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Manga Creations / The Two Kings (Short Story)
« on: July 10, 2017, 08:14:48 PM »
So a little background on this story was that it was a drama for an assignment I was supposed to write. When it was read out loud in front of the class I got many laughs so hopefully you all will enjoy it too. It might not be pure manga format but I see it as close enough. (Just so you know I am not a smoker and do not condone the use of marijuana in where it is illegal; it is used here purely for comedic effect).

Scene: Two seventeen-year-olds friends, James and Charley, walk into James’ room with their backpacks on. The room is pretty small, with a bed on the far side near a shaded window, with a nightstand beside it with a lamp on top. Other than a dresser on the left side of the room and a trashcan near the doorway, there isn’t much else.

JAMES (sitting down on the bed). So, I got a quarter ounce the other day, and I already got a joint rolled. Wanna just light it up?

CHARLES (sitting down against the wall near the bed). That’d be awesome, I’ve been needing this all day.

JAMES (opening the drawer of his nightstand). Here we go, you have a lighter on you?

CHARLES (handing him a lighter).  Here, hurry up and get it lit.

(James lights the joint and lets it burn for a few seconds, then deeply inhales it. At this point, I third character walks into the room. He looks to be around his thirties, with a business suit on. He goes into the corner and stares at the two stoners patiently).

JAMES (passing the joint to Charles). That’s the stuff, Jerry sure makes the stuff good.

CHARLES (after taking a hit of the joint). I can’t believe ya found such a good dealer. What was his price again?

JAMES. (showing a ziplock bag about half-full of weed) The guy’s a saint, I got this all for fifty bucks.

CHARLES. Damn, ya can’t be serious.  I can’t find anybody who’d sell a quarter for less than seventy bucks.

JAMES. Jerry is a good buddy of mine, he gives me discounts, heh.

(Charles, who has a look of admiration on his face, takes another hit).

JAMES. Ok dude, pass it on back now.

(James and Charles proceed to pass around the joint for a couple more minutes in silence).

JAMES. You know, I was doing some thinking in the shower yesterday. Have you ever, like, felt like you aren’t in control of what you do?


JAMES. Imagine, that like, someone else is controlling what you do.

CHARLES. Oh yeah, I felt that. My life wouldn’t be so stupid if it weren’t like that.

JAMES. But like, what if we were something a writer wrote. Like characters in a book?

CHARLES. That’d be weird.

(Suddenly the man in a suit comes up and closes the nightstand’s drawer shut. After that, he returns to his spot in the corner).

JAMES (staring inquisitively at the nightstand). Yeah… that totally would be.

CHARLES (throwing the finished joint into the trashcan). Do ya have an ashtray?

JAMES. (opening the nightstand’s drawer again) Yeah, it’s right here.

CHARLES. Could ya roll another one?

JAMES (grabbing materials from within the nightstand). Yeah sure. Anyways, as I was talking about before. I was thinking that, not just me, but we’re all just people someone has in their story. We’re all just here to appease some reader that we have no idea exists. Maybe we’re in some popular book that a lot of people have read.

CHARLES. Like Harry Potter?

JAMES. Exactly like that.

(Suddenly, the man in a suit looks at the pair with a look of annoyance and walks up to the nightstand, closing the drawer shut again, this time with a little more force, and then returning once again to the corner).

JAMES (now looking at the drawer with annoyance while still finishing up the joint). Could you please stop closing the drawer? I’m still using it.

CHARLES (looks at James with a puzzled look) What? I didn’t touch it.

JAMES (sighing while lighting up the new joint in-hand) Whatever, I finished this one, now we just have to light it up.

(James and Charles start smoking the new joint, passing it back and forth).

JAMES. I still can’t shake off the feeling of being a storybook character. It’s seriously spooky.

CHARLES. Maybe that’s, like, how you’re supposed to feel?

JAMES. Oh, that would make sense.

CHARLES. How does our universe work then? I mean, I can feel the joint in my hand, and how crazy ya feel after taking a few hits.

JAMES. That makes sense. Think about anything outside my room. Like, we can’t see it, but we know it’s all there. Like our school, or maybe the In-N-Out down the street.

CHARLES. It’d be nice if our school didn’t actually exist.

(Suddenly, the man in a suit shakes his head, and goes around to shut the nightstand with intense force, and then to the dresser, opening all of the drawers there too. He then returns to his spot, enjoying their reactions. Both James and Charles stare at the dresser in disbelief for a brief moment).

CHARLES. So, uuh. What?

JAMES. Yeah, no. What just happened?

CHARLES. Maybe we’re too high now.

JAMES. Damn right we are!

CHARLES. Like, I just realized, what about outside of our world?

JAMES. Planets and stuff?

CHARLES. Planets and stuff. We, like, hear new things about the universe on the internet all the time. Does the writer think those up too?

JAMES. I don’t think so, why should the writer care about astrological stuff?

CHARLES. Who’s the writer?

