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Members Manga / We'll call this... yearly update...
« on: November 24, 2016, 06:51:02 PM »

I know it's taken a long time, and I know that I've shared with you all the slim chances of this thing actually being successfully funded - but nonetheless - You miss 100% of the shots you don't take. Please feel free to share, support, or any other positive thing you'd like to do with the project. Here is the link:

I apologize to any whom want a physical copy and aren't in the US. Shipping is insanely expensive overseas, however, I am still working on a way to make it happen. Thanks again guys and gals!

break Room / Can we help a Raider out??
« on: June 03, 2016, 10:33:24 AM »
So, the other day (Tuesday or Wednesday I believe) I signed up for GMI Manga, and posted the first 12 or so pages of Society X for public viewing. Well, a day or so later, I get a notification saying that they've nominated it as the Newcomer of the Week (that was fast). Anywho, they have a voting system, where people can upvote a particular story through the ranks of their 3 Genre fields. I'm asking for some biased support from all of my fellow Raiders - i'm not sure if you need to sign up for the site, if so, it's a pretty simple process. But yeah, i'm trying to catch up to Apple Black - though that's quite a mountain to climb.

Here's the link to their Facebook post:

And their Twitter post:

So I ask, if you could all kindly upvote Society X on the site. And, if you sign up for the site, follow the series as well. Thank you all for your time.

Manga Writer workshop / MR PROJECT 3: Prelude Stories & Sign Up Info
« on: April 13, 2016, 12:44:44 AM »

UPDATE!!!!    7/31/16

-1.2 has been posted
-The Character List has been updated
-Links to the Pre-Project story bits have been pulled together, along with chapters 1.0 and 1.1 - scroll down to see it.

New Participants are allowed:
One Main character (At this time)
One Secondary character
Four Cameos

RETURNING PARTICIPANTS: Any participant wishing to return must make it known on this topic. If there is a character that was in Project 1 or 2, that will not be returning for 3 (and their exit wasn’t dealt with during the story) then the participant will be required to either write a CM that writes them off Pre-Project, or collaborate with me on the handling of their exit during the project. A bit more participation is going to be needed for this project. No, you will not be writing the story, but I will need you all to be ready and willing to provide your talents for it (even if it means altering written dialogue to cater to your characters’ personality). If a previous participant is no longer on this site, and do not return by the time Project 3 begins, I will determine their status (Cameo, Main, Secondary, etc.) Although most likely, to maintain the creator’s integrity, I’ll have the character killed off; so that I don’t ruin their presentation.

Returning Participants are allowed:
Two Main Characters
One Secondary Character
Four Cameos
Fixtures (Chosen by me)

-ALL New Characters will have intro CM's that will be posted here. This may be a good way to gauge if newcomers feel comfortable with the project.

NEW UPDATE!!! If you don't have a ton of characters, or, if you have a character that didn't make your cut as a Main or Secondary - just use all 4 Cameo slots on them!

Character Sign Up Sheet
Ok, so this is the new Character Sheet. ALL Characters must have this filled out, including Current ones. To explain some of the new details:

Character Types:

Main: This will be your most featured character throughout the story. Returning participants are entitled to a max of 2, while new participants can have 1.

Secondary: These characters will have small spots here and there, some dialogue, some interaction during events – but, they will not always be present. The best comparison for this is Marco and Hauser, those two were present for comedic moments, and not much else. Each participant is limited to 1.

Fixture: These characters are determined by me. Fixtures has differing roles throughout the story, and do not take up a participant’s character slot. Fixtures include Neske, Rex, and a few others. As the sheets are filled out, I will be announcing who the fixtures are for Project 3.

Cameo: These characters will either appear in a brief moment of interaction with a character, they may appear as someone who has died, and thus – a participant may want to include them for the purpose of a CM; or something like that. All in all, these characters may appear only once in the entire story. Each participant is allowed 4 of these. Two of which I will inject in to the story as it happens, the other two will be the participant’s responsibility. (We will of course discuss this process in private)

Story (What is the name of the story your character is from):




(There are 7 Realities. The 7th is “technically” the antagonist group. However, there can be good individuals residing there. Keep in mind, the 7th is a grouped clone of the other 6 – so, it’s up to you to determine whether the character you are focusing on is a Clone, or the original. Lastly… originals can exist in the 7th, and clones in the 6R -Six Realities) (ie: Cazo)

Here is a breakdown of the 6 Protagonist Realities, really it’s just which Watcher is attached to the Reality; and some other basic info. (Note: Any Dead or MIA characters will not be listed. Note 2: New Participants can’t have their characters be from the 6th Reality. Note 3: Any person wishing to have their character be from the 7th Reality… be prepared to collaborate with me.)

Reality 1: Watchers- Kiano and Ergas
Residents: Frank, Dave

Reality 2: Watcher- Maygani
Residents: Teddy, Cazo

Reality 3: Watchers- Lyra and Qioni
Residents: Jack Ramanov, Chris

Reality 4: Watchers- Foggis and Remaddo
Residents: Arman

Reality 5: Watchers- Opa and Sappa
Residents: Jasper, Thomas, Xiana, Kyokyu (Aligned w/ R7)

Reality 6: Watcher- Xodara
Residents: Nanik, Nakaja, Meynaur, Rex, Data, Shio, Allens, Christiana, Eliza, Bjorn, Hauser, Janette


Current Mindset:
(This is relative to what’s occurred thus far during these Projects. So, while your character may have entered this story with a certain personality, given all that’s happened, how are they now? Example: Their world was destroyed, they weren’t in Project 2, but they’ve been rescued by the ones who were – whom told them what happened… how has this affected the character?)

(This doesn’t have to be filled out initially. This is simple – as the creator of your character, I ask that you go through the list of characters (That aren’t your own), and pick out 3 characters you believe your character will (or in the case of returning characters, has) get/gotten along with, and 3 characters that they’ll struggle to see eye to eye with. Small explanation preferred.)

Speech Example:
(To differentiate dialogue, I need an example of how your characters speak. I need you, to take these scenarios:
Introducing myself
Angry at my enemy, who just killed my friend.
In the middle of a tense battle.
Betrayed by an ally.
Disbelief over the ending of a movie.
Sad about the death of a friend.

-Take these scenarios and apply your character’s moxie to it. How would they introduce themselves? What would they say to that enemy? How would they express their excitement, or dread, over a tense battle?... show me how to differentiate your character’s speech from the others.)

Physical description:

(Example: Elemental user, speedster…)

(This is different than powers. A water user may or may not have increased durability, or increased movement speed. This is where you tell me if your character has enhanced reaction time, durability, superior breath-holding skills…)


(Is your character Goku? Unaware of his surroundings, letting his guard down? Do they overthink things? I need to know what hurts your character inside and out of battle)

Combat Type
(Close quarters, ranged, sadistic, careless…)

Moves (Max of 8 ):
(Moves are simple, they can be a blast of energy, or a simple sword swing. They can have names, or not.)

