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Members Manga / Callesthe's panels, gags, and short comics.
« on: January 23, 2014, 11:49:37 AM »
Because I figured it would fit better here.

Here I'll post all my panel practice and one page- gags, short comics and the likes, as a means to practice paneling and toning.

Develop Your Story / My story
« on: January 05, 2014, 07:48:32 PM »
So, umm I got a great new idea for a story. I am thinking of making this a manga, but I need an artist who is willing to work for me for free now, but when the story becomes a success I am willing to pay half the profits ;;;)))

So my story is about a boy, named Jimmy. He's in a world where people dont accept the freedom of speech, and everything he writes gets destroyed by a robot, which is tailing him (later revealed this is the L.E.90 prototype) The robot can also vacuumize the air around Jimmy's head so there's no possibility for vibration in the air, making him slightly suffocate for a brief moment and cancelling out anything Jimmy wants to say. This leaves Jimmy unable to express himself.

We continue to follow the boy's struggles as he slowly but surely turns insane from not being able to say or write, or even pantomime whatever he wants to say. He then comes across a secret resistance group called Ognom Ytlas, which is planning a coup d'├ętat and to free any dissident from the evil L.E.90 robots.

Its in the near future, earth.

Plz tell me what u think :3

Develop Your Story / Callesthe's story project
« on: October 14, 2013, 03:43:39 PM »
So yeah, I do also write stuff. To be honest I'm quite scared of sharing my written texts, in any form. I'm not that confident in my writing skills at all. But I guess I should put this up to get some guidance to get it right..

The story is mainly scifi/fantasy mixture, and a soft touch of horror. Most of it will be tragedy.

Background: The apocalypse has already taken place, and the world has been restarted afresh. God created man again, but makes them closer to his image than before: creating Genesis, who can create, and later Exodus, the one who can destroy. Again (wont go in much detail atm), humanity gains a sin but this time, they keep their powers. This race is called the "ancient race".  Or so it is explained by the neo-bible.

After a long time there's mainly three races of sentient beings: humans, nyezari (ones inhabiting powers but have developed away from the original bloodline) and the ancient race, the latter of which the most powerful, and almost completely killed off because of that reason. The end of this big genocide is the start of year counting. So that's where we speak of year 0. Four of the ancient race still survive and are referred to as gods by the much less powerful humans.

The time when the story takes place, humans and the nyezari are at war, mainly because of land shortage. (wont go in much detail)

At the moment I'm working on a sidestory where the main character is a young boy, child of both nyezari and one of the ancient race, which has a lot of hate towards the humans (because of personal stuff). It's about how he, as a young teenager, tries to work his way up and gain more (political) power to destroy humanity. Yeah, he's an antihero. He is strong, analytical, smart and manipulative, but a sadistic loner who's unable to really get along with anyone, slowly losing himself in madness.

I hope to hear your thoughts.. if anything needs to be explained in more depth, please ask. I'd decided to keep this general as to not scare people too much with text walls ^^; Even though I'm a noob at writing, please don't refrain from pointing out everything that could use improvement or anything that you want to discuss. I'm very perfectionalistic especially on writing part, so I'd appreciate.

Comics and other Gallery / Callesthe's art studies
« on: August 11, 2013, 04:20:01 PM »
Because I was convinced that I should post my studies and gestures here as well, I make this topic here. Mainly anatomy studies, but you might sometimes find a practice on other subjects like enviros etc.

I hope you enjoy, that some of it might be helpful for others as well, and maybe give some critiques as well!

Lets start with stuff from today:


Short study on arms

Detailed gestures

20 quick gestures

The images used for reference. Nsfw; nudity.

Manga Art Gallery / Callesthe's drawings
« on: August 05, 2013, 06:10:15 PM »
So here i started my own art thread.. exciting O:
I hope you guys like and want to help me improve!

Filling with a few drawings I recently made (not intending to spam):

Welcome Center / hello!! Guess who's new here :D
« on: August 05, 2013, 05:18:53 PM »
Yes, it's me, the one who's so creative when coming up with topic names =.=

But hello, I'm Callesthe, and of course love (to draw) manga and occasionally write on my story.
Ehh.. I found the forum through google, since I wanted to become member of a new forum, to find a new community to become part of.

I'm currently 16 years old, and I draw for about 2 years now, if i don't count the big occasional art block gaps ^^;

I'm here to share drawings and maybe even my story one time.. and to see others'. I'll go make an art thread soon to show my work~ But i'm also here to improve, and maybe be helpful to others?

I hope this is a sufficient introduction, and if there's any questions just ask! I hope to enjoy being here c:

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