JAMES (replying after pausing a moment) Wow, that’s such a good question.

CHARLES. Definitely a woman for starters.

(The man in a suit looks at Charles in surprise).

JAMES. Why should he be a woman?

CHARLES. Because women are, like, better at writing drama.

JAMES. But not everything that people write is drama.

CHARLES. The person who Harry Potter was a woman.

JAMES. Touché. I do feel like our writer would probably be some fat guy though.

(The man in a suit places his hand over his face in disbelief).

CHARLES. But why?

JAMES. Who writes about people smoking pot?

CHARLES. Touché right back at’cha.

(Suddenly, the man goes to the lamp on the nightstand and pushes it over, hitting Charles in the head).

CHARLES (rubbing his head). Why’d ya do that?

JAMES (after taking a huge hit from the joint). Do what?

CHARLES (staring angrily at James). Ya dropped the lamp on my head!

JAMES (staring at the lamp on the floor). Oh, did I do that? Sorry, I guess I’m in it a bit too deep.

CHARLES (groaning). Just pass it back now.

JAMES. I’ve been thinking now though, hasn’t some weird stuff been happening?

CHARLES. Like how you’re a total douche?

JAMES. Besides that, but what if maybe our talk is angering the writer?

CHARLES. James, I’m high right now and I, like, still think that’s a bogus idea.

(Suddenly, the man pushes the dresser over, the rolls the window shades up, and then the entire room shakes a little. After the shaking stop, James and Charles and the man in a suit silently stare at each other in silence, total shock stuck on their faces).

JAMES (taking a look at the joint he’s holding) Ok then.

CHARLES (also looking at the joint) That’s never happened before.

(The man in a suit, still shocked by the earthquake, goes up to James and takes the joint, taking a huge hit from it, after that he returns it to James and heads out of the room, seemingly depressed).

CHARLES (still staring at the joint). That’s a cool trick dude, ya need to teach me that!

JAMES. Uh, yeah. I don’t even know how I did it.

(The two continue to smoke as the curtains closes).

General Manga writer discussions / Briggs Myer's Personality Chart
« on: April 22, 2015, 03:26:59 PM »
So a short time ago I found this very interesting chart named the Briggs Myer's Chart. I looked at it and thought it might be VERY useful  tool for deciding on how your character's will react to certain situations or which choices they will make.


I'm sort of presenting this because I wanted to be able to perhaps help some people come up with more realistic characters and make their personalities more consistent. Of course this chart is 100% true, but I find it very helpful.

I would also like to hear how some of you decide on how your character behaves.

break Room / What's New?
« on: April 20, 2015, 04:37:02 PM »
I know it's probable that no one remembers me, but I am a bit curious on what I have missed for the last half-year during my absence. Like anything that might be of importance and such.

So yeah, I'll try to get more active again, need to start writing some real stuff. I feel these forums are worth it. >.<

Music / A song I found hidden in my computer.
« on: March 16, 2014, 08:13:07 AM »
Well... I found this song I made a few years ago and I found it interesting.


Manga Writer workshop / Starting to write in "Manga" format. Help?
« on: March 14, 2014, 06:10:44 PM »
Well, I wanted to apply for a creative group named the Salty Mango. I originally started writing in prose to apply with the material, until I found out that I had misunderstood the requirements for applications, which happened to be that the material to be presented had to be a script for a manga, which is similar to writing a drama script.

I was given an example of this format, but I am having a bit of trouble deciding how to start things out. Any advice on how to write in this kind of format? I am too used to prose, but i will try nevertheless.

So pretty much all I am asking for is advice on how to write a manga. Just so I don't miss anything. >.<

Oh and perhaps someone could meet me on skype to take a look on my sort of way of writing a manga.

FanFics / Pokemon Emerald Nuzlocke Challenge (a short story)
« on: November 24, 2013, 04:43:31 PM »
Well, I am having fun in an Emerald Nuzlocke challenge, and i just thought I would try out writing it as a short story in 3rd person narrative. Give me your thoughts and anything you saw in my writing.

Oh, and if this is in the wrong section, then someone please change, I couldn't decide if this should be here on the forums at all, but where else would it be?

Sehr danke!

Part 1:

  One day a boy named Wos decided to start his very first Emerald Nuzlocke after reading the hilarious Nozlocke Challenge Comics. He started right off the bat with a Torchic, whom he named Toast, as he was a tad hungry at the time, and Toast just sounded fitting.
  He first headed straight for Oldale Town, and made it there without any trouble, and the first thing he did was what every new trainer does when they get there: acquire the free potion from the nice marketlady. He also went and bought a few antidotes, as he has heard the stories about the poison death.
  Wos then tried to go up to Route 103 to challenge his rival, May, but what welcomed him instead was his very first encounter on the route, which  was a Wingull. He could not believe his monstrous luck for finding such a strong pokemon to use against the first gym, but alas, he had not yet obtained any pokeballs yet.
  He actually almost lost the challenge because he forgot that Wingull kicks Torchic’s butt (Torchic also had a Sassy nature, which gave it less than average speed, plus the fact that Wingull had to bet the freaking long lost son of Sonic), so Wingull went all Predator on poor Torchic, but luckily for Wos, he still had his free potion from the nice marketlady, and the Wingull was vanquished.
  After a quick trip the the Center, Wos returned to defeat May, and defeat her he did. He then went to get his pokedex and returned to route 101 to catch his very first pokemon, which turned out to be a wurmple. He named the wurmple Mr.Slithers, and went up to Route 103 again, and to his surprise, another Wingull came out of the bushes first. This time he caught  it without any problems, and went back to Oldale Town. 
  Brushing past that one dult who kept us waiting while he drew his own footprints, Wos went to route 102, where he caught a Poochyena using Mr.Slithers, and called him doggy. Unfortunately he had poisoned doggy with Mr.Slithers, and doggy died on the way to the Center because Wos was in full derp mode and forgot that he had bought extra antidotes for such an occasion.
  As he despaired for his dead pokemon, he finally manned up and released him up to heaven, praying for its forgiveness for his stupidity, and went on to Petalburg, where pretty much nothing happened other than giving Wally that one Ralts. He then went forth to route 104, where he was greeted with a Marril. This was exactly the pokemon he wanted! He caught it easily and forgot to nickname it…
  So he restarted the game, which put him right after doggy’s death, and went through the ordeal of helping Wally get his pokemon. On Route 104 he finds himself another Marril, and caught it easily again. This time he did not remember to nickna-. Lesson of the day: do not spam the B button after catching a pokemon.
  Once again he restarted and went through the grueling trial of helping  Wally get his stupid pokemon, and for the third time he went  to 103 and caught the Marril, who seems to just like coming first on this route. Making sure to nickname it, he named it Marriland, since he just loved Marriland from youtube, and he remembered how much Marriland wanted a Marill on this route.
  When he arrived in Petalburg Woods, his first encounter there was a Shroomish, and he caught and named it Pablo, because he couldn’t think of anything else. On through Petalburg woods, he saved that one guy from a Team Aqua grunt, and went through the forest without a problem at all. Except that Mr.Slithers  evolved into a Dustox now, so he was sort of happy for that. On the other side of Route 104, more nothing happens, and he headed straight for Rustboro city.
  Once he arrived, he went through the ritual of going around the entire town talking to every. Single. Person. Which only got him a premier ball, the HM cut, a quickclaw, and other less important items. As his pokemon are only around lvl 12, he decided to go up to Route 116 to train up a bit, and catch a few more pokemon.
  Up there in training, he caught a small Whismur (which he also forgot to nickname but just said forget it, this is all taking too much time) and found an extremely awesome Taillow, whom he called Mach. The special thing about Taillow was that it had an adamant nature (which means his attack was boosted while his special attack was lowered). He was proud of Mach, but that didn’t mean he used it in the gym match, which he had won almost in an instant with 2 water types, a grass, and a fighting type (which was Toast because he evolved).
  After saving that one guy from the grunt again, he went on his way to Dewford town with the help of old man Briney. Now Wos got a bit nervous here, as he had heard of a lot of teams who had met their doom to Dewford’s gym leader: Brawly. So he went up to Granite Cave to deliver that letter and caught a Mahukita there, whom he names Quake just to get it over with. When he reaches the gym, he prepareed himself for a tough battle. Then an idea occured to him. Why not just use Marriland (who had evolved) and just use rollout? He used the technique and got himself an easy win within a minute. So much for that.

break Room / Story RPG Forums, anyone interested?
« on: September 21, 2013, 03:00:02 PM »
Well, I made these forums for the use of rpg's. (ever since I found out that they are banned here, I became sad)

So yeah, I am currently working (slowly) on my own rpg thing, but if anyone has an unfinished rpg, or wants to start one, you can use this.

Did I mention we have a chat?


General Manga writer discussions / Favorite Stories in MR
« on: September 20, 2013, 02:59:27 PM »
IDK, making this thread purely out of boredom, and I want to see what goodies I've missed in the forums.

So what is your favorite (It can be actual manga with the pictures I guess but I would prefer texts) story and why?

Or just out of interest on what people like...

break Room / Finished Reading The Hungry City Chronicles yesterday.
« on: August 19, 2013, 04:36:33 AM »
I have never read a better constructed story in my LIFE.

Jeeze I loved these books so much, the characters were very well done, not much in terms of cheeziness, and the ending was an ACTUAL ending, and not some kind of awkward closing that seems a little fitting.

I can confidently say this book series has become my all time fave in terms of enjoyment!

