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Develop Your Story / Love: A curse~
« on: May 14, 2014, 01:53:17 AM »
A hopeless high school drop out, a struggling manga artist and completely invisible to the opposite sex. these are only a few ways of describing Arata Himura, but during a harvest festival, he buys a love charm said to "guarantee that your true love will be found!". After an unsuccessful day of wooing women, he attempts to return the charm to no avail. The store in which he bought it from seems to have vanished with no one who seems to remember anything about the store or the person who ran it. In a bitter rage, Arata tears the charm apart, from the torn charm bag comes a cherub~, an angle of love that gives Arata the curse of being irresistible to all women. Now he needs to find a way to break the curse of love bestowed upon him.


Writers note: ill be honest, writing this is not type priority to me, especially due to current events the idea of a romantic anything is kind of fair off in my mind. Ill get around to writing this after i finish a few chapters in my current works. if you like the idea its pretty much up for grabs at the moment.

Develop Your Story / Daughters Of Paradise
« on: May 10, 2014, 01:42:33 AM »
 A war is on the horizon, each nation is in a dangerous arms race against each other, lines were drawn, Alliances formed, and betrayed. Unfortunately, in the heat of war, one nation made their biggest blunder. While testing a new bio-chemical weapon on a peaceful, isolated island, now known as “paradise” a freak chain reaction occurred, as the bio-chemical spread throughout the island, the indigenous plants and wildlife thrived, though the natives of the island were left unaffected, or so it first appeared. In the years that followed, strange things were reported coming from the island, specifically, with the children native to the island. It was reported that all the female children born after the bio-chemicals was tested had glowing eyes, while most of the male children usually died upon birth or up to several months after. After this, the main land was flooded with reports of strange events from the island’s native children. As the war erupted, children from the island developed odd abilities such as telekinesis, precognition, levitation, telepathy, and the ability to communicate and manipulate plants and wildlife native to the island. However, these reports were left unchecked, at the end of the war, only 14 years later is that when these children of “paradise” come of age, they became unstable, which led to the “paradise” island massacre, nearly 1400 natives to the island were killed, many more immigrants, tourists, and other foreigners, leaving only the children born with glowing eyes to remain.

Years following the massacre and the war, the children of “paradise” have been harvested and their powers adapted for government use to “keep the peace”.  After years of testing, there are three absolutes known about the daughters of paradise.

1. Children of the island “paradise” will continue to be born asexually and continuously, the origin of these children remains unknown, they all appear at the ages 5-10

2. at the age of 16, children of Paradise Island are considered “feral”, it takes exactly 16 shots to kill a feral daughter, and for every year left alive after that point, it will require one more bullet to kill them.

3. As long as they are “adopted”, daughters can share curtain abilities with a human host.

To adopt a “daughter” the bond is two parts;

 A physical contract in which both the host and the daughter in question must offer a drop of blood for each year the contract is to be upheld. After a year, a drop of blood evaporates.

Secondly, a possessionary seal where each party of the contracts blood is sealed within a cherished possession of the other. The daughter cannot destroy this possession willingly, however the host may destroy the item given to him or her to end the contract with the daughter. As well as this, when a daughter is adopted, they are given a brace, at any time this brace can give up to 32 doses of highly potent nerve toxin which could kill the daughter at any time the host sees fit.

Daughters though widely disliked for their destructive power. However, they are used as Coadjutor for proctors in the Civil Enforcement agency (C.E.A) who are in charge of keeping the peace in civil and bordering nations. Also, the CEA is in charge of finding rouge or feral “daughters” and killing them. As “daughters” are seen as a major threat to the national security, if one is escapes the borders it could result in a mass genocide. Any “daughter” without a proctor, or without a brace, possessionary seal, or other seal is to be killed on sight. the CEA is also to seek out any new evidence of “daughters” being born, created artificially, or otherwise.

