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Develop Your Story / Charred Life (Rewritten)
« on: August 01, 2019, 07:44:45 PM »
Charred Life
Part One: The Acor Village

Genre: Fantasy, Science Fiction, Action

Info: Six years have passed since Roun's village was attacked and his best friend killed. Roun has vowed to avenge his friend, but to do so he has to become a Warden of the Acor village, a protector of his people. When the time for the Warden's Exam comes around, Roun faces the threat of being disqualified, and is at the same time  expected to teach the ways of the Acor to his cousin, Dave, who comes to the village for the first time. Dave doesn't know spat about Acor traditions, nor does he know who their enemy is.

Here's where I'll be posting story info and chapters. Feedback, comments, and questions are welcome!

Status: In Development

# of chapters currently written: Dreams (3) + 15

Currently posted chapters (Links):

Music Links
Chapter 13 - "Upon That Night" -

This is a story I've been working on for, well, a while. :confused: If you looked at my art gallery, you'd find most of the drawings are dedicated to "Charred Life".

Originally, I had wanted to make this story in a manga, but I am now working on it as a novel. Not that I've lost hope of having it drawn one day! It's just that I've personally found this method of creation suits me better.

This is also not the first time I've written "Charred Life". In fact, I first attempted to write and post it some years ago, and I've also used my characters in some crossover projects! But after receiving feedback and thinking about it, I decided that I should scrap the old version and, consequently, rewrite it. I had hoped to finish it before sharing...But since some of you have expressed interest in reading it, here it is! :)

Thanks for taking your time to read this. c:

Discussions / INDENT - Discussion
« on: April 07, 2017, 04:24:43 PM »

Comments and critique for my story, INDENT, can be put here.

I'll also be adding character info and story concepts here as the story moves on.

Links to chapters:

Chapter 1 - Puncture

Chapter 2 - Fissure

Chapter 3 - Crevice

Characters so far:

Chapter One:

Ira Leander Corner
- 21 y.o.
- Cafe Employee


- 21 y.o.
- Cafe Employee
- Has known Ira since Grade 8


Mr. Richley
- Manager of Corner Intersection Cafe
- Was friends with Ira's parents
- Raised Ira after Ira's parents died.


"Lapis" - Man that wields a sword.
"Quartz" - Lean woman who uses knives.
"Em" - Teenage boy.
"Amy" - Teenage girl that uses a pair of pistols.
"Jasper" - A male individual that controls a drone and gives instructions to the team.

Manga Creations / INDENT
« on: April 06, 2017, 11:54:10 PM »
I started writing this story this year. It was based off of an old story idea I'd long forgotten, but I found it in my old notebook and had some new inspiration for it.

I'll be posting completed chapters here. I usually write my stories in prose, but I've used my own format of script for this because I might (just might) draw it in the future.

Discussion topic for story can be found here. Comments, critiques, and questions welcome. Concepts and other info will also be put there.


Genre: Fantasy, Science Fiction, Action, Mystery

Synopsis: 21 y.o. Ira has known that monsters were real since he was a child. As an adult, he still encounters them nightly, and the only reason he has survived up till now is because of his ability to repel monsters. This ability is a mystery even to Ira, who has had it his whole life. Soon, Ira finds he has to deal with more than the man-eating beasts.

Chapters --

Chapter 1 - Puncture

Chapter 2 - Fissure

Chapter 3 - Crevice

MR Pub / Happy Birthday MissChurro~
« on: October 02, 2016, 02:01:18 PM »
Happy Birthday MissChurro!!!

Hope you're having a great time celebrating your birthday! *glasses and bottles clanging*

 :cake: :birthdaywish: :cake:

break Room / Happy Birthday to NO1SY!!!
« on: June 07, 2016, 11:51:16 AM »
Happy birthday MR Comrade!

I hope you have a good day!

Question though - why did you turn from NO1SEY to NO1SY? Always meant to ask that  :unsure:

 :cake:      :birthdaywish:       :cake:

break Room / Happy Birthday LittRL~!!
« on: May 14, 2016, 03:03:14 PM »
I think they said to make a new topic last time lol.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LITT!! Hope you have a great day!!

 :cake: :birthdaywish: :cake:

Manga Creations / MR Story: Easter Egg Hunt
« on: May 12, 2016, 02:27:34 AM »
Yes, an Easter story. This is actually from at least a full year back. It's kind of old-fashioned and maybe passe...? But I thought I'd share it anyway since it was in my files and I hadn't shared it before because I wanted it to be longer, but I realize it would be... long  ;) So it is not complete in the way I'd like it.

For anyone not acquainted with MR stories, these are basically light-hearted tales where the members of MR are actually citizens of MangaRaiders City, a vast metropolis focused on manga and anime, and get involved in the scenarios that just...happen!  :D Mostly by the imagination of the author.

The stories follow the MR canon guide which has been built up by previous members of MR who wrote such stories (our mods Coryn and Lego have for instance!). And -

Oh, here's the link if you're interested in looking at the other complete ones!  ;D,4437.0.html

The title reveals a little, but read on if you would like to see the specifics hehe.
A little heads' up - I used some older members that may not be familiar to some of the new members. There were more older members, but I have switched them out with more recent names.

I hope I'm not breaking some unspoken rule that MR stories are not to be written anymore... I haven't seen them for a while O_O.
If so please inform me  :unsure:

So without further ado, here is the excerpt ^^:

MR Easter Egg Hunt                                   

   "Nooope! We're not going into that."

   "What, why? It'll be a good discussion!"

   "Ugh. Well, first because I say so. Second, the discussion would probably be between you and my back. Third - we're not in the Pub anymore so any further mention on history is off-topic. Period."

   Echo_River and Dr.Striker had just exited the MR Pub. A late morning's light was cast over MR and the weather settings were within a comfortable room temperature as always.

   "Just let me expound to you the background of the Easter - Ishtar history. We are still in the Break Room you know."

   "I kind of already know some of that. Rabbits were her favourite animals, and she was said to have been born from an egg, na? Although that was under her other name, Semiramis..."

   "Oh? Did you know that already? You might’ve mentioned it earlier."

   Echo shook her head with an amused smile as they stood by the street, where the traffic was light. "No more or I will throw a Sherlock Holmes quote at you.."

   "I object..."

   "And any more on non-fun related subjects, and I will turn you into a giant egg!"

   "An egg? That would be the crudest joke you have come up with so far."

   Echo glanced at him strangely, "Actually, no. The crudest joke would be with the threat of being a potential specimen for the world's largest sunny-side up."

    Dr.Striker coughed, a bit of green fused into his face, "No need to get irritated."

   "Okay!" Echo smiled, "Just to say, it'll probably be an egg beater, rather than a chainsaw."

   Dr.Striker adjusted his glasses, and put on a brave face, "So, what's going on in MR today anyway?"

   They looked up at the buildings, quiet, stolid glass structures. The trees on the avenue were starting to spread out in real blossoms, rather than as digital images. Warm and calm coloured lights lit up the prestigious MR tower's elevator shaft, where they could see an elevator descending....

