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I had an idea, but I need to know how these is going in the US/western community.

Are there any manga-style comic publishers currently active in the US? (I know about Marver, DC, and all the big ones, but I am looking for something more "manga-ish".)

Can you list a few anime producer companies in the US?
I already know about FUNimation, which is a good one and it managed a few big hits already. Also, Nickelodeon seems to be doing all the big bucks from the previous Avatar, and the on-going Legend of Korra. I know Avartar isn't anime, but it is pretty similar, which leads to my question.

How active, and accepted is manga/anime in the western community? Mainly the US... We don't have as many fans as Japan, but we are still inducing its style slowly...

General Discussion / What are your thoughts on the new upcoming anime?
« on: September 24, 2013, 05:29:58 PM »
LINK: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dTrcs7xpEUY
There's a bunch of new series that will start in Fall 2013 (october). Which one do you want to see the most?
Personally, I can't wait for Pupa, and Kyukai No Kanata!

I want to post my scripts here because I feel that there is no point on writing them if I don't have a goal, or reason why to write them. Even though I want to post them here, I feel that doing so will hurt my chances of getting published in the future.
Lets say I write a great story, and I feel like I can get published... will posting the script here hurt it? Or is it ok since its just the script and not the finished work?

Develop Your Story / Hide & Seek
« on: September 23, 2013, 10:39:23 PM »
Hide and Seek, by J.C. Arguello (CrazyconeJC)
“The world is a way darker place than it seems to be.” – Rio Kojima

Millenniums from the world today, most life forms have gone extinct, and humanity has been forced to return to the old ways. The sudden re-appearance of technology, and rapid expansion has thrown the spirit world off balance and brought upon humanity dangers that had long been forgotten. When our protagonists are thrown into the mad-man’s puppet show, they are left with only a few choices for survival. Slowly, they reveal the darkness of the world that threat on starting a new world war. After the “village-call-to-arms,” they are forced to participate in a bloodshed that threat to stay for eternity in an endless cycle.

Until the last of us dies.

    Primary tags:
    • Horror
    • Supernatural
    • Drama

  • Encased in *...* means setting/action report.
  • Encased in **...** means narration.
  • Name, followed by : is for dialogue.

Hide and Seek
Until the last of us dies


A single child

*Scene1_ 6 children playing outside the village, in a hill with a couple of trees around. Some leaves can be seen flying with the wind as chiming bells are heard coming from a tall building inside the village walls. The lightening is
dark, the sun is hiding, and the night-sky is about to arrive.* (3 boys, 3 girls.)

Girl1: Nothing is going to happen, it’s all adult lies.

Boy1: I said I changed my mind, never mind the bet!

Boy2: Don’t be a scared-y-cat! You lost!

Boy1: Alright… but it’s only for one hour right?

*Boy2 looks behind and winks at the rest of the children, who are all gathered up in a group. One of them, in the group, is holding a rope (Boy3).*

Boy2: Yeah, yeah. Hurry up; we’ll come back in an hour.

*Boy1 walks towards the nearest tree and puts his back against it.*

*Boy3 walks towards Boy1, gets behind the tree and starts to tie him up, with the help of Boy2.*

Girl1 *Whispering*: Your boyfriend isn’t that much of a pussy after all, Sora.

Sora *Whispering*: I don’t think we should do this anymore… I don’t even want to know.

Boy1: Guys I changed my mind!

Girl1: Oh, stop the whining already!

Boy1: I really don’t want to do this, please!

Boy2: Too bad. Let’s go guys…

Sora: It is just for an hour right?

Boy1: Wait!

*The group returns to the village, leaving Boy1 behind.*

*Scene2_ in the inside of a small wooden house, the rest of the children talk about their day and make bets on what will happen with Boy1. A small boy is inside as well, with them.*

Boy3: Obviously nothing is going to happen.

Girl1: Yeah, the stories are just ways for adults to keep us inside the village at night.

Little Boy: What stories?

