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Alright y'all, next week is American Thanksgiving, which means next Friday I will be sitting at my parent's with nothing to do but read some of your fine works, and offer my humble critiques!

For those of you who are new this year, the rules are simple, just tell me what your story is and I'll read and review it next Friday. If it's super long, I ask that you directe towards a particular section you want me to look at, but if it's short, I'll probably be able to read through the whole of it.

I had a great response last year, so I hope you all have something amazing to show off this year!

Manga Creations / The Daily Lives of Tans
« on: May 08, 2017, 10:50:39 PM »
Welcome to the Daily Lives of Tans! This is the promised story that ties directly into the Artist-tan contest I've been holding. (Found here: http://forums.mangaraiders.com/index.php?topic=17747.0)

The vote is now up, so choose who the winner is, and that design will appear here in the final chapter! One or two chapters will be released each day until this Sunday. So enjoy!


Monday morning broke clear over the city of Mangaraiders, as it usually did. “Monday mornings
should be clear!” Coryn had proclaimed after starting up the weather control dome. And so, they
were, unless a snow day had been voted on, in which case Monday mornings were cloudy and
   This clear Monday morning, Lego walked down a broad parkway, flanked on either side
by newly blossomed trees. He of course walked straight down the middle of the road, as there
was little fear that a car would come by to run him over. Far more likely a bus would, but he
knew MR-tan mainly kept to the highways, so he felt assured that this morning’s walk would go
uninhibited. “Yes, absolutely nothing strange is going to happen to me this morning.” Lego
   Lego was wrong. He couldn’t have known he was wrong of course. But it is, generally,
not a good idea to assume that nothing strange was going on in the City of MR.
   Something strange was always going on in MR.
   And so, it was the Lego came across Writer-tan, Coryn, and MR-tan walking down the street.
   “Oh no!” Cried Lego. “You’re not doing this to me today! It was such a lovely morning
   Writer-tan raised an eyebrow. “What are you talking about Lego?”
   Coryn shook his head. “Yeah man, what gives?”
   MR-tan gestured towards her two companions. “We’re taking a nice morning stroll. Just
like you are.”
   The cat stomped his foot on the pavement. “Don’t you say that!”
   “Say what?” They replied in unison.
   “Any of it!” Yelled Lego, before turning his back on them. “I wanted a no-nonsense
morning. I was going down to the shop to buy a new book! And then I was thinking about
getting a nice coffee before heading into the office!”
   Coryn shrugged. “I literally can’t come up with a reason why you couldn’t still do that.”
   “Yeah.” Continued Writer. “We’re just three pals saying ‘good morning’ to you on your way to work.”
   MR-tan and Coryn both nodded their heads as one. “Just a trio of chums.”
   “A cacophony of associates.”
   “Is that the proper name for a group of ‘associates’?”
   “I think so. Writer, does that check out?”
   “Yeah, that checks out.”
   Lego was beginning to tear out small clumps of hair. “Nooooooo! Stop doing this to me
you bastards!”
   MR-tan gasped. “Lego! That’s uncalled for. Coryn, spit on him!”
   Coryn shook his head. “No, I’m still within arm’s reach. Writer, you spit on him.”
   The quiet singing of birds was rudely broken by Writer-tan hocking back the largest
loogie she could muster. But before she could let the projectile fly, Lego dropped to the ground
in prostration. “Fine, fine, I give!” Lego lifted his head, tears streaming in a solid sheet down his
face. “Just quit it with this unreliable narrator thing! Please~!
   “Oh you’re no fun.” Replied MR-tan, her feet firmly planted on the ground.
   “Where’s your sense of humor Lego?” Said Coryn, sitting atop MR-tan’s shoulders.
   “Killjoy.” Finished Writer-tan, who in turn sat upon Coryn’s shoulders.
   Lego stared up at the three-person tall tower, which swayed gently as MR-tan shifted her
weight. He wiped away his tears, and stood, head still hung low. “You’ve defeated me. Guten
morgen MR-tan. Guten morgen Coryn. Guten morgen Writer-tan.”
   Good morning Lego! They said together. “Where are you off to today?”
   “Just to work, Lego croaked. Just work…”
   “Well, have a good day then!” Replied the tower.
   Lego started on past them. “Yeah…” But he called back towards the three before they
were out of earshot. “Say Coryn, how does the back of your neck feel?”
   Lego’s keen perv senses had detected that Writer-tan did not wear pants beneath her
kimono, and that since she was sitting on Coryn’s shoulders…
   The cat moderator turned to hear the reply, but was only greeted by an eyeful of phlegm.
His last memory, before everything went dark, was Writer-tan making an impolite gesture in his
direction as the party of three made their way up the street.


