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Suggestions And Feedback / Clean house suggestion
« on: June 16, 2014, 07:32:23 PM »
Well I just moved house so im inspired to clean, and I think a spring clean of sorts is needed for MR,
the Develop your story, Manga writers Discussion, tips and tutorials and General discussion would be
good places to start

Develop your story: Basically there should be a separate sticky or child board for those who want to share all their ideas,
similar to the free plot sticky.  The front page of develop your story is cluttered with people just saying here’s all my ideas,
it didn’t use to be a problem but it seems to becoming popular and there is like five or six of these threads cluttering the 1st page. 

Manga writers Discussion: to many sticky threads, some haven’t been used in 4years, some are just taking up space.
I understand the anthology was very important and I guess to some degree still is and perhaps will be become more relevant,
though five sticky threads for just the anthology? Seems more efficient to just give it a child board or sticky within the manga writers
discussion, would certainly keep more recent discussions/topics visible for longer

Tips and tutorials: again just clutter, I think a lot of the good tutorials need to be correlated into their own groups ie, anatomy, perspective,
writer tutorials and the like. Perhaps an advice sticky or board could help keep things less cluttered as well

General discussion thread: I don’t understand why its under Manga Artists. Its confusing – generally people keep it art related though
there are times were people use it as general discussion (which you cant really fault them for as that’s the name of the thread) I think it would
make more sense if we just change the title to “Manga Artists discussion “ and shift “General discussion” above break room under General.

Just some thoughts …

General Discussion / Chibi Help!
« on: March 27, 2014, 03:48:16 PM »
Does anyone know where to find the realistic style chibi guidelines, full body? any emotion quides would be good as well  :hmm: i suppose any good tutorials really, just no youtube thanx :D

Manga Talk / Tetsuwan Girl -completed-
« on: March 13, 2014, 04:33:56 AM »
Tetsuwan Girl
Drama, Historical, Mature, Seinen, Slice Of Life, Sports

if you dont know Tetsuwan Girl is suppose to be an historical based story on women's baseball. The main character Tome Kano is a barmaid who turns to baseball during the defeat and subsequent occupation of Japan. while she is a natural at the game specifically pitching, its her mental fortitude that is really something to admire, she really is an impressive individual. I recommend this as of today it is now complete and at 92 chapters, a nice sized bite of manga.

Ps. Arts good as well, and the story is excellent

Manga Art Gallery / a little excited
« on: March 03, 2014, 12:49:24 AM »
well maybe a lot, but im playing it 8)

so i just got a new toy,  Manga studio! i gotta say, "i dont hate it" so i thought id keep a record of my
experiments, i wanted to test out the manga studio pens first, so just used some of my old sketches to
test on. i'll give some of my thoughts on how they handle and some on the software as well... well from
a newb perspective.

sketch i did a couple days ago, Ryuko Matoi

So the first pen in manga studio is "the G-pen"

my first thoughts is its pretty close to the paint tool sai pen, its nice to work with, you can stabilize like
paint tool sai, though i used a pretty low setting for this at "2" but even then its still pretty smooth, it gets
a pass from me anyway, though what nearly gave me a fanboy moment is the bag strap in the picture.
there is a fill feature where you can easily insert tones, i mean it so basic, i used the tone called "ninja star" lol
it has a feature where you can make alterations to the tones, denser, less dense, angles, ill be playing around
with those most def. Finally the lettering was done with the calligraphy pen, i did start off using it on the last
sketch in this sequence, though there is a reason why its called the calligraphy pen lol

this is Ichigo and some fodder (the guy with his tongue out)

the next brush was the turnip pen, though you might also recognise its other name which is "Kabura".

ok i didnt finish this pic off i was a little impatient so the fodder guy and the clothes are kinda plain anyway,
i thought this brush the " kabura"was a little heavier than the G-pen, it starts with a wider stroke and finishes
on a thinner stroke, well thats about as much difference as i could find compared to the G-pen well maybe its
not as smooth as well, used the same stabilization at "2".

