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break Room / I have been MIA not on purpose
« on: September 05, 2012, 03:24:23 PM »
Hey folks I have posted a bit about this in chit chat topic but seriously I know I have been MIA I have a ton of back reading reviewing and the podcast to get to work on :( I have been recently thrust into a new social circle and involved into a new business with my god parents. It has seriously eaten up the time I used to utilize for my personal projects. While I am finally finding some down time I still have a lot less time due to being brought out to different conferences and the like. Soon I'll even be traveling to different states in order to further business contacts.  What this means is I will keep my promise to review stories and works but it may take a while before I am able to respond. So do not be afraid to pm me if you want me to look something over. I am currently working on reading two stories from MR members that were sent to me either via Skype or PM I promise you will hear my thoughts on your work soon.

As far as the MR cast I really need to try to coordinate something this Sunday it is the only free day I have right now. I really thought id be able to do it sooner but I got roped into this business and I can really use the money (free lance stuff don't pay much right now). So I will be doing all I can to make sure you all know the MR community still means the world to me but I am really on a limited schedule right now and im going to have to try to get a lot of stuff done on Sundays now until things lighten up around here.

General Discussion / Kickstarter
« on: July 25, 2012, 03:10:18 PM »
what is Kickstarter? well before I started my job with End Gamers Magazine I would not have known about this at all. And up till just about an hour ago I thought it was a place for only people developing video games or charity causes.

But kickstarter allows all creative people to utilize its site to gain funding for their projects including comic creators :)

I was thinking I saw the thread by Mangadude looking to seriously put together a project to write a comic which takes a lot of work. 

Many others really want to try to start a project as well but with no incentive (IE payment) it will be rough going.  So I propose to anyone who is seriously looking to start a comic/manga project to think about launching a kickstarter campaign for funding that way you can have capital to use for artists/writers etc. As long as you have a true project in mind and a goal to set it is a viable way to earn money threw donations for said projects.  I am putting this hear as a tip to those seriously wanting to get a comic/manga project off the ground.

Develop Your Story / Rage cage- A collaboration story
« on: July 24, 2012, 12:27:54 PM »
So this is a collaboration that I was talked into working on with my best friend,  we wanted to gauge the interest of people to see if it would be something they would read.

Rage Cage

Basically it starts with two friends who are separated at child hood, the girls parents sell her off to a corporation who allegedly wants "Gifted" children for their Project H program.  The boy is heart broken and tries to petition his parents and anyone who will listen that they have to find his friend. His parents who are pretty good friends with the CEO and are major share holders try to assure him that everything's fine, while the girls parents who were paid off just treat him like none of it matters.

A few years go by and Project H goes under several evolutions but its main objective "Human/Animal Hybrids" has been a success. Our main character who was once a young boy upset with the loss of his friend is hired on to work as a lead researcher in the evolved project. But secretly he is trying to find his long lost friend who he still cared deeply about.

All the while a new blood sporting event has taken the world by storm. Rage Cage, mutants are pit against each other in battles, from lighthearted matches just for comedy purposes, to full on death matches.  A mysterious female Shadow-claw has just taken out an Elephant Man hybrid in a vicious battle for the Crimson Crown a title that is given to the reigning champion of Rage Cage.  The only way to be the champion is to kill off the current. So it will be a race for our protagonist to find out Claw's identity and try to bring down the corporation behind Rage Cage, but with how deep things go it will not be easy for him at all.

We are currently finishing up chapter one of this series and until he gives me permission I cannot post the story here yet I just wanted to gauge interest so I can show him if people would be interested in this story.

Manga Artists Wanted / Looking for a new Avatar
« on: May 31, 2012, 07:02:11 PM »
As much as I love my Daria as a muse icon I was thinking since I am now on Gravatar and other sites to get a avatar of myself done.  Well my Nyxy persona at least.  I tend to liken myself to a dark elf female with glasses and dark curls.

Those are some snapshots of me if you want to use them for reference. Thanks to anyone willing to give this a whirl.