Mangaraiders wasn’t all that big, not really. The corridors were narrow, twisting, and mazelike,
but a member could walk the length of it in about an hour if they knew the way. To the average
person then it seemed like a quaint little place, not worthy of much note. But this didn’t hold true
if you weren’t, for instance, an average person. If perchance, you had the body of a five-year-old,
the site would seem far larger. This is a good rule to observe about people that age. Things are
much larger in comparison to their tiny bodies, and so they perceive the world much differently
than you or I.
   MR-tan of course, was not a five-year-old. She was a one-year-old, in a five-year-old’s
body. This never struck her as unusual, as she had only been alive for a single year, and was yet
to develop many thoughts deeper than “I am tired.”, “I need to go to the bathroom.”, and
“ICECREAM!”. She was particularly fond of that last one.
   If she had put much more thought into it however, it would have made little difference, as
she had always possessed a five-year-old’s body, and hadn’t lived long enough to see those
around her visibly age. It would have taken someone with a lot of spare time to adequately
explain the concepts of time and aging to her, and so she remained blissfully ignorant.
   All too aware of such things, was MR-tan’s pseudo mother, Corycaly. Who, at that very
moment, was wandering the streets of her little hamlet in search of said pseudo daughter. Pseudo
not in the fact that Corycaly did not love and care for her as a daughter, but in that Corycaly was
a human being, and MR-tan was a being spontaneously birthed by the plane of existence known
as the Net.
   That being said, MR still wasn’t all that big, and Corycaly soon discovered MR-tan and
her only sister, Writer-tan. Writer was only a few months old, but like her sister, came into being
with a body five years older than it should have been. Not that that was the only oddity about the
blonde young girl. To Corycaly’s knowledge, a site should only have a single Tan. So, for a
second one develop for just a single district seemed unnatural. Still, as Corycaly watched the two
girls playing together in a small artist’s district plaza, she didn’t much care about what should
and shouldn’t have been. Her only care was that both were happy.
   “Bonjour filles! How are you doing this afternoon?” Corycaly sung out.
   The sisters had been spinning in a circle, hands together and held up in the air to form an
arch. They were singing a nursery rhyme together, but broke out into excited giggles as they saw
Corycaly approaching. MR-tan was the first up to her, smiling intensely. “Mommy! What are
you doing here?!”
   Corycaly knelt to meet her at eye level. “Just checking up on you two. I haven’t seen you
since this morning. And when you didn’t even come home for lunch I thought you might have
gotten lost.”
   “We’re not lost!” Blurted out Writer-tan. She was a defensive young girl, and had been
since the day she was first reported in the writer’s district. Corycaly saw the makings of a strict
personality, but she knew the girl’s heart was impeachable.
   Corycaly cooed at her. “Oh I see! So, you aren’t lost after all. But aren’t you hungry after
skipping lunch?”
   “We ate!” MR-tan retorted. “We ate lunch with Coryn!”
   This set off more than one alarm bell. Coryn was hardly known for his dietary genius.
“Oh? And what did you eat with Coryn?”
   Writer-tan beamed. “Cup noodles and sour gummy worms!”
   Corycaly felt her stomach churn. “That’s…great girls.” Looking to change the subject,
Corycaly surveyed the little courtyard and gestured around. “So why don’t you show me what
game you were playing?”
   The girls broke away back to their previous play area. Once again they took each other’s
hands and began to sing. “London bridge is falling down, falling down, falling down! London
bridge is falling down, my fair lady! Build it up with sticks and clay, sticks and clay, sticks and
clay! Build it up with sticks and clay, my fair lady!”
   As they finished the verse they pulled their arms down, ostensibly to catch another
player. But instead their hands swung through the open air, catching nothing. Corycaly smiled at
them, but felt a tinge of sadness that they were having to play by themselves. “Oh dears, you
need more people to play ‘London Bridge’. Three at the least.”
   MR-tan replied by pouting at her mother. “We do have three people! Don’t we Writer?!”
   “That’s right!” Seconded Writer-tan.
   Corycaly was bemused as she stood, straightening out her back. “It’s just an imaginary
friend then
.” Still, it struck her as improper to just leave it at that. So, she bended down and
reached her arm out, as if to shake hands with an imagery child. “I’m Corycaly, the children’s
   It was to her very great surprise then, when she felt the sensation of a tiny hand grabbing
the tips of her fingers, and giving it a light shake. Corycaly hid her shock well, and would have
dismissed it as her imagination, but understood that what had just happened wasn’t some trick of
the mind. She stood, staring at her hand. After a moment’s contemplation, she turned to the pair
of young tans. “Girls, what is your friend’s name?”
   Both smiled widely at her. “Artist! It’s Artist-tan!”

