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CosPlay / Suuper's Sewing and Crafts (Not quite cosplay yet)
« on: June 06, 2018, 04:58:47 PM »
Well since I do this a whole bunch and the intention is always that I eventually make a cosplay (or at least gain the skills to do so) I will post this. This is what I get up to when not drawing and wasting time.

Mother and child purse set. I love making things cheaply and I have a bunch of free fabric I was given so I will make a bunch of these as gifts.
Need a craft section on this forum!! (let me know if there's a better place to post)

Members Manga / Endlessness
« on: October 30, 2016, 05:51:51 PM »
well, this was actually what overdrive was meant to be, a QUICKLY drawn test manga with a legitimate story.
i got sort of carried away with the quality and wasted quite a bit of time on stuff that didnt improve my skill.

this manga is meant to be really just practicing layout, paneling and stuff, mostly flow of story. there will still be cliches, but no 4th wall stuff.

Please dont critique art quality of any kind, i drew these at mach 4 :P
but feel free to critique layout, characters, speech, panels etc :)

heres the first 4 pages. took 2 hours, but i want to work faster still :P

...updated to 19 pages


Members Manga / Overdrive!
« on: September 11, 2016, 12:03:39 PM »
Well i thought i would post this since this is what i am spending all my time on instead of being here.

basically this is my official "waste" manga, to practice stuff and ideas to see what works and what doesnt, until i am sick of it so i dont blow it on my actual stories. there will be cliches galore as i just muck about basically :P

If you want to critque, please read the spoiler
I am primarily focusing on: (please critique if you want)
-background use (3d and other stuff)
-camera angles
-range of poses
-story flow/panelling/layout

what i am not working on: (so therefore please dont critique, because i'm not focusing on these)
-realistic-ness/accuracy (speed is more the focus)
-proportions (hands/eyes and stuff will be wrong)

otherwise, here is the first pages of Overdrive
READS RIGHT TO LEFT (Japanese style)

Chapter 1 - What can be done, will be done...


let me know what you think, i think my sense of humour is a bit different to most people's so you probably wont find it funny haha :P

Tips and Tutorials / Sketchup Tutorials
« on: July 01, 2016, 04:12:37 PM »
Sketchup can make it easier for artists to include buildings and structures in their mangas and illustrations.
with this in mind i have started making Sketchup tutorials for simple objects to help people make their own models

I therefore plan to keep this post updated with a list of each tutorial I make, for the benefit of the community

First video:
How to make a simple Staircase

If you have any requests for a tutorial, please post here and if i can, i will have a shot :P

Please let me know if i am explaining well enough!

Manga Artists Wanted / 3D Comissions [Unpaid]
« on: June 21, 2016, 09:13:24 AM »
I thought i would offer my 3D modelling services to the forum.

:dance: 3D FOR FREE :dance:
Thats right, free :P

3D models can have a great use for artists in including in their manga as backgrounds, or use as items which are repeatedly drawn, such as a camera, laptop etc. one can trace over an image or use it directly in their drawing.

 8) What i can do:

 :( What i cannot do:
-organic shapes like plants

 >:( What i will not do:
-Things that exist already (im not making a copy of the Eiffel tower or Sydney Opera House)
Because everyone needs to be more creative than that, and someone else has probably already done it :P

Since this is offering free commissions, i will try and take on all and any of your requests, but if i cannot do it for any reason then i will let you know. I should get anything done within 2 weeks, but no promises since it is free :P

You can use anything i make for your own personal use with or without credit, but not commercially unless individually approved (PM me).

Here is my Portfolio:

Simple (Less than 30mins to make):

Complex (more than 30mins to make):

if you can make normal requests here in the topic then other people can benefit from the things i make. i dont mind if you make a big request because i enjoy making it, and the practice does me good at the moment :P

how you can make a request:
-post a message in this topic with what you want!
-add as much information as you can, and let me know what i can change/add if i want to
-you can also post a picture/sketch/photo if you happen to have one for reference
-unless specified otherwise, i will not add textures or colours to the models

When the request is completed, i will post a link in the topic to the sketchup file (so you can get the angle you want for your drawing), and post a nice render of the request as well. In turn i would love to see how you used it in your art!