Boy2: I don’t get it Sora, why does your brother have to stay with us?

Sora: My mother wants us to hang out more…

*Girl1 approaches Little Boy, looking creepy.*

Girl1: Riooooo, you haven’t heard the stories yet?

*Rio shakes his head.*

Girl1: After the sun goes down, and the night sky arrives, along with the moon comes the demons.

Rio: Demons?

Girl1: Creatures from the spirit world, it is said that they can take human form and pretend to be someone else.

Girl1: They drive children away from their mothers, and travelers away from the road.

Girl1: As soon as darkness rules the ground, they come to take you away…

Sora: Don’t worry Rio, it has never happened before…

Boy3: What about the baker’s daughter incident? She disappeared shortly after it...

Sora: Right… My mother told me about it.

Bo33: Since then, we haven't had a full moon.

Girl3: You don’t have to listen to them, it is all fine. Demons don’t exist so Jun is going to be ok.

Boy2: Besides, what is the worst that could happen?

Sora: Maybe the stories aren’t real, but what if wild animals get him?!

Boy2: You’re kidding? My dad’s group hasn’t been able to hunt anything for years, and suddenly animals are going
to show up because of a boy?

Boy3: It’s been a while since animals left the safe areas…

Sora: Anyways, hasn’t it been an hour already? We should go get him…

Boy2: No one is going out; you guys promised we were going to spend the night in the club house.

Boy2: Besides, we aren’t going to get him until tomorrow.

*Boy2, Boy3, and Girl1 laugh, as Girl3 talks to Sora.*

Girl3: Don’t worry, we’ll get him tomorrow. It’s perfectly safe, I promise.

Sora *Frowns*: I don’t know, what if something does happen?

Boy2: Shut up already!

*Boy2 walks towards the door, and locks it from the inside. He then puts the key inside his pocket.*

Sora *angry*: You’re an idiot!

Boy2: You and your stupid brother can sleep in the corner, away from me.

Girl1: Come on guys, it’s enough.

Sora: Who made you the leader?

Boy2: I’m older!

*Sora walks towards Rio, leans on the wall, and lets herself fall into a sitting possition.*

Rio: Do demons really exist?

Sora: Of course not, it’s gonna be alright.

*Sora hugs Rio as he falls asleep.*

*Scene3_ same room inside the small wooden house. It is dark inside, as well as outside; the clock marks 12:30.
Sora accidentally wakes up, and notices that Girl3 is missing. Everyone else is sleeping in sleeping-bags.*

Sora *sleepy*: Where is Ayano?

Boy2 *barely awake*: Probably in the bathroom, you know how you girls are. Go back to sleep.

*Scene4_ the group of children walk back to the hill, where they left Boy1. Ayano hasn’t showed up yet.*

Girl1: Where do you think Ayano went?

Boy3: Well, she would be back already, so probably back to her house.

Boy2: Damn these people, they can’t even fulfill a simple promise.

*Jun is no longer tied up to the tree.*

Boy3: Where’s Jun

Rio *smiling*: Maybe the demons took him.

Sora: Shh, this isn’t the time to be joking Rio!

Girl1: Oh boy, this isn’t right…

*Boy2 starts to circle the tree. He suddenly stops, his eyes widen and he begins to scream of fear and surprise as he falls backwards.*

Boy2: Aaaahhh!

*The rest of the children run towards Boy2, looking at the same direction as he is. Down the slope of the hill, next
to another tree lies Jun’s dead body. It is barely recognizable, as it is torn apart with organs lying out, and severed extremities. The body was almost completely destroyed, yet no sign that it was done by an animal was found. The rope, which was used to tie him up, was missing.*

*Sora falls to her knees, crying in regret. Girl1, who was older than the rest, just placed her right hand on her mouth, and began to cry. Boy3 wasn’t even able to move due to the surprise. Rio, shocked by the smell, the pool of blood, the organs lying out of the body, and the sight of Sora’s dead friend, fell to a fetal position burying his face into his legs and crying out loud.*

*Scene5_ Sora is resting on her bed, hugging a big pillow with her arms and legs, a couple of tears fall from her eyes. Her mother is at the door. Sadness and fear reigned the minds of all villagers that day.*
Sora’s mother: Sora, it is time to go…  Everyone is gathering in front of Jun’s house.

