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Movies and TV shows / hoodwinked
« on: April 17, 2010, 06:38:03 AM »
Has anyone else seen this?

I seen this when I was sharing a place with two mates and smashed out of my mind, which made it exceptionally funny, but when I seen this in a normal state of mind, it was not as fun, although still quite funny. Whats everyone elses opinion on it?

Video / PC Games / Tibia anyone?
« on: April 16, 2010, 05:01:13 AM »
I'm just wondering if anyone else plays www.tibia.com? I'd love to have a few players in there, that I know.

It's free btw, and if you do wish to join go to the world Pacera, as that's the one I'm in, and I'll help you out.


break Room / EddTheZombie.co.uk
« on: February 01, 2010, 09:35:44 AM »
Well I revamped eddthezombie.co.uk with a nice simple design. I really just want the website to display information, so what do you all think of it?

Website: eddthezombie.co.uk
Author: Sycrid
Purpose: Personal Information Host, and I also throw reviews and such up on it.

Note: The avatars I used to have on Anime Avatar Central, I have thrown on the website as well.

break Room / Sycrids SEO Tutorials: Part 2
« on: August 26, 2009, 04:00:16 PM »
Hiya guys! Well here is part two of the notes that I'm developing for Search Engine Optimisation, and what I would like to point out is that with the E-book version I am also including images, which is a little bit more difficult and time consuming to throw within these forum posts, so if you want a copy of the e-book, mail me at sycrid[a]eddthezombie.co.uk

Hope you all enjoy, and the same goes for this one as the last, if you see something that you could improve, send your notes my way and I will extend, modify or replace what I have with what you inform me of.

====================>SYCRID TUTORIALS<======================

Search Engine Optimisation and Images

Fancy getting your images into Google image search or just attract more users? If you do then these are the following settings that I would advise to be used when placing images on your website.

Firstly, make the file name for the image relevant, rather than useless. What I mean by this is, your camera might take excellent photographs, but who is going to search for “img_3838978273.jpg”? I can’t imagine very many. If it’s a picture of a tree then name it something like, tree.jpg or if it’s a cat, name it cat.jpg. These are very simple commonsense practices, and yet so many people do not take advantage of them, follow the theory and it will benefit your website.

Secondly, when you place an image on your website, give it an alt tag. An alt tag will specify what the image is of and is good practice for complying with w3c guidelines. The reason we use alt tags is for web browsers that are having trouble reading the image data and can provide an alternative solution to a box with a little red cross. The red cross may appear still but the alt tag will also be present, and this works to your advantage very well, when you have people with some degree of disabilities, such as those who are partially blind, programs that they use can read the text on the page, and will inform the user the image is of, a tree or a cat.

Thirdly, if you are aiming for your images to appear in Google image search, then be patient because Google can take quite a while to update its image search, since it is not as fast as the web search function it has.


Search Engine Optimisation and Sitemaps.   
A sitemap is a page or location that you can visit, which will list all of the pages within your website, this is useful for your users, so it’s worth having. It will allow a user to quickly identify the page that they wish to visit, and as a result becomes a vital page within your website. With that information in mind, having a link to your sitemap, in html format, within homepage or every page of your website, will be very useful, because in addition to a user being capable of using the information, when ever a spider/robot appears, it will read the entire sitemap and as a result, crawl every page on your website, unless instructed otherwise.

The second useful thing about sitemaps is that if you use tools such as Google Webmaster, then you can submit your sitemap directly to the search engine and have a spider crawl the sitemap when ever you update the information. This becomes a fantastic option when you need to create and remove a lot of pages within a short period of time, and should also help you get your website indexed within Google faster, if you are just starting out. 


Search Engine Optimisation and Tagging
What is tagging?
When typing code within coding languages, we will often assign attributes to certain aspects of the website page, to help shape and define what is being presented to the user. Tagging is the result of this where the use of certain select pieces of code will result in a robot or spider seeing the information that is tagged with more importance

Why should we use tagging?
As was just mentioned, by using tagging we are allowing the spiders/robots to know that a certain phrase, word or series of numbers is the most important part of our page. That this select piece of information, which could be the title or a word in mid-sentence, has more meaning or importance than the rest of the page, not to say the rest of the page is not important.
What forms of tagging does a robot/spider see with more value?
The basic ones that everybody should be using with a simple HTML page are the header tags, which indicate headers and sub-headings within a page that has been published. They range from H1 through to H6 and can be altered through using cascading style sheets and such, without much effort, so you have no reason to worry about whether the formatting will fit into your webpage design, because you can change that.

