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FanFics / Unnamed Story Pt.1
« on: February 05, 2009, 11:47:59 AM »
Alright hey again, my friend wrote something up aswell, i got another one up called 'Kings amone men' this one he wrote will somehow link up with that later on. his name is tom, so indeed this isn't mine but he asked me to post it.
Cornellius was not like the average child, infact he was quite the opposite. Sitting under the great oak tree just outside his village, he watched other boys kicking around a leather ball and yelling at each other. Though he had his head hidden amongst his books, he'd occasionally peer over to watch the others having fun, how he wished he could join in.
"Oi, corny! Whatcha staring at!" one of the boys yelled. Cornellius jumped, his books flew out of his hands. The boys broke into laughter, making snide remarks as Cornellius clumsily tried to pick them all up. Phillip, the 'ring-leader' of the group strolled over, placing his foot on one of the books Cornellius reached for.
"Whats this then, corny?" he said with a smirk before reaching down to pick it up.
"GIVE THAT BACK!" Cornellius screamed. This only caused the boys to laugh harder. Phillip remained quiet as he read the title, before finally speaking clearly.
"Autopsys.. you're weirder than I thought, corny." He threw the book back at a distressed looking Cornellius, who quickly shoved it into his bag. Cornellius ran back to the village, tears streaming down his face. He arrived at a small cottage, pushed the door open and headed to his bedroom.
"Cornellius? Is that you?" said a weary voice.
"Leave me alone grandma!" he shouted back, trying to mask his tearful voice.
"You were supposed to be back hours ago.. I was worried."
"I was fine, 'ma. I just wanted some fresh air, that's all.."
"You remind me more and more of your father each day, dear.."
"Yes, well he isn't here, IS HE?" Cornellius fury had overtaken him. He slammed his door shut and sat on his bed, before opening his bag and withdrawing the book titled 'Autopsys'. The last gift his father gave him before his tragic death.

FanFics / Kings Amone Men Cp1
« on: February 05, 2009, 11:43:38 AM »
Alright, this is one i wrote up pretty qucikly.
i havent named the chracters or anything yet, so far theres' just 'the boy' in cp 2 or so, i'll name him so yeah ;)
hope you enjoy this, and note there isn't alot of dialogue yet.
Kings Among Men.

The day was nice, the air was warm only the scent of grass and flowers filled the air.
One boy layed upon the grass enjoying the peace and tranquillity slowly reaching his hand up to his forehead to move his hair from his eyes to look up into the sky, only to see the sky slowly turning dark and grey, quickly getting up to kneel down and watch the oncoming storm, or so he thought it was.  when a fireball shot out of the grey sky, breaking through the clouds as it struck the green fields.a crater left in the wake destruction, the boy, ran over to take a look inside the crater, taking a gasp as he peered into a gust of smoke and rubble, to see a figure taking form, "what.. is that" the boy had said lightly, green lights shined from the smoke, a figure in a full black space suit, lined with green lighting, pistols at his sides, turning his head to look at the boy, "I'am... your guide to the light.." the boy looking confused, "Huh..?" pulling his pistols from their holsters twirling  on his fingers. "..Of .. Death" firing at the boy, jumping to the side "Tsk.. Damn what the hell is going on." the boy said as he was panting harshly reaching to his ankle to pull his only means of defense, a small hunting knife. taking cover behind a tree as the man stepped out of the crater, taking light steps as he aimed his pistol around in search of the boy. peaking from behind the tree the boy, had looked over and spotted the black suited soldier, taking one deep breath in before, stepping out and shouting at him "You want to fight?!, Well then come on asshole!" charging at the black suited soldier, who was firing his pistols quickly and accurate, still not enough to hit his target the boy got close enough to swing with his knife, "DIE!" he shouted as he swiped at the soldier, quickly stepping back and firing point blank range, blasting the knife out of the boys hand, while knocking him back onto the ground. "damn.." the boy said to himself, as he knew he was beat as it was, the black suited soldier placed his pistol to the boys head. "Seems.. this is the end of your game." Taking a sigh the boy had given up and readied himself for death.

