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Develop Your Story / Madmans Diaries
« on: September 24, 2013, 01:36:16 AM »
"Fear not, for I, the god of madness have returned, I bring with me my gift of insanity to share to the people of this somber world"

It was in pouring rain, I meet a miss on my way to my home, and she was tall and slender with long black locks that flowed from the top of her head. To my surprise, she was untouched by my gift; I quickly attempted to change that. Offering her my hand I welcomed here with sincerity and respect only to receive a combination of a bad pun and a witty retort. She explained that she was of "new blood" to the city; we quickly shot up a conversation before the trolley arrived. She explained in grave detail of her life, then she asked "Why can’t I find happiness" I replied with a crooked smile and mischievous intent. "Why don't you add more Insanity to your life" she looked quizzically at me the as if I had explained all of the world’s problems with just nine words.

 Soon, we boarded the trolley, soaked from boot to brow. she sat next to me, looking at me with such content and she seemed to almost be insulted with what I previously told her, as if I could have ever understand her problems and as if more insanity would help her in any way. She finally asked, 'What did you mean, more insanity?" looking at her again with a crooked smile removed my hat and waved the driver to let us off. We must have walked miles in the pouring rain and in that time we saw many things together. We saw men and women sent out to sleep on the hard, cold floor at our feet. "This" I said laughing in the wicked of ways "this defines humanity, a single act that turns a man from his purest intention”.

Looking up at the storm I continuing "insanity, even in the most impure is breed from single acts, something meaningful, or something horrific. we all choose the demons in which we face" looking down at her I finish" my insanity is of pure intention, of a love lost and of creation, creation of something greater then myself, a power able to surpass gods" she looked at me muttered "how do you live with insanity, all of this this world may be bad sometimes but we all have the purest of intentions" looking at her I nodded without another word. I walked with her to her destination, tipped my hat  and said" I am the worries of your deepest subcutaneous, I am the mad man in the top hat" I smiled and walked away leaving my notebook behind in hopes she shares my gift to those untouched by my gift of insanity.

I found a letter at my door later the next day, a young girl with hair black as night and just as long was found died and I was invited to the funeral. Arriving in my long coat and top hat I seemed to be an oddity thou another man in black robes leaning over the casket seemed to be more of the oddity then I. the service was short, not many things were said. And soon after the ceremony was long over the robed man remained, he loomed over her as if looking through into her truest of essence I finally ask" was she of any importance to you?" to which he replied "no." "Then why concern yourself? I see to it that her death is celebrated as is her memory" I said smiling with the wicked of expressions. "As a mad man you see not the truths of this world nor the lies that are weaved and in-tangles us all like flies in the spiders web." he then grabs the hand of the young beauty, arising from her grave they walk of together into the mist. "Once again" I said to myself "once again, my teachings were cheated from the world by death

Develop Your Story / oddinomicon
« on: July 19, 2013, 09:51:17 PM »
Welcome, you most be very brave (or very foolish) to enter my chamber and read the oddinomicon, where my twisted delutions and fantasies are all to real. Enjoy your stay becuause im sure it will be your last.

Welcome Center / Hello everybody ;p
« on: June 08, 2013, 04:27:43 PM »
im a pretty princess in gowns of pink, my name is a secret that you must keep. do not murmur, not even a peep because ill be the one to reap.

hello all, i am Secret. and for a while now, i have kept "odd" on a leash. I have decided we should share this account, so hello.
my name is ASecret

Manga Art Gallery / Odd by Odd
« on: June 08, 2013, 04:07:16 PM »
here is a picture of the madman, who's stories of twisted and demented adventure you all enjoy  :biggrin:

Develop Your Story / the home of the misguided.
« on: June 08, 2013, 03:07:43 PM »
Welcome to the home of the misguided.
The dysfunctional.
The weird and abnormal.
The angry and volatile.
The scared and the lonely.
The discarded cogs of an unfair machine used in an unfair system.
Time bombs without a proper fuses, just forever ticking away.
Tick tick tick tick tick.
Warped pieces of glass, cracking away on the verge of falling apart.
And maybe....
We can keep each other from falling apart completely....
or maybe...
we can all fall apart together.
And watch the destruction-NO...
the deconstruction of ourselves in sweet, sweet agony.
It just might be beautiful.
Then maybe...
We can take what's left.
Take all those tiny pieces of what we used to be...
and build something marvelous.
Something more sound...
Something damn near unbreakable, but open.
We'll build it outwards.
We'll conquer!
We'll prove that just because we're dysfunctional doesn't mean we can't function on our own levels.
We'll prove that there is more to us.
That there is a lot more beneath the surface.
That we are not just two dimensional characters.
We'll prove that we're human.

