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Hello. It's been a while (again). For now, I am putting hold on working on my storyline until I am able to go to New York City for inspiration and the setting. I am working only on the characters and their development for now.

What I have thought up for the main character's development in the beginning and how the events began; a nineteen-year old Japanese male, Karasenta Satsuya, who was born into an influential family. He leaves Tokyo, Japan, right after graduating high school to live in America, New York City to be free from his family's traditional lifestyle and making his own choices in life. Shortly after, he beats up a wealthy man in rage for insulting and hurting a woman from a lower class after encountering the incident, an act that soon criminalizes him as it turns out that the man is a son of a powerful politician in which the city's powerful but corrupt figures are outraged of his beating in which they used the incident as evidence to support their new law that they tried to pass for years;  enforcing strict and harsh rules on the 'troubled' youth to discipline them to become proper adults as they are blamed for the country's problems, the law succeed in passing...

I'm open for opinions and criticism. Much appreciate it.

Develop Your Story / Thread of Connections: Satsuya's Scenerio, Prologue
« on: September 30, 2016, 04:47:43 AM »
Hello again. It's been a while since I last posted, still working on the story. I had wanted to show what both of the two main characters were the day before meeting each other. I had work on grammar and vocaburary with help from the skype chat. Please give your opinions and review so that I can see what else I need to work on if any.

Enjoy the prologue.

“Starting off on my own, the high school life that is now over, the last three years of my youth is at it’s end. I am Karasenta Satsuya, eighteen years old, nearly at nineteen as my birthday is coming up tomorrow, now a young adult as I now set off to find myself a future that I can enjoy.”

Standing among my classmates in the school’s auditorium in our graduation ceremony, the first and second-years have give their bows and thank-yous to us with sorrow behind their tones, one of the female underclassmen is shedding tears but is trying to contain it.

“Thank you for your acquaintance and good luck for the future!”

They all said in union.

Looking at them smiling and crying, I felt the same sadness yet I didn’t cry.

After the graduation ceremony.

Outside at dawn alone, wanting a moment of peace from the graduation party. Seeing the sakura petals floating in the air relaxes me as I am tuning up my motorcycle as I have always do before taking it for a ride.

“Satsu, there you are.”

I heard a familiar voice that sends me a surprised as my name is being called. I turned around, I see a pretty girl who I recognized, she waved at me.

“Ah. Rinko, what are you doing here?”

I waved at her.

Tabaya Rinko is my ex-girlfriend, or rather, temporary. We had been dating since the summer festival last year until we broke off around end of February as we’ve rarely get to see each other because of exams and clubs. We’ve still flirt and talk each other on our phones though.

“I had a call from Tokyo University minutes ago, they say they had accepted me!”

She is cheering, clenching her fists in front of herself.

“That’s very great. It is hard to get into there these days.”

I said.

I felt happy for her and relieved. She had been studying at her limit to get into her dream university, I helped her from time to time in case she is struggling with math, her worst subject.

“Thanks to you. And sorry to drag you into helping me with exams even though we had to break up.”

She is looking down, her hands behind her back.

“No worries, I’m glad you get to be accepted.”

I sighed in relief. I was worried that her final grades would be below expectations.

“Now that I have achieved it, s-s-should we start getting back together…?”

Her cheeks blushing.

“You know that you have to do entrance exams before fully getting accepted, right? Have you forgotten?”

I said to her, giving her a strict expression.

“Universities are that strict in Japan you know, especially in Tokyo. Those entrance exams area test for eligible attendees to prove if they truly desire to further their education. I had told you that before, we shouldn’t start dating again so soon.”

“Ahaha… sorry. I just wanted to say that I missed being with you. I thought a lot about my future. I want to have you in it.”

She gets close to me, her hands on my arms.

“For you, you have no trouble getting into the university. You’re at the top of our class for the whole third-year and lead the baseball, soccer and kendo teams to the finals and won them all. You’re that amazing.”

She said the last word that I don’t consider myself as such.

“Heh. I had just forced myself to do it until I got it figured out and this body of mine getting used to it.”

“Yeah, typical Satsu~. So, have you decided on what you wanted to do for your future? Something that doesn’t make you be like your ‘loser of a father’ who smokes a lot like you told me about?”


I couldn’t answer.

“Still nothing, huh?”

Rinko looked concerned, it’s now the fourth time she says that. I just can’t find anything that suits me even though I had did excellent during our high school days.

“No worries though, there’s still time. There’s nothing in the world where you can’t find anything you can enjoy doing the most. Keep searching, it’s that kind of life everyone is going through.”

Yeah, you’re right. But when and where I’ll find what I am looking for?

I had thought.

“Ah man, my parents want me back home soon.”

She looks annoyed as she took a look on her cell phone.

“We’ll talk later, K’? I’ll study hard, for our future!”

She then gives me a hug. She took her bike from the racks and headed off.

My life with her doesn’t seem sound bad. At least for know better than my parents' relationship, them being more like siblings except when they are in their room.

Decided to go home, I've put on my helmet and rode away on my vehicle from the school, leaving my youth behind.

Riding to a secluded spot where the neon buildings of Tokyo is in view.

Sitting on a bench, I spend some time thinking about my future and my life with Rinko. Both positive and negative thoughts came up in mind.

I eventually ride to home after spending an half-hour from the place.

At home, it is already dark by the time I have arrived.

I parked my vehicle in the garage, closing the garage door, then step into the house's front door.

“I’m here.”

I said out loud for my mother to hear, taking my shoes off after.

“Hello, dear. How was the celebration?”

My mother said to me from the living room area, watching some romance drama on our flatscreen TV. She wore her work clothes which is a gray business suit, an expensive one.

I took out a octopus ball on a stick from a plate, my favorite snack, I ate the whole thing.

I was made aware when I was young that most of my features, such as my face and black straight hair, were inherited from my mother.

“It was ok, was boring most of the time though.”

Yawning as I sat down on the couch, feeling tired from the long ceremony. I have loosen my tie.

“Have you decided on which university you wanted to go to?”

*censored*, she has straight-up asked me that. She really doesn’t want me to take my mind off on college.

“Not yet. Could I decide later? I mean, I had the highest marks on my classes and had done lot of activities, Tokyo University will definitely want me to come attend there.”

I sighed.

 I can’t argue with my mother. She has a degree in beauty fashion in which she gets paid five times our bills by her company as a leading fashionista, our bills averaging around the hundred-thousands figure. Note to mention that that she makes the most money in this family, hard to believe in our culture these days. Also to say that she's very beautiful even in her age (38), I always wondered how my father had manage to marry such a fine lady.

“True. You had did very well in school. Relax for the summer then but keep in mind for entrance exams.”

“I get it, hmph. I had said the same to Rinko.”

I frowned in annoyance. So pushy my mother is.

“Sounds like you two are getting back together. Have you finally learned after your sixth break-up?”

“Tch. Don’t push it.”

She smirked, closing her eyes in amusement.

I crossed my legs as I finished my food, I chewed the toothpick between my teeth.

I don’t like to be reminded of that too. I did had dated many girls in the past (Rinko being my sort-of current girlfriend). I wanted to know what it’s like to be in love. At least the girls I had been with took it easy with my words of encouragement for them, we are still friends and chat sometimes.

“I don’t mind you being with any girl. I know you’re wary of those who wanted to take advantage of you. I hope it’s not troubling you in the future.”

She is stretching her arms up, then lays down.

“Your father is on his way home soon. He had said he was getting something for you for being Sebunhoshi’s star student (pun intended) and your upcoming birthday.”

“Ah. He doesn’t have to buy me anything.”

I said to her, sighing.

It’s not that we’re stingy. My dad has always buy things for me whenever I had earned high scores on my exams (not to brag, I had always do). Games, limited edition anime DVDs/manga, the motorcycle which I had wanted for my last birthday. I wished he should relax himself and should not giving me all I wanted, I do not like to be spoiled. I just couldn’t refuse knowing he is that generous.

I have heard the door open.

“Honey, I’m home. Boy, what a day I had.”

My father is calling out to my mother.

“How was the trip, dear? And our star son is here.”

She stood up, kissed him on the cheek as she approached him.

“I had fun. Nice to see Shibuya, got stuck in traffic for an hour, almost ran over a drunk guy, whew, I need a smoke.”


I clenched my fist.

“Hey Sats. Congrats on graduating.”

He puts his arm around my neck from behind.

“Quit calling me that.”

I death-stared at him. He has pronounced that dreaded nickname in English which I find it annoying enough to wanting to punch him in the face. I can smell the cigarettes from his presence.

“What have you got me this time, father?”

“I’ll tell ya later. How’s your ex by the way? You two are getting back together?”

What the hell, mother? You had shouldn’t text him while he was driving. One poor soul was lost last week when he was playing that one mobile game and driving at the same time.

“I’m thinking about it. She’s being too hasty though. She has to do entrance exams for Tokyo University.”

I had said to him.

