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Manga Art Gallery / Divided Lie Gallery
« on: March 02, 2019, 02:27:24 PM »
Hey guys just thought I'd post sketches of my characters from my divided life story

break Room / The Status Of Our Fellow Raiders
« on: February 03, 2018, 11:20:57 PM »
heyo^^ before the annual flood of our new members comes rushing in, I thought it be fun to see how our fellow members have been as of late
just want to see who is still persueing the passion we all share^^

break Room / animemangalisting
« on: August 16, 2017, 06:57:52 PM »
hey guys its me Action

I wanted to spread the word on a new site called

animemangalisting dot com

its a social site like facebook or twitter made soley for those who have a passion to create

made for those who do this for the fun of it all
just to get sone income from commissions

as a members you can list yourself as a:
Voice Actor

or All Above if it applys to you.

it offers your own personal and separate Gallerys such as:
Music Gallerys to upload  samples or full tracks of your original music or voice acting talents.

A blog to be used to talk to those on your feed, announce commissions or even Show off your Writting style

A video gallery to Upload your animations or visual examples for tutorials

and of course a Image gallery to provide samples of your work or display commission prices.

you can even use the listings page to find exactly what your looking for by category

and Narrow down it even Further by searching members who offer requests or commissions

build A team, make that new manga or song, create a Audio book or just offer help to those who Ask

 its all up to you.

Its still in Open beta so if you encounter any issues or have suggestions to improve the site go ahead and PM the admin or type it in the suggestion forum.

hope to see some of you guys there.

Manga Art Gallery / Animations Art Gallery
« on: February 09, 2017, 08:29:23 AM »
Scince our old topic is locked thought I take the opportunity to just post Animations work on one page hope you all enjoy^^
We will be revealing our newest manga as well as a fellow artist joining our team very soon^^

Here is a profile page our our MC Leo from our Manga Shmandom.
Expect a wallpaper soon ^^

Hey everybody Action here!
After about a good year of heavy workflow, I found myself a position that has hours of free time to do whatever I want!

Anyways I am curious to know if any writers out there, who are struggling on their story Ideas/ development and need a brainstorming session with like minded individuals or just another persons opinion on if they should go with Idea A,B or C with their story plot/Characters  (Like me)
But only want the passionate few who will take your story and ideas as serious as you do

If your interested in such a gathering look into a App called


Its a free anonymous group chat avaliable for IOS, Android and even PC.

What unique about it is the delete system

Lets say for example you want a outsiders opinion on a few ideas you just had for your MC

Simply post:
Hey guys, need some help on this.

What sounds most epic for my MC to do:

Idea A

Idea B

Idea C

After your group discussed the Ideas and you have your answer simply hit the

"True Delete"

Option and the messages will be deleted from both your screen and those in the group if you feel uneasy about haveing certain Ideas hang about In the Air.

And well thats about It, Im hoping to gather some Raiders who could assist me for when I hit my own writers block.

of course I would like to help any writer who also is dealing with similar issues, even had times when I broke my Writers block trying to help someone overcome theirs by just getting my mind out of that corner for abit

If You would like some feedback look me Up on Gliph as

Action Animation

Let me know what your user name is on MR so I can PM you the written agreement (basic copyright law to protect your ideas, for those who still feel uneasy^^)

My Idea mindset revolves anything around :

But my weakness would definitely be:
Slice of life
School life

Welp thats about it hope to hear from you all soon.


break Room / Action Animation Youtube channel
« on: March 19, 2014, 04:39:38 AM »
greetings and salutations beautiful people of MR
For as long as I can remember I have always wanted to produce manga for all too enjoy, And just like many others I wanted to be on SJ but as time passed, I grew older and soon learned that this opportunity is close too impossible.
  I don't consider this a roadblock anylonger, for I have neglected the very thing that I am typeing on. In time once I have fully  moved into my new house and Im able to produce quality work, I want to start up a youtube channel that will make Dubbed and Motion Manga seeing that it's a free way to reach audiences around the world.
 The reason I made this thread is too find out if any members out there who would like to:
lend their voice for charaters.
create original soundtracks

although the coloring and music will be the only jobs I will pay for. I know I have much more to learn but seeing youtube series like
even a show called Buddy Fight
proves that originally can still be recognized without haveing a big company backing you up or displaying your work. who knows perhaps in time the channel will become a link for other original names across the net.

