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break Room / Happy Birthday Vacant!
« on: November 17, 2018, 08:46:49 AM »
Happy birthday to you, you old codger! He may not make it around much anymore, but he's still a major part of the MR:HH to this day, so why the hell not have a topic about it?

Happy birthday!

Manga Writer workshop / Black Friday: One-Day-One-Shot!
« on: November 11, 2018, 07:09:25 PM »
Hey y'all! So I know November can be intense for writers what with holidays and nanowrimo and all that. I'm feeling the grind myself, but I thought it would be fun to still do an 'of the moment' story, similar to nanowrimo, but on a much smaller scale.

So here's the set-up, and I am admittedly biased here. But Thanksgiving in america is November 22nd, and the day after is black friday, which is a day a lot of us will have free to do basically nothing. Instead of just sleeping off the turkey haze however, I'm proposing something of a mini writing event! The One-Day-One-Shot! (patent pending). Basically we take the day to write a story. The rules are simple and as follows:

The story must be:
  • Self-contained
  • At least 1000 words long
  • Written within 24 hours

Just post your stories here for everyone to enjoy! Since they should all be short little reads, I also want to see people reading and critiquing each others. I'll of course be here to set a good example, so I hope to see some of you along side me!

Happy writing!

FanFics / Bleach MR: Memories Unto The Dawn
« on: April 22, 2018, 05:42:56 PM »
That's right folks! It's the exciting continuation to the Bleach MR universe that literally nobody knew was going to ever happen until the moment I wrote this chapter last December and just now got around to editing and fleshing out what the story was actually going to be about in my head!

But seriously, I'm here to do this little spin off of mine justice this time around, instead of just cobbling together a story before the deadline came like I did last time. So here's the first chapter, enjoy!


Captain Noisey of the 10th Division strolled down the wide avenues of the Seireitei, a gentle puff-puff of water vapor following him wherever he went. He pulled his woolen scarf tighter as he walked, a feeble attempt to keep out the cold. “Those two had better have ordered some tea for when I get there…” The captain murmured to no one in particular. It was just as well, for the streets were nearly free of souls, as anyone without business was keeping indoors to avoid the winter chill. It went without saying that this included his vice-captain, who was perfectly satisfied to stay at headquarters and bury her thoughts in one of the many esoteric books she kept on her person at seemingly all times. ‘I’ll be just fine by myself.’, she had said, 'Although I would prefer if you bring back a few things, since you're going out anyway.’ she had continued, with just enough inflection in her voice to make it clear that she would prefer for her captain to take his time, and not bother her for a few hours.
        In fact, after looking at the list, Noisey wasn't entirely sure it was all legal. But he had been in the game long enough to understand that if you were a captain, you let your vice-captain get away with the little indiscretions, so that they would let you get away with the big ones. It was after all, ultimately within a captain's purview to challenge the chain of command when the chain of command was being daft.
        And that's just the way he liked it.
        Still, he would have preferred if the chain of command was being anything. Life had been quiet in the year and a half since the Night of Maggot’s Dance, and he was beginning to wonder if it would be safe to take a long overdue holiday to the World of the Living. “Maybe someplace warm.” He remarked to himself as he reached his destination.

        “Welcome Sir! Please follow me, your table is in the back!” Chimed the waitress, and she beckoned for him to follow.
        As drinking spots went, it was passable for a respectable captain such as himself to be found there. This was, after all, still the Seireitei. But its usual clientele was going to lean closer to your average low ranking soul reaper. Still, he couldn't argue with their prices, and he was a man of his troops. It was good for morale for the captain to be seen associating with his division. Although he wished they would keep their voices to a dull roar. “Excuse me miss, but how many patrons do you have right now?”
        She seemed genuinely surprised. “Just your party sir. They arrived several hours ago.”
        Noisey's heart sank as they reach the door to his room. “In that case, I'd like an order of hot tea for the room.” As the waitress hurried off, Noisey stepped into the reserved space. Inside, Vacant, Captain of the 3rd Division, and Lego, Captain of the 11th Division were creating such a racket that it was hard to believe that only two voices were responsible for it.
        Finally settling down, Noisey was quickly accosted by Lego grabbing his collar. “Hey, hey Noisey! Check this out. Vacant, check this out!” Lego rose about half way up, reached towards where he expected his sword to be, realized he had set it on the floor next to the table, and fell over attempting to pick it up. “That time didn't count…”
        Vacant gently scratched his beard as he watched the farce happening before his eyes. “He tried the same trick half an hour ago. Didn't work then either. Glad you could make it mate. Need a drink?” He gestured at Noisey with a sake bottle, the warm liquid inside sloshing back and forth.
        “I've just ordered tea actually. But what happened to you two? Wasn't the point of this meetup to discuss joint division training?”
        Vacant took a moment to ponder the question before responding. “Well about that, Sken was supposed to be here too, but he got railroaded into giving lessons at the academy today in order to make up for destroying it last year.”
        In fact, they had all been paying a penance for their actions the previous year. Coryn had gotten off relatively lightly compared to Vacant, who had taken out the majority of the 8th Division’s barracks. The 3rd was ordered to house them in their own headquarters until that section of the Seireitei had been rebuilt. Lego had been made to cover the damages to Execution Hill, which came with a high price for restoration of such an ancient site. So all things being equal, a few classes here and there were a light sentence.
        Lego was finally upright again. “Wass they got him teaching? Stupid science it bet! Unethical!”
        “Zanjutsu I think.” Replied Vacant. “Believe it or not, he was the top ranked swordsman in our class. Not that it mattered to us much. Noisey and I were never swordsmen to begin with.” He turned back to Noisey, “So as I was telling Lego then, we should just show up early, have a few bottles, then do a cheeky bite with Coryn when he gets released.”
        “I see.” Was Noisey's only reply. He would have said more, but was interrupted by Lego.
        “Who says he's so good with a sword!”
        “I...I did?” Replied Vacant.
        Kenpachi was not impressed. “He doesn't even use his sword! Keeps it all wrapped up like a mummy! I bet I'm a better swordsman! I bet...I bet it's super small and he's just ashamed! That's why he just throws those magic lights around! I'm the Kenpachi gosh darn it!”
        Noisey was finally getting into it, and nearly busted out laughing. “Lego, mate, I think I you need to slow down.” He pushed forward the tea that had arrived while they talked. “If you got into a fight at the Academy, I'm pretty sure most of the students could take you down right now.”
        Lego smiled belligerently. “Noisey my friend, when man drinks milk, nothing is impossible!”
        “I'm going! Someone pay my tab! I'm gonna kick someone's ass!”

