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General Manga writer discussions / No Electronics
« on: July 10, 2016, 06:48:44 PM »
I was thinking today about how I'm extremely reliant on my computer and the Internet for my writing. I use my computer to write but when I do I fiddle with the fonts to suit my taste or match the story. I also find it hard to write without some music playing when I used to be able to do it in silence, something I actually preferred once upon a time. Even when I can't think of a name or need some information I don't know offhand I Google some stuff.

Really, I just wanted to ask what you all thought about writing in the digital age with all the tools at our hands. Would you be able to write the same way if you had pen and paper in hand while writing in a quiet room? Do you think you could survive a week away from any technology and focus on writing physically?

Manga Creations / MR Story: Raid the Babylonian Tower
« on: May 16, 2016, 01:16:46 PM »
Spurred on by Echo's recent addition to the MR Universe I figured it was time to write some stuff myself.

This story is about MR members doing some actual raiding of a dungeon that suddenly appeared in MR City. With a party of 7 members they head off into the mysterious structure hoping to get crazy experience and mad loot.

Was gonna write it all in one go but I think I'm gonna write it in parts now since I felt like doing something a bit longer. Plus if I post the first part then I'm pretty much obligated to continue.

Raid the Babylonian Tower - Part 1

Lego: What do you think it is?

Coryn: Probably just another one of the members’ creations.

Lego: You sure about that? I can’t imagine anyone less than a mod making this.

Coryn: Well I didn’t make it and I’m sure you didn’t either.

Lego: What about Churro?

Coryn: I doubt that, I don’t think it matches her MO.

Lego: Then you think Musick came back to play a prank?

Coryn: Unlikely.

Lego: So you think one of the Admins?

Coryn: …no.

Lego: Give me something to go on here.

Coryn: Like I said: It’s probably just some random member’s doing.

Lego: I don’t know, man. This is just…big.

Lego looks up to get a better sense of what stands before him. A tall tower—no, tall doesn’t do it justice—an infinite tower reaching up into the sky and past the clouds loomed over both he and Coryn who came to investigate the sudden and mysterious appearance.

Litt: So boooooored.

Pub-tan: If you’re not gonna drink then go home.

Litt: But there’s nothing to do there.

Pub-tan: There’s nothing to do here!

Litt: But I’m boooooored!

Pub-tan: I swear to Haruhi I am going to-

Churro: Hello?

Pub-tan: Welcome?

Litt: Like a robot.

Pub-tan: What was that!?

Litt: Nothing!

Churro: Have you two seen Coryn or Lego? I can’t seem to call them and they don’t seem to be at HQ.

Pub-tan: No, I haven’t. Maybe you should check by that weird tower.

Litt & Churro: Tower?

Litt: Definitely weird.

Churro: Yup.

Lego: So both of you have no idea who did this?

Litt: Nope.

Churro: It wasn’t Coryn?

Coryn: No, it wasn’t.

Lego: This is really getting on my nerves here! WHO DID THIS!?

Litt: Iunno, but it’s not really something to be mad about, is it?

Churro: Yeah, it’s not like that time Coryn accidently opened a portal in the middle of MR City and let loose a flood of spambots.

Coryn: That wasn’t an accident, it was an experiment. And if I remember correctly it was a magnificent success because now we know spambots make great fertilizer.

Lego: I know it isn’t a big deal but it’s a GIANT TOWER and it’s an eyesore if anything else.

Litt: I like it. Reminds me of those 100 floor dungeons in RPGs.

Coryn: Huh? I guess it does.

Churro: Think it has a final boss waiting for us at the top?

Litt: If it doesn’t then I’d be disappointed.

Coryn: Okay! It’s decided.

Litt: What is?

Coryn: We’re going to raid the dungeon!

Churro: I thought we raided manga?

Coryn: No, we don’t.

Litt: Of course we don’t, you can’t raid manga.

Churro: Why not?

Litt: Because we create it here. That’d be like saying a baker’s job is to steal bread.

Churro: Then why are we called “Raiders”?

Litt and Coryn look at each other and shrug their shoulders in response.

Lego: Are you serious?

Coryn: Do you know why we’re called “Raiders”?

Lego: What? No. I’m talking about raiding this dungeon.

Coryn: Oh. That. Well, yeah.

Litt: Why wouldn’t we?

Churro: I’m in if everyone else is okay with it.

Lego: I am not okay with it. We don’t even know what’s in there!

Litt: Can’t be any more dangerous than one of Coryn’s “experiments”.

Churro: Or one of MR’s…events.

Lego: But-

Coryn: Are you in or not, Lego?

Lego: How is this- Sigh Alright. I’m in.

Coryn: Good. Now all we need is a physical DPS.

Litt: What?

Coryn: You know, like a rogue, or an archer. A gunner if we can.

Lego: What are you talking about?

Coryn: God, do you guys know nothing about proper RPG etiquette? Litt’s the tank, Lego’s the mage, Churro’s the healer, and I’m the scientist.

Litt: Nonono, hold on a sec. Why am I the tank? That means all I do is get hit.

Coryn: For the team.

Churro: Don’t worry, I’ll heal you.

Litt: That’s not my problem here.

Lego: And since when did RPGs have “scientists”?

Coryn: Fine, “alchemist” if you will.

Lego: That still isn’t-

Coryn: Let’s split up to look for that other party member.

Dismissing any other complaints from L&L, Coryn warped away. The other three party members were left standing before the Tower with more questions than answers but before they could make any more complaints they heard three Pings.

Litt: Looks like some people logged in.

Lego: We might as well go ask if one of them wants to be our—what was it? “Physical DPS”?

Litt: Alright. Let’s split up.

Manimal: Alright! I’m gonna hit the usual spots real quick and log off.

Lego: Hey, Manimal.

