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Develop Your Story / stories im working on, what do you think?
« on: December 28, 2010, 02:31:52 AM »
these are stories i'm currently working on, the top three are the ones i'm focusing on the most. i'd like to know what ppl think.

haunting ex-
A young married man is faced with his mother’s recent death when he receives a strange letter. This odd letter is the same as one he gave to an ex girlfriend who died a year before in a freak accident. But if she were dead, why can he see her in his bedroom? Now on top of coming to terms with his mother’s death and troubles with his marriage, he must deal with a haunting ex.

orchella hidden flower-
yuka cant want to start high school. after being bullied all through middle school she cant wait to make some friends at orchella all girls high school and join their new otaku club. but things dont turn out picture perfect as on her arrival she realises the school has become co-ed starting this year. now her beloved otaku club is all boys and to top it off she is placed in dorm C which is also full of boys! can she still make friends or will she go through high school an outcast?

my lord, my death-
children who have died are seen as lives never given a chance to live. normally if a soul refuses to take the hand of the grim reaper they are left in limbo, however the reaper takes pitty on these children with unlived lives and so gives them another option. become a reaper and serve him. 14 year old rei is now dead and has taken the reapers offer to become a reaper too. but will he become lost in this new found power? for if he falls off the path he has chosen, the punishment is worse than death.

"Be mine"-
 a reserved school girl is saved by a complete stranger form being hit by a car. However her savior is far from heroic and tricks her into working for his uncle to pay for his ‘injuries’. This drastic change sets her perfectly scheduled life into chaos.

loner crow and its murder-
Abbey’s house has never been a stable one, with an abusive alcoholic mother whose male “friends” constantly come in and out of Abbey’s life, stability is something she knows little about. Along with her two sisters, Abbey just tries to get through each day. After her mother goes on a “vacation” to Queensland, Abbey hopes this will be the last she sees of her. But with mother no longer around long forgotten secrets begin to reappear along with a 12 year old boy who strangely resembles Abbey’s former stepfather. Will her mother’s indiscretions ever end or is there another reason for mother’s hasty departure.

Welcome Center / hey guys
« on: December 28, 2010, 01:09:20 AM »
hey guys my names alysse and im from australia.
i found this place through google.
i'm a big anime fan and love reading manga. my current favourite manga is reverse harem's like OHSHC.
my favourite anime is a toss up between elfen lied, darker than black, death note and OHSHC.
im a good writer and hope to be a manga author. i like drawing too but im not verry good at it :P
i'd really like to find a manga artist to work with on making my own manga.
and there u go, thats me :)

Manga Artists Wanted / looking for manga artist in australia
« on: December 25, 2010, 11:08:32 PM »
i am a young story writer looking for a manga artist within Adelaide Australia to help me complete my story. i have one story in progress and 2 others starting. I'd like an artist who is not limited to one style as all three stories are very different, but i do welcome amateurs.

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