        The other two captains quieted the Kenpachi’s immediate bloodlust, but after a pot of tea, a quick detour to an okonomiyaki stall, and a few hours, the motley crew finally arrived at the Spiritual Arts Academy with Noisey's imposing frame leading them. Vacant was mostly himself again, but Lego was beginning to slip into 'completely useless’ territory. “Why are we here again? And where is here?”
        “It's the Academy. We're here to collect Coryn remember?”
        “Fight Sken?”
        “You know what I said. But you should know where we are, you went here.” Noisey was beginning to look worried.
        “Yesh, yes I did. But they kicked me out for 'social maladjustment’. Shows what they know, I can command people all day!” Lego said it with a degree of enthusiasm that the 10th captain found unnerving.
        “I think I liked it better when you two didn't get along.”
        They eventually found who they were looking for in one of the academy dojos. The doors were open to keep the combatants cool, and they could see Coryn standing at the center of the room, his long hair tied back. Students sat along the back wall, occasionally rising to engage their substitute teacher, only to beaten off with a few strikes, and sent back to signal the next student.
        Coryn had removed his haori, but it was clear that he was yet to break a sweat. It would take more than a few dozen recruits to challenge a captain of the Gotei 13. Noisey scratched at his beard and wondered if any of them had the potential to become captains themselves, or if they were destined to die in some far of place fighting a two-bit hollow.
        They stood and watched with varying degrees of patience. And while Coryn made no mention of them, it was clear that several of the students were growing uneasy at the site of four captains all gathered together. That, and Lego was radiating an aura of killing intent in the general direction of the universe at large, as he began to slip into a well earned hangover. Finally though, the line of students reached its end, and the class was dismissed. Coryn placed his wooden sword on a nearby rack, and donned his haori which he had left hanging besides it. “It warms my heart that you came all the way out here to get me, but it looks like you fell down a flight or three of stairs on the way. What kind of captain gets this drunk in the middle of the day?”
        Vacant replied with sarcasm laced in his voice. “Maybe it's you who has the problem! I remember when the three of us would get drunk during the day all the time!”
        Coryn sighed. “Maybe a few hundred years ago. But now we're the ones doing the fighting and dying when real trouble breaks out.”
        “Amen to that! There hasn't been enough to do around here for months!” Cried Lego, who was somewhat missing the point.
        The 12th Division captain could only shrug at the remark. “Well with that settled, let's find someplace warm and go over the details of this training program.”
        Together the captains set out. But they shared a sense of unease. Noisey had felt it on his way out of his office. Lego had felt it when his drink was first served. Vacant had woken up feeling it. And Coryn could feel it as he sparred with the Academy students. Each had dismissed it as nothing. Each was wrong.
        The captains were being watched.
        The Seireitei was being watched.
        The whole Soul Society was being watched.

Manga Creations / Quest!: A MangaRaiders Story
« on: April 15, 2018, 06:34:26 PM »
Welcome all to the next great MR Canon epic by yours truly!

This whole thing just kind of bubbled up into my mind one day more or less fully formed in it's narrative. I'm intending it to be a fun romp through the MR world which will let me expand into some new territory opened up by others recently (looking at you Fro) and to stretch some of my Snicket muscles (points if you can point out the mannerisms)

I'm also trying to adopt something of a more engaging narrator style that I sort of experimented with during last years Great Raid story. (Although this time without the grandfatherly tale conceit)

So sit back, relax, and have a laugh. It's MR baby~!


CHAPTER 1: In Which Our Heroes Have A Rude Awakening

It is a common misconception that the dwellers of the Net do not require sleep. This misconception is particularly foolish, as there is no one left alive who does not live on the Net, and they should know full well that they do. The myth persists thanks entirely to some people being too proud to admit they sleep, and all the rest being either too polite, or too sheepish to correct them. Alas, the Net’s denizens are just like the rest of us. They do require sleep, and therefore, require a place to live in which to carry out the act.
        That is where things get more complicated, and is also where this story begins.
        The residents of Manga Raiders are generally a savvy bunch, and follow most of the unspoken rules of the Net. Unspoken though they may be, they are nonetheless important. And not least among these strong suggestions, is that you don't tell people where you live. It is a commandment going back to ancient times, and none can claim to know where it originates. Despite this, the reason behind it is well remembered. The Net is dangerous, and if you give away personal information all willy nilly, you're liable to wake up with nothing left but the pajamas on your back. This is especially unfortunate for those who do not wear pajamas to bed.
        So, the unstated rules being what they are, and the Raiders being who they are, it should come as no surprise that almost nobody on Manga Raiders knows where anybody else on Manga Raiders actually lives. If you can easily discover where a Raider lives, then they are either incredibly foolish, or incredibly powerful. You should be cautious around both. But no matter how foolish or powerful they may be, it was well known (or at least heavily rumored), that Coryn Sken slept in a charging pod in the MR Science Division, Legomaestro slept with his eyes open while perched on rooftops, and MahluaandMilk retired to a forbidden temple in the clouds.
        These rumors are patently false, and suit their subjects just fine. They keep people from asking too many questions, and that is a recipe for a good night's sleep.

        Coryn stepped out of his shower into an expansive bathroom. The vaulted ceilings and stained glass windows were obscured with steam, and Coryn was forced to swipe his mirror several times in order to finish shaving. For the thousandth time he made a mental note to install heated mirrors, and for the thousandth time he forgot it as he pulled on a white bathrobe and stepped out into the cool dark of his penthouse hallway.
        It being Coryn though, it was never that simple. As a point of fact, his bathroom resided in the Artists District, while his hallway, and the open floor plan containing the other common spaces of his home resided in Central Administration. Additionally, you could find his bedroom nestled in the Writers District, his library in the outskirts of the Fashion District, and his laundry room in the Manga Sellers District. The idea had struck him after watching his apartment at the time be destroyed in a single spam ninja attack. His previous two domiciles had met similar fates, and ever since that day, he kept his home split up around the city. This made rearranging the layout a snap, and meant his commute home at night was just to whichever door was most convenient at the time. He only connected his home to a door long enough to pass inside, and then it reverted back to just another broom closet, bathroom, or his personal favorite: a few doors he had serendipitously set up which comically led to nowhere but brick walls.
        All in all, it was a great way to keep people from finding where he lived. So, as he dragged his feet down the hallway in the dim, pre-dawn light, it was no surprise that something began to strike him as a little out of place. At first he thought he was imagining it. He was still half asleep after all. There was a slight hint of food cooking in the air. A few light clinks of utensils hitting the bottom of pans. Salty smells from sizzling meats. He swore he heard a toaster going in to action. Coryn was about ready throw out his schedule for the day in order to run a full system diagnostic, when he stepped into the wide space which comprised the lion share of the penthouse. To his left, the first inklings of the day crested over the balcony railing and through his full height windows. He followed the light across his living room, through the dining area, and into his kitchen. There, at his island mounted stove top, surrounded by all the makings of a country breakfast, stood Ecchi-tan. She wore his frilly pink apron, and as Coryn’s now fully awake eyes were quick to bring to his brain's attention, nothing else.
        Coryn’s whole body went into overdrive as well rehearsed scenarios flooded his mind. With a single fluid motion, Coryn drove his hand into the drywall besides him, and whipped out the cutlass hidden within. He pointed the blade at his scantily clad house guest, who finally acknowledged his presence, and smiled up at him. “Good morning darling! Are you hungry?”