   "I'm gonna go for a walk in the park," Echo glanced at the tower disinterestedly, and began to walk off in the opposite direction.

   "It is a holiday. We should do something momentous!"

   "Uh-huh. Like, before someone else decides for us....?"


   A strip of light ran between the two males standing in the elevator. A tense silence hung over them, and grim looks upon their faces.

   "Guess we should start soon...."


   They looked down on the activity as their ride suddenly slowed.

   "Seems to be enough people around today."


   The doors opened, and the two stepped out onto one of the lower floors of the MR Tower. The first thing they did was to take two uniform jackets off the wall and put them on. On the backs of these jackets were imprinted what looked like a large beer glass. Next, they approached another room, separated off by a large window and a door. Inside the room were two monitors and mics on a table back to back.

   "Ar'right, let's do this."

   "Hell yeah!"


   The doors of MR Tower slid open. A total of four persons stepped out and into the nigh midday light. They stopped under the tower, a company of two female, and two male.

   "Ahh! It's good to be back!" The woman in the party smiled back at the sun, although one couldn't really see that as all of her face was covered except her eyes. Her garb was a ninja outfit. "You guys couldn't call me just for a party, huh?"

   "It's good to have you back - temporarily - Musick." The blonde man in a long black overcoat stretched his arms out behind his head, eyeing the little girl tying her shoe laces beside him sinisterly, "You think you're ready for this, Junior Moderator MissChurro?"

   "Mochiron! Coryn-hakase!" (Translation: But of course! Dr. Coryn!) Churro turned to him with a wink, pink twin tails swinging in perfect timing. "Who's the one that spliced your fingers before, hm?" Standing up, she gave him a bright smile

   "Guys, today isn't going to be a competition." The dark-skinned be-afroed man in a trenchcoat waved his hands between then, although he too slightly backed off from the glitter of Churro's gown.

   Churro suddenly brandished her scepter at him, "Ah, but the faster we get this done, the more we can party! So don't fail my expectations, Lego!"

   Coryn glanced at their group, "We're still one short though. If Toasty or Monster still had their mod status, we could've asked them to help out."

   "But that's why we've got that Echo kid in the wings for a bit, right?" Musick noted.

   Lego and Coryn flinched, "It was kind of a security measure to make sure she wouldn't get bored and pull any more pranks," they admitted.

   "Self defense and preservation, huh..."

   "She pulled out a chainsaw last time..."

   The MR Moderator Committee turned their eyes toward the main street. Their hands went to where their weapons were to double check their positions.

   And then, their eyes shifted over the doors of the tower –

   The clock struck twelve.

   And the speakers came on.

   " 'Eyyyy! Good Afternoon minions of MR! Welcome to Easter at MR! This is Vacant here with No1sey!"


   "We hope you're all enjoying your Easter at MR~ Because today we have a very special event for you!"

   "Although we know you probably want to just chill with a sherbet or something."

   "Nah, we can't let you do that. And besides it's something you guys like doing anyway! Right No1sey?"

   "Ahaha, as long as no one dies."

   "That's right! We're turning this holiday - into a brawliday."


   "And the next fun thing is - you won't be alone! (This event is mandatory by the way, so everyone who was logged in here since midday can't log out - sorry~)"

   "We've got a set up of five teams because there's about 25 people here today."   

   "That's a good-sized party if I don't say so myself. You'll be all split randomly into 5 groups which we will post on the MR Tower display and where those groups should convene. And as soon as everyone joins up we will announce the rules of this very special event~"

   "And don't worry, you'll be doing something you should all know very well you should be pros at it now."

   "And it'll be double the fun because everyone gets to utilize your weapons! - if you have one. Even if you don't have one, that is easily provided."

   "That being said..."

   "Welcome to the MR Easter Egg Hunt!!"


    Coryn slowly opened an eye as he heard footsteps approach. He got off from leaning on the wall beside the entrance to the MR Tower and scanned his party.

   "Coryn!" The only female in the group ran up to him, labcoat flapping about her, and jumped up to give him a high five. "What's with this jig? Is it a mortal combat scenario?"

   "I can't tell you that, Everlastin, it's off limits to you."

   "B-but I'm your minion!"

   "And I'm the head scientist who says that's confidential." Coryn rapped his assistant on the head and turned to the rest of the group.

   One shorter male with fox ears and looks stretched back his arms with a yawn. "Well, I don't have much on my schedule anyway."

   "Offices are closed today, yes." Another man in a business suit glanced up at the tower display and smiled. "Looks like this is the place? Nice to be working with you."

   "Huh? I thought this was a game not a job?" The final member of the party, a teen in casual dress, pushed up thick rimmed glasses. "Anyway, I'm ready."

   "Ready to rock and roll?" Coryn grinned, placing a hand on his katana. "Nice to be working with you guys too, Ever, Kata_Misashi, Dr.Striker, Paipis."


   Musick stood aside from her group, rubbing her chin. "Randomized groupings huh?" She smiled bravely at herself and approached the other three. "Hi guys! I'm Musick! I don't think I've met most of you before! So, just to start, so we can form a good team, would you mind introducing yourselves? I'd rather call you by name than by something else, ahaha."

   The short boy in a blue hoodie waved his hand. "Call me Matsui."

   The young gentleman with short black hair smiled saying with an accent, "I'm Monok.”


   "I'm glad to be on your team. Aozora's the name."

   This group...actually might be very useful! Musick beamed at her new acquaintances.

   "But aren't we still missing one?" Matsui glanced around confusedly.

   "Hm, that's right, the groups were split into five right?" Monok looked among themselves. "And there were 25 of us, so there should be 5 in each group, right?"

   Musick raised an eye in surprise, "You guys didn't see who your teammates were before coming to Park 104?"


   " 'EYYYYY!!!!" An accented holler echoed over the park. And a man in a plain looking uniform came running towards them, "Sorry sorry! Just making sure the equipment would work on its own before coming here."

   "Good to know," Musick smiled, "I'll check and see if the others are ready." She resorted to her wrist device, mumbling to herself, "Why am I the only girl in this group..."

   Beep beep.

   "Lego here."

   "Has your group all convened yet?"

   "Yep. We're all ready!"

   "Great!" Musick lowered her voice, "Is your group handicapped by the way?”

   "Nope. But uh....The random generator for the numbers wasn't rigged was it?"

   Musick glanced at Vacant, "Not sure. Pretty random here for me. Who do you have?"

   Lego said promptly, “Swearzy, No1sey, WhiteCrow, and MisterSherbetLemon.”

   Musick choked back a sob. “What’s with the power ratio… Could you check if Coryn is ready? I'll go ask Echo and MisChurro."

   "Sure! Good luck! I won't lose to you!"


   "Echo, who are you with?” MissChurro glanced at her surroundings. She was on the border of the Writers and Artists areas with the other four of her team.

   " Echo chuckled, "LittRL, Operative, Vio, and What About Christmas?”

   “…what about Christmas?” MissChurro asked. “It’s Easter now.”

   “No – I mean, What About Christmas?”

   “…why are you asking me what about –“

   “Ehh ahaha, don’t bother. You’ll find out in a moment. What about you?”