Welcome Center / New here, ;]
« on: February 05, 2009, 09:01:27 AM »
Hey all new here, just wanted to post,
I'am 17, i like anime and manga, mostly manga
mostly like for manga romance and comedy, little action now and then
favorites are naruto, kurohime, and kissxsis and bakuman
anime, abenobashi shopping arcade, and burstangel alot more but i can't name em all now ;]
I also enjoy a wide variety of doujins, and yuri stuff hoho.
anhow i will be posting abit in the story board ;].

Develop Your Story / A Co-written story
« on: February 03, 2009, 03:34:27 PM »
Well, Hello everyone this is one and mine neo and toms, co-written stories.
I'd like to explain a little about this, it's told by 2 different POVs Point of views if you would.
Mine and His, it's set in the 2008 beijing olympics we actually told this during them, ;]
So character introduction, it's about us and a group we are in called 'The brothahood'
Members are: Con-fiend, Chop, Jack, Joe, Jarle,

I have marked where Me or Tom start to tell our POV so you don't get lost

We can do alot better, we were just bored at the time.

Thanks Happy reading :D

EXcLAIMER: Contains Crude Humor, And Offensive Language

~~ Chapter 1: A well deserved holiday ~~
Tom - Getting ready for the day ahead, I heard someone yelling from downstairs. "The hell do you want?" I asked. "Fiend hurry we've got to be at the airport in 30 mins!" Ol' neo exclaimed. We had booked a flight to bejing to watch the olympics, and we were planning to meet the rest of the brotha's at the airport. "One sec fiend i am nearly ready..". I opened a box kept by my bedroom cabinet, and took out my Dusta's. Many o' fiend they've slain..

I ran downstairs slamming the door behind me, ol' neo had already started up the Brothamobile and I hopped in. "Drive fiend!" I yelled and we shot down the road. Just then I got a call, I answered it and it was none other than ol' joe. "Fiend where the hell are ye? We've been waiting here for many o' moon..". "Patience fiend ol' neo was having a quick one and delayed us.."

Neo - It was a fine morning, i drove over to toms place to pick him up as we were running late for the plane, i sped away in the brothamobile at speeds there shouldn't even be legal, though i arrived at ol'toms place rather quickly i hopped out in a hurry and ran into ol'tom place and shouted "Fiend, hurry it up weve only got 30 mins to get to the airport!"

I had run into the brotha mobile followed shortly by ol'tom he has gotten a call i heard what the fiend said i shouted back "FIend the hell you on about?! there was an old lady in the way when i was drivin' over i thought it was yo nan " giving the fiend a sly wink and kept driving soon we arrived at the airport, we ran in quickly to see a fine sight, several brotha's all with their bags packed, and geared up, jarle was naked i asked him "The hell where is yo gear and luggage?!" he replied "FIEND only one thing i's needs is my birthday suit " i looked away in disgust and looked at tom which was handing the tickets..

Tom - "Is that really appropriate jarle? Put some clothes on dammit!" I said. No reply, I turned around to see jarle standing extremely close to a young lady... and by god was he happy to see her, i looked down and caught a glimpse at what appeared to be a turtles head. Rushing over I jump-kicked jarle knocking him flying and apologised to the lady. "Iam sorry for his actions.. he gets excited when we take him out you see" she was in a state of shock. I dragged jarle up and tossed him a pair of joe's lace panties

"So, are we all here?" I asked. Neo, Jack, Chop, Jarle, Con-fiend, Joe. We handed the tickets in and made our way to the plane. "Ready fiends? " I asked and they gave me the thumbs up. Entering the plane, we were in the upper class section. There were T.Vs on the back of the chairs, with many o' channel. Jarle settled down and began watching animal planet..
I took my seat, and looked over at what jarle was watching and asked "Why do you watch animal planet?" he replied "LOOK At the frell* kangaroo's!!" i looked away disgusted and asked chop what he was going to be doing he leaned back with a smirk on his face and moved his head in a hinting motion to look down he was already jerking off i looked at his screen and saw 2 old men having their way with a young woman i shouted "SICK *censored*?! have you no shame?!" before quickly giving him a right hook and trading seats with con-fiend, i leaned back and asked for a pint of shine