Special (Max of 2)

(Think Spirit Bomb, Kamehameha…. Super Saiyan transformation. This is the end all be all, either a move that ends fights, or a transformation that signifies your character is going all out… this is where these moves belong)


With all Series - the logos that branch off from the main one; often develop their own followings and whatnot. For instance, Naruto's MAIN logo is just the name Naruto with all the special effects etc... But, the sub-logos that represent the Hidden Leaf, Uchihas, etc. etc. - are just as important.

It's for this reason, that I've spent the last couple of months in an endless back and forth with my lead designer, trying to create something to represent the Neytoc race, of my story Society X, as a whole. And i'd like some thoughts on the design... now, bear in mind - this is an extremely high-res version, I do have a flat base alternate that can be put on simple shirts and whatnot. Anywho.... (Oh, there will be two  - one with the words, one without)

Hrm.... so Project 2 has yet to reach its conclusion, aaaannnd... people didn't feed in to the Countdown to the 19. But, nonetheless...

I've been on this site for awhile. I've shared concepts, drafts, stories, ideas... I've offered feedback, advice...

I like this site. And I like the members as well, especially the ones who show their commitment to writing, understand, not just their writing... writing in general. This project was meant to assist those who either didn't have their stories reading for sharing, or didn't quite feel comfortable with their characters, the personalities, etc. And throughout this process, i'd like to think that I've helped a few of the participating members.

Now, with any project - there are those who stick through it, constantly contribute. Then there are those who fade, for both understandable reasons, and just because. I made a promise for this project... If you participated, I delivered.

I mentioned before, I intend for Project 3 to have much more CM's driving it forward.

For all of you who have aspirations of seeing your characters come to life... I present to you a gift: We'll go one by one...


With you, it's all about growth, progression... putting yourself out there for the sake of bettering yourself, and i'm proud of you because you've come quite a long way. We speak often, whether i'm wide awake, or dead-tired... I see you as a friend, and I see a ton of potential in you. It's for this reason, that I want you to have these images - inspiration to keep pushing yourself to get better, to overcome your fears, to break any restrictions... 2015 was the beginning of something great for you, 2016 should continue that - by 2017, I expect to be reading some more of your work. Thank you for being a friend - In return, Jasper, Misty, and Thomas...

To My Good Friend

Ok... next on the list - OPERATIVE13

By far, in terms of investing their characters in to this world - you are one of, if not, the top individual. Since Project 1, Allens and her team have had CM after CM detailing their time in this new world. I can't tell you how much I appreciate that commitment, so instead, what i'd like to do is share with you an image of one of my favorites: Corporal Daina Allens:

(PS: I hope you keep it up through Project 3, where gonna need the commitment to finish this trilogy strong)
The Most Badass Corporal Around


Between you and Jackhammer, the AoC Skype chat has given me many laughs. While I don't know much about Dave, Frank, and co. (Except the fact that they can't mess with Allens) I can admit that the lore of Bjorn's world intrigues me. Seeing as you've been a participant in both these projects, I hope to see more of them in the future, in their own world, with their original story. Thank you for participating, and I hope to see you more active come Project 3.

Mr. Immortal


You live a busy life, but nonetheless, you've contributed your characters to this world. What makes me laugh, is that you're not big on naming moves... grab, throw... lol... I appreciate you lending me your characters for this story, and I do hope Project 3 will see you take on a more active role with us all. Thanks again, I present to you - Arman..

The Ninja That Took The Place of That One Guy


An MR Project newcomer... first and foremost, I truly enjoy the fact that you brought in an interesting cast of characters to this. Add to that, the fact that you've been pretty active, commenting, PM'ing me about possible CM's... I truly appreciate that, truly. I want as much of the writing taken away from me as possible when it comes to these things (Because my writing isn't that great to begin with), and the addition of your Toucan, Wolf, and Lizard, to our current crop of awesome Dragons... makes this world much more diverse. Thank you. I present to you a black and white version of your Xiana art, and... Kyokyu: Known disliker of humans.

The Zoo


Looking for a topic for the Happy Hour? Well here ya go! -Thank you for being one of the old guard that helped me along when I was new to this site. You offered your thoughts on SX #1, had me on your show, and overall, have been an awesome Raider to me. In Project 1, our characters were matched up against one another - and i'm glad it happened that way, because you have been churning out chapters of your story for quite some time - and to all who don't know, it's a good read. Vacant, I give you Shio Rayne of the Heavy Rayne Series....

Rayne on Me


Another newcomer! And to add to it, probably the most well-liked of the new bunch. It's no secret, Teddy vs. Cera stole the show. I enjoy your comments (The one with House is still cracking me up... that face!) And as I mentioned with Swearzy, you make the Skype chat much funnier than it has any right to be. I hope to see Teddy around for Project 3, and I hope to have you be a more active CM'r as well - I think it'd a huge benefit to the projects. Teddy!

Heerrreeee's Teddy!


The Fro! Lego is, along with Dr. Striker and Roshiro, the absolute driving force behind my motivation and determination to make Society X a reality. Had it not been for your feedback, your consistency and commitment to reading my story to its conclusion... I may have never taken the steps that I needed to take in order to make Issue #1 a reality. And I can't thank you enough for that. But on this front... Rex, a fixture in these projects... once crippled, in a wheelchair - Professor Rex... he's been a great character for this, and I thank you for lending him to me. Here's your MC sir...

Professor Rex


Boy... I haven't seen you on in quite some time. I hope you eventually see this character... I'd like to thank you for allowing me to use Jade in this project, she's worked well along side Arman and Co. Hope to see you more active come Project 3...



You said you'd have a character ready for Project 2, and sure enough, you did! Now, I haven't seen you on much lately, so I hope everything's ok - but i'd like to thank you for being a warm figure during my tenure on this site. It's much appreciated, and I do hope to see more of you for Project 3. Here's your MC...

The Kid Who Bested Gia


Man, where've you been? Little known fact (And this is because It was done by accident, nothing against you!) You're the only member on this site that is on my buddy list, so your name shows up in bold when you log in - keyword being WHEN. Now, of course, part of the reason is because I totally don't know how I did it. The other part is because I didn't know how to undo it, but nonetheless, you've contributed great characters to the projects! And, before your hiatus, you were frickin awesome! Here's Gilbert...

The Smoker Who Held Off Mother Earth

Last, but certainly not least...


On this site, I have two friends that stand above the rest... Robin Ryuu, and you. You're my Skype buddy, the only MR member to have a Society X poster, an avid supporter and contributor to and of the Projects... a jack of all trades. Since the birth of the Projects, our characters have been intertwined with each other more and more, and it's a great thing. But, what I hope to see more of soon, is this story you have, this world you've created. Your level of detail when you write is nearly unmatched, and I want to be able to sit down in front of my computer and read more of your story. So, from one friend to the next... Neske, Quissis, and Meynaur:

The Shadow and The Light

break Room / MangaRaiders Hall of Fame...
« on: February 25, 2016, 02:35:49 AM »
I'm not sure if this idea has been pitched, or if there is one already in place. But if not, then i'd like to officially propose that we make March the month in which we have the inaugural MR Hall of Fame induction. I am fairly certain that since this site came to be, there have been individuals that have had memorable tenures, leaving lasting impressions, and having made many friends or helped many others. Perhaps, this could be a thing in which once a year (Every March) we induct two members in to the HOF.