If you make multiple requests i may move some to a lower priority to be fair to users who have requested one thing, and based on how i feel :P

[Current requests] (in order of priority) (+Predicted time so i can gauge my skill etc)

[Completed Requests]
21/06/2016 - RaziKitsune (Cafe) - 60mins
23/06/2016 - Toxicwaste97 (Large Garage) - 40mins
25/06-2016 - RaziKitsune (Street) - 60mins
26-06-2016 - RaziKitsune (Roof Shot) - 90mins
03-07-2016 - RaziKitsune - Japanese Bedroom - 30mins
10-07-2016 - RaziKitsune - Temple (5 hours haha i had too much fun)

Suggestions And Feedback / double post warning
« on: June 14, 2016, 04:07:23 PM »
as the title says really, some people may double post without realizing they have posted already (somehow), or new users may not realize that they can edit a post to add extra information or change something

just as an old topic gives you the warning that it has been inactive for 500 or so many days, it might be nice to have a "this post will be a double post, please check if you can just edit your old post" or something (even with a link to edit that post directly)

i dont know if anyone agrees or not or is even bothered (:P), and i know we are fairly lax with double posting, but i just thought it might help make the topics a bit tidier when a double post is not needed :P

Tips and Tutorials / GIMP windows arrangement for good workflow
« on: June 12, 2016, 04:25:19 PM »
just thought i would post a picture of my current setup of windows in GIMP. the ability to dock windows next to each other and under and above makes for a nice arrangement.

i am a fairly complete beginner so i may rearrange later or add more but i thought it might help someone or give them an idea. layers might become more important as i use more later on for example

i have put all the windows on the right side, so that when i draw on the left side, i am leaning properly on my graphics tablet instead of perching on the right edge (which is uncomfortable)  like when i try and draw on the right side of the screen.
then the most frequently accessed tools are nearest the drawing area, followed by lesser and lesser frequently accessed windows.

if like me you keep dragging the toolboxes by accident you can lock them in place with the menu option on the little triangle to the right of every tab

does anyone have a similar or different setup?

break Room / That loney feeling
« on: June 12, 2016, 08:23:41 AM »
here i am just posting up on all the missed topics, then i think to myself, its a bit quiet

suddenly i realize


Oh well, some days are like this :P

Members Manga / Bokura no Manga
« on: August 30, 2015, 06:18:24 AM »
Ok I finally managed to write a story. Well i call it a story....
I got a bit fed up with my lack of progress and decided to write anything that i could, just to have something that I have completed, as a bit of achievement. But to do this i had to sort of ignore any problems in the story and art etc, and JUST DO IT. i'm a bit of a perfectionist, and dont like doing anything until i know i can do it, so its a bit unconventional of me, but it was good experience.

Like i said in a previous post, I am pround that i did it, but not proud of it :P
You are welcome to comment and critique, although i have made a lot of progress since some stuff may not apply anymore.
like adding tone-why the hell did I not do that?

I will post making-of pictures in my normal manga topic sometime for those interested.

Anyway here it is, check the bonus spoiler for what it looks like printed:P
Its called chapter 1, but it feels more like halfway through a story, and i dont plan on writing another chapter anyway :P

Reads right to left :P

Front and Back pages (Not much effort put in here lol)

Bokura no Manga (="Our Manga" in English)

Bonus-Final Book!

Welcome Center / Hello Again
« on: August 06, 2015, 03:42:33 PM »
First and foremost, my most sincerest apologies for disappearing so suddenly. there is a vaguely long story to explain it, but that can wait for a while.


I'M BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

it has been ages since I was here, nearly 2 years in fact. But the good news is I am here to stay for good, and I cannot wait to begin contributing to the forum again.

that's all for now, I hope to catch up with everyone soon. I hope people I know are still here, otherwise it will be a little lonely :P

Tips and Tutorials / Gesture Drawing Program - use your own pictures!
« on: September 28, 2013, 02:31:54 PM »
well i was using posemaniacs gesture drawing program
http://www.posemaniacs.com/thirtysecond for those that dont know

and i was like
i have a load of manga/anime pictures on my computer that i want to be able to just press go and go through them in the same way for gesture drawing

and i figured some of you guys must have thought similar


i quickly coded up my own program. its a webpage but since it runs off javascript alone you can run it locally

it works in chrome, havnt tested anything else

would love to know if anyone finds this useful or has any improvements

current bugs/problems:

  • if you select a large number of files it wont work, this is why you can select a group of files multiple times. this bug is not my fault and cannot be fixed, but if the files names are short, you can select more files. i have renamed mine to aa,ab,ac etc and can select about 3000 pictures in one go
  • large files take a while to process, so the pictures added so far may go up slowly. pictures about 500kb (i think) are the comfortable limit but it can handle anything.
  • i also noticed its fairly heavy on memory, but thats dependant on the pictures you use so meh. i am working to fix this but it still works if you dont push it too hard

