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Develop Your Story / *NEW* Rough Concept: Magical children (Gifts)
« on: May 30, 2018, 10:33:39 PM »
In a day, children were given abilities, powers that could shape their reality to their whims, this gift was only bound by their Imagination and sealed to their "Gift": an item imbued with their very being.

I want to write a story about magical kids, as cliche as it is; i want to look at what adults would do knowing their kids were, to some extent, gods. Imagine a task designed to stop kids with unholy powers who go on a rampage. Powers bound to an item of significance to each child relating to their power (I.e.
A child with the ability to create things by literally writing them into existence has his "Gift" in the form of his journal, a journal given to him by his father before he dies; which caused the child to reseed into his own world within the pages of his journal

The job of the task force would be to either neutralize the threat or killing the threat by destroying their "gift"

the main theme i want to go for is "what IS reality" and that it is, what you make of it, and yes: that means there will be awful things that happen. Things we all would re-write, but if we did we would never learn from them. These children given these "gifts" are used for profit and power. Some are even worshipped as gods, others feared by their families for their "gifts".

just a rough concept though, tell me what you think!

Develop Your Story / DeCap. (Concept) [TRIGGER WARNING]
« on: February 27, 2018, 01:32:14 PM »
Hey, yea i realize i have like... 8 or so concepts out right now that im "working on" but im sort of a sporadic thinker so here's another to throw on the list.

Its more of a darker take on the "Body-swapping" concept. Our main character is the semi-typical highschool student with some... less than desirable tendencies. Often joking about offing himself and putting himself in dangerous situations, like picking fights with street thugs, all the while claiming hed rather drop dead...

until he did... sorta.

After an accident, our main character awakes to find not a scratch on his body... however the same cant be said for his head, having been severed completely.

Strangely enough, not even this will kill him, as a reaper, a young girl name [redacted] comes to greet him into the afterlife.

She seems genuinely confused about our main characters fate, as it seems hes been given a pass from someone upstairs "a divine comedy" she says, before explaining the rules of this "comedy"

1. You will die if your head does not relocate to a new body within 30 seconds of decapitation.
2. new bodys will reject you, depending on who it was, it could take up to a week.
3. if, at any time, you die. you will be sent to hell.
Thus our young reaper and our main character become tangled in this divine comedy.

While all of this is happening. The police are investigating a rash of murders, seems like a serial killer is roaming the streets, decapitating seemingly random victims and at the center of it all... is our main character.

Here is what ive sort of came up with for the first chapter
this is your trigger warning.
She looks around the room quickly before peeking out the window "I got it!" she exclaims before jumping through the window to the ally below, where a stray dog is scrounging for a meal. With one swift motion, it falls lifeless on the floor, not another moment passes before she climbs back through the window, throwing the newly slain corpse on the floor in front of me
"whats that..." he asks, hesitant for her answer, "your new body" she replys gleefully, "you're not putting me on a dogs body" he retorts defiantly. "either that, or you die..." before he could reply, she spoke "you have about 15 seconds to decide... 14... 13..." "FINE" he crys. her gleeful expression turns to a sinister grin as she takes a long thin length of string from a spool on her belt, holding the needle between her fingertips.
"All done" she exclaims, looking down at her creation, our main characters head sewn to the body of the mutt. Our main character flustered and unamused. "Now what?" he barks, "now..." she replies calmly "we get rid of this!" she discards our main characters headless body out the window into the ally below...

Develop Your Story / Romeo & Juliet & Zombies (concept)
« on: January 08, 2018, 07:10:19 PM »
Cause Pride & prejudice did it, why cant i?

also, yes im aware that the concept of Romeo and Juliet with zombies has been done before, the graphic novel Romeo and Juliet Vs. Zombies and the movie "warm bodies" which is supposedly an adaptation.

the main inspiration for this concept was this animatic: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hQodPItRH_g

Basically, what i want to with this concept is sort of... dissect the source material for many of its core elements and use them to build my story (yea, i just defined what an "adaption" is)

i feel like there could be more from the Romeo and Juliet story when put into a new environment, for example, getting to see what happens after the somber ending...

see you there, Zombie Cowboys.
(Zombie Cowboys coming to a forum near you summer 2018)

Develop Your Story / AVAs: need help with this concept.
« on: December 13, 2017, 07:41:58 AM »
Sorta something wracking around in my head during studies; something ive noticed no one is quite themselves over a screen... something about animosity changes a person.

Well what if those personalities were more then just that? That persona taking its own shape...

These are AVAs they are the people we pretend to be.

Develop Your Story / My First Game (title pending) Quest Scripts
« on: June 06, 2014, 08:17:26 PM »
so, didnt know where this belongs really. i've been hitting dead ends at every turn with my current open projects and taking breaks and coming back to them later is a slow and tedious process. While all my projects are in writer's purgatory, i decided to pick up a project to help me get into the college of my dreams. So im working on a First person Action adventure/Fantasy game. I have the already designed a world (world mesh really), a map, a mythology, a basic plot, drawn some action sequences and have started animating cut scenes. Right now, im working on some quests for the game. maily some side quests, to keep a gamer interested in playing for a longer series of time. so, long explanation / rant short ill be posting some quest scripts i've written. Give me your feedback, comments, criticism, plot holes, ect. 