In regards to who, I propose as my inductee... Thy Obsessive Freak. I feel it only right that we have TOF be the first individual inducted, adding illustriousness to what can become tradition.

Any thoughts, suggestions?

Members Manga / 24 Hours only....
« on: December 30, 2015, 08:07:47 PM »
24 Hours up! ... Until Issue #2... take care.

Manga Talk / 01-03-2016
« on: October 20, 2015, 11:49:39 PM »
70% set in stone, 30% tentative release date... here's hoping! P.S. This is not the cover art for Issue 1.

Manga Creations / SXO (Society X: Origins) Revised - Chapters 1-3 only...
« on: September 22, 2015, 10:22:28 PM »
Hello all, as you can tell by the topic, I want to share the first 3 chapters of the revised version of Society X: Origins. Two reasons for this -- 1. To let those who read the original see the differences in pace, characters, etc. 2. Because I need to get back in to the writing mood, and usually, when I'm sharing content, it compels me to write. To those who've read the story before, I would appreciate it greatly if you could share your opinions on the changes, and to any new readers, thank you for taking the time to read it and I hope you enjoy it. Feel free to comment as well. -I'd like to thank Matt Ricks for assisting me with the editing and revisions.

Goji - Base Form

Two tall individuals—one youthful male, one older female?wait inside a dark hut made of ice. The female cautiously peeks out the window as the male sits deep in thought.

"It’s time, Yinayo," she says.

"I know," he replies somberly.

His mother walks to the exit and waves him over. "We need to leave now. The stars may never bless us with another chance like this."

Yinayo sighs and stands up.

The two step outside cautiously. They survey the area, then cling to the shadows as they run to a large pillar thirty yards away.

They arrive at the pillar and are greeted by a man kneeling deep in the shadows. The light of the moon reveals a right arm made of ice. Portions of his piercing, yellow eyes could be seen behind his long black hair.

"Ilka, you two are late," the man says.

Ilka lowers her head as she kneels down.

"My apologies, Lord Krun. I wanted to make sure Yinayo was prepared."

Krun walks over to Yinayo. Even face to face, it’s hard to tell that Krun is slightly taller..

Krun runs his left hand down the icy build of his right arm. A dark blue orb of energy forms between his hands.

Krun says, "Present this to the one you deem worthy," as he hands the orb to Yinayo.

Yinayo locks eyes with Krun as the Elder keeps speaking. "You look uncertain"

Yinayo hesitates to share his thoughts, but opens his mouth anyway: "I feel I'd serve better fighting the Rykon. I can't do much on another planet."?

“I see.” Krun replies, going over Yinayo’s feelings in his head.

“A year has passed since the Rykon invaded our home -- when our rebellion first began, the Rykon had millions enslaved and we had thousands at our side. But now -- those millions remain the same, while we’ve dwindled to less than a hundred.”

Krun places his hand on Yinayo’s shoulder, "I'd rather you guide the suit's host; instead of dying for a lost cause. I believe you’re our best hope—and our last. I put my life on that." Krun looks at his ice-made arm.?

Krun extends his normal arm to Yinayo. "Do you trust my decision now?"

“Yes,” Yinayo replies as he shakes the Elder's hand, his doubt still evident.

"Did Ilka make you aware of your secondary mission?”

Yinayo answers the question with a subtle nod.

Krun releases his hold of Yinayo’s hand and walks ahead. "Good. Stay in the shadows, and follow me."

The trio make their way across the icy flatlands. "There she is," says Lord Krun as a grounded spaceship comes into view.

The slender craft was designed elegantly: a shiny, metallic body glares in the moonlight with black and gold accents to decorate. Two Neytoc soldiers stand guard over it.

"I almost forgot how beautiful they were," Ilka comments as her eyes light up.

Krun speaks, "She’s the last scout ship we have. The Rykon have a bad habit of destroying them."Krun walks over to the ship and runs his hand along the side of it. Krun looks at Yinayo, "Let’s get you on."

"Yes, sir."

Yinayo looks at the orb for a moment. Let me conceal this first, he thought to himself. As he brings the orb his chest it expands into a small cloud of bluish-green energy before disappearing into Yinayo's suit.


Yinayo turns toward his mother.

"I’m proud of you," she says, grabbing his hands.

"Thank you. Don’t worry about me, I’ll be fine -- I promise," he replies.

Yinayo gets in the one-man cockpit. He takes a deep breath before turning to his mother.

"I’ll hold you to that," Ilka said, smiling confidently.

Krun salutes as Yinayo straps in. The heartfelt moment is suddenly interrupted by one of the soldiers running over to Krun.

"Lord Krun! Unidentified Rykon closing in fast!"

Krun’s facial expression becomes serious. He waves off the soldier and hurries toward Ilka.

Without so much as a glance, Krun barks at Yinayo, "You have to leave now!"He firmly tells Ilka, "We need to get away before the Rykon arrive."

Yinayo can’t keep the concern off his face. "Let me help!" he yells as he watches them get further away. He starts fiddling with the strap when Krun’s voice pops into his head.

It’s okay. We’ll be fine. You need to go now.

Yinayo sits frozen for a few moments, then turns his head back towards them.

"I...I have to be sure."

*    *    *    *    *

"I lost sight of the enemy!"

The guard who alerted Krun, stops in disbelief. "Tch, did you identify which form?"

"I -- I couldn't."

The two guards stand alert as they look for movement. "Where is it?"

Krun places Ilka behind him as he notices the ground cracking beneath the guards. "Below you!"

Before the guards can react, the Rykon breaks through the ground and grabs both guards as it leaps in the air. Ilka and Krun are unable to see either the Rykon or guards through the clouds of gas escaping from underground.

Krun focuses on the battle in front of him as he speaks, "Ilka, when the chance arrives, run."

Ilka nods. She hears the screams of the guards right before their broken, lifeless bodies land in front of Krun. The two look on in horror as the light from the planet's moon silhouettes the creature.

The creature steps forward, and the two, seeing what they’re up against, speak in unison, “A Sentinel.”

*    *    *    *    *

*    *    *    *    *

Krun stares fiercely at the thirteen-foot creature as its visor-like eye begins to glow an ominous red. The moonlight reveals the spikes on the back of its head. Krun glances at its two arms, each with sharp bone protruding out at the elbow. Tch. This complicates things, he thought to himself as a calm, confident smile comes across his face.

"Make my first move my last," he says to himself repeatedly. Krun took two steps forward and then leapt in the air. "I have too much at stake for you to ruin!" he yells as he slams the ground, sending a wave of ice in the creature’s direction.

Krun follows closely behind the wave as it races towards the Sentinel. Anticipating its move, Krun holds a jagged shard of ice.

The Sentinel lunges forward at blinding speed, crashing into the wave and shattering it. The Neytoc Elder leaps in the air just before contact. Quickly repositioning himself, Krun launches his shard at the Sentinel.

The shard races towards the Sentinel. Its sharp tip nearly pierces when the Sentinel's tail shatters the shard at the last moment. The Sentinel briefly eyes Krun  before disappearing.