General Discussion / Header art contest
« on: May 28, 2012, 12:32:26 PM »
Hello Manga Raiders we are about to launch a new project called the MR Podcast and right now the sites host page is looking a little blah.  With all the talented artists we have here in our community I was thinking a monthly contest where the header art is changed up to showcase your work.  Winners will be featured in our Spotlight: New artist of the month with a detailed bio of who they are and what projects they are working on.

I know people are busy but  you are interested in doing this feel free to I want to help showcase this wonderful community in the right way.

General Discussion / An MR podcast
« on: April 30, 2012, 03:54:31 PM »
I think to get word out there about this site that maybe some of the senior members or our trusted Admins may want to look into it.  I honestly did not think much of podcasts till I started doing one myself, and was surprised at the encouragement I got from people after doing my show. I think it would benefit MR to have something like this it could have formats that talk about drawing, writing and do interviews with your forum patrons. Just throwing it out there I would tune in for sure if something like this came about.

Develop Your Story / Death is only- Another short story
« on: February 29, 2012, 01:48:38 PM »
Hey all I have been working on the plots of my other stories but this one kinda popped into my head its just a short story kinda twilight zone or outer limits style. I figured id post it here to see what people think. Last year I dealt with the deaths of two people close to me, and it had me thinking about death a lot. I wondered when I wrote this if my family went threw such a state. Its a bit morbid I know but its stuck so much that I wrote this story. Feel free to leave critiques they are appreciated.

Death is only…

“I hear weeping, but I cannot see who or where it is coming from. Is this a dream?”

Anthony frowns he woke up   the same time he did every morning, and got ready for work. But for some

reason he kept hearing it in his mind. It was the sound of crying. But who was crying and why did he

hear it so strong? After a shower and shave he sat down to breakfast. He did not make much so it would

be his normal regiment of sugar free cereal and milk.  He really thought he should switch to skim but it

was easier to enjoy the dry wheat with whole milk.  Getting up he stretches then pulls on his track pants

and a light shirt. A courier’s jacket completed his ensemble. He pulled on his helmet and grabbed his

bike he had to get to work on time if he wanted a primo run.  After work he promised to visit his

parents, he had big news he finally saved enough to start his art studio and he was going to ask Natalie

to marry him finally.  Everything was working out, save the crying he kept hearing.

“Maybe my job running packages finally has me cracking up?”

He muses to himself heading out of the apartment. 

He opts to take the stairs rolling his bike along side of him, neighbors tended to complain when he

brought his ten- speed onto the cramped elevator. Four flights of stairs wouldn’t even wind him; riding

to deliver stuff put him in peak shape. Being broke from saving all his money to open his studio made

him eat less so he was lean due to that as well.  Soon he was outside, the city air was not the

cleanest in the world but it was refreshing, a gentle breeze hit his face.  Soon he would be off to work.

He climbed upon his bike he named Rhonda affectionately and peddled to the downtown office that

handed out work.  As he rode down Central Avenue he frowned as the blockage caught his eye.

“what now this is going to delay me?”

He frowns seeing police and medical crews, it looked like a nasty accident. As he made his way around

surprisingly able to ride on the sidewalk, the people watching the clean-up not baring his way pass the

scene. Anthony shivers as he rides ahead he had spied some of the carnage. Several cars piled up and

the twisted remnants of a bike.

“Damn a fallen brother.”

He thinks as he wonders who the unlucky stiff was, hoping it was not one of his fellow Flagstar runners. 

He had been a courier for Flag star for four years. The pay was only good if you were willing to work

hard  and if you did you got premium or primo as he called them runs for big businesses.  Some of the

clients Flag star dealt with were not all together legal but they paid well as long as you made no

 mistakes of putting your nose where id didn’t belong.  A while back a kid named Gino dropped and

busted a package of cocaine and the firm who hired him had him dealt with. It was a gruesome unsolved

crime, the boy was tied to a fence in crucifixion style his bike broken up and used to skewer his body’s

vital organs. The whole thought made Anthony shiver. It was why he was always careful with packages

and never asked questions. Questions got you killed almost as much as road accidents like the one

behind him.

