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Video / PC Games / Terraria corner
« on: March 08, 2013, 11:23:13 AM »
Who else plays it? would be awesome to co-op on that once in a while, or everyone can just talk about it and share their way of playing and tips of the game if anyone's interested :P

break Room / What we are all really scared of.
« on: January 22, 2013, 01:23:02 PM »
This might cost me another community to be thrown out of but here goes.

Being depressed, alone and...well homeless(kinda) isn't something anyone wants, but it did give me a handful of time on my hands to think about how i can take my manga to a more realistic level, yes i still intent to make my manga happen despite my odds.

This is one thing i came up with while i felt more like my character Maro and really thought about just whats wrong with the world.

Humanities greatest fear.

"Do you fear something that will scare you in the dark? no you're not.

Are you afraid you'll have someone hate you? likely, but not quite.

Are you scared of getting hurt? wrong again.

Will you be terrified knowing someone wants to take your life? not a chance, the one killing you is scared of you.

Because fear doesn't come from where we are, what the feelings are or if our life is in danger, we all fear a single word...


No matter how much you might claim to be open minded and accepting you might be or that you just want whats best for others, your only instinct in the very back of your mind is making you desire only one thing in life.

To have every single thing right down to every person and life style, EXACTLY the way you and only you like it to be, life has to go just how you like it, it has to be just how you expect everything...

one slip up,

one person who isn't like you,

one event that failed your expectations,

and the whole world turns into your enemy, you'll hide from how it isn't the same as you thought, you'll hate every single person alife around you for not being the exact same person in both looks and personality just like yourself and you'll turn depressed because how you saw yourself in a dream that you wished to be was swiped away from your sight, all that trouble...because "Different" made it so.

It's the difference war happens.

It's difference that bullied you.

It's just pure difference that is making you miss one crucial fact about all of us.

We already are the same...more than you'll ever know."

This is a small part of what Maro will be about as well as how i see the world around me at the moment.

If its too dark/depressing or just plain out creepy and doesn't make sence to you, well, i can only share my opinion on things, its up to everyone else to accept it.

Manga Writers wanted / In need for storyline fixing (for writing)
« on: December 19, 2012, 05:43:30 PM »
I need help, i knew already that making a manga will take more than one person to do and the more i think about my manga/character or just drawing in general, i just have to make it happen BUT, as i've put down a few times on my 'Manga development' thread, my writing (spelling and grammer) are my personal worst skills i have.

If only im not in the postion as i am now, i'd have more free time like i used to, and simply draw out my manga in images and get a good practice for panel layout and so on (but thats a personal matter).

Anyhow I don't have that free time now and i'm still trying to put together a Character/Story info done but im just having difficulties with it and i'll just know it's likely inreadable to alot of people (not meaning in an offencive way or anything, thats how bad i am).


If anyone is interested and i don't find myself in any...problems, feel free to talk to me on here, PM, MSN or skype.


Manga Art Gallery / Elementic Age Gallery
« on: December 03, 2012, 12:01:23 PM »
Got inetrnet access for the time being as well as some access to an A3 scanner to upload my latest drawings i did when i felt well enough (mentaly), soooo...yh.

I'll post any pictures i have on me and anyone can just look at them if they want, hopefuly i can manage a few more someday.

General Manga writer discussions / God Characters are a bore.
« on: November 19, 2012, 07:04:37 PM »
I know myself im not at all smart or intellegent but...i had no real idea where to post this apart from here, sorry if this is the wrong place.

Anyways, before anyone continues to real this, what you're about to real is purely my opinion about specific kinds of character both canon and fan made, i came up with the idea to write it out and posted it on a website before i was chased out of it after a slight...uh...disaster during a role-play.