But until then I can only vouch for myself if your interested in what I said abive please post your name and the position you like to be applyed for. I will the save your name and info and contact you once I have a final project ready.
For those who wish to be paid for coloring or music composing please PM me or link me a site that has your work.(newgrounds, musicc, ect.)
till then you all have a great day

General Manga writer discussions / easiest script format you enjoy reading
« on: February 09, 2014, 07:12:09 AM »
oh and a small example would be nice. :dance:

Develop Your Story / Karma(Working Title)
« on: February 09, 2014, 02:38:17 AM »
Hey everyone, thanks for dropping by. just as a Reminder "Karma" is still a working title so if you got another name in mind please do tell, so before we start I must warn you that I will be cramming alot of info in this post alone lots of spoliers and such so just bear with me please and feel free to ask any questions on this post. 

Again this is a throwaway name, made specifically for me to draw new styles and conditions and thus this story is very simple, something easy to pick up or drop down so dont expect to read at the edge of your seat, Let's begin.

The story of Karma centers around Nora, a very reclusive girl. Who lives in a bleak world of shadow without light. She is accompanyed by Simon a small formless matter that can only interact and be seen by Nora. 

 Nora has no memory of how she got to this world or how she met Simon, it was just there as if it's always seem to be, Just like the clothes on her back and a pocketwatch with no face. Her oldest memory only reaches back to walking around this bleak world for the first time with Simon as a fog of mist and shadow surrounded her forming what appeared to be a pyramid with a reflection of Nora at the bottom. Though its form was drastically altered by haveing Nora be its center piece balancing the structure. Before Nora could examine it further her reflection turned red  symbolizing Nora's death as the pyramid crumbled into nothing. Then a single voice spoke what seemed to be all around her and say"You Must Live" before fadeing into the echo never to be herd again. 

 Now there is no meaning of life in this world nothing grows and nothing moves, Instead Nora and Simon feed on Karma. This is where she learns the Importance of her pocket watch for at random times and for only a instant the hands of the watch appear and Nora is thrusted into another world and this is where the story's flow comes from. 

On a daily basis Nora is thrown into multipul relms some advance in technology some primitive, others based on magic and others that have mystical creatures and much more and to each of these worlds one person has a high desire and this is where Nora is summoned to fulfile their one task. A contract and depending on the person and world it could range from returning a family pet that happens to be a colossal dragon or eleminate a entire army that blocks some hero's path to victory. So Nora is many things she is a Miracle, Protector, Tracker, Assassin ect. as it verys world to world. Once a task is compleated Nora is awarded Karma[silver]. The amount of Karma gained depends on the task that was compleated judged by some unknown scorce. This Karma[silver]is what keeps Nora alive day to day. Now before I go futher It might be best to explain  Nora's powers and the relationship with Karma.

SIlver Karma(neutral based)is more or less a "One Day To Live"pass That Nora(at least to her understanding)needs once a day. Though This Silver Karma is also needed for Combat and can be converted into 2 ways That will be explained shortly.

Nora as you have noticed trys to keep her Bangs over her eyes the reason being is that if she has eye contact with any person other then the one makeing the contract with. She will absorb all there memorys, abilitys and even their personality. This is what is used for combat once Nora has successfully cloned her enemy Simon will fuse with her to recreate the exact abilitys from Nora's memorys. Now this duo can use their new abilities just as efficient as there opponent.

This is by no means a perfect technique several things can go wrong if the personality Nora absorbs is too sinister or too pure it can change Nora's personality into one of the two forms both into 2 extream spectrums. A Chaotic Devil or a self righteous executioner. 

Some of these personalitys can even physicaly cause her immense pain even death. Now if that trial is overcome, Nora must part with some of her silver karma and convert it to ether:

Black Karma-Allows Nora to use her opponents Techniques and abilities that is strengthened by her will to kill.


