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Develop Your Story / Ayakashi Refrain (Under Construction!)
« on: January 14, 2015, 10:06:39 AM »

This is a new story concept, game-genre inspired. Unlike Jaded Halo, Ayakashi Refrain has a larger map, fewer factions and a less-complicated structure. I feel this is more stable, though Jaded may be more interesting, story-wise. I'm debating which I should use for my doujin group's anthology... /o\

Anyway, here it is!

Major Races

1. Grandeur
The Grandeur are the collective sum of God-Type spirits that dwell in the Earth's Second Shell. There have been no records of humans who have struck a bond, much less used this class.

2. Lessancte
The Lessancte are the closest link any human - or living being - can get to the Grandeur. It is said that the Lessancte are the direct appointees of the god-spirits themselves. More often, they oversee control over the other three factions: the Invocaris, Avatra and Ayakashi. They were formally from these factions themselves. The characteristics of their powers are similar to Grandeurs, but they can only use one type, though they are not nearly as powerful (the price of such power is losing a huge percentage of their former abilities as a member of a faction). They have the fewest faction counts overall.

3. Invocaris
The Invocaris are mostly those who have relations (direct or indirect) to the orders of established churches. The spirits used by them are further categorized into the Blessed - those anointed by the Dogma - and the Cursed - where the users have to give up a part of themselves in exchange for commanding power over a number of the non-holy.
a. Blessed
b. Cursed

4. Avatra
The Avatra are a group of mixed personas. The spirits which fall under this faction range from the demihuman and exotic kinds. A good number of beast-types are found in this group. Avatra work in smaller, but still-organized teams. Some are known to be employed by the Invocaris to assist or do tasks for them.

5. Ayakashi
The Ayakashi are widely known for their anarchistic, if not free-spirited nature. The spirits wielded by the Ayakashi do not fall under any team or any organized communities, except when they have to work together for survival, common goal or compensation. What they lack in structure, however, was balanced by their strong will to survive on instinct. Ayakashi tend to be looked down upon by the other factions.

General Faction Roles

The factions have two distinct roles.
1. Muses.
Muses are passive (non-combat) roles. A Muse's abilities are used for public service. For example, if a user's spirit is a classified floral nymph, the roles he or she handles are either botanical, medicinal, or decorative. A Muses scarcely.. or never.. participate in battle.

2. Revenants.
Revenants are the combat specialists of the faction. The sub-roles that fill each part of a fighting team are distributed among them. Revenants can either support or stand at the frontlines of battle. The basics a Revenant needs in battle is taught under the instruction of a Muse or a superior.

3. Transcendents.
This is a special case. Though there were only two roles enumerated on the surface of each working faction, there are instances where a wielder doesn't completely fall under either. Transcendents originally start off as either Muse or Revenant. If, along their development, they start to become capable of abilities that belong to the other class, they start to become hybrids.

The First and Second Shells

Ayakashi Refrain's world has a parallel dimension that coexists just under the surface of "Reality".

The First Shell.
First Shell is what the ordinary humans know as "Reality", even if they are aware that a Second Shell exists. This is the world as everyone sees on the surface: normal. It is hard to tell the difference between a Lessancte/Invocaris/Avatra/Ayakashi from a mere human. Everyone retains their everyday appearance on Earth's First Shell.

The Second Shell.
Second Shell is a the world which was overlapped by the First Shell. Those with the ability to See will be able to catch a glimpse of it just under the First Shell's cover: a semi-transparent world similar to "Reality", but with a different kind of entity walking on its surface. Spirits walk the streets of Second Shell. The gifted with Sight will be able to see them walking amongst the ordinary humans, unnoticed. They may as well be dancing in the middle of the First Shell traffic intersections, and not getting hit by cars or stampeded by people. Anything that happens in Second Shell wouldn't affect the First: a war on the spiritual plane wouldn't even scratch the physical one.

Process of Rebirth: Becoming one of Them

It is a phenomenon that happens very discreetly. It is unspoken of in the First Shell, but a great number of Invocaris, Avatras and Ayakashis were born out of near-death experiences and the even rarer cases of resurrection after moments of dying. There is a theory that once a soul wanders into the afterlife, it touches the Second Shell in between. A soul that has come in contact with any spirit will be able to make a pact with them and return to First Shell, but they will no longer live as normally.

First Shell organizations carefully monitor the activities of the factions, making sure that the surface remains peaceful-- or at most, make it appear peaceful. Muses aid the community, Revenants were expected to protect it, but trouble can't always be avoided.

