into the seat as felt my eyes start to close. “Stella? Hey Stella?” Soon enough I slipped away as we drifted through the stars.

I awake violently, thrashing around in the pink seat. “Whoa!” I looked around, the faces of the three who rescued me where shut eyed. They all laid around napping. Coryn was curled up in his lab coat, Vacant hibernating in his weird outfit on the floor. mumbling ideas? For what? Mahlua was curled in the other corner. I was in the middle of the three long seats. Mahlua's black coat was over me. I grinned, I don't know who these people are but they saved me. I think...I hope.

I sat up, trying to recall the events before this. I looked to my hands, dirty and cut up. My fingertips where oddly tough. My sweater was a mess, with rips all over. I could feel my hair exploding in all directions, my bangs nearly over my eyes. I pushed them back, trying hard to think. “Where was I...the Diametric Twin Tailed Goddess was chasing was back on that planet and th...BARRY GOLDMAN!”

I screamed as it all flowed through me, everyone’s eyes opened. “Oh sorry” I covered my mouth and sunk back down. “No no, you said something interesting there. Say it again” Coryn sat up. “Barry Goldman”.

“I knew she was something” he spoke. Vacant shrugged. “Leave it to Coryn eh”.

“So you know of him to” Mahlua spoke still curled up. “Yes I...I met him in fact! But it wasn’t...he was called The Dingus. I picked up a trace of him from across the universe, but I don’t remember what we did or how I ended up like this...where this outfit came from...or anything!” Coryn rubbed his nose, “How interesting” he spoke.

“You said something about a Dynamic Twin Goddess, what was that?” Vacant spoke. “The Diametric Twin Tailed Goddess you British twit. She’s trying to rule this galaxy with her pink fist.” “So that was one of her ships then?”

“Yes, but not the main one. All my life I’ve jumped planet to planet and all my life she’s been after me. She needs me for...some kind of instrument...the Magnus Bridge”. “Sounds silly” Mahlua laughed. “Okay…sure.” I squinted at her. “Okay that explains some of it, but why where the Spam Ninjas there? Have you ever seen them before Stella?” “Negative, also how did you know my name? You said it earlier.”

Suddenly my eyes nearly exploded, Coryn pulled a magazine from his pocket. “Guitar World…” I looked at the cover it was...a girl with long black hair over her eyes, the same sweater as me and some kind of red guitar. “Stella Strikes Again, an account of Midnight Stella and Her Constellations second album. Coryn what is this?” My heart was exploding.

“I don’t know! We found it with you!” I sat blank faced, my head in my hands. “Okay sure, I’m Midnight Stella. Space traveler, guitar girl...anything else!” “The magazine says your second album was a letdown” Vacant spoke.


I felt everyone go silent. I looked up puzzled at everyone's shocked faces. “She just said...the word” Mahlua spoke. Vacant cleared his throat. Coryn breathed in, “She did, she said...

...Barry Goldman’s word”

MR Pub / Happy Birthday NO1SY
« on: June 07, 2017, 08:52:21 AM »
He makes the noise and though he remains hidden among us in plain sight, occupied with his insect crushing lab life, he is dunno stop stop this.

Happy birthday to the NO1SY!
 :cake: :birthdaywish:

You can observe NO1SY and da peeps doing a beautiful live reading of Fairly Odd Pancreas on the Happy Hour...21:05 or so...

MR Pub / Barry Goldman's World Tour Podcast
« on: April 22, 2017, 06:19:49 PM »
All Across The World and A Nation Or Two, Barry Goldman Transmits the Signals

High production graphics huh?

Hey. I'm trying to do a new podcast now, still working it out! Barry Goldman's World Tour, named given to me by the one and only Vacoon, Vacuum, Vacant, is a show about anything. Literally just having some fun, talking with whoever. All across, a few places in the world maybe. Other stuff happens later. If you've ever listened to the Happy Hour, especially the episodes I've hosted, you know what to expect! Wherever we go it's not what we see. 

Episode 1 : DAMN. Kitty

On this first stop, the basics are worked out as Barry Goldman is joined by Banthony, Billiam (Paipis) to discuss the first third of 2017 in music. Talk ensues on Kendrick Lamar's DAMN., Seiko Oomori's kitixxgaia and other noteworthy albums.