Concept: A new mysterious new threat has appeared, one which might bring about another war. A mysterious group of extremists called “The Kinn” have been killing CEA proctors and kidnapping or liberating “daughters” leaving us without a trace. This leads to mistrust within the newly joined union of nations as it is widely believed they are spies from bordering nations who are trying to get their hands on, and mass produce “daughters” for the reason of bringing war upon the now peaceful countries. As this is going on, civil rights activists for daughters riot against the CEA and its agents for its policies regarding “daughters” as tools of war, or weapons. As the world teeters on the edge of war once again, things seem only to become more cryptic and as more answers are revealed, even more questions surface.

ill be posting the first chapter soon, as well as maps and perhaps character designs.

so, i noticed today on my account that I've reached 98 posts (99 counting this one) and i was thinking of some way to celebrate, i was wondering if i could get some help and/or ideas from my fellow raiders, i was thinking to either start a new series/story or maybe put out a chapter on one of my existing scripts but im not sure, i dont want to be to inactive on the forum while im making this decision. So, any ideas of what i should do?

General Manga writer discussions / Done to death
« on: March 19, 2014, 03:31:25 PM »
by: white

i think there is an over saturation of curtain ideas and concepts which is flooding the main stream, these ideas are ussually used so not to resort on original thinking and rather leeching of the success of a previous concept, theme or idea. I realize an idea can be reimagined to create a new, original concept. But i believe that can only be done so many times before the original idea concept or theme becomes a deluted mess. So, in your optinion, what concepts, themes or ideas have been done to death?

Develop Your Story / Concept for "Fallen"
« on: March 19, 2014, 03:14:39 PM »
(UPDATE: ive eliminated the "angel vs. demon aspect as it has been over done, instead it is now more of a man vs. society story)


For the greatest crimes against their county, two boys have been expselled from their homeland. Unfortunantly, the world is much more hostile in a time of war, in this age of panic and rash Xenophobia and discrimination they are prosicuted as these two boys must find a way back home.

any comments? ideas? ect. that can help me this story off the ground?

age: 14
race: Asian-american


Manga Creations / Forevermore.
« on: March 14, 2014, 08:31:20 PM »
By: grey

Church of Saint Jacques, 1368
At the alter stand a priest over the two lovers and the aisle of people in attendance, the silence is broken by the sound of the bells twelfth toll.

Perenelle: “promise me we will be together”

Nicolas, grasping her outstretched hands with his own

Nicolas: “until death due we part, and then, we will have each other forevermore as we stroll through heaven’s gate”

Priest: “I now pronounce you, man and wife.”

5 Hours later…
Nicolas, sitting alone writing at his desk in the light of the sun setting in the west, in the bed behind him, lied Perenelle wrapped in bloody sheets of red, red like the red rose pedals scattered on her lifeless body.

“Dearest Nicolas, I wish not to have taken my own life…” Nicolas writes on a pale brown parchment “but I know our love was not true, I deceived you, tricked you into holy matrimony with the sole purpose to take my own life so that I might see heaven’s gate” a smile stretches from cheek to cheek as he continues to print these lies “I only hope my earthly riches ease your suffering. Do not weep; I will be at the gates of heaven where I shall wait for…”

A voice interrupts the sound of the pen against the parchment, in a honey sweet manner it spoke
Perenelle: “Come back to bed, Nicolas, my dearest.”

Nicolas’s face went pale as a single bead of sweat fell from his brow, as he slowly turned to face his lifeless lover who lies in a crimson pool. She jerked up in bed, almost as if she awoke from a deep sleep her body still in a bloody jumble of lesions and lacerations. Once again, she spoke with a joyous and honeyed voice.

Perenelle: “come to bed, and let us dream of the life we shall share”

Nicolas looks into the eyes of her mangled figure and utters anxiously

Nicolas: “y-yes dearest”

What has he done…?