*Scene6_ Inside Jun’s house, his mother is crying quietly by the corner next to the stairs; everyone else that gathered there that day were walking around, talking quietly and trying to forget.*

Man1: It has been a rough day.

Woman1: Tell me about it, they said the children were the ones that found him.

Woman2: Don’t you think it weird? Jun was a quiet boy with the nerves of a cat; he would never leave the village
at night.

Man1: Are you insinuating that the children-

Woman2: I’m not saying that they did, but you got to admit this doesn’t smell right.

Woman1: Supposedly, the girl Ayano went missing the same night.

Man1: Really? Isn't she the one who's mother never goes out?

Woman1: Indeed. I was told she suffered from a really bad disease, and couldn't leave the house.

Woman2: Everyone says something different, yet no one has ever seen her in person.

*A few groups of grownups were staring at each individual child that was there that night. Stares were enough to creep them out, but the silent whispers that accused them of killing Jun were enough to break anyone.*

*Rio, a child that doesn’t pay much attention to what others say or do, walks silently on a shadowy corridor, exploring the house. Nothing that they could say or do could break him at this age, all he cared about was how he
spent the day.*

*He stops next to a small wooden door, where the handle is missing, just a slight push would do the trick to open it. After hearing a tapping noise coming from the inside, he decides to go for it.*

*The door emits a creepy cricking sound as it opens. A girl stands alone, with her hair in front of her face, no expression can be seen. She is holding a rope.*

Rio: Oh it’s you…

*The girl doesn’t say anything; instead, she lifts her face and smiles creepily. Rio runs towards the room where the others are. He grabs Sora’s hand, and pulls her.*

Rio: Come, quick Sora!

Sora: This is not the time Rio, stop it!

Rio: It’s Ayano, she’s here!

Sora: Ayano?

*Sora and Rio run towards the corridor, and finally stop in front of the room. There is no one there.*

Rio: I don’t get it, she was here.

Sora: Damnit Rio, I told you this is not the-

*Sora’s comment is cut down by loud screams coming from the main room. Women and men scream and plead for their lives. The sound of screams, as well as falling objects and others being broken sends a shock sensation towards Rio and Sora, who stand in the middle of the corridor, not knowing what is happening or what to do. A single man comes crawling towards the corridor. He is badly hurt, and covered in blood.*

Man: The girl… s-she… arghh!

*The man begins to cry heavily, murmuring something about demons. Sora grabs Rio’s hand tightly, and swiftly pulls him into the room where he found Ayano. She locks the door, and falls into a sitting position next to the wall.*

Rio *frightened*: What’s happening?

*Sora hugs Rio, the same way she does to put him to sleep.*

Sora: I don’t know. Let’s just stay here for a while, ok?

*The shadow of an obscure image can be seen through the gap between the door and the floor. It is moving, and
then stops right in front of the room where Sora and Rio are hiding. While the image stays close, the sound of a
little girl singing (and humming) can be heard. The voice is sweet and gentle, yet, the tone of the song itself sends chills down the spine.*

*Sora, trembling with fear, hugs Rio even tighter.*

Sora: Shhh shh shh its going to be ok…

*As the girl sings, in the background, the cries of agony from nearby victims keep the melancholic atmosphere on the entire housje. Barely heard,  there is
the sound of nails carving something in the wood of the door.Finally, after a few seconds of the image just standing there, it leaves, and her voice slowly fades away.*

**It was a long, cold night. The emptiness in my heart of having lost two friends was killing me. Rio was the only one to stand beside me for the next set of hours.**

*When the night arrived.*

*Sora slowly opens her eyes, as she does, she notices that the door is open and Rio is missing.*

Sora: Rio?

