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Manga Art Gallery / Just a couple demon monsters (demon rabbit lool)
« on: April 24, 2011, 10:25:36 AM »
ok heres the first demon i named Maldito garoto

And its older brother aka destined rival 

Rules & Newbie Guides / How do you upload an avatar
« on: April 21, 2011, 06:54:17 PM »

Yo i was recently a writer but i decided to cool that off for a while and practice my drawing side so anyone needing a artist im here

oh by the way im mostly into adventure action and shounen kind of mangas but im up for anything anyways

Develop Your Story / Is this alright for a new Manga idea ?
« on: April 16, 2011, 07:22:34 PM »
So basicly I was chillin and then i thought of a rough idea.

The story is introduced by several scenes.

At the scene of a kidnap Two criminals drag the innocent 15 year old girl and dash her in the back of the boot tied up in duck tape, 2AM midnight. At these times Ace (MAIN CHACRACTER) was busy chasing gangsters who tried to rob a local store. No he wasnt a police or a cop neither a detective. But he always thought himself as being a hero because he grew up watching cop films and super hero movies and became inspired. Ace was only a mere young 15 year old but had potentiall skills but he never showed it becuase he doesnt know his own strengths yet.

Meanwhile a boy named Change was camping outside a game store to get the new edition of the famous massive multiplayer online game called Core soul online. Sleep was a waste of time for him so he kept banging out his portable hand held console that he charged the day before all day. He enjoyed video games but then while he was having so much fun a mean thug from the local gang called ''Money motivation''  snatched it out his hand. And said '' Blood Gimme that before i stab you'' then as he snatched it out his hand. The unarmed hero Ace arrived with no talents or skills whatsoever except for running and bluffing.

The gangster boy thought ace he was an undercover cop so he didnt want to stop at any risk he put the game in his pocket and started speeding off in the dark. Ace promised Change he would get his game back for him, so Ace followed after Remi, untill he turned a corner and there was no one but them two in a alley way. Remi started to doubt Ace as an officail and picked up a pole, ''Hey pig wheres youre gun use it if youre bad''.

 Ace didnt have a gun neither a tazer or a club. He had no weapon and he was about to be found out. Everyone thought he was a undercover neighbour hood cop, ''Hey pig, why you stalling arrest me then''. Ace was confused and didnt know what to do. Ace was liturally screwed he had no way out of it and he didnt know what to do. Remii so the fear in his eyes and crept closer to him, in the suspension Ace was shivering in fear, all those times of pretending to be a cop and look whats happened to him now.

 Remii aproaches him taking a knife out of his underwear and holding it to Ace's face. He whispers in his ear '' This is what you get for stuntin on the real G's''. Then he holds the knife up.'' with this short blade. I will end youre life, the roads are cold kid and your paying the price.'' he thrust the knife in his stomach and blood drips. Ace his eyes widen and his face becomes pale, he then galls to the ground. With his eyes closed and blood dripping out everywhere.

As the young boy falls to his dreadful death he feels an aproach. And a white light is shone towards him coming from the end of the alleyway. Was he in heaven? there was a voice of a little girl singing, then the voice became clearer and as it does time started to freeze she came closer and closer to him and finally she came to him. And held his hand, then the light shone everywhere. And everything was going back the blood went back into his stomach his clothes sewed up and time went back to the time when he chased remi into the alleyway.

Lets retry things, as remii ran into the alleyway so did ace, but this time ace jumped on one of the ladders that went ontop of the roof. Ace stood there waiting without a plan he knew what he was going to do already. Remii sought this out '' Is this what you plan on doing? cuase it's not going to work if you think im that stupid.'' Remii implied. And ace was left there to stare at him without a reply,Remi acknowledged the 10 second silence he took the knife out of his ankle strap. Then walked closely to him, closer , closer , closer Ace walked back a bit , then a bit, and a bit. But he only cornered himself into the edge. This was his second chance to live. Theres a small chance he will get another one his life has summed up to the last chapter and the curtains are closing.

Remii takes out the knife and pulls it to ace,'' You see this is what you get for messin wit the real G's the streets aint a place to mess around wit especiially at this time of the day, Youre not even a cop! Dis punk wasted ma time in my hood, nah you know who i am il waste you biatch. Anything to say?''. He didnt reply ace was to shocked I mean what was ace thinking pretending to be a hero and chasing bad guys around with nothing but a toy bb gun he bought of some weird salesman.

The atmostphere was tense and the air got thick, heart rates where increasing in only a short minute of silence. Remii gripped the Handle of the short kitchen blade tightley and grabbed ace's chest with the other hand. Thien he pushed his hand forward to slice through his skin. But in midway he stopped, his eyes widened, and Ace opened his eyes and looked at remii suprised. Then he released his gripp on the blade, and looks down only to see another blade going right through his back into his stomach. It was just stock there, no one senced a third apearence. It was a mystery, Remi's eyes dulled and his pupil vanished. His eyes rolled up, his eyelids closed and he lost his breath as he crumbled to the floor. The man who runned the streets, finnaly fell to his death. After all those he killed but who was it? Ace widened his eyes and a lightning bolt went right through his body as he was shocked to see who it was. Out of all people how could it be, this person....