White Karma-Sheilds Nora from attacks and side effects of some abilities that her body cannot normally resist or withstand. It is strengthened by the will of self preservation. without this Karma Nora will no longer be protected by her techniques and will received injuries depending  on the abilitys leaveing it up to her natrual endurace to continue the fight.

Thats is more or less the basics of the story and her powers. this plot will also focus on Nora's mental state and what she plans to do as she learns dangerous secrets about herself and what she has become. Though for the writeing aspect I want to make sure I dont make Nora sound Emo but a genuinely confused person who has no one to council with or simply talk to so if that comes across be sure to tell me.

Nothing more to do but show you what I created.  I plan to make a storyboard or at least a script so if someone here has a link to a generally well known script format it would be most appreciated. I plan to have something posted soon hope you guys have a chance to read.


Intro Nora(sorry for quality my scanner should come in soon)


Manga Art Gallery / ->Action's<- gallery
« on: February 02, 2014, 03:30:16 PM »
Hello manga Raiders its been a while, as this thread declares this is my gallery, I just wanted to make it absolutely clear that this is not Animations work, so there's no surprises when you click the spoilers button.

 Now For the past two weeks or so I have been trying to draw seriously for the first time in my life and now I've reached the peak of what I can learn on my own which is regretfully a 3/10 of where I want to be. And that is why I am here.

Below you will see my progress. A total of 32 hours and 27 min. I say this all to give context of what you're about to see and perhaps catch the bad trend I'm implementing in my other drawings, I'm aware that I have many flaws[hands, body portions ect] and hopefully I can correct them, and to those who want to help I don't mean to sound pompous or smug but I am a visual learner, unless I'm shown a reference of some sort or a photo overlapping mine to outline and explain my mistake, your advice will not stick and I would hate to waste your time.

The two more detailed drawings below are from a simple throwaway name I made called "Karma"[working title]. I will use the story and its characters to practice on and polish my skill as the story continues. And seeing that I am an ambitious/competitive person I based this simple name around crossovers not only within the story but also to encounter other artists characters and worlds on this site [with permission of course] to learn how to draw other characters besides my own and give myself that drive to improve. With that said please treat me as the novice that I am, there is still so much I can learn.


Last Week's Work


This Week's work

names from left to right
K-9, Syoku, Simon[ball thing], Nora, Ellie and Zier

this next one I reference off another pic I found online

Ebn Zier, King of the Restless

Alright those are all the drawing related to Karma, hope to get some feedback soon or a challenge whatever comes first haha.

MR Pub / Rekindling The Flame
« on: November 19, 2013, 07:37:40 AM »
I've noticed here at MR that the boards are growing a bit dull or stale as of late. Almost seems like a drought has come aross our site as fellow MR members have yet to post new storys or pictures(us included)due to there own personal lifes I'm sure. So I want to ask those who are reading this, what would put the fire back in the forums? Any suggustions? Perhaps a contest? Or some kind of activity that will reward all the members who participated in one way or another? What do you think?


General Discussion / Your Plan's And Fears
« on: November 18, 2013, 01:10:43 PM »
This question has been bugging me awhile, and I think I need another perspective on this matter.

We all have story's that we love and made for fun and story's we purposely geared to become the greatest thing thats ever existed. And thats where the slippery slop comes in for me. Like most writers here we can imagine and take a simple idea-give it a plot, a beginning, a rising action and a climax with a satisfying ending within moments And I am no different, but what should be the plan? I have multiple story's that I conjured up, All set to go and then I have my all time best story"Divided Moon" that I have worked on for 8 years re writing and re inventing to make it my signature story. And although my other story's don't have the same kick as Divided Moon I did put all the knowledge and skills I have gained over these years to make them Interesting bait story's. but as of now I've come to a impasse.

Option 1

Do I present our best work even though currently A.A is barley a blip on the manga radar in hopes it will be a one hit wonder that puts us on the map? or risk it dropping silently into the void of time because we shown our hand to early and our bait mangas are only considered average.