*She stands up*

Sora: Rio!

*She charges towards the door, looking for her younger brother. As she gets out through the room door, with the
blinking lights she is able to notice bloody handprints on the walls. Rio is standing on the other side of the corridor, staring into the main room.*

Sora: Rio, what are you doing?!

*Sora makes her way towards Rio, to warn him not to do it again. Instead, she sees what he does, tenths of dead
bodies on the floor, chairs, and stairs. Each body in a different position, some were in ordinary positions, as if they didn’t even realize what was behind them, others were trying to escape, and are now found in crawling positions. The sound of thunder fills the background, with lightning as a light source.*

*Next to the door, rested her mother’s body. Rio hadn’t noticed, but Sora did right away. She quickly made her way towards her mother deceased body, kneeled, and cried her heart out. Rio did the same, shortly after.*

Sora *crying*: Why? If I had only knew, I would have…

Rio: Mommy… Mom, why?! Don’t die, don’t leave me!

*Sora whipped her tears*

Sora*thinking*: We’re alone now, I need to step up for Rio’s sake…

*She approached Rio, who was hugging his mother’s dead body, and whipped the tears off his blue eyes.*

Sora: Come on Rio, it’s enough… We need to get out of here.

*As she stood up back to her feet, she pulled Rio upwards, hugged him and whispered something into his ear.*

**My friends, my family, everyone was dead.** (This is not what she whispered…)

*Sora backs away slowly, holding Rio’s hand, and walks towards the backdoor in order to get out. As they go through the corridor again, they notice a strange marking on the door of the room where they were previously hiding.*

“Found you…”


Notes: (I have some doubts, so I’ll write them in this section in order to hopefully get some advice to make up my mind.)

1.   Should I change “demons” to something else, to take out the mainstream and set an impact? Maybe a made-up word like “Ghoruls” or something that sounds cool and scary at the same time… I won’t be using this word for the entire series, instead, just for the beginning. I planned to have each “culture” (village= have a different word for those “demons”. (Not exactly demons, they are more like the “bad” side of the spirit world. I will explain more in the next chapter.) So this word will only be used at the beginning of the series.

2.   Is “pussy” and those kind of words acceptable in manga? I used that word because I couldn’t think of another way to say that dialogue, but I don’t really know if it will affect the series.

3.     Pease let me know if I missed something, or if I am going too fast. (This is just a flashback to explain a little about the plot and the character's past. In chapter 1, we go back to present day, where they are older and I introduce a couple more characters.)

4.     Also, please let me know if I made grammar/spelling mistakes, I don't like messy work.[/list]

General Discussion / Whats your favorite anime/manga?
« on: September 12, 2013, 09:34:49 PM »
As the title states:
What is your favorite anime/manga, and why?

Personally, I LOVE Shinsekai Yori!
I love how the plot starts one way, and slowly merges into something completely different. I love the mystery in each of the story arcs, and how each episode leaves you with a doubt and the desire to unreveal the truth. I love the melancholic taste of the setting, and theme. And of course, I LOVE THE PLOT TWIST!.

There is nothing like it! How at the end of the serie, they find out that Quee-rats were actually normal humans that were mutated with blind-rat DNA.

Code Geass is also a good example of a plot-twist.

Other than that, I love a mix between action and romance... like Sword Art Online.
It has good action, a powerful and cool-looking MC, a cute girl, and the perfect mix between action and romance!

Develop Your Story / Ghosts of the past (Manga Script)
« on: September 11, 2013, 10:50:44 PM »
Name: Undecided (Some names I like are: Ghosts of the past, Souls of reckoning, Ghosts of reckoning, The spirits inside of us, Steam Angels, Leapers: {insert name2 here}, Storm of memories.) Please reply with any name suggestions! :D

In a post-apocalyptic future, all cities and nations have been wiped out by the 4th Great War, and the sudden explosion which was named “The Great Flash”. Only a few history books remain, yet, each of the three remaining nations have different opinions of what really happened during the war. Rio Black, after carelessly getting involved in the investigation on the Flash, finds out that death and ruins wasn’t the only thing left behind by the explosion. Now he must embark in a journey to find the truth behind the Great Flash, and stop the three nations from wiping out what remains of humanity.