Back in the halls of the Church of Saint Jacques, the priest prays for answers

The priest: “why…”
The priest grasping in his two outstretched hands was a large, silver knife. As he plunges this knife into his chest, as a small pool of blood form at his knees, staining his black robes, black like an onyx stone, black like his eyes that gaze into the infinitely black void above as he cries out in pain.

The priest: “why do you curse me so? What sin, so vile, have I done to have such a curse befallen me?”

The blood that ran like a stream from the knife that now impaled his chest seemed to trickle out, then, stop. The priest fell to the floor, but his prayers still rang through the aisles, his question rang much like the bell overhead. The sound of the tolling of the bells rang out throughout the country scape.

The priest: “One, two, and three… “

The sound of the bells echo in the mind of the priest “four, five, six” the pain washes over him, he skips a toll.

The priest: “Eight, nine… ten, only ten this time… “

The priest staggers to his feet, the knife lied on the floor, and the silver blades razors edge glimmered in the candle light. A glimpse of himself in the blade of the knife he went to-and-fro down the aisle until he broke into the streets through the tall, battered doors.

The priest: “why am I, a loyal subject of god, forbidden to see the glorious gates of heaven?”

His cry rang out, through the dark nothingness of the streets

The priest: “WHY?!?”

The priest’s eyes met a single glimmer of light, as a single white feather falls down before him.  A voice so calm, yet demanding broke out of the hollow darkness replacing it with a hot white light, a blinding white light, but the faint outline of an angelic figure was still evident.

The voice: “The pact between god and his subject has been defiled, and it was by your hand that this atrocity has come to pass, heed my words, for heaven nor hell may lay claim your soul less this act be rectified by your hand.”

The Priest: “and to what task might my hand play in the act in completing?”
His voice cracked with fear of the figure before him.

The voice: “The name of the all mighty, and his gifts have been used in vain, the boundary between man and god has become blurred and it was by your hand has this most sacred of borders have become distorted.”

The priest: “who? Who are those to break the mortal bonds of man? Who is so vain to wish such pain upon themselves?”

The light began to fade, back into the blurred figure until a flash of light was consumed by the utter darkness of the night.

Years pass…

Perenelle: “Nicholas, please bring me a glass of tea”

Nicholas, standing in the kitchen obeys the command submissively, almost automatically.

Nicholas: “yes, dearest”
As Nicholas pours the tea, he adds a generous amount of arsenic into the glass and serves the deadly brew to Perenelle, laying her bed with the local paper in hand.
Perenelle: “a new queen has just been crowned in England, This queen Victoria is supposedly going to bring in a new age”

Perenelle looks up to Nicholas, but Nicholas does not meet her gaze, instead, his sights dart out the window above the bed.

Nicholas: “that’s nice dearest”

Perenelle takes a long sip from the pale white glass cup of tea. A long sigh followed as she returns the glass the nightstand beside her.  The glass rested upon the nightstand, the room with an almost deathly stillness. Perenelles’ gaze finally met by Nicholas’s cold, blank expressions, he tries to resist but he could not help but grin at his devious act. As Perenelles body begins to spasm, her mouth foaming and her eyes turning a milky white as the life drains from her face. Nicholas turns away from her and lets out a sigh in relief.

Nicholas: “over… it’s finally over”

But as Nicholas leaves the bedroom a voice rings out that halts him; it spoke in a honey sweet manner it said.


His head jerks back to pale body of Perenelle, the sound of a pin could be heard echo through the halls but the silence ended by the sound of beating, beating… the heart of Perenelles heart beats steadily, the sound pounded in the Nicholas’s head. 

Perenelle: “Nicholas please brew me another kettle of this delicious tea, it is absolutely divine”

Perenelle extends a cold lifeless arm and, in the outstretched hand, held the pale white glass cup. Nicholas

quickly swipes the pale white cup from Perenelles cold, lifeless arm with disgust.

Nicholas: “dearest, why won’t you die?”

Perenelle: “do you remember what you said to me, on our wedding day, do you remember?”

Nicholas’s glaring down at Perenelle, his eyes like daggers and still, Perenelle stares and with a smile, repeats.