        Around fifteen minutes before this, while Coryn was washing his hair, and Ecchi-tan was dicing green peppers, Lego was still sleeping peacefully on the other side of town. His home was a mansion, tucked away in a quiet corner of the city. Here he knew he could slip in and out without much bother, and only required a cursory glance through the spyhole to know the coast was clear. However the true genius behind his hiding place is that he always described it as a mansion. This was of course, very much the case. If a Raider were by chance to find themselves inside Lego's home, without any knowledge of how they got inside, 'mansion’ is the word that would spring to mind. Although it was an auster place, filled with minimalist furniture, finishings, and possessions, the precise black and white tile work, the fine craftsmanship of everything within, and the grand scale of it all, would leave you with little doubt to what sort of domicile you stood in.
The inside however, did not tell the whole story.
        From the outside, the mansion was invisible. Not literally, of course. That would throw up more red flags than actually existing out in the open. No, it was mere figurative invisibility. So surrounded and encased by the adjacent architecture was it, that the actual form of the building could only be glimpsed at specific angles. This was how Lego had originally discovered the odd location. A particularly nasty throw down on the city streets had left him with a fleeting impression of the building as he sailed past. It was that fateful, hidden sightline that led him here, and one which he promptly disguised with foliage, along with all the others, in order to keep them that way. It left him with much to be desired in terms of sunlight, but he made do with what he had.
        Of course, not have any lights passing over his windows at night did make getting to sleep easier. This night had been no exception, and as he laid on his simple bed, he slid into a new dream. He found himself in a void, extending out above and below him in all directions. His skin felt like it was being gently caressed in silk, and he had the sensation of being in free fall. A cool breeze swept over him, and he detected a new feeling. Sudden warmth was spreading along his back, and he could feel hands moving over his shoulders and on to his chest. Lego looked down in his dream, but could not see the invisible digits which ran along his skin. For a moment, Lego felt ill at ease, but just as quickly allowed the dream logic to once again take hold. This was far from the most unpleasant dream he had ever had, and he let the surreal moment wash over him as he drank it in. The void, the warmth, the hands, the ticking of his alarm clock….
        That didn't track.
        “Wake up, my lit-tle-kit-ty-cat!” The figure behind him flipped up over Lego's body, slammed him onto his back, and proceeded to take his breath away. Not least because she had situated herself firmly on top of his diaphragm. “Good morning, Lego-kun.” Cooed Lewd-tan’s voice.
        Lego now knew his eyes to be fully open, but he still couldn't see a thing. There was only the slightest hint of silver light in the room. Not enough to see by at the best of times, but without his glasses on, it was absolutely impossible. He couldn't tell of he was actually seeing Lewd’s outline, or if it was just his eyes playing tricks on him. Finally, a few sharp breaths made it into his lungs, and Lego got out a few words. “Can I ask, what you're wearing?”
        Her response came from right next to his ear. “Less than you”. Lego jerked his head to the side, trying to catch sight of her at close range, but Lewd-tan's had already leaned back into the darkness. “I have a task for you, Le-go-maes-tro.”

        Later that morning, although not so much later that this narrative shall diverge from its swapping perspectives, the sun finally created the horizon, and the official dawn began. There was nothing unusual about this. The sun came up in the same location, at the same time, and at the same degree of brightness as it did every other day of the week. The days in which it didn't we're usually calls for alarm, but today no sirens rang out. As such, the thing which awoke Mahlua this morning was having the sun attack her windows at just the perfect angle that it was able to circumvent all the defenses of her curtains and blinds, and shine directly on her eyes.
This was possible, of course, for Mahlua’s residence. The building where she laid her head at night was no great hidden mansion, or spatially separated penthouse. It was just the loft above her studio, so no fantastical architecture protected her from the angry rays of morning light. Her abode was a simple one, packed with books, loose sketches, various esoterica, and a not so limited supply of magical items. Her bed separated the space into halves, and the grumbling witch in turn rested in the middle of the bed.
        So, one might wonder, as to how Mahlua's home has never been discovered by those who were not invited in. After all, it's right above the known location of her studio. Someone must have surely seen her go up one day, or saw her at her windows, you think to yourself. One might also wonder, how many things do or do not happen. Why does the sun rise every morning when Manga Raiders isn't on a planet? Why don't we float away since we live on a flat plane? Why doesn't Pub-tan know how to cook anything that's not deep fried? Why do I keep getting kidnapped for 'experiments’? The Net is full of questions. Most of them are boring, some of them or not. One of these questions is: Why do you keep asking about how Mahlua's home stays hidden?
        The answer is of course: Magic. It's always ‘magic’ with her. And it's because you're asking questions like that that lets her get away with a few warding sigils. Her apartment isn't a place you can find by looking for directly. You have to find it out of the corner of your eye, and then, only if you know the trick to it.
        Because of this, Mahlua did not regularly entertain guests. Neutral territory was the norm for meetings. It helped that MR was 99% neutral territory, but still, it would have been nice if she was closer to a bus stop. Despite that, Mahlua did on occasion have visitors. These were always people she trusted intimately, but she still made sure they could not so easily expose her living situation. That is to say, while it was not strictly impossible, she did not expect to find someone staring at her from the foot of her bed.
        Since you have been reading this tale, you will know that is exactly what happened.
        Mahlua made a futile effort to push the light away with a sleepy wave, by it only momentarily blocked the light so she could crack her eyes open. At first she could not be sure that someone was actually there. Tired eyes and the sandman can play tricks on your brain. But after a few moments, the image clarified, and Mahlua found herself meeting the intense stare of Artist-tan. The little Tan was sitting on a stool she had obviously drug up from the studio below, and had her signature backpack propped up next to it. The young girl was looking on at Mahlua with the kind of intensity only a child on a mission can possess. She was entirely earnest, and as Mahlua blinked at her in confusion, Artist rose her hand. “Artist! Get over here! Now, I want you to remember exactly what I'm saying and repeat it back to Mahlua in the morning. Ahem. Mahluaandmilk, you have been chosen for a great and noble purpose!”