“That’s a low blow. You two should hang out this summer vacation. Better bring some protection.”

He grinned childishly.

No, I am and will not going that far with her, it’s like taking advantage of her feelings. He’s being too immature regarding relationships.

I had thought.

“Anything you think about your future at the moment?”

He then asked.

“I don’t have anything in mind. I needed some time to relax.”

“Oh? Guessing you got busy during your last school year. I understand. When I was your age, I kind of lax with school work and hanging with my good buddies.”

He grinned again. My eyes darted away from him.

 Geez, he really knows how to relax.

In my room.

I had lay down on my bed, staring at my window which it was open, feeling the warm breeze of the spring night.

My mind is conflicted. Despite what I had said to my parents about furthering my education, I never truly intended to continue it in a university. I have wanted to take myself to go out as an adult and see what I can partake in and go to places where only adults can be in. But so far, there is nothing that has interested me. Is this is what an adult has to deal with?


A voice had called out to me, saying my name from my bedroom door. It's my father.

I looked at him.

“We need to talk.”

Agh. Has he figured it out?

“What do you want? Let me rest, I had a long time.”

I said to him bluntly, of course I am tired but I'm not ready to discuss about myself not wanting to continue education.

“Tch, don't want to? I should sell off your ride for that attitude.”

He sounds serious. Never once until now that he threatened a punishment for telling him off and he just leaves me alone.

“Okay okay.”

I get up, walked towards him.

“Let's head to the backyard, your mother is sleeping.”

I nodded as I walked behind him to our back yard.

Outside, it is night time. No clouds, the stars are shining. I can tell more of the warm spring breeze.

My dad lit a cigarette with his lighter, lets out a puff of smoke from his mouth.

“Son, do you really have nothing in mind for your future?”

He said in a gruff voice which I felt sort of tense of hearing it.

He had did figured it out. I couldn’t hide it anymore.

“No. I just couldn’t decide.”

I looked down, I feel that he’ll be disappointed.

He took out his cig, blew another puff. Sighing.

“After all that studying and honor *censored* you brought yourself into, I expected you to do what I couldn’t achieve like I had told you since you were in middle school.”

He drops his used cig on the pavement, stomps it hard, he pulled another cig and lit it.

I have never hear him sounded this serious. He was always upbeat and immature around me over the years since I first started thinking. Maybe he had decided to start being serious now that my high school life has ended.

“Don’t get me wrong, I’m not mad, I understand you’re stuck like this. I’m glad to have a family; you and your mother. It keeps me going in life.”

“What do you mean?”

I had asked.

His eyes then shows sadness.

“You remember when I had said that I wanted to be an aspiring manga artist and then gave up on it? Pathetic to say, it's because of my past. Those times I had still remembered, painful memories.”

He had mentioned his former dream of being an manga artist. He had shown me his work since I was young. They were very good, enough for the publishing companies to hire him, yet he had gave up on it because he had said that he couldn't think up of a good story. I had resented him for giving up a dream in which he had worked for since he was young. I didn't want to end up like him.

My father planted his face with his left hand.

“It's tough of being an adult. Having these feelings ever since that day, I just couldn't get over them. I don't want to forget those times and the friends I had really enjoyed being with.”

He then looks at me.

“You had a good high school life, but it's no fun compared to mines to say.”

He smirked. I am quick to be annoyed with him again.

“Me and my friends, both boys and girls, had did lot of fun stuff together; studying, enjoying playing against our rival school teams, playing video games, hosting parties, play pranks on our senior classmen, making each other laugh. Those were the good old days.”

He rubs his hair, smiling but sorrow is clearly seen in his eyes.

“Up to three years in high school, I had enjoyed those days with them until senior year came by, that year was the change of my life, both happy and tragic, I don't want to talk about it though. Still hurts my heart just by thinking about it.”

Him had mentioning three years and senior year in high school made me noticed.

“You weren't actually in Japan on that time?”

I had asked.

“Good that you had noticed. I had wanted to study abroad since I had not like going to high school in Japan during my first year. I had wanted to try out something new so I convinced my parents of moving to America to attend high school there. It was New York City that we had decided on as some of our relatives have lived there I which I had moved in with them.”

He patted me in the shoulder.

“Sorry to had lie about it to you. I was meaning to tell you about it when you were growing up and wanted you to learn more about America but by then, you were already deep into our country's culture. I didn't want you to lose that kind of passion. I wanted you to succeed where I had failed.”

He looked down.

“You can say that myself going to America was a mistake. It was the place where I had first learned what it's like to be in love when my senior year had started. Around my final year, lot of things happened and I had myself break away from the one I loved, not wanting to hurt her more. Those lessons had later helped me with winning your mother’s heart days after I had arrived back in Tokyo.”

He is gripping his lighter.

“I see.”

I had said to him.

“There is much to learn in life, love is the hardest feeling to gain for, be sure to stay on the path you want to choose. The rest of the world has much to offer.”

He reached his hand to me.

“Take it, your early birthday present.”

He has given me his lighter, it feels smooth.

“It’s not too late to change, I had been holding on this regret to now. I’ll quit smoking from now on.”

He let out a breath of relief..

I looked at the lighter, it’s a zippo kind of lighter. I flicked open the lid and closed it.

“It belongs to my closest friend back in America. He had given me it when we were hanging out. We were in different schools, us started out as rivals, competing against each other in everything until we had set aside our differences. He was a really cool guy.”

He smiled.

“Thanks, I’ll keep it with me safe.”

“I’ll support you, no matter how long it takes you to find a dream. Do it for your own joy.”

He hugged me, patting my back.

“Thanks. I’ll do my best, dad.”

I nodded at him.

“Aha, dad, I haven't heard that from you for such a while.”

He had laughed softly.

I smiled a little.

“Am I intruding a touching scene?”

I heard my mother speaking, I see her walking towards us.

“It’s alright, dear.”

He holds her hand. She then pinched his cheek with her other hand.

“You had realize that it's very late out here...get your butt back in bed with me.”

“Owowowow...sorry honey.”

She had scolded him. She really doesn't like it when the two of us stay up late, she can be even scary whenever she needed s...well I won’t mention the obvious.

“We're sorry.”

Me and my father bowed to her in union.

Sometime after.

Back in my room.

Laying down on my bed again, the light from the moon shone down, illuminating my room in a deep blue.

Looking at the lighter that is my present, above me in my hand, the moonlight reflects on the surface.

My thoughts on my future so far; none. Absolutely against having a ‘real job’ such as working in offices and the inevitable stress that haunts adults up to their retirement in which I wanted to avoid, learning some cues from my father who had given up his creative dream and from his inspiring manga artist of a famous story about pirates in which I am an avid reader of.

Now thinking about my father’s life in New York City in his younger years that he had told me about earlier. The city often being mentioned as the city of opportunities, having heard from the people referring to it as such during my very few free days in Shibuya. Also I had learned that it is a rather unsafe city due to various crimes and a unreliable police force and the people there being very unfriendly.

Regardless, I have became curious of what the city is like in person, especially since my father had enjoyed being there until the end of his senior year. Thinking about it from all the information I have learned so far, it was time for my mind to rest, eventually falling into a deep sleep. My hand holding my present resting on my chest.


“Why do you want to know about me? I'm not that interesting.”


I hear a voice speaking in English.

“Don't take this the wrong way, I'm just not interested in making any friends.”

A figure came to view; a young girl my age, having long blonde hair, blue eyes, having a somber look.

“Find a reason to enjoy life? No one has told me that ever. You're...kind.”

She started to smile despite myself not saying anything, as if I'm in place of someone else.

“Maybe it wouldn't hurt to try. I'm not sure about myself but I'll give it a chance. I don't want to feel this way any longer."

She then gets up and walked away from me.

"Thanks for taking your time to get to know me. I hope we will be in the same classes. My name is La…”

Her words are cut short as she had disappeared from view.

My eyes are open.

I'm in my room, it is still nighttime. I looked left then right, my head is feeling a little dizzy.

“Did I had a dream?”

Mumbling to myself, I try to remember what dream I had, my mind came up with nothing. My left hand felt something wet. I looked at the lighter where my hand is, there is indeed some wetness on it.

“Damn it, I hope I didn't drool on it.”

In spite of what I had said, it feels different from drool, yet, more watery.

“Is it...from a teardrop?”

Thinking about that possibility, I believe it's unlikely. It is hard for me to cry, not wanting to again experience that since I was little.

“Strange. Could it be about that dream I just had?”

Whatever it was, I couldn't put more thought on it as I fall back to sleep.


I woke up again, this time it's morning.

I never had that dream again…

To be continued.

Recently I thought about the concept since I first played Xenogears which I enjoyed the story so far and research other media that portrayed similar themes. I started thinking up another story that has said topic.

I am aware that, even today, having a similar religion being portrayed in a negative way will cause much backlash from the believers but I'm taking the risks. I, for one, not against religion nor a believer for reasons such as lack of physical proof or how they are founded in the first place.