Krun's eyes widen as he loses sight of the creature. "It's..." The Sentinel appears behind Krun before he can finish his statement, throwing the sharp tip of its tail at his back. "Too fast!" Krun narrowly dodges the tail. He’s unable to dodge the Sentinel's forearm as it slams into his back and sends him flying to the ground.

Krun falls on his hands and knees, the ground beneath him cracking. Instinctively he rolls out of the way as the Sentinel crashes down where he was. Krun rises to a crouched position as he stops sliding on the ice. He thrusts one hand back and a gellish mound of ice begins to form. As he motions towards the Sentinel, the icy mound takes off over his shoulder. As it nears the Rykon, Krun clenches his hand into a fist, and the gelled ice hardens as it rams into the monster, forcing it back. Krun grins as the Sentinel struggles to stop the block of ice. Massive cracks spread through the floor as it tries to dig in for better footing.

Krun taunts the creature as he forms a ball of dark blue energy in his right hand, “I’ll bludgeon you relentlessly, crack through your thick skin, and then end you with my—what?” Krun looks on incredulously as the Sentinel’s backward momentum comes to a halt. “W-what is this?” he asks aloud as the block of ice is absorbed by the Sentinel. It’s skin becomes thicker and harder as the ice disappears. Krun grunts, “That’s new.”

Without another moment’s hesitation, Krun rushes the Sentinel, his arm now engulfed by the dark blue energy. A fire rages in his eyes as Krun quickly closes the distance, screaming at the monster. As Krun connects with the Sentinel, a shockwave booms through the area kicking up a cloud of debris.

Ilka waits anxiously to see the outcome, and a look of horror crosses her face when she does. The Sentinel stands over Krun, one hand grasping his face, another holding his arm. Two newly-sprouted arms block a jagged shard of ice that had emerged from the ground. After crushing the shard, the Sentinel starts pulling Krun apart causing him to scream in agony. Ilka jumps as a blue blur streaks past her.

Krun breathes heavily as the Sentinel tightens its grip. Krun slowly lifts his head and looks the creature in the eye.

"You disgusting animal," Krun smiles, and then spits in the Sentinel's face.

"Get off me!" he yells as his body tenses and becomes covered in spikes of ice, slicing the Sentinel’s arms and forcing it to release him.

As the Sentinel staggers back, Yinayo appears at its side and lands a stiff blow to its face sending it crashing a ways away.

"Are you okay?" Yinayo asks as he checks on Krun.

Krun walks past him, focusing on the Sentinel.

"I thought I told you to leave," he replies as the spikes covering him morph into a gel rolling down his arms and congealing in his hands.

"I...I wanted to help."

Two, sharp, tonfa-like weapons form in Krun’s hands

"Your help is not needed here. It was unwise of me to think you'd leave on your own will with your mother in danger." Krun motions in Yinayo's direction. Within seconds Yinayo is encased in a thin yet strong layer of ice from neck to toe.

"Lord Krun, please!"

"Enough Yinayo. You have your mission, and I have mine." With the flick of his wrist, Yinayo is lifted into the air and carried over to the ship.

"Lord Krun!" he yells as his body is placed in the seat. The hatch closes.

Krun watches through the corner of his eyes. He holds two fingers just above his iced wrist. "Don't forget your other mission," he says quietly. He pressed down on his wrist.

The ship engine roars to life, and a cloudy substance floods the cockpit.

"No, please..." Yinayo begins to lose consciousness.

The ship hovers momentarily before rapidly ascending. Krun gazes at it a second too long: the Sentinel rams his chest with its rock-hard shoulder sending Krun crashing into a small ice formation.

"NO!" Ilka yells out.

The Sentinel looked at Ilka for a moment before noticing and turning its attention to the escaping ship. It lets out a roar as a fifth arm emerges from its torso and shoots towards the ship.

Yinayo, Ilka thought as she watches the arm close in on the ship.

Suddenly, a dark figure appears in the air, standing in the way of the arm. "No you don't!" yells Krun as he shatters the Rykon’s hand.

The arm falls to the ground before sliding back into the Sentinel's torso. The creature looks at Krun as he lands in front of it. Krun smiles devilishly.

"Your fight is with me."

The two enemies charge at one another as Yinayo’s ship safely escapes.

*    *    *    *    *    *    *    *

Yinayo’s ship glides through the moonlight to a forest. The ship speaks, "Destination reached. Time to wake, Yinayo."

The ship hovers momentarily before landing, knocking down a few trees in the process. The engines die down as the cockpit opens, whisps of the cryogenic gas dissipating into the atmosphere. Yinayo opens his eyes, and shoots up as he looks around to see where he is. "Dammit!" Yinayo slams his fists on the center console. I hope they survived.

Yinayo steps out onto the ship and jumps down. He kneels down to run his hand along the moist dirt, “So soft.”

Krun was right: I can feel my energy returning to my body–a crystal must exist on this planet.

Yinayo walks through the forest until he comes upon a barren shore. From there he can see the skyline of a city far across the water.

I’ve slept for a year—placing his hand on the water, a frozen path grows toward the distant land—if my freedom awaits me, then I must not fail. Determined, Yinayo begins the trek toward his destination.

Manga Writers wanted / (Unpaid) Writer needed for website...
« on: August 12, 2015, 01:37:47 AM »
Not sure if this will be removed, hopefully not, I think I've been here long enough to prove I don't have hidden agendas...

I have a website, ... on my site, I review and write about different forms of media, movies, anime, tv, manga, sports, etc.... I am currently looking for someone who is interested in being an author on my site.

At this moment, I'm seeking someone who wishes to review some new anime (and more established ones), as well as potentially review some comics that I am sent... side note: I have given private reviews of comics to some indie creators and publishers, due to this, every month, I am usually sent some comics for review. It isn't until recently that I requested from them, that they allow my reviews to be public after approval is given...

This is an unpaid position -- what it does offer however, is the potential to create new professional relationships, you become eligible for credentials -- for those who don't know, credentials are what get media individuals in to events as press, so, you would be in a position where if a comic event was coming to your area, I could apply for Press Passes on your behalf and get you credentialed to cover the event as a member of the media.

I'm looking for someone who can post their stuff on Sundays and Mondays, you can of course post any day you wish, but those 2 days would be dedicated to you.

If there's an interest for this, please feel free to PM me.

I was lobbying to have a podcast episode centered around this but unfortunately it never happened, so now I begin the massive text journey (oh my poor fingers). So as the title reads, this topic is all about taking your story, your idea, and making it a reality. There are a lot of things that people who have this dream are unaware of, and because MangaRaiders is where I originally posted the first version of Society X: Origins, I thought I'd share some of the things I learned during my journey (which is still ongoing). Keep in mind, every individual is going to have their unique path, but hopefully some of the things I share here, play a factor in making the journey easier.

