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Tips and Tutorials / mangadude tutorial stash.
« on: May 16, 2019, 12:32:02 AM »
I just fund this tutorial on youtube it is from a fashion channel but it really applies to what i was looking for and i figure it will be useful to someone else to so here you go.(i'll post more as i find them)
It is a tutorial on drawing a front pose(or back i guess) real fast.

Welcome Center / Not really new but hello.
« on: May 13, 2019, 02:01:45 PM »
I used to post here a couple years ago. Now that I'm trying to become more active online I figured this would be a great place to start.
Anyway I'm probably going to go look at my old cringy art and post now. lol

Welcome Center / hey
« on: May 25, 2014, 09:03:32 PM »
im manga dude (might change my name meh) long time no see i haven't been on the site for a while but im back.
woooooo hooooooo (if anyone still knows me lol) oh well so cant wait to see you around. :sheep: :sheep: :sheep:

Manga Artists Tools / col-erase
« on: April 21, 2013, 06:55:06 PM »
umm i jus bought some col-erase pencils but didnt lookit up to well have any of you guys used em before if so could you tell if they are any gud i would try them out but i ordered them off the interwebs so they are not here yet. plz help lol

Manga Writers wanted / yo guys md here
« on: April 15, 2013, 05:23:18 PM »
so im looking for a partner to work on a manga to get publish ready we will work together as a team you can ask my input on the story and put your input in on the art. and we will work on it until we are both happy if you think you are up to the challenge them pm me once we are started there is no turning back until we are publish
ya gat that bub. ill post new art on my art gallery but there are some old stuff up now if ya want to look.

p.s. it would help if you are as determined to get published as i am.(which is a lot)

my gallery,4627.0.html

MR Pub / scary story time
« on: October 16, 2012, 08:31:37 PM »
post scary stories any of them ones you made up or ones you though was scary they have to be scary it is like the opposite of you raf you rose.  :hmm:

Manga Creations / (cool name here)
« on: October 15, 2012, 01:15:15 AM »
this just poped in to my head and this is the prologue so tell me what you think(i just hope you can read it really) :dontknow: :dontknow:

        In Manga Raider City many people are disappearing slowly but surly. At first it was people that were new to the city and we thought that they were just moving on or something. But eventually people who have made this place their home would just up and vanish without even an letter about what has happened or were they went, when they will be back. They didn't take any thing with them it’s as if they just dissolved away in to nothing. It what ever IT is has even token two moderators. If something is not done soon the utopia while become an empty shell of it’s once glory. That is why I have called this meeting for you to know that what we have feared is true. The air in the room has become very tense. Hasith continues to say, that some one or something in the city is attacking our members. The giant group of people start to whisper among one another, is it Spam ninja doing this, how can it take mods, what if it’s one of use, but their hasn't been Spam ninja in forever. 
        Hasith as if he herd all of the questions answered, we do not think that it is Spam ninja at this time in fact we think that the reason we have had this period of peace is because of what ever is causing this. Further more we have never seen anything of this nature in any of our members fighting style before the fighting grounds were destroyed. We also do not know how it could take two of our mods from use this thing is like nothing we have seen before. You are our last resort to save Manga Raiders City. After that we were told to stay alert and that we will start the search for this thing tomorrow the only thing that could have made the slightest noise when leaving would had been crickets. Because to be frank Avery body was terrified nothing like this has ever happened before most of use probably thought that this couldn't happen and was hoping this was a nightmare. What ever it is doesn't care what it is taken Spam ninja or member. What could do this? The admin can’t even figure out that and we’re supposed to stop this.
How… …

General Discussion / idk
« on: October 09, 2012, 09:57:39 PM »
i think their should be work shops to draw back grounds caus i need help

General Discussion / personal message stuff
« on: October 08, 2012, 09:41:17 PM »
well iv been on to site for awhile but don't usually use pm's that often and was wondering what it is used for like is their a guide line or somethin :confused: :confused: :confused:
(uugg i don't fill that smart at the moment ...)