also made my first panel, whats awesome about the panel is when you start drawing in the panel none of
your lines/strokes that go over the panel border will show. i know you might be thinking who cares, no! you
try doing that *censored* in paint tool sai, or photoshop and you will know how much you have to do for the same
result. this is just one click and done. soooo easy and also the gradient is just the same as photoshop which
is awesome.

one of my older sketches didnt finish but came in handy, Jonathan Joestar

this is the texture brush and also looked at some more advanced paneling and speech bubbles

this time is used the texture brush, what i noticed is it was much more sensitive in relation to the kabura and
G-pen. I mean in terms of pressure, really needs a delicate touch, which i didnt have, i just wanted to play
some more...though as the name implies it has no smooth edge, as in the stroke will be rigid along the
parallel lines, you cant really notice unless you do some larger strokes.

you gotta love the paneling system, i know i carried on a bit about it in the previous pic, but its just so easy,
and the bubbles are a breeze as well, you got to text tool, choose ellipse in subtool, drag a bubble in, go back
to subtool choose text and thats it. later on go to the same subtool choose a tail for the bubble, drag in to the
bubble done, instantly connects.

next im going to be looking the "mapping pen" and a pen called "for effect lines" not sure if ill post a pic with
them, have to see what they do. I also want to look at the pencil range as well so will definitely put some
pics up with those.

Manga Creations / Dango & Tash (Yonkoma)
« on: February 09, 2014, 08:21:30 AM »
Title: Dango & Tash

Yonkoma: A manga format, generally consisting of gag comic strips within four panels of equal size - laid out and written in the style of Kishotenketsu .(see spoiler)


Intro: Dango & Tash are the dual conscience guiding the life of a male adolescent high school student.

Genres: Shounen, Slice of life, Gag,

Dango and Tash

Dango: Resides on the left side, Hes the bad conscience, black suit, horns, pitch fork, sort of cool gangsta look,
think of Vincent Vega from pulp fiction. So clean shaven, no goatee.

Tash: Resides on the right side, Shes the good conscience, Pure white evening dress style, long white gloves,
halo and glasses, a bun hair do, think of Kalifa from the water 7 arch in one piece except shes a typical goody two-shoes

Pages 1- 4

Page 1: Kenny who???

Page 2: Bosom Buddies

Page 3: Peek-a-boo

Page 4: Meat & Veg



Title: Kenny who???

Panel 1. Kenny is in a school uniform, typical Japanese style, central frame mostly a
head shot, he has a scary dont mess with me expression.

1 CAP:
Kenny Zu, 17 years old, Goals, become a nice guy, make friends, de-virginate...

Panel 2. Dango stabs Kenny in the left eye with his pitch fork, blood gushes out, Tash is
shocked covering her mouth looking at Kenny



Panel 3. Tash is pointing and yelling at Dango, Dango has blank look

What are you doing

Its not about him

You, you DEMON!

Panel 4.  Dango is a real smart ass as he points to the horns on his head and looks at Tash
like shes an idiot, he reeks of sarcasm. Tash was looking at Dango you can tell she wants to
say something but the words are just not coming out, She turns away and pouts with folded
arms as she avoids eye contact with Dango.

HELL-LO??? can you see the horns on my head?




Title: Bosom buddies

Panel 1. Kenny is covering his eyes with one hand and searching with the other, a blood
tear is rolling down his left cheek, a little girl licking her lollypop is pointing at Kenny while
being dragged away by her mother who looks scarred. Tash is encouraging Kenny,
Dango is chuckling a little, rolling his eyes

Fight Kenny, find the silver lining, you could make a friend, you’re vulnerable, ask for help!

Please somebody help me, I can hear you’s walking, I'm not joking... I'm really in pain... I need
medical attention...