He heard it again weeping, the sound now truly annoying him

‘who the hell is crying and why?’

he stopped at the Flag star main office and walked up to the front desk. Theresa the receptionist was

not at her place probably on her cell phone somewhere or taking a smoke break.  There was a large

bouquet of carnations for her. Anthony thought they were not really a romantic flower but what did he

know? He checks his box and sees several jobs at least a week’s worth. He grins

“ah this will put me over what I need to get my studio.”

He grabs four orders knowing his limit and heads out. 

Theresa had come back from the bathroom drying her eyes she stares again at the bouquet of

carnations; they were the normal tribute flowers to a fallen courier. She would send them out to the

family though she knew it would do little to comfort them.  Thought they did not lose many couriers

when it did happen it always fell upon her shoulders to send flowers and a severance check to the next

of kin.  This one was a true shocker, almost as bad as the Gino kid a few years back. 

Sighing she gets up and goes to the couriers order box and closes it up he had quite a few clients who

would definitely find him hard to replace.  She calls the family they were still trying to put together the


“Mrs Desalva please.” 

Theresa waits the woman answers then replies with her practice speech to her:

“Yes we have the flowers here and a check, it is not much I know it cannot replace your son but please take it as a tribute to his hard work. We at Flag star feel his loss immensely as well.”

Mrs Desalva thanks the woman then asks is it okay for her son’s girlfriend to pick it up she was closer.
Theresa agrees;

“sure what is her name?”

Mrs Desalva answers

“Natalie Sancono.”

Theresa notes the name and says her goodbyes. She would make sure the flowers and check was

available for the woman but hoped that she came while she was on break she hated discussing the loss

of someone.

Meanwhile Anthony frowned as he got to the first building though he got in with ease he was blatantly

being ignored by the receptionist. The front building of this publishing company was packed today for

some reason but all he wanted to do was get the packages he saw needed to be delivered. Protocol

stated he had to make sure they knew he was taking them and sign for them so Flag star got the credit

for delivery.  So why was this lady blatantly ignoring his talking to her? He finally slams his hand down

on the desk pissed off at her refusal to acknowledge him.

“Hey I am talking to you?!”

He hears crying louder again frowning he turns and sees an old man and glares at him;

“hey are you the one making all that crying noise?”

Everything around him turns a strange shade of grey almost sepia like in color and the old man laughs. 

“No it’s not me your conscious is still very much at work Anthony thought your body and spirit are divided right now. Part of you is in another place you really should go there. Once you do you can move on and stop hearing the crying.

Anthony frowns “what do you mean go there?”

The old man sighs and adjusts his black coat, he had seen this scenario many times it never changed.

“denial is always so strong in those who had plans for their lives.  It is always harder to accept when dreams go unfulfilled, but you must go to where your spirit truly is and say your goodbyes.”

Anthony shakes his head and glares at the man;

"The only place I have to go is to deliver these goods, I don’t have time for this.”

The crying continues and he screams


The old man sighs then shakes his head when the time comes he would eventually take his hand and

allow him to guide him away. Till then he would wait it was not as if he had anything better to do. Death

 only has time as company, and in time this soul would realize what he truly was. The man in the black

coat fades away, Anthony turns and looked around;
“what the hell is going on why is everything a funky color? It must be a dream I am having a night mare.”

Everything around him slowly fades to black.

Anthony wakes again in his bed the alarm going off this time the crying is louder he holds his hands over

his ears the last time he made it as far as the first job, but he knew this time he would make It further.

He walks passed the photos he had recently took of himself and Natalie together. Even though it was

Unorthodox he planned on taking their wedding photos as well. He also planned to see the world snapping

Pictures of everything he could. He would turn his passion into something great, he nearly had the funds.

He would have his studio and marry Natalie, he would not go to the source of the tears, that would

mean the end of everything and he could not bear that. No this time his spirit would achieve everything

he wanted, after all if he was truly dead he would not be able to do this over and over again. Getting up

he goes to his bathroom to prepare for the day, he knew he had at least a week’s worth of jobs waiting

for him.


General Manga writer discussions / Mythologies which is your favorite?
« on: February 19, 2012, 01:46:14 PM »
Hey everyone I know as a writer I love delving into mythology I just find ancient cultures and their ways of worship fascinating.