   Churro said with a hint of a giggle, "Austadophilus, Robin, Manimal, Jackhammer.”

“Ack. Tough competition. Strength against gun power huh?”

“I look forward to it. Let’s start now!”


   "Ahh, it looks like everyone's been rounded up, eh No1sey?"


   "Well then I'll explain the rules then –

   "There will 1 million egg targets throughout MR that will pop up once this explanation is over. That may sound like a lot but - ey! the more the merrier cause we know you guys like to smash, bash, and crush stuff when you're in the mood. Your job is to annihilate every single last eternity of them and earn points that will make your team win!

   "There are five types of egg targets, each with a different set of points: green (50 points), red (100 points), purple (500 points), yellow (1000 points), and the special silvery ones give you (10,000 points)!"

   "Get them all!"

Develop Your Story / The Winning Smile
« on: March 13, 2016, 08:24:15 PM »
I showed part of this story once before for critique. I've completed typing it down, so now here it is in full. But it is still in the rough so I would like some help in refining it.

Some areas I would like critiqued in particular  are - pacing, characters, and story.

Thank you for reading ^^

Title: The Winning Smile
Genre: Spy
Word count: 4,786


break Room / Happy Birthday Ennuiwolf!
« on: March 04, 2016, 08:15:22 PM »
Hey Ennuiwolf! - Happy Birthday!
Hope you had a great day  :D

Here's a cake!



Develop Your Story / Charred Life (Invalid Old Version)
« on: November 25, 2015, 09:30:21 PM »
Charred Life                               

-In Development-

Due to much advice and feedback, I will be rewriting the first chapters of this story (again). Thank you to those that previously provided feedback to the chapters that were posted here.

The format for Charred Life will be changed from prose to a partially script format that'll allow flexibility towards a manga or a novel, as I haven't yet decided how I want to present it.

EDIT: Chapters posted here from 1 to 4 are no longer vaild. I will be leaving them here in case I need to refer to them again. (Psst read at your own risk ;) )

Charred Life                                                           

Chapter 1 -
Chapter 1 Synopsis:

In the village of the Acor, a clan living within a vast forest, a youth, Roun, reminisces about the war between the Acor and Nanrot that occured 6 years ago that ended in a stalemate. The Acor have been living in peace up til now when the Nanrot suddenly appear to attack the Acor again.

Chapter 1.1

   Fog rose thickly that day, covering the forest. The full-leaved broad towering trees had cast a darker shadow within the overcast sky.


   He remembered pounding feet on the dirt sounded loudly. Across the open grass field beside the forest ran a small child.

   "Roun, it's dangerous! Come back!"

   The child continued to run, panting quickly. Branches snapped in the forest, and startled the child to a halt. They turned, body shaking.


   A boom and blinding flash exploded behind the figure, overcoming them in white flames.

   "Damn it! You Nanrot!"

- - - - -


   The black-haired boy opened his eyes. Against his back he felt the hard surface of the thick branch he'd been dozing on. Above him he gazed on the fair blue sky, and beside him, an open grass field.

   "Attack from below!"

   Roun stretched out a hand, intercepting the punch coming from the side. The force pushed him off the branch and he rolled sideways, landing on his feet.

   "Kiaut, geez," the 16-year-old drawled, rising into a defensive stance. "Let a man sleep."

   "Practice! You're skipping out combat training again!!" The girl, a tall blonde a year older and a head taller than he, glared down at him with sharp blue eyes as she folded her arms. "How can you sleep when you have things to do?!"

   Roun stretched, yawning. "I did that thing ages ago. It's because I have too many things to do that I don't get enough sleep." Though complaining, he and the girl were already ambling down the dirt path beneath the trees, leaving the wide dirt clearing behind them.

   In spite of her earlier tirade, Kiaut kept with Roun's leisurely pace as if as interested as he were in attending training. "You were thinking of that again earlier, weren't you?"

   "Like I can think of anything else when I visit that place..."

   "Then don't go there!!"

   "Well, you don't forgive them either, do you?" Roun gave a dull though pointed stare.

   Kiaut scowled. "It's been six years since then... and I don't like thinking about it."

   "Six years huh... feels longer." Roun snatched up a rock from the path and tossed it into the air, catching it. "The Nanrot... haven't done anything notable since then, have they?"

   "Maybe they think this place isn't worth blowing up anymore." Kiaut shrugged, expression darkening.

   The rock jumped up, and fell down. "Six years..." Roun mumbled. "Six years...well, I'm just commemorating the war. It was today."
   "Ain't nothing to commemorate. It's not like we the Acor won against the Nanrot."

   "Yeah but we didn't lose either. That's something to commemorate. It's a stalemate commemoration, it's different, see?"

   "That's just unnecessary!"

   Before long, the path ended, opening up towards another clearing, this one grass bare, only at the far end of this one stood buildings, and a single person stood in the clearing.

   Kiaut stopped still. "Ermmm, that's strange. I'm pretty sure Chief Dalon was here earlier."

   Roun only stopped to yawn. "Then where is he?"

   They looked over to the one standing in the clearing, and glanced at each other.

   Before they could decide what to do, a deep tired male voice hollered at them, "What are you two doing?! You should've been here a while ago!!"

   Sighing, Roun trudged forward to the adult, followed Kiaut, who dragged her heels as well.

   "Chief Dalon isn't here anymore," the man sighed further. "He's left for a meeting with the other adults."


   "Yep." The man eyed the two severely. "Decided to attend to other things rather than wasting time waiting around - for you two."

   "What?! Me too?!" Kiaut grimaced.

   "For you to bring Roun." The man frowned. "He has a schedule to keep, you kids! And even though he treats all you young ones so nicely doesn't mean you can take advantage of that - he's still the Chief!!"

   "Yes, uncle Tarsen, sorry about that..." Roun muttered.

   Tarsen sighed once again, softening. "Don't tell that to me.... what am I going to say to my sister? Expecting me to take care of her kids..."

   Kiaut and Roun straightened visibly, with sideways glances. They bowed low to their uncle. "We're really truly sincerely sorry, uncle. We'll take responsibility for our own actions...."

   "I'm not sure whether to be assured or more worried." Tarsen shook his head. "Even though you say these things... "

   "What, you don't believe us, uncle Tarsen?" Roun gave a slyly hurt look.

   Tarsen rolled his eyes. "Can't trust kids all the time. Can't trust adults even more though. Alright. I'm not in charge of your combat training so I can't issue punishment there, but I am in charge of something else, so would you mind  - no, this is an official errand." Tarsen cleared his throat and stared them down. "About five of the girls went out for berry picking. Go find them and remind them it's time to return. Got that?"

   "Sure thing!" Roun straightened and stretched.

   Tarsen plonked a heavy hand onto the boy's head and leaned down to his level. "Understood?"

   "We'll accomplish the errand or die, uncle Tarsen," Roun responded.

   "Pfft - I don't want you to die - " Tarsen grunted, standing straight and heading into the village. "Just do what you need to do as an Acor, okay?! We're trying to be a dignified clan here against others and you go lazing off and who knows if the Nanrot will attack again and you're not ready and...." the man continued mumbling himself as he walked off.