Panel 2. Kenny is reaching out around him covering his eyes, Tash is still giving him
advice, Dango has an arrow pointing from his eyes towards Tash’s cleavage

Chance Kenny, its someone from your school, hes coming from your right, reach out with all your
might Kenny "welcome the bosom of friendship"

Panel 3. a giant male student twice the size of Kenny, we only see from his belt to
about his knee, Kenny is covering his eyes with his right hand and his left hand is
placed on the giant students crotch. Tash is blushing, Dango is making a remark
while laughing

1 CAP:
Kenny is actually average height

2 CAP:
This guy is just humongous

That ha ha ...that.. that is not a bosom...ha...haha

Panel 4. Kenny is knocked out flat on the ground, the giant student is walking just out
of frame, Tash is avoiding eye contact with Dango, she looks like she knows she
messed up. Dango is kneeling on the ground pounding it with his fist in tears of

You, you, you fool... you know hes got two eyes right, bhahahahahahah,
awww... bosom hahahahaha




Panel 1. Kenny has been jolted awake in a hospital bed, one eye is bandaged, a cute
young trainee nurse to his side on her knees frantically picking up the equipment she
has dropped, She has a very tight dress, if Kenny where to look down at her, he
would catch an eye full. The trainee is getting chewed out by an old nurse, probably do
a double action here, first the old nurse pointing then a quick turn to leave.

You silly girl, clean this up immediately and whats with that uniform.

Im sorry, I think I may still be having growth spurts, I’ll clean this mess right away.

Make sure you do, hmph trainees...

Panel 2. Dango has an old pocket watch dangling in front of Kenny’s face

Peeeek at the panties!

Nooooo Kenny! you’re a good boy now, FIGHT Kenny... FIGHT!

Panel 3. Its just Tash and Dango in frame now, Dango has looked down at the young
nurse and is now looking at Tash, Tash has sparkling eyes there is a caption above

Hmph, she is young, are those bunny panties

1 CAP:
Fanatical about all things bunny related

Panel 4. Dango is now hypnotizing both Kenny and Tash with his pocket watch, Tash
is caught in the flow, Kenny is sweating a little his eye is creeping to the side

Peeeeek at the bunnies!


Title: Meat & Veg

Panel 1. Tash and Dango are both looking down at a hospital menu. Dango is
holding a bucket of chicken, Tash is holding up broccoli and carrots.

Get the chicken

No Kenny, veges! veges! think of the animals

Yer...think of them as food

Panel 2. Tash is ignoring with a look of contempt, Dango has a drumstick on his pitch fork
holding it out towards Tash

Want some

Hmph, Im a Vegetarian!

Panel 3. Dango is now holding out the drumstick right in front of Tash's face, she is
reeling back a little looking at Dango who has a very threatening expression

You sure about that, eat this chicken or... I kill another chicken

You wouldn't, you... you FIEND!

Panel 4. We see an image of Dango in the middle of a sarcastic comment, He gets interrupted by Tash
who is pointing at her head/brains, Dango ends up turning away pouting with folded arms avoiding
eye contact

Well at least you didn't call me D...

Dork! HELL-LO!  my heads not just for horns!


Page 5: Cleanliness is next to...

Page 6: Deja-Voodoo

Page 7: Bosom buddies II

Page 8:


Title: Cleanliness is next to...

Panel 1. Kenny is in the shower, we see him from behind from about the
shoulders up. Dango is facing us sitting on Kenny’s shoulder. He looks
disappointed. He is touching one of the points on his pitch fork with his finger

I should of stabbed your legs, we could of been getting a sponge bath from
nurse bunny panties right now... hmm

Panel 2. Dango is excited, he is pointing his pitchfork at a peephole in the
shower wall, Kenny has turned to the side and is noticing it.

Yoooou lucky bastard! This is the treasure trove of youth Kenny , Its a peephole
Kenny, a peephole!

Panel 3. Dango has a wtf look, Kenny has lifted his eye bandage up
exposing his eye, Tash has entered the frame she is covering her eyes though
there is a little gap in her fingers. She has grabbed the peephole, which is
actually her halo.

Dont you punk out on me now...ehh?

Im not looking, Im not looking, ah, there you are

Panel 4. Dango stabs Kenny in the eye again. He is still holding his pitchfork
out in Kenny’s direction, Kenny is yelling out covering his eye with his hand,
Tash is yelling at Dango

What the??? my eye, my eye!

What did you do that for???

Just because...