Develop Your Story / Read down...
« on: May 20, 2013, 08:28:29 PM »
Heavily breathing, i cant see in front of me but mist.
Ever bone, mussel and nerve aches with intense pain.
Left alone in a vast, Unfamiliar plane of existence.
Peoples shadows dance against the dark mist.

Menacingly, they laugh in high tones, maybe they're right.
Eventually sadness drifts into sleep.

In every corner, i hear there taunting laughter turn to fade shrills from a distance
Maybe this is it, maybe i can just lie here, curl up and accept that i lost.

Lost, and maybe when i do, they will leave
Or maybe, they will stop laughing at me so tauntingly,
"Someday i hope to find a way out of this hell but i Dont know how..."
"Today i'll make a change", these hollow promises ring in my ears

"I will not give up. i'll find peace soon."
Not as if i have been keeping track, I've lost count

There is that word again, lost
How sad, im like a dog who wondered into the unknown
Even so, At least someone would come looking for a dog

Darkness begin to brighten into blue hues
Another morning, if you can even call it that
Ridiculous to call this a sun rise, but the sun we all know is long gone.
Kainophobia sets in, this world is all i know now
Not since my family cast me out
"Enough sleep, i can not afford to lie here all day"
"Still lying to yourself" and uneasy voice "you wont find the way back"
Somber tones echo of int the distance

Another voice, this one deeper then the last
Nostalgia took me back to those days back home, before i was outcast
"Dont stare at that boy, you need to choose a bride" my fathers shouting always drew my attentions away

In the long row of discomforted guests was my childhood friend, Maya
Mother never approved of our childish games and pranks on the others.

"Son, we do this for you, not because we despise you but out of the truest form of love"
Out of all the things i heard that day, these words stuck with me

Suffocating, i finally reach a break in the thick forest of fog
Cast out of my home because of the way i was, how shameful
Apart from the others banished from their homes, i was alone.
Rest now, it's all i can do. I dream of seeing him again
"Enough of that, it will only fill me will grief"
Do we ever really escape the mist? are any of us free? or do we all hide in the mist.

General Manga writer discussions / A chilling story....
« on: May 15, 2013, 10:19:06 PM »

Manga Creations / Xvii, the endless wasteland
« on: May 13, 2013, 02:44:06 AM »
I live in a strange world shrouded in mystery, there seems to be no end to the vast wasteland. The few shreds of humanity seem to be without a brain in there skulls, they wonder aimlessly and say nothing at all. At first, this filled me with dread. How would i survive without human interaction. But i soon found that, even the few of them who retained the ability to speak had nothing to say. The all seem to be under the control of the men in white. They speak but only in short blurts and statements and proceed to hand out small, pellets shaped sources of lights. I named the no longer sentient humans"the useless", and the men in white "the sentient".  The more i explore this vast wasteland, the more i fell that im losing myself to enormity of it. At one point, seeing colonies of useless  brought comfort, but now they only serve as a reminder of what the inhabitants have become and what i fear that i will someday become.

I met a man today, he seemed to be one of the useless but was able to speak. But even so, he seemed to speak in desperate tones. "Please, just one more. just one more" he pointed to my small knapsack which i had filled with the small balls of light given to us all by the sentient. "just one more, please" he weakly held out his wrinkled, shriveled hands. i opened my bag and pulled out a small ball of light from the bottom of the bag and placed in his cupped hands. His voice was cracking at this point "tha... thank you, b..bless you",
He consumed the small ball of light and then slowly sank onto the hard, cracked ground. I had always wondered why they were so desirable by the useless, and what was caused by consuming them. But i dare not try, less i become like one of them.

I have found an obelisk today, the top of which seemed to shine light onto the otherwise somber landscape. Row after row in a straight lines that seem to go on into the endless darkness. Beyond these walls seem to be impenetrable wall. This gives me hope that the waste land may not be eternal. But rather in a compact area and there may even be a way out. With my hopes replenished, i now rest to eat my rations. I need to stay awake, so that the voices may not creep into my sleep and i become like the useless. My greatest fear is becoming one of them, it is this fear that drives me to find a way to escape this void.