I know my favorite of all is Egyptian though I am partial to Greek Myths as well.  I like Nordic and Assyrian to and been studying the Japanese Mythology of Ameratsu lately to.  I also love the Ananasi tales from Africa and the rain gods. And the Native American tales of the fox and crow.

It is just fun to see that many games have taken on this to like the God of War series.  I know my family thought it was strange for me to like mythology so much but my grandmother used to use it to her advantage, we would sit and watch Jeopardy and she would have me answer the Mythology questions for her friends got a kick out of it to lol.  And in my stories my characters will have some small ties to mythology 3 little witches has Horus (Egyptian) and Hilde (Nordic)  while Low down Dirty has Eris (Greek) I just find the subject opens up a well of creative ideas.

So what are your favorite mythologies?

General Discussion / Thank you Manga Raiders
« on: February 13, 2012, 03:59:31 PM »
Honestly though I have only been here a few weeks I honestly appreciate this place.  I love to write and create things always had a vivid imagination but no place to go with it.  Here in this forums I feel like I finally found a home for my wild imagination. People here are very helpful you all give great advice and tips and are encouraging instead of tearing each other down. support like this is very rare and I appreciated it.  I wish I had found this place years ago who knows where id be now? But I am happy I am apart of this community, I just wanted to extend a heart felt thanks for allowing me to be apart of Manga Raiders.

Anime Talk / Michiko To Hatchin
« on: January 25, 2012, 01:53:54 PM »
I stumbled on this one shot anime by accident actually:

Its a one shot anime 22 episodes don't want to spoil much but it hooked me from the first episode till the final. Stories of being poor kids raised in abusive situations due to it. Being in love that you give your all to only to find the person is not really worth the effort and just the dynamics of the relationship between the two main characters Michiko and Hana.  There are a few things I wish they would have expanded on but I still liked this series the music is nice and its a take on Brazil or an alternative to Brazil that I found very interesting. Its definitely got its seedy moments but its a good dramedy (comedy+drama). Id recommend it to anyone looking for something different in anime.

Anime Talk / Sailor Moon's 20 year anniversary
« on: January 17, 2012, 03:36:49 PM » The site itself is in Japanese I use a translator for most of it but I cannot believe its 20th year anniversary is here. 

I remember when I first saw Sailor moon the DIC version I lived in New York at the time and would catch it or part of it getting ready to head to school. Many times it was right before I headed out to catch the bus for high school. I thought it was a cute story did not think much of it.

Got older moved to Florida and was introduced to the internet by my ex husband who lives for computers. Decided to do a search for the show and found a place called sailor moon uncensored and another site called Mario knight who gave downloads of the show uncut to show the differences between the uncut subbed versions to the DIC dubs.  I was shocked at the episodes that were left out, edited and washed of cultural references and it became my passion to watch the whole series (by then found out there was 6 seasons).  I managed that thanks to Mario Knight and his FTP client server and was touched by the story. 

Then I found out they had a manga version and it changed everything.  I started buying the books off amazon one by one sometimes going weeks in a cliff hanger waiting to see what would happen to Usagi and her friends. I was shocked at how different the characters were compared to their anime counter parts.  I loved the manga stories so much better but I did still enjoy the cartoon for what it was (to me a loose watered down version of the stories).

In order to support Mrs. Takeuchi I brought all the dvds of the episodes I had once downloaded for free.  I also have all her books several in comic form and all the pocket manga (getting the new 2011 editions slowly now) Sailor V books and dolls every doll save the Pluto one :( cannot find one for a decent price and someone tried to sell me an open one for 75 dollars  >:( so so far i have not gotten her yet but still on the hunt.  I love this series it was the show that truly got me into collecting manga and anime and had me interested in creating my own stories.  Its just amazing that the series is celebrating 20 years I still wish to see the Sera Meiu plays as well I hear they have beautiful singing and the stories delve deeper then even the manga.