1. This is obvious: Save your money. This simple tip, however, goes much deeper. A little known fact about the majority of indie publishers who accept submissions is that most ask for at least 8 complete pages of the story, along with at least 3 written pages detailing every thing that happens in said story. Now, obviously, if you are presenting something that is meant to be as long as Naruto or One Piece, my suggestion is to take your story, and at least for the beginning -- limit it to something that can be completed in four or five Issues. This is huge, you (as a realist) have to understand that an Indie Publisher is less likely to invest in something with a story that expands volume upon volume, especially if said story isn't a known commodity. Shortening what you present to them, and hoping that a fan base grows from it, PROMPTING the desire for more, is the best way to go. Big picture -- don't aim for a full 26 pages, focus on getting 8, well done, pages -- and then go from there.

Personal Experience: After I initially got the artwork done for my characters, I immediately went in to this phase where I felt I was ready to pitch to publishers. And in the beginning, I failed miserably, I had no breakdown, my story was too long yet it was still paced too quickly, and I didn't know what was required. So what I did, was I sat down and I focused heavy on finding the right pace, reading my story and making sure that if I were to present it as a five issue concept, it would end at a point that was satisfactory to the reader, yet still put them in a position of wanting more. I zoned in on getting 8 pages done, and my 3 page breakdown-- I then went and submitted, I got rejections, and I got interest. By putting an emphasis on a smaller, more focused goal, I now find myself in a situation where a few Independent Publishers are now courting me, and waiting to see more of the project.

2. Creating your budget, knowing your artist, building your relationship: As I've come to learn over my time on this site, A LOT of you here are teenagers or early 20's who are in college studying some really difficult subject that I could never comprehend. Yet, although school is priority #1, manga, anime, etc. are usually a close second. Here is something that can not only motivate someone to continue their story, but it can also make you truly fall in love with it... seeing your character done in high detail. It's amazing, it's exhilarating-- it's necessary.  But more importantly... it's not out of your reach, if you simply budget correctly.

I work, I have a car payment, rent, light, cable, children... affording to have art done appeared almost impossible, but there was one thing that made the difference (for me)-- each week, I'd go to either a local restaurant, or a fast food joint like McDonalds, and I'd buy these meals that would run me close to $10 each time, it's there, along with a simple commitment to taking $10 from each paycheck, that helped fund the start of my project. And for all of you, its possible too, if there is some form of income that you receive, allowance, side-job, whatever the case, if you can put $10 (American) to the side at least once a week, within a month -- you will find yourself in the position to afford at a minimum, one high-quality piece of your character, effectively bringing them, and your story, to life.

This brings me to my next point... the artist. Finding an artist to draw your characters individually, and finding an artist to work on your story, are two different monsters. My first rule, find an artist who also PREFERS to do their own storyboarding, here's why... this means that the artist is willing to read your story in order to try and get the proper feel for what you are trying to convey, and what works with that, is when they show you the storyboards sketches, you will see the difference between an artist who is given a storyboard, and an artist who has read the story. Now, understand that there are artists who will charge a per page rate (obviously, oh and btw, a good page rate is anywhere between $40-$50 per page if they're not storyboarding), they will charge if they have to draw a character you do not yet have, they may charge $5 extra to do the shading on each page, if you're going color, tack on $10 a page (at a minimum), and God forbid they know that they can charge for lettering... steep pricing.

This is why you need to develop relationships with a variety of artists, don't fall in love with the first artist that draws your character, mingle, find others. You may find someone who has a really good price on drawing individual characters, and that person will save you a ton of money when it comes to your Manga because you can then show your comic artist the images, and they just run off that. Another reason for relationship building... this work is a commitment from both parties, don't let the only communication between you and your artists, be the start of a piece, and the of a piece. Speak to them, ask them what got them in to drawing, do they watch anime, things like that.

Oh, very important, if you are true to making your story a reality. You build your relationship with your artist, you bring up the possibility of working on a long-term project, and then you let them know, that if you and them get in to serious discussions about it, all details will be written in a contract that will be notarized and signed by both parties. This is EXTREMELY important, this helps with negotiation... imagine, everything I mentioned about pricing before... one page can run up to $80-$100! But if you sit with your artist (or chat or Skype) and you say, let's make a deal... a minimum of 26 pages, black and white w/ tones, I provide characters (so they don't draw them from scrap), you storyboard... your normal rate is $45 per page, let's work at $38 a page. It's a $7 difference... and that will save you a total of $242 over the life of the agreement. Plus, you work out a payment plan-- one that the contract commits both of you to. The key, is linking the payments to the development of the project. So in other words, if your artist says I can do 26 pages in 6 months, you need to work out your deal in a way that makes your payments doable for 6 months, because truth be told, unless you can pay to provide for their cost of living, an artist is going to take other commissions while working on yours.

Morale of the story... do your research, create your budget (It can be done!), know your budget, sleep around with multiple artists until you find one whose style fits with your characters, and then look for an artist who is willing to storyboard, tone... because separately, those are much more expensive.

Personal Experience: I've worked with... 12 different artists. Some whom have painted my characters, some who have done digital work, I've had artists do scenery work, paint the buildings in my world, draw my map, draw my logos... all of this was so that I could get different perspectives of my characters, and see which ones I was drawn to the most. In the end, I now work with two artists on the current version of SXO you guys are seeing, one is doing sketching, storyboarding, shading, and lettering, while the other is handling lineart. And then I work with a third artist, who is handling the tradition manga version of SXO, and he (by his own request) wanted to handle every aspect, and because of the relationship I built with him, I'm 1000% confident that he can handle it all. Now I wont disclose who charged what, but I will say this-- One artist originally charged $50 per page, we worked together, built rapport, and when it came down to negotiating... $30 a page. The other, $45 w/ tones... negotiate... $35 (minimum of 26 pages)... it's expensive yes, but the way you break the payments down is key, and trust me, with a relationship, if the artist trusts YOU, they will be willing to work with you.

3. Making your comic a reality, even if successful -- may not be profitable: Everyone wants their story turned in to a Manga/Comic, and everyone wants their story to be the next Naruto, Bleach, Attack on Titan, etc. Fact of the matter is, even if successful (and by success I mean a single issue selling 5000 copies in a month) you still may find yourself making no money. Understand that you have to be willing to face the realization that the money you invested in making this real, may not make you the next George RR Martin or Robert Kirkman. Get this in your head, and let it stick...your passion, your love for your story and your characters -- all the work that you put in to getting that first issue in your hands...ITS AN ACCOMPLISHMENT. When you hold it, frame it. You can't go in to this commitment with the mindset of selling millions and millions of copies, being well-known... you can't. You need to go in with one thought -- get that first issue in YOUR hands, because if you do that, then you made it, you are immortalized forever in terms of making a goal and completing a goal. Where you go from there --  depends on you, and the people who like your story.

Personal Experience: Three weeks ago, I held the very first print of Issue #1 of SXO in my hand. It was the most amazing thing ever to read and see my story, with the journey I've been through thus far, I needed to take that moment and feel proud, and I advise any who take this journey, to do the same. The small things, matter, and are huge in hindsight.