Of the topic, I want to tell a conflict setting in galactic civilization thousands of years into the future that has both sides clash over each other for reasons like creating certain things such as artificial life that goes against the other side's beliefs and for the side supporting creation that religion is keeping humanity away from improving further.

Any opinions on the matter you may share with here. I'll post a rough draft of the story at the Develop Your Story in a week or so. ThanK you for the support.

Here again. I didn't like how it progressed. I felt that it's rushed. Wanted to tell what the story's about but I think I'll try to slow it down. I also changed one of the two main characters' age into a year older as I wanted the character to be more free. It'll focus more on adult life. Here is the prologue refined. Hope you enjoy it.

“During my youth before the dawn of adulthood, I once called myself a proud citizen in the country I was born in, that’s nothing more than a memory and regret. In the life I have now that has been the same for two decades, today was something new to forever remember and cherish...”


A blonde woman dressed in a shirt under an open jacket, shorts and Mary Jane shoes, holding a decent-priced purse with the strap around her shoulder, walking among many people in a busy city in a cloudy night.

“Another lousy blind date. Yet another guy who doesn’t take his age seriously. I’m not falling for any fake charms and dirt.”

She sees groups and couples talking, flirting and snapping selfies. She rolled her eyes around in annoyance.

“Well, it beats having to go through an argument with a guy about money and where to go. Love these days is less romantic and more about drama and dumb risks. *sighs* I miss the 90’s, back when it was all about effort. What's with men these days...”

Going in and out of a coffee shop, the woman, cup of coffee in hand, looked at the gray sky, the sun blocked by dense clouds.

She sat down on a bench, moving her cup around as she waits for a bus to come by, seeing cars passing by.

“Another year of teaching coming up next week. Spent the whole summer working part-time as a waitress and sit in home watching recently released movies and go online, nothing else better to do. What a life…”

She sighed as she felt a wet drop on her head. Rain started to cover the streets, the neon lights reflected on the wet streets. She sighed more, decided to make her way back home instead of waiting.

“Huff… Lousy weather report, 10% chance of rain my ass.”

She threw her empty cup into a trash can in frustration.

“Got to see if it’s still raining for tomorrow.”

She looked into her bag, trying to find her cell phone. Lightning striked, she jumped in fear, something came out from her bag; a red ribbon, landing on the wet sidewalk. She crouched to grabbed it. A hand appears, taking it. She looked up, she sees a black-haired man in a suit and tie, holding an umbrella, his eyes looking at her own’s blue in nostalgic sadness.

“Is this yours?”

The man spoke, sounding somewhat younger in a foreign accent. He looked at it closely.

“Yes. I dropped it. Can you give it back to me?”

She said, she felt familiar by his accent.

“Oh. Sorry. I was thinking about something when I saw this.”

He gave it back. He put his umbrella over her.

“You must be cold, where are you going?”

“To my apartment, you don’t have to help me. I'm fine on my own. Good day.”

She felt grateful regardless, she attempt to walk pass him.

“May I accompany you on the way? I don’t want to leave you all wet and cold in the afternoon. I fear about the worse that could happen to you if you are alone..”

He sounds concerned of her well-being.

“Ah. I live here for a long time but alright then. Just don’t get personal with me. Not interested in relationships. Don’t make a move, you hear?”

She said to him bluntly,

“I understand. I’m not like that. Besides, I’m not interested in that sort of relationship..”

They both stood up, they made their way together.

“Don't you have better things to do than helping an random old woman?”

She asked, expressing her low self-esteem.

He looked at her, shook his head.

“I just like to help. You don't look that old, I believe..”

She felt grateful of his kind words.

“Thank you… Well, I don't really like how I look. I always have been hit on lot of times. It's annoying.”

She held her chest tight.

“About what you mentioned before, what is it?”

She asked curiously.

“The Red Thread of Fate. My father told me every detail of it. He believed that he could find someone he can call his ‘destined one’ here in America in his years of youth, though he failed to. What a fool.”

He smirked.

“I care not about that old myth and any of those, I am on a search.”

”I see. What are you searching for?”

She asked, feeling more curious.

The man took out a zippo lighter from his jacket, opens and closed the lid, held it close to his chest.

“A dream that I yet to know of. Graduated from high school at the top pf my class from my homeland, Hokkaido, Japan, with no path ahead of me to walk to in the life of an adult. That is why I am here in this land of opportunities, lost with no path in sight.”

He, revealed to be a boy in his late teens yet he spoke and act like an adult and surprisingly mature. The woman is surprised by the revelation..

“I see. You're a late teenager from Japan. I’m surprised.”

She felt flustered of knowing his young age regarding his resemblance to an adult because of the clothes he wore. Her eyes darted away from him.

“Don’t feel embarrassed. I get that a lot in the first two weeks of being here. It got annoying after the tenth person I met asked the same question. Compared to them, you made it sound funny.”

He smiled, straighten his tie.

“Well, a word of advice from a woman who had been through a lot since high school.”

She said, looking at him.

“What is it?”

He looked at her.

“Don’t expect to find your dream that easily.”

She clenched her fist.

“Life after high school is difficult without a dream. I used to live in a life of easiness, wealth and effortless. I was still young to know what’s really like to be an adult and how my family raised me. The life I have now isn’t exactly what I wanted and expected but I’m going through it. Sick of all that BS as a teenager and I regret of being one of them before. I just don’t fit in with them.”

She looked guilty, sighing as she looked at her reflection on the wet sidewalk. Her thoughts of her race which she is ashamed of.

“You’re not the only one who felt the same. Everyone made their mistakes and so do I. I had disappointed my parents who were expecting me to find what I can enjoy doing in a career which I don’t have since I don’t plan to go to a university despite being an honor roll student. My father didn’t want me to end up having a similar boring adult life.”

He opens and closed the lid of his lighter again.

“I promised him to come back home after a year being here with a dream achieved while I enjoy the last year of youth before being an adult. He gave his lighter for me as a reminder to stay the way I am. I won’t ever do something questionable that’ll be in the way of finding my dream.”

He breathed in and out calmly.

“Anything can happen in life but dreams are to put effort into to make it a reality. That's my reason for being here, to take my chances.”

His motivation impressed her, she felt inspired by his way of life.

“Still, I don’t get why you want to spend time with me rather than cute girls… You’re the type that they will fall for.”

“Don't worry. I'm just here to help you. Well, you're sort of interesting compared to the others here. Most of them told me off whenever I try to get to know them. Didn't want to offend you but they are white too.”

She is surprised to hear about his previous encounters, her hands into fists.

“Tch, screw them. If they don't want to know the good side of others instead of social media BS telling them otherwise, they can just piss off and cry.”

She said in an unusual tone that is expressing anger.

“It's ok. I don't mind it rea…”

She shook her head.

“It's never alright... There are still hateful people here, you have to be tough back. Many people here just hate because they got many BS reasons to. It's sickening. I did that first-hand and never want to be a part of it again.”.

They stopped. She shook her head, her hand on her face.

“I just want to relate to someone. I don’t have the same passion as you and you’re still young. I don’t think I could ever start over.”

“It's never too late to change.”

He muttered under his breath.


She looked at him, wiping her eyes.

“It's alright to change, even if it's a little. To say about myself, I'm not usually like this. I wanted to be prepared for adulthood. I know life of being a grown-up is more stressful and less time to be out there and enjoy life. I had enough fun.”

He looked up at the dark skies, the buildings surrounding it. His eyes showing uncertainty.

“Having to handle many responsibilities and being forced to work at places you really dislike going to. I understand that much from my father who has to spend time mostly away from home to work, he rarely comes home since. The incident that he was in when he was here changed him. He lost inspiration to find what he really enjoyed doing.”

He plants his hand on his face, closing his eyes.

“I wanted to have an adult life that isn’t too stressful and can enjoy doing. There are fewer opportunities to have that kind of life though. Still, I won’t give up searching. How about you try to find something new for once?”

His hand in his pocket, he looked at her, she is smiling.

“Yeah. I’ll try. Thank you.”

Continuing on their way, the ongoing rain pouring over the city and streets.

“Here it is. It’s where I live, around average to so-so but it’s good enough to call home.”

She said as they stopped in front of an apartment. It looked decent as she mentioned.

“Where do you live?”

She asked him, feeling a little worried that he might live far.

“Not far. At a hotel two blocks from Times Square, like the sight of the tall colorful buildings from my room.”

“Whoa, isn’t that expensive? That’s about $550 a night, right? Is your family wealthy? Have you eat healt...”

She stopped as the boy put his palm close to her face.

“Calm down. I have everything taken care of.”

He pulled out his smartphone from his jacket.

“Isn’t that just out last week?”

She pointed out at the newer look compared to her own phone which she has took out from her purse.

“Yeah. I was thinking I should catch up with technology and see what’s new here.”