Anyone know what I am talking about? xD

Develop Your Story / WoS' Wacky Dreamvault
« on: July 14, 2013, 04:07:20 PM »
Well, my dreams are invading again. So I thought I would write the ideas down and store them here on these forums for your enjoyment. I probably will use these stories one time or another, but for now they will stay here as ideas for the future. Tell me what you think of them and if you think they could turn out as good stories! (I'm also experimenting on a new format, so tell me what you think of it)

Here's my first story, which is named "The Rube Brothers". Enjoy.

    The town of Rosemary was a peaceful one. It was in a small valley, surrounded by lush green forests. It had a small river running through it, and the sun was high in the sky, shining brilliantly upon the tiny town.
   Darrel and Mark stared with pride at their new home. It was a two-story house made entirely made out of wood, which came surprisingly cheap for its somewhat large size.
   “Wow wee! We sure found a great pearl in this town eh Darebear?”
   Darrel rubbed his furry muzzle in interest, “Well, sure. Now we just have to find out why it came at such a cheap price.”
   Mark ignored this comment, dropped his umbrella, and charged into the inside. He stared at the huge room, which was pretty much the entire first floor, with the stairs at the far back.
   “This… is… awesome! It’s got such a cold homely feeling to it!”
   Darrel joined him inside and gave him his umbrella, “If you call big empty rooms homely, then I guess so.” He ventured towards the stairs to check the second floor.
   Mark ran back outside to their carriage. He was about to go in it when he noticed someone walking towards him. He turned in that direction and saw something that almost made him melt. The most gorgeous girl he had ever seen was waking towards him. Her beautiful flowing blonde, almost gold, hair waving in the wind.
   “Hello!” he shouted at her while waving.
   She seemed to be startled by the enthusiastic greeting smiling warmly, “Hello neighbor!” She called as enthusiastically as she could.
   He walked up to her, “Soooo, you’re our neighbor, eh? Um… That’s cool that we could get such a cute girl like you!”
   She blushed, “Oh stop it! I just came to welcome my two new neighbors to the neighborhood. I, er, I made a pie this morning, a-and I thought you might like it. My name’s Heather anyways.”
   Mark brushed his sweaty white hair out of his eyes, and realized he left his umbrella inside the house, “I’m Mark,” Darrel came out of the house with the umbrella, “And that’s my brother Darrel. We’re the Rube brothers.”
   Heather stared, wide eyed, at the beast, which had came out of the house, “It’s a b-b-b-bear!” She dropped the pie, which spilled all over the ground with a plop.
   Darrel came over and handed Mark the umbrella, “Well, technically I’m a panda, but I prefer it if you called me Darrel.” He noticed the splattered pie on the ground, “Was that pie for us? Pity.”
   Heather continued to stare in the astonishment at the towering panda, which had just talked to her, “When, where, wha-…” She coughed to recompose herself, “I’m sorry, let me try again. Hi Darrel, my name’s Heather, your new next-door neighbor.” She reached out her hand shakily.
   The panda grasped her hand with his paw, which, to Heather’s surprise, was very hot, and shook it hardily, “Well thank you! We are, indeed, happy to be here. We would invite you inside, but we haven’t set things up, so could you come maybe later this evening?”
   Mark bent down and poked at the remains of the pie, “Yeah! That would be great!” He took a handful of it and stuffed it into his mouth, “Mmf, vewy goof pie!” He said as he spit out some grit that had found it’s way into the pie.”
   Heather giggled at his antics and nodded happily, “It would be my pleasure. I’ll make another pie if you want.”
   Mark nodded through mouthfuls of pie, “If is’ hawf as goof, gulp, as this one, then yes please!”
   She giggled again, “Ok then, I’ll be back later tonight!”
   They waved at her as she went back to her house. Darrel turned and stared at Mark, who was still gorging on the remnants of the pie.
   He munched thoughtfully, “Very nice girl. I hope we get to stay in this town this time.”
   Darrel was still staring at him in disgust, “You’re a pig…”
   “Last time I checked I was still human.” He looked down at himself as if to make sure.
   Darrel sighed, “I meant you act-… never mind, I’m going to start unpacking the carriage.”