Neo - Just getting my glass of shine i felt tom tapping my shoulder i looked up and he asked "fiend what are our plans for beijing?" i replied "now fiend, you already know we are going to watch. but perhaps we are going to compete aswell?" a quick reply "You sly devil " i then put on a fine film known as MVP 'Most Virtical Primate' after the movie i had gotten up to use the washroom when i had opened to door i had seen con-fiend with no pants jerking off in the washroom i shouted "WHAT THE HELL?!" he gave me a quick kick to the gut and closed the door "I'am busy go away!" i thought ot myself "Sick *censored*.." i sat back down and noticed tom writing something in a notpad..

Tom - Ol' neo approached me and asked what I was writing. "Well fiend, you said about competing in the lympics? I'm just thinking of who would be best suited to what event..".
"It will be decided when we arrive, let's just enjoy the flight for now then we'll get down to some training in preparation for the 'lympics" I agreed, it would be the best plan of action. "Sick *censored*s, have you finished jerking in PUBLIC yet?" I yelled. A toilet flushed, con-fiend must of finished. Jarle was beating off to the kangaroo's still and chop had fallen asleep. "Even though they are the sickest *censored*s i've ever known, by god they are loyal brotha's" i said with a grin

I took a nap, and awoke to ol' joe shaking my shoulder. "Fiend? wake the hell up we've arrived" Jarle had donned some casual assless chaps and was enthusiastically spanking himself. I've never seen the boy so excited. I got up and grabbed my luggage and we all stepped off the plane. "Here we are boys, bejing "

Neo - i had gotten awakened by con-fiend and chop they were rattlin' my shoulders i got up in a shock "SICk *censored* don't touch me with them hands we stepped off the plane into beijing, i shouted "Boys! here we are!" just then i looked to my left joe was already in close combat with a chinaman.. "I shouted the hell you doin' joe?! a reply "Fiend aren't all chinese people like jacky chan?!" he then got knocked out with one punch i shouted "YES they are fiend!" tom rushed over to pick him up we then headed to our hotel just a few blocks away from the lympic arena we unpacked and jarle decided he needed a little more then assless chaps and threw on a t shirt

We headed out, tom said one word to all of us "Boys.. this will might be tougher then even1 v 1 fighting Balls J, there be fiends from all over the world here don't get cocky boys." we kept walking untill we finally got to it the lympic stadium..

Tom - The crowd was roaring, a bunch of negros were going head to head in the 100m sprint. "Heh, think you can out-do them?" I asked neo. He winked slyly and said "Hell, jarles nan could outrun them". We both chuckled and looked for a place to sit. "Ol jack, fetch the brotha's a couple hotdogs" I yelled. "No let me " jarle asked. "Eh fine whatever." and jarle ran off

He came back with a few hotdogs and just a bun. He dropped his chaps and put his penis in the bun and then squirted some mustard over it. "Look fiends a hot dog!" he shouted. Suddenly, jarle appeared on the stadium wide screen. "Look im on T.V!" he exclaimed. "Indeed, with yo' dick hanging out!" neo shouted. Joe threw a right at jarle knocking him clean out and we acted as if nothing happened until the attention had ceased

Neo - I got up, and said "Well boys. shall we start? tom got up shortly after,'Indeed watching is for chumps we are here to compete?!" just as we started to walk a tall man in some windbreakers bumped into jarle and whispered into his ear "Heh, think your hot *censored* cause yo dick can get hard?" jarle turned and looked the fiend was gone boys i believe we will split up. we got some events only some of us can do and others can't chop, con-fiend will be with me jack jarle, and joe shall go with you tom, i got the double C you got the triple J we split paths there

I suited up in my best gear, whilst chop had thrown on his normal shorts and t shirt i looked at him with a face much like '' he looked back with '' i replied "...put some proper god damned lympic gear on making us look like chumps here" con-fiend agree'd as he had proper gear but has mistook his with jarles all his shorts and such were assless.. we headed over to the b ball court

Tom - Alright boys lets head out to the swimming pools. The triple J's and I were all pretty good swimmers, so it would be a great event for us. Just then we saw michael phelps, the 8 gold medal winner swimming some laps. Jarles mouth opened wider than his ass after a session with his grandad. "You like phelps eh?" I asked. Jarle replied with "Indeed he's an inspiration!"

