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General Discussion / Photobucket
« on: March 01, 2013, 11:50:53 AM »
Has gone full retard as of late, and it's driving me stark raving hair-pulling mad. Does anyone know of a better image service? One that's simple and has similar organizational capability?

One that has more generous image size limits and doesn't shrink it down to a retarded maximum resolution?

Sorry for using that R word twice. I didn't mean to offend. I'm just very emotional over it right now....

Manga Art Gallery / Norfür's Chronicle
« on: March 01, 2013, 08:07:45 AM »
So I guess this is where I put my stuff up for critique. I'll be following Mark Crilley's book, and going at the lessons head on, doing practise work with each one. As I stated earlier, I'm more used to CAD's rather than drawing, so this will basically record my progress from zero to zen master, craptacular to spectacular, and any other thing I can think of.

This will take years of training and a lifetime of mastery, but as they all say, you're more likely to finish, if you actually start. I've put this off long enough. I'm gonna go do it now.

First lesson: Eyes!

Will post them later-ish. Wish me luck!

Manga Creations / Lambda: Movements
« on: February 23, 2013, 10:15:38 AM »
So this is basically a light novel I decided to write in order to accompany my game (whenever THAT gets out), sort of like those novels that go with StarCraft or Warhammer, etc. What it does for me is how it will further expand the setting (which I will describe in brief) and so add to something of an immersion factor. And of course, it's there to help you see the world from a perspective other than the bird's eye commander-level that you usually see in games like Total War. How did that century of troops that you ordered trained a year ago, which cost you some 200 or whatever gold, magically appear in your barracks? We'll find out soon enough.


The world of Lambda is part of a larger project of mine, a planet of particular interest. Humans here are all born female, and it is only during puberty that manhood becomes possible, via metamorphosing into one. Magical energy permeates the world, and humans possess a special spiritual organ needed to process it. This organ atrophies when one transforms into a man, however, the genes for the organ remain intact, and thus becoming a father is seen as an excellent retirement plan for any mage.

The world of Lambda was once populated by incredibly advanced ancient civilisations, who communed closely with the creator god(ddesse)s of the world, the 'Old Gods'. However, some 4000 years ago, both these civilisations and the Old Gods disappeared into myth, an event known as the Vanishing. Only hidden ruins and levelled remains give any hint that these peoples existed at all.

Indeed, virtually all of the world's modern civilisations have old stories passed down from beyond history, speaking of a time when mankind greatly abused magic, a gift from the gods, and was punished for it. These stories also speak of the gods setting in place a terrifying horror beyond comprehension, ready to pounce upon man, should it ever repeat this transgression. The fact that several such entities have now been discovered slumbering in ancient ruins adds credence to this ancient tale. But clearly, as the story speaks of only one monster, then despite their frightening power, these clearly must be lesser abominations: its "mere" Children.

Today, the world is shepherded by the Young Gods, a far weaker, far inferior replacement for the Old Gods, virtual deities created by the collective consciousness' of tribes, which eventually grew into cities, and eventually nations. These peoples have lost nearly all the memory of their ancient ancestry, only rediscovering them through things they've left behind. Their technology centres on magic, some, more than others, depending on how much magical potential their nation has at their disposal. Those with greater power are truly awesome in their magical achievements, but are almost completely dependent on it. Those with less certainly have a handicap, but have used what they have to improve their technology by leaps and bounds. Either way, their application of magic in battle is universal, and their use of special magical garb ubiquitous. A modern inhabitant of earth might recognise warriors from these nations as magical girls. And for all intents and purposes, they are.

Lambda centres on the Alhazred Region, a meeting hub of the five most powerful nations on the Three Great Continents. From lowest to highest potential, they are...

The Bellan Republic (Res-Publica Casus Belli) - Steel is their strength, as their magical potential is the weakest. In compensation, they have invested all that they have in advancing their technology, resulting in incredibly durable metals, highly effective weapons, and power armour that no other nation has even bothered to replicate. Each legionary is a hardened but agile tank capable of shrugging off many spells that would put down a soldier in lesser armour. They have an unsteady peace with the Seisenese Empire.