        If you were told that a person kept swords hidden all over their home, and had plans to use them on any uninvited guests, then you would describe them as 'paranoid’. A word which here means: 'a person who believes that anyone besides themselves in their home presents a clear and present danger’. This is a good rule of thumb for most people. Then again, most people didn't fight ninjas and robots for a living, and most house guests aren't demigods. So it was that when Ecchi-tan perfectly flipped an omelette, Coryn kept the tip of his sword pointed at her. “Ecchi-tan, I don't recall inviting you in.”
        She practically chirped in response. “You left your front door unlocked!”
        Coryn knew perfectly well how his front door worked. So instead he took a few purposeful strides towards his kitchen. “Oh, we both know that's not true. And something tells me you're not making me breakfast just for the sake of getting me excited.”
        She smiled at him. “Oh? Am I making you excited Coryn? And here I thought you preferred my sister!”
        He rose his balde higher. “Just your being here is more than enough to get me excited.” Coryn tipped up onto his toes to get a better look at what Ecchi-tan was up to. Aside from the standard cooking utensils, she was unarmed, although that counted little with her.
        Ecchi had begun laying out the breakfast onto a pair of plates. “I hope this isn't how you treat all of your overnight guests. It's very poor manners.” She winked at him and started towards his dining table with the plates. Coryn turned his head away as she passed and let the sword fall to his side.
        “Just so you know, Tan or not, moderator powers will still take you to task. The only reason I'm not using them right now is because I don't want to bust up my apartment.”
        Ecchi said. “Of course dear.” And sat down to her plate.
        Coryn turned back towards her once he was satisfied she would stay put. “What is it you want? You wouldn't go through all this trouble if you didn't have something important.”
        Ecchi-tan tucked a napkin into the apron before responding. “I've got a proposal for you Coryn. If you do me this favor, I promise I'll make it worth your while.” She clapped her hands together, as if in prayer, and waited patiently while Coryn thought it through.
        At first he opened his mouth to utter a quick and definite 'no’, but halfway through the word, stopped to reconsider. He made another attempt, but this time caught himself before any letters could escape. Next he paced back and forth, nimbly twirling the saber around his fingers. Finally, he set it back at rest in its hiding place, and made haste back down the hallway. “You have until I'm done eating to convince me. But first, you're putting on the spare robe.”

        Lego's mind was racing. This was not how he intended to wake up on this, or potentially any morning. Why couldn't have it been Ecchi-tan instead? But then, a second thought struck him. “Whose sheets are these?”
Lewd-tan chuckled in the darkness. “Yours were too rough, so I brought my own. Why, do you not like silk? Have some consideration for the soft skinned among us.”
        “Bull*censored*!” Thought Lego. He had seen Lewd-tan tank whole buildings without a scratch. She was about as tough as they came. Cotton sheets were the least of her worries. There was a zero percent chance that this was merely a social call, although Lego had trouble believing that Lewd would go through the trouble of tracking him down and sneaking in just to annoy him. The mod's tired mind churned its gears, until he remembered what she had first said as he was waking up. “Wait a minute. You said you had a task?”
        Lewd-tan slowly ran her finger along Lego's chest. “I did. Do you remember when I invited you and Hasith around for a bath last year?” Lego did, and nodded in the affirmative. He had been led blindfolded up to EcchiWorld's many open air baths, and was seated next to Hasith. The elder twin had then asked him for a favor down the road, although at the time, he was not enlightened to what that favor would be. Hasith had in turn been asked by the younger twin for the fences surrounding their temple complex to be electrified. He had done so within the week, and Lego was left feeling he had got the short end of the stick.
        Lewd-tan pulled her hand away. “So it's simple. I've come to collect.”
        But in of course in Lego's mind, it was not that simple. The bath was only a way to make him more malleable to the agreement. He had only agreed to a favor, and Lego was feeling pretty confident that what Lewd was about to ask for went beyond the common good turn. “What are you asking for? And what do I get for it?”
        There was a pause in the darkness as she considered her answer. “I need you to bring me something.”
        Lego didn't know how good her night vision was, but he hoped she could see his scowl. “I'm not some errand boy.”
        “Of course not!” Replied Lewd-tan. Her answer sounded sincere and sarcastic all at once. “What I'm asking you to retrieve is a very well protected and potentially dangerous artifact.”
        “Oh, not dangerous to you directly.” Said Lewd. “But there are a lot of people looking for it right now. Strong people.” She clarified, lingering on the last two words.
        Lego grew still as he considered this proposal. On the one hand, he did not like being snuck up on and ordered around. On the other, he did like fighting strong people, and he could use a vacation. “Alright, I'm in. What am I looking for?”
        Lewd-tan smiled in the darkness. “I want you to bring me the Golden Chalice.”

        Still at the foot of Mahlua's bed, Artist-tan continued on from the notes she had taken on her hand. Mahlua quickly decided that the young girl had superbly small lettering. “And so of you do this thing for us, than you shall be granted, I don't know, absolution or something. Tell her that. No, I can't tell her because I'm her type and we don't need her getting distracted. Ecchi can't do it because... because she's busy that morning. Don't worry about it. Wait, are you still writing this down? Stop it, just tell her the important bits.” After a deep breath, Artist put her hand down, and spoke her own thoughts for the first time that morning. “And that's what Lewd-tan asked me to tell you. I made sure to leave everything in just in case.”
        It was a lot to take in, especially before breakfast. Mahlua stared at the girl for a few moments, before pulling herself up into a full sitting position. “So let me get this straight. The twins are asking me to go out by myself, retrieve a mystical item called the Golden Chalice, and in return they will grant me a reward?”
        “That's about what it boils down to.” Said Artist.
        “And it's potentially very dangerous to my person to do so?” Replied Mahlua.
        Artist nodded.
        “And you don't have any leads on where it is?”
        Mahlua took a minute to ponder her situation. On the one hand, it sounded dangerous, on the other, she really liked the idea of Lewd-tan owing her one. Before the minute hand had made a full revolution, she decided. “Alright, I'll do it. But just one question first: Why did you agree to be their messenger? This doesn't seem like something you'd be in to, if you don't mind my saying.”
        Artist-tan dove her hand into her backpack, and rustled around. “Lewd-tan bought me five whole boxes of granola bars. I eat them when I'm hiking around.” She pulled out a foil wrapped bar and pointed it at Mahlua. “Want one for the road.”
        Mahlua smiled and reached out for it. “Thanks, I'm sure it will come in handy.” She read the label, rubbed the sand out of her eyes, and read it again. Unsurprisingly, the flavor advertised on the foil wrapper had not changed, but you could never be too careful on MR. Mahlua set the popsicle flavored granola bar (It's the coldest!) down on her nightstand, and climbed out of bed. “Could you wait for me downstairs Artist-tan? I'm going to get ready.” The little girl acknowledged her with a nod, dismounted, and headed towards the exit to the loft, stool in hand. Once again alone, Mahlua let out a long sigh, and made a mental note to redouble her defensive charms when she got back.