Option 2
Do we present our bait manga's first to lure as much people in as possible? And once we believe we have enough fans we end our name with a bang with our signature works. Or will our bait manga's backfire and give us a negative image losing potential fans as our Signature manga's now will never be noticed.

whats worse I fear is that although they may not mean too, if you post your signature manga anywhere like MR others may get inspired and create similar work, That's just one of my fears but if someone rips off one of my Bait story's, even if its word for world I would bid them a fond farewell and wish them luck on being published and recognized.

dissensions dissensions, tell me has anyone else faced the same issue? if so what are you doing about it?whats your plan? or are you still pondering on it as well?

I'm curious to others input on this.

General Discussion / Your Reason's
« on: November 18, 2013, 11:12:45 AM »
As I was looking around at all these members posting Art and scripts, I began wondering what is there reasons for trying so hard to improve? Not just that but be better then who they were a moment ago what drives them? so here I am asking you upfront what is your reasons for following the dream of making a manga? even if its the the big dream of having your work known all around the world or just a hobby you love to do. I would like to know, Is it to be etched into the memory's of time? perhaps to one day be compared to other great manga before it? and those who come after? is it fame? something to prove? a stubborn dream? and above all that, what is it that got you started in pursuing this trial? what is your origin that led you here? As its no secret that many have come before you and failed trying this, Even those you considered better than you, be it art or writing. Yet still here you are posting, learning becoming better then you ever expected and still your never satisfied, so you aim higher with each attempt, despite the daunting hardships that may one day be your future you continue to take a step forward towards it with no fear just a passion. It does not matter if your reasons be short or long, I would still like to know as I'm sure other members would as well.

Talking all this talk I might as well start.

I never red manga for most my childhood, I was a novel kid, I could not understand the fascination of big uncolored pictures with characters to be of any interest. I considered all manga back then as a childish picture book.

That was until I turned 11 and ordered a book from class. Apparently there was a mix up with the orders because it was not a novel that arrived but a SJ issue(I still have to this day), with a blond spiky haired man with green eyes who appeared to be screaming for some reason and took over the entire cover. I at first was outraged and tried to return the issue but a "all sales were final" speech was made so I was stuck with it. So after groveling to my parents for money I re sent my order but was still left with this giant picture book. After rolling it around my head to ether burn it or roll it up and use it to kill fly's, I figured I might as well read it before I send it to the great hereafter. And just like any kid who started reading SJ I red the wrong way and was confused beyond reason and had to skip to the "how to" page and learn how to read this surreal picture book, grumbling words that perhaps no 11 year old should utter anywhere near there parents range of hearing. So after looking. re looking, tossing, swearing and chewing the issue. I finally got the hang on how to read it and learned of its characters. This Goku, Yuske, Luffy, Yugi and Yoh and other side characters and for the first time ever in my life.....

I was even more confused then before.....[issue happened to be in the center of about every plot]. But it was interesting, I at first wondered why this artist had to write multiple story's each with a different art style. Only then did I learn each story was created by someone else. And although I may have been lost I was still intrigued with how each character was different, looked different and acted different all the while digging me deeper into this picture book. After learning this is called anime I decided to share this news with my friends and they understandably looked at me as if I was auditioning to be Caption Obvious new sidekick. But that did lead them to bring me up to date on this Anime lore and for them to share there manga. From that point on....well lets say my mothers memory of my face at that time was just a book with shoulders and legs attached. Funny enough after binge reading any manga I could grab on to or was allowed to read, my novels finally came in and because of what I been obsessed over reading as of late words now bored me but I knew if I dropped manga's at that moment I could get back to how I used to be.

So i tossed my goosebumps books into the closet never to be seen again and signed up for SJ monthly issues and thats where my anime world began.

Some time after that getting Issue after Issue I like others who I'm sure did the same, wanted to create my own manga to be featured among all these SJ stars, That's were I hit my first hurdle not only did I fail every English and literature class that I came in contact with, I also drew like a flipper handed freak child who just discovered lead makes lines on thin white trees teachers seem to give out a awful lot.
Still through sheer stubbornness I still aimed to be one of the greats. That's when I met Animation, Shortly after learning he could draw quite well even at his age, he was still not willing to take it past a hobby as his parents have already mapped out a career for him. So my natural response was to capture and toss him into a abandoned basement with nothing but the entire DBZ series a small supply of lucky charms and the promise of sunlight once he gets better at drawing.