The Seisenese Empire ????? (Dai Seisen Teikoku) - Masters of the sky, their superior numbers and lightning speed in both strategic and tactical situations is unmatched. Indeed, the "Armed Forces of Heaven" being the official name of their military is no mere boast, but is a very real thing. With the power of the Kamikaze, their Empress leads them into battle and can dispatch an ugly horde of barbarians all by herself. As the self-proclaimed guardians of the world, they monitor the activities of the Bellan Republic, which they believe to be expanding at an undesirable, and arguably violent, rate.

The Soleilian Alliance (États Alliés de Soleil) - A collective of nine kingdoms and nation-states situated upon the Soleilian peninsula, the Alliance rules the waves out of necessity: there is no territory left to expand into on their home continent. Instead, they have invested in a fleet of ships without equal, seamlessly dominating both naval warfare and mercantile trade, which has been pivotal in forging their overseas empire, despite the ever-present problem of pirates and angry natives. Its otherwise average magical output is propped up by troops hardened from endlessly hunting down pirates, expanding into uncharted lands, and suppressing the occasional colonial rebellion. The the sheer variety of magical systems under its flag is nothing to sneeze at, either. It combines not only those of its nine constituent states, but also imports magic from its colonies on the other side of the world. It is the only extant empire where the sun never sets.

The Zafieli Kingdom ????? ????? (Mamlekhet Zafiel) - Feared as unparalleled assassins and envied as masters of guerilla warfare, the kingdom of Zafiel lays claim to a massive dessert with mana levels second only to the Kriegan Highlands in the far north. They worship YHL the Boundless One, who promises them great reward should they ever fully master their desert home, they shall be greatly rewarded. This does not seem all too distant, as they already herd most of its population of giant sandworms, and have fully harnessed the mysterious spice that therein grows.

The Kriegan Federation (Vereinte Föderation der Krieggartens) - The most magically potent nation in the world, even the lowest of the Kriegan Federation's pikemen is capable of annihilating dozens of barbarians in short order, a good thing too, given their tiny population. For centuries, the Kriegans have been holding off an endless barbarian invasion attempt from the uncharted lands in the north and north-east, no doubt contributing to incalculable deaths over the ages. As such, it was only natural that their soldiers train to become as devastating as possible. Other than the Seisenese Empire to the east, they are the only bulwark against the looming barbarian threat against civilisation.

Sorry for the wall of text. I just needed to sum up my project, ja...

Anyhoo, as I said, Movements focuses on one character (a Kriegan, as I see them as "closest" to the traditional idea) as she goes to become a soldier in the Föderalwehr (Federal Defence Force). Enjoy.


I. In Which Hilde Introduces Herself

Okay, let’s start at the top. My name is Hilde Becker, a citizen of Essenstein.

It’s one of the three states that make up the Krieggarten Federation, and can be found in the coastal area. Founded by wise and powerful nobles a long time ago, it eventually joined with neighbouring states to better protect itself from extinction. That’s what I know, anyway.

So… My story begins here in a small town by the sea, my home town, Battenstrand. It’s a peaceful community, where the people are friendly, hard-working, and love to live. Everybody knows everybody in Battenstrand. From the farmers, to the carriage drivers, to the post officers, and the constables, we know each other not just by face, but by name, too.

We all live in a tranquillity rarely seen elsewhere. At least, that’s what I think. Nobody ever talks about the war going on in the north-eastern reaches, so it’s pretty quiet around here. Life just goes on as usual. Federal officials sometimes visit to give us news, but I don’t really pay attention to that. It’s not important to me, after all.

I’m thirteen years old, have loving parents, and an older sister. We own the town bakery. Every morning, Hilda and I get up early. I’m talking about more than two hours before sunrise. We then help our parents with the preparation of the ingredients, fixing the dough, and then finally, the baking. My favourite part is the kneading. I love the feeling of playing with nice dough, even though they keep telling us not to play with food.

