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I started this when I was about twelve but I kind of modified it. By the way, it's a three part story.

Title: Part 1: The Karasu
Genre: Romance, action, comedy
Plot: There are hideous creatures called Chiagus(Different) that roam the world looking for people that are half crow to kill them and devour their powers. There a specific crow. One that has far more power than any crow in the entire world and right she is in the world. The girl, Yuki, is on the run from Chigaus and she has to hid anywhere safe. Nowhere is safe so all she can do is run but right when her life is about to end, the unexpected happens.

....That's so far what happens but I'm not telling you the rest. That would ruin the surprise.  :-X Anyway, to the characters!!!

The characters

Name: Yuki
Age: 16
Main character.
She is currently running away from her death and when she is about to die, she is saved by her saviour. She is taken to a school people like her and in the school she has to go through perverted half humans and fights. Her blood contains the power of a legendary crow and right now, she is safe. At leasts that's what she thinks. She is a legendary crow that posses different types of powers for example she is able to control fire, ice, water, plants, shadows(?), and one of my favourites, angelic powers. She also has a super transformation but I'm not going tell you what it is. She also has different clothing and different hair colours and styles when she transforms. She is sort of strong and but she can get scared easily. She will do anything to help her friends and loved ones. She is medium and has brown hair.

Name: Kyo
Age: 17
Main character.
He is a guy that visited Yuki in one of her dreams to warn about the coming of the Chigaus. He tells her that he's going to save her but he also tells her that she has to run and wait for him. His a little perverted but he loves Yuki a lot but she just hasn't realised it yet. He's a crow as well but he posses the power of electricity. His hair changes from brown to yellow when he transforms and he is Yuki's childhood friend. He get's jealous like any other guy and he's the principal of the first school. In the monster world, there is no such thing as illegal.  :thumbsup:

Those two are the main main characters but I don't want to explain everyone in the story it will take a long time to. So yeah

Welcome Center / Kind of shy but I love Manga.
« on: April 25, 2011, 06:10:10 AM »
Konnichiwa. I'm not Japanese by the way I'm english. I seriously don't know how to introduce myself but all I'm going to say is that... MANGA SERIOUSLY ROCKS!!... I've been reading manga for years and I just wanted to say hello and please take care of me on this website. I'm a weird person but I get along with people easily in a shy way. I have a wild imagination and I use that to write wild stories. Writing is my passion and I'm hoping to be a great writer when I'm older.  ;D by the way, NARUTO, BLEACH, SOUL EATER AND SKIP BEAT ROCKS!!! Thank you for listening and again, please take care of me. :blush:

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