Today i have run out of food rations, I am miles away from the nearest colony of useless, but i must press on, so i ate one of the small orbs of light from my bag, "only one." After consuming the small illuminating ball, the wasteland suddenly busted into color, vibrant and vivid. The endless darkness became rolling hills of green and the dark, gloomy skies turned a bright blue. All the voices that haunted me soon became a fluid sound, harmonious and beautiful. The hard, cracked ground became tall fields of grass and wheat. I ventured into the nearby colony of unless, even they had changed, their cold, emotionless stared seemed less dull and pale, there cheeks were rosy and there expressions were that of joy. I now understood, "to escape the Vast wasteland, we most not seek the light we must become it" a man on a soap box preached to a crowd of intrigued and anxious men and women. The preaching man resembled the man from days before, the man he gave the light to.

It has been three days, i have spent this time with the useless, however they seem less useless after taking that strange orb of light. however i fear that the darkness will return, at times i can see the darkness creeping up on me from the corner of  my eye and the load screaming voices that were once silenced have begun to return in hush tones at night. I have only seen sentinels once in the past three days, they took a elderly man away into the nothingness over the rolling hills. He has not been seen since then, though it does not seem to cause any stir within the community.

I have been taking more of the orbs of lights, i know this will only postpone the darkness. I do not think this was meant to be the solution. How. ever, the preaching man began again by reading passages from his small black book. "we are given the gift of light by those above us. praise them and their gifts" these worlds made me realize. This was not the real world, This had been the illusion and i had still been wondering in that endless, desolate plain of existence. Wondering aimlessly just like one of them, Just like a useless. But even as i venturing with them cost me so much, i have also gained something. A name, they call me Xvii

Case number 17
patent has denied treatment for hallucinations and delusions of what he calls "the endless wasteland" for several weeks, He has even resorted to hording them in a small bag and has been caught giving them to other patents. On one account, he had made it outside the compound and to the light posts outside the institution. He is unresponsive to the hypnopaedia treatment prescribed to him, to make him more inclined to accept treatment for his delusions. However, we have begun seeing changes in behavior after he begun taking his medication and following the other groups. We need to suppress his hallucinations if we will ever be able to return him to proper society.


Develop Your Story / it
« on: May 04, 2013, 03:27:40 PM »
it is watching, i know it to be true. though his sockets are empty he still peers at me from afar. His flesh is a sickly green, ripped and torn. My stomach churned, even though i could not see him i felt his presence. One night an Outreached hand lead into the darkness, i do not know what good that would do, because he was always just out of reached. But just then i felt something dropped in my palm. It was slimy but i could make out the distinct facial features. It had been my mother.
i did no scream, i did not cry only smiled
"that's a good boy"
you see, my mother had not been the caring mother she was thought to be. She beat me, used me to feed her lust and got rid of my sister. With an outreached hand i caressed it sickly tangled mane.
"this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship."
and this was not the last.
"tomorrow we going to see Mr. Tuddle"
Mr. Tuddle was a sick bastard, he attacked young children and abducted them off the streets to be sold in his "auctions"
"you'll love playing with him."

Manga Creations / Grinning man
« on: May 03, 2013, 10:28:57 PM »
One day i return home from school to see that my mother was crying, when i finally got her to stop she told me that my cousin had committed suicide. After a short grieving period we set out back home to attend the funeral. I remember that on the long trip back home, i realized that i had not known my cousin very well as he only came over a handful of times. What i remember though, was when he came over and brought an Atari 2600 and offered to play with us(me and my brother). after watching him play a level from Adventure, i completely lost interest

"where are the graphics? the explosions?" i asked.

he replied by telling me that because it is an old console there were not "to par" with my games. I was greatly disappointed and never even bothered playing his games. I remember him coming over several times after that and every time he brought a different console offering to play with us and every time i would refuse.  when we finally got arrived, there were rows of people in tears. All except for one man standing in a long trench coat and a fedora that was over his face. though out the service i looked over my shoulder at the man in the trench coat. And as all the members of my family wept, he just smiled. After the service was over, my mother and father were called away by a man in a suit and tie and my brother had disappeared (as he usually does whenever he is upset). After all of my family members had left, all that remained in the room was myself and the man in the trench coat who occupied the farthest corner of the room. After a while of dead silence i approached him

"it's very rude to laugh at others misfortunes" i quoted

   He responded by telling me that i was right and i had his sincerest apologies. even as he said this he had a strange grin on his face. Then as he left he put down a small box wrapped in a brightly colored paper. Looking around for a moment i slowly approached the wrapped box. In the metallic paper i could see my own reflection, but as i was admiring the box i had not notice my mother and father return, As they entered the funeral hall i quickly grabbed the small box and stuffed it in my coat pocket. Later,  the man in the suit and tie crouched down and held out a large cardboard box.