Manimal: Ohey, Lego. What’s going on?

Lego: Don’t get me started.

Manimal: ?

Lego: I’m just asking this out of duty here, but do you want to be our physical DPS?

Manimal: What? Like a RPG sort of thing.

Lego: Yeah…like an RPG.

Manimal: What’s wrong? You don’t seem into it at all.

Lego: I’m not.

Manimal: Know what’ll cheer you up?

Lego: What?

Manimal: A bard!

Lego: A bard?

Manimal: That’s right, buddy. I’m gonna be your bard!

Lego: No, but I was looking for-

Manimal: This is gonna be fun!

Churro: Hey, Echo! Echo? Echo?

Echo: Very funny, Churro.

Churro: Heh.

Echo: So what’s up?

Churro: I’m looking for someone to join our party.

Echo: You’re having a party?

Churro: Oh, no. I mean like our dungeon party.

Echo: You’re having a dungeon themed party?

Churro: Umm…

Echo: I’m not really one for themed parties.

Churro: No, I meant like a game party.

Echo: What kind of games? Board? Video? Mind?

Churro: Uhh…

Litt: Vacant!

Vacant: Can’t talk now, heading to the Pub.

Litt: Real quick then. Want to join our RPG party?

Vacant: Can’t, gotta move fast or I’ll miss Happy Hour.

Litt: Yeah, but how about after that?

Vacant: After sounds good but right now busy.

Litt: Okay then see- He’s gone.

[One hour later]

Coryn: So who’d you guys get?

Lego: I got a bard.

Manimal: Toot toot.

Churro: Umm, I have…uhh, can you explain it to her please? I’m tired.

Echo: So where’s the party? Is it BYOB?

Litt: I got, uhh, Vacant?

Vacant is head first in a nearby garbage bin vomiting.

Litt: …I got him.

Coryn: Looks good.

Lego, Litt and Churro: It does?!

Coryn: All we need is one physical DPS and Echo can do that, right?

Echo: Sure.

Churro: That easy!?

Manimal: Can I still tag along?

Coryn: Sure, I never turn down a buff in musical form.

Litt: are you still in, Vacant!?

Vacant: Sure thing, just gimme a min- Bluhrggg

Coryn: Okay, once Vacant’s done dry heaving we’ll march through those doors.

Lego: I still think this is a bad idea.

Coryn: Here at Manga Raiders there are no bad ideas, just bad execution.

Lego: Can we just execute this idea?

Coryn: Good plan, Lego! Through the doors we go!

Litt: Come on, Vacant. Maybe there’s a washroom inside.

Churro: Let’s go, Echo.

Echo: We’re leaving already?

Churro: no, we’re…haah…

Lego: …I guess we should go too, Manimal.

Manimal: Yeah! Time to wreck some cannon fodder mobs!

General Manga writer discussions / MR Canon Universe
« on: April 02, 2016, 09:16:44 PM »
I recently watched a Justice League movie and have been thinking about comic book universes. I've always enjoyed comic stories even though I missed out on comic books as a kid, and the thing that always made me excited was superhero team-ups, character crossovers, etc.

I know there's a topic somewhere on the forum for OC's to interact but I was thinking about an MR Canon Universe (see: title). Not something we necessarily need to collaborate on but rather write our own stories which all take place in the same established universe like in comics.

Just wanted to know what everyone thought on it.

Note: I'm talking about characters we create from scratch, not our own fictional avatars/personas.

Manga Creations / Magic Is Mine
« on: March 21, 2016, 01:58:12 AM »
This is just a short hobby story. Figured I needed to stretch the writing muscles, which, I guess, are mostly my hands  :hmm:.
Anyways, just a story to help me get back into writing.

Felt like switching back to a script-ish format rather than prose since I mostly write dialogue anyways.

Feel free to critique, comment, or even just rip this thing apart. Since I'm just getting back into writing after a long break anything helps.


Chapter 1 - Hero

In the throneroom the king sits on the throne with fearful anticipation as the Head Wizard chants in within the dark room illuminated only by the glowing magic circle several meters in front of him. Dozens of soldiers, a handful of apprentice wizards, as well as the queen and princess watch with bated breaths during the final moments of the ritual.

H. Wizard: By the will of the Ancients and Divines I call you to appear before me!
The Head Wizard bangs his staff on the ground. With a spark and a flash that causes everyone to turn away the Head Wizard completes the spell with but a single word.
H. Wizard: HERO!
POOF and THUD. A body lays before them all as the magic power in the room dissipates allowing the light to come through the large windows once again.
King: Is that him?
H. Wizard: ...
With a worried expression the king rises from his seat and rushes over to the body on the floor.
Murmurs begin to fill the room.
Soldier 1: He looks...dead.
Soldier 2: Did the Head Wizard summon us a corpse?
Soldier 3: What good will a corpse do us!?
The voices begin to rise as doubt fills the minds of the onlookers.
General: Silence!
A voice bellows across the room hushing the soldiers.
The General approaches the body to stand beside the king knelt down examining it.
General: King.
King: A young man, no, perhaps just a boy...
H. Wizard: ...
Princess: Mother-
Queen: Hush now child.
King: So this is the hero that will save our kingdom.
With a face of concern the General shows doubt as he looks upon the boy that looked weaker than any of the soldiers under his command.
General: How can a boy that looks as weak as a mouse save our kingdom?
King: Have faith, General. For he may be our last hope in this time of war.
The General throws a glance at the Head Wizard who looks as still as a statue.
General: For now, King...
The king nods as he stands.
General: You two! Bring our "Hero" to the cleric and make sure he has a meal prepared for when he wakes. He will likely be confused so notify me when he regains consciousness.
Soldier 1 & 2: Yessir!
The two soldiers grab the "hero" by his arms and legs and carry him off.
H. Wizard: Oh dear Divines, what have I done?