Tags and themes:  Steam-punk
  • Action
  • Adventure
  • Drama
  • Sci-fi (Mixed with fantasy)
  • Shounen
  • Military

Setting: A post-apocalyptic world, where radioactivity has mutated many life-forms.

*Classroom scene. Camera behind teacher*

Teacher 1: Rio, would you please read the third sentence in page 302?

*Stands up as he begins*

Rio: From the moment an individual gains the gift of memories, and the capability to make choices, a great responsibility lies in their hands. Through darkness and light, a single choice and action can change the course of history, our present, and affect the future as a whole.

*Students begin to speak loudly, the teacher is barely heard*

Teacher1: Silence!
*Students keep talking. A few remain silent.*
*Close-up of Rio sighing and sitting in his chair. An expression of tiredness can be seen.*
*Bell rings. Rio, along with the rest of the classmates, leaves the room.*

Student1: Hey are you up for some games tonight?

Rio: Not today Milo, I’m not in the mood.

*Milo smirks in sight of the comment*

Milo: Well, that’s new, coming from you…

*Single scene of Rio walking to his house. The city is partially in ruins, a lot of smoke and pollution can be seen. He walks along a path, where the whole city can be seen, along with multiple factories, and a sky-ship station.*

Rio: I’m home!

*Camera behind Rio. Top of the door. The bag-pack can be seen resting on the floor next to him. Dark lightening.*

Rio: Right, there’s no one here… there hasn’t been anyone for the past six years…

*Rio lays on the wall, on the same corridor. He lets himself fall into a sitting position on the floor, while holding a computer-like object.*
Rio (thinking to himself): Every day is the same… I’m not even sure I can call this place home anymore, not without Dane here.
*Scenery shifts to night. Rio leaves the house for a walk. *
**Background change: Rio makes his way to a mountain path that leads to a barren valley; there is a chicken-wire fence with a sign that states “Not trespassing!”**
*A loud sound is heard followed by a cry of pain, Rio rushes inside to see what happened, and finds a crashed motorcycle-like vehicle, a sword laying on the ground, and a badly-hurt male1.*
*Another motorcycle can be seen at the distance, it stops next to the one that crashed. Male2 is wielding a big sword. *

*Male2 approaches Male1 with the intention to kill him, sword in hand*
*Rio runs towards Male1, to help him to his feet.*

Rio: Stop! (Second bubble *Rio thinks to himself* “What am I doing… I’m not a hero.”) {<--Maybe a close-up of his face, with dark lightening, would be better?}

Male2: *yells in an unknown language*

*An expression of fright can be seen in Rio’s face*

Rio: I don’t know what you’re saying!

*Male1 suddenly grabs Rio’s hand, and quickly stands up, pulling Rio downwards.*

Male1: Quickly, take this someplace safe! *Hands Rio a glowing vial.* Run!

*An expression, hybrid between fright and confusion can be seen in Rio’s face as he backs away.*
*Male2 yells in a strange language one more time as he charges towards Male1*
*Without looking back, Rio runs towards the village. The sound of clashing metals is heard.*

Rio (thinking to himself): What is this? Who are those guys?! {Maybe take the dialogue away from this scene.}

**Background change: Slope road that leads to the village, mountain at one side, cliff with city-light scenery on the other.**

*Rio trips, and falls on top of the vial. An expression of fright can be seen in his face*

Rio: The vial!?

*Stands up. His shirt is now wet with the glowing liquid that was once inside the vial. He has a few cuts in his hands. The liquid is half-frozen and cold*

Rio (thinking to himself): I gotta get out of here!