Manga Artists Wanted / Valentines day project
« on: January 15, 2012, 07:10:00 PM »
Hey all I know I am new here but I have seen so many talented people. I am currently trying to come up with a unique Valentines day gift for my best friend who I happen to love very much.  We met almost 10 years ago playing online games. Created 2 characters and an RP world for them that has spanned several different games.  I was hoping to get a art piece done with the characters for valentines day.  I know it would not be a free thing and I can afford around 50 dollars (paid via paypal) around the first of February to an interested party. Once I pick someone I would make it known here I dont need anything too fancy basically a picture of them together either romantic or battle like would be nice. After 10 years I thought it would be sweet to use our characters to tell him how much he means to me.

Both hail from the world of Xarenthropia where the war has ended between the Light and Dark elves though factions try hard to re start their strife. Here is a brief description and some pics from games of them:

Maytushe Tempoka: A half elf prince of Northern Xarenthropia he is laid back and refuses to let his title keep him from the things he loves, hunting, battles and a good spar.  He has eluded his parents trying to force him to wed another royal by constantly going off to look for battles.  while a born fighter he does not do it with murderous intent but a love for battling itself. Quick with a joke he tends to either be your best friend or a pest with his attitude.  Since meeting Khaira he has rarely left her side and is one of the few people in all the lands who can calm her when she is in full rage form. He is slow to anger himself but when pressed becomes nearly possessed with raw power. He has a unique ability to heal as well by taking in someones wounds and inflicting them onto himself which with time and rest eventually heal. 

Profession: Fighter/Cleric in most games

This is his half elf character unfortunately the only saved picture I have of him is his human form from dc universe but he uses the same coloring for his half elf male. 

Things to note besides ears needing to be elven he has an unique characteristic of one blue eye (right) one brown eye (left) he duel wields long swords, one with a black blade with red runes along the blade white hilt that looks like braided silk. And a silvery sword with no runes with a black braided hilt. He favors black and grey armor but when in noble wear uses silver and blue for his tunic and leggings. he wears his swords on a double sheathed on his back which is held by a sling that crosses his chest. His hair is cropped short and white, he normally has a slight bang over his right eye when in half elf form and a crimson bandana given to him by Khaira.

That is a picture of us together in DCU he tends to take on the healing roles as long as he can duel wield swords while Khaira will use archery in most games in dcu she uses archery and sorcery.

Khaira Amastacia: Is the eldest daughter of Clan Amastacia a noble house of Southern Xarenthropia.  She is a rare breed of Dark Elf she was born with black locks and is a calculated killer. When I made her in the original game she spent many days in the games equivalent of Jail for her violent streaks.  And many times faced Maytushe down he was the only one brave enough to deal with her violent streak.  After a night of drinking then an hunting challenge where he took down Dire wolves with her they bonded and eventually fell in love.  But its a rocky relationship he is a good man and she craves destruction. Her aura is one of crimson chaos and her armor tends to reflect that. She worships the gods of war and strife and tries hard for love to control her violent side.  She prefers archery keeping a black oak bow with her at all times though also carries a short sword named;

Everto- (Latin to destroy) on her hip in a crimson sheath. Everto has a black and crimson spider like hilt to it and a metal blade that glows with her crimson aura.

Profession in most games: Fighter or Fighter/assassin/thief 

Here are some 3D pics I did with IMVU of Khaira:

Bleach Anime / Colorful Bleach and other Bleach character books
« on: January 14, 2012, 12:06:42 PM »
So as a gift to cheer me up from mooping a lot lately my best friend brought me the Bleach bootleg color bleach book. I love it a lot of the little stories in it are the same endings to the anime (Shingami cup) my only issue is translation errors.  I had seen scans of this book before with translations and for some reason they changed some really funny stuff when converting it to English in this book.

Mayuri's "dyed in red" is one that got me for some reason this book has it as "Covered in Crimson."

But other then a few things like that this book is fun to read it talks about the 13 Court Guards and what they represent, has a lot of lighthearted stories featuring all the Captains and Vice Captains even Ichigo's family has little vignettes.  Id recommend this book to anyone.

I am currently reading the Official souls book as well once I am done with it i'll tell you what I think.

Manga Creations / 3 Little Witches
« on: January 13, 2012, 01:20:05 PM »
I have moved my stories "Three Little Witches" to this section since I plan for it to be an ongoing story.