        Coryn finished the last bite of his breakfast as Ecchi-tan finished her proposal. He set down his fork, wiped his mouth with a napkin, and slid the plate towards the table’s center. “So let me see if I missed anything. You want to send me out to find a mystical and dangerous cup which you cannot describe. And, you want me to do it all by my lonesome, without telling anyone where I'm going. Additionally, you have no actual leads on where it is located, how to find it, or what is guarding it. But, if I do this for you, you shall grant me one wish, which may be anything that is in your power to grant.” It wasn't a question.
        Ecchi nodded enthusiastically. “Mhm!”
        Coryn pondered her. “I could send you on an assassination job. I could make you my full time assistant. Maybe I'd turn you to my side during the next Great Raid. Perhaps I'll just put you in a cage, naked, and sell tickets for a look behind the curtain?!”
        “Oh Coryn, I didn't know you were into that kind of thing. But if you really want me too… I'd do it for free!” Ecchi shouted.
        Coryn knew better than to be caught by surprise and comically choke on his OJ, but it didn't help. He applied his napkin to his face, and went back to studying his house guest. On the one hand, he would ruin a few experiments by leaving in the middle of them. On the other, having Ecchi-tan on call was worth its figurative weight in gold. “Alright then. I’ll do it. Now get out of my house” After two beats he added. “Thanks for breakfast.”
   Ecchi smiled at him, “I’m glad to hear that!”, and began to remove her robe.
   Coryn leapt from his chair and skittered halfway back across the room. Ecchi-tan stopped and gave him a curious look as he came up with his response. “Just leave that on will you? Keep it, in fact. The apron too. If anybody finds out this happened I’m a dead man.” She seemed to think about it for a moment before giving him an enthusiastic nod, and leaving her seat.
   “Alright then Coryn. I’ll see you when you get back!” Ecchi-tan sauntered out of the space and towards the foyer. Coryn counted her steps after she passed out of sight, and didn’t let his guard down until he heard the front door close behind her. He turned towards the hall, and after staggering a few steps into it, hit the wall and collapsed down it. There really was no way the events of that morning could go beyond those walls. Above all, he knew if Lego ever found out a about it, things might spiral into full blown civil war.

   Lego still lay in bed as Lewd-tan finished her spiel. She had only confirmed his notion that she wasn’t going to be any help at all moving forward, and that Lego was to keep the whole affair on the down low. Not that Lego considered what was happening right now to be an ‘affair’, but it was an apt term to describe the situation. Lego definitely wasn’t thinking of things in that moment which may potentially sour his chances with Ecchi-tan. There was no indecent thoughts happening whatsoever. But even the truest of men may find their hearts beating quick in such a situation. Lego was sure Lewd sensed this in him, or perhaps she could just tell from his sweat. Either way, she adjusted her positioning and Lego felt her weight leave his torso. The next thing he knew, two soft hands were clasping themselves around his face. She was close now, too close. Lego could feel her breath on his lips. Lewd spoke, low and sultry. “Bring me its sweet, delicious power.” And then, nothing.
   Lewd’s presence vanished in an instant. Lego wasted no time. He simultaneously spun to his side, snatched his glasses to his face, and activated his bedside lamp. The photons it produced scarcely had time to grace the walls of Lego’s cavernous bedroom before his eyes were scanning for any trace of her. Alas, the room showed no signs of her passing. For a moment, Lego pondered if it might have all been a dream after all, but upon looking at the other side of his bed, where an imprint of her form still remained, his path was galvanized.
        Within five minutes Lego had departed bed, laid out his clothes, packed a few sundries into rucksack, and began to freshen himself up. If it was such a highly coveted item, then there was surely a reason Lewd-tan was making her move now. But if she thought it was worth sending Lego to find it with so little to go on, then there must be someone else she thought may find it first.

        Mahlua stepped into her art studio fully dressed, and with a backpack of hastily assembled essentials. Artist-tan was sprawled out on the ground working on a sketch, and didn’t even look up as Mahlua approached her. “So there’s really nothing else you can tell me about this situation.”
        The young girl shrugged. “I’m afraid not. You know what I know. It’s not much to go on, but…” She raised her head to look up at the witch. “If you do happen to find it, I wouldn’t complain if you let me see what it is before you give it to Lewd. After all this work I’m interested in seeing what it looks like.” Mahlua sighed and surveyed her work space. Nothing seemed out of place, and she wondered how Artist-tan got in without disturbing anything. Her mouth opened to question the Tan, but she changed her mind about probing too deeply before the words passed her lips.
        “Will you be fine if I just leave you here?”
        The little Tan nodded. “Mhm. I can lock up after you too, if you want.”
        “Thanks Artist.” Mahlua gave a curt bow to the girl before stepping onto the street. There she stopped, and there she pondered. Lewd had sent Artist in her place for a reason. The Tan was not the kind to make decisions without a good reason behind them. Mahlua suspected that something was being purposely obscured, but she couldn’t place her finger on it. She stopped and she pondered for a full minute, until at last she yelled out at the top of her lungs. Mahlua could not know it, but at that exact moment, two others in the city were also echoing her exact words on their respective street corners, at the top of their respective lungs. “Then where the hell am I supposed to start?!”