Title: Deja-Voodoo

Panel 1. Kenny is walking to school wearing his uniform and a long strapped
school bag, his hands are in his pockets. He is looking down at the giant
student who is laid out on the ground, we only see his legs in frame. Tash is
pointing at the student from the left corner of frame, Dango is in the right corner
of frame pricking a Voodoo doll of the giant student with his pitch fork.

Somebody help me, my... I don't know whats wrong with me, im not joking, Im
really in pain, I need medical attention


Chance Kenny, its time to repay his kind... turn the other cheek Kenny, help your
fellow man and good things will come your way!

You fool! know this, Kenny is my b!@#$

Panel 2. Kenny is on his mobile phone an ambulance has just arrived. Kenny
is walking towards the ambulance drivers window. The ambulance driver
frantically looks around from the cab and notices Kenny walking towards him,
Tash is beaming with pride facing us, Dango is disgusted facing us as well

Where’s the patient, we were told someone had unknown symptoms

This must be what they call “parental pride”


Panel 3. The ambulance driver looks dumbfounded, Kenny is looking at him
with a blank look

Yer, I farted and the symptoms went away

Panel 4. Kenny is watching the ambulance speed away, we only see the back
end as the driver yells at Kenny of panel. Kenny he is holding his now
“strapless bag” in his left hand, there is a double arrow pointing to his bag and
the missing strap which is tied to the giant students leg and the tow bar of the
ambulance. Tash is covering her broken heart and reaching out to Kenny in
angst. Dango is facing us he is super hyped fist pump style.

Stupid kid!

Nooooo Kenny...

This parental pride crapp is AWESOME!



Title: Bosom buddies II

Panel 1. We see Kenny from the back taking a piss at a school urinal he is
looking left with a look of nervous panic. The giant student is standing beside
him at the next urinal. His clothes are pretty shredded, we can see his white
shirt and his belt through his school jacket, and his tighty-whiteys through his
school pants, some scuff marks in various places, Dango is looking at the
giant student.

What the??? You have got to check this out!

Panel 2. Dango has a feather in his hand, Kenny has just sneezed in the
direction of the giant student, a bit of the giant students torn pants and tighty-whiteys
are in shot.


Panel 3. There is an arrow coming from the top of frame (giants perspective).
The arrow is pointing at a pixelated image of Kennys member with a caption
above it. There is also an arrow coming from the side of panel (Kennys
perspective). The arrow is pointing at a magnifying glass that Dango is holding.
Inside the magnifying glass is a pixelated image of the giants member. There
is a caption above that.

1 CAP:
Kenny is a little above average

2 CAP:
This guy is not

Panel 4. Kenny is knocked out flat on the ground. The giants student is still
standing at the urinal though his fist is to his side. Tash has appeared she is
covering her eyes there is a caption above her, she is asking Dango a
question. As Dango talks to Tash he is holding his magnifying glass towards
the giant student and pointing his feather out just before Tash’s nose

1 CAP:
Lioness senses are tingling

What, what’s happening?

Forget about it... you have got to check this out!

Im planning for eight pages for the volume, i have a couple more scenes planned out, though some critique
would be good, first time attempting this style of writing, so just need to get a sense if im heading in the right direction,
any reaction good or bad most welcomed :D


General Manga writer discussions / SFX?
« on: February 04, 2014, 12:05:52 AM »
So I don’t read comics not because I don’t want too, I just know there are plenty of good stories available in manga so I don’t need too. I guess that’s the problem because now that im writing my own story ive come across something I didn’t really think about when reading manga “SFX” you know in manga they have TL note and its so small you hardly notice, though when I actually tried using them in my story in English “wow” they are super lame!. For instance a machine gun: Rat a tat tat or look at this one...

I don’t know what that meant in their era but hell no!. Anyway with that said,  has anyone come across this problem or dealt with it somehow, any advice or insights would be cool.

General Manga writer discussions / How many stories are you writing?
« on: November 11, 2013, 06:15:03 PM »
i have about eight stories that i have an idea about, 3 have progressed more and two hold my attention, though at this point i only write for one story and give all my attention to it. i know some gust write a lot of stories at one time i just cant do that. how many stories can you guys write at one time? and i mean where you are happy with the standard of the stories?