   It was twilight, and the stars were beginning to slowly show themselves across the sky.
   Mark was pacing back and forth in front of the door tirelessly. Darrel was sitting in an armchair near the fireplace, reading a book.
   “She’s not going to come any sooner if you continue to do that you know.” He adjusted his reading glasses, “Why don’t you, perhaps, commit yourself to do something else that would take your mind off of things. Maybe you could make our beds finally so we don’t have to worry about it later.”
   Mark kept pacing around, “Nah, I’ll do that later, I know she’ll be here any minute now, I can feel it.”
   A few minutes later Heather did indeed knock on the door. Mark immediately swung the door open to find Heather standing nervously and holding another fresh pie. A sweet cherry scent wafted into the room.
   “Welcome to our very humble house, Heather!” he said excitedly, and then realized how funny it sounded, and chuckled.
   Heather walked in and looked around. Other than the area around the few pieces of furniture that lay around the fireplace, the place was filled with books.
   She went over to where Darrel was sitting, and sat down on a couch, “Why are there books everywhere?
   Mark went over and sat beside her, “It’s because we want to make a library here."
   Heather gazed around and tried to make herself comfortable, which didn’t seem to happen since the couch was rather hard, “Where did you get the furniture anyways? You couldn’t have possibly brought all of this in that carriage.”
   Mark glanced at Darrel, who in turned nodded some sort of approval, and then said, “Well… it’s something I made just today.”
   Heather looked up in bemusement, “Just today? How could you possibly…” She looked under the animal fur blankets which covered the couch and paused, “… Is that ice?”
   Mark nodded, "Yep, the animal coats moderate the ice’s temperature, so they can survive throughout the day without melting.”
   Heather stood up, “That’s not what I meant! How did you get a block of ice in the shape of a couch here?!”
   Mark put up his arms, “Hey, this is no time to start getting worried, it’s just I have eximius powers, er, you know.”
   Heather sat down again, but was still quite nervous, “You mean you have those types of powers? I’ve never met someone with those. I’ve only heard about them. So you can control ice?”
   Mark nodded and smiled, “Yeah pretty neat huh? Though this power has a weakness…”
   “Yeah, if I get too hot I start melting, I don’t really know what happens when I melt completely, but I’m not willing to find out…”
   Heather contemplated this, “So that’s why you have the umbrella?”
   Mark nodded again, “Yep, though I keep forgetting it everywhere… Luckily I have Darrel with me.”
   Darrel sighed, “You do not want to know about all the trouble he has put me through, but I do what I can.” He closed his book and went upstairs.
   “Where’s he going?” Heather asked.
   “Oh, we got some good roasted meat ready, if you would like some.” Mark replied. He took a wishful glance at the pie, “Er, that apple pie you made earlier today was delicious! Are you a baker or something?”
   Heather nodded happily, “Oh yes! I am a baker.”
   Mark grinned, “That’s great, I’ll definitely come around to buy more of your foods. Do you help your parents with that?”
    Heather shook her head sadly, “No… they died in the war when I was fifteen.”
    Mark gaved an embarrassed, “Oh…” And they gazed at each for a moment, and Heather noticed that his eyes were a sort of darker shade of grey. Darrel came down and interrupted them, each of them turning forward and coughing slightly.
   He placed a plate piled on with bits of meat, and the aroma was mouth-watering, “I hope you do enjoy this, it was caught and roasted by myself.”
   He sat down as Mark started upon it like a wolf, “I didn’t think it would have been a good idea to tell you we were eximius power users, but he insisted on it, saying that you seemed trustworthy. I myself am a fire user.” He raised his finger, and a small ball of fire ignited itself on the tip like a candle.
   It disappeared in a whisp of smoke and Darrel sat back deeper into the chair, “But we do want to make a library here, yes.”
   Heather was getting tired of being surprised, and sort of took it normally, “Well, I never did think I would get such exotic neighbors.” She looked down on Mark, who nearly finished the plate of meat.
   “Oh, did you want some? I may have made it a bit cold though.” He took a strip and handed to Heather, who in turn took it and munched on it, thinking how these two would affect her daily life.

MR Pub / Rate the song above you!
« on: June 27, 2013, 09:39:40 AM »
This is just something that would interest me, and I couldn't find anything quite similar to it in the forums so why not?

You can rate however you want, no real rules on how you do it sooo...

I'll start: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gWBG1j_flrg

Manga Creations / Lues Rapax (Mein Story)
« on: June 26, 2013, 06:08:28 AM »
Turns out that I'll try to add more of my story here, so forget "sneak peek", and I have trouble with grammar sometimes, so enjoy and please point out any mistakes!