Anime Talk / Spring Season 2017 : First Impression Reviews & Dicussion
« on: March 29, 2017, 06:55:40 PM »

Sell the kids for moe. Weather rains Toei. Spring is here again. First impressions expand. The time has come for a new season and it smells bad outside and yes. Ice cap weather is arriving soon. So the new anime shows I do the first impressions and you can do them to if you want. and talk about the shows to. and I say yeah

First Impressions

Final Thoughts

The Ritsu Rating
Screw stars and stuff this time we rate First Impression shows on the Ritsu scale. It goes like anything worst to best.

Develop Your Story / Midnight Stella
« on: March 20, 2017, 03:09:51 PM »
Okay I got a new idea and it's packed and odd but I'm going to try this and see what happens.


It's earth like we know it but this is a story of what goes on at 11:59 P.M. Since the creation of our planet a mighty Goddess of time and space has protected us from the dead of the day. Coming back as "ghouls" or "goons". The purpose of the Goddess is to protect a time/space explosion, send the dead to the eternal resting zone and make sure the next day always comes. The Goddess is not one being but many, picked by the Intergalactic Council. They go by "Midnight" and then their original name.

For the first time a Midnight is chosen from Earth at the near death of the previous one. It's a college student named Stella. Thrown into something wild, Midnight Stella rises to protect us. She's good, specializing in gun combat, her own choosing. But one day she slips and a ghoul reaches earth...this is that story. Or something like that.

This is a SUPER ROUGH prologue of sorts. I JUST came up with this idea and am working it out but for now this is something. Hard to read most likely but it's how I like to write. It's going to be silly like all my stories but I wanted to try to set something up. We'll see where it goes. THIS WOULD BE BETTER AS A COMIC, but it needs to be written first and I want to try a 1st person type deal so here we go.

Chapter 0
In the calm of the gentle waves, crashing and expanding across the vast sea, a single island sat anchored. It was a large field of green, in the middle up by the hill a single house stood alone. A white house, glowing in endless and radiate sunlight. The grass was short, the rocks where blunt. The house was clean on the inside, the windows only reflected the sky. Such an endless blue, not a single cloud.

I looked into the front window. Saw myself, my thick messy black hair blowing in the windless day. My bangs well over my eyebrows. Contrasted to my pale white skin was the mass that seemed to work on a mind of it’s own, floating behind me haphazardly. My dress was white today, a simple design with a black strip on the bottom. A belt wrapped around my waist and sunk down, the diamond star in the center of myself.

It was 11:59 once again, and this was where the battle would be fought today. Suddenly a sonic boom exploded through the sky, the waves took off and the grass seemed to rise, slapping against my legs. I didn’t look back as the portal opened, I’d simply seen it too many times by now.

The shriek of the dead echoed. The restless beings. I looked up at the window, my unaffected face, the sky was purple. Like a ripple, ghouls pushed out of a portal like being birthed. I looked beyond the house, in the purple haze was a single patch, for in this sky at the end of it all was Earth.

The dead swam closer. Well time for action. I felt the breath of one of them, seconds before they made contact. Smelly creatures I’ll have you know. Kicking up my feet, my trusty Double Doom, okay the name is stupid I know! Shut up I don’t know what else to call it! My trusty...rifle was spawned and landed in my hands. A white and purple gun like an M-16, only with no clip, just a cloud swirling on the bottom.

The ghouls came closer, now! Pulling back a bolt, a pair of aviator sunglasses bursts from the side of the gun. They landed on my face as I turned on my left foot and opened fire. The barrage of orange bullets ripped through the ghouls. They burnt out like wiping milk off a table. Expanding and finally evaporating. They took the form of humans, just cloudy. The legs melted to tails, with a solid gold rimmed clocked at the end.

I didn’t even have to aim, today was a simple day. Should I take some time to explain? Well I’ll…


A sound finally came from my lips as I was grabbed from behind. Two large ghouls yanked my hair and tried to lift me. I planted my feet firmly in the grass and shook my head around. My hair whipped around, smacking the ghouls nearby and turning them to dust. There were so many weak ones, but those super goons, they were my struggle.

See the way things work in this world is when ya die the size of your ghoul relates to the size of your grieving. Sounds sad but most of us only make for the simple milky goons. When you die your soul is sent to a universal holding bin and at 11:59 the doors open. Allowing the goons to drip down to earth. Those big goons trying to grab me by my hair? They were celebrities, big time folks. The grief of which is widespread, strengthening them.

Actors, musicians, leaders, it was always a pain for me. My toes left the ground as I was lifted. I tried to turn around but the gun was smacked from my hands. In a panic I punched the nearby goons away and tried to swing for momentum as the big goons carried me up by the hair. Thinking fast I slapped my boot, drew a knife and sliced my hair.