Manga Creations / Shibo no shiai
« on: October 02, 2012, 10:43:42 PM »
ill be posting the script while i finish it
all i have so far is page 1
Chapter: 1 the head quake

Page: 1
There is a taxi pulling in to the driveway of a real cool looking gothic manor.
   Panel: 1
Dr. freed
Looking out of a window from the manor at the taxi with an wide grin on his face.
: Look hiym there are more subjects.
   Panel: 2
The screen goes to inside of the taxi and there are three people sitting in it
Sitting with a look on his face as if he would rather be doing anything else right now.
: Why do we have to go to spend the month with a psycho doctor.
Looking at vex in shock.
: Dr. freed is not psycho he is a world known doctor that we get the honor of spending our summer with!!!
   Panel: 3
Shows them stepping out of the taxi
   Panel: 4
They are out of the taxi and a butler type person pops out of nowhere
Butler type person
: We have been expecting you may I get your luggage.
   Panel: 5
: No thank you we will carry our stuff.
He is thinking this
: Darn I didn’t want to carry my stuff.

Page: 2
   Panel: 1
The three are right in front of the front door witch will be larger then normal doors
Looking through here bag throwing stuff every where while the other three are looking at here blankly
You had one responsibility
   Panel: 2
Yuri grabs vex by the collar
What does that mean.
   Panel: 3
It turns to the butler looking guy, make the panel look over dramatic
Butler looking guy:
Ma’am I will send for you an new phone
Then dr. freed walks from the front door.
Dr. freed:
You’ve finally made it to my home I am delighted to have people from my old school spend their summer at my home
The pleasure is all ours dr. freed let me introduce use.

Page: 3
   Panel: 1/2/3
Panel:1: my name is Yuri.
Does intro stuff for yuri.
Panel: 2: this is Vex .
Does intro stuff for vex.
Panel: 3: and that is Cho.
Does intro stuff for cho.
Panel: 4
Lets take the party inside children, (cool butler name here) please go check when dinner while be prepared.
   Panel: 5
Dr. freed:
so how did you get into the school it isn’t exactly accepting every body.

   Page: 4
   Panel: 1
Yuri punches vex in the side.
Cho: sigh
   Panel: 2
Dr. freed:
Oh I didn’t mean it like that im sorry.
You better be.   
Panel: 3
They are sitting at a library looking room by this point.
Dr. freed:
Im not use to talking to people I have been working for a while now I think it has been around 10 months since iv been to the entrance of the manor.
Panel: 4
Vex is sitting next to an window.
Talk about shut in,
Yuri looks irritated by that.
Panel: 5
Yuri ignores vex comment
How can you be stuck up in a house for ten months I couldn’t do it.
Dr. freed:
When I’m working on research I lose track of time some times.
It seems to be very time consuming what are you researching.

   Page: 5
Panel: 1
The screen shows dr. freed close up on his upper body area
Dr. freed
: I’m researching the human brain
   Panel: 2
It turns to Yuri Vex and Cho
Yuri: why the brain dr.
Panel: 3
Dr. freed
: I wouldn’t want to trouble you with that long story.
Panel: 4
Vex is still facing the window as before but know he is focused on freed as if he said something that was interesting
   Panel: 5
Freed changes the subject quickly
: So why did you come to my neck of the woods any way
   panel: 6
Both Cho and Yuri stare at vex as if they don’t know why they came there.
Vex gets a evil look on his face
: I wouldn’t want to trouble you with that long story.

   Page: 6
   Panel: 1
The butler guy walks in at that moment
: Sir dinner is prepared
Panel: 2
:(Cool butler name here) will take you to the dining room I’ll be right behind you.
   Panel: ¾
Both freed and vex think at the same time
: What is he hiding!!