By the time the bakery opens at sunrise, we’re already done with breakfast, and are ready to help sell bread to the townspeople. I love doing that too, because we get to greet everyone a good morning! Herr Rochefort is an especially nice man. He always brings sweets for Hilda and me. After two hours, we’re free to go play by the river until lunch time, then we go home. After that, we help out again until the bakery closes, an hour before sunset.

We spend the last hour of daylight playing outside near the house, by the beach. The waves are nice and calm, the sand is smooth, not rough on the skin at all. And the view of the sunset, when it comes, is amazing. Once darkness falls, we go back inside, have supper, and spend time together as a family for another hour or so, before going to sleep.

Helping out at the bakery is fun, but the most fun thing about helping out in the bakery, is that the whole family is working together, enjoying each other’s company. There was a time when mom went away to the capital, Krieggarten, to buy some special ingredients. Those days she was gone, things weren’t as happy.

And that’s the sum of my life. It’s a simple life, full of routines and repetitions, but I’m fine with that. It’s all I’ve lived through, and it’s all I know. Sometimes, however, I can’t help but look out at the mountains in the distance, wondering what might be waiting out there. Sometimes, I can’t help but reach out to them, pretending to grasp the scenery and hold it in my hand.

I’m sure that something is out there, and I’m sure it’s a lot more exciting than my ordinary, routine-filled life. But I’m fine with my life. I don’t need to know what adventures are beyond those mountains just waiting for me to embark on them. Even if I wanted to, even if I went, my family can’t, my family won’t, be coming with me. For me, my family is the most important part of my life, and nothing can replace them.

What about you? I’ve never seen you around here before. Are you here to visit somebody?

“You could say that. I’m honestly just dropping by to see this peaceful little town. You see, I’m looking for people. People like you.”

Today was sunny. Not a cloud in the sky, but that’s just how I liked it. And everything was perfect, down here by the river, like the green grass and colourful flowers. I was just playing, really, until this little guy found me and asked a very strange question. If I would tell him about myself. The strange white creature wagged its tail. It was a long tail, and ended with a paintbrush head you’d also see on a lion’s tail. At least I think you see it on a lion’s tail. “Really?”

“Yup. I’m looking for honest, hard-working people who love their homes and their families. I’m also looking for people who have a sense of wonder, who have a strong desire to know what’s going on in the outside world.”

Ah? But I already told him that I was fine where I was. A small lone cloud passed overhead, casting a faint shadow over a little portion of the meadow. “Oh, then I don’t think you’re looking for people like me. I’m not really intereste-”

“Ah, but you are! You just spent a few seconds telling me that you, reach out, to the mountains over there, as if trying to take hold of the adventures that they have in store for you to take!”

He tilted that head, with its flat rabbit face and vacant smile. Those red eyes felt like they were reaching into my soul and pulling out my deepest desires. “Well if you put it that way… I… guess I do want to go… but… my fam-”

“And don’t worry about leaving your family behind! Your adventure will only take two years. Then, you can come back home, where your family will be waiting for you, eagerly welcoming you into their arms, and life can go back to normal. The only difference is, you’ve already gone on an adventure, and seen the world for what it really is.”

Two years doesn’t sound too bad… but I still have promises to keep. I cupped my chin and started to think. On one hand, I… I know that inside I want this. On the other… “Won’t my parents get angry, though? Who’s going to help them at the bakery? Hilda can’t do the work for the both of us…”

“Your parents will understand. They love you, don’t they? Your sister will, too. Suffice to say, if you go on this adventure, you’ll certainly be able to help your family out.”

My eyes probably lit up, like what mom usually tells me when I get a ‘spark’ of hope. I wouldn’t know, but it felt just like one of those times when she would tell me ‘your eyes just sparked’. “Really…?” Maybe this strange little guy did know of a way. There was just something about how he talked. It was very… what’s that word… persuasive. “How?”

“You see, going on this particular adventure has the potential to earn you lots of money on the way. Imagine yourself coming home in two years, bringing a large sack of gold for your family. You can use it to get a bigger house, pay off debt and taxes. Or better yet, you can re-invest it in your business and use it to expand! More ingredients, hire workers, you can buy a cow for milk instead of sourcing it from elsewhere… you can even use it to start a farm and a windmill so you can make your own flour! Think of the possibilities!”