"what's all this?"

   he then began to tell me that my cousin was a collector of rare games and consoles and that even though i did not appreciate his showing me of these games that in his will it stated that i would inherent his collection. So i took the large box, and put it down on the chair beside me. Then, turning to my greif strucken parents, asked,

"who was the man in the corner?"

   they looked at each other, heads cocked it was if i was speaking a different language. They finally replied that they saw no man resembling what i had described. After a long pause i told them about the man but still they stared at me questionable. Finally my mother, placing one hand on my head told me that i had a over active imagination. After another long pause i said

"what about the..."

   i stopped, i knew if my parents knew i got a present that i would have to share it with my brother, and i did not what that. So i dropped the subject. After another long drive back to the city, i had time to go through the box of things left to me. picking out what i liked and putting them in my nap sack. After going through everything, i found a small piece of white paper stuck to the bottom of the box. On it written in blood was "do not trust the grinning man"written in blood. i then noticed the bottom of the box was wet, looking back through the box i found a finger with a silver band on it. I screamed in terror, my parents looked over and saw that i had a small puddle of blood in my lap and a severed finger in my hand. They immediately pulled off the road, oblivious to on coming truck. Both my parents were killed upon impact, the truck driver, however had left before the police and medics came on the scene. My brother was taken to the hospital in critical condition, i had not a bruise nor a scratch. Years past but my brother remained in the hospital. He had undergone several  procedure but he remained in critical condition. The police had stopped looking for the driver of the truck by this time and had return my possessions they held for evidence. That same afternoon, while visiting my brother, a nurse pulled me aside and told me that the doctors could not help any further and that he would not survive another week, as she said this a strange grin began to stretch across her face. Offended i left to my brothers room, box under my arm.

"you can have whatever you want, anything just ask and i will get it for you"

   i tried my hardest to hold back the tears in my eyes. He pointed to the box i came in with. Opening it there was only an variety of game consoles, games and on the very top was the small box, wrapped in metallic paper and a small amount of blood on the corner. I thought it to be my own from that fateful night, ripping the box, open there was a small game cartage and a letter marked with a wax seal. The game had no label, just a black cartridge. I tried every game system in the box and finally found a game console to play it. Turning it on a game started up no title screen of any sort. as i began to walk, a small text box appeared.

"Run, run from the grinning man, do not turn back, do not stop. Do not trust the grinning man!"

   I was horrified, but my brother was elated at the sight of the games colorful protagonist and enimies, he seemed completely unphased by what we had just read. He played and for the first time since he was hospitalized, he was happy but his happiness slowly faded as the game progressed. Until at the final stage, when i noticed a lop sided smile stretched from ear to ear and he through down the controller in a fit of convolutions and spasms. I ran out of his room looking for someone to help.

"please someone, anyone please save my brother!"

   i shouted down the hall, i finally met with a doctor with a mask over his face. I rushed him into my brothers room. He calmly walked up to my brother who had now been swinging his arms wildly in the air above him. the doctor simply put a hand on his head and hushed him to sleep. Eternal sleep, my brother had died and as the doctor turned around. He removed his mask and i was met with a smile stretching from ear to ear as he stoked my brothers hair. Then he looked over at the monitor, the game had ended and text began to scroll up the screen. i only got a gymslips of the text which was just "the grinning man got you, the grinning man got you, the grinning man got you" repeated time and time again. It was about that time that a nurse had been walking down the hall, She screamed as she stood at the threshold of the door of my brothers room. I looked over my shoulder then back to my brothers bed. But the doctor was no longer there and my brothers body, instead of lying peacefully had looked as if he had under gone tortured to sick to be described. His eye bloodshot and his neck bruised. his limbs hung down, lifeless.

"what have i done"

the police were soon upon me, but all i could do was grin.

Welcome Center / Hello
« on: May 03, 2013, 10:10:57 PM »
BOO! im sorry, did i scare you?
i have a secret, there is a monster in my closet
he's been there for as long as i can remember
i used to let him out at night
but after what happened to little billy down the street...
my moms says to keep these thing to myself
but i want to share them with you
~im watching you :biggrin:

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