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It's Pride Month, I'm reaching out to any artist that would like to partner up on a comic/Screenplay IP of mine that's a combination of "The Handmaid's Tale" and "V for Vendetta" called F U Boomers.
I'm a Native American screenwriter, content, and indie comic creator that focuses on diverse stories and heroes. This action/thriller dealing with some dark subject matter with a touch of satire is one of my comics in the very early stages of development.

I have a TV pilot screenplay and draft of the comic for this badass diverse LGBT-centric female team. Set in the dystopian near future where the racist religious fascist have won. But four women are never going to bend their knees to this twisted new patriarchy. They are coming out swinging with their guns blazing and pipe bombs igniting on the one-year anniversary of the takeover, called National Militia Day. Looking for at least some concept art of the 4 main characters.

Right now all I could give is credit. Also, a promise that this will get into the hands of tv/film producers. And a shoutout and any art is seen by my growing IG fanbase.
I also have music producer/sound designer collaborators where we could also make a slide show type video using any art with original theme music as content/part of the pitch.
Anyone interested hit me up I can show you the scripts and we can talk some more

Welcome Center / Hello, from a Screenwriter/comic creator
« on: May 28, 2022, 12:27:32 PM »
I'm Rob a NtiveAemrinca screenwriter that has been focusing on making some comics with some artist friends and looking to make more artist friends. Nice to meet you all.

*Link removed*

Native American writer/screenwriter. Finished in the top-1% in the Oscar Academy's Nichol Fellowship. Looking for artist for comic scripts of mine and/or concept art for stories/scripts/pitch decks to be pitched to producers, etc. I have animation studio connectios as well.

No pay upfront but promise payment Looking for long-term collab/partnerships/friendshis. Will also help artist with any stories, world-building, fleshing out characters, can help get artist some exposure, etc.

All my stories focus on diverse characters and story worlds. A couple are related to my Tribes myths/legends so anyone into Native American art/mythology, etc please hit me up. Also, have a few general comic scripts in various genres

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