“Well… I…” Just like that, those red eyes had fished into my soul and caught something. In a single string of phrases, he had brushed up a painting in my mind of how things would look like after I came home from this adventure. My heartbeat grew stronger.

“Also, where you’re going, we’ll take very good care of you. We’ll teach you everything you’ll need to know about how to deal with adventures. We’ll give you all the equipment you need to go and see the world!”

It sounded so perfect. A perfect fairy tale. All I needed then was to meet a beautiful princess, who would in time become a handsome prince. And then I would live happily ever after. But there was one problem. I wasn’t some lost princess imprisoned in a tower far away. I knew who I was. I was Hilde Becker, a baker, just like what my name suggested. “Gee, that sounds really kind of you. But, why me?”

“Because you’re very special, Hilde. When you wake up, doesn’t the air have a particular scent? A scent of Rosenkreuz, even though you live by the sea, where the air is salty? When you play, don’t you feel like you can fly if you jump hard enough?”

If I could look into that clear running river water then, I would have seen my eyes the size of saucers. Those feelings were mine and mine alone. And yet, he knew. “… h… how do you know that…?”

Did your eyes reach that deeply into my soul? Is there anything that I can hide from you at all?

“I just know, Hilde. It’s what I’m good at. Which is why I know how special you are. You can be a great mage, Hilde. You just don’t realise it. So, what do you say? Let me take you by the hand. Let me show you the path to adventure. Let me help you prepare for it, so that you can help your family become more prosperous, that you can proudly say to your children, that you lived life to its fullest potential. This is a once in a lifetime chance, Hilde. Life only happens once. You don’t want to live in regret, do you? Sitting on a rocking chair in your twilight years, looking through your window and out at the glorious, mysterious, adventurous mountains outside? That’s not you. That’s not meant for you. That’s for someone else.”


I’m not really sure what you mean any more. I’ve never thought that far…

My head grew numb as it sank down to stare blankly at the ground. Maybe I was just trying to hide my soul from those eyes… those probing red eyes.

“Tick tock. The clock’s ticking, Hilde. I can’t wait forever. You can’t wait forever, either. Before you know it, I’ll be gone, and your life will spiral into an empty, monotonous grind when you live everyday regretting that you let this unique opportunity slip between your fingers. Tick tock. Your parents will see that you’ve become a poor, unhappy girl. That’ll also make them unhappy. Your sister will also become unhappy, because you don’t play with her anymore, because you don’t want to. And why is that? Because you had the chance, you had it, and you let it slip through your fingers, even when you knew, deep down in your heart, that you shouldn’t have.”

“I…” I couldn’t understand his words any more. They seemed so abstract, so above my mind. But something inside me was stirring. Was it those words, those words I couldn’t understand? Did they touch something that my mind could not fathom, but what my soul knew and echoed out loud? Or was it just the words that I did understand, and thus touched my soul, moreso than the words that flew past my head?

I could go on an adventure, be back in two years, and make my family proud of me! If they got angry at first, they would understand when the time came. Deep down in my heart, I knew and understood. It was what I wanted all along. And it only took a little white rabbit thing to make it clear to me!

“Take my hand, Hilde. Join me. Together, we’ll go through this great adventure called life. Come on. Don’t worry. I don’t bite.”

I nodded. There was conviction in that nod. And I took his… hand, or paw, or whatever exactly it was. “Alright. Let’s go.”

“I knew you’d make the right choice, Hilde. You’re a smart girl. I like that.”

“… Thanks.” We started down the road back to town. Something bothered me, though. It was a small thing, but even small things can bother you sometimes. ” By the way… what’s your name?”

“Luzi. Just call me Herr Luzi.”

Graphic Softwares / Photoshop CS5?
« on: February 23, 2013, 08:09:23 AM »
I'm considering in investing in CS5 for one thing (Been using CS4 for the longest time), and one thing only: content aware filling. Is it as hot as the marketing says it is? I mean, sure, I have my doubts, and it's definitely one of those things that smell too good to be true. I have enough problems saving up already, given all the things I have to pay for (there's always more month than money for me), and I gotta know if it's worth it. I mean, even if it isn't perfect, so long as it helps lighten up your load in a quick shopping job.