  • use less than 1000 images
  • since you can select multiple times you can select from different folders
  • dont use filessizes larger than 1mb (especially if thay are all that size)

i randomly uploaded it somewhere

Version 2: http://www.speedyshare.com/tjatD/gestureunlimited.html.zip
Version 2.1: http://www.speedyshare.com/haYbP/gestureunlimited2.1.html.zip
Version 2.2: http://www.speedyshare.com/DME2Q/gestureunlimited2.2.html.zip

EDIT: looks like those links dont work so here is the atest version, V4:

hopefully its self explanatory, for those that have done gesture drawing before it should be

when used in conjunction with this or any other image optimiser, you can load at least 10,000 images (you may have to add them in groups of 1000ish at a time into my program though. as i have the files renamed very short like aa,ab,ac etc, i could add 4000 at a time)
i have included an update for my program that will tell you the maximum dimensions to use with the file optimiser (use "optimise as" to choose the dimensions if you use the optimiser i linked to)

if the download doesnt doesnt work save this latestish version as a html file:
if you dont know how, copy it into notepad, save as "file.html" without quotes and then hopefully you have a weblink you can click on

Code: [Select]
<script type="text/javascript">
var srclist=[];window.onload=function(){imagem=document.getElementById("image_main");winWidth=document.all?document.body.clientWidth:window.innerWidth;winHeight=document.all?document.body.clientHeight:window.innerHeight;imagem.style.cssText="max-width:"+(winWidth-20)+"px;max-height:"+(winHeight-50)+"px;";if(window.File&&window.FileList&&window.FileReader){var filesInput=document.getElementById("files");filesInput.addEventListener("change",function(event){var files=event.target.files;var output=document.getElementById("result");for(var i=0;i<files.length;i++){var file=files[i];if(!file.type.match('image'))continue;var picReader=new FileReader();picReader.addEventListener("load",function(event){var picFile=event.target;var dd=picFile.result;var yes=1;for(s=0;s<srclist.length;s++){if(srclist[s]==dd){yes=0}}if(yes==1){srclist.push(picFile.result);document.getElementById("delete").disabled=false;document.getElementById("start").disabled=false}document.getElementById("sp").innerHTML="Pictures added so far: "+srclist.length});picReader.readAsDataURL(file)}})}else{console.log("Your browser does not support File API")}}function down(){sect-=1;document.getElementById("tr").innerHTML="Seconds Remaining: "+sect;if(sect==0){next()}}function next(){sect=sec;document.getElementById("tr").innerHTML="Seconds Remaining: "+sect;if(document.getElementById("random").checked==true){imagem.src=srclist[Math.floor((Math.random()*srclist.length))]}else{wh++;if(wh>=srclist.length){wh=0}imagem.src=srclist[wh]}}var sect=0;function deleteall(){var r=confirm("Are you sure you want to remove all the images you have collcted so far?");if(r==true){srclist=[];document.getElementById("sp").innerHTML="Pictures added so far: "+srclist.length;document.getElementById("delete").disabled=true;document.getElementById("start").disabled=true}}function skip(){next()}function stop(){document.getElementById("options").style.display="block";document.getElementById("tr").innerHTML="";imagem.style.display="none";clearInterval(dd);imagem.src="";document.getElementById("stop").disabled=true;document.getElementById("skip").disabled=true;document.getElementById("start").disabled=false}wh=0;function start(){if(document.getElementById("ht").checked==true){document.getElementById("tr").style.display="none"}else{document.getElementById("tr").style.display="inline"}sec=document.getElementById("time").value;sect=sec;document.getElementById("tr").innerHTML="Seconds Remaining: "+sect;document.getElementById("options").style.display="none";imagem.style.display="block";document.getElementById("stop").disabled=false;document.getElementById("skip").disabled=false;document.getElementById("start").disabled=true;dd=setInterval("down();",1000);wh=srclist.length;next()}
<button id="start" onClick="start();" disabled="true"">Start</button>
<button id="stop" onClick="stop();" disabled="true">Stop</button>
<button id="skip" onClick="skip();" disabled="true">Skip</button>
<span id="tr"></span>
<div id="options">
Add pictures to list: <input id="files" type="file" multiple/><br/>
<span id="sp">Pictures added so far: 0</span> <button disabled="true" id="delete" onClick="deleteall();">Remove Images</button><br/>
Seconds for each drawing (Up to 5 minutes): <input type="number" id="time"  min="1" max="300" value="30">
<br/><input type="checkbox" id="random" checked="true">Show pictures randomly (instead of in file order)
<br/><input type="checkbox" id="ht" checked="false">Hide the distracting timer
<br/><img src="" id="image_main"/>

yes my code is sloppy but it works :P
i ran it though a compressor so the codes a bit smaller and more complicated than i actually typed it