[In a random area of the castle]
Pacing back and forth with nothing but the weight of the world on his shoulders the Head Wizard mutters to himself.
H. Wizard: whatdoIdowhatdoIdowhatdoIdowhatdoIdowhatdoIdowhatdoIdo
Janitor: Head Wizard? Are you alright?
A young man holding a broom approaches the H. Wizard with a curious look.
H. Wizard: whatdoIdowhatdoIdowhatdoIdowhatdoIdowhatdoIdowhatdoIdo
Janitor: Umm, if you don't mind could you move? I need to sweep there.
H. Wizard: Gaaaah!!
He explodes.
H. Wizard: Can't you come back later?!
Janitor: I could, but...this is the third time I've asked now.
The Head Wizard takes a moment to examine his surroundings which nearly blind him as the floors all sparkle with a cleanliness that would put a mother to shame.
Janitor: Why are you so worried anyways, Head Wizard? You're barely older than me so you should try and relax a little or else you'll be an old man in no time.
The young Janitor says with a carefree smile.
H. Wizard: What would you know, you-you-you background character!
The Janitor pats the Head Wizard's shoulder with sympathetic eyes.
Janitor: Well, if I can help don't hesitate to ask.
H. Wizard: I will turn you into ash!
But before the Head Wizard can conjure a flame with the heat of a thousand suns to turn the happy-go-lucky cleaning man into cinders a lightbulb turns on and his moment of rage becomes a euphoric smile of epiphany.
H. Wizard: Actually...
Janitor: Hm?


Janitor: So all you want me to do is hold onto this?
The janitor gives the item in the palm of his hand another look. A small light blue gemstone sits there, completely transparent and easily mistaken for a lump of rough glass.
H. Wizard: Yes, that's right.
H.Wizard: While everyone is distracted by this waste of space I'll be long gone.
{End of Flashback}

H. Wizard: Why did I have to go an say I could summon a hero? Whywhywhywhywhy
General: Something the matter, Head Wizard?
The Head Wizard flinches at the mention of his name, but more corncerning is the hand on his shoulder. The General, with a tight grip that felt like it could crush a brick to dust, is holding onto the Head Wizard.
H. Wizard: Just that you could loosen that hold you have on me a little. Or completely. I'm not going to run away or anything.
General: Really?
The General asks with a tone and look that says be doesn't believe it.
H. Wizard: Damn this muscleheaded moose! Let me go! You can sink with this doomed ship with that fool of a king!
King: Head Wizard...

The king places his hand on the Head Wizard's other shoulder esentially trapping him in a burning barn.
King: I must thank you for bringing a small speck of hope to our kingdom where all seemed lost.
H. Wizard: W-well, your majesty I should really check on our Hero. Who knows what effect the summoning had on his mind and body.
King: I see. We shouldn't endanger the well-being of our saviour.
The king removes his hand from the Head Wizard's shoudler  though as he tries to walk away the General's hand pulls him back.
General: I'll accompany you.
H. Wizard: No need, really.
General: I'd like to see what the Hero is like in person. After all, even if he is the Hero he's still just one man and will need our support.
H. Wizard: Very well.
The Head Wizard says through clenched teeth.


[The Castle Infirmary]
Waking up with a headache the Janitor sits up in his bed to be greeted by intense stares.
Janitor: Umm... Hello?
Soldier 1: He's awake!
Soldier 2: I'll go notify General.
General: No need, soldier.
Soldier 1 & 2: General!
They both call with a salute.
General: Dismissed.
Soldier 1 & 2: Yessir!
The two soldiers both jog/march out of the room.
The cleric, a woman that looked like she was in her late twenties and dressed in a white gown, sighs.
Cleric: Didn't I tell you and your soldiers to be quiet when in the infirmary?
General: A-ah, r-right, I'm sorry.
The General seemed flustered but only for a moment as he turned his gaze to the Janitor in the bed.
General: He looks a little familiar...
General: So, you're the H-
H. Wizard: Welcome to our world, Hero!
The Head wizard shouts jumping in front of the General.
H. Wizard: I'm so glad Hero has come to save our kingdom! What a great person Hero is! Hero is a hero after all, right Hero!?
The Head Wizard's shouts are accompanied by a myriad of nudges and winks.
General: Be quiet!
The General pushes the Head Wizard aside by his face.
General: As I was saying, you're the hero?
As the General asked the Janitor notices out of the corner of his eye the Head Wizard apolgizing to an angry Cleric.
General: So?
The Janitor looks at the Head Wizard to find him tense and closing his eyes as hard as they can be closed. And he smiles.
Janitor: That's right, I'm the Hero.
The Head Wizard's eyes pop open and jaw drops in surprise. The General glances back at him with a raised brow.
General: Can you prove it?
The Head Wizard's heart almost stops.
Janitor: ...yes?
General: Is that an answer or a question?
Janitor: ...
General: ...
Janitor: No.
The General becomes visibly irritated.
General: You little punk, I'll-
Soldier 734: General!
An abrupt appearance from the famed Soldier 734 breaks the General's fiery fury.
General: What is it, soldier?
Soldier 734: We're under attack!
H. Wizard, General, & Cleric: !?
General: How did they get close enough to attack without us seeing them!?
Soldier 734: I don't know, sir. They seemed to appear out of nowhere.
The General clenches his fists in anger. Taking a moment to regain his composure he throws a glance at the Janitor though his gaze lands on the Head Wizard.
General: If that man really is the Hero you say he is then I expect both of you to come to the battlefield.
Soldier 734: General-
General: Steel yourself, soldier. We're going to war.
Soldier 734: Yessir!
The two army men leave the room with a heavy resolve.
Silence fills the room for a few moments before it's broken by the Cleric speaking to the Head Wizard.
Cleric: What about you?
H. Wizard: I...
Janitor: Let's go.
The Janitor says oh-so-casually as he hops out of bed.
H. Wizard: What? Hold on a minute.
Though his words are ignored as the Janitor walks out of the room and out of sight.
H. Wizard: I said wait!
The Head Wizard chases after him.
Cleric: I guess it's going to get a little busier from now on.
[In the hallway]
H. Wizard: Where are you going?
The Janitor stops and turns around.
Janitor: Where else? The battlefield.
H. Wizard: Wha- Are you insane!? You'll die!
Janitor: I'd say we're in a bit of a mess, don't you think?
H. Wizard: I guess so.
The Head Wizard shows visible confusion.
Janitor: Well it's a Janitor's duty to clean up messes.
The Janitor smiles proudly.
H. Wizard: Are you an idiot?
The Janitor continues to smile.
H. Wizard: You are.
Janitor: What are you planning on doing?
H. Wizard: I'm going to run away.
The Head Wizard says with a firm stance.
Janitor: Okay.
The Janitor says spinning back around and walking away.
H. Wizard: Wait!
The Janitor stops again but doesn't turn around.
Janitor: Do we really have the time to wait?
H. Wizard: Do you want to run away with me?
The Janitor puts on a smile the Head Wizard can't see.
Janitor: I didn't think you swung that way.
H. Wizard: I-idiot! I don't mean it like that!
The Head Wizard  lowers his head as he clenches his fists.
H. Wizard: It's just that it's my fault they think you're the hero and-
Janitor: See ya.
The Janitor throws a backhand wave over his should as he disappears around the corner.
The Head Wizard freezes for a few moments staring into space before popping back into reality.
H. Wizard: I have to run!