Graduation Day

In the Land of Zenith nearly all of the population are magic users. Many exceptional wielders attend the School of Craft. Today was a special day the class of 2012 were having their graduation ceremony. It is a little after sun rise inside dorm apartment Nine-A. The sunshine poured threw the blinds casting light on two sleeping figures. There was a sound of light snoring under a pile of clothes on one bed. While another figure lays on her side on a neatly made bed also asleep.

The bedroom door crashes open;

A girl with deep blue hair and glasses calls to the two sleepy heads.

Horus: "Wake up it is time for the graduation ceremony."

She waits a moment then screams threw a megaphone;

Horus: "WAKE UP!"

The first to open her eyes was Hazel, she sat up and stretched;

Hazel: "Good morning Horus, what's wrong?"

Horus face was red with anger as she stared over at the messy bed of the still snoring Hilde.

Horus : "We are going to be late for graduation"

Replies calmly pushing up her glasses, she had already put on her commencement robes.  A slight groan is heard and a figure rises from the pile of clothes and grumbles gently;

Hilde: "Why have you woken me during this ungodly hour?"

Hilde's eyes narrowed angrily she hated being woken up. Horus coldly glares back at her;

Horus: "It is time for graduation or did you plan on sleeping the day away?"

She yawns then gets up knocking the clothes to the floor;

Hilde: "Ugh I was up all night trying to pick an after graduation party outfit."

Horus makes a face at her 'That is not a proper excuse' she thinks angrily.

Hazel was already pulling on her robes for the ceremony and smiles;

Hazel: "now now you two come on we finally did it we are graduating from Craft."

All three girls fantasize about their promising futures;

Hazel envisions running a theme park where she could make snow bunny creatures.

Horus envisions hosting a talk show where she discusses how late people annoy her.

Hilde envisions several male servants bringing her tea and cakes and doing her every whim.

The three chant in unison: "Graduation yes!"

The ceremony bell is rung and all three panic: "Ahh were late!"

At the ceremonies the Grand Magi gives a long drawn out speech. Horus sits mesmerized by his words. Hilde sleeps, while Hazel plays a game on her phone.

Horus looks over at them and frowns;


Hazel looks apologetic, while Hilde yawns and makes a grumble like sound.

Horus: "I can't believe you are ignoring the Grand Magi, he is giving an amazing speech."

Hilde: "That old wind bag keeps droning on, besides your only into it because your hot for him."

Horus: "what was that you cow?!"

Hazel: "Guys you are interrupting him."

The Grand Magi stares at the girls along with the other students. Each girl turning a shade of crimson from embarrassment. After the ceremony the girls returned to their dorm room each of them had an important looking letter waiting for them.

Horus: "Thank goodness that bit of embarrassment is over with."

Hilde: "Finally can leave this dump and loaf around for a little."

Hazel: "Hmm I wonder what I am going to do now?"

Each of the girls open their important letters;

*Loud cries of shock*

Both Horus and Hilde show looks of extreme depression holding letters in their hands.

Horus: "I've been cut off. My mother says it is time for me to fly on my own dime."

Hilde: "I've been cut off. My parents got the last credit card bill."

Both girls cry in commiseration. While Hazel let's out an ecstatic cry of joy.

Hazel: "My auntie Magicka just died!"

Hazel has a huge smile on her face, both females stare at her in shock thinking

'That's not happy news.'

Horus: “Forgive me Hazel but that news is hardly happy.”

Hazel: "Oh I did not mean to seem happy about her dying.  It’s just she left me a large house."

The other two girls looked even more depressed;

Horus: "Good for you." (Hides jealous look)

Hilde: "Congrats." (Doesn't hide jealous look her words cold)

Hazel smiles at them;

Hazel: "Well?"

Both girls stare at her confused

Hilde & Horus in unison: "Well what?"

Hazel: "You both have been such great room mates, move in with me. The house is way big enough for the three of us."

She shows them a picture of Crimson Keep, it was a large castle looking structure.

Horus: "Eh are you sure? I don't want to be a burden." 'I don't really wish to be homeless either' she thinks sullen.

Hilde: "Does this place have servants?" She ignores the annoyed look Horus gives her.

Hazel: "only one way to find out."

Both girls reluctantly agree to temporarily accept Hazel's offer. With that done it was time for them to visit their new home.