“Don’t spend too much. The inflation is getting worse here. Hopefully you have enough to go back home after the ye…”

“What did I just say…”

He stared at her with an annoyed look.

“You worry too much. I don’t like to be reminded often.”

She felt an unusual sense of being scolded, her face light red out of being embarrassed which she’s trying to hide it.

“Aha… Sorry. I tend to worry.”

“I see. It’s ok, worry about yourself more. You won’t able to find a change soon with that kind of attitude.”

He pointed at her.

“Thank you. Guess you’ll be going then. I’ll handle things better now. Thanks again.”

She waved happily at him as she heads into the building.

“You know…”


She stopped as she heard him, his back on the wall.
“We should see each other again. You’re pretty interesting and unlike the others I met before in the city.”

He shrugged.

“I’m Satsuya. What is your name?”

The lost but ever-searching Satsuya tightened his tie.

“Ah. It’s a nice name. It’s Reinhart. Kind of old-time huh?”

The self-conflicted but inspired Reinhart brush aside her bangs over her forehead, nervous but giggling.

“May be, but it has new meaning in time.”

He closed his umbrella as the rain has started to stop.

“Ah, well you look at that.”

She is surprised, looking up at the sky, she then looked at her ribbon.

“At this moment, I realize that there is more to life even as an adult. I hope the same for my new friend who I believe will find more than just a simple dream. Perhaps, as a teacher, I’ll help on his search, no matter how difficult it may be..."


While thinking up one of my story arcs of how it will end, I thought about having the arc being affected by many causes that changed the characters, their alignments (good, evil, netural) and the setting that led to many outcomes (peaceful, hopeless, post-apocalyptic) with time traveling involved (similar to Chrono Trigger) that'll led to many endings (good, bad, worst, bittersweet, unknown, true). The arc is the origin story, sets thousands of years ago in a fantasy land. The present timeline won't be affected nor does anything from the present will affect the past (with one exception who is a familiar character for the latter). What are your thoughts on the concept?

Develop Your Story / Thread of Connections: School of Union
« on: July 06, 2016, 06:13:37 AM »
Since years ago, I been devoting my time on my stories. I thought about having my developing stories being influential to many people facing their own hardships. I know I am still considered a beginner but this time I feel really to show the story I really enjoy putting much thought in it.

This story has a different setting and is more about reality with political issues being involved, affecting everyone in positive and negative results, mostly young teenagers who are about to think about their futures. A time in a certain country where people became more divided opposing what the country really meant to represent.


“Within the bustling, colorful, exciting big city of America; New York City, where I was born. Myself as a woman with a passion for teaching the youth to learn and grow with a sense of independence. My name is Reinhart April, age 38 and born proud American.”

“I finished with a master’s degree at a top-notch university in 2005, I have been teaching for the past years in many schools all over the country. New York City is my birthplace and current position. It's been a long time since I last lived here.”

“I have been here for months after finishing a contract at a high school in Washington last year. I'm used to the big city life since in my youth. I seen many exciting events going on in my free time along with friends over the years but that's now in the past as I am now living my dream I had put in years of effort for. The local public school I used to attend as a student, I’m now teaching there. I want to bring hopeful change for those who need it now that I am experienced enough to connect with different people. The school is quite small but decent sized compared to other schools in the city but it is recently modernized with around two-hundred students attending from around the world. Now, I'm standing in a bus station in the warm spring morning, holding my bag with my notes inside for the class I'm teaching as a homeroom teacher. I’m now waiting for the bus at the station to go to work. I'll be thirty minutes early when I get there as I usually do to get some coffee and relax at the lounge. Being a teacher is tiring to admit but I believe one day my efforts will be worth it for the youth I teach. Another day in my years of adulthood passing by.”

Reinhart looking at her smart phone, seeing the daily news and social media commenting on interesting topics happening around the country. The most hit topic is the upcoming announcement from the President of the United States.

Reinhart overheard some people around here, talking about the announcement.

“Two weeks since an accident happened at the White House. I wonder why they keep it hidden from us for so long?”

“I heard rumors on some blogs that an attempted assassination happened there. Really worried about the president.”

“Nah, security is on the rise. Since the last election. We're safer than ever. No more wasting money and time on them *censored* wars and no dumb*censored* terrorist ever came here since.”

“I hope we don't go to a war again or deal with immigration bull*censored*. I rather be spending my hard-earned cash on a new car than getting tax for those kinds of things this country doesn't even caused.”

“Please keep your opinions to yourself. Not all people will want to agree with you.”

Reinhart said in a quiet tone, she looked at the time.

“Ah, the bus is almost here. I can taste the creamy coffee at the school.” She licked her lips.

Just as Reinhart saw the bus coming, sirens rang loud, causing her to turn, seeing two police cruisers tailing a runaway expensive-looking car from the other side of the street.

“Stop right there!” One of the police officers shouted at the suspect with a speaker.

“Come and get me, pig losers! You ain't stopping me from doing whatever the hell I want!” The suspect gave them the finger as he veered around other vehicles, intentionally slammed one in the side, causing it to turn over in the middle of the intersection as he continue his fleeing, blocking the police from chasing him further. One of the cruisers hit the brakes, inches close from crashing into the flipped car. The suspect in turn shout out a loud ‘woo’ as he is lost from their view.

“So long, justice dumb*censored*s!”

“We lost pursuit of suspect in Manhattan, I repeat, pursuit in failure.” One of the officers speak on the radio.

“Damnit damnit damnit!” The other officer behind the wheel slammed it repeatedly in frustration, the air bag popped out, engulfing him.

The people who witnessed the incident complained of the blockage, some teenagers nearby laughing at and taking pictures of the unfortunate officer.

“Even in this generation, things never change.” Reinhart sighed.

“Sorry folks, due to an accident in the intersection, buses will be delayed for an unknown time until the issue is resolved.” The bus driver announced, causing many to voice in frustration.

“Well, darn, it'll take me two hours to walk to work, I should've been up earlier.”

Reinhart hang her head down in shame.

“What to do, the subway is down for renovations, I'll be late and I can't call the facility to give me an excuse, if only I had been awake earlier… this is one of the many worse things that could happen to any teacher, it's life though...”

Sighing more, she noticed a man driving a motorcycle in the street, slowly passing by the traffic.

“Whoa, what happened here? This ain’t good.” He said, his head in a helmet, his face hidden by the windshield.

“Hmm… I don't like asking from strangers but I'll do this once.”

She raised her hand at the man.

“Excuse me, sir! Can you give me a ride with you to the local high school? I’m a teacher there. I'm in a hurry.”

The man turned to her.

“Oh, sure, I'm heading there too. Get on.”

“Oh, thank you kind sir. Are you a teacher there too? Your uniform looks like you are.”

“Hey! No fair bro!”

“Why ya hafta to be deh lucky bastard? A bike and now a babe?”

“You freakin’ kidding me? I paid good *censored* to see the Yankees play the Twins in twenty minutes! Front seats for $75 plus free booze!”

Some of the drivers stuck in the traffic jam yelled at him.

“It's getting ugly here. Let's go.” The man on the motorcycle urged Reinhart, moving his head.

“Ah, excuse me.”

Reinhart gets on.

“I'm not comfortable being on a two-wheeled vehicle. Don't mind me having my arms around you…”

Reinhart said nervously.

“No worries, you'll be safe.” The man said.

“Get a room, posers!”

One of the other mad drivers honked.

“How about you stay there and wait like a good citizen, learn to be an good example to foreigners.” The man politely said to him as he pointed at him before he accelerated.


Reinhart held on tight as he sped around the incident site.

“Hey hey! You're speeding!”

“You said you're in a hurry. What else do you want?” He said.

“Not in a hurry-hurry! Police are around!” Reinhart shouted.

“My bad, not to worry. I'll slow down. I usually like to cruise.” He shrugged.

“Thank you, just don't veer off somewhere shady.” Reinhart sighed.

“Yes ma’m.”

“(I just hope he isn't like that hit-and-run guy).” Reinhart thought as she gulped.

“I just started to live here two weeks ago, it's nice to meet you.” He said.

“Ah, thank you. Let's talk after, I can't handle it while I'm holding on for dear life…” Reinhart gripped tighter.

“(Riding on the streets sure is exciting, I think. I better not miss the bus next time. I had enough thrills for once.)” In her thoughts as she sighed.

At the school grounds.

Students of varying age of 15-18, race, casual clothing and accessories walked into the main building.

Reinhart and the motorist arrived.

“Thank you, sorry to bother you with me on your motorcycle, must be harder for you to maintain balance.” She smiled.

He chained up his motorcycle at the bike racks.

“You're welcome.”

He took off his helmet, he shook his head after.

Reinhart looked with surprisement.

The man, revealed to be a black-haired boy in his late-teens. He look up at the school, showing delight.

“I'm just a wanderer, searching for a goal in life, as I am. I'm Karasenta Satsuya, age eighteen, a transfer senior student from Hokkaido, Japan. A pleasure to meet you.”