Manga Drawing Workshop / The MangaRaiders Artist-tan Contest!
« on: April 05, 2017, 10:14:59 PM »
Ladies! Gentlemen! Dragons!

I present to you fair folk a contest! All are welcome to participate! No skill level required!

Now, if you are not familiar, a 'Tan' is an anthropomorphic representation of some piece of technology. Famously, this trend started with the 'OS-tan', to represent different computer operating systems.


As the internet grew, it spread out to include tans for different websites.


Sure enough, we here at MR eventually picked up the trend and made some of our own. First creating the original MR-tan back in the faraway year of 2010, to celebrate our (at the time), new "Raindrop" theme, which proceeded our current "Plus" theme.


Over time, we filled out the roster with Tans for different sections of the forum. There came Writer-tan, Pub-tan, and Ecchi and Lewd-tan for our sister site ecchiworld. There have even been stories written about our Tans by writers such as myself and Mahulaandmilk.


But, as you may have noticed, we have never had a Tan for the artist section, which to me seems a damn shame. So that's what we're here for!



To be considered, you must submit:

1. A drawing of your Artist-tan design. Drawing must be at least waist up. No credit for headshots.
2. A brief description of personality, talents, other character traits.

Seriously that's it. Draw us your design, and write us a short paragraph about their personality. Everyone who comes up with those two items are officially in! Remember that this design will stick, and that people will be using it in stories for years to come, so put some thought and effort in!


1. Participants must turn in required items as outlined above to win.
2. Submissions must be in by the evening of Monday, May 8th, central time.
3. Submissions must be PG-13. No extra credit will be given for sexiness.

So what do you win? Well the major prize here is ever lasting glory. But besides that, there will be a little parallel bonus. On May 8th, after all submissions are in, they will be then put up for a vote. Then, on each day of that week, going from May 8th to May 14th, I will be posting chapters of a story focused on the Tans of MR. On that Sunday, the votes will be tallied, and I will release the final chapter, in which the winning Artist-tan design will be revealed!

So that's the deal. You submit your designs, we vote on the winner, and the winning design is featured in a special story written just for this occasion. Your design will then go down in MR history as the official Artist-tan design.

Got all that? Awesome. I will be boosting this topic every week to keep you on your toes. You have a little over a month to post your submissions. Good luck!



As stated by the original rules, please judge by the character's visual and personality description. Some members ended up including backstories/alternate character names/etc. But since that wasn't apart of what we're looking for, please do not them sway your judgement any which way. The contest was of course to create Artist-tan within MR Canon, not a separate OC.