Two of the least known tags are some to replace others, which do the same job but also indicate that they have more importance, than the original tags that they can replace. The first one is < s t r o n g > and can replace < b o l d >, it will result in the text that it wraps as being bold, just like the bold tag would do, but it also tells the spiders / robots that crawl through your website that the words wrapped within this tag, are very important.

The second of the two least known tags is one that I my self have just become aware of, and it is < e m > which stands for emphasis, and if you wrap your text within this tag, you will notice the effect is the same as the < I > tag, which makes all of your text italic. Just like the strong tag, it will be represented to the robots as something which has a higher value or more importance.

< s t r o n g > Hello World < / s t r o n g >        =        < b > Hello World < / b >

< e m > Hello World < / e m >      =       < I > Hello World < / I >

Laters dudes, and dudettes, I hope you enjoyed,
Rock on! :devil:

Develop Your Story / Story: Richtung
« on: August 11, 2009, 04:37:32 PM »
Notice: This is my first attempt at writing anything, so be warned it is likely to be dry and humourless... It could be developed into anything, because all I've done is the opening chapter and then that will likely need to be re-wrote. Also the only critisism I have on my own work at the moment is I need to change it from first to third person, perhaps.

This all started just after I finished university, I was on a high with life, seeing everything as an adventure. A new pair of shoes, an adventure, meeting up with an old friend, an adventure, finishing university, an adventure and the list goes on. What I discovered very soon was perhaps the most vital of things in this modern world, which was ever so bluntly stated to my face within an interview, for what was a job I could do with my eyes closed, and hands tied behind my back, as you do.

On that day I stumbled along, wearing a jumper, the new shoes as mentioned a moment ago and a nice shirt, all ready to dazzle. I had an interview, for which I was lead to believe a nice job, part time but with big hopes, and just assumed I’d not be asked awkward questions about myself, such as, how big is your nose? Or do you know the colour of your nipples? that kind of randomness.

Instead I was faced with some of the most puzzling questions I’ve been asked to date. Two in particular stood out from the rest, when Lorna the lovely brunette 40 year old lady asked me, “What is it you want to do in life?” quickly followed by “Where does your passion lie?”.

I looked at her, I looked at the website in front of me (Edd The Zombie) and then looked back at her, smiled, looked elsewhere and as I turned back to her for what must have been the 4th time, I said “You really want to know?” and she kindly said with a positive and what seemed like a deep desire to know, “Yes, I’d like to know.”, I started to panic at this point, holding my face in the same pose as it was, to attempt to avoid her from detecting the panic, I couldn’t just say I wanted to be a Zombie, or a porn star, but rather I had to tell her the truth and I said …“I honestly have no idea, I’ve just wasted 4 years studying IT because it’s something I’m good at and I hate it. I don’t think I have actually found anything in life that has given me interest in following as a career.”

Not the answer she was looking for, as I learned 3 days later with a bitter and harsh email that bluntly read. You’re not the right applicant for us, we hope that you find what you are looking for, and wish you all the best.

Thus beginning this wild and unforeseen future of self discovery and diabolical planning, heck, there was no plan. Just venture out into the world and see what there is to play with. On this note I reread a book I bought 2-3 years previous, called “feel the fear and do it anyway”, somewhere within that book and the things I had done recently, I discovered that perhaps you have to take risks and feel fear to be free and experience more. The challenge had been set, it was to discover what I want to do in life, but to get from where I was through to where I would like to be, without having a clue about what was in between, I knew immediately I would have to try a variation of things, or else I’d miss something that could most certainly be an experience to remember.

It was to be the new me, the new crazy never afraid of anything me, take the risks and live with the consequences and just hope they turn out to be good things rather than bad. I later spoke with my father and asked if he could contact a friend I had who lived in Germany, around the corner from where my father lived at this point. I asked him if he could deliver a message for me, which simply said “I’m coming to Germany and I would like to do some work for your company.”  

A few weeks later, I had with no thought what so ever, pulled all of my annual leave at work, packed my bags and jumped on a plane, well that’s the easy thing to say, but rather I had to pack my bags, wear the same clothes for 2 days nearly, work one shift at work, travel all the way to London by car, and then jump in a plane… my totally exhausting day lasted a total of 34 hours, but did include a total of 6 meals, which was nice for an English gentleman like me, with a slim 6ft 4” build and only weighing 11 stone.