What do you guys think?

GFX Section / Norfür's little bundle of stuff
« on: February 12, 2013, 11:59:43 AM »
Hey there. My first art post... so basically... I guess I'll post some of the stuff I've done, which is all using a combination of Photoshop and Illustrator, CS4 (since that's the best that my old dinosaur rig can handle, and even then, very slowly). I'll be grouping each piece of art according to project... so yeah. All done by mouse. I also used stuff from vector packs, so yeah... Suupertramp suggested I put this up, so that it can get some review, and so you can help me improve my work. I submit to your mastery and greater wisdom, Raiders!

Format will be...



Light Novel series I've been planning since... forever. An unusual take on the Garden of Eden story, as you will see in this art...

The Eye of Knowledge

Illustrator + Photoshop CS4
An avatar of the Waking God Maros-Brhan, who sits at the timeless Centre and created the Old Gods that rule the universe. It is said that the colours of the rainbow are a reflection of this attribute of his being, the seven-coloured eyes.

The Vexillum Imperialis

Illustrator + Photoshop CS4 (Laurels from vector pack)
The National standard of the Sanjuran Holy Empire. The Rising Phoenix (Phenix Orientis) is representative of the guardian of the tree of life, whom they worship. ETS stands for Eden Totum Super, "Eden above all", invoking the name of their patron goddess, who manifests as the tree of life around which the empire was built.

The Circle of Life

Illustrator + Photoshop CS4
The primary magical configuration used by the Sanjuran Imperial Church. It invokes the name of their patron deity Eden and allows the Church's clerics to use a unique form of magic known as Edithurgy, which empowers them to manipulate the life force of any living thing.

The Eternal Serpent

Illustrator + Photoshop CS4
The only recognisable use of symbology employed by the mysterious and hostile J'bieri Alliance. It takes the form of an ouroboros twisted into the familiar "infinity" symbol. More likely than not, it represents their patron deity, the eponymous J'bieres.

The Trademark

Illustrator + Photoshop CS4
The National emblem of the Feld Trade Republic. True to form, it symbolises their industrious nature, while at the same time, the monetary symbol at the centre represents their drive to make any deal as profitable as possible.

The Seven-Point Sword of Knowledge Piercing the Heavens

Illustrator + Photoshop CS4
The National emblem of the Tekgnos Federation. It takes a clear inspiration from a miraculous event 700 years ago that directly led to the founding of the Federation, when its Seven Elders simultaneously experienced a brief glimpse into the uncharted depths of supreme knowledge, made possible by the Eye of Knowledge.


A game I'm aiming to dev. It aims to be a Total War-esque strategy game with Visual Novel elements. The setting is essentially "Magical Girls" meets "a toned-down 40K" (the latter isn't too obvious though), and revolves around five factions populating a geographic area known as the Alhazred Region.

Alhazred Region Territory Map

Campaign Cartographer 3 + Photoshop CS4
A map showing the "intersecting" area where all of the Five Powers can be seen collectively. This map shows which land belongs to what faction.

Alhazred Region "Fantasy" Map

Campaign Cartographer 3 + Photoshop CS4
Shows the geography in a cutesy, simplified form, as well as each faction's capital.

Flag of the Soleil Alliance

Photoshop CS4
The Soleil Alliance consists of nine nation-states that populate the Alhazred Region's Soleil Peninsula. The nine lesser points represent the nine states, and the three greater points, the Alliance's ideal of Unity, Liberty, and Excellence. Due to lacking much land to expand into, the Alliance has grown over the centuries into a maritime power, planting colonies on continents across the ocean. Because of its exposure to other cultures, it has an eclectic representation of official magical systems.

Soleilais Configuration - WIP

Illustrator + Photoshop CS4 (Yes, that's Madoka font)
It's a work in progress, so yeah...