   Roun and Kiaut watched till they heard him no more.

   "Ugh, I'm glad it wasn't 25 push-ups or something."

   "We're not a boot camp." Roun gave the breath of a laugh as he turned aside towards the forest at the edges of the clearing.

   "Did you just - ?!" Kiaut glared after him.

   "Just...?" Roun turned, smiling wryly as he walked backwards. "No one said I was laughing at you. It was an amusing thought, but oh sure I wasn't laughing at you - "

   "Come here right now!!"

   "We have to do the errand remember? We, the younger Acor generation, have been entrusted - "

   "Wipe that smile off your face!!"

   "Race you to the others - last one there has to do 25 push-ups!"

   "You damn Acor!"

   Kiaut took after the boy at an excited run, but Roun was already in the trees, following a dirt trail. He was quick and certain of his steps, and with a bounce of his feet, Roun shot up into the large sturdy branches above, mounting them easily and gracefully while bounding from tree to tree, and rising higher with each.

   They were wide trunked trees with thick wide spreading branches. Though not too near to each other, the trees were full with leaves that blocked out the majority of the sunlight, but enough to reflect a warm friendly red glow from the reddish soil of the ground. The underbrush grew denser though, and so the two traversed familiarly in the over growth.

   "Nanrot this, Nanrot that..." Roun muttered to himself, flipping over branches with controlled momentum. It was true, six years ago, when he was six years less inexperienced, the clan of the Acor had gotten a trashing from the domineering Nanrot clan. It hadn't ended well... many of the Acor had become... guarded after this encounter. But that they were still surviving now was a little hopeful.

   "Are you keeping up, Kiaut?" Roun called back.

   "Slow down a little bit!!"

   "I am! Any faster and I might slam into a tree though."

   "I wish you would! 25 push-ups my feet! Can't you do any better?!" Kiaut kept pace with him as if not even trying.

   "I couldn't think of anything else at the moment so you'll have to bear with it." Roun smirked. "Now if I remember, one of the patches was around here - "

   "Whoa!!" Kiaut stopped on one of the branches as Roun suddenly disappeared by plummeting below. "Oi! Roun! It's a little further!! Don't drop out now!!" She panted from the exercise, listening. But no response came from the boy. "Ro-un~" She knelt down, hand on the rough broad trunk to steady herself and looked down, but the leaves were too clustered to see past. Clicking her tongue in irritation, Kiaut dropped down herself.

   The fall was higher than she expected, but she caught a branch as she sighted ground and with a somersault over the wood, landed neatly into a crouch. Roun was not directly beneath the tree he'd dropped from as she'd expected. He stood a few metres away, facing perpendicular from their course to where the trees grew more congested.

   "Roun -  "

   The boy quieted her with a hand, yet staring off into the distance.

   Kiaut sidled up to him. "What is it?" She strained her eyes, face serious.

   Roun was silent for a few moments. "It's - "

   "Oh it's Roun and Ki!" They were interrupted by two girls appearing around a tree's base further on. "Thought we heard you...." A young girl whose face was mask on the left hid behind the other.

   "Well, we heard Ki." The older of the two came forward, black hair falling freely on her shoulders. Both wore short dark blue dresses with long sleeves, wearing leggings beneath and tough brown boots - the traditional Acor outfit.

   Roun snapped out of his reverie and stretching his arms behind his head, passed Kiaut with a, "Told you they were around here. Guess I win - ouch!"

   Kiaut yanked hard on the back of his collar and dashed past him. "Oh no you don't!!"

   "Can't you be more gentle..." Roun broke into a half-hearted jog that soon slowed again. He let her go ahead... looked back towards the dense brush where he knew he'd seen the fleeting glimpse of a person - had ascertained their position from above. But they were out of sight now.

   "Roun... you okay?" A tug on his hand and he looked down at the little girl with the half metal mask. Her visible eye was large and a deep brown, her short black hair cut just above her eyes and tied back into a short thin ponytail. All of the Acor were like this. Brown-eyed and black haired.

   Roun ruffled her head and walked forward. "Yeah, just tired. You guys around here, Shira?"

   Shira tagged along beside him, nodding. "My sister and some from the other families."

   They rounded the tree Shira had appeared behind. A timely fist hailed towards Roun's nose, stopping an inch away with Kiaut behind it. "25 push-ups!"

   "I know, I know." Roun scratched his head, eyeing their surroundings lazily, noting the berry pickers that ranged from Shira's age to just below his height. Shira, her sister, three, four, five - six girls? "Looks like uncle Tarsen can't count." He drawled, looking for a more clean and even spot on the ground. Less bushes grew in this area in general, foliage refusing to grow around the berry plants. The girls were positioned nearby one of the hidden streams that coursed beneath the low leaves where the berry patches flourished.

   "Ah, this place is still bearing stuff, huh, that's goo - " Roun halted fast. Heading towards a clearing he knew was nearby, he was met with a tree trunk fallen across the way. And sitting atop it was whom he assumed to be the sixth person, but hadn't noticed who exactly it had been. His mouth finally opened. "Gana."

   The girl seated erect on the branch turned her head slightly towards his direction. Like the others, he hair was long, black, and tied back. But her eyes stood out differently. Her irises were a solid purplish grey where the brown should've been. On top of that, even in the warm weather of this season, she wore layers of clothing over the traditional dress and yet she seemed to be shivering. Resting against the trunk in her reach was a long staff, painted white down most of it, but red near the bottom, with a smooth round black ball attached to the end of it.

   Gana shifted again, half-lidded eyes blinking. "Roun, is that you?" she spoke in a soft voice.

   "Yo." Roun stepped forward again. "You're here with the group?"

   "They brought me along just for the fun of it." Gana gave a smile, always looking in the one direction, not quite up or down. "What are you doing here?"

   "Uh, oh yeah." Roun turned to the other girls. "Tarsen says it's time to get to the village now!" he called out. Affirmative mumbles and responses sounded. "Excuse me, Gana, I'm just going to hop over to the other side." The trunk trembled as Roun jumped up onto it.

    Gana placed a hand down to steady herself. "Sure, go ahead. What are you doing?"

   "Just keeping my word. Kiaut beat me here, you see." Roun jumped down to a trodden clearing, and dropped down into position.

   Gana chuckled lightly. "You two at it again."

   "Gana!" Kiaut suddenly noticed the girl as well. She jogged over, and making the "I'm watching you" sign at Roun, jumped up and joined Gana on the trunk.

   Roun began muttering as he began working his arms. "one... two... three...."

   "It's nice out today." Gana turned her head towards Kiaut.

   "four.. five... six..."

   "Too nice apparently - put Roun too sleep. Goodness - could've used it better!"

   "seven... eight.. .nine...... twenty-one - "

   "No cheating, cheater!!" Kiaut instantly barked.

   "Well, we haven't had nicer days either!" Roun strained to speak.

   "True..." Gana added. "It's been.... too peaceful."

   "Whaaa. Too peaceful?" Kiaut frowned. "I'd say it hasn't been peaceful enough for me!"