As my topic says, God characters are a massive bore, to me anyways, why am i posting something like this? simple, i like to go on websites where i can roleplay with others and i use my own characters to boost their development alittle for my soon to be Manga, but as fun as Fantasy roleplaying is, theres allways that misserable chance you run into someone that predictably dilikes loosing in every shape or form, so they come up with one type of character...the god-likes.
Now i personaly can't stand OCs like them and with good reason (or at least i think so), because a roleplay or a story just becomes so meaningless the moment you know that there's a character on there who is aparently unbeatable in every way and for impossible reasons has no weakness, you'll just know that that character can wipe the floor with anyone no matter their powers with upmost ease and practicly no effort, come on, really? at least try to make a character worth the effort to look into, any character "related" to god, characters with god powers or even just character that people over power WAAAY past extreme levels just ruin it for other people with ordenary characters.
I just thought i'd share my thought coz...well, coz i can really and also in most roleplaying forums or websites i came across a guy those character was meant to be related to god, acording to him, his character could make anything disapear at will, and mine had the ability to nullify any non-solid attacks, meaning he'd have to resort in other means deffending himself against anything else and when my character was attacked by a sword powered with lightning (or whatever god like it was), i made my character nullify the power boost from the sword so he'd be able to block it, as it turned out it didn't end well, so i gave him a piece of my mind explaining to him just how redicilously boring his character is and that anyone can use a method or way to be able to stand up against god like characters and more to the point that he should also have a weakness, tipicly he told me his character didn't have a weakness so i make him have some, again being super obviouls of the face he didn't want any way of loosing he only came up with ONE weakness but it was about as good an NO weakness, because he then claimed "Oh yeah only god himself can kill him"....ok i don't know about any of you but, surely you'll agree that that isn't even a weakness at all.
As for characters that are just overpowered, they are equaly as boring as the rest, when i read a fanfiction the author put his or her OC into the story fighting a character that in the offical manga/anime is quite difficult to fight, yet, totaly ruined by constantly puting things down like "a bored expression" when casting a spell in a "boring" manner like fighting someone who couldn't even lay a finger on the OC.
So all in all, if you make a character, just be sure not to overpower them, don't make them too skillful or in other words "Better then anyone ever in everything" and give them weaknesses because that just means for the character to put exra effort at fighting the enemy to win plus it makes the story/roleplay more exiting, but most of all DONT make god characters, they are in my opinion a disaster coz it'll just be onesided as hell.
...you may now hate me.

Again this is just my opinion, nothing more.

Develop Your Story / Elementic Age
« on: November 18, 2012, 08:06:22 PM »
Here i'll post my own manga story as best as i possible can about each character, some may be in parts or a whole post in one depending how i'm feeling at the time.

I will point out that writting in general really isn't my strong point in anything, so instead, i draw, i have been drawing since i was just 5 and made my first character, sorry if this post won't be about a character of my manga (which is probably gona get me in trouble later), but i'll put up a summery of what the manga itself is all about.

Far into the hirtory of all humanity, the world has been nothing but a living hell of war and hate, humans from all across the globe, fighting for domination and power, one day however had changed the fate of the future when a selected number of humans were born with a supernatrual power to control an element, each unique from one another, these humans soon claimed peace over the lands as mortal gods who soon became known as 'Element-Users', these Element-Users would only be born every 2500 years (or Elementic-Age) to up-hold that peace and keep the balance of life.

In the current time-line where the Elementic-Age would bring forward the third generation of Element-Users, the world as we know it has taken a turn for the worst, over the many years of evolution, time has finally reach an era where "war" no longer holds the meaning of power or domination, but the bitter end of the human race, will one mans will be enough to change it's out come, or will it remain wishful thinking of making the world a better place untill nothing remains? The time has come where 'hate' has taken on a new level and whats 'good' must also take that step up if the human sociaty is to have any change of survival.

I'll leave it at that, took me awhile to come up with that summery on the spot, my next post will me all...or what i have so far about my very first character made, Takoda.

Welcome Center / Just a "Hi"
« on: November 18, 2012, 07:43:16 PM »
I'm just gona keep it at the absolute minimum about myself, 'names Link0180 and like to draw manga and soon maky my own wether anyone likes me to or not, call me a "troll" or whatever when i say i'll most likely wont be talking to anyone while typing out my ideas for my manga since its prooven to be a fact i can't keep a conversation without its bursting into a wave of rage against me as well as im very depressing alot of the time.

That's REALY all you should know about me for your own safety.

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