*Runs towards his house. Leaves the broken glass and spilled liquid behind.*

**Next day**

*Rio wakes up. Camera on roof, looking down towards the bed, where Rio is waking up.*

Rio (thinking to himself): What a strange dream…

**Background change: Walking towards school. Scenic, cliff-side road.**

**Background change: In front of school. Milo bumps into Rio**

Milo: Good morning sunshine!

*Rio ignores him… he seems phased out*

Milo: Rio?
Rio (still looking sleepy): Oh its you..

Milo: Who else would it be, I am the only person that talks to you other than Mia.

*They walk inside. Front door.*

*Sitting in the classroom*

Milo: Are you ok? You look like you had a bad case of nightmares...

Rio: Yeah… I had a pre- *doesn´t finish sentence*

**Close-up of half of his face. He looks outside of the window, Male2 is standing outside, staring at him.**

*Rio looks at his hands, the cuts from the night before can be seen.*

Rio (looking frightened and in a rush): Listen. Yesterday I went on a walk to Alagan Valley. I know that we aren´t supposed to go there, but I heard a noise and suddenly these men – (doesn’t finish the sentence.)

*Male2 isn’t outside anymore*

Milo: You did what?! You know its extremely forbidden to-

Rio: I know but some guy was hurt, and he gave me a vial. Then this other guy showed up with a huge sword, so I ran.

*Milo has a look of confusion*

Rio: I fell down and the vial broke! (Next bubble “Now he’s outside!”)

Milo: Rio, you don’t make sense. There’s no one out there.

Rio: I saw him through the-

*The window breaks, and Male2 jumps in wielding a big sword.*

Male2: *yells in a strange language as he pushes one of the kids aside*

Rio (Surprised, as well as scared.): Look man, I broke the vial. (Next bubble “I’m sorry!”

*Male2 points the sword towards Rio.*
Male2 (angry): Leaper!

*Milo steps away*

Milo: Rio?!

**Scene change: Rio tries to escape by running down the stairs, but a big crowd is coming up, blocking the way.**

*Rio turns around, and runs up the opposite stairs, which lead to the roof*

**Scene change: School roof. Rio is trapped in the school’s roof.**

*Male2 rushes out.*

Male2: *Yells something in an unknown language*

Rio (frightened): I don’t understand, why does this happened to me?! I should have left!

*Male2 charges towards Rio and grabs his hand. *
*Male2 thrusts the sword into the ground as he says something in an unknown language*
*Rio pulls his arm away with all his might, and makes a run for it*
*Rio jumps off of the roof, trying to make it to the next building.*

**Scene change: Rio falling down.  He isn’t that far away from the next building**

Rio: Is this how it ends? My life… I wish I could have said goodbye... I'm sorry Mia, Milo...

*He makes a last stretch towards the edge, but doesn’t reach.*
*Rio’s body disappears (replaced by little dots) and reappears closer to the edge of the next building, he grabs on to it.*
*Rio (with a look of astonishment) looks back at Male2, who is raging, and has a look of confusion.*
*Milo appears on the roof of the building, and offers his hand to Rio*

Milo: Hurry!

*Rio grabs on to him, and climbs up*

Rio: Run!

*Male2 jumps, and barely reaches the roof of the second building. *
*They go down the stairs, bumping into an old man*
Old Man1: Hey, watch it!
*Background change: Alley. Both, Rio and Milo hide behind a square trashcan*
*Male2 keeps walking, and doesn’t notice them. A couple of tears can be seen coming from Rio´s right eye.*

**Camera: Half of Rio´s face, enough for the tear to be seen, and his hand covering his mouth to prevent sounds from coming out, and to see the man walk right past them.**

*Both kids stand up, and run towards the road, which is surrounded by a small Kiosk market on either side. A lot of people are walking around.*
Rio: He wants to kill me, I know it!

Milo: Lets go to the sky-port. Mia should be arriving soon, plus it should it packed with guards.