   "twelve...thirteen... fourteen..."

   Gana smiled sadly. "You've been busy, at least.... I wish I could help more, y'know."


   As if her soft voice were loud enough to be carried over them all, the group of girls, Kiaut, and Roun fell silent. The only sound became the trickling of the stream and the light breeze through the leaves.

   "Oh, I'm sorry." Gana seemed to shrink into her clothes. "It's been six years already. I've gotten used to this darkness but - "

   "Oyyyy! Gana! Don't do that. Seriously, that's dampening!" Kiaut grabbed the girl's shoulders. "Nothing's your fault so don't think like this. What's happened has already happened, remember? We'll crush the Nanrot after this, okay? Right girls!?" Kiaut yelled to the others.

   "Twenty-five." Roun brought his knees forward so he could crouch, taking in a breath.

   One of the older girls laughed. "I'd be mortified after all this training and we still wouldn't be able to. That'd damage my Acor pride..."

   Roun began to stand, when an involuntary shiver phased through his whole body, and he froze.

   "Acor pride, what?" Another shook her head with a smirk. "Don't get ahead of yourself. We're still kids. If you want to beat them like this - " She popped a berry with her fingers, the dark red juice spurting out. " - it's gonna be berry hard."

   "What?" Roun caught his breath, alarmed. That's when his ears picked up the rustling of leaves.

   Scolding and laughter rang out, but Gana laughed softly along with them, and Kiaut wiped her forehead with a nervous smile. "Oi, Roun, you done yet?" She glanced over her shoulder.

   Roun turned to her quickly, struggling to speak. "... - five."

   "You've only done five - " Kiaut stopped, observing his face, her expression subdued to seriousness. "...five?"

   Roun's eyes widened with growing shock. "They're  here. The Nanrot - Kia - augh!" A streak of black hurtled into the boy from the side without warning, knocking him away out of sight.

Chapter 1.2

   "Roun!" Kiaut shot to her feet when a rock like force crashed into her abdomen and she was launched directly into a tree, her body slumping down instantly. The younger girls screamed as the older ones pulled them together into a tight group, looking startled.

   "Gana!" Shira gasped, darting forward as a figure appeared behind the blind girl, but her sister yanked her back. A piercing whistle suddenly sounded and another form dropped fast down in front of them from the branches, swinging a long blade down. Lower to the ground, Shira struck her sister back and whipped out a dagger in time to intercept the attack. With the force of it she slid beneath the legs, bouncing up against a tree on exit and shooting forward to stab the back.

   She recognized the attacker as a man, clothed in black, with his face completely covered. And for his size, he swiftly slid out of the way of her blade, sword already in motion when she landed.

   His blade quickly diverted in time to slash away  three arrows aimed for his leg from the side. Shira slipped away out of sight into the thick foliage as her older sister, armed with a boy, rapidly released arrows at the man.

   "Gana - Roun - !" Shira panted, searching for the older children. She heard a metallic whizz and only mere instinct saved her from being skewed in the neck as another black clothed adult stabbed at her. Shira's dagger clashed once again, and Shira forced the weapon out as she spun inside towards the attacker, another dagger prepared to stab the broad stomach section.

   It never reached, the enemy having relaxed their armed hand to strike Shira in the chest with a knee. The brutal force knocked the wind from the young girl and a hand shoved her to the ground, covering her mouth - a blade slashed her shoulder and Shira couldn't scream.

   Breath and pain surged upon her together when the attacker suddenly jumped back - but too late to avoid a flying sickle attached to a chain that sliced through their arm one way and lower leg coming back, followed up by a fly kick from an ally that drove the attacker only back slightly. The Acor and the invader soon fought out of her vision.

    Shira's eyes blurred with tears. She tried to sit up, but the unaccustomed pain made her panic. She suddenly didn't know what was going on anymore.

   Cries and metal clashes rang foreign through the forest. She was scared, and feared the worst for Gana. Her sister and the others were in danger all of a sudden. Who were these people? What did they want? Why was this happening?

   Another pained cry frightened her. Whose was it? Lidani's? Chilyena's? Her sister's?! Black movements at the edge of her vision appeared, and she screamed out of fear.

   At the same moment, another sound filled the forest. A howl, strong and urgent resonated in their ears, startling even the enemy. The girls glanced at each other, a strange look in their eyes. But the enemy were not long distracted.

   One of the black clad attackers turned back to the sickle-chain-wielding girl pinned beneath him, about to the deliver the same treatment he'd given to the other girl. A growling mass of black streaked out of the bushes instantly, catching the man by the midsection and surprise, and a terrified scream broke from him as the jaws of a gigantic black wolf clamped onto him.

    "WHAT THE HELL!?!" The enraged hiss boomed behind another invader who crumpled at a sharp snapping sound. The remaining three disengaged with their targets at sight of the golden-haired fury rushing at them - only to have one more of their party smashed directly into a tree unconscious. The fist that executed the action  was followed by a breathless teenager - breathless from anger.

   "Sorry, Kiaut, I got lost." Roun cracked his knuckles.

   "This is where practice becomes necessary bog head!!" shot back the retort.

   The invaders were still, heads turned towards Roun as if staring at him though their faces were hidden. The boy glared darkly. "My mother would be upset if I told you to die..." His foot shifted back. "So if you don't mind - GET LOST."

   The men reacted, but Roun was already upon them, above - below - behind. Roun sent his target flying with a single round kick and darted after him.

   "Attack from behind!" Kiaut grabbed the unsuspecting hand of the other man, pulling him forcefully forward to thrust a knee into his stomach, throwing him backwards into the dirt. "Dae-do! Get Gana and everyone outta here!!"

   The frozen girls jumped into the action, grabbing their wounded. Gana had not been touched at all, but was yanked trembling off of the log. Another howl rang out. Closer and more forceful.

   "Shi - " Kiaut's opponent rolled out of the way from a heavy stomp, bouncing to his feet against pain, and leaping backwards as Kiaut kept up with him, firing punches and kicks in quick succession which he blocked and dodged.

   At the other end of the clearing, Roun's opponent paused at the sound of the second howl. He twirled aside as Roun leapt off a tree with another kick and caught the foot in his hand, sliding back from the force of it. A quick glance reanalyzed his situation, and he was alerted to the crackling of branches above.

   The man leapt wide away from Roun as the boy crashed into the ground where he last stood, raising a hand to the other. Roun saw the gesture and scowled. "You're not getting away..." He sprinted after the running man.


   A crash of branches in his face stopped him in surprise.   Multiple figures dropped from above into the clearing. Adults armed with sharp weapons, and some rushing towards the girls would hadn't fully exited the battle zone. Along with them several large black wolves emerged from the sides of the clearing, barking and growling ferociously, eyes searching for the enemy. But as if they'd never been there, all five bodies of the invaders were all gone, even the one that had been caught by the wolf. The canines surged by the humans, seeking into the dense brush. The humans spread out themselves, taking to the trees.

   Roun was further restrained by a firm hand on his arm. "Roun - hold on - "

   "It's the Nanrot, Tarsen!! They - "

   "I know - calm down - they're gone Roun - they're gone."