I was free, bracing my fall as I rolled down the hill side. A few scratches but hey, when you’re a goddess it doesn’t do much to ya. I summoned another rifle and gunned the ghouls down. When I was lifted it gave the little ones a chance to get by me. Most ghouls don’t engage me, they only want to reach earth. The ghouls exploded one by one, I sent them away for good. Finally the portal closed and only the two big goons remained.

One sped towards me, I went to roll but it came to fast, knocking the sunglasses off my face. Surprised by the sudden combat I lifted my gun to shoot but it was knocked it. The goon grabbed my dress and threw me to the ground. Damn powerful one! With it’s clock end tail on my back it held me to the dirt, grabbed my arms as I struggled to reach for my weapons. It’s partner flew off.

If even one of those goons hit our planet that’s it. Time and space cease to function and everything is thrown off. The goons only goal is to reach earth, myself, Midnight Stella, was the one thing, the only thing that stood in the way. The big one pushed me down, I couldn’t break it’s stoney grip. I clicked my feet in the dirt, spawning weapon after weapon in a pile, useless to me.

The other goon closed into the opening in the sky. I looked through my heavy bangs, it all happened so fast. Like emerging from underwater it sent a ripple in the sky and vanished. The ground around me shook, the ghoul holding me down faded. I grabbed a rifle and got to my feet. Thrown back again as the island cracked. Thunder screamed out and a rumble shook everything.


That thing I was never meant to do? Ya um, I just did it. Sorry interuniversal council, but that’s what you get WHEN YOU CHOOSE THE WRONG PERSON FOR THIS JOB!

The title is something I came up with for my music. The theme songs for the story is in a way my 5th album Midnight Stella, which was just a title at the time I made it not this idea. These two songs best highlight what I'm going for.

Music / R.I.P. Chuck Berry
« on: March 18, 2017, 06:56:55 PM »
Today Chuck Berry, one of the if not the most important, impactual and influential rock guitarists passed away at 90. Chuck wrote the original rock n' roll guitar playbook by which everyone after him stole. His riffs where copied time and time and time again. He was one of the last survivors of the 50's rock era and was going to release his first studio album in decades this year. His music and impact speaks for itself. It's hard to imagine what rock would be without him, just as important as Elvis, The Beatles and such. R.I.P. Chuck.

MR Pub / Dream Thread
« on: March 16, 2017, 08:19:04 AM »
Post about exciting, or boring, dreams you have.

My dreams are super tame. They are always about people or places I know, stuff I like and sometimes the last thing I saw, heard before bed.

Like last night, I listened to In Utero so I had this mutli part dream where all I remember is walking in a field of super tall roses. They all died and Cobain walked out of the fog in his Heart Shaped Box Jacket. Then I suddenly become Krist and cameras/extras appeared as we performed Teen Spirit. I don't know the chords to the post-chorus bit, so even in my dream I was like...aaaaah. We were in the field running around while Dave was on the stage which was lit super orange. After the song I stated In Bloom since it's next on the album but Dave didn't do the drum fill and it made me sad. Kind of disappointed that I got to jam with Nirvana in my dream but we played Teen Spirit and not like Sliver or Breed.

I can't remember any other exciting ones I wish to share, well except the one I mentioned on the show where Elvis Costello was a security guard who told me I couldn't use the washroom all day because I was talking too loud. Then later a bunch of people where in the back and Perfume's "Love The World" came on the radio. I totally flipped out like GUYS THIS IS....THIS IS!

What about you guys? Exciting, or not dreams.

MR Pub / The Manimal Talks About Comics
« on: March 10, 2017, 07:46:50 AM »
Local Mike Caster's threads inspired me to just talk about the comics in which I read. I have a pile of over 30 issues to catch up on, as I get comics every week but don't read them every week so...we'll see. I'll talk about some stuff which is stuff and it will be all stuff like in a box of dreams and hopes which hang like hooks from crafting a store built from the ashes of shut up.

I also suck at talking about comics and reviewing stuff in general/looking at things on deeper levels so keep that in mind. I hope to burn through everything piled up so I may talk about what's new every week but we'll see. I like to take chances with older comics to. I'm not super into things, I love the comic stores and getting stuff but don't go asking me about Spider-Man Issue #345 where he fired a web with one finger or whatever 'cuz I donut.

(Some Of The) Series I Keep Up With
  • Star Wars
  • Harley Quinn
  • Archie
  • Josie And The Pussycats
  • KISS

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