He bowed to her.

“I didn't know you're Japanese… and this tall, you're almost at my height.” Reinhart pat her own cheek. “(Oh my, having my arms around him, my chest against his back, and he's a teenager from a far-away land).” In her thoughts.

“My English is pretty good, isn't it? I must have confused you. I think my high school uniform adds to it.”

He straightens his tie.

“(I had thought it was a business suit… what kind of student would wear something professional-looking in this public school)?” Reinhart kept questioning in her thoughts.

“Daijobou (what's wrong)?”

He said in his language, holding his helmet with his left arm, his school bag on the other.

“(I should've taken Japanese classes but I don't want to spend two more years before getting my degree. At least through binge-watching anime, I learn about… half.)” Reinhart feeling puzzled, she shook her head. “Nothing is wrong. You can call me Ms. Reinhart. Welcome to UniCenter High School. Do you know which homeroom class to go?”

“Oh yes, I know which class to go first, homeroom 3246. ” Satsuya nodded. “And don't mind me speaking some of my language, I like to have new friends here to know more where I came from. Honestly, if you watch anime, it doesn't really represent what the schools in are like. So much studying and all-nighters, the teachers there can be a pain there” He frowned.

“That is unfortunate to know, not that I watched it...” Reinhart surprised. “I teach 3246. It's nice to have you there.”

“Ah, what a coincidence, we’re acquainted this early.” Satsuya chuckled.

“Well I have to go to grade on assignments before class starts. How about you spend the hour walking around the school to get more used to the environment? It's small but quiet. Get to know the students well. I'll see you in class.”

“Sure thing. I'll see you around in an hour. Take care, sensei (teacher).” Satsuya nodded, he jogged ahead.

Reinhart waved at him as she made her way.

At the school’s teacher lounge.

“Glup... glup… ah, that's the spot.”

Reinhart drinking creamy coffee as she looked at her homeroom students’ records.

“Karasenta Satsuya, age 18, 5’’11 in height, 125 lb. in weight. Attended Sebunhoshi High School in Hokkaido where he was born. A star student in his first and second year. Reason for transferring, in his own comments, ‘wanting to expand his horizons for a future career that he yet to decide on’.”

Reinhart reading his records.

“At least it's nice to have someone from Japan. It’s been decades since the last time a Japanese student attended here. A memory I don’t want to be reminded of again...”

She looked at the windows, seeing the school’s landscape, the students walking around, she spotted Satsuya sitting on a bench talking to a group of students, laughing and giving each other handshakes and highfives.

Reinhart smiled sorrowfully.

Class is in session.

“Today, class, we have a new student here. He is from Japan. He'll be here in New York City for the whole year so let's welcome him warmly.”

Reinhart introduce Satsuya, him standing in front of the class.

“Konnichiwa, I'm Karasenta Satsuya. Eighteen years old. I just moved here two weeks ago. New York City is exciting and I look forward to explore. I am pleased to be here, I am already a senior starting from my old school so I'll be spending the rest of this school year and the next in September. I hope to get to know all of you here and be a part of this great school.”

He bowed.

“Cool clothes. Are you from a rich family?” One girl asked.

“Ah, no, this is my uniform from my previous high school.” Satsuya grinned.

“Huh, that’s kind of cool.” The girl expressing interest.

“Handsome too, the red tie looks nice on you.” One of the other girls smiled bashfully

“Thanks. Well, I love my former school. I had good times there, I hope for the same here in UniCenter High.”

One of the boys raised his hand.

“What got you to attend here out of the other schools? It’s small and kind of old.”

“Well, my father used to attend here in my age two years before I was born. He told me a lot about the city and the country. I had been planning to come here after finishing my second year at my old school.” Satsuya nodded.

Reinhart looked at him.

“What the… married that early?” The girl surprised.

The rest of the class begin to be talkative. Satsuya looked flustered.

“Well, my mother is two years younger than him, they got married after my dad finished his senior year here and went back to Japan.” Satsuya explained to the class

Reinhart patted her own chest.

“Hey teacher, falling for him already?”

One of the girls teased Reinhart.

“Please don't think that way.” Reinhart said with a firm tone. “Please take your conversation after school.”

“It's ok, I think it's strange too but they told me that love ‘happens’.

Satsuya smiled nervously.

The class continue to ask more about himself.

“(He really express himself a lot in the first day for a foreign student. Not many has the confidence that he has these days. Things were different in my youth. Hopefully he finds someone special. I like to see him smile.)”

After class.


Reinhart called out to him as he looked outside the window, him being the last student left after the others leave for the next class.

“Oh, excuse me, I should get going. I was thinking about something.” He grabbed his bag. “Two months left this school year, right? I'm still trying to get used to the American school schedule here.”

“Yes, the school year ends in the first week of June. So, you mentioned you'll be here in the country for the whole year. Are you sure you want to attend this school? To admit, the school’s academic performance dropped since two decades ago. Many students transferred out to go to bigger schools, one was expelled for various racist remarks to the other students. I don’t want you to regret your decision, you still have time to transfer to another.” Reinhart sounding worried.

“It's alright for me. I chose to be here since I wanted to learn new things of the world, getting to know new people in the most diverse city in the world. My father loved this school and wanted this place to be the best of all diversity schools. He made many friends from around the world in his generation. He told me all about their cultures and their own ways of life. I wanted to experience it in my own way.”

His expression turned uncertain.

“Honestly, I want to find something that gives me ideas to shape my own future. Even after earning high grades and being involved in many clubs and sports, I… still haven't decided on what should I really do after high school such as college and my choice of career. I'm like a wanderer with no clear path as of now. My parents are worried about what should I really do since I grew discontent being in my homeland for all my life.”

Satsuya looked at outside.

“I'm not perfect and don't like to be called that. What really I like is for this school year to be exciting, same with the rest of the students here, while I search for anything that can help form a dream of my own.”

Reinhart pat his shoulder.

“You'll find what you really want to do, I believe in it. Try your best. It's up to you to find out. That's all I can say.”

“Thank you. I have much to learn. I don't doubt myself no matter what happens.”
He reassures her.

“I may be close to be an adult but I want to spend the rest of my youth as a student here to enjoy the many new things here and express my appreciation for the grown-ups before I become one of you. I'll find a goal for my future with your help.”

Satsuya pat his chest with a fist.

“I believe you'll be the best sensei I have because I feel you're dedicated to this school and the students fully. I'll find my own dream during my stay here. I'll contribute my efforts here when the school needs a helping hand. My father enjoyed being here in his high school years. I learn much about American culture from him and the people he befriended. I hope this will help me achieve a future I can be content with.”

“I see. What is your father’s name?”

Reinhart swallowed.

“Guys! We got big trouble!” One of the students yelled from outside the classroom.

Many other students rushed ahead.

“What is going on?” Reinhart questioned.

“Let's see and find out.” Satsuya jogged out of the room ahead with Reinhart following.

At the school’s lounge consisting of sofas and a flat-screen television. A large group of students are standing in front of the TV.

Satsuya and Reinhart entered.

“What's the commotion here?” Reinhart asked the students.

“The new president is starting his speech in Washington. I heard rumors that it’s not going good for us foreigners...” One of the boys said in frustration.

“Who is he?” Satsuya asked.

“Watch the whole thing.” Another said.

The TV shows a news alert.

A blond man in a black business suit with a blue tie steps on a podium, standing in front of a large crowd in the thousands.

“Thank you to all of America. I am honored to be here to give my words to inspire the next generation and beyond. We had been through so many conflicts as there are those who don't agree with our way of life here and many tragedies happening here caused by many hateful people from the outside world. We as Americans desired to bring back the glory that this nation used to have. We all grown tired of the many disappointing efforts made by our previous leaders that decided on poor choices that led to further decline in economy, production, workforce, public safety, military service and our reputation as the leading country in the world. We need to shape up and become promising inspirations for the new generation if we are to not repeat past mistakes. Since the sudden assassination of the current president and vice president last month, you have chosen me for my experience to rid the negative influences that worsen our cultural views and productivity and refine the definition of freedom here to give a clear message to the world as to prevent yet another tragedy happening by foreign hands. As head of a successful family and recently taken position as President of the United States following my predecessor’s assassination, I, Kethen Tace, call to announce the newly 28th Amendment with approval from Congress; those of foreign birth who don’t follow the nation’s culture, religion, language and rules will be officially recognized as ‘second-priority’ and a single violation of that amendment will lead to deportation immediately without a second chance regardless of status. They must abide by American standards and must learn English as their first language to be recognized as ‘first-priority’ and any ‘second-priority’ citizens will have limited rights unless they met the requirements said above. Again, I will not give second chances to violators. This is their only warning from me. An example; if the authorities receive a report of even a simple assault on a born-American by a foreigner, regardless of age and where were they from, they will be permanently banned from ever coming back here. Major evidence such as trusted witnesses and videos taken in 24 hours that shows the opposite happening are acceptable for a fair trial. Otherwise, no excuses, no blind eyes, no mercy. We'll be watching them closely from now on. This is for the good of America. This is a new age for us. Under my oath, America will never again endure loss and suffering!”