If I had to give a colour scheme I'd say light blue and dark purple pants. White canvas sneakers?



Honestly, I just had the image in mind of that chill guy you'd see smiling and playing a guitar in a park somewhere who is easy to talk to. I also really like the idea of his color scheme matching some of the forum colors. At most maybe make the brown a little more warm, but that's about it.

As for abilities, I'd think he'd just pull out art materials from his satchel and have the power to create forms from drawings in sort of a green-lantern type fashion, if you follow. Since in GC we saw that Pub-tan was the previous iteration of Art-tan, it's possible that he inherited the abilities in some way...and it's probably the Twins' fault.


My name is PYLT.
It means: "Put Your Lines Together".
I represent the main struggle every artists go through in order to achieve a piece of drawing.
That is literally: "Putting lines together".
Lines are the essence of my being.
But they often become loose and I am fading.
My creativity overflow.
But it comes out as raw.
So I have to make it better.
By putting my lines together.


Born from a wealthy family, she has lived the easy life, getting everything she wants. She took an interest in drawing and with her money and influence, she was able to learn from the very best artists. But, even with their wealth and influence, she is a pretty decent girl who understands the concept of money and life. Hoping to become a role model to the future people who aspire to become a great artist. Will her money and influence get her that spot?
Her Talent is finding way to solve problems (Mostly by the power of money and her influence)
She is a very lively and active person
Color scheme will depend on what you guys would think, probably the forum`s color scheme


artist tan by marco eukocar, on Flickr

she spends days creating fantasy outfits. that will be used in her drawings.
she is an perfectionist and most of the outfits wont be finished. this doesnt has any affect on her mood she is sometimes even happy and views it as an learning point. her dream is to design outfits for hollywood movies.

its easy to get her stressed in crowded places and public transports. she hates to attend party's with loud music. she hates this trait because it make's it hard for her to go out with her friends.


Artist-tan is an outgoing character that loves to interact with individuals and nature. She will accept those who seek help and offers advise for those looking to improve themselves, though she does have a tendency to be too direct. She enjoys discovering and sharing new styles for everyone to see, yet keeps some sketches and pictures a secret for personal reasons. Finally, Artist-tan adores being outside as she hates being stuck in a small room for a long period.

Hobbies and Talents
Drawing, painting, photography, crafting, walks, hikes, music, and acting.

Secretly, Artist-tan is practising haircutting and styling. However, she is not very confidant with scissors as she is with a pencil and fears of making mistakes, thus why she may be seen wearing a hat and/or hoodie.



She's childlike in appearance because an artist is forever learning. She enjoys creating art of almost any kind and is always up for a challenge. Is generally good-natured and tries to avoid getting annoyed at stupid comments. She stores extra pencils in her hair and her backpack contains a large number of metal nibs (along with other art supplies) that may or may not be used as weapons.


Nike is a 313-year-old troublesome, naughty (her father would say so) daughter. She is very young and she is the first one through all generations of her important family who doesn't use the eraser at all. Her unstoppable creativeness and sleepless ability have already caused not only her hands but the great problem to the whole Universe. Trying to calm and lull his little girl her father give her adorable quilt with only one purpose -- to put its owner to sleep. But what if Nike 1000 will offer to the quilt what it dreams about?

Nike's hands are temporarily unable to serve her in an appropriate way and her father thought he will have a bit more trouble free time but it appears that his daughter is more talented than he thought.

Her appearance:
Natural brown hair. She can change its color and length by her own will. Deep blue eyes. Bright blue skin, rabbit and foxy ears with roe horns.  Her hands are in plaster and she is able to manipulate her pens by her will. She wears pink T-shirt, brown night pants with yellow stars and big black pointed sunglasses. [/img]

MR Pub / Happy Birthday Hasith!
« on: March 20, 2017, 07:04:45 PM »
Happy birthday to the old young man who runs this place and protects us from the unseen horrors of the night!