Perenelle: “do you remember?”

Nicholas: “yes”

Nicholas replies with a grunt, disgusted by how calm Perenelle spoke to him.

Perenelle: “until death due we part, and then, we will have each other forevermore as we stroll through heaven’s gate, im going to keep you to your word, Nicholas, dearest.”

Nicholas’s glare softened to a horrified stare of disbelief.

Perenelle: ”we will be together forever.”

Nicholas scampers away like a dog with a vengeful master. He runs to the kitchen and grabs the kettle atop the stove and pours a glass. Franticly, he swallows the deadly beverage and falls to his knees. As the world around him begins to fade into darkness, and his body begins to sway between consciousness and the bitter-sweet end. However, before his sight finally fails and his body begins to spasm, his mouth begins to foam, the last thing he sees is the sight of Perenelle standing over him and, in her honey sweet manner

Perenelle: “good night Nicholas, my love, I will see you in the morning.”

And just then, Nicholas’s world turns black. The next morning, Nicholas awoke beside Perenelle, who nuzzled herself beside his still aching body. Her warm, silky skin against his own, he looks down at Perenelles sleeping form and mutters under his breath

Nicholas: “still alive… “

Around the same time, in the Britain empire

The priest is hunched over his desk, inkwell by his side.” It is now June 25th 1837, I near the quincentenary of my years on this earth, I have seen everyone I’ve loved pass on, ascend to the heavenly gates. Though I know it a sin, I mustn’t claim to be envious of them. I have, since meeting the angel, searched for the sinners who crossed the border between man and god with success. I have seen each faithful follower of my church expire; my church, my nation, my friends, I watch as they all experience what I so greatly sought after. “
The priest looks up, upon the gold cross that shimmers as the suns ray glimmer and glisten, a single white feather fall down upon the priest’s desk. The arched, angelic figures glare landed on the hunched priest.  The voice resonated with the toll of the tolling church bell, the priest laughed.

The priest: “the angel of Saint James, is this the mind of a hoary, tortured man that conceive such things? I plead with you, Angel; pester me no longer with this promise of venturing beyond this existence and attaining what is so sought out by those who are neither man nor god.”

Saint James: “though not of the same blood of man, you are hardly god.”
The priest jolts up in anger his arm slam down in protest.

The priest: “Then what am i?! Am I a mere plaything for the all mighty? What hand do I play so great that im denied my mortal right?”

Saint James: “you do not ask, you are, and it is all simply means to an end”

The priest: “to what ends? To what great role do I play?”

Saint James: “that is yet to be seen.”

~End of chapter 1~

Develop Your Story / Cleaning out the closet
« on: November 02, 2013, 10:32:08 PM »
so ive had ALOT of ideas lately, but not complete concepts mostly just ideas for characters and setting and such, but i cannot think of anyway of incorporating them into my current projects, so im dumping them here, feel free to use them as you wish.
(i hope these are not suppose to be in the free plot section, if so im sorry)

Daichi Ogonogaki and OPERA- Daichi is a loudmouth, smart ass, delinquent type who wears his mind on his sleeve, he pilots a mech named OPERA, a sound based Mech that can manipulate sound waves

Citadel City- a city completely submerged by water, the pressure makes it almost inescapable, the only way in and out of the city is by Light Rail car, but the power necessary to make  the light rail car run produces a huge beacon of light that illumination is visible even at the shore.

Paradise island- a man made island built over the portal to hell. demons of hell and even servants of extracelestial deities appear to this island to syphon energy for the core of the island, which happens to be built under the church of Reyals, and the servants of the church, Reyals' Dogs.

ill post more as i come up with more, if you like one ill be happy to give it to you.