*Still walking through the market. Long distance camera: the sky-port can be seen in the distance.*

Rio: He called me a leaper… any idea what it is?

Milo: No, but I don’t think it is a good thing.

*They arrive at the entrance of the sky-port. Some guards check them, making sure they aren´t hiding any weapons.*
*They go through an elevator that takes them to the top floor*

Milo: You look that way, I’ll look this way.

*From Rio’s side, a young girl with red hair is struggling with her bags*

Rio: Found her…

Mia: Rio, Milo! (next bubble “Give me a hand with the bags!”)

*Milo throws a bag over his shoulder, so does Rio. Mia is left with a small purse.*

Mia (gliggling): Ain’t I lucky to have such manly men to help me out?

Milo: How was the trip?

Rio: The trip? A psycho is following me around, and you ask about her trip?!

Mia: What are you talking about?

Rio: Some guy is following around, with a huge sword. (next bubble: I almost died)

Mia: Wait, start from the beginning.

*Rio tells the story of how he broke the vial*

Mia: My dad works at the lab, maybe he can tell us about the liquid.

*They leave the sky-port, and make their way to the laboratory.*

*As they walk through the market* Rio: Wait, I’ll go get the shirt, maybe it hasn’t dried up.

*Scene of Rio looking for the shirt in his dirty room*

*Rio runs out, to meet with the others at the market. Male2 can be seen in the background, stalking them.*

Rio: Alright lets go.

*They arrive at the lab*

*Mia knocks on a door that leads to the main room.*

Mia: Dad?

*A door opens, and a man wearing a lab-gown comes out. He rushes to hug his daughter.*

Scientist1: Mia so nice to see you!

Mia: I was only away for one week!

Rio: Hi Mr. Hamilton!

Milo: Hi Mr. Hamilton, how’s the research going?

Mr.H: It’s going great, tha-

Mia: Dad we came because there’s something we want you to check out.

*Rio extends his hand, holding the shirt where the liquid spilled.*

Rio: I got handed a vial containing this strange liquid yesterday.

*Mr.H eyes open wide as he examines it*

Mr.H: Who gave you the vial?!

Rio (with a look of confusion, obviously lying.): Some strange man just randomly gave it to me.

Mr.H: Follow me, let’s go somewhere more private.

*They leave the corridor, and walks towards another room. Mr.Hamilton’s office. He locks the door.*

Mr.H: I know you’re lying Rio Black. (next bubble “No one could have given you this –randomly-.”)

Rio’s eyes open wide, knowing he had been discovered.

Mr.H: This is residue from the Great Flash, twenty-three years ago.

*Scenes from the explosion are showing.*

Mr.H: There wasn’t only one flash, there were multiple. Washington, Kyoto, Berlin, Ottawa, those were the place affected by the flash. It had a radius of one-thousand meters.

*Scene of the radius of the explosion above a city.*

Mr.H: The people that were in the center of the electromagnetic explosion were killed, and the ones that survived got affected by the radiation…

*Close-up of Mr.Hamilton’s face.*

Mr.H: Not even schools are allowed to teach this, so keep this in extreme secrecy!

*Scene of woman being held in labs, and several scientists performing tests on them.*

Mr.H: Some of the people that survived, mostly women, were affected by the radiation.

Mr.H: Mutations didn’t appear until it was too late to stop them, ethics didn’t permit us to do it…

*Scene of a baby in the womb, and another being born.*

Mr.H: The next generation of children, the sons and daughters of those women that survived the explosion… those were the ones that actually mutated.

*Scene of Mr.H along with the others.*

Mr.H: The law of particle travel states that a single particle can travel faster than a set.

Mr.H: The electromagnetic explosion severed the bond between particles, which is the reason of why the victims in the center didn’t survive.

Mr.H: Those who were far enough, produced an offspring that could control this particle mutation.

*Scene of some children, in the military, saluting their superior.*

Mr.H: Some are still being held in labs; others are used by the military of any of the three nations, others are lucky enough to live disguised as normal people.