[Running through the halls]
H. Wizard: That idiot Janitor can die for all I care. Turning down my generosity like that!
Bursting into his own room which is riddled with magic doodads and gizmos the Head Wizard approaches a floor mat and throws it aside, revealing a magic circle with four gemstones similar to the one he gave the Janitor placed in the four cardinal points.
H. Wizard: Escape plan: Teleport away! Since that chanting in front of the King was just for show this'll just take a second and- ...why am I explaining this to myself?
King: Head Wizard!
H. Wizard: Gyahh!
Barging into the room with the princess in tow the King is out of breath with a serious look on his face.
King: Please, Head Wizard...run away!
H. Wizard: Hah?
King: We are losing ground fast and it is likely the Hero will not be enough to save us.
H. Wizard: Because he's not actually a Hero.
King: Please run away and throw away any foolish thoughts of fighting to the death.
H. Wizard: I never had any.
King: You are far too young to die in a war caused by old fools.
H. Wizard: My thoughts exactly.
King: Still, I have but one last request as King of this doomed land: Please bring my daughter, the princess, with you.
H. Wizard: ...
King: I will not run and leave my people behind, it is my duty as a ruler, but my daughter is young as well and I do not wish to see her pay for the sins of her father.
H. Wizard: ...very well, if it is the request of the King then I shall carry it out.
H. Wizard: Thank the Divines. I thought he was going to ask me to fight.
King: Be brave, daughter. Let not the burden of our blood be the end of you.
The King departs quickly after those words clutching the sword hung on his waist.
H. Wizard: Princess...
H. Wizard: Though the situation is fortunate for me, it's also really awkward.
Princess: ...let us depart. I will not let it end like this.
H. Wizard: Okay. Then, please step into the circle.
The Head Wizard begins to focus and a surge of magic power fills the room giving it a dark tint, but just as he is about to invoke the spell the image of a retreating king enters the doorway.
A clash of swords as a man clad in armor swings furociously at the King who somehow manages to keep his guard.
King: Go! Now!
The King pushes back the knight with a kick. The Head Wizard looks back at the Princess gripping her dress tightly with both hands and biting her lip. The Head Wizard let's out a sigh.
From behind the King notices a flash of light and his heart sighs in relief, though he still holds his blade at attention while the knight rises from the ground. The King prepares himself for another trading of blows though his hands do not lie, they were shaking, numb from the blocked blow before.
King: I apologize, my daughter, for leaving you to such an ill fate. I was too weak to protect anyone. Not even an eternity in hell will be enough to to wash away this sin.
Though his sword still held before him, the king knows he cannot defend. As the knight begins to swing his sword the Head Wizard explodes into the hallway and leaps in front of the King, thrusting the head of his staff into the breastplate of the knight.
H. Wizard: Disappear!
And he did. The Knight vanished leaving only the King and the Head Wizard in the hallway.
King: Head Wizard... Why did you- The Princess!
H. Wizard: Don't worry, I made sure to send her somewhere safe.
Though a moment of doubt runs across his face the King calms himself.
King: I trust you, Head Wizard.
H. Wizard: Thank you.
King: But you must still leave, this battle is far from over.
H. Wizard: More reason for me to stay.
H. Wizard: I must look so cool right now. But...