Flag of the Seisenese Empire

Photoshop CS4 (Dragon from vector pack)
The Seisenese Empire see themselves as paragons that the rest of the world must follow, a paragon that inspires through peace and gentleness, but nevertheless very capable of defending themselves. One day, the sun and moon, heaven and earth, will be protected safely beneath the mighty wings of the Seisenese Empire. Because of their expansive territory, they focus on high mobility and air superiority. Their spells give their armies the ability perform week-long forced marches without losing stamina, and their aerial dragon cavalry are renowned the world over. They have something of a rivalry with the Bellan Republic.

Flag of the Bellan Republic

Photoshop CS4
Because their land has the weakest levels of mana in the region, if not the world, the Bellans have developed a low maximum capacity for magic energy. As such, what little magic potential these people have, they invest in developing superior technology to even the odds against their enemies. The Legions of the Republic are clad in power armour that renders each legionary a formidable force all her own. And because of their use of technology in the field rather than magic, the Republic is the only "civilised" nation that fields men in its armed forces.

Clavis Solo

Illustrator + Photoshop CS4
The Clavis Solo ("Key to the Foundation") is an ancient configuration, which dates back to the era of the First Bellan Republic over a thousand years ago. It has survived unchanged through wars, dissolution, reunification, and the changes of governments. The Clavis Solo is more than just a magic circle. It is a symbol of the Bellan way of life.

Flag of the Zafieli Kingdom

Photoshop CS4 ("snowflake" from vector pack)
Those who dwell in the harsh deserts of Zafiel are a hardy people, a people who waste not, want not. But other than the mysterious and useful spice found amongst the sand dunes, the treasure that lies in their lands is not a physical one. No, the seemingly dead Zafieli Desert is rife with mana, an incredible, barely-tapped mana source, which the Kingdom has been struggling to control for thousands of years, in order to complete their part in a covenant with their god, YHL. The Zafieli people are masters of stealth and sabotage, and are truly one with the desert, as only they know the secrets of riding the giant sandworms of the wastes. The "snowflake" represents the Eye of YHL, who forever watches over his children, and the three stars representing the Three Great Houses of the Kingdom.

Sephirot - WIP

Illustrator + Photoshop CS4 ("Snowflake", Crown, and Flower from Vector Pack)
This configuration is said to represent the flow of power from YHL on top, to Kingship down below. The exact meaning of the Sephirot is a very well-guarded secret, and few, if any, outsiders truly comprehend what it embodies, beyond that cryptic, nondescript explanation.

Flag of the Kriegan Federation

Photoshop CS4 (Swirly thing and Flame from Vector pack)
Up north, straddling the border between the civilised world and chaotic barbarian tribes, stands the mighty Kriegan Federation. Originating as three [Germanic] nations that warred in the distant past, their feuding stopped and their warriors were focused further north as they were besieged by barbarian hordes that have yet to abate. This attempted invasion has gone on for centuries without ceasing, and thus the Kriegans have the smallest population in the region. This is however offset by their incredible magical potential, the greatest in the world. Each Kriegan soldier is easily worth more than a dozen barbarians, and a single spellcaster can obliterate hundreds. Indeed, the seventeen Knights of Grabacr is each said to be an army all to herself, bestowed with powers that allow her to single-handedly level an entire army of thousands, if unleashed.


Illustrator + Photoshop CS4 (Yes, that's Tengwar font)
A hybrid configuration formed after the unification 400 years ago, which makes the Kriegan Trinity relatively young. Studying under this system allows a Kriegan to more easily learn elements from all three magic systems used in the Federation.

Essenstein Configuration

Illustrator + Photoshop CS4 (Bird and Flower from vector pack, and yes, more Tengwar font)
The configuration most commonly used in the Duchy of Essenstein. It calls upon Merciful Adela, and focuses on activities related to life, nutrition, healing, and such.

Föhrenmaarten Configuration

Illustrator + Photoshop CS4 (Horse from vector pack, and Tengwar font)
The configuration most commonly used in the Principality of Essenstein. It calls upon Industrious Emlin, and focuses on activities related to labour, trade, industry, and such.