*Rio’s eyes open wide as he Mr.Hamilton says the next sentence.*

Rio: Particle travel or leaping, that is how the mutation is called.

*A few screams are heard outside the room*

Mr.H (sighs):   What now…

*Close up of Mr.H’s face:  an expression of fright and confusion, as if he had seen death itself.*

*As he opens the door, he reveals a massacre. Bodies of multiple scientists are laying on the floor, dead. Blood is spilled as puddles across the floor, and a single shadow of a tall man holding a sword can be seen on the wall.*


If you have any comments, or suggestions, please reply! This is my first time writing a script, or a manga, so all help is welcomed with open arms!

Thanks for reading :) I'm sorry if its long, or bad, this is my first time ever writing a script... :S

PS: If it is good, I hope no one steals it... CUZ I WILL HUNT YOU DOWN!

I HOPE YOU ENJOY! (I will post the story-boards soon!)

I'm extremely new at creating manga, and I am learning "How to draw manga-style characters" as I draw a storyboard because I CANT WAIT ANY LONGEEER! The ideas are just fleshing out by themselves in my head, its like a  :ohmy: BOOOM! You get me?

Anyways, I am stuck at this decision: Should I completely outline my characters before I start drawing/writing the storyboard (idk if thats the name for manga outlines), or should I develop them as I write/draw?

Welcome Center / THE Crazycone reporting in! (New-newguy *nods*)
« on: September 11, 2013, 01:41:17 AM »
Hello MR!

This is my second time ever joining a forum with people that appreciate stories, as well as art. I really don’t know how to introduce myself; I was always bad at starting anything, from stories, to essays… even though my teachers would contradict me. As you may have noticed, I love using commas due to the fact that I like expressing pauses as I write. I found the site (MR) as I searched, and scavenged the forums at “myanimelist” for anything that may grab my interest; there I found out that I would love to live the experience of participating in a project along with other people. I like to draw, but for some reason I was always better at drawing landscapes during physics class, than drawing actual manga. I am an aspiring writer, and one day I will write a book in order to share my creativity and personal world with others; that is my dream.
Till then… as I said before… I would like to participate in an interactive online project. Since I love to write, design, role-play, create, and draw, I came under the conclusion that manga was the best choice till I felt ready to jump towards the platform of dreams.

I am always inspired, and capable of holding, and writing multiple stories (story, storylines, RP-story) at once. I proved this fact as I took over the community of each site I joined… specially World of Warcraft RP community (Long jump… I know, since it’s a RP-Gaming site). I do not plan to hold multiple stories at this moment, since I want to focus on one, and flesh it out completely, enough to finish it, and hopefully satisfy all readers.

My style:
  • Shounen
  • School (As a sub-tag/setting)
  • Fantasy (My favorite)
  • Romance (I combine it with all… I love to have romance in everything I write)
  • Mystery (I am always capable of keeping the reader intrigued)
  • Horror (Nothing beats the sudden appearance of the unknown, and un-expected)
  • Thriller

For some reason, right now I would love to write a steam-punk themed story… I am already working on a storyboard with this setting/theme. (Fantasy, Shounen, Battle, Super-power, Romance, Mystery… Initial setting: School? )

Before I end up messing up for whatever reason, I would like to let –everyone- know that I’ve never written manga before. I am capable of writing dialogue, and fleshing out a storyline, but I have trouble with small “bubbles”. I like to be descriptive whenever I write, so it is a challenge to write summaries as dialogues instead of first-person, second, or third person narration.

Regarding art: For the story I am planning, I would prefer a realistic anime-like style, than the cute chibi-like one. If there are any artist/s interested, we will be working with dirty sceneries full of fog, pollution, and dust, as well as barren battle-fields, and plenty of movements.

PS: I am picky with main characters… I want them to look cool.
PSS: Sorry for long post... but as I always say "If you are going to do something, it better be BIG!".

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