[Atop the cities front gate]
The sight that greets the Head Wizard is a gruesome scene portrait of death. A few miles from the kingdom a battle rages on between thousands of soldiers, the only difference being the overwhelming numbers of the enemy army.
General: Press forward! Do not give them an inch!
H. Wizard: Why didn't I run away?
The Head Wizard grimaces at his idiotic noble act.
H. Wizard: Speaking of idiots...
The Head Wizard scans the battlefield but comes up empty.
H. Wizard: That bastard! Some Hero he is! Though he actually isn't a hero...
The Head Wizard's moment of reflection comes to an abrupt stop as a flaming arrow whizzes past his head.
H. Wizard: That. Was. A. Mistake.
With his anger only intensified by the shoddy attempt at his life the Head Wizard disappears and reappears next to the General at the back of the battle.
General: I'm surprised you showed.
The General says as he shows no surprise.
H. Wizard: Me too.
General: So, can you conjure up some fireballs or do you plan on summoning another "Hero"?
H. Wizard: Be a little more grateful I showed up at all.
General: Show me you're not dead-weight and I'll gladly kneel at your feet.
H. Wizard: Hmph. Fine.
H. Wizard: Though I said that, Attack Magic isn't really my forte.
The Head Wizard holds up his staff with a weak wrist.
General: Hurry up, we won't be able to hold much longer.
The General says so with as he stares at the frontlines where his men are being cut down and pierced one after another.
H. Wizard: D-don't rush me! Magic isn't like a sword a trained monkey could swing around.
The Head Wizard focuses as magic power gathers above the heads of the enemy soldiers.
H. Wizard: Fireball!
His shout was filled with energy, alas his attack was not. Instead of a cascading torrent of fiery death naught but a puff of smoke that caused at most a cough or waving of a hand fell upon the enemies.
General: ...what was that?
H. Wizard: Fireball.
As the two bicker in the heat of battle a volley of arrows numbering the hundreds is fired from the enemy. The arrows arc far above their heads as gravity takes effect and their ascent begins to slow.
General: This is how it ends then.
H. Wizard: Maybe for you.
The Head Wizard pulls a light blue stone from his sleeve. Its faint glow increases dramatically in a moment and as it flashes the Head Wizard finds himself...in the same spot.
H. Wizard: Huh?
Too dumbstruck to understand what happened the Head Wizard flicks the stone in confusion.
General: Looks like you're not going anywhere.
H. Wizard: W-what happened!?
The arrows reach their peak and turn their heads to those of the Kingdom's soldiers as well as the General and Head Wizard. Oh, and the Janitor, broom and all.
Finally noticing the presence of the Janitor the Head Wizard's eyes widen and the General puts on a sarcastic smile.
General: Finally come to save the day?
Janitor: Yup.
H. Wizard: Didn't you run away?
Janitor: Weren't you going to?
The Head Wizard is taken by surprise as the Janitor tosses something at him. Catching it he recognizes it immediately: the gemstone he'd given to him before.
H. Wizard: Wha-? Then you're the reason my magic failed!
Janitor: It didn't fail, I just borrowed it.
H. Wizard: Borrow?! You're the reason I'm going to die!
Janitor: Sorry, I didn't know where the closest stone was so when I noticed yours was activated I decided to hijack it.
H. Wizard: Well good job! Now you can die with the rest of us!
Janitor: Die?
The Head Wizard points to the sky in an exasperated manner.
Janitor: Oh. That?
The Janitor waves his broom head side up and as if they were dust on a stone floor the arrows are flicked aside flying far from the battlefield.
In disbelief the Head Wizard and General stare dumbfounded at the Janitor. It also leaves much of the enemy army in disarray as confusion spreads through the ranks.
Not missing the opportunity, the trained military man he was, the General motions to advance.
General: Push forward! While the enemy is confused!
Janitor: Actually, would you mind telling them to retreat?
Lost for words the General takes a second to respond.
General: Are you insane?
Janitor: No, I'm the Hero.
The Janitor smiles.
Though his reluctance is painfully obvious the General, against his better judgement, called for a retreat.
General: Fall back! Fall back!
The soldiers at first skeptical about the flip-flop commands quickly retreated.
H. Wizard: What are you doing?! They'll run us through if we don't pressure them!
General: This Hero of yours already showed me one miracle. I'm just hoping he can pull off another.
H. Wizard: Forget them! I'm leaving!
Pulling out a stone once more the Head Wizard begins his own retreat but instead of glowing stronger the light in the stone seemed to fade more and more.
H. Wizard: Not again!
The General watches his soldiers struggle to defend as they fall back, their shields bashed and their armor battered.
General: I'm not sure what you plan to do but why did you want my men to retreat?
Janitor: I just didn't want them to get caught up in it.
General: It?
The General's question was answered as soon as it was asked. The sky turned a hue of orange-red. It was like the sunset had come in just a few seconds when just moments ago it was still only slightly after noon. Though the sun was far due from setting everyone was under the impression it had gotten lost, as it happened to find its way to the battlefield, hovering above their heads.
Janitor: Fireball.
As if mocking the Head Wizard's sad display before (though he didn't actually know about it) the Janitor let a mountain-sized sphere of flames descend upon the enemy. With just a moment spared to stare in awe at the sight before them the attacking army immediately began to retreat. Cries and shouts of doomed soldiers were drowned out by the sound of the roaring fire.
It's similarities to a beast did not end there. Upon impact the flames consumed its prey by the hundreds, the number only growing as the inferno flattened across the earth to encompass the entire enemy army devouring them like a hungry lion.
Feeling the heat at the very edges of the blaze the Kingdom's soldiers were ironically frozen. They could not help but watch in terror and amazement as the certain defeat turned to ash before their very eyes.
All but the General and Head Wizard were mesmerized by the flames. The two instead found greater wonder in the man before them, realizing one thing: He was their Hero.

Develop Your Story / Heroes
« on: September 22, 2014, 03:07:49 PM »
Lego's been going at it with the MR Hero Coats and so I felt it only right to write them into canon. Kind of. Might have to tweak it here and there but simply put, this is the story behind the MR Hero Coats and the prestige they carry.