Grabacr Configuration

Illustrator + Photoshop CS4 (Shield, wolf, rose, from vector pack, and Tengwar font)
The configuration most commonly used in the Kingdom of Grabacr. It calls upon Courageous Wolfram, and focuses on activities related to war, chivalry, protection, and such.

Haus Weissteufel Coat of Arms

Photoshop CS4 (Shield, Bird, Sword, umm.... basically, everything except the circle and the text are from a vector pack)
The First Knight, represented by the One Circle, the One Sword, and the Eagle. She fights with the element of wind, and has the highest mana potential of any single human in the world. Her power and title are called one and the same, "König", the ruler whose mere presence inspires her soldiers to fight more valiantly, and remain steadfast and loyal, no matter the odds. When completely unsealed, she is capable of directly mind controlling anybody in her line of sight, a fitting ability for the leader of the Knights. Because she is used as a trump card against any knight who might rebel against the government, all members of House Weissteufel are from birth indoctrinated with absolute loyalty to the Federation.

Haus Rosendahl Coat of Arms

Photoshop CS4 (The "V" is mine... uhh... yeah. The rest are from vector packs.)
The Fourth Knight, represented by the four-coloured compass, and the Fertile Oak. Her power, Kompassrosen, has earned her the title of Universelsoldat, the warrior who can control all four cardinal elements. While it is "ordinary" compared to the abnormal extra abilities gifted to the other Knights, this power is nevertheless dangerously flexible, and allows her abilities that would still astound even the best normal soldier. Because of her "ordinariness", her family possesses an inferiority complex, and contrary to the usual Knight's tradition of limiting their offspring, produces many children in order to research a greater variety of spells to grow the family archives. Her seal is the same as the "ordinary" seals found on "normal" high-powered soldiers in the Föderalwehr, adding to her inferiority complex.

Haus Hardenberg Coat of Arms

Photoshop CS4 (The star is mine!)
The Tenth Knight, represented by the crimson dragon guarding a gate, and the ten-point star. She fights with the element of fire and possesses a mastery of a great many weapons. Unsealed, she is capable of turning the tide of battle with the injection of great numbers into the battlefield.

Haus Brauchitsch Coat of Arms

Photoshop CS4 (The 12-bladed dagger is mine)
The Twelfth Knight, represented by the vermilion falcon and the twelve-bladed dagger. She fights with the element of wind and strikes with the speed of lightning. This has earned her the title Blitzkampfer. Unleashed, she is akin to a little god, capable of manipulating with almost absolute impunity the realms of the little things that she has mastered.

Lambda Configuration

Illustrator + Photoshop CS4
The configuration found on most of the ancient Relics unearthed by the Five Powers. Until now, researchers have yet to discover the truth behind this mysterious symbol.

Sigma Configuration

Illustrator + Photoshop CS4
Theorised to be of the same ilk as the Lambda Configuration, if on a higher level. The few, rare Relics unearthed bearing this symbol are mysterious as they are powerful, and less than three have ever been used in the whole history of the Five Powers.

Omega Configuration

Illustrator + Photoshop CS4
This ominous black configuration with a foreboding dark glow has yet to be discovered. I'm just putting this out there.


Excalibur (Fate/Stay Night)

Illustrator + Photoshop CS4 (MORE TENGWAR! YAY!)
So it's not an exact replica. The handle is particularly jarring, and I've honestly been meaning to replace it with something closer to the real thing. Took me several days to complete it, and I saved it for last because... well... it's honestly the nicest thing I've ever drawn. So yeah.

Welcome Center / Hey There! New Guy!
« on: February 12, 2013, 07:15:13 AM »
Greetings and salutations.

Please call me Norfür. As you can see from my avatar and sig, I'm actually more of a symbols person, and the tool I'm more used to is a mouse. However, as I plan to make a game in the future, I'd prefer to be able to pitch into the art department more, in terms of character design. Which brings me to the reason I'm here. I'd like to learn how to draw characters, which I don't know the first thing about. I'm hoping to be able to learn from those who have come before me, and I look forward to meeting all of you.

So, to all you raiders here, a big hello! :D

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