General Manga writer discussions / Coryn's Black Friday Review Extravaganza
« on: November 23, 2016, 09:25:48 AM »
Well, Thanksgiving is nearly upon we Americans, which means  that Black Friday is soon to follow. I have already planned to use the day to catch up on the reviews I have promised, so I thought I would make a day of it and shout it out to everyone.

If you would like me to give you a review this Friday, post a link to your story here. If the story is super long, I'll still give you a review of the first handful of chapters, and focus on your beginning. Even if your story is barely started, or just a concept, I'll give you some ideas to help get you going.

Bring it Manga Raiders!

FanFics / MR Happy Hour Bleach FanFiction Episode!
« on: August 20, 2016, 04:39:03 PM »
Hello Bros and Brodettes, if you listen to the MR Happy Hour (which you should, it's great and amazing), then you would know that it is Bleach Month! To celebrate, we're doing a fan fiction reading on a special episode!

So here's the deal:
1. Write a short Bleach fanfic (keyword short. 1-5 pages)
2. Post it here, by next Saturday (the 27th).
3. Tune in and enjoy us doing our best voice acting for the story that you wrote!

Just remember to keep it clean. (No one wants to here Vacant narrate a sex scene). Keep it short, and get it in on time! We'll be here, eagerly awaiting your entries!

(Hell, if we get enough submissions, there could even be a prize)

break Room / 2016 Rio Olympics
« on: August 07, 2016, 11:30:42 AM »
Alright people. It's the Olympics and we've got a nice international cast around here. Time to brag about things our countrymen do that we're take credit for.

Unless you're Russian I guess. Not such a good games for you in that case.

General Discussion / The Art Cyle
« on: June 10, 2016, 07:59:57 PM »
An interesting image I saw.


break Room / Happy Birthday Hasith!!!!
« on: March 20, 2016, 10:04:51 AM »
Happy birthday to old man Hasith! Whose dreams and skill have made these nearly 9 years of mangaraiders possible!

Thank you Hasith for your continued efforts to keep MR the best damn anime forum on the internet!


Develop Your Story / MOVED: Lyoko Recoded (Fanfic)
« on: February 10, 2016, 08:15:31 AM »

break Room / Recipes For Starving Raiders
« on: February 07, 2016, 11:28:25 AM »
Well, spinning off a different discussion, I wanted to devote some time to talking about obtaining the necessary nutrients to continue living. I know that many of us have gone through this, and many still will, so let's all submit our tips and tricks for eating on a budget (or no budget at all)

- Ramen: I know this one is an old standby, but eventually you'll get tired of the standard chicken and beef flavor, so here's some different ramen "recipes" to make these little bricks of noodles a little more bearable

- Chicken Noodle Soup Ramen: Basic setup for this is to get some crackers and toss them into your standard chicken ramen. Also you can get some canned chicken for a couple bucks, which about a quarter of can will do for a single ramen brick, and add some protein to boot. This canned chicken idea should be a standing suggestion for all of these ramen recepies.

- Barbequed Chicken Ramen: Simply enough, throw in some bbq sauce and mix well.

- Hot Wing Chicken Ramen: You can buy a bottle of buffalo or hot wing sauce in just about any grocery store. Pour some in and mix well. Then, depending on how you like your wings, a little ranch or blue cheese dressing will also add a nice touch.

- Fajita Ramen: You can buy a little packet of fajita mix just about anywhere, and what it really is is just a spice packet much like the one that comes with your ramen. Since both contain a lot of salt, I suggest evenly splitting the ramen packet, and then adding fajita seasoning to taste. This can also works for any ramen flavor, since fajitas are pretty varied. Taco mix will also work just as well.

- Low Sodium Ramen: If you've never noticed, ramen bricks have lower sodium instructions. This usually means only using half of he flavor packet. However, you can also cut down on the sodium by mixing the whole packet, then pouring out all of the liquid once it's properly mixed. This also cools down the ramen, and can be a godsend in the warmer months when you're still poor.

- Mac 'n' Cheese: Always another good standby, you can buy just about any brand you prefer/ have access to, and it won't make difference for any of these recipes.