4. Harsh reality -- Your friends who like your story, will not make it successful: Fact-- Your story and its success are going to be judged solely by the amount of complete strangers you get invested in it. One of the most important things you need to be able to do with your story is EXPLAIN IT TO SOME RANDOM PERSON IN NO MORE THAN 2 SENTENCES AND NO MORE THAN 6 SECONDS... Fact! You need to put yourself out there, go to comic conventions, even if they're small, go to all sorts of different events, and promote what you have to offer. Form relationships with other indie creators, and do everything at that moment! Which means, if an indie creator says hey yeah, follow me on Twitter, we'll follow back... ok, you have them pull out their phone, just like you, and do it right then and there. If you aren't that social... then you need to find people who can do this for you. Lastly, back to the friends, you have to be real with them. You are going to have friends that will: Not like a single post you make about your project, not share a single post, not refer anyone to your story... and yet, if you manage to get an issue in hand, they're the first ones asking for a freebie. This isn't the time to be nice, you need exposure, and if they can't take 5 seconds out their day to share a post, a tweet, or anything of the sort... then they aren't helping. I can care less if your friends say your concept is awesome, or if your mom says your idea is amazing... you don't make it unless you have a following of people you've never met before.

Personal Experience: I've got about 6 friends, and when I say friends, I mean people whom are so close to me, that they know my mother by name, they've crashed at my house, etc. And these friends are about to face the truth when they approach me about receiving a free poster, shirt, Issue... I'm going to look at them and say "Did you contribute to me gaining likes on my Facebook? Did you retweet an image I posted?" ... it's reality, they've done nothing for me, and the things that they ask of me, cost me money... if they aren't deserving, then they aren't deserving.

---I'm going to bypass Don'ts and just continue with the numbers list... it's easier...

5. Kickstarter - Indiegogo - Gofundme - Patreon - Don't do this unless you have a large enough following and a smart gameplan: I recall befriending a fellow creator who was working on a project called Blue Dragon. This guy was very ambitious, a go getter, committed to his story and making it a reality. I brought up Kickstarter to him because I have an interest in doing a campaign (for those who don't know --  Kickstarter, and all the others I mentioned above, are sites where creators can post their projects and ask for public funding from supporters, with the catch usually being that you provide rewards for the backers), when I told this to him, he was intrigued. I explained to him that getting a campaign started, takes time, good planning, and some buzz. The next day, I went on Kickstarter, and lo and behold -- there was a campaign for Blue Dragon... its timeline was 60 days, and in 60 days it garnered 2 backers for a total of $20 -- he was seeking $3000 (I believe). Public funding site such as these are great for indie creators, but you have to account for many things in order for it to be successful. First and foremost, your project needs to be at least 50% done, you can't have no artist, no artwork, no story, and ask for money. You need to have a professional video presentation, images of the work to showcase, rewards that don't consume your budget and/or requesting amount, and... expect the unexpected, shipping delays... it takes a lot, so simple... don't do this unless you can dot your I's and cross your T's.

Personal Experience: Still haven't done any of these, because I still don't feel prepared, that should tell you something. Fun fact: .04% of comic projects on Kickstarter, are successfully funded.

6. Be your biggest supporter: This part of my advice isn't so black and white, there is some grey involved. Obviously, there should be no bigger believer in your project than yourself, you should, at a whim, be able to confidently and enthusiastically, tell someone about your story. The issue is, sometimes, people can't be convinced with words, some like visual stimulation. And that's where the line between splurging and making smart business purchases comes in --  I've been known to splurge and put money in to things that aren't directly related to the immediate promotion of my upcoming project (Alternate logos, different artistic versions of characters), but it's something that, if you are able to do it, then you do it. But before the splurge, invest in the smart.. T-Shirts, and posters. Each of them, have their own unique benefit. Remember, it's the stranger support that provides the biggest benefit.

Personal Experience: You all know as well as I, our community, people like us, who enjoy anime, have kawaii's, read manga all day -- we're usually not the most vocal, we don't scream for attention. We come out our shadow when we can identify that another one of our own is in our presence. I can't begin to tell you how many times I've gone somewhere and someone will see me Society X shirt and ask "Hey, what series is that from?" to which I then introduce them... it's a conversation starter. Same thing with posters, if you're going to a convention -- it's what you need. Something attractive, a good amount of detail, cool characters... people get interested. I've also tried to make an honest attempt to showcase my loyalty to those who actively supported my project. As of now, I've sent a poster to Echo_River, I'm in the process of sending a poster to Roshiro, Society Xs' first fan, and I'm still trying to find a way to get a t-shirt out to Lego -- their support has been important to my continued push, show loyalty to your biggest supporters.

7. Don't, at any point, offer your artist a split of revenue in your project: There's a reason why I didn't include this in the artist section or the profit section, this is its own monster. I see a lot of people who are looking for artists, and one of their pitches is a split in profit if the project is funded. First off, that's a BIG if that you're pitching -- there's a difference between someone like me (whom can present an artist with a list of publishers currently interested in my project -- emails and letters as proof) and someone with wishful thinking. The biggest reason though, is this... most independent publishers -- they don't provide artists, colorists, storyboards, letterer... that's on you, oh, and production costs (printing of comic) that's on you too (most of the time). So if you decide to give a piece of your pie to your artist, well then, not only are you paying them their fees, but your going to be giving them some of your limited profit. Standard rate between a publisher and creator is 60/40 split in favor of creator, however... in terms of online publishing -- comixology as an example, I believe they take 30% of the profit off the back, which leaves you and the publisher to split 70% in your 60/40 format. Do the math, average comic sells for $3... that's not much to work with. So your best bet, pay the artist, no split, if your first issue is successful, consider speaking with the publisher about options on obtaining an artist to work on bi-monthly issues... because truth be told, unless you get a major popular boost, you and your artist may only be working on issue #1.

Personal Experience: I find myself currently in this position (of sorts), on one hand, my current artist doesn't work at a fast enough pace for continuous bi-monthly runs, and since I cant afford to pay for his monthly cost of living, I may have to seek an alternative to the situation. On the other hand, one of the publishers that has interest, is large enough to where if they take SXO under their banner, they can front that cost of living and actually employ that artist, essentially giving him free lance work. It's a tough fork in the road, but, there was one thing I made certain, my partnership with my artists is strictly on the Issue we worked on, not the series as a whole -- I've no split of any revenue.

----Off the top of my head, those are the things  I could think of. I hope some of these are insightful for you, I hope you've been educated a little more, if I remember something else or experience something else, i'll post it.

Develop Your Story / Amnesia: Ronan's Tale (Tentative Title)
« on: July 29, 2015, 04:01:09 AM »
This is a new story concept I'm experimenting with. It follows two characters, one named Cazo, the other named Ronan. It follows them as they go on a journey to retrieve Happiness, Sadness, Fear, and Anger, the four emotions that Ronan was mysteriously stripped of.

I've decided to write relatively short chapters, so if you feel as if not too much has happened or anything like that... it may be attributed to the chapter size.

Chapter 1.1


A longhaired, thick-bearded man opens his eyes. He spends a moment looking at the marbled ceiling, allowing his eyes to adjust.

“Hm… uncomfortable.” He says quietly, speaking of the unforgiving surface of the stone bed he laid upon. Sliding to his right, the man positioned himself on the edge of the bed; taking note of the tattered blanket that rest on his lap. He ran his hand across his chest and felt leathery patches of scarred skin, grabbing a hold of the blanket; he spread it out to observe the many slits that littered it.