        The morning air still retained the night’s chill, but the sun hung in a clear sky, so the mood felt optimistic to most. Spring, it could be said, had that effect on people. Winter, while tolerable, is often cold and harsh. It’s not a forgiving time to be alive. Even if each of us have had years to experience it over and over again, we inevitably find that the warm summer has strippd away our defense against it. So, when spring does raise its head, we can’t help but feel that the good times are on their way. Despite this however, the good times were not on their way for our three intrepid heroes. Before them sat trials unimaginable, har*censored*udes unplumbed, and duties unfulfilled. None of them yet knew it, but before long, each would wish they could be transported back to simpler times, and the morning of their rude awakenings.

MR Pub / MR Cocktail Hour
« on: April 08, 2018, 05:29:05 PM »
So I was sitting here thinking: I mean, we call it 'the pub', and yet I don't think we've ever talked about booze here in a serious and helpful manner. So let's change that. Let's start a running list of recipes for cocktails we've come across and enjoyed. Please no joke answers (ie: something undrinkable), but creativity is encouraged. I want to build an actual resource for those of legal drinking age (not that I'm checking. *cough cough*), that we can all enjoy.

So yeah, recipes are the main thing we're looking for, but tips and tricks are also welcome. I'll start with one of each, just to get the ball rolling.


1 Part Dark Rum
1 Part Lime Juice
1 Part Warm Water
3 Parts Cold Water
1 Tablespoon Brown Sugar (Raw & white work just as well)

Place brown sugar into shaker. Add warm water and swirl to dissolve. Add lime juice, rum, and rest of water. Add ice and shake. Pour over ice.

(For a non-alcoholic version, replace rum with ginger beer)

And a related tip, for those who might try the non-alcoholic version of the recipe, or any recipe that involves something with carbonation

"Cocktails containing carbonated consumables shall not be convulsed in contained canisters." In other words: If your cocktail contains something carbonated: Stir, don't shake.

MR Pub / Happy Birthday Lord Kesashi!!!
« on: April 08, 2018, 01:02:47 AM »
Happy Birthday Kesashi! I hope it's a good one!

« on: April 02, 2018, 04:04:28 PM »
Happy birthday Lego! (In all seriousness, I'm sorry I didn't make this on the day. This is what I get for deleting Facebook from my phone to save space)

As always, allow me to present you with the traditional Manga Raiders Happy Birthday video:

Make it another great year!

Alright y'all, next week is American Thanksgiving, which means next Friday I will be sitting at my parent's with nothing to do but read some of your fine works, and offer my humble critiques!

For those of you who are new this year, the rules are simple, just tell me what your story is and I'll read and review it next Friday. If it's super long, I ask that you directe towards a particular section you want me to look at, but if it's short, I'll probably be able to read through the whole of it.

I had a great response last year, so I hope you all have something amazing to show off this year!

Manga Creations / The Daily Lives of Tans
« on: May 08, 2017, 10:50:39 PM »
Welcome to the Daily Lives of Tans! This is the promised story that ties directly into the Artist-tan contest I've been holding. (Found here:

The vote is now up, so choose who the winner is, and that design will appear here in the final chapter! One or two chapters will be released each day until this Sunday. So enjoy!


Monday morning broke clear over the city of Mangaraiders, as it usually did. “Monday mornings
should be clear!” Coryn had proclaimed after starting up the weather control dome. And so, they
were, unless a snow day had been voted on, in which case Monday mornings were cloudy and
   This clear Monday morning, Lego walked down a broad parkway, flanked on either side
by newly blossomed trees. He of course walked straight down the middle of the road, as there
was little fear that a car would come by to run him over. Far more likely a bus would, but he
knew MR-tan mainly kept to the highways, so he felt assured that this morning’s walk would go
uninhibited. “Yes, absolutely nothing strange is going to happen to me this morning.” Lego
   Lego was wrong. He couldn’t have known he was wrong of course. But it is, generally,
not a good idea to assume that nothing strange was going on in the City of MR.
   Something strange was always going on in MR.
   And so, it was the Lego came across Writer-tan, Coryn, and MR-tan walking down the street.
   “Oh no!” Cried Lego. “You’re not doing this to me today! It was such a lovely morning
   Writer-tan raised an eyebrow. “What are you talking about Lego?”
   Coryn shook his head. “Yeah man, what gives?”
   MR-tan gestured towards her two companions. “We’re taking a nice morning stroll. Just
like you are.”
   The cat stomped his foot on the pavement. “Don’t you say that!”
   “Say what?” They replied in unison.
   “Any of it!” Yelled Lego, before turning his back on them. “I wanted a no-nonsense
morning. I was going down to the shop to buy a new book! And then I was thinking about
getting a nice coffee before heading into the office!”
   Coryn shrugged. “I literally can’t come up with a reason why you couldn’t still do that.”
   “Yeah.” Continued Writer. “We’re just three pals saying ‘good morning’ to you on your way to work.”
   MR-tan and Coryn both nodded their heads as one. “Just a trio of chums.”
   “A cacophony of associates.”
   “Is that the proper name for a group of ‘associates’?”
   “I think so. Writer, does that check out?”
   “Yeah, that checks out.”
   Lego was beginning to tear out small clumps of hair. “Nooooooo! Stop doing this to me
you bastards!”
   MR-tan gasped. “Lego! That’s uncalled for. Coryn, spit on him!”
   Coryn shook his head. “No, I’m still within arm’s reach. Writer, you spit on him.”
   The quiet singing of birds was rudely broken by Writer-tan hocking back the largest
loogie she could muster. But before she could let the projectile fly, Lego dropped to the ground
in prostration. “Fine, fine, I give!” Lego lifted his head, tears streaming in a solid sheet down his
face. “Just quit it with this unreliable narrator thing! Please~!
   “Oh you’re no fun.” Replied MR-tan, her feet firmly planted on the ground.
   “Where’s your sense of humor Lego?” Said Coryn, sitting atop MR-tan’s shoulders.
   “Killjoy.” Finished Writer-tan, who in turn sat upon Coryn’s shoulders.
   Lego stared up at the three-person tall tower, which swayed gently as MR-tan shifted her
weight. He wiped away his tears, and stood, head still hung low. “You’ve defeated me. Guten
morgen MR-tan. Guten morgen Coryn. Guten morgen Writer-tan.”
   Good morning Lego! They said together. “Where are you off to today?”
   “Just to work, Lego croaked. Just work…”
   “Well, have a good day then!” Replied the tower.
   Lego started on past them. “Yeah…” But he called back towards the three before they
were out of earshot. “Say Coryn, how does the back of your neck feel?”
   Lego’s keen perv senses had detected that Writer-tan did not wear pants beneath her
kimono, and that since she was sitting on Coryn’s shoulders…
   The cat moderator turned to hear the reply, but was only greeted by an eyeful of phlegm.
His last memory, before everything went dark, was Writer-tan making an impolite gesture in his
direction as the party of three made their way up the street.