- Southwest Mac 'n' Cheese: Make your mac as normal. Once complete, add cumin, garlic powder, onion powder, chili powder, and a little ranch dressing. All to taste. Mix well and enjoy. Also maybe invest in some strong mints for afterwards.

- Sriracha Mac: Just add sriracha to taste. Spices it up and adds a twist of unique flavor. And if you don't like sriracha, just swap it out for your hot sauce of choice. I also like adding tapitio sauce, though that might be more of a regional thing.

- Ham 'n' Cheese Mac: If you go to the store, you might notice that they sell boneless half hams (or even full hams, depending on how much you like ham). What you may not know, is that you can take that ham, and walk it over to the deli/meat counter. They have big slicers and you can half them slice it up into any thickness you want. But what I do is get them to slice it up into thin slices and then I tear those slices up and put them into mac/anything else that needs some protein. Is very cost effective as opposed to buying just normal ham lunch meat, and very versitile. Also gives the mac a nice sweet background flavor.

- Italian Mac: Similar to the southwest mac, make the mac as usual, then add garlic powder, onion powder, Italian seasoning (you can buy them all premixed together, or just build it up using the individual herbs), and some parmesan cheese (if you happen to buy pizza sometime, you can get boatloads for free in little packets). You can also add crushed red pepper if you're into that, and meat of your choice. Although I like throwing in some peperoni.

- Fried Bologna Sandwiches: Bologna, thankfully, is a very cheap lunch meat. Unfortunately, it's not necessarily the best tasting meat out there. However, there is a way around this: fry it. Break out your frying pan and fry up two slices of bologna. The centers will bubble up, and if you want to avoid this, slice a small hole in the center of the slice, however the bubbles won't really hurt anything except how evenly the slice is fried. You can then do up the rest of the sandwich however you please. I like to throw a slice of american cheese between the two slices of meat and put the whole concoction on toasted bread, with a little bit of hot sauce. But really, it's a sandwich, though it's all up to you.

- Hot Dogs: Hot dogs are also super cheap, and can be done up in any number of ways. I prefer to boil mine (assuming grilling isn't an option), but I know a lot of people just microwave them, and others fry them. You can also slice them up and add them to other things. Plus instead of buying actual buns, you can just throw them on slices of bread just as easy. And if you want to turn them into pigs in a blanket (which if you've never had before, are amazing), all you have to do is butter one side of the bread, wrap the cooked hotdog in the non buttered side, and then fry it closed and then the rest of the way around. Adds and extra layer of flavor, and makes the inner side of the bread warm and gooey.

- Peanut Butter: While slightly more expensive up front. Peanut butter can be used for just about anything, even just as a quick snack at the end of a spoon. It's full of protein and good fats, and is filling to boot. Good on toast, for a sandwich, any any number of things you wouldn't expect (smear some on a burger sometime, trust me)

- Eggs: Another cheap source of protein, eggs have a massive number of uses. Also another good burger topic, and you can throw an egg or two into a bowl of ramen for protein (though let's be honest, you watch anime, so you already know that)

- Potatoes: Potatoes are a godsend. You can cook them in a thousand different ways, and serve as a good side to just about any meal. Boil them, mash them, put them in a stew. Make some oven french fries sometime. Microwave baked potato. Slice into cubes and fry for breakfast. Shred for hashbrowns. Potatoes are also super cheap. They sell them in 10 pound bags for a reason.

Anyrate, that's my shortlist of standbys. There are other things i've tried before, but those usually end up costing a little more, and are more for special occasions. I look forward to hearing everyone else's ideas! (not least because it's another two weeks before I get my first paycheck from my new job and my bank account is getting destroyed by this 'moving cities' nonsense)

break Room / HAPPY NEW YEAR 2016!
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« on: December 25, 2015, 12:26:35 PM »

break Room / Happy Thanksgiving 2015!
« on: November 26, 2015, 10:12:20 AM »
Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Especially to my american brothers and sisters, but everyone world wide as well!

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