The crowd cheered in union.


Back at the lounge.

The students stood in shock.

“What the hell…”

“The rumors were true…”

“I don’t believe it… why?”

“We can’t express even our language anymore?”

“This isn't fair! My family work so hard to live here! Most of my family barely know English!”

“Crooked politician! Those whites think they're still better than us! This is 1960 all over again! My folks been through that crap, why should I have to go through this too?”

“I knew this may happen. They still won't accept our ways of life nor they realize many of their own did as worse as our own who commit such crimes.”

“Calm down, people. Letting your anger out won't change anything. We just have to bear with it. He won't do anything as long we abide by the new standards.”

One of the teachers attempting to tame their anger.

“Some of us can't speak English well and our own traditions are important. You're saying we should just pretend like we are the majority and act like they're big shots?”

The students argue with the staff.

Reinhart pulled Satsuya away from the commotion, leading him to the empty hallways.

“Satsuya, I'm sorry this sort of thing happened. You and the others shouldn't be treated this way. You see, the government gave in to the majority’s demands since the assassination. I seen so many of them voicing their anger and even took their rage out on anyone who are foreigners. Some died of their injuries but not one murderer was caught.” Reinhart sighed. “Even though I'm part of the majority, I feel ashamed of it. I wouldn't able to relate to the students now that they most likely start resenting.”

“That's unfortunate…” Satsuya said in a quiet tone.

“Now with the new amendment set in stone, this will be difficult for this school. I fear many here won't accept it and will start rebelling but will be in trouble for speaking out… I don’t want to accept… this...”

Reinhart slumped on the floor, holding her legs.

“My years of efforts all gone to waste… I wanted to give the foreigners like you to study for their own bright futures.”

Reinhart looked at him.

“My real reason to teach here; I made a promise to a high school friend who was from your homeland to follow my dreams in heart. We became close friends since freshman year and he always been supportive of me whenever I felt down. He was passionate of his culture and tried out many things from anime that made me smile even through the toughest days. My family didn't like him though as they were extremely strict on me not to be in a relationship with anyone who isn't of our race and beliefs. Yet, I fell in love with him for his passion and plan to engage with him before our graduation against my family's wishes out of our happiness. But my father found out, misunderstood my words and beaten him up who accused him of taking advantage of my feelings. He started fighting back but I stop him from causing more trouble to himself. Since that day, we didn't talk again and he never came to our graduation, he already went back to Japan. After my last day in high school, he had wrote me a letter; saying that he is regretful for not being in our graduation and is already going to marry a childhood friend who was two years younger and a popular girl. At the end of it, he want me to promise him to always follow my heart and not be like the sick ‘majority’ that I am ashamed to be a part of…”

She wiped her heavy tears away as she cried aloud.

“I'm sorry you… have to see me like this… but it hurts… I wanted to forget that day… but he made me so happy… I can’t forget it... why do I have to be from a stupid racist family… it's not fair… uwaaaaaah!!!”

Satsuya holds her up on her feet.

“Don't think what happen that still hurts you a long time ago. Think about what you can do now. Right now, despite what they feel, this school needs you. You felt the same pain as them. They'll understand you and will listen. They have dreams to achieve and will not let them go. Help them make them a reality before they are hurt enough with their feelings suppressed to think it's pointless to keep going. Forget what the president said, I love to express my pride of my homeland and heritage for all to see who I'm truly am. The same for my new friends. I'm here to make their next school year the best time of their youth.” He pound his chest with a fist.

“Satsuya…” Reinhart hugged him. “I won't act so weak anymore. I am a teacher. This is the career I always wanted to have, as I promised to my friend.”

“Do your best. We’ll show that president that this school means much more to everyone here than just a school. I guess you are the friend my father keeps mentioning. I know now.”

“Yeah. Now I know that he’s doing alright since he raised you well. No more hiding. I’ll fulfill his promise.”

Both smiled at each other

At the entrance of UniCenter High.

A lone girl is standing in front of the school.

“The place of union, the right place for me. I’ll do my best to help unite everyone here through bonds.” She looked up to the blue cloudless sky.

End of prologue.

Welcome Center / Returned with a new resolve
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Hello. This is the third time I have to say this here. This time I decided on my future to become an inspiring writer since there's nothing else for me that I'm interested in for the rest of my life. If some of you are sick of me, that's fine but this time I'm determinted to follow what makes good writing. I want to have my stories be influential for this generation and so on since most aren't willing to make efforts to decide on what they truly wanted and just live life in unhappiness. This is my future on the line, and if things aren't going well, then my alternitive choice is becoming a soldier and likely walk straight to my own demise. So, please give me a chance to express my writing here. I had been through a lot that made me feel uncertain of myself but now I'm determined to follow my dream and willing to help others who need help.

Develop Your Story / Fate: Destined Survivor
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My second story titled Choice from Fate: Destined Survivor. The details I mentioned before are largely the same. The moral of the story is soldiers battling not only their enemies but their own demons out of killing as well, preventing from being reduced into wild animals. Soldiers rely on their own 'animal instincts' to survive in battle but risking their reasoning and returning to their civilian life at home.

With the world in 2038 under chaos with the virus spreading to soldiers, turning into wild animal-like beasts. It's more difficult to fight against their enemies while preventing themselves from becoming beasts. One certain soldier who possess limitless potential which the outcome will either end the war or outright destroy and kill anyone in his sights is up to him as he balances between his personal emotions over his future losses and relying on instincts during his time in the battlefield.

Origin and beginning.

NanoS Engineer Work System
Model CPS-3540

Copyright  © 2030, 2032, 2036
NanoS Inc.
All rights reserved.

Login: Cyber-Eleph
Password: *********

>pod -dvl -a


Reading “SA.A.O.S.”
Reading “Information”
Reading “Warning”

        SœAu Al-Okalou Specification

Internal A.I. mind workings made up of 7 petabytes. Human sentient capabilities. Brain with 100% functionality. Advanced human growth peak. Peak reasoning between right and wrong. Adaptive to any kind of information.


Name: Al-Okalou “Alpha Wolf”
A.I. Age: 19
Hair and eye color: Blond and blue, later yellow.
Height and weight: 5”11, 160 lbs

“Al-Okalou is the first kind of A.I. with a body of a human and abilities of free will, self-decisions and to feel emotions with an unknown power to form anything from self-belief.

With risks however, this kind of power the A.I. has would be very dangerous; If Al-Okalou were to be overwhelmed with emotions such as personal losses, resorting to an wild animal-like mind and instincts, he'll be an unstoppable force and with warfare he’ll flawlessly learn and adapt to, I fear that even every military power in the world combined will be unable to stop him.

To prevent such a possibility I placed a vast series of tests in the pod where his body will be in while it is developed in its natural state from a newborn into a fully grown man. Approximately eighteen years will be required for him to fully developed and with a rightful mindset capable of learning what's right and wrong before he is ready to enter the world.

Unfortunately I would not be here in this world any longer and I have no one to watch over him as an  acquaintance here has suffered near-death injuries from an accident and would take the mentioned years to fully recover. Please do not disturb the pods until that time comes.

Al-Okalou possess great determination and hopefully a heart of a pacifist who never kills for the wrong reasons and by extension, in his inevitable human nature to kill, I can only hope for a future of promises chosen by him.

April 11th, 2019
Dr. J. Vifluér

General Manga writer discussions / Thoughts on the protagonist
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When thinking up backstories that tell the reasons of the characters to change themselves for the better as they thought and making a change, I decide on not giving Satsuya a backstory as its simply told that he lived eighteen years of tranquility in his hometown, him having no experience of suffering until he made his decision to do something different for the first time in his life.

In the story, the path Satsuya chose to experience new moments into happy memories ironically taught him how to suffer when he faced the consequences of travelling into a crime-ridden foreign city and later being involved in taking down false beliefs that many felt content with who felt their lives are meaningless. In fact, the events of the story wouldn't happened if he didn't came there in the first place and would had continue living in tranquility at his home, ignorant of the suffering others outside and them living a happy lie. Instead of living a easy peaceful life, he chose the hard path which he learned what's really like to feel such dark feelings through witnessing efforts people made being meaningless which led to self-doubt and losing determination and tragedies struck no matter where that led them to think if life is really worth living. But having its benefits, Satsuya's suffering gives him sheer determination to bring meaning to everyone's lives which is up to them to decide how they'll live. As for Satsuya himself, he hasn't thought of a future for his life. His resolution will be told in the story later on.

When I start writing my story, I always thought about continuing it with a different setting and new characters in a more dark and mature storyline. I always intended to have it in a war setting to be different from the high school setting my first story has. The new protagonist and five other characters as soldiers in a unit fighting for low chances of surviving  with the world under a great war that lasted for nearly two decades (into the year 2038) with the population gradually decreasing to the hundred-thousands and many countries in ruins, the remaining nations continue to fight against each other despite ruining the world further into a hellish landscape.