Low and behold a mere 20 minuets later Animation has become the man you see draw today!ready to work to become the next great artist(in all honesty I just had to keep persuading and convincing Animation that his work was good. But thats not nearly as entertaining as what you imagined while reading the first part of this). So then began a friendship that's lasted for over 9 years, I admit our start was rocky I couldn't write well enough for the casual reader as my words cause internal bleeding and was outlawed in several states. And Animation had the confidence of a rock. No scratch that a rock would still have more confidence, at least it knows its a rock. Anyway the only reason we improved was because of our rivalry. Each time I got better at writing Animation would try and beat me with his art then I would try to beat him with my story's so on and so forth. And here we are still trying to outclass the other but I think thats the best kind of teamwork no?

So thats our origin as for why we do what we do. Our dream is to outclass every manga both those that are finished and those that are still going. We want to set the bar higher then its every been and let the name Action Animation forever be remembered. To have our characters be drawn by fans, be compared to other famous works and of course be on the crossover forums and animations. Matched up against famous fighters the "What If" battles as both sides defend there hero's and draw who would beat who into the ground. But most of all if we cut all that down and look at the center. We just do it because its something we love to do, Even if this career offered no money, you would still see us swimming upstream to the dream that we all share here in MR. Even if our story's are never noticed or we don't get the fame we wanted we still would rather see this dream to the end. Then just simply give up and wonder what could have been.
    Well now you know everyone our origin, what happens next? well will be sure to let you know. I hope to see your reasons as well on this thread, till then later

-Action Animation

General Manga writer discussions / Who and what are you?
« on: November 12, 2013, 08:31:58 AM »
This is just a thread I wanted to make to understand all our writers here. Even if its just a hobby or something you want to take professionally I'd like to know. If you could please answer the questions I put down below, they can be a single word or a paragraph its all up to you, I believe that this will not only show our fellow writers but artist as well a more solid understanding of your Style, hates, inspirations, strengths/weaknesses and your personal do's and dont's in storytelling. And If there's something more you'd like to say feel free to add it below, That being said I'll start.

My Style

I base my style on..well for lack of a better word "Manipulation" to best explain, It is controlling the elements of your story in a certain way to trick your readers into thinking that they know everything about whats going on and predict what will happen next when really it's you letting them see what you want them to see and know what you what them to know as the true plot slips by unnoticed passing by as dialogue, backgrounds, foregrounds, small events and much more. So when the final chapter reveals the big twist or have that grand payoff, I want the reader to be confused and deny what has just been said so when they pick up and re-read the story back from the beginning. It will be there just as the final chapter said and now knowing what to look for all that was once never noticed appears one after another as you laugh at yourself for not noticing it the entire time allowing the story to become full circle and hopefully gaining a new understanding.

I know most will disagree with me on this one but I just cant stand a long anime's with hundreds of episodes. That includes Bleach, DBZ, Naruto, Fairy Tale, Toriko, SOA[getting to that point] and One Piece, There is more but those are the main one's that bother me the most. Now don't get me wrong I don't personally dislike the creators and I know that this is a job to provide for themselves or there family and without it they would go under but still I can't say I approve, but thats not my business or call, and never let it be said that I only hate these anime's to jump on the hate wagon or just don't understand the material being shown. I always give a story time to impress me and I will even admit in the beginning I was interested in each of these shows I listed above until I realized I was forcing myself to sit through fillers and dull story ARC's to see what would happen next thats no fun. Regardless even if you can make 2 million pages of pure gold filled with a amazing idea and characters to match. It's magic will eventually run out. I know each of these legends could use some of those interesting ideas and small plot elements, not for a short story arc that will come and go but Instead be used as another series all together leaving your last work to stay in its perfection with a strong ending and bringing new blood with new potential and fresh ideas so that they wont need to reuse a popular story arc from there past, and only disguising it with a different tone. just like a good joke the 1st and 2nd time its funny but after that hearing it over and over with slight modifications it just becomes irritating and you wonder why did you ever laugh at it in the first place. anyway that my personal hate in manga's that go on even after the magic is gone it feels lazy and without passion as it's forced to be stretched another season.