Next thing you know it’s 1pm I’m slouched on the sofa, trying desperately to drag my corpse out of what was my temporary bed, for the sum of one month, and in Germany. It was at this point most people would jump up, grab some clothes and get out the door to explore their first day on holiday, what did I do? I slouched some more and fell back to sleep, ass in the air and nose in my pillow. I had one day before I started work and intended on spending it wisely, so within my mind I created a time table, first wake up… this was successful, as I was awake, which caught me off guard. Second was to get out of bed, or the large sofa I conquered every time I visited and thirdly was to get the camera and go for a wonder. I took me until 3pm to get out of bed and 4pm to get out of the door. What happened between 3pm and 4pm, no one knows, but believe me it does not take a guy 1 hour to shower, grab some hair wax and throw some shorts on, at maximum it should have taken me 20 minutes.

And now Part 2

So there I was once again, in Germany and sleeping on a large sofa, which for most I assume would appear to be a strange prospect, but for me on the other hand, not so much, after all there have been plenty mornings where I have woken on some ones sofa within the last year of university, and dammit I was too young to let that stop quite yet. Maybe someday I'll be relegated to the boring common bedroom, or promoted to the bath tub, and I really can't wait for the day when I can sleep in someones bath tub, oh the joy.

I decided I'd venture into the office of my work placement with laptop in hand and no preparation, and for once this being unprepared, worked to my advantage as I spent 2 days doing very little work. I could at that point in time only specify two reasons for this, the first being, I could speak and not only break the ice, but annihilate an entire iceberg, after all I was in another country with another language to contend with. It had nothing and I repeat, nothing to do with the stunning brunette who was sitting by my side and me not wanting to make a tit of my self, by speaking English and her not understanding any of it. The other being that I was highly paranoid, the room was slightly off smelling, like a lingering body odour smell which I thought may have been me even though I'd showered and been swimming countless times within the two days. There was also a third reason which we can all dismiss rather fast just like I did, and that is that I'm lazy. I'm not by the way, I just like to be patient.

I have to admit by doing this work placement I discovered a few things about my self, and the world I was supposed to enter with my degree. I couldn't stand being tied to a chair from 9am through to 5pm, what a total waste of my limbs, I'm not dead yet nor am I suffering from some disability, so why suffer this torture? I pushed this issue of being stranded on a seat quite well, by following the next few days with the addition of taking my camera into the office and getting the nice brunette lady called Louise, to run around the office with it, taking macro shots. This was the good ice breaker I was looking for, the one that I knew would get me out of my seat, give her the chance to ask me questions rather than just me asking and, well, have you ever had a DSLR camera in your hands? One photograph "mm that's cool", two, three, four photographs later and you get "damn this is fun", what language its spoken in, is completely irrelevant because you know from the look you get, and the enthusiasm with the way a person speaks that they're hooked.

I had fun, those few days I had my camera in the office,  I even trained a member of staff how to effectively use the camera and all the little intricacies that come with an expensive camera, but now it was the weekend, what could I do in a small village full of the old and dying, trying to stave off death for a little while longer. Yes this is where my father lived, within a tiny village in the middle of no where, other wise known as Bad Wildbad (translated this means "bath, wild bath"), potentially a hint to the English football team who stayed in the city Baden Baden a few years back. I can't imagine some of them would have noticed what the translation of that city name actually meant.

Anyway I ended up wasting my weekend in the middle of the German forest which was a good laugh, getting lost and such. It was an absolute treat to my self and I loved every moment that I was immersed within the shrubbery that riddled the forest floor. The real test was getting home, since I had been offered a mobile phone by my step mother, and she said I should call when I get bored, so she can come pick me up. Neither of us clicked that I was 5000ft above sea level, in the middle of a vast unpopulated location. What did I discover 5 hours too late, yep you guessed it. I had no signal, did I? I was *censored*ed, truly *censored*ed, or so I thought, and as hard as I could, I tried to remember those German lessons in school, when me and Ryan just wasted 2 years laughing, fighting and playing naughts and crosses in English (on that note, where we right to say to our German teacher all those years ago, that naughts and crosses is one of the most important games invented, due to it being universal and breaking down all language barriers?), I did manage one sentence though. Being the sole surviving sentence that got me home... "do you speak English?" but in German of course, and with a stroke of luck, the first person I met, did just that. This guy was a prodigy, he was about the same age as me, and not only could he speak English, but he could work the damn phone and tell me that the house phone number was engaged. At this point I had no idea, after all I had bloody overcome to get this far, the stress of being stuck in the heat, in the middle of a gigantic forest, with very little language skills and having to suffer the torture of remembering lessons from high school, I was to be beaten down by my step mother being a woman, and following the usual social rules, women plus phones result in lots of chatting.