Chapter 1
   An MR Story

Chapter 1 – Finem Forum

   Surrounding a certain place in the NET was a barrier. One that protected the buildings and the people from the erosion of the datastream. But even with the barrier an ominous current seemed to wash over the walls that could keep out a dozen titans.
   A man that could be considered a “titan” in some regards stood atop the MangaRaiders HQ rooftop. His hands rubbing together with hunched shoulders and a retreating chin.
   “Cold day out.” Corycaly, the mistress of MR who happened to have a sharp tongue and blunt words let out this surprisingly normal comment.
   “Hmm.” Hasith agreed with a mumble as his mouth was pushed into his shirt collar.
   Hasith was wearing a sweater. A rare sight for the man who was almost always seen in his j?nin outfit, in fact it was such a rarity to see him wear anything else it was a popular rumor that the Admid actually had a comic closet with dozens of the same outfit.
   Cory on the other hand, being the fashionista that she was, was wearing something more appealing to the eyes. It was not alluring in a physical attraction sense but something men would call “romance”. She was in a garb like a long pea coat, it was a deep crimson with black trim giving off the air of a bourgeois woman (which was really the only thing a certain MR member could imagine her as), and the buttons were covered in a soft velvet with each and every one adorning the image of MR on them.
   “Like it?” Cory showed a proud smile as she asked this to her equal noticing him looking at her attire. Spinning around in a hurry Hasith only caught a glimpse of an image on the back but with his sharingan other eye covered he couldn’t catch it.
   “What is it? Hasith asked with a piqued interest.
   “A Hero Coat.” Cory said striking a pose like you’d see on the cover of Vogue. “I designed them to make being a “Hero” in MR a little more prestigious, I mean, even our most prestigious members don’t even have a badge or medal to show for their hard work.”
   “Are you sure you didn’t just want to design an MR uniform?”
   “Haha, you caught me.” Cory let out a small laugh but showed little guilt. “I was going to make something for all of MR but I ran out of material.”
   “Material? It looks like a normal coat to me.” Hasith notes with a raised brow. Sadly it was the one under his mask so the expression served little purpose.
   Clicking her tongue synced with pointing gesture of her index finger in the air Cory shook her head.
   “Fashion over function has never been my policy.” Corycaly said with a disappointed look at Hasith who she had expected to have known that after so many years. “These coats are as practical as they are pretty.”
   “Where’s mine?” Hasith asked getting straight to the point.
   “You don’t get one.”
   “Hah!?” Hasith let out a sound of surprise, disbelief, and disappointment.
   “It would have gotten in the way of your little green vest.” Cory said mockingly.
   Kicking the figurative dirt on the wayside Hasith looked down over the edge of the rooftop in disappointment mumbling something around the lines of ‘it’s not like I wear it because I want to, it’s just what ninjas wear’.
   “When you’re done moping be sure to lock the door behind you.” Cory said leaving Hasith to sulk in solitude. Shivering as an extra strong breeze blew by them Cory rushed inside. “Did Coryn break the weather controls?”

   “Achoo!” Coryn sneezes. It was a strange thing for him to do as he was more mechanical than the average person but nonetheless he seemed to be chilled by the cold weather just like everyone else.
   Wearing a coat similar to Cory’s, Coryn’s coat seemed almost inverted in color with a pitch black coat with a deep red trim, the biggest differences would have been his shiny gold buttons (still with the MR logo) and his famous triangle on his back, though this time it was in an ash white rather than the usual red on black.
   “Did Ever mess with the weather control system?” Coryn mumbled to himself as he stepped into the MR HQ.
   He had just come from the Science Division’s own HQ after being tasked with delivering Lego’s coat. Clearly he wasn’t happy about the menial labour that could have easily been passed off to one of his drones. Yes, he knew that the last time he delivered something via drone it falsely recognized the Raider as an intruder and tried to eliminate them but that wasn’t his fault. There was simply a line of code he happened to put in as a joke that he forgot to remove when he finished. If he really wanted to slaughter the members of MR he would use the deadly gas he made last week to exterminate the rats in the ventilation system. Of course he happened to let slip form his mind the notion to tell Ever about it. She was in critical condition for a few days but he managed to create an antidote at the last minute saving her. No problem, right?
   After going over his flawless track record of keeping Raiders alive Coryn took a scan, quite literally, of the MR building for Lego. Surprisingly though the diligent mod was absent from his post.
   Letting out a sigh of powerless frustration Coryn sat down. He couldn’t return to his experiments before delivering the coat without reprimand from Cory. He couldn’t help but regret not putting that tracker in Lego’s head after the MR New Year’s Party.
   Members of MR were easy to find for Coryn, he had the whole city on his network of surveillance with a direct feed at all times as well as a way to track any member at any time. But as with all things there were exceptions to the rule. Mods and admins were exempt due to a rule Cory laid down, even if she didn’t they could probably escape Coryn’s “vision” if they wanted to. There were also certain members that managed to trick his system and those that disappeared for unknown reasons. The truth of the matter was that even with all his technology Coryn could not keep up with a city full of supernatural powered beings. Destroying them was one thing but simply keeping a hands-off eye on them was near impossible.
   Letting out another sigh Coryn got comfortable planning to wait for Lego to show up, either at HQ or on his sensors.

   In the Writers’ Grand Library (there was nothing really grand about it, but nobody was going to argue a fellow writer’s naming sense without preparing themselves for a few bruises) Litt leaned back in his chair taking a break from his writing.
   “Why did my laptop have to go and fry itself?” Litt moans as he puts down his quill.
   Why was he using a quill and not a pen? Because it was all that was available for some reason in the Library. He pinned it on the reason that it was supposed to help create ‘atmosphere’ or something as the entire library had an ‘ancient’ feel to it, but that couldn’t be authentic since MR was relatively new as a settlement.
   “MR, huh…” Litt falls into his usual pondering pose and begins to ruminate on MR’s origins but before he can a breeze enters through an open window making him shake like a wet dog in winter. “W-w-w-what the h-he-hell is this w-wind?” He asks himself through chattering teeth.
   As a man of breeze and gale himself Litt could tell the wind was unnatural. Though all winds on the NET were one way or another unnatural in a sense this particular draft was not something as innocent as a push of air.
   “I don’t like this…” Litt mutters as he grabs his cloak placed over the shoulders of the chair only to place it on his own.