Develop Your Story / Drop it or Crop it? (Debiru shonen )
« on: October 21, 2013, 10:54:31 PM »
so I've had this idea for a little while, its kinda like a mix of Blue exorcist and Burn but with a naruto-ish theme and i was wondering, should i drop this story and give it to someone else? or maybe just crop parts of the idea out?

its about a boy who is raised in a small village that has been untouched by time. The boys father is the high priest of the city, and raises the boy in the traditions and rituals of the church. However, at the age of 13 the boy is brought to the temple of the village by his father. Then, his father and his fellow villagers use a ritual to reawaken the great evil, Satan. The ritual works, but at a cost; All the villagers including the boys father are burned to death and killed.

The boy fights off Satan possession and seals him within himself. Now, the boy is the soul survivor of the village, however he is also the vessel to the greatest evil in the world. as he wonders what his next move should be, Satan begins to speak "you must do the work of the devil, spread evil and misfortune on others. Inherit my power and become invincible."  the boy rejects the offer and heads to the nearest village, however upon arriving at the village all the villagers run in fear, and the deity that protects the village is summoned and attacks the boy, he has no choice, he makes a pact with the devil and inherits the power of Satan, with it he kills the deity.

throughout his journey, the boy will have to face the protective deities in each village he reaches, as well as fend off the holy crusaders as they hunt the boy down. But he is determined to find a way to break the curse and free himself from the devil, and send him back to hell.

General Discussion / Where do i start to become a manga artist?
« on: October 12, 2013, 02:58:04 AM »
so, ive been practicing my sketches allot of late, and i've done some research and i think i might wanna try doing a manga. However, i don't want to work on someone elses story, im afraid that i'm not good enough for that yet. But what is in between sketches and illustrating a manga?

Suggestions And Feedback / changing someones comment wait.. wtf?
« on: September 29, 2013, 01:51:06 AM »
so, i was reading a topic and i read my reply and i thought i could change it. Anyway, i clicked modify but forgot its set to log out after 60 minutes so i had to log back in. after logging back it allowed me to not only change my comments but other peoples reply as well.

anyways.. you may wanna fix that before someone has some thought they would like to express through another reply.

Manga Creations / it's just you and me, may queen
« on: September 28, 2013, 03:06:18 AM »
Station and the ringing is heard, advising passengers to board. I Examine each faceless figure enter the train counting each of them off as they pass

"92, 93, 94...”

 such an annoying habit, but what else is there to do? From my little perch, I can oversee the entire station at work. However this part of the city is always so dreary and grey; the tile walls are of faded blue, I counted them all, “42,874” That’s the number of tiles that can be counted from my roost; “such a colorless world...” however, at that the moment the words escaped my lips: a glance across the room, an exchange of glances from a girl passing by.

“Who is she?”

examining her appearance, she was obviously not from around here. The girl stares at me, studying me as if I was a sight to behold; when in reality I was rather average for someone of my age. She begins to approach me but I back away, each step she moved towards me I took back one back; it was almost as if we were dancing.

Eventually, I find myself against a wall. Our game of cat and mouse concluded the girl outstretches a hand, in her grip, a red balloon. Her voice was like silk “here" she said "I thought maybe you would like a balloon" taking the balloon

my reply was timid "th- thanks... you...”

she smiled, I've never yet seen something so beautiful as her smile. With a kiss on the cheek, she leaves as quickly as she came, a young girl with a red balloon off to ride the train; I held my cheek in which she kissed with my hand and watched her from her window as her train departs. My face bright red I wave goodbye to her and as I do I hear a familiar sound from the stairs that lead to the surface streets.  It was the sound of a police force as they enter the train station platform in a single file line; I knew this sound from the long standing scraps I had with my father years past. the head officer, dressed in blue and gold trimming dispersed the crowded train station and came to me and stood at attention "good boy" he said authoritatively, " I do hope you are staying out of trouble with your father, yes?" my reply was a nod as I turn away. Immediately I felt a force against my skull, it was the officer hitting me with his baton "and there will be no more trouble out of you!" he said "now, to the matter at hand" the officer holds out a parchment which read


For the crime of treason, arson, theft, counterfeiting, assault, and conspiracy,

Wendelin Abernancy A.K.A the May Queen, wanted dead or alive for the sum of 40 grams.