There was a few scenarios I was looking forward to avoiding by coming home at the end of the holiday, sorry I mean work experience, such as the so called mysterious figure that watched me swimming in the pool for ten minutes, let me explain. One evening I decided to go for a dip in the pool at about 10pm, and you can cut through the garage into the house which is a collective of 6 flats, but all the German neighbors know me, so it's cool and I have nothing to worry about, never the less I lock the door to the swimming pool and leave the key in the lock, when I go swimming. Now upon this fine evening I was swimming with my glasses off.

Have you ever tried swimming with them on? It makes the world weird, like there is a million different lens' attached to the one lens in front of your eye, due to the droplets of water. Keep in mind that this can be amazing fun when either one of two scenarios comes in to play, 1) Your body is clearly and not so cleverly unable to co-ordinate its way from left to right and back and forth, due to an excessive amount of alcohol inhabiting your blood stream, whilst walking home in the rain. The fun part is when you do need to drop that zip and relieve a little pressure, you become the man of the hour, because you no longer have one item down there but many, and it makes you feel like you're relieving yourself several times over in one instance. Now, if you happen to find that you have never done this before, borrow your mates old glasses, get drunk and wonder the streets till it rains, you will enjoy the experience and you never know, you may be referred to as a young hooligan, making you feel young again. Talk about a win, win situation. The second of the two scenarios is one I really can't mention by the way, but it does include rather similar circumstances as to what has been mentioned above, just replace one substance with another. All you little children out there, this is a bad one, and no you should not go looking for your dads secret smiling medicine, that may or may not be hidden in the attic, believe me it will do you no good, and make you feel terrible the next day.

Back to what I was saying, as I said it was 10pm, and I wanted to have a dip in the pool, whilst partially blind due to no optical assistance. I'd done about twenty laps of the pool, when I suddenly looked up to see a figure, which I believed was the angry old man who occupies the flat directly below my father, but without the assistance allowing me to see, and with the so clearly defined stereotype of German women, I wasn't so sure it was him, resulting in me standing in the middle of a swimming pool, pulling funny faces, at a person through the glass window that allows people to view the pool. Who ever it was never stopped to watch again, ten minutes of me pulling ridiculous faces, must have been enough to solidify their opinion, that the English guy upstairs has a son, who is incomprehensibly insane. It was left at that, since no one said a word about me swimming at 10pm and I was unable to catch another staring at me through the window, although I would like to maintain exactly what was said to my step mother that night "I can't help it if I turn on old men, just like young women. That's their issue not mine and if he was staring at me for that reason, then let him be".

So yeah, I already know I'm not a fantastic writer, but I noticed that someone asked for a little more to be wrote and I figured that considering I did write a little more, that I should post it.

break Room / Sycrids SEO Tutorials: Part 1
« on: August 11, 2009, 10:37:49 AM »
Hiya guys  :D,

I started typing up this information for my self to help re-enforce my knowledge, so I figured it would be a bit of help for you guys out there, if you wish to read on, if not, then I dont mind and have a nice time where ever you do venture off to.

Be warned these are not precise guidelines and only the information that I am aware of. If you have any additions on specified sub-subject areas that I mention, then by all means add the information or PM me and I will update the topic.

Here we go!
====================>SYCRID TUTORIALS<======================

What is Search Engine Optimisation?
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the ability to optimise your website so that it ranks/places higher within search results than it previously did. For example if your website is currently positioned 19th in Google for a good search, you may want to improve that to 1st, but how do you do it? This is where Search Engine Optimisation comes in, because through using Search Engine Optimisation techniques, you may highlight ideas and theories you where either not aware of, or have yet to perform to your website.

Will Search Engine Optimisation work on my website?
Search Engine Optimisation will work on any website, and it is likely that if you are reading this, and asking “will Search Engine Optimisation work on my website”, then the impact will be bigger rather than smaller for your developments.

Any website on the internet can be optimised to improve its rankings, however this does not mean very much may be done, it depends on who is above you in the search and what you have done previously to search engine optimise your website, so keep that in mind as you read on.