  The bustle of cars could be heard from outside the window as Kain opened the door to the small apartment room where he would now be living. He looked around, examining his new home. It was a small room with white walls and a window on the furthest side. He could see it was dusty and probably hadn’t been used in a long time.
  Kain sighed, thinking how much his life changed in the last few days. Setting down his luggage, he went back into the hallway of his apartment. To his right was a small kitchen with only a sink, a stove with an oven, and a small table that was only big enough for one person. Ahead of him was a small bathroom. To his left was the entrance to the overall small apartment.
  Kain turned around and opened the window. The sun shined brilliantly in the hot afternoon, and the long shadows of the buildings ahead of him collided with the buildings on his side of the road. 
  Kain was fascinated by the way the sun infused its light into the taller glass buildings, filling them with life. Far below many cars were driving back and forth, making it look like a river of sorts. People were walking alongside the road, some alone, others joined up in a group, but all oblivious to his curious eyes peering from above.
  Kain was so distracted by these sites that he didn’t notice a man walk up to his bedroom door.
  “Welcome to New York! So you like the view, huh? I guess I picked a good apartment for you then.”
  Kain turned around towards the person he considered his savior.
  “Will, I’ve never seen anything so beautiful…” Tears started welling up in his eyes and the man dropped the two suitcases he was carrying and rushed over to Kain and embraced him.
  “It’s all over now, don’t worry Kain, it’s all going to get better from here on.” Kain couldn't remember the last time he had been hugged, he enjoyed the warm feeling he felt as he wiped his tears away.
  “Thank you Will, I will try my best.”
  After that they started cleaning the apartment and continued to bring the rest of the little furniture Will had gathered for Kain.
  Kain set down the last chair and looked around at his new room. There was a small bed that laid on the side of the room, on the other side stood two drawers for clothing and under the window lay a desk for any work he would need to do.
  It was a small, poor looking room, but to Kain it felt like a room fit for a king. Will came through the door and looked around.
  “Seems like everything is in place, are you ready for school tomorrow?” Kain looked at the floor, unsure of how to reply.
  Will chuckled and said, “Don’t worry, you remember the directions I gave you right?” Kain nodded, and he continued, “Just make sure you don’t miss the bus. I talked to the principle of the school, and he agreed to meet you at the entrance to give you a small tour. I’ll come pick you up after school.”
  He walked up to Kain and handed him a cell phone and charger, “If you ever need anything just give me a call, I’ll try to help you as best as I can!” He turned around and walked to the door. Before he went he stopped and said, “Goodnight Kain and see you tomorrow.”
  Kain answered with a simple, quiet, “Bye” and Will left.
  After taking a shower and changing, Kain laid down in his bed. He looked at the alarm clock that Will had provided for him and noticed the time. It was eleven-thirty p.m. and he was extremely tired. The flight here had taken over twenty hours and he had absolutely no energy left. He wondered if he would even be able to wake up at six, the time the alarm was set to.
  Kain could only wonder what school was like, the only lifestyle he knew was probably nothing similar to what it was really like. He knew a lot of other kids would probably be there, but would he make any friends? That question seemed to burn itself into his mind, he couldn’t stop asking it. He continued to ponder the question for a little while until finally, he fell into a deep dreamless sleep.
  Samantha was having one of those pleasant days, where she just felt really lucky. First off she made it to the bakery in time to buy the last honeybun. Then, she caught the school bus right before it left, which was usually something she never did. She usually had to take the city bus which always took so much longer. On top of that when she got to school she found out she aced that Math test she studied so hard for last week. It was just one of those days where everything seemed to go her way and she was hoping it would stay like that way.
  The bell rang, indicating the start of the second period. Today was Tuesday, and it was history class. Samantha was working hard to follow the Professor’s teachings and take notes. Someone lightly tapped on her shoulder, and she turned around to find her bestfriend Candice gazing out the window.
  ”What do you want?” whispered Samantha. Candice simply pointed outside. Samantha looked and stared at the curious sight she saw. A boy with dark-blonde hair was walking slowly towards the school. Every so often he would stop, turn around as if to go back, then somewhat hesitently turn around again towards the school.
  Candice giggled, “Seems like a shy one! I wonder if he’s that new transfer student the principle was talking about yesterday.”
  Samantha just continued to stare at the boy.
  Candice elboed her lightly and winked, “Pretty cute eh? Maybe you were waiting for a guy like him to show up right?”               
  Samantha pushed her away, “Of course not! Stop distracting me, I’m trying to concentrate!” She returned to note taking, wondering if her good day was going to last.
  Kain walked up to the forbidding building that was to be his highschool. It was a tall rectangular building that had windows scattered everywhere.
  Kain was extremely nervous because he had overslept. He then missed the bus and had to wait half an hour before he could go anywhere.
  He went into the main entrance, looking around to see if anyone was there. The main lobby was incredibly big. There were some couches and chairs set up on one side, probably for the students. Up ahead he saw the main counter and a woman sitting there.
  Kain walked up to it, half-expecting her to be annoyed, and scold him or something for being late.
  Instead she did something he did not expect, she looked up at him and smiled, “Oh! You must be the new student! I’ll contact the principle right away, he was expecting you, so he’ll be here in a couple of minutes so please make yourself comfortable.” Kain was taken aback by her kindness and felt slightly stupid for thinking she would be mad.
  He took off his jacket and headed over to one of the couches to sit. In a little while the principle came just like the secretary had said, and once again the principle’s reaction surprised  Kain a bit.
  “Why hello! You must be Kain! I’m Mr. Steiner, the principle of the school.” He reached out and gave Kain a hardy handshake, then turned away saying, “Now if you would please follow me, I’ll show you around the school.”   