Phelps got out of the pool and jarle ran over. "Mr. Phelps can you sign my ass cheeks?". "Sure m'boy, pass me the pen." Jarle handed him a pen coloured like the norway flag. "Uh, where are you from?" phelps asked. "Norway!" jarle replied. A grave look appeared on phelps face.. then he bared his teeth, the man was furious. "I HATE norwegians!" he yelled and stuck the pen up jarles ass. "Meet me in the pool you sack of *censored* or you'll be sorry."

Neo - Me and the boys, headed into the court only to be confronted by team china.. chop laughed "You fiends be as short as me! hahaha" just as he said that yao ming stepped up from his seat chop looked frightend he ran behind us and said "FFS boys why didn't you tell me that china had one good player?!" i whispered to him "Fiend it's a well known fact that fiend is huge you pissed him off now" con-fiend tryed to sneak out i quickly pulled him back and shouted to team china "So you nigga's wanna ball?" yao quickly gave chop a right hook and mumbled "sure if that *censored* isn't in.." i looked down and saw chop lifeless and thought 'that fiend can't ball anyhow anyway'

i replied "Sure, but isn't it a little unfair? 2 v 5 and all? a quick reply "nope.. it's all good" me and con-fiend began to ball yao knocked the ball away but con-fiend was quick and grabbed the ball quickly running by the other slow chinese folk and gave it his best dunk but barely manged to throw the ball in the net, the next round began, the chinese were tired the score being 50 - 0 me and con-fiend were on fire the first point i quickly jumped up and grabbed the ball and made a break for the net and gave it a dunk yao as tall as he was he was out of breath and stumbling everywhere we were too much for these chinese folk to handle we won easily , but the real challenge was america's black folk.. we got set for the next round Brotha's vs USA

Tom - Jarle put his swimming suit on, a little thong and matching bra. "ARE YOU READY, INSECT?!" phelps roared. The crowd was definitely on his side. Jarle and phelps got ready.. and they were off! The race had started. Phelps took an earlier lead, with jarle very far behind. "Heh this was easier than i thought" Phelps chuckled to himself. "I'll play with the boy" He stopped in his tracks and waiting for jarle to come near. "Come on little one you can swim faster!" he yelled, taunting him

Jarle was embarassed now.. he tried swimming as fast as he could. Jarle finally caught up with phelps! "Heh this has gone on long enough its time i finished it" phelps said and resumed swimming. Just then there was a loud screech followed by phelps screaming. "SOMEONE JUST *censored* ON ME!" he yelled. His face was covered in *censored*, jarle looked up and saw a figure darting around the diving board.. then it disappeared. He took advantage of this and swam as fast as he could and.. won the race!

Neo - Con-Fiend and i weren't taking any guff a black guy managed to boot con-fiend in the face i shouted "The hell!? this isn't proper B Ball!!" dunking the ball in i hadn't a scratch on me though i was out of breath, con-fiend looked asif a dozen black guys had hit him (they actually did ) i knocked the ball to the right con-fiend grabbed it just then i had seen one of the players dunk over con-fiend i thought to myself "That guy didn't even have the ball!" con-fiend quickly dropped the ball "A Limp dick just hit my face!! he was in shock i grabbed the ball and kicked some black fellow in the nuts and dunked the winning point, and picked up con-fiend and said "Fiend who did it?!" he looked up with slight tears in his eyes "I DID NOT SEE!, I JUST DID NOT SEE!!" he was clearly trying to deny that he had seen a limp dick hit his face... none the less chop was still out.. We stood utop the podium with gold around our necks walked off and picked up chop off to the next sport.

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