Mangaraiders wasn’t all that big, not really. The corridors were narrow, twisting, and mazelike,
but a member could walk the length of it in about an hour if they knew the way. To the average
person then it seemed like a quaint little place, not worthy of much note. But this didn’t hold true
if you weren’t, for instance, an average person. If perchance, you had the body of a five-year-old,
the site would seem far larger. This is a good rule to observe about people that age. Things are
much larger in comparison to their tiny bodies, and so they perceive the world much differently
than you or I.
   MR-tan of course, was not a five-year-old. She was a one-year-old, in a five-year-old’s
body. This never struck her as unusual, as she had only been alive for a single year, and was yet
to develop many thoughts deeper than “I am tired.”, “I need to go to the bathroom.”, and
“ICECREAM!”. She was particularly fond of that last one.
   If she had put much more thought into it however, it would have made little difference, as
she had always possessed a five-year-old’s body, and hadn’t lived long enough to see those
around her visibly age. It would have taken someone with a lot of spare time to adequately
explain the concepts of time and aging to her, and so she remained blissfully ignorant.
   All too aware of such things, was MR-tan’s pseudo mother, Corycaly. Who, at that very
moment, was wandering the streets of her little hamlet in search of said pseudo daughter. Pseudo
not in the fact that Corycaly did not love and care for her as a daughter, but in that Corycaly was
a human being, and MR-tan was a being spontaneously birthed by the plane of existence known
as the Net.
   That being said, MR still wasn’t all that big, and Corycaly soon discovered MR-tan and
her only sister, Writer-tan. Writer was only a few months old, but like her sister, came into being
with a body five years older than it should have been. Not that that was the only oddity about the
blonde young girl. To Corycaly’s knowledge, a site should only have a single Tan. So, for a
second one develop for just a single district seemed unnatural. Still, as Corycaly watched the two
girls playing together in a small artist’s district plaza, she didn’t much care about what should
and shouldn’t have been. Her only care was that both were happy.
   “Bonjour filles! How are you doing this afternoon?” Corycaly sung out.
   The sisters had been spinning in a circle, hands together and held up in the air to form an
arch. They were singing a nursery rhyme together, but broke out into excited giggles as they saw
Corycaly approaching. MR-tan was the first up to her, smiling intensely. “Mommy! What are
you doing here?!”
   Corycaly knelt to meet her at eye level. “Just checking up on you two. I haven’t seen you
since this morning. And when you didn’t even come home for lunch I thought you might have
gotten lost.”
   “We’re not lost!” Blurted out Writer-tan. She was a defensive young girl, and had been
since the day she was first reported in the writer’s district. Corycaly saw the makings of a strict
personality, but she knew the girl’s heart was impeachable.
   Corycaly cooed at her. “Oh I see! So, you aren’t lost after all. But aren’t you hungry after
skipping lunch?”
   “We ate!” MR-tan retorted. “We ate lunch with Coryn!”
   This set off more than one alarm bell. Coryn was hardly known for his dietary genius.
“Oh? And what did you eat with Coryn?”
   Writer-tan beamed. “Cup noodles and sour gummy worms!”
   Corycaly felt her stomach churn. “That’s…great girls.” Looking to change the subject,
Corycaly surveyed the little courtyard and gestured around. “So why don’t you show me what
game you were playing?”
   The girls broke away back to their previous play area. Once again they took each other’s
hands and began to sing. “London bridge is falling down, falling down, falling down! London
bridge is falling down, my fair lady! Build it up with sticks and clay, sticks and clay, sticks and
clay! Build it up with sticks and clay, my fair lady!”
   As they finished the verse they pulled their arms down, ostensibly to catch another
player. But instead their hands swung through the open air, catching nothing. Corycaly smiled at
them, but felt a tinge of sadness that they were having to play by themselves. “Oh dears, you
need more people to play ‘London Bridge’. Three at the least.”
   MR-tan replied by pouting at her mother. “We do have three people! Don’t we Writer?!”
   “That’s right!” Seconded Writer-tan.
   Corycaly was bemused as she stood, straightening out her back. “It’s just an imaginary
friend then
.” Still, it struck her as improper to just leave it at that. So, she bended down and
reached her arm out, as if to shake hands with an imagery child. “I’m Corycaly, the children’s
   It was to her very great surprise then, when she felt the sensation of a tiny hand grabbing
the tips of her fingers, and giving it a light shake. Corycaly hid her shock well, and would have
dismissed it as her imagination, but understood that what had just happened wasn’t some trick of
the mind. She stood, staring at her hand. After a moment’s contemplation, she turned to the pair
of young tans. “Girls, what is your friend’s name?”
   Both smiled widely at her. “Artist! It’s Artist-tan!”

Manga Drawing Workshop / The MangaRaiders Artist-tan Contest!
« on: April 05, 2017, 10:14:59 PM »
Ladies! Gentlemen! Dragons!

I present to you fair folk a contest! All are welcome to participate! No skill level required!

Now, if you are not familiar, a 'Tan' is an anthropomorphic representation of some piece of technology. Famously, this trend started with the 'OS-tan', to represent different computer operating systems.


As the internet grew, it spread out to include tans for different websites.


Sure enough, we here at MR eventually picked up the trend and made some of our own. First creating the original MR-tan back in the faraway year of 2010, to celebrate our (at the time), new "Raindrop" theme, which proceeded our current "Plus" theme.


Over time, we filled out the roster with Tans for different sections of the forum. There came Writer-tan, Pub-tan, and Ecchi and Lewd-tan for our sister site ecchiworld. There have even been stories written about our Tans by writers such as myself and Mahulaandmilk.,4709.0.html,17688.0.html

But, as you may have noticed, we have never had a Tan for the artist section, which to me seems a damn shame. So that's what we're here for!



To be considered, you must submit:

1. A drawing of your Artist-tan design. Drawing must be at least waist up. No credit for headshots.
2. A brief description of personality, talents, other character traits.

Seriously that's it. Draw us your design, and write us a short paragraph about their personality. Everyone who comes up with those two items are officially in! Remember that this design will stick, and that people will be using it in stories for years to come, so put some thought and effort in!


1. Participants must turn in required items as outlined above to win.
2. Submissions must be in by the evening of Monday, May 8th, central time.
3. Submissions must be PG-13. No extra credit will be given for sexiness.