   Roun fought against the grip for a little more, but stopped, panting, staring into the forest. It was true, he could not sense them. The wolves were circling now, as if unable to track the scent. Roun tugged his arm free and slammed a tree with his fist. "Dammit...."

   "Mom..." Shira's voice cried from behind as some of the parents checked up on their children, and a fresh fire burned in Roun's chest.

   "I'm sorry, we were too late..." Tarsen offered.

   "They would've ran. Just like last time..." Roun leaned against the trunk.

   Kiaut emerged from ahead and started at sight of the adult arrivals.

   "Kiaut - are you alright?" Tarsen asked gently.

   "Yeah... I'm...." Kiaut frowned deeply seeing Roun. "No I'm not!! Where the hell did those guys come from?! Attacking and running off like that?! I demand an explanation!!"

   "You'll get one." A female from the group stepped forward to the two. "Dalon has ended his meeting. Everyone is to return to the village immediately."


Chapter 1.3

   No small ruckus abounded in the Acor village when the party returned. The training ground that had been clear earlier was now filled with most of the villagers.

   "Roun! Kiaut! Gana!" Their sisters and brother intercepted them as soon as they joined the villagers. "What happened? Are you alright?! Gana - are you alright?!"

   "I'm fine..." Gana felt her way into the older girl's arms. "Roun and Kiaut beat them..."

   "Them? Who?"

   Roun turned away. "We didn't beat anyone. They were just a bunch of...."


   Kiaut held out a hand. "I think we should wait till Chief Dalon speaks." She paused. "Shira.... and Chilyena were hurt."

   "What?!" Disgust and worry appeared in the looks.

   Tarsen suddenly appeared beside them. "It's okay. They're in no immediate danger."

   "But what - "

   "Looks. There's the chief now."

   Eyes young and old quickly turned to the figure arriving onto the grounds and the crowd fell silent. Chief Dalon was a middle-aged man wearing a long brown robe decorated with faded golden and olive green leaf designs. His hair short and jutted backwards, graying along the stiff ridges, especially down his short triangular beard lining his well-defined face with lines that were normally familiar with warm smiles. But now such lines lapsed into known gravity and concern.

   Chief Dalon raised his hand to acknowledge the assembly.

   "Village of the Acor, please remain calm." A warm deep voice fell over them which was calming in itself. "What I am about to inform you about is troubling news, but we haven't lived here to avoid it." Dalon stepped up onto  the porch of a nearby lodge so the crowd could see him better. "The children who'd been in the forest... were attacked by the Nanrot."

   The response was immediate. Cries and harsh gasps swept through the people. Dalon raised his hand again for silence. "They were a group of five men, and as we assume, have most likely come to assess our village. If there are more of them out there, we are unsure, but will take our exercised measures to determine that. You know your posts.

   "Also, the children are not allowed wander far in the forest from now on unless they are accompanied by one of the adults and until we have... resolved this problem. Acor, report to your respective families in the meanwhile till we relay to you the full situation. That is all for now."

   Dalon turned away towards the lodges and very slowly.... a quiet murmuring arose from the villagers, a hushed whispering.

   "I can't believe it...."

   "They came back - "

   "Six years... they decided to come back out..."

   "Kiaut. Roun." A low voice called to the three from the side and the teenagers turned to see Dalon there. They responded to his beckoning and as they came into the shade of the trees they were met with his serious eyes. "Are you two alright?"

   "I'm fine." Roun muttered.

   "Yeah, same, sorta." Kiaut looked away.

   Dalon gave a small smile. "I'm glad. I know Gana was the oldest among you at the time, but we'll have to excuse her... it was a bit much for her."

   "Sorry... we let them get away." Roun looked down.

   Dalon's laugh was strained. "Roun, you, like Gana, need to stop thinking that you're at fault for the incident six years ago. It's done, and we meant to move ahead... but we weren't..." He hesitated, choosing his words deliberately. "...expecting the Nanrot to attack... at this time."

   Roun flicked his eyes up. "I sensed them earlier. But I didn't warn the others about it. That's what I'm guilty of."

   Dalon regarded him for a moment. "I see.... Then Roun, if you want to make up for that... I'll have you standing on watch for the following nights. I had organized the adult teams especially for this, but it would help if you joined them - "

   "Let me, please." Roun lifted his head, a dull resolve expressed in his eyes.

   "but - " A smile tugged on Dalon's face again. " - as a bonus, you must come on time for more training the same following days."

   Roun raised an eyebrow, glancing at Kiaut, who glared back. "Some bonus that is. I - "

   "Chief!" Little voices interrupted them as little feet scampered around.

   "Lidani. Dae-do. Kairlit. I'm glad to see you are all uninjured." Dalon turned to them, crouching slightly to see them better. "How are you all feeling?"

   The three girls glanced at each other. "Better now that Shira has been tended to - but still angry." One crossed her arms.

   "I understand that." Dalon looked grave once again.

   "What are you going to do about them?" The second asked pointedly.

   Dalon straightened. "That, my dears, is being taken care of already. But before we affirm anything, I ask you be patient. It was a most unexpected assault. Stay within the village as I have said."

   "That didn't stop the Nanrot from invading the village back then." Kiaut snorted. Dalon shot her a reprimanding look as the younger girls' eyes widened.

   The Chief cleared his throat and laid his hand on Roun's shoulder. "That's why we have young people like this one to help protect Acor."

   Roun blinked. "Waaait - "

   "Roun..." The third rose her eyes slowly up the taller boy. " lazy."

   The boy was suddenly leaning his head against a tree feet away. "Well, you're welcome for helping protecting the village..."

   "Heeey." Kiaut leaned down over them, hands on hips. "Don't worry! Even though he's got years of lazy combat experience, we'll fix him up by tomorrow, yeah?"

   "Even Aru did a better job than him..." the mutter replied as the black wolf  came towards them hearing his name.

   "You did your best, did you not?" Dalon spoke gently.

   "We tried but - "

   "Then keep trying. You helped to drive them off. I'm proud of you for standing on your own. But while you are still young, you can grow and become stronger, and help protect Acor as well. How does that sound?"

   The girls smiled bashfully.

   "We'll try to do our best then."

   "I'm counting on you then." Dalon stood tall."Off to your families now, or maybe they'll worry more." The girls nodded, and with waves, ran off into the dispersing crowd. Dalon glanced over the assembly. Others were waiting to speak with him. "Roun."

   "Yes?" The boy came back.

   Dalon looked down at him. He paused. "Actually, no, you and I will speak another time. You go report to Tarsen. He worries too much - but remember - "

   "Alright, training then."

   Dalon's brow twitched. He laid a heavy hand on the boy's head and bent down to his eye level.


   "I'll be there tomorrow -" Roun looked at him amused.


   "... or I'll be in my grave."

   "Would you not make those weird references," Kiaut sighed, grinding her knuckles into the boy's shoulder. "No worries Chief. I'll make sure he's there tomorrow for sure."

   Dalon smiled at them, glanced at the forest, and moved away to speak to others, expression thoughtful and solemn.