now there is plenty of anime that I like but I would have to say this was the first anime that I felt manipulated by. Gurren Lagann
    Now It's no 10/10 series it does have 1 or 2  fillers episode even though its a short 27 episodes, I still felt each episode brought something before me to keep my attention and I soon learned that unlike other anime's where you can skip 5 or more episodes and still receive the same impact as those who watched those 5 fillers. With Gurren Lagann I may have just missed a entire plot change, character development or key parts to the story leading to its final chapter, bringing excitement and a certain eagerness to watch each episode. The joy I felt watching that anime is the same joy I want to publish under Action Animation's name.

Strengths And Weaknesses

Do to my style I believe my strength is with action, mystery, horror a bit of fantasy and a hint of drama as for my weaknesses I know full well that comedy is by far my worst skill, find any rock outside and stare at it that can have you crack a smile faster then a 100 page gag manga written by me and yes its that bad, Also my attempt at romance don't matter if its character or just the story itself, it will be dreadful and there is much more weaknesses that slip my mind but I'm sure others here will be sure to let me know.
Do's And Don't

My personal do's and dont's are rather simple, I will only start story's I planned from start to finish giving it a 2 season limit letting the story flow smoothly with a decent pace while keeping the reader entertained sinking them deeper into the story. And as the first season immerses the reader the second season will lead to the epic conclusion I had in mind. I find this method also helps keep out plot holes that tend to happen to long running anime's when the story has to break its own rules to allow this next idea to take place.
  In all honesty If I was offered a large amount of money to needlessly stretch my story's to rake in as much money as possible or live life penny less for the rest of my days. My choice will be obvious the next time you see me sucking on the walls of the subway train for nourishment during the day and competing with the rats for territory at night, all while living under a roof of my own imagination. I just can't do that to my story's. They are like my kid's I could never do that to them even if it was a worldwide phenomenon I still be that guy penny less hanging on the ceiling as you look for your missing cheeseburger but hey at least I ended my story the way I wanted too and in the end that would make it all worth it. I strive for Action Animation to be the team who will one day produce story's raising the bar. We want to leave a impression, so when someone finishes a brand new anime or gets bored of the one that there currently watching. I want our work to be in the back of there minds and have them think"It just not as good as Action Animation's work"call that what you will it's a dream after all.

well that's It, now you know as much as I do about my writing and the thoughts behind every word. Hope to see how others differ or think the same, till then


Manga Art Gallery / Action Animation Gallery
« on: November 10, 2013, 12:25:27 PM »
well seeing as we place our story characters in a vault for the time being. For now we will show you our rather older works feel free to critique once ANIMATION sends me more pix that are actually decent size I'll post them here, enjoy


this last one is actually a request we did on our devent page, the original one was drawn by 70nywuvschizuru

Welcome Center / hello we are Action Animation
« on: November 10, 2013, 11:50:24 AM »
sorry for the delay, Ive had this account for awhile and I just now started posting.
Well we are Action Animation, 2 childhood friends who grew up and worked for the impossible dream of manga. And I'm happy to say its wonderful being in the company of those who also walk to that very same dream.
 I "ACTION" handle the writing, story planning and all online means and my friend "ANIMATION" handles...well every single drawing you will see in the near future. We will be sharing this account do to circumstances with ANIMATION location but fear not, if you need to speak to him reply to a post and ask for him directly or just send a PM I'll make sure he gets it.

 Anyway I could ramble forever but I know while reading this you couldn't care less and would rather see what we brought to the table on this site. rest assure I will be online throughout most of the day, luckily my job allows such luxury so I for one will be traveling to the far off post's[2011] and answer each post and thread one by one, giving reviews and any assistance needed story wise.

I guess thats about it, the only noteworthy thing I can think of is we had a opportunity to work at tokeyopop, but we declined after hearing rumors about its business. guess we got off lucky.

So it was nice to meet you all and to those who are walking towards that dream of recognition in manga, let's both meet on that other side.
-Action Animation

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