Factions don't matter; what does, was that they were still human in nature.

And humans aren't always clean.

As if it wasn't already bad enough that he had the lowest luck on the face of this planet, he was also in the wrong place with the worst possible timing. Hisamune Sohji was caught in a large-scale accident while on the way to his meager part-time job downtown. According to the reports, it had been a gas pipe explosion, but to Sohji -- it was a crossfire. That brief moment before the blast, he could have sworn that there were faint shadows locked in wild battle. He couldn't understand just why no one had seen any of it. Was he too hungry? He hadn't eaten properly in days, after all.

But he'd never had a hallucination that weird before.

It didn't matter. He was going to die anyway.

...No f**king way! I want to live!

Develop Your Story / Jaded Halo (Framework and Story Revision!)
« on: January 14, 2015, 09:05:18 AM »
Erm, so I had posted JH on a game-themed site before, but placed it on hiatus because it was a little bit deep for even casual LN readers to read.


I'll be sharing the ongoing revisions here!

**Side note: This was inspired by turn-based card games (Sword Girls, AGG, Cardfight, YuGiOh, name them). A bunch of acquaintances are putting together a deck for an original card game, so I felt like writing an adaptation for it when I'm not drawing up designs for them. I had some feedback about the written form -- and it seems like 'it's better off in manga'. Haha. **

Before I go about revising the old chapters, I might as well post what I've written down so far:

The Game Concept *being edited*
Jaded Halo: Skills, Attributes and Influences

Neutral Attributes

Stamina. Influences Seiki (HP). Building Stamina increases the Soul's Seiki. Indirectly affects Dexterity.
Dexterity. Influences attack speed and accuracy.
Wisdom. Influences Reiki (MP). Indirectly affects magic strength on both Sin and Virtue attributes.
Charm. Influences NPC relations. Ability to access quests easier, the better the relations level with NPC. Occasional chance of NPC discounts.
Luck. Influences loot chances, drops and equipment repairs. Indirectly affects evasion speed.


Sin Attributes

Lust (Luxuria) - Distraction and Persuasion skills fall under Luxuria. Persuasion is particularly effective to the user's opposite gender. Chance of nullifying target's attack effects by 20-30% At higher than Fourth Court ranks, area effect is possible.

Gluttony (Gula) - Oversees the Seiki/Reiki drain skills. The effects are random at ranks lower than the Third Court, but the caster will be able to choose which gauge to drain at higher levels. Above Second Court ranks, the chances of draining both Seiki and Reiki at cast time is possible. The amount being drained increases depending on Gula's level.

Greed (Avaritia)
Sloth (Acedia)
Wrath (Ira)
Envy (Invidia)
Pride (Superbia)


Virtue Attributes

Chastity (Castitas)
Temperance (Temperantia)
Charity (Caritas)
Diligence (Industria)

Patience (Patientia)
Kindness (Benevolentia)
Humility (Humilitas)



Cassiel's Eye (Chapter 5) - Temporary Buff that enables target/user to use Detect for an allotted time.
Detect (Chapter 5) - Neutral Skill type that allows the user to lock on to a target presence. Any similar class to target will be included in lock-on as well. Lock focus can be switched between any of these presences in the user's immediate area.

I'm a bit on a mental block about assigning effects for these attributes, and the Skill Library builds up as the story progresses. I'll be adding a World Concept as well, so it'd be easier to get around. My mistake was that I had started to write from a small part of it, so I had fallen under a stalemate about what to add next because the larger pieces were missing. OTL

About the Story: MC and Points-of-View
The approach I had attempted with Jaded, was that the entire story was actually written in a way that the characters were talking to the readers themselves.. they are the MC. Azuriel refers to them as 'Xir', using the gender-neutral pronoun. The story shifts between the MC and Azuriel himself.

Writing System & Maps
The story may have been based off card games, but the written form used RPG terms. A good deal of it could be found in the chapters, including Status tables. Another example is the MC's inability to access certain parts of the place he/she is in unless he/she had finished some tasks.

Let's say Azuriel wants to find a specific item from -insert building here- but MC wouldn't be able to enter it because he/she is a novice, and only upperclassmen were able to use -insert building here-. That means they can only enter it when they manage to graduate from their novice class into upperclassmen.

The different scenes in the story largely rely on Azuriel's memory, but because he was a Fallen, areas of them couldn't be entered through Dreamscape.. his former order wouldn't have any of it; any place deeply linked to Heaven denied him entry. Only the MC can help him.