To be continued.

Manga Artists Wanted / Three Little Witches
« on: January 12, 2012, 04:43:01 PM »
I am looking for someone interested in drawing this series out. So far its in very early stages I have a basic idea of the characters and the first story will be about the girls moving into their new home at Crimson Keep and their annoying neighbors/rivals The Beetle Brothers. I'm still debating the title but Three Little Witches seems kinda cute so its what I am using so far.

Main Characters

Hazel (elements)- This little witch has power over elements which makes her tough and very dangerous especially when she is sick, you try dodging fireball sneezes *cries.*

White hair, blue eyes, peach skin, strawberry lips and a heart warming personality is the nicest of the trio.

Hilde(Life energy or souls)
- This little witch has power over soul, can make puppets out of people she doesn't like which seems to be everyone at times.

Red hair, Green eyes, brown skin, plum lips. She has an ankh tattoo on her right arm. Her demeanor is a cold/mean one, but she looks out for her fellow witches even though she would never admit to caring about them.

Horus(Flow of time)- This little witch has power over time, she is very impatient and hates to be kept waiting.

Blue hair, hazel eyes, glasses (time logo over left lens). Fair skin, red lips, slight freckles.  Is the practical one, hates tardiness.

Pau Pau (Familiar)- A sometimes cat like creature who prefers to shape shift into objects. Resembles a patchwork stuffed cat doll at times longs to be able to shape change into a beautiful golden dragon.


The land of Zenith- a place of magic both light and dark, many witches and warlocks call this land home and constantly try to one up each other in various contests.

Crimson Keep- a castle left to Hazel by her great auntie Magicka. She allowed her friends Hilde and Horus to come live with her after graduating from the school of Craft, which she sometimes regrets. Its a quirky place full of things like talking paintings, rugs that change patterns, and real water beds. It's one of the bests homes in all of Zenith and many want to take it from the girls.

Beetle Manor- A large stately home kept in the Beetle family for generation. The walls are lined with famous witch hunters from the family. In the dining room a large family portrait of the boys with their deceased mother and father. The basement of the home boasts a lab where Berry conducts strange experiments.


The Beetle Brothers- A group of four Warlocks. They specialize (allegedly) in hunting witches, some are very bumbling.

Byron Beetle (charmer)- The pretty boy he hides a sadistic side to him, loves to romance young witches then siphon their powers to add to his own. Is very dangerous yet very charming.

Description: thick wavy black hair, worn in a pony tail tied by a fancy ribbon, deep blue eyes. Prefers clothes that make him look cool and wealthy.

Bugsy Beetle(creepy)- Has control over icky things as his name suggests, love attacking the girls with his bug creatures. Has a giant caterpillar who has a crush on him.

Description: Spiky green hair, deep yellow eyes, wears a brown robes and yellow pants with scruffy brown boots.

Berry Beetle (cry baby)- Prefers to be called Barry though his brothers always remind him that his name is Berry. Is slightly effeminate and tends to cry when his magic fails.

Description: Long pink hair worn in a braid with a ribbon at the end, soft blue eyes, fair skin (tends to blush a lot). Wears blue robes with light blue pants and soft brown boots.

Baron Beetle (cloaked)- The eldest brother wears a tattered shroud which covers most of his body and lower half of his face. His eyes are an eerie silver color. He keeps the family tradition of witch hunting going though secretly loves Hazel.

Description:Most of Baron remains cloaked in his tattered shroud which is a greyish black color. Rumors is he is more handsome then Byron but for some reason refuses to show himself to anyone. He has strange silvery eyes, which when he wears his hood glow menacingly. Is not really a mean person but holds onto the family's tradition of hunting witches out of honor.

Orchis- A vixen like succubus who is constantly trying to steal the crimson keep from the girls. Why she wants it remains to be seen, all that is known is she tends to employ the Beetle brothers to do her dirty work against the trio and other witches around the land. Keeps a crimson trident hidden on her person that she brings out at will against those who annoy her.

Description:Long red spiky locks, voluptuous body, devil tail. Her eyes are crimson red when angry, a soft purple when calm. She tends to like to wear clothes that show off her body.

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