I was petrified; the picture was of the woman who, only moment ago was sweet on him, now a wanted criminal. "Well?" the officer spoke more abruptly then before.

"I... I don’t know this girl... Never met her" I lied through my teeth, however with my past the officers would look for any reason to incarcerate me.

The officer examined my face for any form of expression. “Very well” the officer said, he turned away and began walking to the top step of the stone stairs leading to the streets. It was the only way out,  “attention!” his voice echoed against the tiled walls, “any and all information leading to the capture of this girl shall be reported to me, anyone seen with this criminal will be charged to the full extent of the law.” He looks down at me, my head down hoping not to be noticed “and, anyone submitting false statements, obstructing justice or is thought to be conspiring with this felon will be detained; that is all.” Detained, in other words executed on the spot.  I looked around the crowed station and all around me I saw expressions of anger and despite towards the officers.

“Fifthly bilge rats, pigs of the army”

 I spoke under my breath as the officers began to leave, but as the officer began ascending up the stairway, a single glass bottle flew overhead and struck beside one of the patrolling officer’s feet. An eruption of gasp and ah arose from the crowded station, a lone voice cried out “We are sick of the oppression! Let us, the people be free!” heads turned to catch a glimpse of this outspoken profit “We should not fear the government!” he continued “Rather, the government should fear us, the people!” Bitter sweet words, quickly the patrolmen turn and the crowd around the profit departs to either side. It was a man, no older then forty, his arms were wrapped around his two young daughters. The Head officer approached him, “Sir” he spoke calmly “we act only in the best interest of the people during such a terrible time. Who are you to say that we do not act on the word of god?” The man replied “if it was god who sent you, then truly a vengeful and unjust god does exist.” The officer stood for a moment, searching for a response, then he spoke “are you to say” his voice became cross “there is no god?” The man looked into the officers eyes “aye, though I do believe in the devil, after seeing such pathetic a creature as you” the man spat in the officers face.  The officer turned to his two patrolmen and gave a gesture, both patrolmen opened fire upon the man. “Attention!” the head officer said “what you have all witnessed was the just execution of one of the may queens accomplices, wanted for three counts of murder and as you all know. Murder is a crime punishable by death.” The body of the man lied upon the floor, his two young daughters standing heel high in his blood, “that is all” the officer said and turned to walk away.


 I cried out, the officer turned once again toward me “what is it? Have you something to confess?”
I was no longer in control of my actions, autonomously

“what of the children?”

The officer paused for a moment “and what of the children?” he spoke, his voice now uncaring.

“the law states that if a felony is executed with kin, the orphans will be taken in by the commanding officer until a new home is located”

I spoke with passion, I felt the crowd rally behind me in silence.  “Very well” the officer said and sent his two patrolmen to gather the children standing over their father’s corpse.  “if that is all,” the officer said as he left “then I shall be taking my leave of this disgusting hole” after the patrolmen had left went back to standing in the corner perched up over the station and began again to count the people’s heads as past of course subtracting three from the total. A short time past and the trains began to run again; finally I was able to board. Though not much better from the station, the train at least had televised entertainment. As I sat there watching the brain numbing pictures, Central Broadcasting network spewing wartime propaganda to inspire fear into the hearts of its citizens. Looking around, I notice all the people entranced by the flashing images

“What idiots, following the words of the army”

 I spoke in hush tones; however I think I wanted someone to hear, someone to reassure me that someone, anyone was still willing to fight. But just then, a tight grip on my shoulder pulling my back, brought face to face with an old man, dressed in worn faded grey patch cloth. “It best holds its tongue, rather than getting uncivilized” his speech was slurred with a heavy accent, and reeked of cheep liquor, obviously he was from the north. “I saw you” he continued, “I saw you with that girl, the one from t’pictures that officer been waving ‘round” my heart sank into my chest and my breath became labored. “d’worry, we be much the same” the odor lingered with each word, it was unbearable. However, my curiosity was peeked

“Are you to say I am the same as some northerner?”