« on: November 03, 2013, 12:01:58 AM »
This will be bi-monthly so every two months if there is enough interest. This is just a rough draft so all the blanks will be filled out on first issue. Please Poll simple "yes" "no", and leave some thoughts if you want. "Suggestions and help are most welcome". I will leave this up for two weeks, its up to you guys to decide

Current Staff
and currently begging "emocookie"

if you would like to contribute or join the staff just let me know.

Note: this magazine will be for this forum, featured on this forum, not for publication

Post Merge: November 03, 2013, 12:34:07 AM

1.   Manga Raider Mission
2.   Got jokes?
3.   Whats New: Raiders Magazine
4.   Innovation Nation: Sequential art, Digital Style?
5.   Righteous Raiders: Demonfyre, Lorenx1 & Lordsafiq
6.   Manga Masters: Wisdom from Master Mangaka “Kouka Kosei”
7.   Art Raiders: Good artists borrow, Great artists steal!
8.   HORA HORA! The Anthology, Ecchi world sister site.
9.   Tune in next time…


Post Merge: November 03, 2013, 12:34:15 AM

Manger Raider Mission Statement

“Our vision is creating a community with  friendly atmosphere for everyone who love to read, draw or write Manga / Comic stories”. ... Admin Hasith

(if the Magazine goes ahead will ask the admins for a more definite statement)

i just saw something and i thought hmmm...shouldnt there be a standard for manga writers here.

i mean you have Story Development and Manga Creation. though it seems to me that some of the Manga Creations are still in Development. not to mention there seems to be no standard. there all using different script formats or none at all or just inventing them. i think it would be better to have a standard that the writer must learn before it even makes it into Manga Creation or Create a third Tier,

Story Devlopment
Manga writer Creation
Manga writer Masters or the like, in this section the writer must have a competency in an accepted script format, or the site adopts a Pro format that everyone must follow, several publishers have a standard script format they want writers to submit as, or maybe just learn at least how to do a stick figure name/storyboard. for those of you who need artists, this will get you miles ahead of others in an artist and publishers eyes to those who are not as well prepared. 

even for story development and now that i think about it some of the manga creation, put a introduction up, the genres your aiming for, how long you want it to be,  chapters, page counts a synopsis, a simple format could look like this


just saying, i think there needs to be a standard.

Tips and Tutorials / Developing Characters by using their Names
« on: October 31, 2013, 01:50:35 AM »
This is a method that I developed over time, its served me well perhaps it can help some of you. You will need a Name for this to work, I may make another tutorial on how to create a name later.

Firstly perhaps you have noticed the way manga character names can sometimes be relevant to the characters looks or psychological makeup. If you have not realized this… here are a couple of examples from two popular shonen “Naruto” and “One Piece”.

SAKURA from the manga Naruto

Sakura is the cherry blossom tree in Japan.  It blooms with pink flowers. There are deeper meanings associated to the cherry blossom tree though the most obvious characteristic in relation to this character is her pink hair color.

NAMI from One Piece

Namis name means mandarin, her hair color is orange, again there is a deeper meaning associated as the mandarin is a symbol for wealth and Nami is obsessed with money.

Here we see the name of characters associated with the visual and sometimes psychological attributes of the character.  This shows the role of a name can be more than what you simply address someone as.  The name itself can help develop the actual looks and mentality of the character. You may think that all very  well for the japanese, but westernized names also have very beautiful and sometimes interesting origins as well.

Ok, let’s just say I want to create a story around a young girl going to magic school. So you will choose a simple name just for the purposes of this exercise “Betty Sue”

First Step: Google her name
Enter your character name into Google search like so “Betty name meaning ” or “Sue name meaning”.  There are a lot of sites that come up though the one I enjoy using  is “She knows it” so I will look for that site on the search results, it’s always been on the first page so far. This is the result

O.K I didn’t really expect those results who knew the name Betty would mean the oath of God or the satisfaction of God or My God is plentiful, lol. Now lets Look at our second name Sue “the Graceful Lily”.