“Knives.” The man said to himself. Sensing he was being watched, he looked behind him, where a young man holding a comic to at his side, stared in awe.

“Who are you?” The man asked.


“Where am I? The man continued, standing and turning to face the young man.

“Well yo-“

“What’s my name?” The man finished, approaching the intimidated guest.

“Your – your name…” The young man dropped his comic and reached in the pocket of his black slacks. “One moment.” He pleaded as he fumbled around. “Can I answer your questions in order by any chance?”

The man gave a subtle nod of approval.

“Ok.” The young man began, taking a deep breath. “My name’s Cazo, Cazo Siggi. Right now, you’re in the Dellevin Tombs.”

“What is the name the city?” Interrupted the grizzled man.

“D-Dellevin.” Replied Cazo. “As for your name…” Cazo extended his hand, offering the man a piece of crumpled paper; he took the paper and opened it. “Sorry about the condition, I honestly didn’t think I’d have to ever hand it to you.”

The man stared at the name on the paper, “Ronan… why do I always forget that?” He asked himself. He tossed the paper to the side and walked toward the restroom that was nearby, “Do you have my goods, Cazo?” He asked as he stared at the mirror.

Cazo ran over with the supplies in hand, a beard trimmer, scissors, a white collarless dress shirt with black accents, a pair of faded jeans, black and white skate-inspired shoes, underwear, tank top, and a wristband comprised of eight stones.

Ronan took his time, cutting his hair short, learning to use the beard trimmer, taking a shower, then getting dressed. He walked out the bathroom adjusting his wristband, once he was happy with its placement; he turned his attention to Cazo.

“Do you know anything about me?” He asked.

“No.” Cazo replied.

“Were you assigned to watch over me?”

“Yes.” Cazo nodded.

“By who?”

“His name was Freto. He spent two years training me for this job, honestly, I didn’t know why (still don’t), it was advertised as security gig, not a martial-arts-“

“Where is Freto?” Ronan interrupted.

Cazo lowered his head. “He died.” Cazo reached in to his other pocket, “But he told me to give this to you if you ever woke up.”

Ronan took the paper and opened it, inside were coordinates along with a few words that read, “Your first memory awaits”. He placed the paper in his pocket before motioning for Cazo to have a seat.

“You seem very unaware.” He stated. “I’m not sure why Freto did not educate you on the situation, but it seems it can’t be helped. –Have a seat.”

Cazo looked confused. “Ok.”

“My name is Ronan, and for reasons unknown to me, I’ve been stripped of four emotions, Happiness, Sadness, Fear, and Anger. You are my guide, as my guide; it is your job to accompany me as I retrieve my emotions and discover the reason why I was stripped of them in the first place.”

“Oh… so then you haven’t been rude on purpose?” Cazo asked.

“Rude isn't an emotion.” Ronan replied.


“Do you know how to use those?” Ronan asked, referring to the two blades Cazo had around his waist.

“Yes.” He replied, “Freto made sure that I became obsessed with perfecting them.

“Good.” Ronan replied. “I’m not entirely sure if you’ll need them, but it’s good to have them just in case.”

Ronan walked over toward the exit and placed his hand on the door, “Are you ready?” He asked Cazo, looking back at the young man.

“No.” Cazo replied, “I’ve got a million questions to ask.”

“Too bad.” Ronan answered, pushing the door open. “I was stripped of all the answers.”

Cazo stood up, shaking his head. “We can add sarcasm to the list of things that are fully intact.” He commented as he followed Ronan out the door.

Chapter 1.2

A long-winded flight of stairs greeted them as they emerged on the other side of the door, Ronan looked unimpressed as he struggled to see the top of the mountainous obstacle.

“Have you had to walk up and down these stairs every day?” He asked.

“No.” Cazo replied. “I haven’t left this tomb in three years.”

“Is that so?” Ronan placed his foot on the first step and turned toward Cazo. “Tell me about it as we walk.”

The two men made their trek up the stairs, Cazo sharing the details of the past three years.

“So for three years, you’ve had no social interaction, you’ve eaten nothing but bread and nuts, have worn the same four outfits, done the same workout routine in the gym…” Ronan looked down at Cazo’s hand, “And have read the same issue from the same comic, am I right?”

Cazo shook his head, obviously disappointed. “Yup, issue #23 of Society X: Origins.” He held the comic out to Ronan, “You have no idea how torturous it has been having read over and over about how Goji and Yi finally encounter Hive Mind, only to have it end right as their about to clash!” A tear ran down his cheek, “My only wish, is to hold issue #24.”

Ronan shook his head as they reached the top of the stairs; “I truly wonder why Freto deemed it wise to have you be the last guide he trained.”

“He didn’t have a choice.” Cazo replied as he watched Ronan open the double doors. “Nobody wanted…” His words left him momentarily as he and Ronan stared upon the metropolis that was Dellevin, a dark cloud lingered over the towering buildings that surrounded them, the sounds of car horns and angry citizens flooded their ears. “…Nobody wanted to sign up.”

A masked, hooded figure, mounted atop a nearby building, spotted the two men. “Awakening confirmed. Requesting retrieval unit.”

The static voice of a female responded through the earpiece, “Retrieval unit en route.”

Ronan continued moving forward, Cazo followed at a hurried pace. “Where are you going?” He asked.

“To get some food, some directions, new clothing for you, and Issue #24 of Society X: Origins.”

Cazo smiled as he took a look at his faded attire, “That sounds good to me!”

The two men disappeared in to the city, an unknown pursuer in tow.

Chapter 1.3
Cazo admires his new clothing as he and Ronan head down a crowded street. “I have to admit, I like my new look. What do you think?”

“You look better than before.” Ronan replies, keeping his eyes straight ahead. “How old are you Cazo?”


“20… so you were 17 when you took the job.”

“No.” Cazo replies, rubbing the back of his neck. “I was 15.”

Ronan stops walking, eyeing Cazo out the corner of his eye. “Hmm…15. And your parents allowed you to take the job?”

“My parents –“ Cazo lowers his head, eyeing Ronan repeatedly, “Yeah, they allowed me.”

“I see.” Ronan proceeds to walk ahead. “The comic store is up ahead, just like the waitress said.”

Cazo smiles as he follows behind, “Yes, issue #24 here I come! –By the way, thanks for the food, it felt good to eat something different for a change.”

“You ate French toast with almonds on top.”

“Yeah so?” Cazo asks.

“That’s bread and nuts…”

“The syrup, the syrup made all the difference.” Cazo points out as the two men enter the comic store.

Following close behind, the hooded pursuer leans against the store window. “Target has just entered a comic store, is extraction team ready?”

“Affirmative Fire Six, team is in place.”

“Roger that.” Stepping away from the window, Fire Six reaches for the store’s door handle. Five individuals dressed in black ops gear emerge from the crowd and make their way to Fire Six with automatic rifles in tow. They stop a few feet behind him and kneel. “Target extraction is a go.”