   Page: 7
Panel: 1
Freed looks super evil completely opposite from before
: heh heh sigh
Panel: 2
Switch too the main people
: Why are you antagonizing the doctor
: Why does it matter any way Yuri
   Panel: 3
Yuri talking in background
: Oh so your goings to talk know mister anti social shut in
Vex starts thinking to him self
: If dr. freed is behind this why would he let use spend the summer with him then
Maybe I shouldn’t jump to conclusions but he is definitely hiding something …
Panel: 4
Yuri notices vex isn’t paying attention
: You aren’t going to tell use why we came here for summer vacation are you vex
Vex just notice that they were talking to him
: Um what was that…
   Panel: 5
The butler guy turns around
: the door behind me leads to the dinning room I will be in shortly.

   Page: 8
   Panel: 1
They walk in to find that it is a typical dining room you would find in a castle like manor
Of the gothic type
An few minutes go by and there is no sign of the doctor or butler and vex is getting angist
And start to pace around the room ranting about stuff.
   Panel: 2
The butler returns with dr. freed and they are seated
   Panel: 3
The butler brings the food
   Panel: 4
They eat

Page: 9
Panel: 1
The panel is black
:four weeks later
vex is about to walk out the front gate when the butler comes riding up in a golf cart
:sir a box arrived for you this morning
   panel: 3
vex looks shocked by that
   panel: 4
they arrive back to the front door where there is an giant crate about 7ft tall 3ft wide.
   Panel: 5
Vex walks to the crate and nocks on it
:you need to stop traveling like this it is weird
   panel: 6
from the inside of the crate
:just open the box all ready   

General Manga writer discussions / help me sos
« on: August 27, 2012, 08:07:34 PM »
how do you write a one page synopsis for a manga

Members Workshops / note book and ball point
« on: July 16, 2012, 01:57:58 AM »
the video explains plus it never say you cant go on the * internet *

1. art or story's you would normally post you post from the note book
(if we cant read it you can post a translation but only for hand writing) .

2. when it is over post the tree pages you like the best here.

3. this will be a month so wait till you are free to do it.

4. if it is a important project or etc. you can do it still.

''their was something else but i forgot what it was oh well???"
"just remembered this works with writers to but i did not know if i should post this twice.''

p.s. Im going to do the workshop (band wagon)

Collaboration (Art Exchange) / surprisingly iv been thinking
« on: July 14, 2012, 02:01:05 AM »
we should make a manga ... ... no i mean we work together to make a manga. some artist and some writers work
to make a manga. it would be good practice and what not that jizz so on and so forth
(convinced its a brilliant idea. what a coincident so am i!)

i know their are some flaws so comment so i can know what they are exactly.

i really think this could turn in to a good idea dudes and ladies  :hmm:


Chief Editor:  mangaDuDe

Assistant Editor: Coryn

Main Writers:    1. Rojas

                         2. takahashi

Script Writer:    1.

Main Artist: han

name: fleeting

Line Artist:

Ink Artist: Zeal

Tone Artist:

Color Artist: Minorin_Fumiko (minion)

Reserved Personnel: coryn, AldrichCrescent, Zynph, mangadude

Develop Your Story / mr manga
« on: May 30, 2012, 03:01:03 PM »
im making a manga raiders manga and need a charicter profile from everybody no excuses EVERY BODY
 EVER BODY EVERY BODY(it does not have to be completly truthful)

Name: manga dude
Race: white
Sex: male
Age: 17
Height: around 6feet tall
Weight: ...
Eye Color: red
Hair Color/Style: long brown hair that makes me look like a girl
Weapon: exsploding clones
Clothing/Armor: black hodie and pants
Equipment/Items: List any other equipment or items that your character has.
Other Physical Attributes: Furthur discription of how you character looks physically.
Personality: random, clueless must of the time, mad

History: before mangadude found mr he got lost in the dessert, forgot his past, went crazy, his alternet personality toke over manga dude and wounder around the dessert scribling on rocks bob waz here

MR Pub / mr funny stuff
« on: March 11, 2012, 01:42:23 AM »
post funny pics about manga raiders (that you made)

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