  Kain followed the man, thinking  how different these people were to the people he was used to being around. The ones he knew never smiled, were quite impatient, and had that kind of aura that if you made a mistake, they would beat you. These people seemed kind and calm, it was nice to be here.
   Mr. Steiner lead Kain down various halls and up many stairs, all while Kain observed the many classrooms they passed and all the children they contained.
  He felt a little dizzy, as he never thought there would be so many people here. He decided to take his mind off of it by asking a question, “Mr. Steiner, aren’t you angry that I came in late?”
  Mr. Steiner stopped and turned towards Kain, giving him another one of those heart-warming smiles, “Not in the slightest! Your guardian told me about your extensive flight yesterday, so I didn’t expect you to be on time. Is there anything else you would like to know?”
  Kain decided this was probably a person he could trust, and decided to ask one last question, “Um... yes, could you show me where my classroom is?”
  Mr. Steiner went off saying, “Ah, of course! Just follow me to my office because the second period is about the end. There I’ll explain a couple more things, then I shall show you to your class.”
  Kain followed him. After seeing more of the school and the many classrooms, he started hoping it would take a good amount of time because seeing so many different people, he was having second thoughts about the school.
   The bell rang, announcing to everybody that the periond ended. The hallways flooded with students transfering to different classrooms.
  Samantha placed her notebook into her backpack and yawned.
  Candice, who was right behind her, stuffed her books into her bag and laughed, “History has got to be the most boring class in the world!”
  She stood up and another person behind them said, “Agreed, I always sleep during this class, all the teacher does is make us take notes and listen to her lectures all day, it never changes.” The person who spoke out was black-haired girl named Patricia, who was one of Candice’s friends.
  Samantha got up and put her backpack on her back, “I happen to like listening about the Middle Ages, it’s cool to hear about how people lived before electricity was discovered isn’t it?”
  Both Patricia and Candice stared at Samantha in silence for a few seconds before Candice finally got up and headed for the door, “Well, I guess we should be going before we get late...”
  Samantha followed her out, saying, "I bet you didn't even know what today's topic wa about!"
  The three girls walked down the crowded halls, trying to find their lockers in the mess that was made up of students.     
  Samantha stopped at her locker, waving to the other two, “See you guys at biology!”
  The pair waved back, and continued on to their lockers.
  Samantha opened her locker and started gathering the materials she needed for the next class, when a boy walked up behind her and paused.
  “Um... hey Samantha.” She turned around turned around and recognized him as one of the other guys from a different freshmen class. He looked nervous, and was looking off in different directions as if trying to find something, “Eh... look. I have to, um, ask you something...”
  Samantha knew what he was going to ask and shook her head, “I’m sorry Richard, I don’t feel like going out with anyone right now.”
  The boy, whose name was Richard, looked disappointed but relieved at the same time. He backed away and half-whispered, “Oh ok... Sorry f-for wasting your time...” He then ran down the hallway and out of sight.
  She sighed and started walking in the other direction, “This is getting out of hand...”
  Samantha reached her next classroom and saw Candice patiently waiting for her. Candice saw her and waved.     
  Samantha came over and sat next to her, “Candice, what am I going to do? Another guy from class B asked me out...”
  Candice shook her head in amazement and laughed, “Another one? That’s the fifth one this month! Who was it this time?”
  Samantha looked down in embarrassment, “It was Richard Noble.” 
  Candice stared at her wide eyed, “Noble?! Not only is he in the baseball team, but he’s also pretty cute on top of that! If a guy like that asked me out I would accept it without hesitation!” She covered her eyes with her hands, “Why can’t I be as popular as you Sam?”
  Just then another girl sat next to Candice and asked, “What’s wrong Candice?” Candice turned to her and started saying, “You wouldn’t believe what happened to Sam again!”
  Samantha’s mind wandered elsewhere as the two other girls gossipped. Her once good mood was ruined by the proposition. She was thinking how many more boys would ask her out before they would leave her alone, when suddenly the bell rang.
  Everyone in the classroom was ready for the next class when the teacher, named Ms. William, came in with a dark-blonde haired boy following her.
  She stood near her desk and announced, “Good morning class! This young man here is a transfer student who will be joining this class from now on.”
  Samantha nearly gasped out loud. She immediately recognized him as the boy she saw earlier that morning.
  Ms. William continued, “Care to tell us your name, and where you're from darling?”
  The boy was madly fidgeting with his hands when he answered, “Um... sure, m-my name is  K-Kain Cobwell and I-I come f-from Russia.”
  Ms. William smiled and said, “Than you Kain, and welcome to America! I look forward to teaching you from now on. Now if someone would be kind enough to volunteer and look after Kain for the rest of the day?”
  Samantha’s thought this would be interesting so she raised her hand.
  “Oh thank you for volunteering miss Roseheart! Now Kain, please take the seat behind her and watch us for today, ok?”
  Kain was melting. He felt like he was sweating like a pig and he was having serious thoughts about staying at this school. He was a bit surprised that someone would volunteer to help him around the school so quickly. He looked at the girl who volunteered, a nice-looking girl with long black hair, or maybe brown hair? Another girl, who had short whitish hair, whispered something to her, and giggled. What did she say? It seem didn’t matter, but he started looking around at the other students who were, to his discomfort, looking directly at him.
  He sat down and the girl who volunteered turned around and said with an odd half-smile.
  “Hello, I’m Samantha, but you can call me Sam, and this is Candice, my best friend.”
  Kain nodded and quickly said hi as he turned in various other directions as different classmates introduced themselves. He was astonished at the enthusiasm and friendliness most of them showed. He started to calm down slightly as class finally started.