So what do you win? Well the major prize here is ever lasting glory. But besides that, there will be a little parallel bonus. On May 8th, after all submissions are in, they will be then put up for a vote. Then, on each day of that week, going from May 8th to May 14th, I will be posting chapters of a story focused on the Tans of MR. On that Sunday, the votes will be tallied, and I will release the final chapter, in which the winning Artist-tan design will be revealed!

So that's the deal. You submit your designs, we vote on the winner, and the winning design is featured in a special story written just for this occasion. Your design will then go down in MR history as the official Artist-tan design.

Got all that? Awesome. I will be boosting this topic every week to keep you on your toes. You have a little over a month to post your submissions. Good luck!



As stated by the original rules, please judge by the character's visual and personality description. Some members ended up including backstories/alternate character names/etc. But since that wasn't apart of what we're looking for, please do not them sway your judgement any which way. The contest was of course to create Artist-tan within MR Canon, not a separate OC.


If I had to give a colour scheme I'd say light blue and dark purple pants. White canvas sneakers?



Honestly, I just had the image in mind of that chill guy you'd see smiling and playing a guitar in a park somewhere who is easy to talk to. I also really like the idea of his color scheme matching some of the forum colors. At most maybe make the brown a little more warm, but that's about it.

As for abilities, I'd think he'd just pull out art materials from his satchel and have the power to create forms from drawings in sort of a green-lantern type fashion, if you follow. Since in GC we saw that Pub-tan was the previous iteration of Art-tan, it's possible that he inherited the abilities in some way...and it's probably the Twins' fault.


My name is PYLT.
It means: "Put Your Lines Together".
I represent the main struggle every artists go through in order to achieve a piece of drawing.
That is literally: "Putting lines together".
Lines are the essence of my being.
But they often become loose and I am fading.
My creativity overflow.
But it comes out as raw.
So I have to make it better.
By putting my lines together.


Born from a wealthy family, she has lived the easy life, getting everything she wants. She took an interest in drawing and with her money and influence, she was able to learn from the very best artists. But, even with their wealth and influence, she is a pretty decent girl who understands the concept of money and life. Hoping to become a role model to the future people who aspire to become a great artist. Will her money and influence get her that spot?
Her Talent is finding way to solve problems (Mostly by the power of money and her influence)
She is a very lively and active person
Color scheme will depend on what you guys would think, probably the forum`s color scheme


artist tan by marco eukocar, on Flickr

she spends days creating fantasy outfits. that will be used in her drawings.
she is an perfectionist and most of the outfits wont be finished. this doesnt has any affect on her mood she is sometimes even happy and views it as an learning point. her dream is to design outfits for hollywood movies.

its easy to get her stressed in crowded places and public transports. she hates to attend party's with loud music. she hates this trait because it make's it hard for her to go out with her friends.


Artist-tan is an outgoing character that loves to interact with individuals and nature. She will accept those who seek help and offers advise for those looking to improve themselves, though she does have a tendency to be too direct. She enjoys discovering and sharing new styles for everyone to see, yet keeps some sketches and pictures a secret for personal reasons. Finally, Artist-tan adores being outside as she hates being stuck in a small room for a long period.

Hobbies and Talents
Drawing, painting, photography, crafting, walks, hikes, music, and acting.

Secretly, Artist-tan is practising haircutting and styling. However, she is not very confidant with scissors as she is with a pencil and fears of making mistakes, thus why she may be seen wearing a hat and/or hoodie.



She's childlike in appearance because an artist is forever learning. She enjoys creating art of almost any kind and is always up for a challenge. Is generally good-natured and tries to avoid getting annoyed at stupid comments. She stores extra pencils in her hair and her backpack contains a large number of metal nibs (along with other art supplies) that may or may not be used as weapons.


Nike is a 313-year-old troublesome, naughty (her father would say so) daughter. She is very young and she is the first one through all generations of her important family who doesn't use the eraser at all. Her unstoppable creativeness and sleepless ability have already caused not only her hands but the great problem to the whole Universe. Trying to calm and lull his little girl her father give her adorable quilt with only one purpose -- to put its owner to sleep. But what if Nike 1000 will offer to the quilt what it dreams about?

Nike's hands are temporarily unable to serve her in an appropriate way and her father thought he will have a bit more trouble free time but it appears that his daughter is more talented than he thought.

Her appearance:
Natural brown hair. She can change its color and length by her own will. Deep blue eyes. Bright blue skin, rabbit and foxy ears with roe horns.  Her hands are in plaster and she is able to manipulate her pens by her will. She wears pink T-shirt, brown night pants with yellow stars and big black pointed sunglasses. [/img]

MR Pub / Happy Birthday Hasith!
« on: March 20, 2017, 07:04:45 PM »
Happy birthday to the old young man who runs this place and protects us from the unseen horrors of the night!

General Manga writer discussions / Coryn's Black Friday Review Extravaganza
« on: November 23, 2016, 09:25:48 AM »
Well, Thanksgiving is nearly upon we Americans, which means  that Black Friday is soon to follow. I have already planned to use the day to catch up on the reviews I have promised, so I thought I would make a day of it and shout it out to everyone.

If you would like me to give you a review this Friday, post a link to your story here. If the story is super long, I'll still give you a review of the first handful of chapters, and focus on your beginning. Even if your story is barely started, or just a concept, I'll give you some ideas to help get you going.

Bring it Manga Raiders!

FanFics / MR Happy Hour Bleach FanFiction Episode!
« on: August 20, 2016, 04:39:03 PM »
Hello Bros and Brodettes, if you listen to the MR Happy Hour (which you should, it's great and amazing), then you would know that it is Bleach Month! To celebrate, we're doing a fan fiction reading on a special episode!

So here's the deal:
1. Write a short Bleach fanfic (keyword short. 1-5 pages)
2. Post it here, by next Saturday (the 27th).
3. Tune in and enjoy us doing our best voice acting for the story that you wrote!

Just remember to keep it clean. (No one wants to here Vacant narrate a sex scene). Keep it short, and get it in on time! We'll be here, eagerly awaiting your entries!

(Hell, if we get enough submissions, there could even be a prize)

break Room / 2016 Rio Olympics
« on: August 07, 2016, 11:30:42 AM »
Alright people. It's the Olympics and we've got a nice international cast around here. Time to brag about things our countrymen do that we're take credit for.

Unless you're Russian I guess. Not such a good games for you in that case.

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