   "Ehh," Roun mumbled to himself. "You say it's done and gone. But that's like saying you die once and stay dead. This shouldn't be something we mistake... they'll come back for sure... they'll be back..."


break Room / Happy Birthday Monok!
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Just wanted to wish you a happy birthday! Hope you have a great day!



Manga Writer workshop / CT Side Stories
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Hello all,

This is the 1st posting of the CT Side Stories, short stories meant to further develop the characters introduced in the Character Tournament. It is also meant to serve as fill in for the gap between the CT and the 2nd project -- Age of Corruption. This was a joint collaboration between myself and Crow, he hopes that the participants in the CT take the time to collaborate with one another to create some fun stories that help add to the world we all started.


Also, just to note, these stories are meant to be for fun and whatever happens within them is not canon for those particular stories the characters are from.

So without further ado:

CT Side Story: The Nickname Crisis

Two figures stood on the roof of a three story domicile, one counting the clouds to pass the time, the other growing more impatient with each passing second.

“Where is he?” Quissis' heel crashed into the shingles, his tone growing aggravated.

“Jahki said he’d open the portal at noon,” Nesk's eyes remained on the sky, the girl paying no mind to her uncle’s impatience or else used to it. She pulled her phone out of her pocket, “It is currently…”

Low rumbling like thunder  sounded around them when the air before them seemed to warp. A small purplish-black 'hole' appeared. “…noon.” Neske finished.

The 'hole' augmented itself, expanding enough for their intent eyes to make out the silhouette of their guest as he began to emerge.

“And there he is!” Neske gasped, taking an excited hop forward.

“About time.” Quissis added, muttering.

Neske stepped over spiritedly, “Welcome to…”

“Cretanneh!” Goji shouted, fully emerged as he dropped his book bag and threw his arms around Neske in an embrace. “This – is – awesome! I’m in another frickin’ reality, another version of Earth! – I think.”

Goji released Neske from his bear hug, spotting Quissis. He walked over to the man, and stood in front of him as they eyed each other, stares intense.

“Two more weeks.” Quissis stated.

“Yeah – I still owe you for not healing me after our fight.”

“Hmph.” Quissis turned away from Goji, heading towards the roof entrance of the building. “I won’t be going easy on you this time.”

“And neither will I!” Goji retorted, ignoring everything around him as he followed closely behind.

“What is in this bag?!” Neske exclaimed, struggling to carry it as she followed them.

Goji halted before the threshold, suddenly  realizing what he'd left behind. He quickly hauled the bag up before the girl got any further, “I hope you’re not mad at me Neske, I was caught up in the moment – honest.” Goji apologized sincerely as he stepped in after Neske into a laminate floored corridor.

“It’s fine, I’m just concerned about what you’re carrying in there.” They made their way down to the first floor where the kitchen, dining room, and living room were laid out in open concept.

Goji walked over to the couch and placed his bag on the cushions, “Well –“ He opened it, smiling broadly, “I brought you guys gifts!”

Quissis and Neske glanced at each other questioningly as the teen reached in.  He pulled out a small carrying case.
“This is for you.” Goji walked over to Neske and opened it.

The girl's eyes brightened noticeably in astonishment as the contents were revealed to her. “It’s beautiful…”

“I’m glad you like it, it’s a bracelet – I made it myself.”

Neske's face flushed bashfully. Her hands shook slightly as she slid it on. A certain coolness enveloped it like the soft coolness of a refrigerator, “How did you do this?” She took a long while to turn it over and admire the whole of it, especially mesmerized by the several glinting diamonds sparkling as much as her eyes were.

“Well, for the metal base, I called in a favor – I went to the Neytoc’s home planet and had my friend Yi make it. As for the diamonds – they’re made of ice – a unique kind of ice actually.”

Neske looked up at Goji, eyebrow raised, “What do you mean?”

Goji began to demonstrate by opening his hand and forming an ice diamond, “Some Neytoc, when they’re going to be far away from their friends and family, create a unique ball of ice. As long as that Neytoc is ok, the ice never melts, never loses its shine, no matter the condition. So what I did was forge each diamond using that ice – so that no matter what, as long as I’m ok, your bracelet will continue to shine and never break – it’ll be as if we’re always in touch.”

Neske eyed the bracelet, “Thank you.” She gave a soft genuine smile.

Goji grinned and turned back to his bag, “And now for you…” Struggling with what was responsible for the majority of the bag's weight, he hauled it over to the kitchen counter. It made a 'thud' noise as he set it down, earning a narrow glare from Quissis, “You’re gonna like this."

“It better not be a bomb.” The man clicked his tongue.

“Nope – better.” Goji placed his hand on top of the blanket, glancing at them to make sure he had their attention. Then with one tug, swept off the cover.

Quissis and Neske instantly dead panned, blinking at the object... which was nothing other than a marble bust of Goji's face.

 “This is so you can always remember me –“ Goji laid his hand on the neck of the bust, “It even recites a poem.”

“Hey big guy, please don’t cry – it’s ok to lose to the stud with those dark blue eyes. You’re faster than light, but you still can’t fight – you’re like a Chihuahua, all bark no bite. I’m know one day we’ll both be friends – hope you don’t mind me beating you until then.”

An awkward silence overcame the room. Neske suddenly turned toward the wall, hand rising to her mouth as her shoulders began shaking. Quissis shot a glare at her although his own face was quickly turning a red shade as Goji directed an obnoxious smile at him.

“Isn’t this thing top notch?”Goji furthered without reservation, “I paid almost $500 for this, six months of allowance money – that’s commitment...”

Neske placed her hand on her uncle's shoulder, an apologetic smile on her face, “It’s ok,” she whispered, then announcing louder as she made her way to the kitchen. “I’m going to start making lunch.”

Goji dropped onto the couch in the meanwhile, reaching again into his bag, “Hmm… where are you?”  He muttered to no one in particular it seemed, continuing to ruffle through his belongings.

“The nerve of him…” Quissis mumbled on the other side of the room, scowling as his squinted in irritation at the 'gift'.

“Uh – excuse me.”

Neske and Quissis both looked up at Goji.

“Do any of you by any chance have headphones? –I forgot mine at home, and that isn’t exactly across the street.”

“We don't even have an audio player...,” Quissis turned his back on the teen, forcing as much apathy out as he could vocally.

Neske on the other hand looked thoughtful, finger on chin, “I've never had the chance to own one... but – we could always take a trip to the mall!”

Quissis swivelled to face his niece, “What? –No. There’s no need for that. It's his own fault for not double checking to bring them."

Neske stepped from the kitchen, unfazed as if she hadn't heard her uncle. “If I recall the date correctly, the newspaper should be just out front today if you'd like to check..."

“Neske..." A tone of warning tinted Quissis' voice, "You do realize there could be consequences for letting this kid out into - "

“It’s settled!” Neske exclaimed, the newspaper in her hands, “To the mall we go!”

Shoulders slightly more burdened than before, Quissis paused for moment. A sense of ire sparked within him. There was no way he was letting his niece alone go on an unprepared escapade with the unpredictable teenager.... "What of lunch?" He groped for the house keys in his pocket.