Chapter 1.4
Cazo approaches the counter, where a milk-and-water man waits. Ronan, visibly disinterested in being a part of any conversation, walks over to a section labeled “MR Classics” and grabs Heavy Rayne: Volume 1.

“Can I help you?” Asks the glassy-eyed employee.

Cazo, glancing over the vast selection of comics behind the man, points over to the Society X section. “Do you have issue #24 of SXO?”

“Issue 24?” The clerk replies, surprised by the request. “That’s old bro, I’m not sure anyone has that. Let me check in the back.”

Cazo, while anxiously waiting for the man to return, walks over to a cardboard cutout of a character from the Galactic Raider’s Series and poses. “Hey Ronan, who do you think looks cooler?”

“Not you,” Ronan offers.



Cazo turns and sees the man holding issue #24, “You’ve got it!” He yells, nearly jumping over the counter to hug the man.

“Yeah, it’s my last one. Why’d you want this one anyway? –Issue 40 came out last week, been selling like hot madness.”

Cazo grabbed hold of the comic, running his hand along the cover. “Well I never got past #23 – whoa, did you say 40?!”

The clerk nods, “Yup, #24 is ancient right now. If I’m correct, you’re up to the Hive Mind encounter, right?”

Cazo smiles as he replies, “Yeah, I can’t wait to see what happens.” Cazo reaches in his pocket and pulls out money, “Here you go.”

“What did you think of #22?” The clerk asks as he rings Cazo up.

“#22? Hmm… I don’t really remember.”

“Really?” The clerk hands Cazo his change, “Issues 19 through 22 were some of the best in the series, the battles between the Neytoc and Rykon were epic.”

“Oh… I-I guess I forgot about that.”

Ronan, listening to the conversation from afar, raises his eyebrow at Cazo’s response.

“It’s cool bro,” Comments the clerk as he hands Cazo a bag with the comic inside. “Just read #24, and if you want, I can see if I can order 25-30, since those are the ones I don’t get delivered to the store on a monthly basis.”

“That sounds great.” Cazo replies, taking the bag and turning toward Ronan. “Have a good evening.”

“So you don’t remember two of the most memorable issues in that comic series?” Inquires Ronan.

“Gah! I can’t believe it’s in my hand!” Cazo gushes; unaware of Ronan’s question. “Did you say something?”

“The previous issues, you don’t remember them?”

“Not really,” Cazo replies, shaking his head. “When I tried thinking back to them, I just –draw blanks.”

The chime of the bell above the front door announces the arrival of new “customers”.

The extraction team, led by Fire Six, storms in to the store, training their weapons on Cazo. The 18 year-old, startled by their actions, instinctively threw his hands in the air, prompting one of the soldiers to shoot two warning shots at the bag he was holding.

The clerk watches the bag fall to the floor, shaking his head. “Ohhhh….”

Ronan looks down and notices that the impact from the bullets shred the majority of the comic. “Bad move.” He says, looking at Cazo, whose face begins to turn red. He turns his attention to the soldier who pulled the trigger, “You’ve taken the one thing he’s wanted most – I don’t envy you.”

Cazo places his hands on his blades, his head down, his breathing heavy.

“Don’t make any sudden movements!” Demands one soldier.

Fire Six places his hand on his own blade as he watches a stream of tears roll down Cazo’s face.

“My comic!” Cazo screams, prompting the team of soldiers to open fire.

Manga Writers wanted / Looking for a proofreader (Paid)
« on: July 24, 2015, 11:26:06 PM »
Hello Raiders, so I am once again looking for a proofreaders for SXO. I am hoping to find someone who is keen on pointing out when a sentence requires   , or ; or -- etc. etc. Unfortunately, I am not great at this and I want to make sure I get this right.

As far as the important details behind the job:

I am looking for someone who is capable of combing through and editing the work I send them in a timely manner, to give you an idea... I would be sending the prologue and chapter 1 to this person, and my hope would be that I'd get both back within the week.

As far as compensation:

Being that the majority of my funds are being allocated towards the production of the art for SXO, I've come up with two ways to compensate whomever I opt to work with.

The first would be $10 per chapter you edit for me. At this point, I may send a chapter a month (maybe) for editing, so the overall compensation wouldn't amount to much.

The 2nd option (And I'm going to be semi-biased here) is payment via a detailed sketch done by the artist I work with. The piece will look similar to these two images:

In this aspect, I would provide 1 sketch for the complete of both the prologue and Chap 1, and then 1 sketch for each chapter I send you after that. So to clarify... Pro + Chap 1 = 1 sketch and then... 1 chap = 1 sketch.

My artist normally charges $10 to do sketches like that, i'll obviously be covering that fee. The limitation would be that he's only willing to do humans. No aliens, no animals, no ecchi, no hentai... you get the idea.

The reason why I said I'm being a little biased here, is because I would honestly prefer someone that is a regular on the site if option 2 is chosen, although I'm not ruling out new members, I'd just have to speak with you via PM for a bit (or Skype)

Anywho... my ultimate hope is to get a good person on my team, working with me towards making SXO a reality. I know many writers on here who want to see their characters become a reality, and I'm willing to assist them with that if they're willing to assist me. If interested, please feel free to comment here or PM me.

Anime Talk / Dragonball Super Review...
« on: July 16, 2015, 04:54:46 AM »
So I've posted my reviews for episodes 1 and 2 for Dragonball Super on my website. As to not make this strictly about promotion, here is the review for episode 1. If you wish to read episode 2's review as well as check out my site,

(Heads up… these reviews will contain spoilers, i’ll try to not include too many, but if it’s necessary, then I apologize in advance) … Oh, and for those looking for a link to watch the first episode… it’s at the bottom of this review. =)

Dragonball Super Episode 1 = A whole lot of nothing going on/ Reintroduction

It’s been a long time coming, a moment that I’ve literally dreamt of, the return of Dragonball (updated visuals) to television. Now I (like most American DBZ Fanatics) refused to wait for a dubbed version and went straight in to a subbed variant of the episode. My thoughts? It was literally a pointless episode, yet… I loved it. The episode follows Goten and Trunks as they seek the perfect wedding gift for Videl, it’s an introduction (reintroduction for fans) to the world of Dragonball after the events of the Buu Saga. Please allow me to reiterate something, as a fan, I’m happy, as a new viewer, it did nothing to invest you in to the show.

A potential hint at the storyline was given with the appearance of Beerus, this however; led to some confusion on my part; seeing as the episode appears to be a direct lead in to the Battle of Gods movie, yet in the movie; Beerus had just woken up, but in this episode… he’s already awake (while Goku is on his way to train with King Kai). Other than that… there’s a Super-Saiyan transformation (for no reason, or perhaps to showcase the look to any newcomers), the animation looks great, and there are some well-timed comedic moments (Master Roshi = nuff said).

I’m very excited that my dreams have come true, I look forward to investing myself in to the series as it gets further along; and I will be providing reviews of each one as I view them. I have a sense of trust for Akira which lends to my faith that a formidable foe is on the horizon, and I’m confident that the episodes will get better, but as an entry point for the younger generation… I’m not impressed.

Overall Review: (As a fan) 3/5 (Unbiased) 2/5

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