   There was one thing that was maintained in the minds of those on the NET. Something programmed into their subconscious almost as important to the human body as breathing: sleep.
   Though their physical bodies were simply imitations of what reality they once lived and regardless of the inhuman powers they wielded, they were still human, existing while still abiding by human rules. They still had the urge to eat, a thirst to quench, and a mind to rest.
   I say this only to explain why many of the citizens of MR may seem to never run into one another. They simply have different sleep schedules based upon their original internal clock. Of course it is a simple matter to alter the schedule as would be in the physical world but comfort over function was a popular saying in MR.
   Speaking of sleeping members a particular one lay napping carelessly near the edge of the Silent Forest of Song. A part of MR where each tree represents a song or poem written by a Raider but was never spoken aloud. Here the age old question of a tree falling falls on deaf ears. Or the trees don’t make sounds when they fall so there is an answer. Maybe it was ‘if a tree falls in the forest and if someone is-‘ Gah. Whatever. The point is the forest is like a vacuum, no sound in or out. A completely serene place.
   But still this man with hair ruffled, unable to be held down by the headphones on his ears, tapped his fingers on the ground. He was most definitely asleep yet his fingers kept rhythm in 4/4 time and a slow bobbing of the head could be observed even though he was lying down.
   Here in the silence a NO1SE could be seen.
   The man with more beats in his head than a farmer has in the fields and more songs than a Chinese province rest in silence.
   Unfortunately there was an alarm to his Z’s. No sound was needed when the chilling wind permeated his body causing him to shiver.
   ‘Wha…t?’ NO1SEY thought to himself as he woke up in a sudden yet sloth-like, or should I say relaxed, manner.
   Rising to his feet he walked away from the forest with a yawn. His mouth was still mid-yawn when he stepped through the sound barrier and so even though he was immediately bombarded with the sounds of explosions and high pitched resonating of energy blasts he was unable to express his surprise without choking on his gasp.
   Sound got to NO1SEY first, as it usually did, and so secondly with light NO1SEY gazed upon MR.
   The Writers’ quarter was ablaze.
   The Artists’ hub in shambles and shambling more.
   The General buildings were simply gone.
   The Manga & Anime centres thrown around like jacks.
   And finally MR HQ, the stronghold and almost permanent residence of the most powerful beings in all of MR City, falling. Split in two as if it were a giant bamboo stalk sliced by a samurai.
   ‘It’s the end…’ Was the only sound in NO1SEY’s head, echoing.

Discussions / Save The World, Inc. (Discussion Branch)
« on: July 26, 2014, 10:42:08 PM »
Talk or stuff here about Save The World, Inc. if ya want. Comments not necessary but are appreciated.

Manga Creations / Save The World, Inc.
« on: July 26, 2014, 10:33:05 PM »
This here's the place where I put the words that make the story in the title. It's all WIP.

Anywhozit, enjoy if you can.

Save The World, Inc.

Chapter 1 - Welcome to Sakura

Welcome one, welcome all to the initiation of the Writers' Guild!

Here both active members and visitors are to discuss any ideas they may have, speak about anything they wish to discuss with the Guild and any such similar matters.

Feel free to speak.

Current Members:

MR Pub / MR Visual Novels
« on: March 31, 2014, 05:15:04 AM »
Hey guys, I found a program that makes making visual novels (relatively) easy.


It has a tutorial built-in and anything you aren't clear on can easily be found online. I remembered talk of MR games and specifically an MR visual novel/dating sim a while back and figured why not go ahead and try? To be totally honest this is just for fun and nothing is official so nobody freak out about this. Just a toy to play with in the dull hours of the day.

I don't plan on organizing anything since I'm a terrible leader with no productive abilities but anyone who wants to make that oh-so-desired MR VN this is a good program to get started.

I'm gonna play around with the program myself to how to use it properly and maybe share anything I manage to make. I encourage everyone else to do the same. Hell, this could be a new way for the writers and artists to tell their stories on MR.


We are still accepting and hoping for more community participation in this project to make it more of an MR production. We currently already have a writer (Coryn) and a programmer (Me) which don't need any assistance but things such as art, music, and whatever else you can think of are an area we would gladly accept help with. If you are interested in lending a hand to the cause feel free to post in this topic claiming so.

Below is the Google Drive folder with the most current version of the game. Feel free to test it out and share you opinions and ideas on the project.

I, Legomaestro have taken over the programming for now. The latest link to the game will be here.
Drive Folder


suuper-san is now in the pilot seat for programming. For all updates look to him and stay tuned!

MR Pub / Riddles and Mystery
« on: February 06, 2014, 04:18:46 AM »
What's long and wet and has four eyes? The Mississippi.

That's right, this is a game topic! It's as the title states:  :notunderstand: Riddles and Mystery! :noidea: I thought of this after coming across a riddle and thought, 'Wouldn't this be a fun game for a forum?' And thusly brought it here to you. The rules are simple and the game is fun (in theory):

Just post any riddle.

1) You must solve the previous mystery or riddle before posting another;

2) If anyone solves it and doesn't post a riddle immediately then anyone can share their own enigma;

3) When you solve a kerfuffle you get a Mystery Hint (you can have up to three at a time) which can be used to ask for a single hint from the original poster of the problem;

4) The answer can only be verified by the poster unless they prove to be absent after 5 attempts and the best answer out of the five will be taken and we will move on;

5) It doesn't matter how you figure out the riddle as long as you post the correct answer so you can ask somebody else, google it, whatever;

6) The puzzles can be simple riddles or lengthy descriptions of a crime as long as it makes you think;
This is getting complicated so I'm ending it here unless future disputes arise.

To get us started I'll share an easy riddle:

What has four legs in the morning, two in the evening, and three at night?