So who do you think it is???

IF youre stuck on creating anime weapons and powers the technique i use is

1 for making a weapon i would usually look around at objects then mold them into a diffrent kind of weapon in my own mind and then jot them down on paper and make more ideas, its best to discuss the ideas with someone.

2 creating powers like is easier with a good imagination sometimes people look at other stories and powers and then make them diffrent and turn them into there own kind of power not saying copying but just changing it in a way.

Have in mind creating a weapon or power sometimes decides on the charecter for example say the charecter is a energetic loud playful kind of charecter the best kind of weapons to equip : sword, claws , gun and powers wud be fire, thunder manipulation, dragon summoner (pet user), shadow control.

Windblade re-mastered

Taikay Hazuma is a 14 year old boy who was born into the Hazuma clan. The Hazuma clan known for its greatness but before we talk about Taikay lets talk about his clan’s history and why it’s known for greatness.

300 years before Taikay was born, his ancestor Raiochi once known as King of the wind. He was the master of the two legendary swords that once changed the world. One was named Windblade and one was named braveblade. He was the fought hard and did an incredible amount of training to pull it off. But in the end he managed to become the number one top strongest in his country. The man placed 1 out of 100 million in ranking in the country of Yaibai-riku.

Everyone wanted that sword People even tried hunting him down the national forces hated on him and watched over him carefully for one little slip he made they would kill him. Raiochi had several groups targeting him. Raiochi participated in the National Grand Weaponry Brawl Tournament. But little did he know it led to the end of his life. The tournament resolved to Raiochi and his number one enemy midnight ending in a draw. But the battle was intense and it broke up and eradicated 1/3 of the country into dust. This was the chance for the national forces and they locked up the both of them without a court case.

Raiochi was arrested by the Special Forces Commandment group. But surprisingly Midnight got away, the authorities created a new law stating that the use of Roki was illegal and anyone who did would be executed like Raiochi. But who really cared like anyone listens to the police, so people still used there powers and weapons to battle for there own gains and the world was in joy and peace.

 The Special Forces tried there hardest to stop them but it didn’t work until the government decided to use Raiochi as an example. Yes they where to execute him, the second he died it changed the world greatly. As the blade pierced through his heart and he fell to his death. The legend Raiochi was killed, to be able to summon, fight or to pull of any kind of cheap or useful move.
We needed Roki; Roki is the power source that is concealed within our hearts. That powers up our moves and weapons or creatures but now it wasnt able to activate so all mythical creatures, Special weapons, element powers and such where casted away and sealed into everyone’s hearts unable to activate it again.

Everything just turned normal but normal wasn’t the word to describe this. It was far from normal for us. In fact not being able to use Roki meant the whole world went into living a life they called it the boredom age. 300 years after this event. The birth of Taikay Hazuma descendant of Raiochi Hazuma caused the unsealing of the Roki in our hearts. But there was one problem; no one knew of this, the new generation thought roki was a myth.

And Roki was lost in time. Taikay was raised in one of the strongest and secret clan’s in the whole world this clans secrets where the trigger to the remembrance of Roki. At the age of nine Taikay was missing and was rumoured to have eaten by a giant jelly monster. But he entered and got locked into a building only he could see. The invisible shed like building had thousands of scrolls that Taikay started to read. It taught him many important lessons but that was the boring parts so he didn’t bother pay any interest.

It was like an alternative for school since most kids didn’t go school because it was too expensive. And the stories that he read in the scrolls was about Raiochi and how he became what he was. At the age of 14 he finished reading all the scrolls including the boring ones (at last, it took the retard 5 years to read a couple scrolls wtf).
Then as soon as he rolled up his last scroll the Humongous pad lock hanging from the black door clicked dropped of. At that moment he was ready for action, to embark on an exciting journey. He could only dream of in the vault had many achievements. But let’s go one at a time our first goal was to retrieve wind blade!! Somehow... and then Taikay will surpass Raiochi at the age of 14! But it took Raiochi 23 years to become how he has become.

Raiochi inspired Taikay in so many ways now it was the grand chance. Screaming in excitement (What would you expect the poor boy was locked up in that freaking vault for like 5 years) he planned to make a team. To gather up strong people his age And all of the will set out to enter in the world ranking to find brave blade and for there team to be in the top 10 ranking out of 100 billion ranks in the vast world. Taikay is such an energetic character with black hair and blue eyes but everywhere you go. You would always have a trail of haters and enemies.