The war originally started in 2019 over natural resources running out and leaders of nations accusing each other over illegal territorial takeover though a peace treaty was quickly made after a solution was found with nations sharing their lands to improve multiculturalism and shifting to full immersion virtual reality development  to solve the resource crisis with the people transfering their consciousness into a virtual world called Frégaia as a second home to nourish their bodies from virtual food and water limitlessly. However, the real bloodshed started when soldiers from many nations had killed their own men and civilians without warning. They have became mindless bloodlusted animals mentally with the known source coming from Frégaia the soldiers nourished from which they were infected by corrupted self aware A.I.s. turned viruses who are tasked to provide the limitless virtual resources to the humans. The infected soldiers can spread the virus to others in the real world even when dead and the armies are facing difficulties tracking and erasing the virus as the infected, dubbed 'Revolters', are resilient to even heavy weaponry as the viruses are able to regenerate their hosts from fatal wounds and heightened their limits to superhuman levels, stemming from their programs to create virtual nourishment which they embedded into their cells to do it biologically. By 2025, a third of the human population were wiped out by the infected Revolters. The remaining governments, despite being aware of the crisis, fought each other out of anger over whoever cause it and placed their blame on each, their soldiers killing their's, infected or not. Most of the people relying on Frégaia for nourishment died of starvation out of fear of being infected and those who still lived are already infected turned to cannibalism, feasting on each other. Frégaia is left operational as the still sane A.I.s are uploaded with protection from becoming viruses to continue providing the millions of humans who are left remaining in the virtual world, unaware of the horrors the real world is under. Half of the world's armies are protected from becoming Revolters with armored nourish-provided suits wirelessly connected to Frégaia which are also used to combat them with varying weaponry, made by a scientist who is credited in creating Frégaia but his identity is unknown to even the leaders of the world. 


The world in 2038 is told by the main characters in their own words as they travel the world together as a unit, protecting mankind and fighting the Revolters while surviving in the hellish battlefield. They cut their ties to their homelands as they backed away from fighting for their governments, disgusted with the politicians placing blame on other countries. The unit have their own war on the world's corrupted leaders to uncover the truth of whoever's behind the crisis.

Characters (One so far)

The only character I thought up so far is the protagonist codenamed 'A-oka Wolf'. He is a part of the unit called 'Séptolie Sans Ciel' (SevenStars Without a Sky). Unlike the five others who break away from their homes, he has no known home as he couldn't remember who he even is but has a strong desire to complete their mission without fail, being the cold and serious type who never let his emotions block him from taking lives of Revolters, thinking of them no different from wild animals ironically. Within his body however lies a dark secret.

General Manga writer discussions / Main Character thoughts
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For years, I been trying to think up my main character as a person who can make a change to people for the better yet them be truly happy for themselves and as a normal person who simply desired a normal life while overcoming inevitable hardships. After many vetoed names and personalities, Karasenta Satsuya is the best I can think up so far. He is inspired by many beloved characters mostly from anime and manga who believed in themselves. He represents not only as the reader's sense of self, also himself as he believe he can achieve anything because he chose to continue choosing what he'll do. I want the readers to see him as not just a favorite character in a book or anime but as a real person as he, like us, want to live to experience life and how he'll change. He, like any person, is a human being who wants to simply live life and willing to fight anyone if he sees what he thinks it's wrong.

Develop Your Story / Choice from Fate.
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Alrighty. After months of every day thinking. I started on the story I been working on.

This is a story about life decisions and choices of a boy from Japan in 2018 who wanted to experience a new lifestyle from the one he lived since birth. The choice he made will be far than what he had expected of living a normal life of new experiences.

Choice from Fate


Another day begins, walking on the normal path in my life as usual.

 Living among my family and kind folks in a quiet town where I can see the great wide hills full of nature in the daytime and see the entire sky full of stars in the night time. Repetitive but enjoyable moments, that is what I do everyday. Living here for all my life with rare moments going trips to the big city life that is Tokyo with my family in my youth as a single child and to other cultural places like Kyoto and Osaka with my friends on school field trips in my middle school days. Now in my third year of high school, I begin the new school year as a eighteen year old high school boy. I am Karasenta Satsuya, choosing a path of a normal life but desiring new experiences.

In the Karasenta residence.

    “Good morning, Mom and Dad.” Satsuya greets his parents with a tiring smile at the kitchen table.

    Satsuya's mother brought a dish of rice and eggs to him as he sat down on his chair.

“Thank you.” He said as he chow down on the food.

“Hungry as always, my growing son.” She teased him. “Already in your final year in Sebunhoshi High School, you grown so much.”

“Aha… quit embarrassing me. I'm not a man yet like Dad.” Satsuya laughed.

“Times these days are different than what I experienced back then with your mother. You are a man of your own regardless.” Satsuya's father nodded as he reads a newspaper.

“Right, I'm making my efforts for future. So much to do in my life.” Satsuya gulps down orange juice from his glass.

“Are you still thinking of what you want to do ahead? You got time, don't rush ahead.” Satsuya's mother asked.

“Hm, not sure.” Satsuya crossed arms. “I don't want to do what others already did. I prefer to do something that I originally wanted. All that studying paid off that earned me top grades. I didn't even think I could reach that far.”

“I'm sure you can achieve anything, my son. You never gave up on trying out something you first did. I'm amazed that you keep trying until you get it right in your own way.” His father smiled.

“And I am glad you never become those who became arrogant from the successes they made. You keep the purity in your heart strong with helping those who need it.” His mother hugged him.

Satsuya nodded.

“Yup. You taught me the importance of being who I am in life. I'm glad that I chose to be this way and I'll remain to be. Nothing will change that, thank you.”

He looks at the clock.

“Gotta go! I want to go see the school as a senior early.”

He gets off the chair, heading to the front door and putting on his shoes.

“I'll see you guys at the ceremony.”

He waves them with a smile as he heads out.


Satsuya walks on the road to school.

“Warm air breezes lightly, the trees and grass blooming great green, the sky blue with clouds looking fluffy, the sun shining bright, quiet ambience of nature. It's a great feeling of Spring. I wonder what it'll be like over there…” Satsuya enjoying the weather.

At Sebunhoshi High School.

Satsuya arrives at the entrance. He straightens his tie.

“Memories here. I'll treasure them deeply.”


Sounds of nature is heard within the school halls from open windows.

Satsuya looked at the bulletin board of the classrooms and the students’ names attending them.

“Good luck, Class 3-C.”

Satsuya passes by classrooms as he looked around.

“Nothing much has changed, heh.” Satsuya in his thoughts. He checked his cell phone. “Clear weather today, that's good. This day will be great.”



A group of boys and girls of Satsuya's age came up to see him.

“Mikagi-chan, Japuri-san, Eharu-san, Remi-chan! Glad to see you guys!”

“I knew you'll be here early. You love being here. I always enjoy eating bento on the roof every school day with you. I hope to make this year special, you and me, together ?.” Mikagi smiled, moving in excitement.”

“…I'll look forward to it.” Satsuya blushed.

“Always Sebunhoshi High #1 Student Champ since year one. I used to be tough on you but you just had to still be nice to me till I give up on that and try out Baseball with you to improve our winless team. I'll never forget that play we made that won us the National last spring.” Japuri grins. “Let's make another unforgettable moment.”

“Alright!” Satsuya gives him a high five.

“I'll make sure to make top of our class this year, Karasenta. You will expect a greater challenge on our testing days. As of this year, I'll do the extra credit to top your 100 points and pull every all-nighter!” Eharu pointed at him as he pushes his glasses up.

“Aw man, Eharu. You just had to remind me of my poor grades. My parents got heated over it.” Japuri face-palmed himself.

Both boys begin to argue.

“I see more of a gentleman in you in that uniform every year, Kara-san. The red tie and black jacket suits you well. I would like it if you wore it after school and in the summer but that's just me.” Remi winked. “Excuse the ape and the brain for interrupting our reminiscing.”

The boys stared at her with annoyance.

“Thanks. I hope things be the same here.” Satsuya closed his eyes.

“Ha, never gets boring here as long you're with us.” Japuri with his hands behind his head.

“We're always together here, the five of us. Remember the vow we made that we will look out for each other back in our first year on that day. I want to give all my best for Satsu-kun.” Mikagi hugged him tightly.

“Let's go see our new classroom then.” Eharu suggested.

They took the time walking around the school.

At Class 3-C.

The five alone looked around.

“Another year here will be our last. Let's make the best out of it, I'll going to miss attending here once the year is over, sadly.” Remi sighed.

“So? We could just fail this year. Another year together, right? I'm good at failing.” Japuri grins.

“I agree! Another year with Satsu-kun!” Mikagi raised her hand up.