Members Manga / Akuma no Garasu (Devil's Glass) - Oneshot
« on: April 22, 2014, 03:42:14 AM »
Hello again! Everybody's enjoying their summer vacation here, so yeah-- scraped up a little something for some friends to read!

Quick Cover

Drawn and colored partly through traditional medium, but finished with digital.

Page 1

I'll be uploading pages every time I get one rendered-- every 24 hours to a few days, I guess. ^____^ Tools used: Manga Studio 5 (Clip Studio Pro)/Photoshop/SAI.

Develop Your Story / Synchromatic [WIP]
« on: January 21, 2014, 03:40:38 AM »

I posted snaps of this series at work during NaNo but didn't elaborate the plot (because that was designed to act like a 'filler' off a bigger storyline -cough-).

I haven't written an endpoint for this series yet, but the whole sum of it should be somewhat like this:

Here goes.

The setting takes place years into the future. Yes, we get that a lot. Slash the heavily-futuristic cities. The era's midway between present time and that. Tech has advanced to the point that cybermatter had established itself throughout this world.

Cybermatter. Picture this. The world's economic and technology boom ushered medicine that improved health, lowering mortality and upping birth rates. Now the big issue is space. In an attempt to maintain ecological balance, forests and water reserves were established and protected.. as for living space, the urbanized employed the most highly-convenient resource: cybertech, to deal with it. Cybermatter can be produced by making particles materialize out of programmed outlines. Buildings, transports, etc., are made of it in this era, to conserve the already-scarce organic resources.

But like all issues with technology, there are downsides. Viruses. Hackers. Competitors. Politics. Not a pretty combination. Because of repeat interferences, data banks have been continuously corrupted, and glitches have begun to slowly develop in different areas where Cybermatter was most rampant.

It's a b**** ain't it?


So, who can manage these?

Enter your Troubleshooters (I am looking for a better term because this one is soooo mundane). People who are trained to reboot, reprogram or delete the affected sectors. More often than not, they have Programs as their partners, able to manifest physically to aid them. -But even Programs are prone to corruption.-

Now here's where we zoom in on the story.

//Well, here's our Protagonist. He's no one special. Just a teenager with a penchant for old-school games who occasionally ran errands for his slacker of a Programmer uncle. (He's still got his parents, his dad is barely home, busy as he is inspecting natural reserves abroad while his mom stays home-- she allows him to spend time at her brother's to keep Nao occupied).

Uncle encountered a mishap with a databank one day, and his entire office was a mess when Nao arrived. He'd been working on a new Antiviral program (Labeled: Blanc) when his own system collapsed. With the data being corrupted fast, Nao had to hand in his portable game device for emergency storage. Aaaand with unexpected results.//

[uhm, I'll continue sometime. There's more, but at the moment I have to come up with names.]

Manga Art Gallery / TK-Seki's Studio
« on: November 09, 2013, 10:21:41 PM »

I'll be updating this post from time to time as my gallery fills up.

I'll be sharing a few of my works here. They're a mix of fan art and original works, but I'd daresay it's mostly manga progress snapshots. I'll answer questions, too, if any! ^^ Don't be shy, I don't bite. -huehuehue-

"Welcome to K-Seki's Studio."

  S K E T C H E S 

Other Samples

  I N K W O R K S 

Extra: Manga Work

  Other Samples 

"I forget, but these cover headshots to full-body ones and take longer than sketches."

  C O L O R E D - T R A D I T I O N A L 

  Other Samples 

  B & W / S K E T C H E S• D I G I T A L 

  Other Samples 

  B & W / L I N E A R T • D I G I T A L 



  S I M P L E - C O L O R E D • D I G I T A L • S K E T C H E S 

Other Samples 

?? F U L L - C O L O R E D • D I G I T A L  ??
Square-Framed (first two)||Half-Body Framed (third)||Full-Body (4th and 5th)||Poster Spread (last)


Other Samples


Welcome Center / Zello, minna!
« on: November 09, 2013, 03:01:52 AM »
Hello, everyone! K-seki here! It'd be redundant to say I'm new so-- hello! How's everyone?! I'm an anime fan-- er, maybe you could also say a bit of an otaku (I collect assorted manga). I draw a little as well, but -shrugs- I believe I have room for improvement though I've been at it for years. :D

Hajimemashi.te? Yoroshiku!

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