Manga Writer workshop / Writers Whetstone
« on: January 22, 2014, 10:11:26 PM »
Here here! Come one come all to the workshop to sharpen your skills, be they dulled from time or raw out of the mines.

This workshop is a more open format to workshops. Basically I found a site which has some great tools to help you stay creative with writing exercises, word generators, all that jazz. I thought it'd be a waste to just pick one exercise and call it a day so I figured why not all of them?

This is the site: http://writingexercises.co.uk/index.php

Rules are:
  • If you find a writing exercise you wish to share, post it here along with clear instructions.
  • You must complete the previously posted exercise before sharing yours.
  • You must show examples of how the exercise is done with your own attempt.
  • You are free to do any exercise shown, even if it is not the most recent, but do not post every work in a separate post. (ie do not double+ post)
  • Keep your writing skills sharp.

I'll add in an exercise later since I just came up with this. Anyhow, have fun with writing.

From the site
Random Words Exercise

The following is just a suggestion for how to use this generator:

When you click the button, eight words are generated: a mixture of nouns, verbs and adjectives. Write, incorporating each word at some point as you go along. Try to use them in the order they are given.

What you end up with may not make complete sense, but that's the idea - to write outside the box :-)

To get started, either make up a sentence using the first word, or go with something simple like 'I was walking down the street when...'.

Here's the generator: http://writingexercises.co.uk/random-words-exercises.php

Here's an example.

   I pull my cap down as the cold winter wind cuts into my face like a bad shave. To escape the frosty fingers of the morning I step into my favorite coffee house, La Caffé d’Ian. I do my usual routine, I tap the tip of my boots on the mat to rid of any excess snow or dirt, next I take a quick sniff of the air to get the sweet aroma of coffee in my lungs, followed by the customary “Hello!”’ and “Good morning!” to the employees and fellow regulars of the shop. Stepping up to the counter as always the pieces of my normal morning fall into place. Little did I know I was about to be the victim of a hoodwink.
   “A tall cappuccino.” My never-aging order.
   “It’s called a large here, Robert.” Sheila, my favourite barista says in her tired voice. “This isn’t Starbucks.”
   “Of course, of course.” I say with a smile hoping she’ll smile back. “Just a bad habit.”
   “Two minutes.” Sheila says in her sweet, raspy, nicotine eroded voice of hers as she turns around and walks to the machine to retrieve my personal ambrosia.
   I pass the time by looking around the shop. On my gander to the view behind me I see a man who is a disgrace to civilized society. Walking with a slouched back while scratching his unkempt hair he approaches the counter. Upon his arrival the aroma of ground coffee beans and sweet caramel disappear only to be replaced by the reek of illegal (for now) herbs.
   I hold my breath fearing if I inhale I’ll become just like him, as if the smell was an airborne virus. Sheila returns with my cappuccino and I sigh in relief, grabbing the cup by the sleeve and placing exact change on the counter. As I walk away I see a horrid sight not meant for mortal eyes. The man, a man other than me, kisses Sheila on the lips.
   I spurn with anger. Then with sadness. Placing my cup down on an unoccupied table, afraid I might crush it from anger, burning my fingers, or drop it from disbelief, burning my toes. Either way I’d have to deal with a second burn.
   Taking one last glance at Sheila with the man I catch her giggling. Giggling. The tired, not-a-morning-person Sheila, giggling, at eight AM. I turn away and walk out the door and back into the arms of the cold wind.
   Walking down the street I pull my cap down to keep my eyebrows form freezing off but I keep my head up in search for a new coffee shop.

MR Pub / MR Google Chrome Theme
« on: January 21, 2014, 11:47:02 PM »
I was just browsing online for a new Google Chrome theme since I didn't have one and I found a make your own app. Figured I'd try making a simple MR theme. Here's what I got for those who use Google Chrome and want to try it out.


Suggestions And Feedback / Messaging Services
« on: January 16, 2014, 06:41:20 PM »
I was looking at my forum profile thinking I'd add anything I forgot and I noticed the messenger services. I'm not sure how popular ICQ, AOL, or YIM are right now but at least the MSN choice should be updated to read Skype instead since it was merged recently. I think this part of the forum profile should be updated for more mainstream IMing services as well. Suggestions of new messenger services would be:
(Updating MSN to) Skype
Google Talk

General Manga writer discussions / Are you an author?
« on: January 15, 2014, 07:36:49 AM »
Question is the title. Are you an author?

This is a recent realization of mine as a self-proclaimed writer: I have not written a book. Is that wrong? I ask myself if I'm even that serious about this. The issue became apparent to me when I walked into my friend's room and stumbled onto a strange event. He was writing a book. Now my friend is not an English major, he isn't even taking any classes. Now I know it's common for literate people to write books themselves as reading gives birth to ambition but it just felt strange, you know? My friend, who I know writes essays with ease though not on fictional subjects by any stretch, was writing a book. Before me. An English major, a frequenter of MR for the purpose of writing and being involved in such. It shouldn't be such a surprise but it kinda hit me that as a writer I should at least have something to show for it after so long.

So I pass the conch to you, the other writers of MR. Have you written a book? Do you feel like you should even if you're focused on manga creation as a final goal? Share your thoughts and discuss.

Suggestions And Feedback / Manga Sticky
« on: January 11, 2014, 02:56:52 AM »
I was posting a new topic in the Manga Talk section of MR and I opened the sticky topics in new tabs, just to refresh my memory on them, and I found that the Manga sticky originally made by dawood was outdated. Most, if not all (I didn't bother clicking every one), of the links lead you to a 404 page of the old onemanga site. The new site uses a different domain, not that onemanga would be the best place to read online manga anyways. I just figured the topic should either be edited by a mod or deleted and remade to be updated and actually helpful.

Topic link: Manga

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