Remi elbowed Jupari in the rib hard, he collapsed on the floor in pain.

“Wah… why me....”

“Don't waste your own time just for another enjoyable year. We must focus on our own futures.” Remi in frustration.

“Remi-san is right. We're close to being out to the world and making our marks. To fulfill what we've dreamed and worked for, that is up to us.” Eharu looked at the windows. “This may be our last year together so let's make as much memorable moments as we can, by the thousands.”


Mikagi noticed him having a sorrow expression.

“Oh? It's nothing, it's that feeling. I just hope you guys do your best someday. I'll treasure the moments we created so far.” He looked up.

“The ceremony is going to start soon.” Eharu said as he looked at the clock.

“Let's write something on the chalkboard! Let's make our mark here at good old Sebunhoshi! ?” Mikagi smiled brightly.

“Eh… we shouldn't write lest we'll be in trouble.” Eharu warned.

“Heck yeah! Sebunhoshi for life! The school that brought us together!” Japuri celebrated.

After each of them wrote their names, with Satsuya last going out of the room, him typing on his cell phone, they head to the auditorium.

The writing they made with their names surrounded with seven stars and a message.

“We decide our own futures!!!” 7?Yearof2018

Eha-otaku :P

Satsuya's name is crossed out.

At the school's auditorium.

Hundreds of students of first, second and third years attending along with their teachers.

“We as the school warmly congratulate our graduating students who will go on to the open world and achieve their efforts for their dreams. We wish them a great future. Our seniors this year will have a great time here in Sebunhoshi High School and will work to make their own futures.” The school headmaster announced with pride.

The crowd cheered with positivity.

“Woo! Sebunhoshi!” Japuri cheered loudly.

“Keep it down, will you?” Eharu scolded him. “We shouldn't give the second years a bad impression of us.”

“Lighten up, Eha-chan. We're showing school spirit here.” Mikagi raised her hand up.

“Don't ‘Eha-chan’ me…” Eharu annoyed.

“For once, I agree with Mika-san. I want to feel that sort of spirit. It's time for a change, you know?” Remi suggested.

“With heavy hearts however, there is one senior who won't be attending our school this year.” The headmaster with a quiet voice.

“Huh? Who's the idiot thinking Sebunhoshi High isn't worth hanging at?” Japuri upset. “Am I right, Satsu?

He turn his head to see only an empty seat near him.

“Where is Satsu-chan?” Mikagi worried.

“You don't mean… he…” Eharu realized the situation.

“Karasenta Satsuya will be travelling to America to study abroad for the whole year as of today. We are sorry to say that one of our senior year students won't be among you promising young people this year but it is his decision. Please give him respect for his decision and wish him a fun trip. That is all.” The headmaster stepped out of the podium.

The students awed in the announcement of Satsuya leaving Japan to study in America, some of the students, mostly girls and even the female teachers, weep for his departure.

“Ahaha! Satsu, you always act this way, don't you? Running off from home base without telling us.” Japuri grinned.

“It happen so much countless times and him coming back unhurt we don't even need to worry. He's a careful kind of person. Always a curious person he is.” Remi smiled.

“Always the kind of person who likes to see new things, still a kid he is as I thought. What will he experience there...” Eharu smirked while pushing his glasses.

“I'll miss you… I'll wait for him no matter how long it'll take, have fun, Satsu-kun.” Mikagi with tears running down comically like waterfalls while smiling.

At the International Airport.

“Got most of my luggage in the cargo. I have everything I need with me.” Satsuya telling his parents, sitting down near them.

“Finally, you get to travel to America as you always dreamed of.” His father patted him in the back. “I'm surprised it had to come in your first day of school. The Western school schedule is different than here in Japan as I heard.”

“Of course. I learned a lot about American education from the Internet. The new school year starts in September there. I'll have two months of school until the three-month summer break.” Satsuya chuckled.

“All those years of saving up funds, just enough for you to stay there for a whole year. Don't spend too much on stuff you don't need, alright?” His mother said.

“Yes, Mom, I just want to see what it's like there ever since I was ten. A whole new lifestyle  that I can experience, meeting new people and studying in a new school in the Land of the Free. I'll come back here with a year of memories from there.” Satsuya with a smile.

“All aboard to U.S.A., New York City. Please have your tickets ready at Gate 76.” The announcer talking on the intercom.

“I'm going then.” Satsuya gets up with a luggage bag around his shoulders, he hugs his parents. “See you later, Mom, Dad.” He heads off to the gate.

His parents wave him goodbye until he is no longer in sight.

At the plane.

Satsuya gets his luggage on top inside the port and say in his seat.

“We are taking off soon so please buckle up and enjoy the flight..” The pilot said.

Satsuya looked at his cellphone, he has many messages of his friends, he smiled.

“Sorry for not telling you guys earlier. I would feel bad to say goodbye to you all before I left. You might say I’m bored with the same old lifestyle, I just want to go somewhere new from Japan. Experiencing new places always excited me and I want to continue travelling to see what the world is like. America is the best place to experience many new things so I can understand life better. Don't worry about me. I'll be safe. I'll see all of you next year with a great story to tell.” He sent them a message.

He looks at the window, seeing the sun setting.

“Sayonara, Nippon.” Satsuya smiled sorrowfully. “To the sky of stars, leaving home towards new lands, a choice for myself.”

The plane took off.

Develop Your Story / A Choice from Fate
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Here is the story I been working on for a long time.

It sets in Earth, 2018. The future is bleak for the young generation around the world as society is starting to break apart due to loss of originality as more of the once-hopeful youth  are letting others to decide their future which only led them to an unaccomplished feeling in thier lives, unable to move on which led them to crime, loss of motivation and even suicide. As society crumbles, the economy is at a record low forcing 2/3 of the population to live in worser conditions. Mankind is heading straight to a road of a ruined future which they had let fate decide for them. But in spite of these events there are a few who remain hopeful for a great future. One of them hails from a small quiet town in Hokkaido,  Japan, unaffected by the crisis. This person has a greater destiny that will inspire many to regain what they lost but unknowingly must break away from the chains of fate to ensure his own choices in life or be forever dwelling in the 'darkness' of the past...

Since leaving this site for months till now because of bad blood with someone I don't agree with (I still don't want any business with that person), I keep thinking about the ideas for the stories and doing trial and error to fit it all from the start to the end the way I intended to and I think I'm ready to write again. I have major changes with the main characters and settings, I'll tell a lot about them but not the events of the stories to avoid spoiling.

Develop Your Story / Love of a Fool
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Standing on top of a cliff on a warm soft-windy spring night, a black-haired boy in a school uniform with a tie and sneakers on with his hands in his jacket pockets, him looking at a big city which is a long distance away with his eyes half-closed, the city's colorful vibrant lights piercing the dark night sky.

"Why enjoy life knowing you'll lose what you gain, I wish that I never was born to lose someone who should had lived a joyful life without me..." He spoke in a empty tone.

He look up to the sky, seeing the countless stars, he then spotted an airplane that is heading towards the city, apparently landing there. The boy turned around and walked away to a small town with dim lights.

Next day, morning.

In a hotel room at the city.


A woman in bed clothes rose up from her bed, stretching her arms then rubbing her eyes.

"What a night, that first-class plane ride was relaxing, time to get ready for my work of my dreams~."

Getting off the bed, she walks to the bathroom, getting out fifteen minutes later in a towel. Brushing her long blond hair in front of a mirror with a smile on her face, then dressing in a skirt and a windbreaker with a sleeveless shirt beneath.

"My name is Lena Cheri, a single young woman of twenty five years from America. I'm a journalist hard at work from a magazine publishing company called 'Livin' Life' to learn about teenage life and culture tasked by my employers in attempts to influence them to become better behaved citizens in the future. I had been dreaming to become a journalist since I was a little girl even though I'm from a wealthy family who makes more than a hundred million yearly. I had enjoy my teenage life and I want to learn today's teen culture in Japan to see how it is compared to my teen life back in America, Japan has impressed me with their unique teen social life when I read an article about it back in my old high school days, I wonder how life will take me to here..." She spoke to herself.

The woman named Lena exited the hotel with a purse on her left shoulder, walking on the sidewalk among many unfamilar people around her, the tall buildings surrounding her.

A few minutes later, her amazed by the city's grand appearance, she bumped into someone in front of her for being distracted, a stuffed toy cat popped out from her purse away from her.

"Ahhh, I'm so sorry, sir!"

Apoligizing to the person, she crouched down to find where her toy is.

"You dropped this..."

Lena looked up to see the boy in the school uniform with the empty look who is holding the toy in one hand, being much younger than her, he gave the toy back to her, Lena smiled at him in graditude

"Thank you."

The boy looked at her for a moment.

"Satsuya, I'm Karauta Satsuya... and your welcome."

He then walked pass by her after telling his name.

Lena looked at him from behind.

"Satsuya-kun... he's nice, for a kid." Lena surprised.

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