Anime Talk / Most Beautfiful Anime/Manga Female
« on: June 25, 2013, 02:37:33 PM »
Hello! Wanted to make this thread for the... well just so I can see beautEfull ladiez. :3

My favorite out of all the characters I have ever seen is Sofia from Howl's Moving Castle (idc if it's a movie) Because who doesn't love the way she broke through her curse of bad self-confidence and be to save the person she worked so hard for through the entirety of the movie. She even had become more beautiful along the way IMO! <3

Who doesn't love such a deserving happy ending ?

Develop Your Story / The Next Generation Prologue and Discussion
« on: June 12, 2013, 06:14:39 AM »
Hello, I have made this thread so I can get some help with my story. Well not help, more like advice and tips, because I have most of the story thought out, I just need to maybe redo or add a few events and details that make stories so damn fun to read! I've been working on this plot for approximately three years.

I also have something of a dream to show this story to the world, and see what readers would think of it when it is finished. I've been working on it on and off for approximately three years, and I would prefer it to be a manga maybe, but I would write it all out if I had to, but of course that is why I am here today.

Anyways I'll just leave a prologue of my story here, I'll add more like character descriptions, maps, details of areas, more details of the actual plot and so on. I do this because I would rather talk about it step by step over an overall mass of words that seem to draw lazy readers away. Anyways please enjoy:

   The story takes place in the world of Kameon, which is a world of order, yet that order only brings a false peace. The world is widely inhabited by humans and many carnivorous animals. Humans have discovered many advanced technologies, and recently one of those discoveries has become a problem.

   The entirety of the world has yet to be discovered, but what is known is that four continents are spread out to the north, south, east and west. Each continent is a single country, with its own government, military, and economy. The western country is called Jerwago. Jerwago is covered in many forests and plains. It is rich in agriculture, with farmers mainly producing vegetables and some fruits. To the north is the country of Icsoip, a cold and icy place to live, yet the people there have mastered manufacturing and their factories are famous for the production of weapons and communication devices. To the east is the country of Desbernt. Desbernt is covered primarily by desert, but off the coasts there are tropical islands which provide many kinds of tropical fruits. To the south is the country of Rokwoh, a mysterious continent about which little is known. What is known is that in the country of Rokwoh, new technology is invented and produced seemingly at random, yet their armies are the most powerful by far and their economy is the strongest as well when compared to the other four countries. These facts are most likely a result of the advanced technologies and sciences pursued by Rokwoh. These four countries together formed an alliance many years ago called the DIJR Alliance and between them there is trade and a lasting been a lasting peace between them (each continent is one country).

   About 15 years ago scientists have discovered a way to take human organs to produce a cyborg, as well as a way to handicap the brain to ensure no emotions are felt, thus ensuring total control over the cyborgs. These cyborgs are much stronger then humans, but with the handicap brains, were pretty helpless without orders. Orders were given by a central source, but we will get into that later. They produced two kinds, a lesser prototype to protect civilians, and a more powerful cyborg to protect the 4 governments. The plan was successful in almost every way, yet there was one major drawback, the cyborg’s organs had to be used from fresh organs from "patients", so many lives were taken for the production of these half machines half robot, which looked like normal humans and had most of the normal organs humans did.

   The civilians were content with life, still, some were curious to strange disappearances, that lead to the discovery of the grim production of cyborgs. Revolutions went off throughout the four countries, cyborgs included. Unfortunately the lesser prototypes didn’t stand much of a chance, and the revolutions lasted only 2 years. A law was passed out by the governments together as to the shutdown of cyborg productions, cyborgs were to be outlawed and destroyed, to prevent anymore similar conflict and because the governments were afraid what the cyborgs would to uncontrolled. All the production facilities were shutdown. This time is known as The Great Demolition.

   Of course, due to chance not all of the robots were destroyed, some hid undercover and disguised themselves as humans, others fled across the ocean to the unknown, never to be seen again… yet.

Also I have a slight problem with grammar and punctuation sometimes, so please point out anything you notice. Please reply if you seem interested in what you have read, and thank you most kindly for your time!

Update I have been coming up with a bunch of new ideas, so some of the information in the prologue might be a little outdated, so i will be coming up with a summary of the story shortly.

Welcome Center / Hai
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Hello! I'm new here and just wanted to see if I could find what I am looking for in these forums. I am a writer of sorts (still trying to find my own style) and I have a bunch of unused plots that I have thought up that I can't leave alone. I was wondering if anyone here might need one or something so...

Yah, I love chatting and I hope to meet many nice people here!

(btw all these smileys over the type box is a bit humorous ^^)

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