Develop Your Story / SOLD
« on: April 16, 2014, 02:48:01 PM »
please delete post.

Develop Your Story / title needed for project! please help!
« on: April 14, 2014, 02:52:58 PM »
so recently, ive descovered the glory of kickstarter and so ive made an account in order to start up a webcomic ive been working on for the past two or so years. the problem being, the comic never had an offical title, its name changed several times over its lifetime. So what i need is a single title for this project so that i can start up.

The comic is about life in a less then normal highschool in califorina with less then normal friends and covers topics like "awkward first love" "political differences" "philosophy" and a bunch of other stuff, the characters are mostly teens and adults with a few ridiculous characters and referecnces in between. If you dont quite understand the concept, check out sandraandwoo.com, my story is kind of like that. It has a pretty good balance and ive gotten plenty of positive feedback on it. i really think it could be a success.

here are the titles ive used since i first started writing
OG-OC, Cali

so, i was working on one of my stories (yeah, ive been keeping up with my "to-do" list of concepts for when i come back more frequently) and found that most love stories that are out now seem to be kind of... cliche, even the new love stories are done to death. so the question that remains is, is are love stories, and love in general, a cliche?

break Room / anyone want to play Cards Against Humanity?
« on: April 06, 2014, 08:37:41 PM »
Hey everyone! so i found an online server which lets us play Cards against humanity online. If you dont know what cards against humanity is, its kind of like a more "mature" version of apples to apples, if you dont know what apples to apples is then i dont know what to tell you. Anyways, if you want to play Cards against humanity with me here is the link!


Look for "joymovs game" the password will be "mangaraiders"
feel free to join or spectate!

(cards against humanity contains some adult themes)

Members Workshops / Phobias: The art of Fear
« on: February 21, 2014, 02:02:34 PM »
so im still working on the MR: Z-Day, but i thought i would take a break and put this up, we are all afraid of something, and im curious as to what that something is. So for this workshop, tell us your phobia and then draw a picture of your phobia personified.

for example im afraid of death (necrophobia)
the personification fo death is: the grim reaper

« on: February 05, 2014, 06:32:39 PM »
a pathogen of unknown origin has begun to spread throughout the coast and overseas.
there has already been reports of infection, however no casualties have been reported.
for the safety of you and your love ones, and your fellow Manga raiders i would like to take a survey of the condition of each person during this crisis.

(this is a sign up sheet for a project i want to work on, i have put all other things aside to work solely on this one, its a Zombie survival guide of sorts, similar to Zombie land but i also want to include elements of other types of story, if you're interested in participating, as well as helping me write, illustrate or direct please message me, also if you would like to star in this story, as i am using MR users as characters, please leave a reply with name, details about yourself such as how you would like to appear, and whether you are a survivor, part of a community, an infected, a feral infected, a bounty hunter(hunts humans), a head hunter(hunts infected), or whatever other position you would like to fill. NOTE: i will try to accommodate all your requests for position, however i'm not going to have 3 zombies and 97 head hunters, sorry it just would not make for an interesting story.)

Develop Your Story / a dimension out of my comfort zone
« on: January 10, 2014, 03:25:19 PM »
so im taking a break from writing, rewriting, and revising my old scripts for a while. i feel like the genres ive been working on have become a little... burned out, so to get my creative juices flowing i wanted to write out of my comfort zone. So, im gonna try to write a Sci-Fi horror romance story and hopefully put it up sometime in the next two weeks.

ill give you more details as i work on fleshing the concept out a bit but here is a little taste of whats to come.

"you know, its funny how much a single event can inpact the course of your life; something as simple as saying kicking a stone or the flipps of a butterflies wings can change a course of events entirely, i wish i had known that before..."

Develop Your Story / Joymov's concept vault (current projects and concepts)
« on: December 11, 2013, 10:54:22 PM »
so its been getting really difficult coming back and fourth between Mangaraiders, school life and my now full time job (a very sarcastic hurray for that) to keep all my ideas, concepts, projects and so on and so forth organized, at one point i had decided to carry a journal i would fill with ideas as they came... however, recently it has become more gibberish and chicken scratch.

so to resolve that, i plan to spend post my ideas, concepts, projects, updates and so on here.
ill update it whenever i find time to but honestly at the moment im running on fumes and don't think ill be able to stay conscious long enough to finish this topic...

Develop Your Story / Highschool Mafia
« on: November 26, 2013, 05:17:04 PM »
i guess the title is self explanatory, its about Yuudai yukimura, a second year and the disciplinary committee chair.  HE has accidentally created a mafia family that abuse and twist the rules of the school in order to control it.

Manga Art Gallery / Alex & Elliot (the OC Gang)
« on: November 23, 2013, 10:25:19 PM »
hey, sorry ive been so busy so i thought this might make up for it

just a little something i drew in my spare time

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