“We can grab some out there.” Neske put on her coat.

“I figured…”

With that, the trio left the house – two-thirds of them excited.

--- --- ---

The three stepped off the bus and found themselves before a trio of glass buildings, two tall ones on the sides of the short section which bore the words: Eschellipse Town Centre. The structures were not hard to look at as the sky was completely overcast. They crossed the full parking lot towards the entrance, walking by the crowds of people mostly dressed in dark  concealing wear. None looked up as they passed, and neither Quissis nor Neske cared to look at them.

“Do all the places in this world look so uninviting?” Goji whispered to Neske, the dullness of the scenery threatening to dampen his mood.

“It really isn’t that bad,” Neske smiled back, “Our world has gone through a lot, so it isn’t the prettiest, but it’s...surviving.”

“Well…” Goji looked down at Neske, “I don’t know how you do it, you don’t look like you belong.” Then his eyes shifted over to Quissis, “You must feel at home Quiss.”

Quissis suddenly stopped still. He had the vaguest notion to ignore... but then... had he heard that right? His brain seemed to do something called 'absorbing'. Apparently, he hadn't heard wrong. A shadow came over his eyes. "Quiss" ... what the hell was a Quiss? Was it some form of weak-mannered animal from his rival’s world? Some unassuming inanimate object utilized as fodder? He found himself unable to move, his fingers numb as an anger, a new anger, coursed through his veins.

--- --- ---

“Whoa! –What is that?” Goji gaped at one of the customers within a store selling tech.

Neske looked over to where Goji was eyeballing and saw a young man looking at his wrist, images being projected on to it from an unseen source. “Oh – that’s the GT-C 452, it’s a phone that allows you to project its image anywhere you please,” Neske looked up at Goji, pointing at her eyes, “You can even project the images in to your retina’s, so only you can see the images!”

“So – cool!” Goji wiped a small strand of drool from the side of his lip before reaching in his pocket, “I want it – oh!” Hands moving quickly in excitement, the wallet dropped from his hands. Goji crouched down to pick it up - just as something whizzed past where his head had been.


“Oh my…”

“Did anyone see what happened?”

“Is that a knife?”

Neske suppressed a gasp, glancing at their crowd filled surroundings. No one was looking at them, and she turned coldly toward her uncle. Quissis glanced over her, and shrugged, turning away.

“I just remembered, my money isn’t going to work here.” Goji tucked away his wallet, beginning to walk off, “Whoa – what happened here?” He observed undertone to himself, passing a crowd congested around a man crouched on the ground, a dagger lodged in his shoulder.

Quissis moved along in the current of people, "Who knows... the world gets worse and worse every day...."

--- --- ---

“Uncle…” A hesitant whisper.

“What?” came the automatic blunt response.

“I have a favor.”

“Which is?”

Neske pointed a thumb over her shoulder at the audio shop behind her, “Goji is having trouble purchasing the headphones he likes – the clerk won’t take his money.”

Quissis sighed, frown deep and disgusted, and started to reach in his pocket. “And you want me to pay for it – correct?”

“If you wouldn’t mind.”Neske looked down, hand reaching to the back of her head innocently.

Quissis opened his wallet and pulled out some bills, “I want you to know –“ He looked up to locate the teen and saw Goji looking at him through the window, pointing to his left. “Motherfu-“

The display window had been changed. Not from the inside, but now covering the glass in certain sections, chilled ice, which had obviously not been there before, spelled out in the broad daylight, “Please Quiss!”

“No!” Quissis barked, practically forcing his wallet into his pocket as he stormed away through the crowd.

“Uncle?”Neske cringed worriedly and hurried after him, shooting an apologetic look at Goji.

--- --- ---

The ceiling rose into a triangularly built glass roof as the group approached the food court, Neske and Goji in front, Quissis following closely behind.

“What’s wrong with him?” Goji whispered cautiously to Neske.

“I don’t know, “Neske replied in low tones, “He’s never been much of a shopper, so perhaps he’s just annoyed with us having been here for so long.”

“Yeah – maybe some lunch will cheer him up.”

The trio stopped by one of the vendors along the side and ordered a dish each. They took their meals and sat down at a table near the end of the food court. It was silent for a moment, Neske carefully observing each edible object before it got destroyed by her mouth, and Quissis taking in mouthfuls as if it were an exercise.

Goji stopped in the middle of eating and lifted his water bottle in the air, “I want to say, this has been an awesome experience. I never thought I’d ever be able to willingly travel to another world – I wanna thank you both, Neske –“ Goji caught Quissis' eyes and they locked gazes, a slick smile creeping along Goji’s face, “–and Quiss.”

Without a moment's hesitation, Quissis shot to his feet and kicked the table clear across the dining area. Shoppers screamed as it crashed  by them, “You mocked me intentionally?”The murmur in the hall suddenly subdued, eyes turning towards them, fingers pointing as gasps arose.

Eyes large as she realized the root of her uncle's disquiet, Neske hit Goji on the shoulder. “Hey, you knew what was bothering him!”

Goji showed his palm to her as he doubled over, sides shaking as he struggled to contain his laughter. “You have to understand – once I saw his facial expressions the first time I said it, I had to run with it! –He is my rival after all…”

Neske shook her head, a small smile on her face,. “You two are too much," her eyes darted about, wary, "I think we need to leave before we attract more attention though.”

“No!” Quissis' voice rang out, startling them, “You want to disrespect me, then I’ll return the favor!”

Neske and Goji's expressions turned stunned at the sight of Goji's marble bust in Quissis' hands.

“Where the hell did you hide that at?” Goji gaped,

“Unimportant!” Quissis snapped, “What matters is that in two weeks, I’m going to smash you – just like this gift!”

“Wait!” Neske yelled tones tight with anxiety. The plea fell flat - Quissis smashed the bust into the tiled floor, cracking the ground, shattering the object into pieces.

Quissis stood up panting slightly, but an exultant smirk slapped onto his face as Goji fell to his knees, hands rummaging through the broken pieces.


"So?!" Quissis interrupted, “It had to be done, he and I have only one level of respect for one another, and that’s in the power we both possess. I refuse to have any sort of attachment to him, I apologi –“

“There it is!” Goji yelled out suddenly, excitement in his voice. He jumped to his feet, holding out to Quissis a small object. It was a pen, but it's body exquisitely decorated. “I figured you might do something drastic like that, so I thought ahead and placed another gift within your gift!” Goji placed it in Quissis’ hand, “This one has a poem too!” Goji whispered with enthusiasm before pressing down on the side of the pen.

“Hey there Quissis, how are you? –If you are hearing this, then it means you’ve found gift number two. If that’s the case, then most likely, you’ve destroyed my bust – so I’ve left you a pen as a friendly reminder – that you now owe me five-hundred bucks!”

“You idiot!” Quissis snarled, the air around him darkening as an ominous sonar filled the air.

Neske stepped to Goji's side, “You contain the blast, I’ll evacuate the people.”

Goji nodded as the two friends leaped in to action.


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