Develop Your Story / Blackout
« on: December 28, 2012, 11:14:17 AM »
hey this is my first story that i might end up writing at least a chapter or two.
its a bit of experimental style, i dont normally write in first person, but it felt like it needed it. i dont know if i will stay in that style, that whole thing is more of a test since i dont write much, its to get me used to writing :P
i cant really explain too much of the story since i havn't thought of it yet, but it follows a person with amnesia (Hence the name blackout which i might change :P) as he tries to find his past and who he is, and what he has to do :P

heres the first chapter, well its more of a prologue to set a bit of a scene, since the story starts in the next chapter.

it would be great to hear what you guys think (as always), and if any corrections are in order, let me know :P


Chapter 0 - Prologue (this post)
Chapter 1 – Born in a warzone


Chapter 0 – Prologue

The steel door is slammed shut behind me as I am thrown into a small room. I can hear the voices of people through the door,
“It’s fascinating how someone reacts when they know”
“Truly unpredictable” agrees another voice

There is no time to admire the minimal décor.  I can feel my body’s response slowing as the drug spreads through my body. I have less than 20 seconds before I lose consciousness, and on waking up I will have no memories. Such is my punishment.

Throughout the building I am in, the tremors of small explosions resonate through the walls and floors. The voices at my door move away, summoned by an alarm that rings through the corridors.

There is now no-one observing me through the one-way glass. It is my only chance. I must write the first clue, but there is nothing to write with inside this room. I know without having to search, and there is only one solution that is available. I move my hand to my elbow, and overriding the pain that passes through my body, rip skin and flesh from my arm with sheer force.

The shock is nearly enough to render me unconscious but pushing myself beyond my limits I force myself to move forward, but my legs give way and I collapse on the mezzanine floor, landing roughly on my left side as I try and stop myself from falling onto my face. Blood pools around my injured left arm and I through my hazy vision I can just about see as I write a message to no-one other than myself.

When I regain consciousness I will have not only have no memory of this event but I will not even know who I am. As a completely different person, I will face an almost impossible mission. This has been my plan from the beginning, but there were too many variables out of my control. I was careless, and many lives are now in danger.

 I can only hope that I have done the right thing. The world cannot know of such a horrifying truth.

“Good luck, future me” I say to myself, although I already know luck cannot be counted on.

My vision goes black and my thoughts lose their flow as I fall into a falsely peaceful state of unconsciousness.

Tips and Tutorials / Manga Frame Layouts
« on: December 24, 2012, 05:37:22 PM »
hi since quite a few people here have been posting mangas with (uninteresting) layouts, and since this affects me as well, i was just copying down some layouts from some manags i had on hand, to get a feel for the way they are laid out. i filled a couple of pages with layouts of different types, like action or fight pages etc.
if anyone wants to use this for reference or whatever thats fine, i didnt make these up anyway. just a point in the right direction for people who have no clue or havn't got much experience in that area.

the pages have at the bottom the type of page it was. they are mostly right. conversation is basically normal frames where the characters just talk. action speaks for itself (in more ways than one), and mysterious is like leading up to something, like action or something.

hope it helps someone!

General Discussion / Do you guys use an eraser?
« on: December 09, 2012, 05:48:36 PM »
I was looking through some tutorials and one was like "you need an eraser thats essential", and i suddenly realised i havn't been using an eraser for about a year, plus most of my drawings being drawn in pen i couldnt rub them out anyway.

so i wanna ask out there, how much does anyone else use an eraser?
i usually draw really faint so if it doesnt work i just redraw it harder and harder, which is sometimes why it looks a bit messy :P

not to mention its easier i dont have to worry about losing it or carrying it around or it getting dirty which is really annoying when it smudges your work, thats probably one of the reasons i started using it less.

how does everyone else fare?

Manga Artists Battle Ground / Draw with your wrong hand!
« on: December 03, 2012, 07:30:33 AM »
hey guys yet again i've been thinking (i hear you all go "not again").
and it might be interesting to see how you guys draw with your non dominant hand. ie if you're right handed your left etc.
i dont really have making this a competition in mind, whatever goes really.

heres the basic idea, post something you have drawn with your wrong hand!
if you like, you can copy a picture you have already drawn with your correct hand, and post the both to see the difference.

this isnt just a random exercise as it would seem, but as i have noticed several times in the last few months etc, trying to do something wrong handed actually can give you new ideas of techniques or styles, because your "thinking" is different and you have different levels of coordination. in carpentry which i study, i have learnt to use tools more effectively by trying to use them left handed.

it might not work for everyone, but give it a go :P

i will post back with mine as soon as i have drawn it :P

EDIT: here you are, a whole page of left handedness-

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