 I spoke with as much respect as I had towards the elderly man who stood before me. “T’man at the station,” turning away, looking at the window; watching the tiles speed by. “Do you know why that man spoke out against t’government?”

I replied “im not query as to why the man out spoke, as any citizen would know the consequences”  “T’mans’ name was Alexander Mondale; he was once a bishop of high regard in the north. He spread goodwill to the unfortunate. But unfortunately his wife was sold as a slave living him with two young daughters to look after here, in the east. The weather is cold here, and work is scarce.” I studied his words but to no avail,

 “then why would he go and get himself killed like that?”

were the only sensical utterance I could come up with. “Because, he was unable to provide for his two young daughters, though they be monster, T’army would never endanger a child “ a sad truth,
“what does this have to do with me?”

I spoke impatiently. However, the man seemed aloof to reply. I began to leave when I felt the familiar tight grip on my shoulder, “y’save ‘em girls, that’s why I don’t report you to the central enforcement office” he finally said. I was stunned, and the man continued“ an act of righteousness must be rewarded” and a crooked smile stretched across his face. 

Manga Writers wanted / Artist looking for a writer! help please!
« on: September 26, 2013, 04:25:20 PM »
im looking for someone to help me write a story for two characters i created,

Clothes:farmers clothing, rags, and a cloak
Hair:curly and short
Personality:happy-go-lucky, rather timid
Built:short and slim,

She is the last of the Sheep after the Wolf tribe raided and pilaged there clan 100 years ago, she wishes to leave the Greyisles to go north in hope of finding a fabled sheep tribe on the outskirts of the known world.

Hair:long, rather spikey and unruley
Built: tall and muscular

Zwolf, the prince of the wolf tribe, though his father created a legacy that he cannot live up to. after his fathers passing, he becomes the king of a dying people. The wolf tribe begins to starve and become weak and few in number, other tribes have began attacking the wolf tribe, he is determained to save his people and live up to the legacy his father left behind

ive drawn maps and character pages that ill put up if youre intrested, PM me, im really hoping for this to be a fantasy/action kind of manga but im flexable

Develop Your Story / it's just you and me, may queen (moved)
« on: September 25, 2013, 04:27:10 PM »

i found chapter 1 on my desktop! i moved it into manga creations

i guess ill work on it when i have a chance but it may be a few weeks in the making.

Develop Your Story / Web series (i haven't thought of a title yet, sorry)
« on: September 24, 2013, 12:23:58 AM »
so, i don't know if this is in the right place but, i suppose if it isn't then someone will correct me. sorry in advance.

anyways.. im working on a web comic, it follows a freshmen in high school and his *imaginary friend who gets him in trouble.

*Alex imagined him when he was very young as someone to play with and blame when mischief occurs, but in his teenage years, the so called "imaginary friend" seems to be able to interact with objects, interact with people (mainly Alex) and effect animal behavior (especially cats, he hates cats)

Meet the gang!

Alex Garrison - an "average" teenager with a problem, an *imaginary friend who likes to make trouble for him whenever he is able.

Zer0 - a long time companion of Alex, imagined when Alex was very young he follows him almost everywhere spreading havoc where ever he goes.

Marry Ann - the new girl to the block, shes smart, cute, popular and completely out of Alex's league. or is she?

Sora- Marry Anns' cat, he and zero do not see eye to eye

there are other lesser characters but you get the idea, anyways i may post them on MR if i can. But what i need is help with writing the pilot and a title, other then that, i have a pretty good idea of what im doing
please PM me if you wanna help

Music / Whatcha recommend?
« on: September 24, 2013, 12:05:47 AM »
i was suggested lemon demon by a writer on here, so i was wondering what's a good band and what is their top 5 best songs?

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