Taikay starts his journey in a small forest near his clan’s village. With surprisingly weak blades he learned how to summon one he named twist and one he named wave. There not the best blades out there but that doesn’t stop him from carrying on his grand adventure nothing will stop him from carrying on his dreams!! ''YOSH! I WILL DO MY BEST!'' is his favourite quote to say and he cant live on without it!

 But one day Taikay was attacked by two suspicious characters’ the national forces saw Taikay use his weapon and surrounded him with 300 men aiming rifles at his forehead ready to kill at any movement. This was the first time in record a weapon was summoned for 300 years! A crowd of people recognised this and protested for Taikay’s release in the village.

The authorities had no choice but to release him. Freedom at last the national forces decided to legalize the use of weapons and powers. This was a revolutionary a new age to the world. They called it the Re-mastered age, so I decided to call this Manga Wind Blade Re-mastered! Don’t miss out on Taikay's adventures to become rank 1 out of a million this might take him a while!

Manga Art Gallery / My drawings for my Manga WiND BlaDe
« on: April 09, 2011, 03:38:01 PM »
ok first lets go with the charecters this is the main character Taikay

This is Ghost the second main charecter

And this is a drawing off Reon the third main charecter

And this is one of the bad guys and his pets i dont think i developed his charecter much becuase he resembles reon

Develop Your Story / WIND BLADE
« on: April 07, 2011, 07:18:01 PM »
YO MANGA RAIDERS, im going to tell YOU! about MY! STORY KAPEESH?????
ok so first of all The story is called WIND BLADE
300 years before the birth of the protaganist Taikay. Raiochi was the master and creator of the  windblade.
Wind blade is  one of the strongest weaponry known to man out of a ranking of a million it is number 5. which means he weilds the Fitfh strongest weapon. Raiochi didnt just weild windblade he weilded Brave blade also which was number one.

Brave blade was first summoned at the hidden valley beneeth the mountains there were Raiochi trained to become a blade master for years to wait for that one day when Rotu will arrive. That man named Rotu, a cursed man born of the very pits of darkness in the kaos caves (in this stoty Chaos is spelt kaos). Rotu came and he arrived at the national weaponry battle tournement. At the finals the two destined rivals battled itwithout a meaning but there was a raging desire and burn in there hearts to kill eachother this meant that Raicho was falling into darkness to do anything to kill him his strength has weakened this has led them both ended up destrying eachover along with one third of the world. After that battle the national forces (sort of like police) banned the use of weaponry for eternity .

Coincidently when Raiochi died no one was able to summon there weapon to dual or use there powers. The people of Earth adapted to how it was and lived normal lives. That is untill 300 years later when the birth of Taikay hazuma has arrived. Taikay was known to be Raiochi's descendent but no one beleived who he was they thought Raiochi was a myth. Only the hazuma clan knew about it but concealed it. But one day the adventourous taikay roamed the river only being 9 years old he enjoyed paying the river a visit for a swim , but this time he discovers something un usual and strange he found a rare and precious box.

As soon as the boy touched it , the box opened and which lay in it was simply a silver rusty key. Taikay didnt care about it really and simply headed home. But for the first time in his life he was lost. He was sure he knew the way back it was just a few minutes away but how could he have became lost in the forest he knew like the back of his hand. From here only time will tell Taikay being scared and lonely he wonders the silent forest untill he finds a shed like building with a huge pad lock. The silver lock Taikay found seemed to small to fit.

Out of the ordinary the rusty silver lock immediantly started flashing lights it levitated and opened the lock by it self. Unaware of danger he creeps into the building. Then slam the door shuts and Taikay screams with fear he opened his eyes and a light shone revealing thousands of scrolls it looked like it would take a whole lifetime to read. He stares as he slowly walks to the top shelf in front of him there is a scroll that looks like its in a ancient language but somehow taikay recognises it and can read it. The scripture states : For one to master hazuma style swords man ship one most first be like the wind. Taikay kept reading and he got interested in reading it.

He carried on and then he picked up very important  lessons. But it was soon going to be midnight and Taikay was lost and starving how was he going to get food he almost starved to death in the building then he heared a voice a threatening voice in his head at first but then it guided him where to get food and how to survive in this building. Taikay wanted to stay in here and he trained under the voice and the scrolls for years untill the age of 14 he was first tuaght to summon his own weapon using one of the storm gems. It was a hard task but he managed to summon his own weapon out of his imaginiation one sword called twist and one sword called wave. Thats the first part i guess the story has alot more to develop but it gets better and better the more it progresses through the storyline

Welcome Center / Yoo!
« on: April 02, 2011, 09:34:15 AM »
Yo my names Aaron most people call me sledge
am a male 13 years old
i live in london
and im a manga/anime fan but im also developing my own manga story idea
interest: Cuasing trouble at school, fighting , watching anime , reading manga , talking trash
Hanging out with a big group of people , talking to girls , running
found dis website by google
this is probably my first time using a forum but im planning on posting my story here

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