Search Engine Optimisation and Keyword Density
Keyword density plays a good part in Search Engine Optimisation, because as spiders and bots crawl through your website pages they will take note of the most frequently used words, terminology and names, which will then depend on how relevant your page is to searches that are performed by that search engine.

It is not rare to find website pages that have a keyword density of 10% but I have found that more often than not, a percentage of about 5% is common. The percentage is worked out via a calculation, the amount of times your keyword or phrase appears on the page, divided by the amount of words that appear on the page and then multiplied by 100, to result in your keyword density percentage.

Things that you should take into consideration with keyword density are, what keywords should be appearing on your webpage? Try looking at your title and thinking of 3 keywords that should appear in relation to the title, then try and rewrite your article so that the keywords will appear more frequently within your article, thus resulting in improved Search Engine Optimisation via Keyword Density.

Check your keyword density here, http://www.seochat.com/seo-tools/keyword-density/

Search Engine Optimisation and hyperlinks
First of all, if you are going to through hyperlinks in all over the place, get the links correct. I’ve seen way too many websites whilst on my adventures throughout the internet, which place a link and when you click on it, it will take you through to that external link within the same page. People, users and readers, if you want some one to go to your website, then why send them away as soon as they arrive?

Rather choose the better option of allowing them to follow the link you have but into a new window or tab, it’s very simple and very effective. The code is below, where the target=”_blank” refers to opening a new window/tab.

<a href=”websiteaddress” target=”_blank”>website name</a>

Now on to how links affect your websites Search Engine Optimisation. Key rules are as follows, if you have a link related to your websites subject, then fantastic because it is likely going to be using those select words that you have as “keywords” (read keyword density), and as a result if you place the link, name the link and also add a title to the link, then a spider or robot, will see that keyword three times as much.

Coded example:
<a href=www.seoprofessor.co.uk” title=”SEO Professor 1”> SEO Professor 2</a>

As you can see the address has two words within it (SEO + Professor), I have now titled the link with SEO Professor, so if you hover over it you will see exactly that as a title “SEO Professor 1”, then you also have how the hyperlink will appear in your webpage in this case “SEO Professor 2”. The numbers have only been used for guidance points.

End of part  :exclaim:
Hope you enjoyed and found useful.   :-\
Sycrid xXx  :devil:

Anime Talk / Zombie-Loan Anyone?
« on: July 21, 2009, 01:27:41 AM »
Has anyone heard of this? or what it is about because I've just seen a tiny bit of it online and want to see and hear more about it...

Marcus xxx

break Room / Sycrid photography.
« on: July 17, 2009, 03:21:41 PM »
Alot of us on here are artists, in one way or another, so i'd like artists opinions on how to improve my photography for whilst im at gigs.

Explanation... I started taking photos at a gig the other night with my DSLR, and i really enjoyed it, but since it is the first time i've ever tried, I know ive made mistakes (e.g. i didnt use the flash very often). Now because i enjoyed it, i want to try and improve on it and do gigs more often.

Q: B&W, is it right ? (B&W = black and white)
Q: Are these at all worth while photographs?
Q: Using the flash would expose more detail and result in a faster image, but is it worth destroying the stage lighting...

All pictures are posted in my DA Account (http://n1ghtf4ll3r.deviantart.com) and three are below.

break Room / Happy 4th of July people
« on: July 04, 2009, 06:24:53 PM »
As the title says, and just before the day ends...

Happy 4th of July!?!

break Room / Sycrids Blog
« on: June 28, 2009, 11:09:45 PM »
Well this is my blog for those who wish to waste some time and have a look... I am not promising anything interesting is posted there, but you never know...


oh and if you wish for a link on there, then just ask, I will do link swapping with anyone ... the blog gets quite a few hits already for those who are after visitors...

break Room / Edd The Zombie
« on: June 28, 2009, 11:04:25 PM »
It's not exactly Anime/manga related, so I'm sorry in advance.. but I'm currently developing "Edd The Zombie" which is to be a review website for books/movies and games of the horror genre.

http://www.eddthezombie.co.uk - Have a look..

Anyway, I'm in desperate need of some reviewers, if you fancy joining, send me an IM or email.. or just msg me on the forums...

Welcome Center / Hiya ppl
« on: June 28, 2009, 10:47:46 PM »
Hiya people,

Sycrid here... erm, a big anime fan and a long time friend of Hasith. Just reregistered cos i forgot my old account info.

It's been a while lol.


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