Looking at the new information,  let’s take the name “Betty” (oath of God or the satisfaction of God or My God is plentiful) and use its meanings to help develop her character. Since my fictional character “Betty Sue” is in magic school, perhaps she has a religious background and magic is seen as blasphemous. Perhaps she has a strong faith in magic and treats it as a religion. The point is… your thought process can be more focused as now you have a focal point.

Now you may have noticed the two extra categories under the names and meanings, Soul Urge and Expression numbers. This is probably one of the main reasons I use this site. Maybe you are like me skeptical though I must say when I typed in my own name some of it was spookily accurate. Why not try it yourself just for fun… again just Google “[your name here] name meaning” and look for “she knows it” in search results.

Now what is good about Soul Urge numbers and the Expression numbers?  The most obvious thing is you could actually just use this information as the base of your character saving you a lot of time or like the name meaning  just use it as a focal point to build around.  On reflection I probably should’ve just used one name, though Sue actually has some good material as well.    

Let’s use the name Sue meaning “Graceful lily” to help develop our character, we could make her hair white like the lily, maybe her clothes are white, maybe we could look at the symbolism for the lily and add some of those attributes or perhaps she has flower hair clips, maybe her main magical ability has something to do with flowers just get creative. The point is you have some relevant info to build on instead of having to invent everything.

So now Im going to compile some of the info and form a basic profile for Betty Sue

Name: Betty Sue
Age: 13
Hair: White, shoulder length
Clothes: Magic School uniform
Abilities: Flower Magic

Soul Urge # 5   
Has a deep inner desire for travel and adventure, and want to set their own pace in life without being governed by tradition.

Likes: travel  and adventure
Dislikes: stuffy traditions

Expression # 9
Tend to be passionate, compassionate, intuitive, romantic, and to have magnetic personalities. They are usually humanitarian, broadminded and generous, and tend to follow professions where they can serve humanity. Because they are so affectionate and giving, they may be imposed on. They are romantic and easily fall in love, but may be easily hurt and are sometimes quick-tempered

Personality: very social, hopeless romantic, very accommodating though Sometimes can be easily annoyed.

That’s just a quick way of getting the basics down. Now overtime I have realized you can also use the Soul Urge and Expression number explanations to expand the character by making them go against their true nature, which can yield some interesting results, hope this helps someone, see ya around :D

Suggestions And Feedback / magazine draft in general discussion
« on: October 30, 2013, 09:56:17 PM »
the draft for this magazine is now in general discussion. please comment there now

Suggestions And Feedback / question about sister site?
« on: October 30, 2013, 08:56:49 PM »
so i just saw the Ecchi world sister site post and i was wondering, if there is a site where you can post storys above the pg 13 rating? not for Echhi but for horror, or seinen type stories.

MR Pub / Have I been threatend
« on: October 19, 2013, 09:32:01 PM »
so let me lay it out....

i like to post my stories on different forums, you know to get some fresh feedback, test concepts. Anyway... a person from one of those other sites starts revealing information i have not revealed here yet. so i politely ask for her to remove the information....

please remove the spoilers, i dont want to clutter my thread with this, but it is my right as the author on when and how i want to release information, please respect that. thank you.

thats not a spoiler. you're just complaining because the first time you revealed it, you got a bad reaction.

what you're really doing is hiding your story and trying to cover it up for what it really is. you have your rights, so do i. i din't spoil, so stop saying i did.

i did not release that information here , nobody here knows that information, you chose to reveal it , not me the author. you are talking about things nobody on this forum, knows, you are taking away my opportunity to judge first hand reactions to revelations in story. please remove them, thank you.
please don't bother me. it's out there. and its going to be revealed nyways. bother me again, and i might test what "true" spoiling is.

as you could imagine, i dont know how to handle this, any advice would be nice, ...what would you do. :hmm:

Develop Your Story / moved
« on: October 15, 2013, 08:16:45 PM »

Comics and other Gallery / Art i guess
« on: October 12, 2013, 04:19:14 AM »
experiment with paint tool sai


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